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Save the date Design & wording ideas

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Letterpress Loveliness A vintage printing technique brought back to life!

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Invitation Inspiration WEDDING

{Publishers note} Welcome to Volume One of Wedding Invitation Inspiration Magazine. I am very excited to bring you this fantastic publication and hope that it inspires you when you are planning one of the most important days of your life thus far - Your Wedding Day! The purpose of this magazine is to provide all the information you need to create the perfect invitation for your special day. Here you will find design ideas, colour inspiration, themes, current trends, embellishment options, wording etiquette and much more.... I hope you find this magazine to be a useful tool when planning your wedding invitations. I look forward to the next edition which will be full of even more beautiful images and ideas just for you.

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How Inviting

Sally Williams

Meranda Treadwell


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Unique handmade invitations & stationery for all occasions


Have you created some beautiful invitations recently? We would love for you to share them with our lovely readers! Please submit your images along with a description and we may include it in our inspiration section in the next issue.

Email them to:

WHAT’S HOT Don’t underestimate the importance of your wedding invitations. They do more than just provide the who, when and where, they set the tone of the event that is to come. Whether it be a cursive font, delicate lace, or sparkling rhinestones, your invitation design is a major part of your weddings overall theme and give your guests a sneaky peek at what they can expect on your big day!


A swing tag is a simple yet elegant addition to any invitation, these can be customized with the couples monogram, a special love quote, the event location and date or anything your heart desires.

LETTERPRESS is making a huge comeback, and if your budget allows it, it’s well worth it just for the wow factor you get upon seeing these beautiful works of art, and they truly are works of art! So much time and effort goes into creating these pieces, every invitation is individually made by hand on vintage presses. They really are in a league of their own when it comes to invitation design. For the more budget conscious, some letterpress stationers offer the same design in flat print (digital printing) also.

Design by Simple Things Press and Design

Geometric designs with big bold fonts and blocks of colour are popular with some couples as are script fonts. Fonts play a massive part in the overall theme of your

Design by How Inviting

wedding, you can have the plainest of invitation, but if you use the right font it speaks for itself. Couples are really starting to

understand the importance of the fonts they use and with an abundance of font styles available, you’re sure to find one that suits yours perfectly.

Soft florals in pastel tones Design by Bespoke Press

Lace detail and neutral card stock Card shown - Ipaper Botany Naturaliste

RETRO:Pretty polka dots and lovely textural card Card shown - Ipaper Petite dot toffee apple and Coco Linen Blanc

Twine is the perfect addition for achieving that rustic look

Laser cut invitations teamed up with letterpress, a truly exquisite combination. Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography

Belly band: Perfect way to incorporate your patterned prints

Card shown: Ipaper Claire choc on milk bath and Zsa Zsa Espresso

BOLD PRINTS & TEXTURED CARD STOCK Used in the right way, patterned papers can really add that pop of colour or element of dimension to your invitations. Textured card creates a feel of quality and expense

and they look and feel great. Patterned papers work best when used as an accent teamed up with a complimentary colour, use them as a layer on your invitation or add

a strip along the top or side of your invite depending on the shape. Belly bands are a great way to incorporate these prints also. Remember less is more! Carry the theme through: Incorporate your pretty prints on all of your stationery. Name tags, petal cones, table plans, menus, gift tags etc.


Flocked papers: Add a luxurious textural element with a soft suede feel


is one of the most popular design trends at the moment and it’s easy to see why. It is such a beautiful wedding theme and can be created in many ways. Whatever your style technique your invitations should include the same flair and style that you will be using to style your actual wedding. If you are going for a more rustic vintage feel then burlap and twine and a must. Marry them up with neutral and recycled card stock colours and you are onto a sure winner. You can use lace, a gross grain ribbon or even a feather to add those finishing touches. The design ideas are endless with this theme, be sure to pay attention to the finer details such as the font, as it really helps to set the tone and style of your wedding. Script fonts portray a more formal event, where as a sans serif font gives a more relaxed feel.

Styled by Style & Discourse

INSPIRATION ion nvitat i f o e, reds ailabl e hund v r a a s e e d r l The eme an nd sty h a t s y n r g e desi t ev aste. to sui g n i h cific t t e ideas p s some s s and ide n r g B i s y to e r d eve comes ative t e i r c n e e and ed wh re som tation inspir i v Here a t n e i g g p you eddin to hel your w ms. f o n ng ite sig i e t d a n e i h d t coor

Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography


Design by Little Peach Co.

Design ReRe Designby byCristina Christina

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by The Print Fairy


Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography

Design by Cristina Re

Design by Peterkin Paper

Design by Invitation Tea Towel

Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography

Design by Peterkin Paper

Design by Peterkin Paper

Design by The Print Fairy

Design by Little Peach Co.

Design by The Print Fairy

n o i t a r i p s n Colour I Colour is a very important aspect of your wedding invitations, whether it be a subtle hint or a bold statement, it should portray your style and flair as well as give insight into the theme of your wedding. Some brides take the colour they are using for their bridesmaid dresses and use that as their contrast colour against an ivory or white depending on their wedding gown colour. Another option is to use the groomsmen suit colour and incorporate that. This is an easy way to decide on the colour theme for your invitations if you aren’t having a specific theme. If you have decided on a theme then it does make the colour choices a little easier! If you are having a beach theme for example, blue tones against textured white or cream card stock with a sand dollar or starfish detail work beautifully together! Whatever your theme there is a colour to suit them all. Patterned papers are


another way to incorporate your theme and add pizzazz to your invites. A simple layering or a strip of this detailed paper is enough to add the wow factor to even the simplest of invitations. Before you make a decision on your colours or prints gather a few different shades and lay them out in front of you, put them in groups of three and see what is eye catching and which compliment each other the most. Ask a friend or relative their thoughts also, an outside opinion can really help sometimes! Stick with the rule of three, if you start to bring too many colours and textures together it throws off the balance and becomes too busy. If you really have no idea when it comes to colour matching then have no fear, your stationery designer will work with you to choose your colours and will advise you on what works best and how to achieve the look you are after.

Tip: Try using coloured text as another way of incorporating your colours! Steer clear of yellow or very pale colours though as they can be hard to read.

Tip: Be consistent with your colours and patterns. Be sure to add aspects of them into everything.

Tip: Keep it legible! Be careful not to use too dark a card for your invitation, the text needs to be easily seen. Also be careful your font is not too cursive, you want your guests to be able to understand the information.

Tip: Be sure to carry through your colours and pretty prints onto your place cards, menus, table plan etc.

Tip: Have fun with your colours and your design, you want them to stand out and be an extension of you and your partners personalities. These could be the most important invitations you will ever send out, be extravagant and creative!!

All papers shown are part of the Ipaper range.

A World 16

of colour All papers shown are part of the Ipaper range.


DIY invitations are another alternative you have when it comes to your wedding invites. If you are willing to give it a go yourself then there’s a few things you need to be prepared for!

stock, or a combination of those. Do you want a single card invitation or do you want a pocket fold to include all the extra pieces of information like the RSVP, wishing well and accommodation details?

Firstly, don’t assume that you will successfully achieve the look you are aiming for. A lot of skill is required as well as time and patience. If you don’t have the time or patience then DIY isn’t for you. Also, keep in mind the money you would have wasted if you don’t succeed in creating what you wanted!

Once you have decided on your materials and the design format you need to work out the information you want to include. Write this down a few times to get your wording right. Make sure that everything is booked and set in stone before you go printing anything, you don’t want to be making them again!

You will need some creativity as well as computer skills and a decent printer to tackle this task. There are some invitation template programs and a range of tools to get you started, now all you need is a vision!

You should by now have an idea of who you wish to invite, don’t forget you will need all of their addresses too!

Begin with your theme in mind and choose your colours. Decide whether you want metallic, matt, or textured card

Remember to have fun. It’s really worthwhile knowing that you have created your own beautiful wedding invitations!


Now that you are all prepared it’s time to get cracking on your invites.

Tools of the trade If you are a DIY Bride, there are a few tools of the trade you will need! Your most important tool will be a paper trimmer, this ensures straight lines and a clean finish. You can pick these up at some craft stores, Spotlight always has some reliable brands like Fiskars on hand. Remember to buy a blade refill to suit your new trimmer, they do go blunt and start to tear the edges after a while. Get yourself some decent double sided tape, you don’t want your invitations falling apart! Good quality scissors for trimming any ribbon and a lighter to burn the ends to stop further fraying. Money Saver: Always buy extra materials in case of mistakes. It’s better to buy a bit extra in the beginning rather than having to buy a small amount later on. This will save you money in the long run! Top Tip: Remember to always print a test invitation on plain paper first to check everything is aligned correctly and font sizes are in proportion. This is also a good time to check all wording, and have someone else check the spelling as well.

Fiskars paper trimmer - a must for the DIY bride

Invitations Another option you have is to get the professionals to do all the ground work and you assemble them yourself! Some stationers are willing to do this if you ask them. This saves you the stress of laying out your design on a computer and printing, you just supply your wording and either supply the card stock or have them supply it and go from there! This also means you get to spend some quality time with your Bridesmaids putting them all together! If the handmade invitation is not your cup of tea, there are lots of other options to choose from! There are a variety of photo invitations with which you can choose a template that suits your theme or taste. Just insert a photo, add your text and voila, it’s that easy! Print them out, post them off and you’re

Design by Cristina Re

done. There are a lot of websites that offer this service, if you don’t want a stock standard template then check out stationery designers that can custom make photo invitations for you!

Fill in invitations are another DIY option if you are in a real hurry to get those invites out! If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and have left your invites to the last minute (which you should never do!) then this may be the way to go. There are some really pretty fill in invitations on the market, check out the Christina Re range. Whatever avenue you choose to take, remember this is your wedding, one of the most important days in your life. Your invitations shouldn’t be an afterthought, be sure to allow ample time and don’t rush them.


Design by Little Peach Co.

Save the dates have become a popular custom with brides to be. They are perfect for giving your guests extra notice especially if you are having a destination wedding! They provide the important details that your guests need such as your names, the date and the place. That is all that’s really required! Of course these should tie in with your theme and your colour choices so whatever you choose should also carry through to your invitations. Here are some ideas that are sure to inspire you when it comes to choosing your save the date design.

Design by Little Peach Co.

Design by The Print Fairy

Design by How Inviting


Design by Daisy & Jack

Top Tip: Add a magnet to the back of your Save the date so your guests can pop it onto the fridge! That way it’s easily accessed and is a constant reminder of your big day.

Design by Bespoke press

Design by Little Peach Co.

ording date w e h t d. Save starte a few u o our s y ’ e t r e He n if y o g o t i t s a e c l ome he lo examp your h lude t c n n i i e se o b er t organi ing to o o t g Rememb s t t ’ ime! g isn r gues d of t weddin ws you a o e l h l a a this ation town, commod c a d n a flights

Sam & John are tying the knot! 11.12.13 Please save the date Formal invitation to follow

John proposed and Sam said yes! 11.12.13 Please save the date Formal invitation to follow

Sam & John are saying I do! Please join us in celebrating our marriage on 11.12.13 in Bendigo, Victoria Formal invitation to follow

We’re taking the plunge! Please save the date of 11.12.13 for our Wedding in Cairns Love Sam & John

SAVE THE DATE 11-12-13

Sam and John are getting married Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Top Tip: Keep it simple! The whole idea of a save the date is to provide a quick insight and give the important details only.

Alternative save the dates ideas

Have a magnet made for your save the date, then it also becomes a nice keepsake! Use a certain element from your wedding theme to create your save the date, e.g. If you are having a beach theme, use a starfish and add a swing tag with the details! Take a photo of yourselves holding up a sign with the details on it. Send a postcard from the place you will be having your wedding with the important info included.


Design by The Print Fairy

Design by Bespoke press


It’s ok to be a little less formal with your save the dates, have some fun with them and be creative! Include a love quote or a poem that you both like. Add a little bit of your wedding flair, include a bit of bling or a ribbon accent, something that will be included in your wedding or on your invitations, this helps to tie everything together. Include a funny photo of you both!

You could include a map and accommodation info with your save the date, which saves you sending it all with your invitations later.

Impact Weddings Custom Flowers & Stationery

0417 966 984

Special Feature Cristina Re is the original founder of the DIY stationery concept, and to this day she continues to lead the way with the most sought after brand in the craft industry. She has sold millions of sheets of paper around the world and her work has provided budding artists and professionals alike, the canvas and inspiration to create their own unique creative masterpieces. Cristina was recently invited by The Grand Hyatt to be the Creative Director and Stylist for their weekend's 'Wedding Showcase' event. Cristina's vision transformed the Mayfair Room into an extravagant garden tea party. Combining the magic of Alice in Wonderland together with the french decadent high style of Marie Antoinette, this room was an exquisite taste of beautiful pastels brought to life with golds and pearls emulating luxury, glamour and femininity. As a contrast, Cristina directed the Savoy Room as a fusion of east meets west, a combination of the orient, India and old world European charm. Bright, vivid hues brought out predominantly by the furnishings, table ware and flowers mixed with glamorous metallic highlights and bold black touches. A sensory experience and ambiance will appeal to a rich, passionate and sophisticated taste.


{ To embellish or not to embellish,

Embellishments can be a beautiful inclusion to your invites, they add that finishing touch you were looking for. With so many different embellishments to choose from, there’s one to suit any design. These are just some of the embellishments that Peterkin Paper offer as a part of the Ipaper range.




that is the question! }

Add some bling

These embellishments can be teamed up with a coordinating ribbon, they are so simple to add and they look absolutely stunning.

Design by Peterkin Paper

Turn any invitation into a masterpiece by simply adding one of these embellishments. With a variety of buckles, bling, rhinestones, pearls, metal pieces and crystal trims to choose from the possibilities are endless!


A vintage printing process

Letterpress spans back decades and was once the normal form of printing text. Invented in the mid 15th century it was used until the 19th century and remained in wide use for books and other uses until the second half of the 20th century. It was the primary way to print information until offset printing was developed, which then


took over its role in printing books and newspapers. Recently, letterpress printing has had a major comeback in an artistic form, including invitation design.

Letterpress printing is a process that involves using movable components dipped in ink to produce text or images

when pressed onto paper. Letterpress has become a popular choice in invitation design following the use of pictures of letterpress invitations in Martha Stewart Wedding magazine in the 1990’s. The appealing beauty and texture became apparent to Brides and this lead to the revival of this vintage style of printing.

Little Peach Co’s 1965 Heidelberg Platen, affectionately named Bertha


brought back to life!

Little Peach Co. is a letterpress printing and design studio in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, specializing in hand-made designs for weddings, celebration stationery, and business cards. Their love of design combined with enthusiasm to create beautifully handcrafted stationery is poured into everything they create. David Atkinson, the director of Little Peach Co. writes “We work the old-fashioned way and have a passion for vintage printing styles. We have our own in-house 1965 Heidelberg Platen, affectionately named Bertha and an antique foiling press. Handcrafting each unique piece from scratch, Little Peach Co. can make as little as a single print to as large as a wedding’s worth”.

Design by Little Peach Co.

Design by Bespoke Press

Design by Bespoke Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Bespoke Press

Design by Bespoke Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Simple Things Press

Design by Saint Gertrude Design & Letterpress, photograph by Luke Lornie Photography

Design by Simple Things Press

Getting Started Are you planning your wedding invitations and aren’t quite sure where to start? Here’s a few tips to get you on your way. The best place to start is deciding who you want to invite! Write down your list of guests and add them up. Remember you only need one invite per couple not per person. You will need your guests addresses, so gather these early on to save time later. Also make sure that you have the correct spelling of everyones names. Once you have your numbers you can work out your colours. This can be based on your theme, your bridesmaids dresses or suit colours. Keep in mind you may not be able to match colours exactly to your dresses or suits, but there is likely to be a paper colour that will be very close. Next step is to work out if you want a wishing well or accommodation card. These are becoming


common inclusions these days but obviously it depends if you are having a wishing well or deem it necessary to have accommodation details. If you aren’t including the RSVP details on the invite then you will need a separate card that your guests can send back. Now it’s time to start looking at designs and styles. Look for something that suits your theme and works well with the information you need to include. If you really have no idea about this kind of thing that’s ok, your stationery designer can assist you on making a decision. After deciding on a design, you will need to sit down with your partner and decide on the wording for your invitation and the additional info cards. Check out our wording etiquette section on page 46 for some helpful ideas. Remember, before

putting pen to paper and giving your stationer these details everything must be booked and set in stone. You don’t want to be paying to have them printed twice! Once again, if you need help, your stationery designer can assist with this.

Top tip: Remember to allow ample time to send out your invitations. It’s a good idea to send out a save the date a minimum of 6 months before the wedding. If you aren’t sending a save the date, you need to send the invitation a minimum of 3 months before the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, a minimum of 8 months is required. This allows your guests to organise time off work, flights and accommodation.

Image and styling by Style & Discourse

Design by Style & Discourse

Design by Style & Discourse

Design by Style & Discourse

Design by Style & Discourse

Something a little different! Who doesn’t want something unique when it comes to wedding invitations! We are all looking for that stand out design or style that simply wow’s our guests. Well here is one example which I’m sure you will love! Invitation Tea Towels are unique hand printed invitations, which set the tone for your special day. They’re fun, quirky and completely

personal - the perfect gift and keepsake for your guests to have and to hold. Working with several illustrators and designers, they offer a range of beautiful designs to suit your individual style, helping you define your colour palette and theme for the whole event. Invitation Tea Towels are environmentally driven and print with organic water based inks, using traditional

handprinting. They work at making your Invitation Tea Towels beautiful with cottons, linens, linen cotton blends, and even custom cut and sewn hemps on request. Invitation Tea Towels can be used for Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations or a Thank You. View the range of designs on their website:

Wording Etiquette Your invitation wording is an important detail you cannot afford to mess up. It gives your guests all the details they need to make sure they show up on time and at the right location! Before making the tough decision on what to include you need to understand the various rules of wording etiquette. What it mainly comes down to is who is hosting your wedding, meaning who is footing the bill?


Easiest order to follow for a non traditional wedding

Sarah Jane Allen & Thomas John Walton request the pleasure of the company of

Jack and Jill to share in their marriage celebration on Saturday 5th of May 2013 at The Botanical Gardens, Richmond at 3.00pm Followed by the reception at The Boardwalk Pier 15 Montana Rd, Richmond from 6.00pm

In this day and age any number of people could be pitching in, including the couple themselves, the brides parents, the grooms parents, Nan and Pop etc! It’s important as well as polite to mention those who have helped contribute to your wedding on your invitation.

The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of

Here are a few examples to help you decide which best suits you.

Sarah Jane Smith to Thomas John Walton

Dress code - Semi formal

The couple are hosting Jack and Jill

Formal Wedding: For a formal wedding it is customary to spell out everything on the invitation. This includes the date and time of the wedding. For example, your invitation should read Two o’clock in the afternoon not 2.00pm. Every piece of information should be on its own line with no commas, except between the location of the wedding, the city and state in which the wedding takes place.

Both parents hosting, brides parents first Mr and Mrs Peter Smith together with Mr and Mrs Jim Walton request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children Sarah Jane Smith to Thomas John Walton One set of parents hosting, their name comes first Mr and Mrs Peter Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter

Casual Wedding: For a casual wedding feel free to be a little less formal and a bit more creative. Perhaps include a poem or love quote that you both like. As long as you include all the important details like your names, the location, date and time that’s all that matters, have some fun!

Love quotes that you may like to include

Sarah Jane to Thomas John Walton

This day I marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love

The couple are hosting but wish to include their parents


Together with their parents Sarah Jane Smith and Thomas John Walton request the company of Jack and Jill to share in their marriage celebration

As our marriage brings new meaning to love, so our love brings new meaning to life ................ One love, one dream, one heart ..................... Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same

Dress codes Dress codes are another important detail that you need to include on your invitations. They ensure that everyone is dressed suitably for the occasion and no-one shows up in jeans and a singlet, that is unless of course you want them to! Here are some of the dress codes that are most commonly used. White Tie Think Cinderella goes to the ball for this dress code. Bouffant ball gowns, high heels and high hair for the ladies, black tailcoats, white collar shirts, white waistcoat and white bow-tie and a top hat for the men. This attire is suitable only after 6.00pm Black Tie For men a black suit is required with a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie a waistcoat or a cummerbund with black dress shoes. Woman can wear cocktail dresses (nothing above the knee) or an elegant evening gown is suitable. Formal For the men a full suit with a dress shirt and a tie, a bit of colour can be introduced if you wish. The ladies require a long dress or smart skirt suit. Semi Formal Men require a dark suit but can leave the tie at home. Ladies can wear a cocktail dress but keep it at knee length.

Image courtesy Style & Discourse

Cocktail Usually for an event held after 5pm. Ladies can wear a shorter, elegant dress with a touch of sparkle and a dark suit for the men. Lounge attire Suitable for slightly less formal weddings the ladies can wear a shorter style cocktail dress or a skirt suit while a dark business suit with a dressy shirt is acceptable for the men. Dressy casual Tailored pants or dressy separates for the ladies and trousers with a sports jacket or dressy shirt for the men. Smart casual ladies wear smart separates or a nice dress and for the men a pair of slacks with a nice shirt is suitable. This is ideal for a more relaxed daytime wedding. Casual Anything goes with this dress code so be prepared for jeans, singlets and thongs.

RSVP etiquette RSVP information can be provided on your actual invitation can include a separate card which your guests can fill out and send back to you. Most brides choose the latter making it easy for your guests to reply. There are a few ways in which you can word your RSVP’s, here are some examples that you may like to use.


.................................................................................... Guest name(s)


.................................................................................... Guest name(s)

Accept with pleasure

I/We would love to attend

Decline with regret

I/We regretfully decline

Please reply by August 1st 2013

A favour of a reply is requested by May 1

123 Happy Rd, Bendigo, Vic, 3550

123 Happy Rd, Bendigo, Vic, 3550



A favour of your reply is required by August 1st

Please reply by May first


Name(s) .........................................................

....... Would love to attend

I/We look forward to partying with you

....... Unable to attend

I/We have to miss out on the fun

....... Number of children attending

Special dietary requirements ..............................

123 Happy Rd, Bendigo, Vic, 3550

123 Happy Rd, Bendigo, Vic, 3550

Ph. 0412 345 678

Top tip: Remember your RSVP date should be a minimum of 4 weeks out from your wedding date. This allows ample time to chase up anyone who may not have gotten back to you by the set date.

Wishing Well wording Wishing wells poems are another common inclusion in your invitation suite these days as a lot of couples have lived together prior to getting married. The usual gift that were once received are no longer required as the couple already have everything they need. The gift of money is much preferred as it can be put toward the cost of your wedding or your honeymoon. Of course no one wants to directly ask for money instead of a gift, so here are a few wishing well poems to use in this tricky situation! Soon you will hear our wedding bells, as family and friends wish us well. Our household treasures are not brand new, we have twice the things we need for two. Since we have our share of dishes and bedding, we’re having instead a wishing well wedding. But more important we ask of you, you’re prayers of love and blessings too!

These two love birds have it all family, friends and so much more. If a gift you intend to help their nest and you need some assistance, may we suggest a donation in their little bird cage to assist them along on their next life stage. Envelopes will be left in the reception room to bestow a gift upon the Bride and Groom

More than just kisses so far we’ve shared, our home has been made with love and care. Most things we need we’ve already got, like a toaster and kettle, the pans and the pots. A wishing well we thought would be great. (But only if you wish to participate) A gift of money is placed in the well, then make a wish but do not tell. Once we’ve replaced the old with the new, we can look back and say it was thanks to you!

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way, a gift of cash towards our house would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way. If finding a gift is hard to do our wishing well is just for you! A gift of money is placed in the well, then make a wish but do not tell! If it is however a gift you find, please feel assured we will not mind. To save you looking shopping and buying, here is an idea we hope you like trying. Come to our wedding to wish us both well, and bring a small sack to throw in our wishing well. Fill it with paper all colours will do, gold is our favourite but silver will do. Now that we have saved you all the fuss, we hope you will come and celebrate with us. Please be aware that gifts are not necessary. Your presence is present enough for us.

Our home is quite complete now, we’ve been together long. So please consider our request, and do not take us wrong. A delicate request it is, we hope you understand. Please play along, as it will give our married life a hand. The tradition of a wishing well, is one that’s known by all. Go to the well, toss in a coin, and as the coin does fall, make a wish upon that coin, and careful as you do, cause as the well’s tradition goes, your wishes could come true. So on this special day of our, the day that we’ll be wed, don’t hunt for special gifts, but the gift of money instead. So as you drop the envelope in, with money great or small, remember to make your wish, as you watch your money fall.

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs we don’t need a wedding list of dishes. A holiday is what we need, so your help with this would be a great gift indeed. So should you honour us with a gift, we have registered a honeymoon registry at Flight Centre where you can make a contribution to help us make our honeymoon a memory that will last forever.

So what do you get the bride and groom, whose house needs things in every room? Some things are large, some things are small, some things we just don’t need at all! For those things small this happy two, have supplied a gift registry just for you. For those things large a wish tree’s the way, to say congratulations on the big day. An envelope will be provided for those who have room, to give a monetary wish to the bride and groom. A wish tree will be on display at the reception hall, to attach your wishes, for the couple, with love from all. Please be aware that gifts are not necessary. Your presence is all that is required. However, for your convenience we have prepared a gift registry at Myer.

Gift registry wording If you are a couple that is just starting out you may prefer a gift registry service instead. You can register your list of items that you would like at a variety of stores. This makes the gift giving decision a lot easier for your guests, and also means that you get exactly what you need and you wont get a double up of items. Honeymoon registry is also becoming increasingly popular, guests can make anonymous donations. If choosing a gift is not your cup of tea, you might like to try our gift registry! Please feel no obligation to use this list, as we don’t mind if you give it a miss. You can view it online at giftregistry and enter our ID number 12345 We’ve made our list and checked it twice, to help you decide which gifts will delight. Please don’t feel obliged, these are just suggestions designed to be helpful, and so worth a mention. (The name of bridal registry store) is where you will find our choices of goodies, all colours and kinds

For your convenience we have registered our gift list with (name of store), giving you the option to choose something pre-selected if you wish.

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, if you wish to honour us with a gift, we have registered a list with David Jones. You can view it online by entering our registry ID number, or visit any store. We would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company at our wedding. Please do not feel obliged to bring a gift, however if you choose to we have a bridal registry at (name of registry or the store) which may be helpful.

We would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company at our wedding. Please do not feel obliged to bring a gift, however if you choose to we have a bridal registry at (name of registry or the store) which may be helpful.

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Design by The Print Fairy

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Menu design Menus are a must have at your wedding reception. Sometimes the reception venue include them as a part of your package if you are lucky, but in most cases you will have to order them yourself through your stationery designer. This ensures that they match your invitation suite. Once you have chosen and finalised your menu, you can supply it to your designer to create. Sizes vary, this depends on the detail of the menu and what you want to include! It’s nice to include the wedding details on the menu, or a quote you like but don’t go to over the top.


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Pocket sizes & styles Pockets are a fantastic way of incorporating all of the important pieces of information about your wedding in one neat little package. Here we take a look at the range of Iflap pockets that are available, as well as the sizes and shapes. With coordinating envelopes to suit your pocket style, there are endless possibilities. View the full range at Peterkin paper.


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Image and styling by Style & Discourse

Invitation Inspiration

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Available January 2014

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of our next magazine! For your chance to be featured on our cover, please submit your images to by November 1st 2013 If you would like to showcase your business in our magazine, please contact us for a Media Kit at

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Wedding invitation inspiration magazine  

Wedding Invitation Inspiration, a magazine dedicated to wedding stationery design, creation and inspiration for all brides to be.

Wedding invitation inspiration magazine  

Wedding Invitation Inspiration, a magazine dedicated to wedding stationery design, creation and inspiration for all brides to be.