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The Year of the Water Snake, For the Love of Angels, Magical Tools, and more...

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i n s p i rit | letter Revolution and Evolution. These are the words which inSpired this Summer 2012/13 issue of inSpirit as the energies of 2012 culminated for all of us in a way that brought about some endings, more change, healing and hope for what 2013 is to bring.



3 A revelation

4 2013: the end of the world or the start of something new? 6 putting spirit back to where it matters

In recent memory 2012 has been one of the hardest years personally

8 Diary of a DNA potentiator and Articulator

for so many people, that there is a real sense of everyone wanting

10 the Magic of stone Altars

to definitively close that chapter. We invite you to do just that with

12 Cryshell Magic

Rita’s candle meditation while reaping the benefits from Max Coppa’s Numerology 2013 article and Sarupa Shah’s contribution which is specifically designed to help you increase your wealth in

14 Magical tools


swan Blessing

2013. We are excited to welcome on board regular contributors Brendan D. Murphy, author of The Grand Illusion and Billie Dean, founder of the Deep Peace Movement and Rainbow Fianna. Both writers bring a wealth of knowledge on their respective topics and make valuable additions to the ever expanding energies of inSpirit Magazine. Lastly, this issue see’s each issue of inSpirit Magazine now available free to view and download online. In conjunction with our bevy of giveaways, you’ll be hard pressed to fine a more value added spiritual magazine tell your friends. May the Spirit in you seek to be expressed!

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A Revelation

Your Community

Sharon Harding, this edition’s reader contributor, writes about the insights she has gained through her personal work with the ‘Ancients’ and changes of Mother Earth we are currently experiencing, and shares how we can too can harness these energies of change…


hen I was young I read the Book of Revelations several times trying to make sense of other peoples’ writings. Between the lines I would see two types of peoples. Happy and Sad. Those who were in tune with their surroundings and those who weren’t. This is how I used to see the black and white horses described there, which of course were metaphoric of light and dark forces according to Christianity. Throughout the first twenty years of adulthood, I met people from different backgrounds and religions and still I questioned their perceptions of the ‘End Times’ as some panicked and some rejoiced. There has been a lot of doom and gloom predicted with fear becoming a multi-figured capitalist industry. Channelling ‘Ancients’ became a peaceful pastime as I felt what they had to share was relevant in my life, and I knew that someday their wisdom would somehow become important for others. Imagine my surprise when Spirit showed me my body as a flat map of earth! I knew that what they were sharing with me was teaching me to trust Spirit, My Self and All That Is. As we become more One with Earth and Nature, we begin to experience within our self and body, Earth’s movements. For many years as I listened to our Ancients, the messages they used to convey is that we must learn from Their Pasts and notice the patterns of Earth. The other things they used to mention was that we have continued to ‘label’. They didn’t!

They simply trusted in all that came their ways. Nowadays, when channelling, I’m still shown which country a shift of land is about to occur and when, which will be considered catastrophic, but they also emphasise to me how people will respond, which is far more important. It reminds me of a vague recollection I have of a story in the bible where they say that all those of different tongues will again speak as One language. The language of love and compassion is already spreading across the globe as we all come to recognise that we are all in this together. As Sensitives with Mother Earth, we are experiencing what she is. That is, no matter how we try to be in ‘this realm’ we are still as One with Her; being that her mass and strength is larger than ours, she does have an influence in our lives. With this comes ‘wearing’ some of her jolts, blitzes and realities. As we flow with her as One, we are experiencing currents of waves in our evolutions. Earth is currently undergoing massive changes of which will bring us all together more now than in any other era, or aeon. We as Sensitives are here to share this with her, and pass on how she is feeling while bringing everyone else up to speed, to hold each other’s hands. All that’s occurring on Earth and within the Universe is natural

evolution. If you take quiet moments to observe nature, those of earth, human, animal and even your own, you will see that change is evident and imminent. This is Evolution. With each bat of your eyelids, all is evolving. Of course we are experiencing her highs and lows, and to talk about law of attraction is almost useless during this period, as her change of life is not amplified. If we look at the analogy of a dog’s life compared to ours, as our one year equals seven dog years, then ultimately we are ‘how many years’ compared to Earth? I’m finding that we need to drop the term ‘belief’ and replace it with ‘trust’ and ‘self truth’. Law of Attraction has created its niche in terms of society using it as a tool to pursue abundance. I most certainly do appreciate this and as we evolve it has been showing us that the more we share for the better good of all, the more we are considering our neighbours with love and compassion. Law of Attraction, like the internet, was created as a stepping stone to our new way of Being, which is our Original Spirit Self. I know we are not just spirits here to experience being human; we are spirits here to expand on our spirit self as well. We all know there is an immense change occurring. It is something we will never have control of. It is our role to give in, never exert control and just simply be. It is our role to lead by example. As we do this, people in our societies will judge us, yet all the while wonder, then come alongside in our reality to an understanding that this is ‘How It Is’…

Sharon Harding is a Clairvoyant Medium based in Darwin / Top End Northern Territory Australia. To contact Sharon: Web:




013 will be a 6 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6) and the overall theme of the year is to find balance, love and harmony with both the world’s energy and on a personal level. Learning to love and appreciate ourselves and each other unconditionally will be of prime importance. Contrary to the beliefs of some, we have survived 21-12-2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar) as I’ve always maintained. It’s just good American marketing and turmoil at its best again. The significance of this date is that it’s about a changing of the guard. Religion in particular will begin to straighten up and come in to alignment, world money markets and the planet working together will gain more importance. Less medals of valour and more medals awarded to those true humanitarians who work at bringing peace and harmony to the world. Targeted work on the environment and green house gases will be done by China and India! A few countries to watch over the coming year will be Russia, New Zealand and Thailand. The research and work on skin cancer will advance thanks to a new discovery in 2013. Revolutionary work in the plastic surgery field will also be a highlight. You may even see the start of a focused campaign to end whaling. Some countries will leave the common market and this will put additional pressure on it to survive. Spiritual awareness will flourish in 2013 with more religious and spiritual people joining together. We will still have mayhem and disasters (that’s life), but it’s time for each of us to wake up and see that we have a beautiful world and we must look after it. Every one of us CAN and DOES make a difference! Children born in 2013 will look and feel good inside and out. Their purpose in life will be to help save the planet, animals and our species. On a personal level 2013 will affect each of us a little differently. Firstly you will need to calculate your life

lesson number by adding together all the numbers in your birth date, then reducing that number down to a single digit. The only exception is the numbers 11, 22, 33 or 44 which are master numbers and are not reduced down any further. For example if you are born on 23.5.1974 you add 2 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 31, then add 3 + 1 = 4, in this example you are a life lesson 4. Read below to see how the year ahead will affect you personally. One A positive year to achieve your goals and take the lead on the career front. There will be more harmony, love and respect around you now. You’ll look good, feel good and will be noticed by others. A year of new ideas and insights! Two There will be more harmony in the home and in your love life too. It’s a good year to renovate or add beautiful finishes to your home. A great year for welcoming new children in to the family. A year to balance and take control of your finances! Three Expressing your love to the people you care about will be easy and enjoyable. Taking a well earned holiday or spending quality time with loved ones is on the cards. A year to listen to your intuition and actively develop your spiritual side! Four You will find a lot of things will fall in to place more easily for you this year. Your work environment and teaming up with others will all begin to make sense. Staying in or around the country will help you and sporting activities stand out. A year of action! Five You can take big strides at work this year without stepping

The end of the world or the start of something new? Max Coppa, Australia’s favourite leading Numerologist, gives you a head start for the new year with his revealing insights into the world at large, and for your own personal number. on other people’s toes. Travel will be good for work as well as for your personal life. A good time for making a commitment to that special someone. Balance is the key for you! Six This is your year! Fun, happiness and love will surround you even more now. Humanitarian, charity work and attending to the needs of others will figure in your thoughts and actions. Communication and speaking from the heart is especially important for you! Seven A year to calm your mind and open up positive and honest dialogue with others. A time to be tolerant and patient with others and you will even surprise yourself by the results you achieve. A solid plan will produce the results you are after! Eight You will have the power and charisma to impress in 2013, and foreigners in particular will fall under your spell. Financial dealings and buying or selling will work well under your guidance. You have the power and drive to move mountains! Nine Your intuition and insights will be strong for you this year, so listen to them. Completion of long range plans and relationship challenges will begin to fall in to place. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Trust your intuition; your

insight is spot on! Eleven A year of achievement in both your professional and personal life. You will be teaching others and will be blazing your own trail. Financial satisfaction and spiritual growth are in your hands. A year of satisfaction and accomplishment! Twenty Two A year to heal old wounds, wipe the slate clean and start afresh. Family, children and friends will be a big inspiration for you in 2013. Spirituality, travel or new courses will lift you. Working with children (here or overseas) will inspire you. A time of healing! Thirty Three It is time to tell the world your true dreams and wishes, people will listen and will like what you say. Words spoken from the heart will flow easily and you may help others to solve their own issues in the process. It’s all in the tone of your voice so speak your truth! Forty Four A year of high achievement and many of your wishes fulfilled. Places to see and things to do will bring much satisfaction. Your ideas and foresight will be much sought after by others so use it wisely. You are the leader!

Max Coppa is Australia’s leading expert in Palmistry, Numerology & Dream Interpretation with over 35 years experience. Max is a published author, contributor to many leading magazines and regular guest on national television and radio. His simple and practical approach brings palmistry and numerology in to the 21st century. Max is passionate about teaching others and conducts palmistry & numerology workshops around the country. For more information on Max or his upcoming workshops visit: Web:

Putting spirit back to where it matters -

Make 2013 YOUR Year of Wealth! Sarupa Shah puts the zing back into abundance with this vibrant article delving into money mind-sets and shifting the way towards financial rewarding times ahead.


he last year has been a year of financial impact across the globe, it has been impossible to avoid hearing about the fear of money. Not that avoiding is a great pastime, but for so many, plugging into the fear about money has been difficult to avoid too. It seems that this global financial crisis has been testing each person’s understanding and real relationship with abundance regardless of whether you see yourself as spiritual or not! Maybe you have had to tighten your belt or perhaps, you’ve seized the opportunity to create something new? Maybe you have felt the confusion of trying to figure out what it is all about? Either way, energetically speaking the money story shrouding the planet has a greater significance for the transformation of her people. Deep down you will know that, but what exactly is the truth and what is illusion?

isn’t relevant. That time will come but not in the way that people imagine as money will stop being relevant, not because mankind transcend it, but because the relationship with money will transcend and mankind will be able to manifest what they need to thrive always. Money like anything is energy born into matter, so your relationship or lack of is always because of an alignment with or misalignment with the energy of abundance. I do believe that in the Western world, we have been given a gift to make money and do more. The energies of 2013 provide the backdrop for this potential being realised more than ever before. Nevertheless in being afraid to address our own self made money blocks, we are quite literally short-changing ourselves and ultimately each other and those that we desire so deeply to create a legacy of transformation for.

You know we live in an abundant universe. Few people don’t know this but the age of the academic spiritual adventurer is long gone. The shift of the new paradigm and her energies is all about living in abundance without exception or apology. Being authentically abundant, moving from academic knowledge to mind-set and now to reality, so you can demonstrate spirituality in motion. Having an abundant mind-set and expanding consciousness that impacts on your reality is a choice. A choice that is often forgotten or at best misunderstood; allowing the status quo of misunderstanding the potential of abundance to be alive and strong!

With a year ended and a new one starting, how do we ring the changes to make 2013 our year of wealth? Money is crystallised spiritual energy and the particular energy that comes into matter to create money is love. This is why money always has such an emotional reaction and response; it’s all about the heart, the passion and all about love and turning that into matter! Healing your money pattern always starts with truly understanding your relationship with yourself. If you don’t feel good about yourself or if you have a sense of unworthiness that you don’t deserve money and you don’t feel good about money, then these vibrations reverberate across the universe and directly influence your ability to manifest.

The constant hum of our universe is abundance and while the global economies and nations appear to manifest financial challenges, the significant opportunity is to realign to the new energy and resonance of abundance that has been birthing for the last 20 years or so. Even now whether spiritually or not, money is a bit of an emotional topic giving rise confusion that makes it easier to try and bypass it and think of abundance in terms of anything else except money. It’s easy fall into this trap, especially when the relationship and money patterns appear to be going against you. Some still feel that it’s crass and unspiritual to talk money and there still remains a sense that we should be grateful for our lot and hope for a time when money

You can put in place amazing financial planning systems, use vision boards, positive affirmations, mediations or any kind of consciousness raising even law of attraction activity but it won’t work unless you have an inner sense of deserving and perception of the value of you. Like all things the inner world is always reflected in the outer world. It is part of Divine Inheritance that each person has the ability to thrive and experience abundance in action. Yet it remains a choice, particularly for those in the West to make. Herein lies the difficulty as when you are plugged into fear or simply can’t understand why you are not experiencing money abundance, it is easy to believe that the choice isn’t yours. It is easy to believe

that there are external factors at play. It is easy to absolve responsibility and forget that you have the ability to change what you choose in your life. In this case it is easy to dismiss money as irrelevant, man-made and even bad! The end of year always lends itself to reviewing what has been and aligning with desire and the energy of what is coming. The invitation for 2013 is to work at raising your money consciousness and using the ‘seven steps to putting spirit back to where it matters’ below, can help you do this. Abundance is not limited, there is no imaginary ceiling as you can always have more, be more and do more. That is the gift and your invitation: live a life where you thrive and fearlessly give back to the world, creating a planet where there is always more for everyone. No longer is it appropriate to contribute with a connection to the poverty consciousness confusion about abundance. That just adds to the increase of poverty. If you want to contribute to changing the paradigm of the planet and helping everyone experience abundance in action, then working on your own money abundance so you can experience true sufficiency is essential in 2013 and beyond. Use these seven steps as you need to as you align with the energies of 2013 and for good measure keep using them as you deepen your abundance connection and reality. 1. Don’t Judge! Money isn’t good or bad, it just is. It is not your place to decide or have an opinion on what others do with their money and it doesn’t matter how anyone spends their own money or not. Judging lowers your vibration in any circumstance and creates karma. 2. Rip it Up! Write a list of ‘why I don’t think I deserve money’ and be really honest. Keep writing until you’re done. Don’t censor yourself – let it all out, quickly. When you’ve finished – rip your piece of paper into tiny shreds and bury it in the garden or dispose of it. You don’t need it anymore. None of it is true! Now you can work on abundance rather than work on why you aren’t experiencing the full potential of abundance in your life. 3. Morning Money Magic! This doesn’t take long and it will become second nature once you get in to a routine. Play out the upcoming day in your mind. Visualise being successful at whatever you’re doing. This should only take a couple of minutes but will really raise your vibration and set your mind to start attracting great things. Too often the idea of doing replaces the actual doing…spending a few minutes daily on raising your consciousness pays! 4. Focus on Feeling Good! It’s amazing how we can sink back in to patterns of activity which don’t bring us joy. Plan in events which bring you happiness – phone a friend, get a massage, read a new book, have a night out, or in; take a trip out in nature or to an art gallery. Whatever floats your boat, don’t deny the desire. The more you restrict your happiness, the harder it is to attract abundance. This is only possible when you are radiating joy. Make a conscious effort to do something you love every week. Show the universe that you love yourself and it will reflect that love back to you. As my spirit team say, if you are not having fun then why are you doing it?

5. Affirmations for Abundance! Affirmations are powerful and are your magic wands for creation but they are impacted by what I call silent affirmations that affirm the opposite of what you desire. The shadow energy in any circumstance will remain dominant as your opportunity is always to bring more light. However persevere with affirmations so you can experience their true ancient power. As you create and use them, start to become aware of the negative statements and actions that pop up as reactions to your affirmations and simply be conscious and stop doing them. It is was easy as that and of course return to step 2 and detox your old way out of you! My most powerful affirmation is ‘money flows to me easily and effortlessly!’ Say it aloud and in your mind as often as you can, throughout the day and watch the money flow! 6. Stick it to yourself! Putting out a call for money is great but if you aren’t clear on why, it becomes harder to stay aligned with the energy of what you are calling it in. That is not to say that every last cent has to be accounted for but simply saying ‘I want, I want, I want’ is not the best way to manifest. Get clear on what you want and more importantly why!!! Don’t get controlling or obsessive about it however, and let the Universe guide you to how it’s going to happen. This is where intuition plays a major role and it’s a related area to grow for 2013 too! A word to the wise – be sure to take the action when the Universe inspires you! 7. Accept help… Doing it all ourselves while struggling is not the abundant way. Like you may heal a physical issue, healing your money patterns is much the same and is an area for attention. If your path is to change the world and lead the light for a new way then staying stuck in your own old paradigm isn’t serving you to serve the world. Be abundant with you and ask and accept the help that comes! That is true self abundance. Follow these seven steps and committing to them will help you transform your money script and transform your relationship with money for good. You must remember though that thinking about these steps is not the same as taking action, so it’s up to you – you have the power to attract everything you need. If you want to get your hands on a free prosperity meditation recorded by Sarupa you can by visiting her Facebook page

Sarupa Shah is your Soul Agent, working with highly creative businesses and high achievers, helping them put meaning and magic into material success. She bridges spiritual worlds and material worlds, bringing ancient teaching into the modern world! For more information: Web:



Diary of a DNA Potentiator and Articulator Brendan D. Murphy’s exciting article explores what happens when science and the metaphysical work together, resulting in evolutionary healing yet to be integrated into the mainstream…


o many of us have battled, or are currently battling with some form of nagging illness or physical dysfunction that it staggers the mind. There may not be any magical, cure-all “quick fix” solution, but then again we may be closer to it than we think.

As someone with myriad physical injuries sustained over the years through athletic pursuits or just outright clumsiness (or “bad luck”) as well as having food allergies, I have longed for a “natural,” nonsurgical and non-pharmaceutical solution to my ailments. On a more transpersonal level, as an author and researcher, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the notion of finding powerful and permanent solutions to such problems so that I could disseminate them as widely as possible for the benefit of others. That’s why I’m going to tell you about my experience thus far with DNA activation, or more specifically, the first two stages of Sol Luckman’s Regenetics method: Potentiation and Articulation, respectively (Sol is the author of ‘Conscious Healing’ and ‘Potentiate Your DNA’, two books that I highly recommend). Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty of the procedure, DNA Potentiation is a sound-based “shamanic” healing technique that utilises a unique property of a certain portion of human DNA: the 95-98% of our DNA which was dubbed decades ago as “junk” DNA because scientists at the time had no idea what its purpose was. It’s estimated that only about 3% of our DNA actually codes for the construction of proteins and enzymes - our basic physical structure, in other words. Some estimates go as low as 1%! In fact, a lot of that “junk” DNA is incredibly valuable to us because of its capacity to literally shift locations on the DNA strand and re-code sections of the genome. Hence, this “junk” discovered in the 1940s by Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock, is referred to informally as “mobile elements” or “jumping DNA” (transposons and retrotransposons, more technically). It was transposons that McClintock discovered in the 1940s, and for which she received a Nobel Prize in 1983. On the other hand, retrotransposons alone comprise as much as half of the nucleotides (DNA “building blocks”) on the genome. It was only as recently as 1988 that a group at the University of Pennsylvania showed that retrotransposons are actually active in human tissues and not simply inert junk. To do your own DNA Potentiation as I did, you require (aside from the full set of instructions) a 528 Hertz tuning fork and something to strike it with (a hockey puck in my case). A fairly involved chanting procedure involving all of the vowel sounds is then carried out while you sound the tuning fork at specific intervals; overall it lasts for roughly 20 minutes. Alternatively, someone can do a long-distance

Potentiation for you, because in the realm in which the energy of consciousness operates, distance is meaningless. So what does a 528 Hertz tuning fork and chanting have to do with jumping DNA? In short, the procedure makes your “junk” jump! You see, our DNA is responsive to language and sound, now a rigorously scientifically proven fact. The resonance between our jumping DNA and vocal intonations (as well as the 528 Hz Solfeggio tone) means that a shift or migration of mobile elements can be initiated with the correct procedure. (I get into a lot more detail with this in my book The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, but if you want to know the actual Potentiation procedure in full detail you’ll have to check out Sol’s fascinating book ‘Potentiate Your DNA’). The whole point of this endeavour, for me at least was to hopefully activate healing mechanisms in my DNA that were not functioning properly. First and foremost on my mind was the thought that this procedure might trigger some healing to take place in my damaged rotator cuffs (in the shoulders). I damaged the connective tissues in both shoulder joints when I was sixteen and they never healed properly. I had long since resigned myself to a lifetime of shoulder pain, weakness, and stiffness. I couldn’t even lie on my side in a normal manner to sleep at night because of the slight pressure on my shoulders and the resulting pain! My hope was to instigate some major healing in my shoulders through DNA Potentiation, and I wasn’t disappointed. On the 12th September 2011, two days before my birthday, I performed my own Potentiation (and have since performed several more for other people seeking to upgrade their health and quality of life). It left me with a subtle “buzz” or tingling in my shoulders, and virtually overnight I noticed my shoulder joints started feeling better. I actually kept a “Post Potentiation Log” to record any changes I noticed over the subsequent weeks. Here are the first two entries: • 12th September - Potentiation performed. Slept well. Shoulder not as sore to sleep on? • 13th September - Significant reduction in pain [in] left shoulder. Hasn’t felt this good in years. Hardly any discomfort swinging [arms] across chest where before [there] was sharp pain. Slept better. As you can see, there was an immediate improvement in the state of my shoulders. Around five to six weeks later, my entry read: • 20–27th November - Noticed in this approximate time frame that right knee pain virtually gone. Had persisted for approx. 7–9 months? Can sleep with virtually no shoulder discomfort either side now.

In addition to my shoulder problems, I had been experiencing some “anomalous” and troubling knee pain in my right knee on the outer periphery of the joint for some months, which I reasoned at the time may have been some kind of cartilage damage (all I did was crouch down one day and crack! - new injury). At some point postPotentiation the pain simply disappeared. By this stage my shoulders were feeling infinitely better than they had for twelve years, and the right rotator cuff now gives me virtually no pain or discomfort, feeling like a new joint. The left side is also massively improved and strong enough to perform movements that previously caused sharp stabbing pain and weakness. I was able to start lifting weights over my head again without these symptoms, a monumental leap forward. I should note that since Articulation (which targets the mental subtle body) I have noticed a significant improvement in my food sensitivities, including sensitivities to sugar, wheat, dairy, and gluten. In fact, on a recent visit to see family in Sydney I inadvertently triggered a fairly significant allergic reaction and detox response by eating wheat, gluten and dairy in amounts far higher than I normally would have allowed (hey it was my Nan’s 90th birthday celebration after all!). Following this somewhat unpleasant scenario, which I had failed to anticipate and did not realise was even possible! My allergies to these foods have markedly decreased, and I can tolerate them in far higher amounts (not that I consider that to be healthy eating!). I now fully expect the complete resolution of these allergies at some stage on the journey.

By the time you read this, dear truth-seeker, I will have begun the third stage in the Regenetics Method: Elucidation. Aimed at the emotional subtle body, it is also believed to target and activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex - a requisite, according to Sri Bhagavan, for experiencing a sustained living God-presence or “God-realisation” (not to be confused with a transient Satori experience). Thus, the Regenetics Method is so much more than just a healing system, it is a transformational path as well, one that accelerates the individual’s personal spiritual evolution. With great anticipation I will continue to document the changes I go through on my Facebook pages and upcoming website. All in all it is obvious that Luckman and his partner Leigh have devised a truly revolutionary healing system, one that effects permanent change at the most fundamental biological and psycho-spiritual levels. In fact, this four-stage system of “wholing” eventually upgrades the individual on every primary level (over a 27 month timeline), to leave them at a point of health and conscious awareness that no disease management approach aimed at treating and/ or suppressing individual symptoms instead of addressing the real causes, could ever hope for. Article © Brendan D. Murphy F. Gage and A. Muotri, What Makes Each Brain Unique, Scientific American, March 2012. See my book The Grand Illusion Vol. 1. Alternatively, I can perform distant Potentiation for those interested, or you can go to the Phoenix Center: elucidation

About the author - Brendan is the author of the forthcoming non-fiction epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY (Vol’s 1 & 2), and a contributor to several popular magazines and websites. Find him at “The Grand Illusion (TGI)” fan page on Facebook: or Brendan D. Murphy Fan Page @

Magical Tools

The Magic of Stone Altars Cheralyn Darcey explores the power of altars and shows how fun and simple it is to create a mini altar that acts as a powerhouse for your intentions…


ithin the magic of our tradition, we are fairly used to the idea of a traditional set altar. It honours a path and tradition, features ceremonial tools and is enhanced with relevant seasonal decoration. After visiting Mexico, I found myself very drawn to the Nichos and Retablos of the culture. Little shrine-like sculptures, those of Nichos are rather like an altar honouring a deity, and Retablos being similar, but a thankful petition for a wish granted or a wish made. So why create your own altar? I have found myself often recreating these in line with my own path and beliefs. A little altar created entirely with your own intentions is an extremely strong tool in itself. I still have a large traditional altar but I often add these smaller altars to it. They are mini power houses of my intention. Somewhat portable, I can also use them anywhere I please. They also make wonderful gifts for people as they can be made plain or with the full symbolism and energy of the intentions that person may be seeking. The style of your altar can be made to suit your home, whether classical or mid-century, modern to contemporary. As long as it is created with intention that’s all that matters. Think ahead as to what you would like to use your altar for, if you need areas to place additional items and how big they will need to be. Ensure the ceiling of your altar is at least 15cm high if you are using a tealight. It was about two months ago, I was having lunch with an old friend in the city and we went for a walk through a few stores specialising in architectural items and design features. My heart skipped many beats as I looked upon very plain but idea inspiring blocks of sandstone with niches cut out of them where a candle could be nestled. ‘Mini Altars!’ I exclaimed and my arty crafty brain went into overdrive. Expensive? You bet. I picked one up, nearly dropped it as it was extremely heavy and I wondered what tools I would need to carve into it further to create the exact designs and patterns my head was brewing up. As the dollars added up, the plan seemed to spin into dust.

Flash forward a few weeks and I’m in a hardware store. There on the shelf I spy Sandstone and Terracotta finishes. Not paint, these products are actual stones milled and suspended in fixatives so you ‘paint’ them on and your finished item looks like the real thing. Eureka! Don’t you love it when the Universe brings those elements together for you! So after much fun playing, here are my ideas using air-dry clay, stone finishes and recycled pieces to create mini altars. You could make plain unthemed ones and change the energy with what you place upon and in them, or as I have here, create energetically themed altars. These shapes and sizes are just my examples so do not limit yourself. I am busy at present creating tiny wearable ones and you could go huge, circular, pyramid shaped, in fact anything your soul desires. The following creates an altar approximately 18 x 18 x 10cm. You will need: • A block of air dry clay ~ I used a Craftworks 5kg block available from Eckersleys Art Stores and got two Altars of this size from it. •

Stone finishes ~ there are lots of options, I used Megatreat Sydney White Liquid Sandstone for one and the other Megatreat Original Liquid Terracotta.

Embellishments ~ old jewellery, broken china, small tiles, found treasures, tealight candle.

Tools ~ disposable gloves, a plastic spatula, cheap large paint brushes, baking paper, paper towel or rags, strong clear glue (E6000, supa glue etc). inspirit

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If you would like to create a little ‘faux stained glass window’ ~ You will need: • Transparency sheet suitable for your printer • A copyright free image • Computer and printer Step One • I used 2.5kg of clay to create one altar so cut the block in half. • To ‘cut‘ clay use a piece of wire held tight between two hands and pull through. • Cut your half piece into a big U shape. This will be the base and sides of your Altar. • Place this on a sheet of baking paper. Step Two • The inside of the U pieces of clay will be used to create the roof, back and any additions you wish to create. • Pinch pieces from it and form the roof. Just stick to the sides and build up. • As you go ‘feather‘ (smooth clay with your fingers). • If you feel the clay is too thin, simply add another layer of clay and smooth out. • Do not add water while working with this clay as I have found it is not needed and just creates mess and an unstable structure while working. Step Three • Create little shelves and close in the back of your Altar either completely or partially. • If you are going to set in a faux stained glass window, then allow the correct sized ‘window’ for it first. In my example I’ve decided on an irregular shaped window but you can create any shape or finish you like. This can also be done to the front. Simply use the same pinch off a piece and smooth into place method. • As you are working you may see that your creation starts to droop or shift shape. Just gently move back into place. • It takes a couple of days for this air dry clay to dry out so constantly have a look, especially over the first 24 hours and adjust as needed. Step Four • Add embellishments. • You are not leaving all of them in permanently, just pushing into the clay so you can create little depressions and holes for them to go into later. • With tiles I’d leave them in as they look far better ‘grouted‘ into place. So push in and pull out your embellishment pieces. Step Five • After allowing your altar to dry out for 48 hours, the magic begins! Clay into stone transformation. • Follow the directions carefully on the jar. The most important thing is to mix very well and do this constantly as you work as it settles quickly. • I have found with the liquid sandstone a spatula works best and a

paint brush for the terracotta. • Wear disposable gloves and get in there with your hands to spread the mix over your altar. • Watch the patterns you create while laying on as it will pretty much stay as you leave it. Step Six • Leave for about 30 minutes and then reattach your embellishments. You may need to add a little strong clear glue to ensure they stay put. • If using a faux stain glass window, attach now. I find the best way is with a little of the glue or a glue gun and then I either cover the edge with the liquid stone or metal embellishments for a frame. You can add a tealight inside if you wish and other ceremonial items to your shelves.

Faux Stain Glass Window • Scan or download a copyright free image or you can create your own. • Adjust size to your liking. • Print out onto a transparency sheet following the manufactures and your printer’s instructions. • Allow to dry completely, then trim and place into Altar window frame. Ideas • Place a little outside window ledge on the bottom of the back window and make the window the size of a tarot card. Place relevant tarot card on ledge for spell work. • Use texture plates, rubber stamps and textured items to press into clay while still wet. This works really well with Terracotta finish. • Don’t use liquid stone, just paint! These look wonderful painted in thick white paint and can also be painted with your designs. You could also cover in fabric or collage with pictures. • Suspend items from the ‘ceiling’. • Embed crystals into the altar. • Use a little vibrational essence in the paint or liquid stone to enhance the energy. • Play with the size, everything from miniature to huge. • Add legs. There are lots of different types of altars you could create; seasonal, dedicated to different deities, ideas, concepts, things you just plain like. Trust your imagination and inspiration, and enjoy the magic of your creation.

Cheralyn Darcey is a Hereditary Witch, Environmental Artist and Teacher, and the founder of Creative Witchery, the online home of workshops and courses provided by herself and other spiritual creatives such as Lucy Cavendish, Natasha Heard, Sonya Lowe, Gem Green and Trish Anderson-Young. Cheralyn has over 30 years experience teaching art, working with the Australian Museum, environment centers, art galleries and schools and has exhibited in over 40 shows internationally. Contact Cheralyn at: Web: or Email: Facebook: inspirit

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Cryshell Magic Gem~mer has connected deeply with her mermaidic roots to shed light on the power of Kraken as this incredible force works with the energies of current times to shred our illusions and clear our path to live an authentic life…

‘Sailing on the calmest of seas, he reminisces of stories told; a mighty sea monster as large as an island, as destructive as an earth shake. Surely not these creatures exist, too farfetched at that and then a bubbling; pop plop pop begins around the ship. Like boiling water, boiling and bubbling, bubbling and troubling. Then he sees it, rising up, the largest most unimaginable beast from the deep.’


s 2011 was coming to a close one could feel the energy bubbling and building, shifting and swirling, signifying a mighty powerful year to come. 2012 was looking to be an absolute cracker! In what context I did not know and even though I was excited, I was filled with uncertainty of what the new year was going to bring. Only now as I reminisce back to the latter stages of 2011 do I realise the signs were there pointing toward a revolutionary year, one that was going to be spectacular on many different levels. Looking back I saw many of us, including me, begging for changes to take place, begging for a rebellious uprising to see ‘us’ transform ourselves and our lives into more meaningful and purposeful states of being. Many of us were crying out to be stripped back to our bare souls, to free our spirits in an evolutionary twist of living authentic lives. We were pleading for a revolution on a personal level and you know what? The universe heeded our cries. She began weaving magic for such a revolution to take place. She began opening doors and releasing powerful energy. She began awakening universal spirits and guides, asking them to rise up and aide us in our personal revolutions, asking them to help us evolve. She shone her light in the darkest depths of Oceans womb, allowing it to touch upon a hidden treasure that lay sleeping within the dark abyss, awakening what lay beneath, awakening the spirit, the energy


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of one of the greatest guides of rebellious uprising. Awakening the mighty Kraken! The call of Kraken gives notice to all to move out of his path of revolutionary destruction or prepare to be disempowered, embrace being submerged and cleansed, to have all unauthentic beings, feelings, thoughts and material belongings upturned, crushed, sunk, drowned and destroyed by his chaotic cleansing spirit. He has risen to tear us from our paths, to sink all that is not our authentic selves, to flush out, to destroy and to drown everything that we no longer need on our journey to more purposeful living. As it turns out, I was quite oblivious when I first heard the call of Kraken. I was oblivious to his quiet cries as he slowly ascended from the briny depths, oblivious that a time of anarchy was neigh and that the Kraken himself was leading the charge. Having opened my ears and my heart in moments of discord I began to hear his cry, his war cry of complete chaos and I connected with Kraken like I have never done before for now I hear the primal beating of his heart as it beats in unison with mine. I feel his demanding energy coursing

through my veins, paving the way for transformation, paving the way for Magical Tools personal evolution. I have been swept out to sea and spat out again, tumbled around in the surf until I felt I could no longer breathe. Kraken has taken me down into a murky sea tomb many times and still, as I come up for air, he is there, teaching me to move through changes, to embrace the upheaval so that I can move through to a more peaceful and purposeful existence in 2013, a year for authentic living. You too can hear the call of the Kraken. Simply embrace the anarchy and you will hear him, you will feel him as he infuses with your being, paving the way, declaring war and demanding that the time for change is neigh! Embrace this giant beast, this powerful sea creature from the deep for he is a universal spirit, an alien of the deep with the energy to lift you higher, to authenticate yourself, your lifestyle, your living, into an evolutionary one of higher guidance, higher spirit, higher love and higher being. Blessed Be the Kraken!

Gem~mer is an intuitive artisan of crystal and seashell jewels, talismans, amulets, connection and healing tools. A messenger for the mermaids, sea spirits and sea creature teachers, passionate about sharing her love and beautiful connection with all who wish to dive deep into the watery realms of ocean magic. Creatress and intuitive of Cryshell Magic, embracing and spreading ocean and mermaid magic, contact Gem~mer at: Web: Facebook: Photo Credit: Argnesh Rose Visionary Digital Artist specialising in fantasy and totem portraiture – Web:


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Magical Tools

Magical Tools O

nce upon a time in a faraway land, a beautiful sorceress raised her jewel encrusted magical wand to the sky. The clouds above her spiraled and swirled as she commanded the elements and invoked her spell. But wait, in reality this was just a small girl, her familiar being the family pet cat, the far off land a regular backyard, her wand a simple fallen branch. That young girl was me! In my lifetime I have made and used many magical tools, and as I grew my work evolved. That first simple branch was left behind, the next I wrapped with a little coloured string, the next I hung some special feathers I had found, then crystals, developing my craft till this day, creating wands, sceptres and staves to aid others in their magical workings.

Modern day sorceress Natasha Heard passes on her understandings of how magical tools continue to evolve and grow their magic within themselves and their keepers. Read on to discover more of the little known, yet intriguing magic…

My passion comes from the hope others will use these tools to help themselves connect with their own inner sorceress or witch, wizard, shaman, healer; their magical self, so often forgotten in our busy world. Every time my wand is in my hand, casting a spell, performing healing or simply spreading positivity and magic I am that powerful sorceress. She is real and she exists within me. As I step forward on my spiritual path I feel my own evolution at work. I am continuously learning, my life becomes richer and more rewarding, I feel stronger, more courageous and wiser every day. Sometimes we need to change the magical tools we work with to reflect the spiritual being we are within. Many years ago I made a gorgeous little angelic wand, she was a light driftwood branch with a soft, fluffy white feather and a clear quartz crystal tip, wrapped with silver metallic thread; she worked wonderfully channeling angelic healing energy. I would spread the loving, white light around the patient I was healing and they would feel so refreshed, “touched by an angel” as one of my patients once said.

Natasha Heard is a creatress of all things magical! A natural witch ~ her magical life and connection to the Earth flow into all her creations. Specialising in Wands, Sceptres and Staves; and creating with her horticulturalist husband Michael, Blessed Rune sets and Tree of Life Bind Rune Talismans. Her innate connection with all aspects of the natural world and passion for magic is what makes her a true creatress of powerful, magical tools. Contact Natasha at: Web:; Email: or; Facebook: Blessed Branches…magical tools by Natasha Heard. Photo Credit - Argnesh Rose: Visionary digital artist specialising in fantasy and totem portraiture. Web:; Email:; Facebook: Give them wings Fantasy and Totem Portraits by Argnesh Rose inspirit

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for the Ever Evolving Spirit For a long time I worked a lot with the angelic wand and the angels, then eventually I sensed a new spirit guide coming in to work with me. His name was Jaboonda; he was very shamanic and earthy. Jaboonda taught me to ground, to dig my roots deeply into the sacred Earth and then reach up to our father sky, to be balanced. I learnt animal medicines, drumming and shamanic magicks and I created a shaman stick as my new magical tool. I still loved my angelic wand and continued to work with the beautiful angels, but I heard this wand whisper of a new guardian coming for her, to be her new magical keeper to keep spreading her angelic, loving light. So it was, she was passed on and I now hear she has been passed on again and again helping heal many and this is music to my soul! I have since discovered some wands are destined for many keepers, to spend time with one and once their united work has been completed, both the wand and its current guardian recognise when it is time to move on as they heed the call of the next keeper. Some keepers share the unique and unusual ways in which they heed their wand’s call for change.

my previous wand in my ceremonies as it no longer felt ‘right’, I was directing my energy with my hands.I would take magical tools that I am no longer connected with to the beach or some other place with flowing water and leave them there. The symbology of flowing water and transition feels right for me”. Lauren from Perth is feeling the stirrings of this call “I’ve been using my Sea Sprite wand to strengthen my connection to the element of Water. As I am by birth a Fire element, I have had difficulty accessing a connection to Water during my magical studies and practice. I see this new connection as an evolution of my magical abilities and understanding. I still use my previous wand, which is dedicated to Fire, however I find myself using it less. I have toyed with the idea of gifting it to someone else but I haven’t reached the point where I’m comfortable with that idea. Perhaps I haven’t yet met the person who is supposed to receive it. I do feel that eventually this will happen”.

Annette from NSW shares “When walking out of the house one day I felt an inkling to take my wand with me to the forest near my home, whilst sitting in meditation I heard the faeries suggest to leave the wand behind, it was to go to a new owner. The wand had done its work with me and I was also shown a new wand was coming for me. I left the wand covered by a few leaves safely in the forest that day. One month later I returned curious to see what had happened to my wand and I saw the wand had vanished! In my heart I knew the right person had found the wand and all was as it was meant to be. A short while after that I received a new wand as a gift from two of my best friends.”

Sea Sprite Song - Lauren’s wand

Ivy inSpiration - Annette’s new wand

Amethyst from Tasmania also had a change in wand recently “Vesta (the name of my new wand) has such a motherly strength, gentle yet firm that spoke to a deeper part of me; a part that was impeding my focus in my rituals. She definitely helped me expand my consciousness during casting; she has a broad and open energy that helped me see how boxed in I was becoming. Vesta is definitely not a ‘solemn’ wand and brings much joy to my circle! I had actually stopped using

Other ways to respectfully honour your magical tools once you have moved on would be to return them to the earth. Make a small hole in your garden or in the bush and bury the older tool, dedicate it to now only healing our Mother Earth, which would be a fantastic mission for your magical tools retirement! You may like to pass it on to a friend or relative to continue working its magic. I have even heard of a wand being put into an auction and the lucky new owner was actually eyeing that same wand off to purchase brand new over a year ago. These tools do have a mind of their own and always end up in the right place at the perfect time to be with who they are meant to work magic with! May your magic flow wherever you go. inspirit

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The Swan Blessing Release of Past Life Vows Every person who reads this soul revealing offering by Julia Inglis will recognise a part of their ancient selves resonating, gently being unlocked and finally freed with the understandings gained from the knowing of these words…


ran Mor is gaelic for ‘The Great Song’, it is part of the Celtic creation myth of singing our world into existence. The power of the spoken word is sacred to many cultures and in this time of evolution we are remembering the power of our words again. Now more than ever before we are being called to help and assist Mother Earth. Just as the Aboriginal Dreamtime ancestors sang the songlines of Australia, we are being asked to dream in the new world. Some of us have felt this call but have felt an even stronger energy that holds us back from stepping into the true magnificence of our spirit. In our past lives we have lived as witches, mystics, warriors, medicine men and women. We still carry this ancestral wisdom within our essence but we often feel deep fear, shame and guilt when we try to share these gifts in this time. What we are often feeling is the very real binding energy of sacred vows and promises that we have made in relation to these gifts in past lives. The Swan Blessing is a shamanic release from the past so that you can share your birthright gifts again with fearless love. At the Autumn Equinox 2012 my husband Tony and I were visited by our totem the Wild Swan. She was sent to us by our ancestors who told us it was time to devote everything to ‘releasing the ties that bind’ and to help others to understand the mythic story of their soul’s journey. Swan is a totem that represents the Soul as it travels through the Otherworld. By returning to past lives we also receive the gifts of wisdom, healing and understanding of our own spiritual anthropology - the sacred teachings we hold within us from living through many cultures and eras. Swan Medicine is sacred to the Bard, the one who heals as they speak. We can learn again to speak our truth and live by our Word without the heavy burden of past live vows. Past life promises include spiritual contracts, lover’s vows and tribal oaths. These include: Vows of Chastity, Obedience, To Be Hidden, Silence, Poverty, Death Before Dishonour and the Healer’s Oath. Many of us have also made vows to never use our healing and artistic gifts again due to the soul’s memory and experience of being persecuted, feeling alone and outcast,

being unable to feel that we can follow our vocation and still have loving relationships with others. A simple Vow of Poverty carried through lifetimes can create a deep feeling of unworthiness in relation to abundance, an inability to request money for our services or a sense of duty to be so of service that we don’t take care of our own needs. All of these vows are honoured in the gentle ceremony of The Swan Blessing as we journey back into the past so that you can see yourself in that time, understand the events around making the vow and actually hear and speak the words again. Once this is done we lovingly, consciously release our spirit from the binding ties of the vow. With this release comes the return of the wise, ancestral gifts. Swan Medicine is an embrace by your spirit of your birthright gifts again with the allowance and freedom to share them in a totally new expression. At this time of awakening we are reinventing ourselves and the message of Swan is that our Soul is Eternal and that We Are Free. Swan brings the gift to release our soul from the lifetimes of fear, shame and guilt we have carried because we had forgotten these Universal Truths. By doing so we reclaim our own natural authority, worthiness and our own unique, wise medicine. We believe we are all here to play an important part in the Earth’s evolution. Let us sing a new ‘Oran Mor’, sung through open hearts to create a fearless new world. Julia Inglis & Tony Esta are wife and husband creators of Sacred Familiar. They offer The Swan Blessing permanently from their home in Sherbrooke Forest VIC, as well as touring NSW & QLD. They are currently compiling a book ‘Releasing the Ties That Bind’ on The Swan Blessing and sharing stories from healers, artists and mystics from all over Australia. Julia and Tony can be contacted via - Sacred Familiar You Are Free: Web: Phone: 0421 249 183 Swan Blessing Tour 2013: Sydney, NSW: 31st Jan- 4 Feb 2013 Melbourne, VIC: Feb-April 2013 Mount Tamborine, QLD: April 2013


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the love of angels


rchangel Jeremiel’s name means ‘Mercy of God’. He is the angel who assists with clairvoyant and prophetic visions and dreams, and helps those who wish to make positive changes and adjustment in their lives. He encourages us to be loving and compassionate towards ourselves, and others. The energy of kindness and warmth can be felt when Jeremiel is present, he aligns with the beautiful purple amethyst crystal and his aura emanates a deep sparkling purple. Jeremiel serves the Creator by sending hopeful messages in the form of visions and dreams to those are who are troubled, facing challenges and are consumed with fear and uncertainty. He is also known as the angel who assists souls as they cross the threshold from the Earth plane into Heaven. Upon arrival into the heavenly realms, each soul with Jeremiel’s guidance and support will undertake a life review. Jeremiel says that the life review process is not a time of judgment, but a time for reflection. The soul will take inventory of its life experiences, and will lovingly

By Susanne Hartas receive guidance as it gains awareness of the purpose for its incarnation. However, Jeremiel says a life review is not exclusive to souls who have departed the earth plane. During our lifetime, our spirit within will call periodically for quiet contemplation and evaluation of our journey thus far. Jeremiel asks that we listen for our spirits’ call and as we connect with our spirit, so too we connect with him. He will lovingly guide us as we truthfully assess our existence and he will illuminate the path ahead, so that we may fully realise our life’s purpose and highest potential. Jeremiel’s message: “Like many of you, your planet is currently undertaking a life review and has been for some time. The Christ conscious light, the light of ascension, is now streaming toward earth more powerfully then ever before, bringing all into alignment with the Creators’ greater vision. Fear not the changing times that surround you now, but welcome and embrace the light of the new way. You are dearly loved. Many blessings.” Suzanne Hartas is a psychic medium and Angel Intuitive. Please contact Susanne at: Email:

The Year of the Water Snake Welcoming the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, Nicolle Poll gives an insight of the energies it brings on what promises to be an unpredictable, yet if prepared and cautions heeded, a rewarding year ahead…


elcome to the Chinese Year of the Water Snake which commences on 10th February 2013 and ends on 30th January 2014. The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac which consists of twelve animal signs. Each sign is featured for a year, creating a twelve year cycle for the zodiac to progress through all the signs. Within each animal sign, there is a cycle of the five elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Within this cycle, it takes sixty years before the same animal sign and element to be experienced again, with the last Water Snake cycle being in 1953.

preparation, contemplation and reflection. It is a year for good health, so if you want to improve your diet and physical well-being, the energy of the Water Snake is good for this. Expect improvements in your intimate relationships as Snake is known for its sensuality.

A person born in the Water Snake year is known to be inquiring, money oriented, a thinker, motivated by insight and is patient and these aspects can be applied to the energy of the year. The Snake itself is considered as an unpredictable being, so expect and prepare for the unexpected!

The Water Snake year has a shadow side. If taking any risks in business or personal life, take precautions. Use the caution of the Snake to prudently plan your path to success. Legal contracts and issues need to be treated with diligence. Listen to your instincts and stay alert, as delusion and deception abounds in a Water Snake year. If unprepared, it can be a year of drama. On a personal level, watch personal spending and save where you can as unexpected expenses are common in this year sign. Check your personal and home security to protect against theft and make the choice to walk away from drama.

The positive aspect of a Water Snake year is to save where you can, be thrifty and Snake’s energy is great to consolidate any opportunities and projects that were commenced in 2012. Use this year for

In summary, to gain the most from this year, save money, be thrifty, watch out for deception, stay alert, control spending and use your talents and skills wisely. i n s p i r i t | 17

Palmistry as a tool - Part 4 Concluding our four part series of exploring the basics of this ancient art known as Palmistry, Nicolle Poll delves into the meaning of the lines and markings on our hands, as well as the timings.

Palmistry as a Tool – Part 4

Concluding our four part series of exploring the basics of this ancient art of known as Palmistry, Nicolle Poll delves into the meaning of the lines and markings on our hands, as well as the timings. The Lines The hand consists of major lines being the Life, Heart, Head and minor lines of Fate, Apollo, Health and Girdle of Venus. The interpretation of these lines really do depend on the individual presenting their hands to you, a line can present as short, long, curved, straight, partial; each with their own meanings. Add to that, what also presents on the lines such as chains or a star also influence the interpretation, making the interpretations of the lines endless and complex with whole books dedicated to these aspects of palmistry alone! Because of this, general meanings of the lines are covered, and if interested in learning more I encourage you to further your studies of palmistry by way of the many resources available, being books, reputable websites, workshops and by practising your new found knowledge on willing participants.

1. Life Line - It is the principal line of the hand, and is our primary indicator of the strength of our physical constitution and our level of vital life force. This line records periods of disease, accidents and other major events that touch our life. It records the quality of the life you live, not the quantity! A strong healthy line indicates good constitution and a healthy life, whilst a faint weak line is of someone with poor health. 2. Heart Line - This line represents the state of a person’s heart, both physically and emotionally. It reveals our emotions, degree of sensitivity, capacity for love and affection as well as important information regarding the physical condition of the heart. For example, chains and islands that appear on the heart line indicate variable feelings and confused emotions. Curved heart lines are found on romantic expressive people whereas straight heart lines are found on those who are more private and not as expressive with their love. 3. Head Line - The Head Line represents the person’s mind and how it works, revealing their intelligence, mental capacity and psychological disposition. It also records periods of emotional difficulty, mental illness and any accidents or illnesses which affect the head. People with short heads lines think simply and are direct to the point, long head lines give a lot of thought before taking any action whilst curved are creative souls. 4. The Fate Line - Also known as the Line of Saturn, Destiny Line or Career Line, though not present in all hands, shows the degree to which we have fulfilled our deepest goals in life, and our level of personal success and self-fulfilment. It also records the obstacles, changes and restrictions that challenge us during our life. A deep line can indicate inheritance, broken lines difficult situations and a chained line of highs and lows. 5. The Apollo Line - Also called the Success Line or Sun Line, this line is associated with creativity, fame, fortune, accomplishment and success and tends to appear on hands of those that have artistic talent. It can commence in varying parts of the palm and finishes at the Mount of Apollo, the ring finger mount. The higher it starts in the palm, the more success the person will achieve. If irregular and erratic, so too will be the success. Multiple lines match multiple talents. If no Apollo Line, can indicate struggle to achieve and enjoy success if not balanced by other lines in the hand. A star on the line denotes considerable fortune will be or has been achieved. 6. The Health Line - Known as the Line of Mercury indicates the degree of balance on the physical and its basic nervous state. Not always on all hands, when it does appear, if deep and free from breaks, indicates a strong physical constitution and good digestion. Breaks in the line reveal stomach and intestinal problems due to nervousness, repressed emotions or poor diet. May also indicate gynaecological problems with women. This line is always read carefully by cross referencing it with other indicators within the hands. 7. Girdle of Venus - Not present on all hands, acts as a secondary heart line, denotes passion, good or bad, and sensitivity. If presents as a single deep line, adds power to the Heart Line. If broken, increased nervousness, insecurity and emotional turbulence. Depending how it sits across the palm denotes actions that affect sex life and personal relationships by indulging in immoral behaviours.


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Important Formations and Markings on the Lines When these formations appear on a line you are reading, they are an important indication of what the person has either experienced, or is about to experience, depending on the timing of the line. 1. Chains  Indicates prolonged period of hesitation and scattered energy.  Line as a whole is weakened as a result. 2. Dots  Physical or emotional set back of some kind. 3. Squares  Protection sign.  Preservation as often repairs a broken line, indicating recovery of energies after illness or serious accident. 4. Triangles • Calming and rationalising influence on person through trying times. 5. Fork - Depends on location  Either indicates a dissipation of basic energies or a restlessness.  Can reveal balance and adaptability.

6. Splintering or Splitting  Dissipates the related lines’ strength and focus.  Can indicate a change or new phase. 7. Grilles  Period of diffused and scattered energy. 8. Lines of Influence  Can indicate obstacles, traumas and times of testing.  Not necessarily negative and often record events which provide wisdom and life experience.  If runs parallel to a line, strengthens line at weakest point and helps repair that area. 9. Islands  Impair the related lines’ strength and indicates a lack of focus.  Dissipation of energy.

Timing of the Lines This diagram guides you to work out the timings in ten year increments up to 70 years, based on the life, heart, head and fate lines. Depending on where a formation or marking appears on one of these lines can give you insight into its timing. Note that the where Fate Line crosses through the Head Line, the Fate Line is at age 40 and Head Line is at age 50. Where the Fate Line crosses through the Heart Line, the Fate Line is at age 50 and the Heart Line is at age 45. Due to the variances in hand shapes and sizes, when starting out first try and place events that have already happened that show in the hand. From there you can determine with more accuracy upcoming events.

The lines and signs on your hands will continue to change throughout time as you do within yourself. Your hands reflect your current path and thought processes you currently generate. Use Palmistry as a guide and at all times you have the power within you to change and direct your path through life. Ultimately the power is within you, with your life being shaped by your thoughts and deeds, and this is reflected in your hands.

Nicolle Poll is a regular contributor and part of the inSpirit creative team. Nicolle works as an Artist specialising in Oracle Cards, Totemic Animal illustrations and Portraits of the Souls’ Journey, also having studied and practised a wide range of modalities in her personal and spiritual development. Web: and Facebook: Nicolle Poll ( Email:

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Evolution through kindness toAnimals Thought provoking, confronting and straight to the point, Billie Dean not only speaks for all of animal kind the value of human kindness, she shines the light on how to achieve this in a uniting and achievable way for ourselves, our animal friends and for the evolution of the Mother Earth herself…


was driving with my daughter to the train when we saw two lumps in the middle of the road. Kangaroos. Not hit by a car. Shot. And left. Fear and pain etched on their faces. I stopped to free their souls, do ceremony and to search for babies. I apologised profusely for this action of my fellow humans and got back on the road for the train to Sydney taking us to the Cruelty Free Festival. How ironic, I thought. The rest of the drive I wrote letters in my head, wondering how to explain to a farming community who thinks nothing of sending animals to slaughter, cutting a lamb’s throat, hunting pigs with bows, knives and guns, and shooting roos for sport, that we truly need to evolve. And that hunting down animals for fun is a serious concern in a society that is brutal, miserable and violent. Violence begets violence. If a person can murder another species, what stops them from raping and murdering his or her own? But it’s not just young souls in the country who behave this way. I was with a bunch of animal-loving spiritual people on a dolphin boat in Hawaii who were so desperate for a mystical experience with dolphins that they behaved in a frighteningly predatory way. The dolphins raced off, chased by determinedly chanting, singing swimming humans. If it wasn’t so scary it would be funny. Coming into harmony with a wild animal is a case of mutual love and respect. Had the “me” mentality dissolved into a higher evolutionary path of union, service, trust and stillness, it would have been a different experience for everyone. And then there are the people who every day unconsciously contribute to the incredible suffering of animals because they like to eat “meat”. Why do humans consider it a right to enslave animals and subject them to the utmost misery, pain and suffering for a simple desire? And why do humans make so many excuses to continue their addiction to blood foods, when all the evidence supports an animalfree diet being healthier for mind, body and soul? Why do humans still wear fur, test on animals, bet on horses, stick bulls with spears and dump their dogs and cats by the millions to let them be gassed and needled in a horrifying and scary environment? Are these the actions of an advanced civilisation? No. Sadly, for all our technological advances, in 2012 our society is still lost in the Dark Ages, behaving like barbarians. Evolution means waking up and taking responsibility, being fully conscious and caring about our actions and how they impact others. My vision and mission is one of global deep peace for all species. I believe that we won’t see true peace until we offer that same peace to the animals who share this planet with us. How can we be considered evolved or advanced when we enslave other species and eat them? When we torture them, rip them from their families and murder their children? Truly evolved people are kind, compassionate

and loving. They act from the heart. They care about the earth and all the species who share this world with us. And they walk their talk. A highly evolved society is one of peace and peace cannot exist alongside fear and suffering. Evolution however, is on its way. The green, conscious and animal friendly movement is rocketing forward like a seed germinating on fast-forward. Cruelty-free Festivals, Conscious Living Expos, Living Green Festivals and Vegan Festivals. These sorts of events are the mark of a kinder, better world flowering. And the exciting thing is we can all contribute to the movement towards social change and enlightenment by working on ourselves. Each one of us who radiates peace into the world, through self-nurturing, doing meditation, yoga, veganism, acts of kindness and green responsible living, is another one in the matrix. Once we get to a tipping point, the rest of the world will get it as a 100th monkey syndrome effect. Here are some of the things the animals say to do to help us reach peace:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Make your home a sanctuary. Fill it with bright, uplifting colours Walk on the earth with bare feet. Give back to Mother Earth and leave fruits on the tree for others (share with the birds!). 5. Do yoga and meditation. 6. Be creative. 7. Space clear your home daily or weekly at least. 8. Respect others. 9. Be kind to all – neighbours, family and animals. 10. Stretch for animals in need. Foster, adopt, make room and understand that all life is precious.

It’s my experience that when animals are really freed from the fear of torture and slaughter, they resonate peace and this resonance in turns contributes to global peace through its effect on humans and Mother Earth. Kindness begets kindness. Kindness to all species is a way for humans to evolve into the enlightened, conscious, loving, peaceful, happy species we truly are. Billie Dean is a screenwriter/director for Wild Pure Heart Productions. A peace advocate and natural animal telepath, Billie founded the Deep Peace Movement and Rainbow Fianna, her wisdom school which teaches The New Shamanism, which Billie pioneered.

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Romaine Heart Sandwich The people who run the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite graciously offered to provide me with gluten free meals, for which I was immensely grateful. I was, however, a bit dubious when I heard that my daily sandwich would be a “lettuce wrap” since I didn’t think it would provide me enough energy to scale the mountains. But, the sandwiches they created by stuffing the interior of a Romaine heart were clever, delicious, and satisfying. You can make this sandwich with whatever filling you choose, but this is what I ate in Yosemite…


ave you ever noticed that when you’re doing what’s in alignment with your identity that you feel a much deeper connection and everything seems to just flow?

A few weeks ago I went on a 5-day guided hut-to-hut backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. Although the trip had been months in the planning and was quite expensive, I nearly cancelled a few days before. It seemed that everything that could go wrong had, and I wasn’t sure that I would physically be able to do it. Due to piles of work and being sick, I hadn’t been able to train for the rigorous hike. My new boots were stiff, and I was concerned about the heavy pack aggravating my sciatica, not to mention being prepared for the high altitude.

Makes 1 sandwich • 1 heart of Romaine lettuce, one or two inner leaves removed, but keep the stalk intact • Sliced turkey, ham, chicken, or any other favorite deli meat • Sliced cheese • Vegetables: sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and/or cucumber • Mustard and mayonnaise (optional) Assemble the sandwich by filling the interior of the Romaine heart with your favorite goodies and enjoy with good friends and beautiful scenery.

However, just as I’ve always identified with the role of “mother,” I’ve also felt equally at home in the wilderness. Although it’s been years since I’ve been able to backpack (due mostly to the sciatica), as soon as I reached the mountains, I felt alive and full of vigour. As we embarked on the hike, I felt strong and vital and found myself manoeuvring around boulders and scaling cliff-like mountains with ease. Having spent a great deal of time in the backcountry in my teens and twenties, I was instantly in my element. My identity as an “outdoorsy” person had been reignited. As a result, not only was I able to tackle the mountains and absorb their powerful energy, but also because I was living in accordance with my true self, I even had extra energy, which allowed my nurturing side to shine. I was able to help some of the others and even bandaged a wound. We are at our very best when we’re living in accordance with our identity. When we embody our truest selves, we feed our soul and feel most alive. What makes up your identity? Are you living in such a way that you’re feeding your soul? How would your life be fuller and richer if you lived in alignment with the way you see yourself? Believe it or not, the more you feed who you truly are, the more easily things come to you. I tackled the mountains because I see myself as someone who tackles mountains. Here’s to living our truest version of ourselves!

Meadow Linn is a writer and a chef, living in California with her dog, cats and chicken. She believes that living well and eating well should be tasty and fun. Meadow has just co-authored her first cookbook with Denise Linn which is available now through Amazon.

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Candle Meditation This peaceful and focused meditation technique as explained by Rita Maher allows you to delve deeply into those inner flames that flare within your soul…


beautiful mind is one that is clear, one that allows the day to flow with easy and does not get caught up in the fast paced, noise polluted, demoralising society that so many live in today. Today more than ever in a world that is full of gadgets, distractions and road blocks our most important tool is our mind. It is our mind that allows us to break away from the rat race and re-energise our body and soul. When our mind is clear and at peace we see without the blinkers of a modern day society, we see truth, we see opportunity; we see the journey as it should be. So how do can we facilitate this process of clearing our mind? How do we allow it to work simply without stress, without mind chatter and without the noise from outside - one very simple and ancient way is to meditate. Of course there are many ways that one can meditate; here I will focus on the mediation with candles. Candle meditation uses the practice of gazing at the candle flame. It is a great starting meditation for those who have never meditated before as it gives the person a focal point, and for those more experienced at meditation it can help take them to a deeper place. This mediation is done with the eyes open, hence it is a great tool for building concentration and focus.

your sight. Imagine that the flame and you are one, feel the life of the flame dance inside of you, it can be turning on the passion for life, clearing away all that is not needed, and ultimately it will be providing you with what you need at this time in your life. When you have finished the meditation allow a few extra minutes to close your eyes and ground your body, have drink of water and if you chose keep a meditation journal close so that you can write down any insights that may have come your way. This meditation does not need to take a long time in fact just 5–10 minutes each morning will allow your mind to be clear and focused, ready to start the day fresh. Using a tea light candle or small pillar candle is perfect for this meditation, whether you use a non-scented or a candle with a beautiful scent you will find yourself being taken on wonderful journey. So next time you find your mind filling with the rat race take some time out and refill the flame inside of you.

So how do we begin? Firstly find the place that you are going to meditate in, again keeping in mind that due to the eyes being open and you looking at a flame it should be a darker room or area. Set the space up so that you can sit comfortably, you can sit on the floor or in a chair, it really is up to how you feel most at ease. Place the candle about an arm’s length away, having it at eye level; if you have to look down or up at the candle you will find this uncomfortable for the neck and this will hinder your meditation. If you wish to have music playing in the background that is entirely up to you, you can do this meditation in silence. Take a few deep breaths in and out, as you do so allow your mind to clear of any chatter, and allow your body to relax. Next focus upon the candles’ flame, gently allow your eyes to gaze upon it. Some people may find that their eyes begin to water here, this is quite normal, just return your focus to the candle flame and allow the distractions to shift away from you. As you continue to gaze into the flame allow your breathing to slow right down, just allow the imagery of the flame to fill your mind. Now with this meditation you may start to see visual images inside the flame as it dances and flickers, these images may resonate strongly with you, and may be helpful insights into the current state of life around you at this time. You can also take this mediation to a deeper level, were you are still and allow yourself to become one with the flame. To do this allow your eyes to remain solely focused on the flame, as you do so you will find that the room around you no longer is in your vision, instead there is just the flame of the candle filling

For more information on meditation techniques and an extensive range of beautiful candle supplies, contact Rita Maher on: Email:

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