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Interartex Interartex, formerly known as Maecenas Italy Art, is one of the largest Nordic companies in the art business with many years of experience and a vast network of galleries around the world that we collaborate with. Additionally, we have contact with several artist associations in the world. We care about you as an artist and put you and your needs first. Our employees have a wealth of expertise in their respective fields which enables us to offer you tailored solutions that are adapted to your needs. The company has chosen to use digital media to reach out to many customers in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. We are, for example, on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We look forward, we see the future . . .


The Gallery GALERIE THUILLIER is a family business that has existed for over fifteen years. It is located in the heart of the Marais near the Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum in the gallery district of the capital. The first goal of the gallery is to present the main artistic currents present on the European market, in the context of twenty-one shows a year, a wide and varied clientele who regularly attends the neighbourhood. The gallery gives professional artists or promising amateurs the opportunity to exhibit and sell their creations in this area predestined. As a true place of trade and privileged meetings, it has an international clientele in a space of 150 square meters, on two floors, with varied works for reasonable prices.


Embrace the soul, Oil on canvas, 70x70 cm, 2014


Stone Flower, Oil on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2014


Metam贸rphosis, Oil on canvas, 90x75 cm, 2015


Notte Toscana, Acrylic, 68x68 cm, 2007


The Funeral, Acrylic with mixed media, 46x55 cm , 2014


Still on the roses, Oil on line, 41x66 cm, 2014


In the garden, Oil on linen , 46x61 cm, 2014


Stillness, Acrylic and tempera, 90x96 cm, 2014


You call me out upon the waters, Acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2014


The Sacred Garden, Acrylic and mixed media, 40x40 cm, 2014


Rendez-vous, Oil on canvas, 100x75 cm, 2013


Nordic light, Watercolour, 54x41 cm, 2014


Peony, Watercolour, 66x72 cm, 2013


Girl, Oil on linen, 85x56 cm, 2014


Sunbeam, Oil painting, 75x94 cm, 2013


America, Paper, charcoal & oil on panel, 69,5x31,5 cm, 2013


Noir et Blank I, Acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm, 2014


Noir et Blank II, Acrylic on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2014


Teddy Bear Hug, Acrylic on canvas, 70x70 cm , 2014


Ballerina, Watercolour, 50x40 cm, 2013


Love Rider, Acrylic, 100x100 cm, 2012


Il pleut, Acrylic on canvas, 61x50 cm, 2015


Shared Feeling, Acrylic, 57x79 cm, 2014


Recollection, Acrylic on D'Archas 300 paper, 50x72,5 cm, 2014


Everything changes with you, Oil pastel, 35x50 cm, 2014


La Sfida, Acrylic, 50x70 cm, 2010


A happy butterfly, Aquarelle, 58x48 cm, 2014


Tenerife, Aquarelle, 58x48 cm, 2012


White anemones, Aquarelle, 58x48 cm, 2014


Notturno # 12, Oil on canvas, 100x85 cm, 2012


Notturno # 20, Oil on canvas, 130x95 cm, 2012


The Gates Open, Acrylic, 100x100 cm, 2014


L'Orto di Mariuccia, Oil on canvas, 90x70 cm, 2014


The Cup, Acrylic, 80x90 cm


The Empty Room, Acrylic/screenprint, 92,5x102,5 cm, 2013


The Room at Farmer's Square, Acrylic/screenprint, 92,5x102,5 cm, 2013


Small and scared, Acrylic painting, 80x80 cm, 2015



Gianluigi Alberio Sara Theres Andersson

painted the panorama’s beauty, glowing in the watercolour and the charcoal technique. Later he moved to Florence were he ran in some design contests. Then, for a while, during the eighties, he lived in the north-west of Tuscany, on the Riviera Apuana of Byron’s memories, where he settled in Carrara as well as in Massa where he came to be part of the accademia; there he was among Massimo Testa's and Corrado Guderzo Genova’s Group. In 1988, he moved to Bologna where he learned the techniques of all times masters like Guercino, the Carraccis, Guido Reni, Morandi, etcetera. He has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions, he authors design pages, books and pamphlets covers, posters for other artists as well as for cultural events. He is continuing his work, searching for new painting themes, an endeavour that have brought quite a number of reviews from high-flying names in Bologna’s and Italy’s cultural arena. Contact information: Maurizio Caruso's Postal Address: V. B. Monterumici 36/3 – Bologna. Phone: 0515877590. Mobile: 3386006141 E-mail: Website:

Sara Theres Sandberg born in Sweden 1971. A countrygirl that grew up on a small farm with her family youngest of four children. Early in life she learn to work hard. In childhood,she made a portrait of an older man and she realized what a pen in her hand could do on a piece of paper. To her it was magic. The art was in her life to stay. And she bought watercolours. But she wanted more. And at the age of seventeen she made herself familiar with oilpaint. She began to paint on canvas with her fingers directly in the paint to get to know the colours soul. When they found each other and become friends,she began to use brushes. She got good response from others and started to show art at Art exhibitions. Nowadays,she paints mostly with painting knife. Sara Theres expresses her feelings in a dynamic and powerful expression that tells the viewer a unique story. Often layers of thick paint on the canvas and sometimes on the same artwork there could also be small parts of unpainted canvas. Sketching and drawing has allways been close to her since that magic moment. She paint from her deepest memories and emotions and Alba Catarsi everything that makes an impression on her shows in her art. Sara Theres showed her art on a international Art exhibition for the first time in Grimaldiforum in Monaco 2013 and later same Sidsel Cook year at Louvren in Paris. Sara Theres has also participated in Art exhibitions in New York,Manhattan and Italy 2014. Sidsel Cook was born in Norway but grew up in Sweden. She has Website: been living abroad for more than 20 years. She was raised Member in Swedish Art Assosiation and BUS among artists and started to paint in oil at the age of 12. Her grandfather told her “If people are moved by your art, you have succeeded”. Ms Cook has attended several courses in Simona Antonelli Sweden, Spain and UK but consider herself autodidact and wants to follow her own path. But she has also done other things in life such as worked within The Hair Care Products Industry for many Gisella Battistini years and she has also been the first Licensee for Matrix in Great Britain. While living in London she was working as a free-lance journalist, writing for Scandinavian Press. Her first exhibition was Kamen Bonev in Fuengirola 1996. Ms Cook moved back to Sweden and has had solo exhibitions and she has also participated in yearly group Kamen Bonev was born in 1978 in Varna, Bulgaria. exhibitions since 2007. He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy. Since 2002, he is Exhibitions that stands out are: associated with the International Association of Art (IAA) – World Art Foundations Exhibition in San WAF in Santa Fe, USA UNESCO and also a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. 2010. He is currently the exhibition director of Gallery 76 in Dubai. He She became one of ten finalists in a Talent Competition arranged has won numerous awards, including first prize in 1997 by the by Art Now Gallery in Gothenburg 2011. then-mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Dr Rumen Rashev. In 2013, he InterArtex International Exhibition in London 2015 where her became the recipient of the first prize of the fine arts festival in painting “The Family” was sold, a painting which illustrate the first Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, held under the patronage of the Sheikh Chapter in her newly released book, “97% Blue Jeans & 3% Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation. His artwork has been Champagne”. exhibit in Art Monaco, Louvre – Paris, Rome, Berlin, USA, Website: England, UAE, Bulgaria.

Isabel Carafi Maurizio Caruso

Davide Cristofaro Anders Ekelund Anna Engebrethsen

Maurizio Caruso was born in Italy. He paints since time immemorial, from childhood he drew everywhere, spattered, leaved his marks and, as he did not have the money to buy paper sheets, he used anything that could be used: even the bread wrapping. After junior high school he went to the Liceo artistico statale of Cosenza (an art vocational school). After his art diploma, he moved to Padova for work, hanged out in nearby Venice were he

Born in a little coastal town in Sweden called Falkenberg, Anna Engebrethsen is a well-traveled artist. At only 27 years old, she has already exhibited her paintings in great places around the world. She has participated in exhibitions at the Grand Louvre in Paris, at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, Gallery 69 in New York, Art Gallery ADA in Barcelona and latest at Dubai International Art Center in Dubai, to name a few.

With thick layers of oil, she tells the story of the often forgotten world, the world that keeps all the forest creatures and contains the spirit of life. With her unique technique she takes advantage of the Scandinavian color scheme and lets the abstract structure on the canvas create clear pictures of a flourished nature in our minds. She finds her inspiration in the nature, in humans and our hearts. Doc. Riccardo Baldelli wrote in an art critical review "Artists like Anna Engebrethsen could be the bridge between nature and humans that we have lost and that only a young soul like Anna can give us back." Visit her website for more information and pictures of her art works.

Rachele Falcini

After many layers of paint she finally decides what to bring to the surface to be seen by others. In her work different people see different things and the artist finds that very interesting. She enjoys hearing about what you see when your imagination flows, your eyes go deeper, beyond the surface and let forms, shapes and figures reveal themselves before you. Since 2011 Anna-Stina has her own studio in Åby outside of Norrköping where she paint and hold classes for all ages. She is involved in a project where schoolchildren can come to her studio to get inspiration to create and to be able to feel the flow of creation. If you are interested in seeing more of Anna-Stina Gerdins work, please visit her website:

Giuseppina Giuntinelli

Lena Frykholm

Rebecka Marie Gustafsson

Michelina Gatti Michelina Gatti was born in a village in the north of Toscana, Italy. As a child she moved with her parents and siblings to the town of Västerås in Sweden. Art has always been her passion since her early years. First she combined a working life in a private company with her painting activities. Nowadays she is able to focus entirely on her artistic occupation. She uses oil paint, water colour and acrylic paint. Her painting style is figurative but not in a detailed and photographic way. The images, forms and motives are depicted in a blurred and floating way; she wants to express feelings and emotions and she tries to catch the soul of her motives when she paints. She has attended many courses led by different artists in Västerås. She has also joined several painting courses at a school of art called Gerlesborg in the county of Bohuslän, Sweden, where artists like Lars Holm, Anders Wallin and Hasse Karlsson were inspiring teachers. She has attended a one year course in an art program at Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola where she took classes in oil paint, water colour, acrylic paint and silk screen printing/serigraphy. She is a member of the Swedish Art Association (Svenska Konstnärsförbundet, SK), the Water Colour Art Association (Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet, NAS) and she is also a member of a group of artists called Änglagruppen with a studio at the school of Sörby in the outskirts of Ängelsberg. Her paintings have been shown in several individual exhibitions (about 20) and several other group exhibitions. Some of them were juried exhibitions. For more facts, please contact Michelina Gatti by e-mail or on her website. E-mail: Website:

Anna-Stina Gerdin Anna-Stina Gerdin was born in Lindesberg, Sweden, in 1967. In her early years she had the opportunity to learn different crafts such as plant dyeing and making birch bark. This had great impact on her creativity and artistry. For many years she worked with metalwork and now she often uses textiles and different materials in her work. She makes imprints of it on her paintings or she finds a way to include them in her creations. She uses acrylics which she mixes with water and pour over the canvas. In the wet paint she experiments with different kind of imprints she gets from materials such as lace, fabric, stones etc. In this particular painting you can see the imprints from horseshoes. In her work she prefers to stay with the impulse for as long as possible. She let the colour lead the way and paint intuitive.

Rebecka Marie Gustafsson was born 1975 in Köping, Sweden. She moved with her family to Japan and lived there between 1976-1990. In May 1990 she and her family came back to Sweden for good. Rebecka Marie has been painting since childhood and she decided at an early age that she wanted to become an artist. She had her first art exhibition in the corridors of high school. After that she continued to work with art assignments and art projects. She graduated from Oland School of Art in 2009 and got several art assignments and art exhibitions right after graduation. Her biggest art assignment was at Guldfågeln AB Restaurant, where she worked with four huge landscape paintings, photo art and wall paintings. Rebecka Maries first major solo exhibition was at Oskarshamn Hall of Art in January 2011. It was a success and four newspapers wrote about it. The Swedish Radio P4 Culture invited her to come and talk about her art and it was a great experience for her. Over the years she has had various art exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Rebecka Marie has her own way of painting and likes to work without brushes to challenge herself to work more from the heart. Rebecka Marie Gustafsson is also a photographer with a portfolio at the American site art+commerce and at Vogue Italia's Photovogue. Website:

Eta Hedman Freja Hjälmbåge Freja Hjälmbåge is the Swedish artist that feels her roots are partly coming from the original shape of a rock engraving from Fossum in Bohuslä in Sweden, 3114-2614 years ago, from The Bronze Age. ”A Dancing Sacred Goddess”. Because of her huge interest in the spieces homo sapiens, and the development of this spieces, Freja Hjälmbåge studied to anthropologist (the science of humans/homo sapiens), she also made a lot of fieldwork. It was her own inner knowing that found wich places to go. And she always found great ”power-places” out in Mother Nature, who had also been used back in the human story of time for various ”healing-aims”. In the year 2009 Freja Hjälmbåge made a big installation that was part of the exhibition ”media art”, in the Arthall of Trollhättan, Sweden. It was called ”The Big Mystery” and included screen prints on exclusive woven cottonweb hand crafted by herself, where one of the designs where the original engraving ”A Dancing Sacred Goddess”. Painting, dancing, singing, storytelling, reading and playing music


is the childhood background Freja Hjälmbåge comes from. She is also an educated designer/manageress/textile-engineer, and a qualified healer. She have been working with her own classes in topics like colour science, shape science, construction science, individual development, drum journeying and meditative and sacred dancing. She has been working with children as well as adults. As an artist Freja Hjälmbåge is mostly autodidact, even though she studiously learned some fundamental knowledge through working along with experienced artists. She was working with modellpainting, portrait, still life, in various media, graphic and linocut. But as the years went by she began dreaming of beeing able to release the concepts she had learned, because she wanted her feelings, deep emotions and spirituality to come out moore freely when she painted. It took many years, and Freja Hjälmbåge worked in periods of time with the new way of painting, simultaneously along other things, like partly her own indiviual development and working with clients personal development and group meditations. Today Freja Hjälmbåge is a very bold artist who loves glorious, vibrant and strong colours and she find it practical for her to work with different acrylic mediums. Her works come from her love and passion, from her heart and spirit and she is always experimenting with new ways to express herself. It is the sacred path of her life – ”FREJA ART Sweden”, love, positive energy and awareness.

Marie Holmström Marie lives in Uppsala, Sweden. She is a mother of 5 children and has also a background as a teacher. Her interest in art started 1986 with a non-degree education in oil painting at the People’s University in Umeå Sweden. Since then she has participated in a lot of courses and exhibitions. Still, she considers herself as mostly self-taught. Abstract is currently her form of expression and the inspiration flourish when the colours end up on the canvas. Painting has become a lifestyle and her biggest passion in life. Website:

Lisbeth Häljesgård Lisbeth Häljesgård is a self-taught watercolour artist from Sweden, born in 1952, and she has participated in many exhibitions in Sweden and in different countries, as in Iceland, Austria, Monaco and Great Britain. Watercolour is for her a fantastic means of expression. She paints mostly nature and landscape; it is her inner feeling that usually determines most of the subjects. By suggesting motives and sentiments, she wants to make the viewer complicit.

Kickie Högström Kickie Högström is a watercolor artist and a printmaker. She is also working halftime as an art teacher at Stockholm University She almost creates images of cats, flowers and landscapes She’s watercolor painting is largely autodidact but she has an artistic education from Gerlesborgs Art College, Grundskolan för konstnälig utbildning and several courses. Selected Exhibitions/ Solo: Kunstisalong Alle, Tallinn, Estonia (2014) Ramboden, Stockholm, Sweden (2011), SaltsjöteljéGrunewaldvillan, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden (2005, 1999) Galleri Greger, Stockholm, Sweden(2005, 2002) Galleri Max, Ystad, Sweden (2002). Selected Exhibitions/ Group: Antica Fornaze Grazia, Deruta, Umbria, Italy (2014), Galleri Tersaeus, Stockholm, Sweden

(2014), 3RD Lessedra International Painting & Mixed Media Competition, Sofia, Bulgaria (2012) Kista Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden(2009) Falsterbo konsthall, Sweden (2009) Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (2007) 3rd Lessedra Art Print Annual, Sofia, Bulgaria (2004) Kelekian Art Gallery, Beirut Lebanon (2004) UNESCO-palace, Beirut, Lebanon (2003) Högström is represented in several public halls (Sweden) and in company and private collections.

Liudmilla Johansson Monica Johansson Josefine Julén Ann-Louise Järvklo Ann-Louise Järvklo is a Swedish artist. Her paintings often shows people in different surroundings. She paints portraits and pictures of imagination, sometimes with inspiration from TV, newspapers or a dream. She also has done some history and mythological motifs. She starts her paintings with doing a grisaille on a drawing, after which she continues with many layers of oil colours. Her paintings take a long time to produce. For some years she had her daily profession as a decoration painter with techniques like imitation of marble and wood. In Sweden she is represented with pictures in official places like schools, office entrances, hospitals, restaurants and in ordinary apartment houses entrances. She has also worked with restoration of wall paintings. She has done some big paintings for one special place, wall. Her education is from several art schools for a total of five years and a Bachelor of Arts in art pedagogical in theoretical studies for three years, art history and art pedagogic. She has participated in many exhibitions in Sweden and some abroad exhibitions. Phone +468-7749598, mobil +4670-5899598, e-mail: Website:

Margoth Karlsson Margoth Karlsson was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. Since 1961 she has lived in Markaryd, by the historical border in southwestern Småland, near forest and lakes that gives her great inspiration. Margoth studied commercial art design, drawing and painting with the Famous Artist's School and private of artist L. Lindberg (KRO) and worked as an art teacher in the 1970's. Her first official exhibition was with the Southwest Småland Art Association in 1970. Since then she has exhibited her works in numerous exhibitions, including solo shows, joint exhibitions and juried competitions. Margoth works in her own studio since 1974 and currently paints exclusively in oil and the knife is her “brush”. She describes her works as “Abstract blue feelings in a green world”, where the blue colour stands for freedom and longing for the sea, in the green world where she lives every day. The inspiration retrieves Margoth within herself, spontaneous recollections, a poem, a journey or feeling. Nature, poetry and music as well as encounters between people are important parts of her life. In recent times Margoth has incorporated her passion for the climate and environment in colourful works. Margoth was awarded with Markaryd´s Municipality Culture Award 2009 and also starred in the art book “Survivor” in 2009. She is a member of the Swedish Artists Association SK, the artist group AMIBEart and BUS, the Swedish branch of iffro (Interna-


tional Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation). Organisations that bought paintings by Margoth include municipalities, businesses, art societies and many private persons in Sweden and Europe.

Lambarri Lambarri, with a unique vision and approach about our role in life and the drama of loosing reality´s compass, express himself with the simple argument allowed by substances and colors. Lambarri enters into the Arts in a committed and total way, after strolling through the different techniques and themes that suggest him a fertile ground, finds the way or try to understand the presence of being at this physical plane, so complex as thought and its programming and so simple and infinite as unconditional love. It is therefore a journey in the sensations and emotions, more than in the intellectual interpretation. In society like in the human body, actions and movements are in full performance, these are part of the organism to which they belong; artistic expressions are nothing but a way to understand our Universe and the elements comprising it. No subject is outside the interest of people, curious, proud and arrogant in addition to a long list. Entering the field that interests him, the emotions, and trying to find shortcuts to get directly to the sensations, in order to avoid the dangers of being received by prejudice and its complex system of knowledge, it is not easy to get out of the path of methodical programming systems caused by cultural, family and religious beliefs. The adventure is well worth the risk of being rejected, criticized, accused and even worse, not being able to demolded. We did not realize how insensitive we become the more we intellectualize. He wonders if there is anything that human beings provide or influence on the great social movements of a humanity that could act under the influence of a planet that generates changes according to their own needs. This leads him to wonder if perhaps the human being is an actor with a script. Are we actors or writers? Do we write a script or so we think? Do we just move? It seems that even in our annoyance and disapproval changes occur, the course of history continues to progress, we keep filling libraries, museums and galleries, the works still, the creators disappear, time is responsible for cataloging a piece either as trash, decorative object or a piece of art.

Margareta Lillesköld Margareta Lilliesköld was born in Stockholm, Sweden and now lives in the Tuscan-Emilian Appenine mountains in Italy. She is fluent in Swedish and English and with a working knowledge of Italian and German. She started her career as an apprentice in a Stockholm fashion studio and after qualifying, she achieved her aspiration to work in Paris for the Chanel fashion House and also completed a one year course in fashion design at the Chambre Syndicate de la Haute Couture Parisienne. After two years in Paris she left for Copenhagen, Denmark where she took a course in pattern construction and fashion design at the Kobenhavns Tillskurer Akademi. To realise her ambition she returned to Stockholm, where she started a boutique and studio in the heart of Stockholm. Next step was a three year course at Beckman’s School of Design and after graduation together with a fellow student she established a design company working for customers like IKEA, Boda Shop, Rorstrand and also many overseas clients. The next change was a move to London establishing a Scandinavian shop in Regent Street, selling crystal, art glass, tableware and fabrics and regularly holding art exhibitions. In London Margareta took life drawing classes at Froebel College and portrait painting at Putney Art School. To live in Italy had always been her dream and in 2006 she decided with her husband to move to Italy, where they designed and built their

own house. Not finding many models, she worked with still life and 2010 started to paint abstracts mainly in oil and on big canvases. Her best time is spent in her studio overlooking the hills and mountains of the Apennines. Since living in Italy, she has participated in several local exhibitions and 2010 London summer and winter exhibitions at Russell Gallery / London, 2012 Bologna 2 artists at Galleria Saint Isaia / Bologna, 2013 stand at Scandiano Artfair, 2013 exhibited with 7 Italian artists Art&Co gallery / Parma, 2014 exhibited with 2 artists Audomedica / Parma, 2014 Collective exhibitions in N. Y. Dubai and London, Currently contracted with Art&Co. galleries in Parma, Milan, Lecce and Caserta. Website: www. margaretalillieskold. eu

Susan Lindström Ulla Lodesten Ulla Lodesten. Born 1947 in Västerås, Sweden. Educated in Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm as illustrator. She has worked in her own company as art director and photographer with private customers and publishing houses. She paints portraits of pets and people and also portraits of houses and gardens. Author to the book Teckna Djur (Draw Pet Portraits), ICA Bokförlag 2003. Adult educations in watercolour, acrylic, dry point and bronze. Today she works mostly in watercolour (animal and nature) and acrylic on canvas (teddy bears for instance). Her art is realistic and delicate with a kind heart for the subject. Which can be a beautiful landscape in spring, a romantic old farmerhouse or wild animals and pets. To see the light and shadows is important, she thinks and to be a good drawer. Website:

Tanya Lundmark Tanya Lundmark was born in Russia 1957 and lived in Sankt Petersburg until she moved to Sweden 2002. Her education in Russia never had any connection to art. She has graduated a Technical University and later became a specialist in Economy and Audit. Though drawing has been companions of her since childhood, she never painted. Tanya started painting 2011 after buying a book about watercolor art. She can say that she is mostly a self-taught artist but she met several painters in Sweden whose advice and guidance were very helpful in the shaping of her artistic approach. She has got a big fascination for watercolor as painting medium. To paint watercolors is for her a magical act. She believes that watercolor art is a very powerful way to express the feelings and can be effectively used to represent the artistic vision on a piece of paper. Watercolor paintings are considered an unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions and emotions using watersoluble pigments. This highly dynamic process makes each painting an exciting adventure. She likes to paint primarily in transparent watercolor because its character allows for a wonderful blending of spontaneity and control. Tanya enjoys painting a variety of subjects including flowers, figures, wildlife, abstracts and landscapes. She finds the inspiration in light, texture and shapes of her surroundings.

Tatiana Markarkina Mona-Lisa Melkersson


Harriet Morlin Undergraduate education in the arts is Dalarö, People’s University Stockholm, Goete's colour theory and Rudolf Steiners’s philosophy Florence Italy, Vedic Art Stockholm etc. The people who influenced her as an artist and human being is artist Curt Källman, founder of Vedic Art. Since childhood, she has had the insight she is an artist’s soul, but other parts of her life meant that she had to wait to take the step to become a professional artist. She paints her pictures from inside their heart and soul ”ART FROM HEART” and shows her awareness in all aspects of life. She paints according Vedic Art, it is a painting method which helps one to achieve a higher state of consciousness through creativity, beyond the limitations of the intellect and the demands of technique. Her painting ”Power in Love” represents her as an artist, and human being, the painting is filled with her strong inner energy. She held her solo exhibition at Gallery Knight Stockholm 2012, Group exhibition at the Royal Garden Stockholm 2013, Gallery Quirinius Köping 2014, Gallery Mowitz, Stockholm 2014, Group Exhibition Gallery 76, Dubai 2014.Group Exhibition Gallery Pall Mall, London, etc. Harriet explores and heals herself through her art, and inspired by all the meetings with new people. Her plans for the future of art is to give her paintings around the world, to touch people on a deeper level, and also to spread harmony and peace between all cultures on mother earth. She is open to all that is positive and can please other people.

Gianni Muntoni

His paintings form part of the private collections in several countries. His work also figures in cultural institutions. He represented Bolivia at III Biennale de Arte Americano, Cordoba, Argentina in 1966. He received an Honorary Mention in the 1965 Salon Nacional Phillips, in La Paz, Bolivia. In 1969 he received an Honorary Mention at the "Art & Soul" Exhibition in Chicago. He also received an Honorary Mention in the 1959 Poster Competition for the 350th anniversary of the Archbishopric of La Plata, Sucre, Bolivia. He received a First Prize at the 1963 Competition of the School of Medicine, University of San Francisco Xavier, Sucre, Bolivia, and the1964 Gauguin Group of Ceara, for his artistic work in Brazil. In 1969 he received The Davina Wilson Prize at The 15th Annual Exhibition of The Society of Painters in Casein, New York City, U. S. A. In 1970 he was given The Fabian Zacone Prize by The 29th Annual Exhibition of The Society of Painters and Sculptures of New Jersey, Jersey City, U. S. A. In 1971 he was given the M. J. Kaplan Prize at the 17th Annual Exhibition of The Society of Painters in Casein, New York City, U. S. A. In 2012 he won the Visual Arts Society Award in the 33rd Annual Mini Works on Paper Exhibition at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama. In 2013 he received Third Prize at the Colorful Compositions Exhibition, Leading Artists Online Gallery. U. S. A. He represented the USA in two international art exhibits: “Lisboa International Contemporary Exhibition” in 2013 at the Meeting Art Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal. And at the“Downtown Chiado 14”in 2014 also at the Meeting Art Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal. In 2014 he won First Prize at the “35th Annual Mini-Works on Paper” Exhibit at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Alabama. USA. He received an “Honorable Mention” at the “38th Annual Beverly Arts

Rosy Muntoni

Center“ Competition & Exhibition” in 2014.

Elisa Muzzillo Renata Magdalena Gabriella Nilsson Eva-Lotta Persson Gabriella Nilsson is an artist, born 1973 in Avesta, Sweden, where she still lives and works. Painting has become a very important part of her life, above all because it makes her feel good, but if the viewers like her art it makes her even happier. She works mostly with acrylic and oil colours and the motives and techniques vary greatly. A lot of things inspire her, but you can often find a sense of nostalgia in her art. Through the years the themes have been everything from dancing couples, café paintings and cats, to nature scenes and also some Vedic art. Lately she prefers to create her “rain paintings”, where the motive often is a lonely woman walking in the rain with an umbrella and with a diffuse background. She sees herself mostly as an autodidact, but she has taken several courses both in art and graphic design, and also at a folk high school. She has participated in multiple art exhibitions the last couple of years, among others Stockholm Art Salon 2014, but this is her first exhibition abroad. Website:

Domingo Parada Bolivian-American Artist born in 1941 in Sucre, Bolivia. Studied Art at the Universidad de San Francisco Xavier of Sucre, Bolivia. Attended classes at the Museo de Arte Moderna of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Brazilian artist Ivan Serpa. Considered a pioneer, and one of the most important figures in contemporary art in Bolivia he moved to the U. S in 1966 where he continues his creative career. He has exhibited his work more than seventy times.

Jadwiga Podgorska Patrizia Poli Marketta Rokka Marketta Rokka was born and raised in Lammi, Finland. She moved to Trollhättan in Sweden in 1976 with her husband Jukka. Together they have a son named Tim. Marketta has an education in design and artist from Helsinki, Finland and has worked in the Finnish textile industry and in the Swedish car industry, Saab Automobile AB. Marketta is a member of the Artists Association in Trollhättan and part of the association’s election committee. She is also a member of the Nordic Watercolour Society. Marketta has always loved to paint and draw. Her main interest has always been to create with fabrics and colours. Marketta loves to design and sew home textiles, patchworks and applications. Marketta began to take courses in painting with oil paints in 1983 by the artist Hans von Groothest and then painted oil paintings for 15 years. In 1999, Marketta wanted to go into herself and just release the feelings she had. She also wanted to try something new. Marketta changed oil colours to water colours and it was a very positive experience. Marketta love painting watercolours. Marketta began to take courses in watercolour


painting by the artist Thomas Niklasson in 1999. Later, she also took courses in watercolour painting with the artist Marion Gustavsson and the artist Ingrid Graminsky in Gothenburg in Sweden for several years. From 2010 Marketta paints in both oil- and watercolour. E-mail: Website: www.marketta.rokka.dinstudiose

Andrea Branca Sargeant

Sweden, Thailand, USA. Contact: Riddargatan 72, 114 57 Stockholm - tel: +46 8 661 99 58. Studio: Enkehuset, Nortullsgatan 45, Stockholm - tel: +46 73 6975271. Website:, E-mail:

Susanne Wikström

Mikael Schmidt Patrizio Serra Chie Shirafuji Marit Simborn Margareta Skogsberg Margareta Skogsberg is an artist who lives and works in a small town named Arboga in Sweden. Today she works mainly as an artist and also as a light and color therapist. She has been painting for 25 years. Mostly in oil colour. Three years ago she changed to acrylic and let go of the control of the painting. Now she mixes different materials into the paint for structure and chooses colors and shapes by impulse. She has had many exhibitions in Sweden and for the last two years, several international exhibitions. In 2014 she has been selected for five international awards. Throphy ‘’Knights of Malta’’, ‘’La Palma d’ Oro’’ in Monaco, ‘’Arte Catania’’ in Sicily ”Europa in Arte” in Paris and ”Botticelli Prize” in Florence, 2015. Website:

Marika Soldati Marika Soldati: Facebook: Marika Soldati

Susanne Wikström lives and works in Västerås, Sweden. She has studied art for four years. She now works mostly with screenprinting and painting, and preferably both screenprinting and painting in combination on canvas and in large format. She feels that an exciting mix is created by combining various techniques. She most often uses acrylic for her paintings, as these are water-based and dry quickly, and she also uses acrylic for screenprinting. The colour scale she uses leans most often towards the rather muted range, and Payne´s grey is one of her current favourites; she likes it and thinks that the colour feels beautiful, yet brings a touch of melancholy. Susanne enjoys working with a theme, and for several years now her paintings contains interior environments and older houses. The rooms she creates most often have influences of the past with traces of history. Susanne explains that when she was a young teenager she received a painting assignment from her grandfather, which involved repainting his recreation room. “Guess how surprised my grandfather was,” says Susanne, “when he opened the door to the room and saw the walls decorated with animals of all forms and colours. He burst into hearty laughter. My explanation was that the animals needed a house and a room. That is something we all need: a physical, spiritual and historical room. A room is not just a room, nor a house. It carries something with it, for instance memories, a history. There are always traces of something, not only physical things such as interior furnishings, but also the social interaction it has experienced, some person or people who were there previously.” Susanne hopes that her rooms, each in their own way, inspire thought, imagination and reflection and she leaves the interpretation over to the eye of the beholder.

Annika Zetterberg

Annette MA Stocker

Annika Zetterberg (1965), Västerås, Sweden. Inspired by nature, animals and fairytales and Swedish folklore Annika loves to paint in acrylic, watercolor, and by working with clay. She has displayed both ceramics and paintings at several expeditions in Sweden, and also in Fano (2012), Pisa and Barcelona (2013), and Tuscany (2014). Her work as a teacher of ceramics allows her to inspire other people to create, which bring her as much joy as creating art herself. See more of her art and crafts:

Mette Strand Magnus Säker Inga Tomenius-Wihlborg Born in Sweden 1944, live in Stockholm. Studies: Åke Pernbys Målarskola, Stockholm, 1965 – 1966. Beckmans Konsthögskola, Stockholm, 1966 – 1969. Studies in Thailand, 1973 – 1976. Studies in Italia, 1978 – 1982. Public Collections in Sweden: Statens Konstråd, Eskilstuna Stads Samlingar, Härnösands Stads Samlingar, Västernorrlands Läns Landstings Samlingar, Örebro Kommuns och Läns Landstings Samlingar, Värmlands Läns Landstings samlingar, Dalarnas Läns landstings Samlingar. Public Collections in Bangkok, Thailand: Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art. Private Colletions: In Denmark, England, France, Italy, Canada,


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