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The Zerbe Air Sedan was an early attempt at a passenger plane

At the Dominguez Air Meet in California, Professor J. S. Zerbe attempted to fly his multiplane Picking up speed, its front wheel hit a hole Collapsed‌ damaged a wing

Zerbe began building an airplane for a group of Missouri businessmen The design had with a fully enclosed cockpit and passenger area The aircraft looked more like a small bus with four wings mounted on top

Zerbe used a wing warping system for control The more common elevator system would have worked better The war surplus rotary engine from France threw castor oil on the planes windshield, blocking the pilot’s vision

It supposedly flew 1,000 feet Some say the plane flew fifty feet off the ground Some say fifty inches Others mention a few hops off the ground

After Washington County Fairgrounds, Zerbe disappears from history The fate of the Zerbe Air Sedan remains a mystery

Could it be in some old Arkansas barn?

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Zerbe Air Sedan  

Built in Arkansas, the Zerbe Air Sedan was meant to be a passenger airplane. It never went into service and has disappeared.

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