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Dynamic team, Strong Group Young and dynamic team (average 35 years old), coordinated by a leadership with decades of experience in industry environment. Local units network developed to tailor final customers support requirements. VYCOM Group has seen a significant increase of sales across the European, Asian, and North American markets as result of the last 2 years investments on marketing operations and the expansion of new sales offices in related markets.

Strategies • • • • • • •

PCB-Single side & double side to high count layers tecnologies, HD HDI finetracks, laser hole. Thick PCBs, Large size PCBs, Press-fit tecnology. Aluminium, Single side & double side and Flex. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits), Flex_Rigid PCBs. Focus on automotive, home appliance, medical, healthcare products. Develop in new technologies. Fast productions for small and medium quantity.

Strength • • • • •

Extensive range of products supply. From High volume to small quantity supply including fast production. Strong technical support on customer site. Flexibility on productions and strong logistic organization. European quality control in production lines.

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• Products analysis, advanced technical support and our extensive focus on customer service has resulted in VYCOM’s substantial growth. • From small runs to mass production, our production process maintains high quality standards in line with all international regulations. • VYCOM’s specialized partners in Asia and high qualify European staff allow our customer to be competitive in any market, local and international.

Quality Control

• Gerber files analysis • Internal product testing • Cross sections • Solderability test • Dimensional Inspection • Termal shock test • Peelable Test

PCB Technology In order to offer high-quality and durable PCBs, our technical office analyzes the gerber files and suggests high-technological solutions while maintaining the chosen finishes and consistently meets all IPC-A-600G, ISO / QS 9000, TS16949, RoHS compliance certificate standards. We use the software Genesys 2000 (ORBOTEC) and CAD/CAM to control the manufacturing process. All our products meet the requirements of the Lead Free, Alogen Free applications and REACH directives.

Manufacturing Capability S/N




Layers count

1~24 layers

2 3 4 5 6

Finished Board Thickness Max. panel size Available Laminates Material and Rigid Board With Mixed Materials Teflon on FR4, Rogers on FR4 Finished board Thickness tolerance Finished hole diameter (Min)

0.003”~0.16”(0.075mm~6.0mm) >600×500mm FR4 HIGH TG 150-190°c, CEM1, CEM3, ALUMINIUM, Polymide , Polyester, Rogers STD 1,6 ±10% CNC 0.12mm, LASER 0.10mm

7 8 9 10

Finished hole diameter (Max) Hole diameter tolerance (NPTH) Hole diameter tolerance (PTH) Copper foil thickness

6.0mm ±1mil (±0.05mm) ± 2mil (± 0.076mm ) 12µm, 18µm, 35µm, 70µm, 105µm, > 130µm

11 12 13

Layer design line width/spacing (Min) (1/3OZ) Layer design line width/spacing (Min) (1OZ) Surface Finished (lead free), Via holes plugging (copper, solder max, epoxy, solder) Ni thickness under gold Au thickness Immersion Tin OSP Drill hole true position tolerance Punching die dimension tolerance (Exact die) Punching die dimension tolerance (edge to edge) LDI Tecnology(Laser Direct Imaging) High Volume Major Laminate HIGH CTI, HIGH TG

≥0.075mm (3mil) ≥ 0.100mm (4mil) OSP, ENIG, ENEPIG, Gold Fingers, HASL LF, Tin and SILVER plating, ≥ 3μm min IPC-4552 0,05μm min IPC-4552 0.7~1.2μm IPC-4554 0.2-0.5µm ± 0.05mm ± 0.05mm ± 0.05mm =25μm for HDI nc+3, Flex and Rigid Flex ShengYi, Doosan, Kingboard, Iteq, Nelco Rogers, Berquist, LARID (AL/DS)

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


MASS PRODUCTION On site quality operation process grants a reliable and smooth mass production for high and medium volume orders.

Single-side and double-side 3 to 4 productions weeks (after full engineering review) 4 to 8 layers 4 to 5 production weeks (after full engineering review ) 8 to 12 layers 4 to 5 production weeks (after full engineering review) 12 to 20 layers 5 to 6 production weeks (after full engineering review)

FAST PRODUCTION Stable control on productive process allows us to offer prototypes and production runs in a short lead time with fast delivery by recognized couriers anywhere in the world.

Single-side and double-side 5 to 8 productions days (after full engineering review) 4 to 6 layers < 3 MQ 6-10 production days (after full engineering review) 8 layers < 3 MQ 8-11 production days (after full engineering review) 10 to 12 layers < 3 MQ 14 production days (after full engineering review) 14 to 20 layers < 3 MQ 16 production days (after full engineering review) For particular finished, the day of delivery will be fixed during the manufacturing .

Membrane Keypad Membrane Switch Technology has become a reliable front panel solution where environmental concerns or frequent cleaning are an issue. The sealed nature of the technology coupled with its reliability and ability to offer tremendous aesthetic flexibility make it the solution of choice for many industries.

Technical Datas

1 Electrical Performance (1) Operating Voltage: ≤50VDC (2) Operating Current: ≤100mA (3) Contact Resistance: 0.5~10Ω (4) Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ (100VDC) (5) Base Material Withstand: 2kDVC (6) Contact bounce: ≤6ms (7) Loop Resistance: 50Ω,150Ω,350Ω or as per clients’ requirement 2 Mechanical Properties (1) Life expectancy: >1 million times (2) Switch stroke: 0.1-0.4mm(Flat type) 0.4-1.0mm(Tactile type) (3) Actuation force: 15~750g (4) Flex Tail Pitch(Standard): 2.54 /2.50 /1.27/ 1.25mm 3 Environment Specification (1) Operation Temperature: -20°C~+70°C (2) Storage temperature: -40~+85 (3) Humidity: 40 C, 90%-95%, 240 hours 4 Printing Indicator (1) Size Deviation: ±0.15mm (2) Side Boundary: ≤0.1mm

Durability Our thermoformed tactile keys are guaranteed up to five milion actuations*. *Under normal condition of use Backlit keys without compromising tactile response Our technology permits the lighting of the entire surface of our tactile keys. No moving metal parts Despite the perceived “click” felt beneath the key, no metal dome is used in our keypads. Resistance to changes in temperature Operation of our tactile keys is stable in temperatures ranging from -20°C~+70°C Long key-travel The displacement of the keys can reach 0.078’’ (2mm). Tactile key response adapted to your needs The sensitivity of the key can be adjusted, from soft to hard. Graphic diversity A large assortment of key shapes and size is available to enhance the design of your keypad. Superior wear resistance Our “linde Photocure” process protects our keypads from scratches and abrasion, as well as from most chemicals.

Rubber Keypad Silicone rubber keypads are manufactured from elastic, non-toxic silicone rubber compounds. Silicone keypads are processed from compression or injection molding. The result is an economic and reliable keypad for small, medium and large production runs. Silicone keypads can be integrated with printed circuit boards or flexible circuits and have excellent resistance to temperature and aging.

Logistic and Customer Support With economic globalization, the management of logistics has become more and more complex, since the frequency of goods delivered has increased worldwide. This is why we adapted our logistics service to our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs, in order to be able to deliver your goods to any destination requested.

We pay great attention to the packaging of the products and sometimes create special, personalized packages with barcode vector. We organize the delivery in observance of the international regulations (RoHs, REACH), and we handle documents respecting the regulations of the destination countries. Our cargos are delivered by sea or by air. We can also provide a fast delivery, thanks to special carriers. We made arrangements with our carriers in order to supervise your goods throughout the transportation. Our great attention to the logistics and the good organization of the consolidations enable us to guarantee punctual deliveries and good prices.


VYCOM Global Sources Ltd Hong Kong - financial and logistic Rm. 13, 11/F., Block B, VeristrongIndustrial Centre, 36 Au PuiWan Street, FoTan, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong tel. +852-2687-6227 fax. +852-2690-0025 VYCOM Global Sources Ltd China - technical and quality control Rm.23A,Sea View Plaza,No.18 TaiziRd.,Shekou, 518067,Shenzhen,China tel. +86-755-8271-3436 fax. +86-755-8271-4312 VYCOM AMERICA Inc. 39252 Winchester Road #107-365 Murrieta, CA 92563 Phone: +1-800-235-9195 Fax: +1-888-235-2113



VYCOM BRASIL Rep. Office Rua Indiana 555/14 Brookling Paulista CEP04562-000 Sao Paolo BR Phone: +55-11-9944-35005

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