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Opens The DOOrs TO InTernaTIOnal COmpeTITIOn

From left to right: Cecilia Fiorucci, Gennaro Lendi and IRHA President Eleuterio Arcese


he $100,000-added IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity officially opened international horse showing at beautiful Elementa Resort located on the outskirts of Rome, close to Lake Bracciano. “Though work at Elementa is still in progress, we


Reiners got together at Cecilia Fiorucci’s Elementa Resort located on the outskirts of Rome. Family and fun atmosphere enveloped great reining competition! did our best to offer the best possible show conditions and a fun and family atmosphere to all those present,” said owner Cecilia Fiorucci. “Once the curtain fell on the event, participants were happy with the way things went and, in turn so was our entire staff who did their utmost!”

2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Open Maturity

$47,386.95-added Level 4 Open $15,005.87-added Level 3 Open $9,477.39-added Level 2 Open $7,108.04-added Level 1 Open

One of the best horses in the whole world!


Mirko Midili and Maytheforcebewhizyou,


m really happy with this result especially considering the fact that in the go round we had a 2 point penalty; I was probably too relaxed. In the finals we both stayed focused and despite the half point penalty in the first spin, the rest of the run was perfect. The amazing thing about this horse is that he’s always maturing; from when he was 3 to date, he's always improved. To me, he’s one of the best horses in the whole world!”

a 2014 American Quarter Horse stallion sired by NRHA Three Million Dollar Sire Spooks Gotta Whiz out of Jac Golden Faith and owned by Alberto Capello, scored a big 226 to win the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity Level 4 Open Championship! Taking reserve honors with a 223.5 was Nico Sicuro riding Quarter Dream’s Colonels Dancing Gun (NRHA Twelve Million Dollar Sire Gunner x Dance Little Spook).


2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Open Maturity

“And once again… I can confirm he’s a once in a lifetime horse! I’m always sure he gives his best in the show pen, even if sometimes he acts different depending on the arena we compete in. He’s incredible and I’m pretty sure he knows it!”

Winning the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa aboard Four Season Whiz (NRHA Twelve Maturity Level 3 and 2 Open Championships Million Dollar Sire Topsail Whiz x Dun It with a 221 score was Sebastiano Valtorta Preciously) owned by Luca Mauri.

“She was simply awesome today! This was our special event together, she amazed me in the go round and also the final was so much fun! I started riding her not long ago, since Nico [Sicuro] used to ride her, but we clicked and here we are!” Lena Marie Maas riding Bartolomeo Rubino’s Gunnersbabe (NRHA Twelve Million Dollar Sire Gunner x Shine Like A Babe) scored 216.5 to claim the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity Level 1 Open Championship, as well as Level 3 and 2 reserve honors. Elio Simonini riding Sevenchextocash (NRHA Million Dollar Sire Big Chex To Cash x Lil Chic Peppy) owned by Susanna Sodi took the L1 Reserve Championship with a 215.5 score. INTERNATIONAL HORSE PRESS BLOG

This horse... Oh well… I have no words to describe him!

Andrea Pedrotti aboard his own HA Whizzing Spark (Spook Gotta Whiz x HA Angels And Demons) clinched the 2021 NRHA/IRHA Elementa Non Pro Maturity Level 4, 3 and 2 Championships.


fter our win at the 2021 IRHA Derby I didn't think I could do well again, but we did and this shows me once again that he is a great horse! The credit for this victory is above all to my horse who always gives me confidence in the show pen, great talent, and above his big heart. A huge thanks naturally goes to Mirko [Midili] who rides him at home and who always helps me a lot!” With a 214 score, Roberta Gianformaggio aboard her own One Shot One Nic (Rooster Nic x Smart Jakalope) took the Level 4 and 3 Reserve Championships.


2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Non Pro Maturity

$20,838.11-added Level 4 Non Pro $8,930.62-added Level 3 Non Pro $7,654.82-added Level 2 Non Pro $5,103.21-added Level 1 Non Pro

“I’m so happy to have shown here where I had the chance to share this experience with many friends. My mare is simply amazing; she gives me the opportunity to compete, have fun and, in this case, to win big. I purchased her from Colombare QH after the Futurity and since then she has always been with me and I show her as much as I can! Considering her age, I'm thinking about showing at the European Derby and then I would really love to breed her; she truly deserves it! “ The 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Non Pro Maturity Level 1 Championship and Level 2 Reserve Championship was for Francesco Centaro and Whiz A Tronic (NRHA Topsail Whiz x Arc Joy Surprise). Nikolai Stiller rode his own Hollywood Gunrunner (NRHA Twelve Million Dollar Sire Gunner x Dun It For Missy) to a 212 score to take reserve honors.


“I've only been riding him for two weeks now since Nico Sicuro—who he was in training with—is going to the U.S. to show. Pietro [Marseglia] decided to let me try to show him in the 4-year-old events. It was our first show together and

clearly I don't know him very well so I didn't dare much, only on the stops where I felt safer I pushed him a little and he responded very well. It was a great start and now we will get together and show in other important events coming up."

Winning the NRHA Open Class at the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity with a 216 score was Gennaro Lendi riding Quarter Dream’s Voodoo Majestic Gun (NRHA Million Dollar Sire Shiners Voodoo Dr x Gunna Be Majestic).

“It was a great thrill to enter the arena with this amazing mare. Here the show is amazing, ground is perfect and there is a great atmosphere!”. Taking the lead in the NRHA Intermediate Open at the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity with a 214.5 score was Lena Maas aboard American Quarter Horse Association mare Dance Little Spook (NRHA Six Million Dollar Sire Smart Spook x Sailors Dance) also owned by Quarter Dream.


2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Ancillary Action

$3,037.63-added NRHA Open $1,822.58-added NRHA Intermediate Open $500-added NRHA Limited Open $1,822.58-added NRHA Non Pro $1,215.05-added NRHA Intermediate Non Pro $500-added Limited Non Pro NRHA Youth 14-18

“I’m so happy with this result as yesterday, following my mistake in the Non Pro Maturity finals, things didn’t go the way my horse deserves. Today, with this win, we made up for it! He still has to grow, but our trainer Kevin Gasser is doing a great job and I really hope in a bright future with him!” Ewald Rifeser aboard Petra Burger’s CSG Bueno Gun Chex (Colonels Shining Gun x Tinselina) won the NRHA Non Pro at the 2021 IRHA/NRHA Elementa Maturity!

“He’s my favorite! He’s our first home-bred reining horse! After his win at the 2016 IRHA Futurity with Stefano Cerutti in the saddle where they claimed the Level 2 Open Championship, he gave me many a satisfaction at the regional shows and here also!” Domenico Giannitti riding his own Doc Genuine Taris (Cyberchip x Cutter Holiday Jacs) won both the NRHA Limited and Intermediate Non Pro classes.

"I've had this horse for three years now and he's really cool. At times he gets a little nervous in the show pen but today he was really good. I'm thinking about probably retiring him, so I couldn't ask for a better ending to his show career!"

Sabina Popovycova riding her own SK Smart Command (Smart Chiconita x Lisa Shiner) won the NRHA Youth 14-18 class.


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