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We are a creative agency with a distinct technical background. We believe that facts and ideas are easier to realize and remember if one can visually dive into them and play around with them. Thus, we make the message of our customers come alive in interactive audio-visual installations and applications. We realize interactive exhibits for trade fairs and museums, combining hardware from our modular catalogue of technical components with custom-tailored software solutions. Our multimedia installations are designed to meet the particular comunicational needs of our customers. With a highly qualified network of suppliers and professionals we provide a full service including programming, 3D content, interface and interaction design and a reliable project management - everything from one source.

portfolio projects 2008 – 2010 On the following pages we will introduce some of the projects we have realized for our customers and partners: 2008 Club Transmediale, Berlin Zendome, DMY, Berlin digital library, Designers´ Open, Leipzig

Placing Research Into Light for MPI-CBG, Dresden, since Feb 2008 2009 Creative Times Pi Squared with ZENDOME @ DMY, Berlin, June 2009

Otto Bock, Orthopädie+Rehatechnik, Leipzig iLand, Ostrale, Dresden

iLand @ Ostrale Festival, Dresden, Aug/Sep 2009 Mix2020, Tag der Sachsen, Mittweida Max-Planck-Institute CGB, Dresden dreipuls, light+building, Frankfurt

Idol Task, Cynetart, Dresden kaleidoscope, Bonding, Dresden

MIX2020 for the Saxon State Chancellery @ Tag der Sachsen, Mittweida, Sep 2009 Idol Task @ CYNETART Festival, Dresden, Nov 2009 2010 fair stand for & @ light+building, Frankfurt/Main, April 2010 interactive LED wall for Otto-Bock-Healthcare @ Orthopädie+Reha-Technik Leipzig, Mai2010 kaleidoscope @ Bonding Human Ressource Fair, Dresden, Mai 2010

references interactive domes beamer #1

We have wide experience with 360째 projections in geodesic domes.

beamer #4

Depending on the dome size, such a full-dome projection can be implemented with either one high performance projector and a wide-angle lens or through a special setup of a number of projectors whose projections precisely overlay each other along the edges (Soft-Edging).

projektion #1

beamer #2

beamer #3

The hemispheric dome shape is perfect for letting the visitor truly dive into the shown digital content. With the help of haptic interfaces visitors are able to interact with the surrounding content. The intuitive design of the interfaces allows their immediate and playful use. In the year of 2009, we have realized two full-dome installations: KREATIV MAL PI QUADRAT @ DMY 2009 iLAND @ Ostrale, Dresden 2009

iLand Ostrale Festival, Dresden 2009 fact sheet full-dome projection ZENDOME dome (75m2) outdoor 5 XGA projectors soft edging 5 interactive terminals arduinos vvvv Credits: Fabian Weisspflog, Franz Josef Schneider, Ostrale, Messe Dresden, ZENDOME, L‘TUR & intolight


VIDEO iLand Ostrale Festival, Dresden

iLand was an interactive installation that we realized together with the Ostrale Festival for Contemporary Arts, Dresden, 2009. The installation was a playful parody of the world wide web. Visitors entered a virtual, flying island drifting through the internet among others - all of them connected by tubes. The had to deal with topics like data spam, trojan viruses, illegal downloads and censorship attempts.

VIDEO iLand Ostrale Festival, Dresden interactive terminals With 5 different haptic interfaces, visitors could discover and manipulate this world. Any small action had great effects on the environment - in real-time.

VIDEO iLand Ostrale Festival, Dresden interactive terminals

With a little joypad visitors could navigate a trojan virus through virtual space and spy out the other islands.

With a large wooden wheel visitors were able to steer a pirate cruiser and catch illegal downloads and other files falling from the sky.

With two large levers, visitors had the power over freedom of information on iLand. They were asked to achieve a balance between personal curiosity and national censorship, with their own hands.

With one large buzzer, one could easily cause a spam volcano to erupt. The cleaning of iLand‘s sky instead took the hard work of turning a scratchy broom wheel. Here visitors could tweet their comments into the bird‘s ear and see the little buddy deliver them all over the vast internet.

VIDEO iLand Ostrale Festival, Dresden

iLand was conceived as a virtual playground between irony and understanding, between observation and experience.

CREATIVE TIMES PI SQUARED DMY design festival, Berlin 2009 fact sheet full-dome projection ZENDOME dome (20m2) outdoor 1 projector with spheric / wide-angle lens 2 interactive terminals marker tracking modding of several controllers (microphone, computer mouse) Credits: Sebastian Huber, ZENDOME, CREATE BERLIN e.V. 22quadrat & intolight



This design competition was dedicated to the creative work with the organic structure of geodesic domes.

22quadarat (Bremen) won the competition for the dome‘s outside design with organic patterns of coloured rings. We adopted this concept for an animated and interactive 360° projection in the inside of the dome.


At 2 intuitive interaction terminals visitors could play around with those patterns. At one terminal they changed drift and colour of the rings. At the other one, they could throw in little pallets, which appeared hovering above them in the virtual sky as three-dimensional letters. Skillful users even arranged them to words. Their flight direction could be controlled by turning a ring around the throw-in hole.

VIDEO Idol Task - Celebrity Showcase CYNETART#13 - festival 2009 fact sheet interactive performance for 2 dancers 7 projectors, soft edging 6 interface terminals interaktive music dynamic costumes electronic components RFID tags Idol Task was an interactive dance performance which we created together with the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau for the CYNETART festival for Computer Based Art 2009 in Dresden. Credits: Rebekka Böhme, Johanna Roggan, Christiane Kupfer, Jana Gieske, Andrea Végh, Jacob Korn, Hervé Thiot, Franz Josef Schneider & intolight

VIDEO Idol Task - Celebrity Showcase CYNETART#13 - Festival

Two dancers in the centre of the room were surrounded by projections on both sides, the back and the floor. The dancers symbolized pop stars - the IDOLS - which were basically operated and controlled by the audience. At 6 different haptic interfaces visitors could simulate to be different stakeholders of the pop business and define the performance‘s progress and ending. Everything - even non-interaction - had an influence on the IDOLS‘ popularity and state of health.

VIDEO Idol Task - Celebrity Showcase CYNETART#13 - Festival interactive terminals

Here visitors could publish positive or negative headlines about the IDOLS.

The physical pressure on the button controlled the psychological pressure on the IDOLS. As a result, the music and the dancers‘ movements became faster and more hectic.

Visitors could choose from three bowls what kind of doping material they wanted the IDOLS to take and throw these in with their own hands: uppers, downers, vitamins.

With this turntable-like terminal, visitors could change the IDOLS‘ style and zeitgeist in time. While visuals and sound changed immediately and in time, the transitions of the choreography seamless smooth and showed how easy it is to change a star‘s image, after all.

With a plastic post-it note the next life situation of the IDOLS could be chosen.

MIX2020 Tag der Sachsen, Mittweida 2009 fact sheet fair stand terminal plasma display 1 terminal (conning bridge) database and statistic evaluation electronic components MIX2020 was a machine to playfully capture the opinions and political priorities of Saxon citizens regarding their country‘s future. There were seven topic areas, whose importance could be adjusted individually by simply turning the buttons: active & safe in old age, supporting inventive talent, equal educational opportunities, jobs with future, modern transport network, solid state finances, and environmental protection. A graphic chart showed the choices in an absolute and a proportional view. Credits: Heimrich & Hannot Dresden, Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V., Sächsische Staatskanzlei & intolight

neongrau play / dreipuls light+building, Frankfurt/Main 2010 fact sheet presentation terminals for innovative LED lights 2 interaction terminals RFID, sound analysis, marker tracking and electronic components light control with DMX and USB synaesthetic music dreipuls develops design desk lights whose brightness angle of radiation and individual light areas can be adjusted intuitively. For the trade-fair appearance of their prototype we have built an intuitive controller and presentation desk. Credits: neongrau, dreipuls & intolight

neongrau play / dreipuls light+building, Frankfurt/Main 2010

neongrau play / dreipuls light+building, Frankfurt/Main 2010 neongrau develops PLAY as a modular construction kit for architects and light planners. The different light elements can be easily triggered to change light intensity and colour. At this terminal visitors could play DJ, while the PLAY modules provided the appropriate light effects, in time.

Otto Bock Healthcare Orthopädie+Reha-Technik, Leipzig 2010 fact sheet large, flexible info display double-sided LED strap, 35m x 1m with 1120 x 32 pixels on each side pixel-exact typography + effects CMS through MS Excel The fair stand of the company Otto Bock Healthcare on the world leading trade fair ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK 2010, Leipzig, was surrounded by a 35m long, curved LED strap. Credits: Sebastian Huber, CL Media & intolight

Otto Bock Healthcare Orthop채die+Reha-Technik, Leipzig 2010 We designed the background animations and a tool to publish news and information. The text input was easy and worked through a simple MS Excel sheet.

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden 2008 fact sheet interactive architekture mapping „Placing Research Into Light“ 4 projectors 4 terminals (concrete, acrylic glass) human tracking, electronic components, sound analysis and modding of controllers An interactive architecture mapping for the Max-Planck-Institute in Dresden explains the work inside the laboratories. On four balustrades we have visualized the fields of research of the institute. Each of the projections gives a zoomed insight into the different size dimensions of the research taking place in the building.

Credits: Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle, Johannes Timpernagel, Stephan Hagedorn, Fabian Weisspflog, Marko Ritter

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden

At 4 interface terminals visitors can immerse into the institute‘s work areas and discover and manipulate these enlarged worlds with their own hands. Intuitive and visually impressive.

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden

With this interface virtual fish can be fed with real pellets thrown into the hole in the centre.

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden

With the adjusting wheel of this microscope different cellular elements can be zoomed in and out.

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden

With a keyboard visitor could activate and deactivate single genes of a DNA strand and change some organisms‘ appearances.

VIDEO MPI-CBG Max-Planck-Institute CBG, Dresden

With a precise pipette visitors can inject the proteine GFP into several cell elements, letting them fluoresce green.

credits contact: intolight Franklinstr. 22 01069 Dresden Conrad Schneider +49 (0) 351 / 41 74 98 55 +49 (0) 351 / 41 74 98 57 intolight

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Zentrum für zeitgenössische Künste, Dresden

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