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Customizable necklaces $8 each with a minimum of 10 to order for customs. We have 15 word options in stock

Do you want to know how to average 1 MILLION in sales every month? I’ll tell you. HOWEVER, you must first understand that there is no step by step COOKIE CUTTER guide to building your business. We are each on our own paths with the big man upstairs [how amazing is that?]… Now, while that might not be the answer you were after, I WILL tell you my [SECRETS] - all 5 of them. BUT, let’s dig deeper for a second [tease]. Who am I? Nobody special. I wasn’t valedictorian or “most likely to succeed”. In fact, I was more like the average Joe that laid low throughout high school. I can specifically remember times that I wasn’t enough. Wasn’t smart enough for the FFA Livestock Judging team. Wasn’t pretty enough for the Homecoming Court. Wasn’t going to get a scholarship to College. BUT THIS, this. right. here. is what started it all. SECRET #1?

DRIVE. Proving people wrong became addicting to me even before Crazy Train was born… but proving to MYSELF that [I CAN] has been the main addiction. I am only telling you this because I don’t believe you have to be the brightest crayon in the box, you just have to utilize setbacks in a way that pushes you forward instead of allowing it to hold you back. I think most UN successful people get caught right here. It’s perspective. It’s your DRIVE. I could go on for pages and pages, but I’ll save you the time. We have more secrets to cover. Now, let’s get into the business deets… 2013 was the YEAR it all began. Crazy Train was born. WHY THOUGH? Well, that’s SECRET #2, in my opinion. Filling the [GAPS]. The clothing market in 2013 was wide open. There were brands that were SUPER EXPENSIVE and then there was really really BAD cheap china pieces that barely “worked” design and print wise. There was nothing in between that the average middle class person wanted or needed in the western niche boutique market, so we set out to FILL THAT. The second gap was small business accessibility. This next gap really made us some enemies, which I am sure some still despise us over but hey, you do you boo. Realizing that things like opening orders of thousands of dollars, pre packed sizes and zip code protection did NOT help bring in new customers made us completely CHANGE THE BUSINESS and Crazy Train blew that wide open. We attracted many NEW businesses and allowed people to get a foot in the door. So, how does this apply to you? FIND THE GAPS and fill them… success comes from solving a problem… even down to the very designs that are developed. For example, UBER… genius, in my opinion. GAP FILLED, millions made… now just APPLY that theory to your business.

While Crazy Train filled the gaps and broke the patterns of the norm, there were LEARNING CURVES and that brings me to SECRET #3… ADAPTING. I’ll be the first to admit, I am as STUBBORN as they come. I quickly realized in this business that while stubbornness got me through all the HARD TIMES, it was adaptiveness that pulled me through on top. MY BIGGEST CURVE BALL? on January 2, 2017 a heavy duty hauling eighteen wheeler pulled out in front of me and I T-boned him going 82 miles an hour. I broke my femur in half, collapsed a lung, many broken ribs, a blow to the head and fractured my DRAWING HAND… I spent 1 month in the hospital and 3 months in physical therapy… for a very long 6 months, I lost my DRIVE, I lost my life. I was depressed and wanted to give up. You see, we can plan and plan and plan all we want but that life PLAN god has us all can change in a heartbeat… ADAPTING and learning is key. Now, while would never wish a life changing wreck on anyone, I have become thankful for it. It has taught me to ADAPT. I started drawing with my LEFT HAND and after I realized GOD SAVED ME from that wreck to raise a child, my DRIVE came back… I was able to move Crazy Train closer to my family… and although, I was now further from my business partner, Crazy Train was ready to THRIVE…. to put ADAPTING into more of a business perspective to apply to your own, each week, Crazy Train releases 6-10 new products, and after about 4 hours I can run reports and really LEARN what my customers want. We then adapt to that, and develop more for the future. I also enjoy surprises and I think my customers do too. It can be exhausting, but it is my favorite part. DESIGNING things that bring success to others. When my retailers succeed, I succeed and that’s another things that adds to secret #1, DRIVE.

So we adapt, cool…. What’s next?… [read to unlock SECRET #4]. DELEGATE. You know that old saying? “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?” Well, that WAS me. It took me several years to understand that building a TEAM was the ONLY WAY Crazy Train could grow into what it wanted to become. It really is simple. Surround yourself with a team that can HELP YOU grow. Start by delegating out the things you really dislike or suck at… because there ARE people that enjoy the stuff you do not, I promise. THEY CAN DO IT BETTER THAN YOU and that’s THE POINT. Delegating tasks allows you to thrive in the areas you are SUPPOSE to focus on. WORK ALONG SIDE THEM instead of ABOVE them, and always always… stay humble.

THAT WORD, humble. I think is LAST but certainly not least, and a key to SECRET #5… CONNECTION. Throughout the years I have tried to connect with my customers through social media, building a community instead of just being a vendor or a brand without a face. I want to know my customers, I want to be their friend. I NEED to interact with them on a personal level… While I will admit, it takes up a lot of my personal family time, I still consider Crazy Train to be my FIRST BORN child. It needs me. My people need me. My team needs me… and as long as they need me, I will continue to pour out my soul.

Lastly, I want to admit, I am STILL LEARNING, while some may think I am an expert I won’t stop trying to feed my DRIVE, fill GAPS, ADAPT to the market, DELEGATE more tasks and CONNECT. I am NOT perfect. I am HUMAN. I will continue to make mistakes and that’s ok. I am currently working on my own personal happiness and TRYING to ENJOY life outside of WORK, it’s just an obsession that is hard to break. I still have improvements to make. My point? You can’t compare yourself to me, please don’t… because one thing I can tell you is that HAPPINESS does NOT = money. That’s a whole different battle of it’s own. If you haven’t caught on already, these SECRETS have all played a part in getting Crazy Train where is is today. NOT because I only did one or two, but because ALL FIVE were used and then plus some. You see, I could easily walk you through each year of business and tell you I did this wrong and learned from this mistake, but you will find yourself on a different path. Instead, I challenge you to use my secrets and YOUR OWN to apply to the journey GOD has you on. SCALING Crazy Train to average 1 MILLION a month was no easy task. This journey has been a roller coaster and still stresses me out. HOWEVER, I will say, If this mediocre girl do it [with the help of a team], SO. CAN. YOU.

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ould w I t a h w uch lder o Pretty m n a e v a e do h w t u b , r a we nd I do a t n e m g se audience hem I t r o f s g n stock thi buy. y l l a m r o n wouldn’t

We have pretty much the same taste. I would wear 99.9% of everything I offer

I buy what I would wear now or if I were a smaller version of me, lol.

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To not compare myself to others....I still struggle almost daily with this! Not buying so much inventory at first without a plan... also going into credit card debt! Slowly getting out of it!

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Ads to grow my following

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Buying inventory and marketing materials!!

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Always my question for more seasoned business owners!

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y Leda




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I did Be the Blessing & Beauty of the Week. Everyone who posted under the post got an entry into a giveaway. Then, I encouraged everyone to comment and give compliments to each other. My group is just awesome and posts no matter what, but this was a fun way to reward them. I think I'm going to bring it back and do Beauty of the Month.

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I’ve begged, pleaded, offered percentages off merch and still can’t get them to do It.

h Kovac

My reps do to keep their discount. Then I’d say alot 10-20% of customers do without even asking






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Handcrafted small batch, cold-processed goodness made just for your store

I moved money out of my savings $2K for startup. Website inventory and all the things lol.


About $5K!

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With Love, Molly

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About $3300 at a vendor event!


Allie Meyer arket M o w T y t n e w that to your T e rg a Two h c rs o d n e ve v

ount. Ha c c a S ey that way! P n U o m a t e e m G o s e v a usually can s u o y t, n u o c c a SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY

Melissa Moore Tres Chic Loft, LLC

Print thru PirateShip .com or Shopify, no subscription fees.

Melissa Hat t A to Z Bouti en que

Putting box es Getting 60 inside polymailers to 00 rollo prin ship cheape t r. e r labels from SMALL BIZ SATURDAY UPS for free !!! Roxanne Noddin Generations Boutique & Art Studio

I just discovered a couple weeks ago that a larger package through usps was $50 and only $20 through ups!

KyleBLACK en Ellis FRIDAY Cactus Cre ek Boutique Does anyo


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works with pirate

Hot Mess Consulting Stand Out! Clever Places To Weave In Your Branding Here's the deal: a new boutique is born every minute. And there's only one way to attract your ideal customers and keep them coming back for more: YOUR BRANDING. Branding is the secret sauce. You know, the X-Factor - what makes YOUR business unique. Why would someone choose you over your competitor? Because they love your brand! Make sure you weave in threads of your X-Factor everywhere you can! Here's a few ideas to get you starteD

Logo Homepage Product Pages About Us Page Transactional emails Hangtags Social media pages Instagram highlight icons Thank you cards Need more help to nail down your brand? Find out what really matters (and what doesn't!) when it comes to branding. Brand design is part of our Shopify and CommentSold Website Build + Brand Design Services. Our expert designers will help you choose the best colors and typography based on your ideas, create a professional logo, and provide you with a Custom Brand Guide for your store! Book a call with our friendly team today!

Sea Fo Kn am W it T op affle $42

Sto rm y Sh ort Blue s$ 44

n ega V o NG b r a the Gr a e L $40 k c kpa Bac


Hair ties, Mini soaps, Earrings, Bows, Handwritten notes with a freebie

Lip balms and wax melts. My temporary tattoos are fun too

Right now I’m doing spa masks

We do hair clips or eyelashes




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