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Do you know the speed of Instant?


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5 Do you know the speed of Instant?


Touch of Health - Physical Medicine


My Barter Game, Profit = Cash + Trade


PrepperFestAZ Expo


Phoenix Local Shops - Dedicated to building the local economy


Business Profile: North Scottsdale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


Duke and Cat - There Are No Limits


No Excuses Training Systems


Phoenix Broadcasting


Fin & Feather Guides Instant Business Magazine is produced by Instant Barter LLC. All materials contained in this digital magazine are protected P O Box 97664 by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, Phoenix, AZ 85060-7664 distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without Phone: 602-828-9088 the prior written permission of Instant Barter LLC or in the case of Š 2012-2013 Instant Barter LLC. All Rights Reserved third party materials, the owner of that content. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies Find us online: of the content. For permission to reprint any part of this magazine, contact the managing editor. The appearance of advertisement and hyperlinks in this publication Email does not constitute endorsement by Instant Barter LLC of this website or the information, products, or services contained herein. Managing Editor - Ana Hawk Instant Barter LLC does not exercise any editorial control over the Editor - Carl Mullan information you may find at these locations.


Instant Business Magazine April

m e s s ag e f ro m t h e p r e s i d e n t Ana Hawk

Welcome spring! It is amazing to be in Arizona at this time of year. The weather is perfect! Everything that smells good is in bloom. This is why we live in this amazing place we call home. We are truly blessed (till the 115 degree weather hits!) Then it is wonderful to have a company that is in 8 counties so we can go open the South Carolina office or the San Diego office where the weather is “nicer�. We are very proud and excited about the response Instant Business Magazine has received. The 1st issue went viral in 10 minutes and has been seen all over the world. The second issue was produced and sent out late Monday night and by Tuesday morning I woke to over 50 e-mails asking questions about featured businesses. Pretty exciting stuff! Our parent company, Instant Barter LLC, has had an explosion of new business during this last month. We have signed more than 50 new members and received interest from some of the largest barter organization in the world wanting to work with us. We are also receiving another award. In May, the Phoenix Business Journal is honoring Instant Barter as an Admired Business in our area. The award will be accompanied by a write up in the Journal. We have also been named and featured in Yahoo Finance and other publications including a widely read press release on growth plus the contributions Instant Barter is making towards helping people and businesses in our local economy. For more information on this exciting new go to and where you can read all the details on our company. Just a reminder that we will be starting another contest as well very soon. All the publicity, commercials for TV and Radio, and new business has us running to catch up on our next exciting contest. We are currently Instant Business Magazine April


accepting stories at or you can enter through our new Instant Barter free smart phone application. In the month ahead, we are working on participating in many popular business expos and festivals. We will be at the Water Festival in Tucson on 4/21/13. Also see us at the PrepperFest AZ on April 26-28th and during the evening at the Quarter Auction on April 26th. For further details, please see the advertising in this issue for the PrepperFest AZ and the Quarter Auction. Come out and see us! At each event we will be playing our prototype copy of My Barter Game™ as well. Instant Barter is also engaged in several open houses, cross promotional events, and featured businesses. For all those details of events, times, places to come and meet everyone send an e-mail to SocialMedia@ You can also check out events on our Face Book page https:// or on the website In the coming years ahead, we are looking forward to more growth, more amazing business. We hope to see and answer any questions in person at one of our events. Enrollment is also beginning Barter 101 (someone totally new to trade) to Barter 505 (the experienced trader to learn tricks, techniques and skills from a global leader in the trade industry). These classes are free except for Barter 505 which is a $100 trade fee. Remember everything is trade able and we accept anything as payment. Everything is currency! Happy Trading!

A n a Haw k CEO of Instant Barter LLC President of Instant Business Magazine INSTANT BARTER MY BARTER GAME 602.828.9088 4

Instant Business Magazine April

D o y o u k n o w t h e s p e e d o f I NST A NT ? There is a reason the company nickname is Instant!

I was talking to a client I had worked with in another trade organization. He wanted to join Instant Barter and asked me to help him spend the trade he had with the old organization. I said. “Sure what are you looking to spend it on?” He said, “I have been asking them for 4 months now about a place in Tahoe in September. They won’t answer me if they have one I can rent.” I said, “Let me see what I can find with my resources.” I made one call to his trade organization and found they have 3 places. I called him right back. He was surprised when he answered thinking I forgot to ask for information. I said, “They have three different places available but you have to wait till Aug to book it.” He laughed and said, “That’s it I’m in! That is fast!” I said, “That is the power, speed and the difference of Instant Barter! We find you what you want fast!” We love speed and happy clients! Instant Business Magazine April


Touch of Health

Physical Medicine 8880 E. Via Linda #107 Scottsdale, AZ. 85258

Come see us on Tuesday April 16th from 5-8pm for our OPEN HOUSE. There will be many people in the health, weight loss field to answer any and all of your questions. Music, Entertainment, Massage, Food, FUN all FREE! Bring the whole family and come see the newest trends in Chiropractic Care and Weight loss. Lipo-laser is the least invasive way to loose fat FAST. Safe and effective.


he Lipo-laser, used in Europe since the 90’s is our newest way to jump start your fat burning furnace. for 48 hours after the treatment your fat cells will be spitting out fatty acids much faster than normal. The cell membranes will become porous, leaking the fatty acids. As you exercise, which starts in the office, with the Whole Body Vibration Machine, you burn fat and flush fat out of your body. We stimulate the Lymphatic system w/ the vibrations this activates muscle to contract circulating the Lymph fluid which is processed in the Liver. The Alkaline Water 6

Instant Business Magazine April

mixes with the fatty acids and many toxins of normal metabolism flushing them out of the body. You will loose weight, specifically from those areas treated w/ the laser light. Optimizing the process we have also found many detoxification products, and metabolic stimulants that will help you reach your personal weight loss goals. From herbal lymph system cleanser, to Nu-Lean total detox method we will have the products for you. I have been experimenting w/ the Galaxy Brainwave Programs which help

control those carbohydrate urges and increase metabolism. You can experience it while you are treated w/ the Lipo-laser. The only meal replacement I endorse, Visalus, has also helped many patients burn off those fatty acids. My newest chiropractic technique, Impulse adjusting method is accomplished with the use of the Impulse machine which can adjust up to 6 times a second. The repetitive nature of the “Impulse” allows for much lower forces to be used which are controlled by myself as I treat you. There is much less pain and much higher level of results using this new technique. It can also be used to relieve

muscle spasms by treating the trigger points directing instead of massaging the entire muscle. This can be painful and ineffective. I have been using the Cox flexion/ decompression spinal technique for years relieving disc bulges and herniation’s these injuries are otherwise treated w/ surgery which always seems to have complications. I have successfully healed disc bulges of 10-11 millimeters in dept on MRI scans. These people were treated and released back to work often with minimal permanent disability. Another new chiropractic technique I’ve incorporated into practice is the Cranial Release Technique which balances out the entire nervous system. This also calms and relaxes the nerves and is of great benefit for those with fibromyalgia syndrome. It also works on the Pituitary Gland and Endocrine system, normalizing hormones and internal biofeedback mechanisms. Brian K. Gallagher, D.C. 8880 E. Via Linda #107 Scottsdale, AZ. 85258 480-614-5992 office Instant Business Magazine April



Instant Business Magazine April exists to help small business owners get noticed by providing them with several avenues of marketing their businesses at reasonable prices. On our site you will see: • • • • • • • • •

local only business directory local only classifieds section, local only Marketplace, local only blog which all of our members may use Weather News Movies Events Entertainment

What makes Phoenix Local Shops different than the competition? Jeff Doehring (owner and developer of this vital hub for business) is dedicated to building the local economy, while supporting local business. Jeff says: “Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I know how hard it is for small businesses to get the exposure they need to succeed. Phoenix Local Shops was created to help not only small businesses get noticed, but also to be a home for the entire Phoenix area.” Phoenix Local Shops is a customer friendly site which offers a large variety of information for customers, and incentives to keep customers coming back to our site. Whether you are in Phoenix, looking to visit Phoenix or just have friends here, this is the site to visit to see everything from weather to news. If you need to be updated or in the Loop on Phoenix you need to go to! Instant Business Magazine April


Trade is a big part of everyday life in My Barter Game. Each players engages in barter using what they have to get what they need. What better tool to help understand the world of trade and barter. Players will love bartering with each other and trying to complete the most profitable deals. Young people love “stacking cash” as the game gets hot. Pull an “Event” card and see what twists and turns are ahead in your next trade.


Instant Business Magazine April

The player who acquires the most profit wins!


Profit = Cash + Trade My Barter Game is all about understanding trade in a fun educational way! Race around the board learning the benefits of barter and how trade can make your business grow. Swap, trade or barter.... whatever you call it this is a fun game for people of all ages. Both the rewards and risks are big so enjoy the action as the most profitable player goes home with the win!

Hello, My name is Ana Hawk. I am the CEO of Instant Barter LLC and the developer of MY BARTER GAME™. I created this board game to help anyone playing to understand how trade works on a very basic level. The board game is a fun and easy way to understand trade. It teaches players how to use what they own as currency in order to gain other needed items and win the game. While running a business, players learn about profits, negotiating, currency and the economy. The game accommodates up to six players, ages 7 and up. This action is fun for children and adults. Everyone learns about building a business through trade. Big corporations understand that trade is a powerful tool to engage in global business, offset inventories and market goods for a profit. Multi million dollar companies such as Nike, Boeing and Staples already use trade in their daily business. You should understand it also. Would you like your face on one of our trade game currencies? We have sponsorship opportunities for both our trade and cash money. We are selling the board advertising spaces. Players will be reminded of your company each time they land on or pass over your game space. Below is the list of the remaining 33 available spaces. If you are interested in this once in a lifetime advertising let us know. We will be launching the 1st board in the next few months.


W here Fami ly M eets Specialty Den t i stry


elcome to North Scottsdale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and the informative website for We are conveniently located at 9070 East Desert Cove, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ. Our office features “people hours” making scheduling convenient to everyone’s busy lifestyle. Be sure to visit our Special Offers page to find great savings. From simple to extensive cosmetic & restorative procedures… we’ll put your mind at ease! When you visit us as a new patient for the first time, we will give you a comprehensive picture of your current dental and oral health. North Scottsdale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers all patients a friendly and comfortable atmosphere along with contemporary current technologies covering all types of dental services. You will enjoy distinct dental care that will enhance the quality of your life as well as your family’s. Dental health starts with Preventative services such as regular dental examinations, and cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental sealants. The variety of preventative and restorative services offered by North Scottsdale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will extend the life of your teeth. We also offer additional services such as: Invisalign, Zoom & Venus 1 Hour In-Office Whitening, Sedation Dentistry and Dental Implants. Our practice features excellent dentists, hygienists and office staff dedicated to you and your family’s dental health. Steven H. Poulos, DDS and Sid S. Stevens, DDS bring a combined total of 59 years of dental experience to their patients. Both doctors say: “We pledge excellence in all we do and we look forward to helping you make the most of your smile now, and for all the years to come.”


Instant Business Magazine April

Read what the world is starting to see about INSTANT BARTER!

Instant Barter Helping Barter Go Mainstream on Coattails of Recovering U.S. Economy PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - As founder and CEO of Instant Barter, LLC (http://www., Ana Hawk saw opportunity where many might have previously seen despair. The eighth ranked entrepreneur over the age of 40 in America helped provide the necessary cash-on-hand via the reliable barter lifeline for countless businesses as they struggled to make it through the tidal waves of the 2007 recession. Now, as the economy makes sweepingly positive strides forward, Hawk views barter as a mainstream commodity, and one that's unaffected by the "fiscal cliff." "Barter has now gone into the mainstream," Hawk explained. "With more than 400,000 businesses in the U.S. involved in barter and trade -- it has become an essential strategy in today's business operations." For Hawk, bartering is an everyday part of her life. As the founder of Instant Barter, Hawk oversees a complex bartering exchange market that services thousands of businesses and persons nationwide, representing more than $100 million in products and services available via barter exchange. The popularity of her bartering services has recently soared her LinkedIn account to the top five percent of most viewed (2012). Hawk is also the creator of "My Barter Game™" -- a fabulous tool for teaching the art of barter to persons of all ages. "'My Barter Game™' is a fun, educational and interactive board game that can be enjoyed by family, friends and co-workers, and that can also be used as an effective vehicle for teambuilding," Hawk said of the unique board game. For Hawk, bartering is a method that all persons can embrace and profit from. "Barter is a truly effective and robust means to obtain the necessary goods and services to live a lovely lifestyle," Hawk said. "With thousands of businesses eager to barter their products and services, there's truly something for everyone." Learn more about Instant Barter, LLC by visiting them online at: About: Ana Hawk has been a thriving entrepreneur for more than 20 years. As the Founder and CEO of Instant Barter, LLC, she's created a trade system that works; one which currently represents more than $100 million worth of products and services. Learn more about Instant Barter, LLC by visiting them online at: http://www.

Instant Business Magazine April



tHERE ARE NO Limit s! We are Duke and Cat and this is our story…

Earl “Duke” Standberry was hatched in Louisiana and raised in Pecos, Texas. Former Gulf War Marine and now CEO of DC Unlimited LLC, a local promotion and video production company, Standberry is the creator, producer and co-host of the hit comedy/variety ‘live” TV show THE DUKE AND CAT SHOW. Duke discovered Tucson on a spiritual journey in 1998 when he was involved in a almost fatal train accident http:// and has been involved in a variety of ventures prior to the THE DUKE AND CAT SHOW, including a historic documentary journey for “Unknown Civilians Killed During War” called Stonewalk in the summer of 1999. Duke loves Tucson Az and since returning in 2007, 14

Instant Business Magazine April

his mission has been to bring attention to the talented and gifted artists and musicians that receive little notice both locally and beyond. THE DUKE AND CAT SHOW is a showcase for local talent, events and causes. Catherine“Cat”Vigilisco-host and producer of THE DUKE AND CAT SHOW, as well as COO of DC Unlimited LLC. She has lived in Tucson since 1985, hailing from Loveland, Colorado and also lived abroad in South America. Se habla espanol! Active in the business community, she has been an entrepreneur and consultant since 1997. She is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and regularly teaches yoga and meditation classes. Cat loves to bring people and groups together to make creative sparks fly and is a talented performer in her own right.

the Old Pueblo and the world. Street interviews, comedy skits, event coverage, you name it, they cover it! Duke and Cat also feature entrepreneurs and businesses, and always have a spot for non-profits who need to get the word out to a local audience. The Duke and Cat Show, now in its 4th year of production, airs every Thursday at 8:00 pm on local TV Channels 20 and 74 that reach an audience of 220,000 subscribers.

She is the director of the dance troupe RAKS TANTRIKA, and Producer and host of WALK ON THE WILD SIDE WITH CAT. Duke and Cat’s creative collaboration began in late 2008, with the formation of DC Unlimited LLC (http://www. THE DUKE AND CAT SHOW was born out of a mutual love of the arts and of Tucson and the negative reputation the media portrays. Both have performance background - Duke in radio and voice over communications and Cat in dance, and together they have captured the Tucson scene. Be on the look out for Duke and Cat in their trade mark black and red cowboy hats! The show has evolved from two talking heads and a camera to a full-blown comedy variety show and production company. Along the way, a talented cast and crew has assembled to entertain

Not content to rest on their laurels, Duke and Cat created www.dukeandcat. com Tucson’s only 24/7 entertainment and information on-line Web Channel in December 2010. The channel features archived clips and full length shows, all produced locally featuring local talent and original content. The channel also features “live streamed” content. At the end of the first full year of operation, the Web Channel garnered over 60,000 page hits! ALL TUCSON, ALL ORIGINAL, ALL THE TIME!!!! Duke and Cat are now on the Board of Directors at Access Tucson and being the only community station in the southwest region of the U.S., they are expanding to the help keeping the American voice alive……. Their motto is, THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!!! Contact them at: Duke 520-301-7102 Cat 520-861-4817

Instant Business Magazine April


No Excuses Training Systems Do you need a specialized high-intensity workout in Phoenix, Arizona?


o you desire to be catapulted over others in the fitness and sports industry with what many would consider an unfair advantage? You don’t have to be a professional athlete or a competition figure model to benefit from a specialized, high-intensity gym experience. With the proper trainer and training you will be able to prevent injuries while building and maintaining your best shape. One-on-one training and small group sessions are specially designed to work on your problem areas and build attractive muscles. Custom-tailored training is the most effective way for you to achieve extraordinary results. And when you work with an experienced professional, you will yield unsurpassed results. Fortunately for Phoenicians seeking to take their training to a premier level, we have Watus Cooper, owner of No Excuses Training Systems. Watus Cooper is a certified personal trainer holding certifications with NASM-PES, NSCACSCS, and USAW. He works directly with his clients training them as he does professional athletes to gain the results they are seeking. His one-on-one and small group sessions are held in Chandler, AZ. One special area of expertise for Watus includes helping professional athletes regain and build upon their strength after suffering injuries. With a heavy focus on preventing injuries while strengthening the injury site, Watus has developed loyal and raving fans. Additionally, Watus’ Unfair Advantage program (UA) has also carved a special niche in the market and has its own set of devoted followers as well. UA was designed in such a way as to give each individual a competitive edge over their competition in any given event. This program utilizes a scoring system that provides instant feedback to both the individual and the trainer, advancing the individual automatically based


Instant Business Magazine April

upon their skill level. By introducing each individual to an innovative, inertia-training style using specially designed exercises and machines, the UA program can correct form and technique in such a way that produces an elite-level and highly-functional individual. The UA Program: • Produces bi-lateral symmetry • Allocates equal amounts of force production through the extremities • Amplifies the cross-extensor reflexes (up to 10x faster) • Improves neurological responses to unpredicted events • Reduces the incidence of injuries common to 95% of all athletic movements (i.e. ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder) • Improves hand/eye coordination and stabilization • Increases core strength, and • Boosts cardio fitness levels Furthermore, with the competitive edge of having Watus in your court, preventative health only begins with training. Watus assists outside of

training by offering nutritional supplementation that works at the DNA level to rebuild cells and enzymes that are associated with the digestion and absorption of food and essential nutrients. Along with a probiotic enzyme, the product he relies on to supplement his rigorous training program is AC-11. AC-11 is the cornerstone of the nutrition that he offers his clients and relies on for his own health. Don’t go to just anyone to help you achieve your goals, go to an experienced professional recognized by many in the field as one of the best! Call Watus today to discuss how having an unfair advantage over the competition can help you build the body of your dreams!

No Excuses Training Systems 6100 W. Gila Springs Place #23 Chandler, AZ 85226 480.269.5057 Training AC-11 Nutrition

Instant Business Magazine April


Phoenix Broadcasting Bringing You the World - Now in 98 Countries Do you need to generate more exposure, influence and income for you, your business or non-profit? Then you will want to check out Phoenix Broadcasting. Dan Kiburz incorporated Phoenix Broadcasting in April of 1999 in response to the demand for affiliate relations in the talk radio industry. Phoenix Broadcasting has been syndicating radio shows for over 13 years. Some of their past clients included “Pet Talk America”, “The Millennium Radio Network”, “The Gary Null Show”, “Let’s Talk Recovery”, “Investors Edge”, “The Ron Seggi Show”, “The Roth Show”, “Dresser After Dark”, “John Pendleton Show”, “Chuck Morse Show” and other shows. In 2007 Phoenix Broadcasting expanded their service to broadcasting on the Internet. Currently Phoenix Broadcasting operates with archived talk shows, music and other information. receives between 200,000 and 300,000 hits a month. For clients that want to be aired on radio, Phoenix Broadcasting also syndicates their vignettes on affiliate stations around the country. In 2012 they expanded by creating “Media” webpage’s for the archiving of talk shows (on mp3 or video) with information about the show and providing links to the client’s website. In 2012 Phoenix Broadcasting also began to sell advertising space on their website In order to provide even better service for their advertisers they instituted a social networking campaign and began to market their advertisers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Phoenix Broadcasting has just begun the live streaming of audio and video for their clients. Phoenix Broadcasting is embedding the html code for their client’s live broadcast streaming players on their “Media” page. This provides their client’s live broadcast with a completely different audience on a new media outlet. To generate more exposure, influence and income contact Dan Kiburz at Phoenix Broadcasting 727-557-6092. 18

Instant Business Magazine April

Fin & Feather Guides

Bluefin Tuna Nova Scotia Extreme Giant Bluefin tuna fishing charters. 3 days for up to 7 fishermen. $7,800 price tag includes lodging and day meals. August thru October dates available.

Black Bear Alberta One black bear hunt for 4 hunters. The $20,000 price includes accommodations, meals and licenses for four. The hunters will have the lodge to themselves. Dates available May 19-24.


Saskatchewan 5-day fully guided waterfowl hunting for two. 5-Star accommodations and meals included. Licenses, taxes, tips not included. Priced at $6,000 for two hunters. First week of September dates. Contact your trade representative for the full details.

Instant Business Magazine April


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Instant Business Magazine  

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