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Day 1

Thinking Innovation: Strategies for Breakthrough Innovation

1. Understanding the Innovation Process.

the talk

Enabling creativity. Taking care of business.

• • • • •

Innovation and creativity: Why, What, How 10 types of innovation: From products to business models The different stages of innovation 9 tips for innovation projects Balancing inspiration and structure

2. Client-centric scoping for the future. Opportunity research: Tools and methods.

• • • • •

Exploring new trends and technologies A deep dive on problem identification The customer empathy map Identifying scenarios for the future Defining fields of opportunity

This session is ideal for teams responsible for service or product, innovation and transformation initiatives. Balancing inspiration with structure, team members will learn strategies for ideation and breakthrough innovation as well as new insights on creating business models for success.

We very much enjoyed the training and will definitely use all the content and the method in the future.

Steffi Wolring Innovation Lead at Otto Group

Philippe’s innovation workshop really brings together fun, content and learning by doing. He manages to inspire, to educate and to facilitate. The tools and examples are very relevant and

3. Concept generation: Tools and approaches.

contemporary, great workshop for entrepreneurs

Jump starting the ideation process.

• • • • •

4. Co-creation Approaches for Innovation. Open world. Connected world.

• • • •

Open innovation: Why, What, How Co-creation and crowdsourcing Gamification of innovation and creativity Examples and best practices

5. Idea evaluation and selection. The reality of priorities.

• • •

and business development executives.

Creative thinking: getting started Establishing a creative climate for ideas Your toolset: Idea generation techniques Interactive brainstorming session New product and service identification workshop

How to evaluate and select ideas Determining strategic alignment Establishing go/no go criteria

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Kutly Kazanci Istanbul Innovates

Business Model Innovation is so critical nowadays, no business should leave the subject aside. The workshop within our team has truly helped us in mapping out current business processes and finding out new and more successful ways of doing things. A critical step in our innovation process!

Frederic De Meyer Manager, European Market Intelligence Cisco Europe

Days 2 & 3

1. Bridging from ideas to reality with business models. Getting beyond the white board.

• • • •

What is a business model? Why business models matter to innovation Concurrent development of product/services and business model Implications of business model for innovation funding

Business Model Strategies for Making Innovation a Reality

6. Mix, match and stir.

Developing business models for your organization.

• • • •

Making business model cocktails Developing and stimulating business model concepts Zooming in on the right pricing strategy In-depth analysis of cases

7. Managing opportunity and risk. 2. The what and why of business model innovation. Emerging trends in business models.

• • • •

Inspiring, real-world examples How complete sectors are changing Business model patterns and how they can inspire us New business model identification workshop

3. What is the right next move?

Understanding the business models in your organization.

• • • •

Mapping out the current state of your business model How to communicate a business model Identifying threats & opportunities in your business model How to set business model challenges and goals

4. Building blocks for the future Business model innovation tools.

• • • •

Starting with an innovative mindset! Overview of different techniques The 16 Business Model Blocks In-depth analysis of cases

5. Business model patterns Real world business designs.

• • • •

An overview/ A database of business model patterns Which models can we learn from? Business model evolution or revolution? In-depth analysis of cases

Business model evaluation and selection.

• • • •

How to evaluate and select business model ideas Determining strategic alignment Establishing go/no go criteria The idea pipeline and innovation portfolio

8. Real world validation.

Business Model Prototyping: Tools and Tips.

• • • •

Prototyping new product or service concepts Pitching the results Customer validation and other sanity checks Product, services and business model iteration

Your course leader

Philippe de Ridder

Philippe de Ridder is a member of the Intervista faculty and founder of the Board of Innovation, an international consultancy from Belgium.

He supports organizations in developing next-generation products, services and business models around the globe. As an entrepreneurial generalist, Philippe has a broad interest in ambitious innovation and business development projects. Philippe de Ridder has worked with organizations like eBay, Cisco, P&G, Carglass, Volkswagen, European Commission, and many others. He has contributed to breakthrough innovation strategies, translating trends into business opportunities and prototyping new business models. He also gives inspiring lectures and workshops about trends, innovation and new business models such as The Entrepreneurship Summit (Mumbai, India), MediaFutureWeek (Almere, Netherlands), Antwerp Management School (Belgium), and PDMA’s 35th Annual Conference (Phoenix, US).

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Innovation at Work

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innovation at work

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