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Religion Organized religion is definitely not my go-to when it comes to donations, but since 2013—before Aleppo was on everyone’s lips—the United Church of Canada [] has been working to bring refugee families to this country in a way that ensures they have the support they need to prosper in their new communities. The United Church is also the lover of the gays, so that helps. Restitution At a public salon that was hosted by Toronto City Councillor Kristyn-Wong Tam on the topic of “Truth and Reconciliation in the Urban Context,” someone on the panel said there is very little space for reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous people’s if we don’t first take the step before it: restitution. In a broader context, that responsibility lies with government, but on a smaller scale, more personal participation can be facilitated by pulling out that trusty credit card. The Native Women’s Association of Canada [nwac. ca] promotes and fosters the social, cultural and economic health

of First Nations and Métis women within First Nation, Métis and Canadian societies. Made up of several women’s organizations across the country, it has been in operation since 1974, supporting Native women. Escape Escape. Literally. And it’s possible that Canada’s Rainbow Railroad [] could soon be helping some of our neighbours to the south who may find themselves even more of a target at some point in the not-too-distant future. Just as the name suggests (it borrows from the Underground Railroad), the organization has been helping out queers in serious need from around the world since 2006. Designed to “rescue” queers from their current circumstances and facilitate a move to a safer environment, the Railroad is literally a lifesaver. In 2013, the Railroad hired an executive director, started issuing tax receipts, and has made it even closer to their fundraising goals. Giving. Keep doing it. It makes everyone feel good.

ABI SLONE is a writer, editor and traveller. She is not a natural redhead.


IN Magazine - January/February 2017  
IN Magazine - January/February 2017