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First demo is on the device of ‘2-outlet power strip’. I will turn the power on and off each individual socket using a smartphone.

Turn on the 1st socket.

Turn off the 1st socket.

Turn on the 2nd socket.

Turn off the 2nd socket.

Now, I'll show you the timer function.

I will make the 1st socket to turn on automatically a minute later.

With this demo, you can imagine some usage models of the smart power strip or power outlet. For example, any electronic device can have the ability to get turned on and off at the right time even if it is not close to you but rather located further away. You can use this solution as a 'Kids Lock' function to manage TV or Game time of your kids

Second demo is on the 'Lamp' device. I will turn on and off the power and control the brightness using a smartphone.

Turn on the smart Lamp.

Change the brightness to 100%.

Change the brightness to 50%.

And then, turn the smart Lamp off.

To control the power on / off and brightness of LED, PWM is used to manage the LED Driver.

My last demo is on the device of 'Sensor'. Smarts sensor does not work only with the sensor. When you turn on the smart sensor, specific value of the brightness is sent to the server. When it gets darker than the value, it has been set up to turn on an adjacent device of the smart Lamp

Now let’s turn on the smart sensor and transfer the brightness value to the server.

Cover the sensor with your hand.

Now put your hand down.

A circuit has been added to the smart sensor so that the signal of Cds photo cell enters in UART of Intel Edison, using the Analog-to-Digital Converter.

So far I have demoed Teletron’s SDM or ‘Smart Device Management’ for 3 smart devices with Intel Edison.

Intel® edison based iot solutions from teletron part 2

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