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Smart up  your  coach

About us WE ARE  FOUR  FOUNDER   Hardware  engineer   15  years  Automo<ve  hardware  development  experience   SoDware  engineer    12  years  Network  management  experience    professional  UNIX  and  LINUX  knowledge   Trade  specialist        25  years  experience  in  BUS/Coach  trade,  major  field  is  Electronics   Product  and  Project  manager    20  years  Management  experience    15  years  Automo<ve  industry  experience

Mission Developing new  kind  of  Public  Transport  Infotainment  Solu<ons   Using  module  based  technology  for  hardware  and  soDware  to  be  able     •  to  shrink  development  <me   •  targe<ng  the  product  and  meet  the  customer  demand  efficiency   Developing  Retrofit  solu<ons  to  met  following  goals   •  significant  upgrade,  new  kind  of  traveller  experience   •  short  install  <me  for  affordable  cost


GPS triggered   Informa6on  

Map localiza6on  

Board Media   Server  

Internet Acces   (WLAN)  

Media on   Demand    

Individual screen  

Board Service  

Travel informa6on  

IntegraBus Atlas   IntegraBus   Wifi   IntegraBus   Premium

IntegraBus Atlas

IntegraBus Atlas   provides   loca<on   related   tourist   informa<on   to   the   passengers   while   travelling   on   longer   distance.   The   informa<on   can  be  audio  or  video  and  will  be  played  by  GPS   signal  trigger.  The  content  is  provided  through   the  already  exis<ng  mul<media  equipment.  


USB playback  for  Video,  Music  and  Slide  show   MAP   tracking   (illustrates   the   BUS   loca<on   for   travellers)

IntegraBus Atlas

The POI  can  be  an  audio,  a  movie  or  even  a  slide  show.     We   offer   a   content   management   system   to   support   genera<ng  own  POI  database.   Running   background   content   is   available   between   the   POI-­‐s.  This  can  be  audio,  movie  or  a  simple  loca<on  map,   which  is  showing  the  exact  posi<on  of  the  coach.   By   choosing   the   Media   player   upgrade   kit,   we   provide   a   Wifi   connec<vity,   which   enables   the   remote   control   by   smartphone.   Our   free   APP   includes   a   “hidden”   menu   for   this  func<onality.

IntegraBus Wifi IntegraBus Wifi  provides  a  high  quality  4G  (LTE)  Internet  access   (WLAN)     High  quality,  because  we  are  using   •  rugged,  industrial  modules   •  unique  protocols  for  ensure  the  highest  available  bandwidth     •  a  full  duplex  sister  with  memo  diversity  antennas

IntegraBus Wifi Comfort works   also   with   one   GSM   card,   but   provides   an   Access   for   at   least  35  users.  We  are  using  a  unique   Fair   Bandwith   technology,   which   helps   to   avoid   downloading   bigger   amount   on   data   from   the   same   address   (i.e.   streaming   music   or   movie),   but   supports   preferring   the   normal   browsing   (looking   websites,   mailing   func<ons).   It   works   with   4G   modem.  

Standard for  maximum  12  user.  Internet  is   going  to  be  provided  trough  one  GSM  card,   and   warrants   a   bandwidth   at   least   1   mbit   for   each   user,   once   the   mobile   Internet   network   works   normally.   We   are   using   4G   modems.  This  can  provide  10  Mbit  and  also   a  higher  bandwidth  for  each  user.   The  Professional  type  provides  for  48  users   a  quality  Access.  This  include  two  modems,     they   can   be   used   parallel   or   the   second   occasionally,   i.e.   for   rooming   in   foreign   country.

IntegraBus Premium Onboard Entertainment System

This is   a   synergy   between   IntegraBus   Atlas   and   IntegraBus   Wifi   product   families,   contains   all   the   posi<ve   features   and   provides   an   unbelievable  plus!   As   add   on   to   the   already   described   Internet   and   Infotainment   solu<ons  this  provides  a  wireless  media  server  as  well  and  allows   an  on  demand  access  on  music,  informa<on  and  movies.

IntegraBus Premium Onboard Entertainment System

The standard  version  serves  24  users  with  a  Wifi  system  to  stream  local   content   or   even   browse   the   Internet.   This   can   be   upgraded   with   an   addi<onal   equipment   for   48   users   as   well,   but   by   using   two   devices   in   cascade  connec<on,  we  can  serve  70  or  even  90  users  at  the  same  <me.   Although   each   stream   is   served   independently,   the   server   can   fulfill   all   these  parallel  requests.   Through   a   comfortable   50   GByte   memory   place   the   coach   operator   is   allowed   to   store   30-­‐50   movies   and   a   few   100’s   songs   as   well.   This   amount   on   entertainment   provides   for   any   passenger   a   very   enjoyable   <me,  even  by  longer  trips.  We  are  using  a  world  class  DRM  solu<on  and   care  for  a  100%  copy  protec<on  as  well.

IntegraBus Premium Onboard Entertainment System

The streaming   func<on   will   by   used   trough   an   applica<on.  This  allows  the  coach  operator  to  introduce   his   own   company   and   services,   make   adver<sing   for   himself  or  even  for  third  party  as  well.    This  opens  lot  of   opportuni<es   to   create   models   to   generate   addi<onal   income  by  using  the  professional  service.   The  modular  structure  supports  hardware  and   soDware  upgrades,  i.e.:   -­‐  Upgrade  the  number  of  users   -­‐  4G  (LTE)  upgrade   -­‐  Travel  tracking  on  MAP   -­‐  Vehicle  remote  tracking   -­‐  Live  board  camera  stream   -­‐  Develop  premium  service  for  addi<onal  payment

IntegraBus All our  products  are  retrofit  solu<ons.  The  installa<on  takes  1,5-­‐2  hours,  by  the  most   complex  products  it  might  be  a  half  working  day.   Our   technology   can   be   remotely   logged,   once   the   Internet   is   ac<ve.   We   can   provide   sta<s<cs  from  usage,  track  the  coach,  ac<vate  and  deac<vate  func<ons  as  well.  

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IntegraBus Premium onboard entertainment system  

IntegraBus offers a full range of products intended to revolutionize infotainment solutions on Coach and Intercity Buses. Our main goal is t...