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interviewed by Michael Newsom photographed by Joe Worthem

Austin Smith and his brother Jordan have formed the band Garsh and will release new music throughout 2018 ahead of a planned full-length album. Austin sat down with us to talk about the duo’s musical journey.

Q: You’re

making some interesting, original music right now. Have you always wanted to be a musician? A: Yes, I was interested in music from an early age. I learned some piano first, from various family members, then violin around age 10. But it wasn’t until I picked up the bass guitar and tried my hand at playing around with funk music like The Commodores and Parliament that I knew this would be a lifelong passion.

Q: What is it about the Oxford music scene that you love the most? A: Oxford is an awesome town to play in simply because people have an interest in listening to live music, more specifically live local music. There is also a really cool community of musicians in Oxford that are very supportive of one another, often playing in multiple projects. Q: Talk about your collaboration with your brother, Jordan Smith, on Garsh. What can listeners expect? A: We’ve tried to blend some of the genres that we’re passionate about: Southern rock, country, blues, R&B. They are definitely not all apparent simultaneously but are heard in different songs. I guess we are really just trying to make something unique.

Q: Who or what inspires you these days? A: I listen to a lot of different genres, but there

Austin Smith (right) and his brother Jordan plan to release new music and an album with their band, Garsh.

104 INVITATION OXFORD | April 2018

is nothing more inspiring to me than hearing unique sounds. This is an interesting time to listen to music because there is so much genreblending and revival of old sounds mixed in with new styles. This is something Jordan and I try to do with our music because it’s really interesting to play with.

Invitation Oxford - April 2018  
Invitation Oxford - April 2018