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anne clabeaux

Normandy has a fine artistic tradition and can boast residences of such wonderful names as Degas, Dufy, Monet and Boudin

Motion on canvass

Equine artist Anne Clabeaux is following in the footsteps of those great masters

What is your background?

have worked with and who has become a friend. I like to go to the Parisian museums. My favourite is the Musée d’Orsay. I have a great interest in the Nabis group.

I am a French professional painter and colourist. My speciality is to depict motion and horses.

How did art start for you?

Why horses and equine? Did you have an interest in horses or animals?

Art began very early for me. One of my best holiday memories is the arrival of a great uncle, who worked as an architect: he used to drive us to the countryside with our pencils and colours. This was a revelation. Drawing and painting became then my favourite hobbies.

Painting horses was my own idea. I wanted to paint horses in motion, with my own style and I also wanted to pay tribute to the horse: I am fascinated by the power, nobility and beauty. One of the reasons why we decided to settle in Normandy was the desire to have horses at home. I have been watching them from my window for 20 years now.

Where did you train? Who are your influences?

I studied and practiced at the School of Fine Arts of Versailles, near Paris. There, I had the chance to meet major painters, names such as Ambille Fauchère and Zacchi and this has influenced my work a lot. At that time, I also met Eric Bari, who I


Artist Anna Clabeaux is inspired by the equine environment in Normandy

What do you enjoy most about painting horses?

I like every equestrian discipline and I paint all of them: show jumping, dressage,