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DR. SHELLIE HIPSKY CEO, Bestselling Author, and Editor-in-Chief

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”

—Lily Pulitzer

COVER STORY Eileen Grubba: Hollywood Actress and Disability Advocate Shines Dr. Shellie Hipsky................................................................................................................. 9 LIVING SoulBlazingâ„¢ with Lisa Haisha Brittney Jarrett......................................................................................................................11 Know the Signs of Digital Domestic Violence and How to Heal Darieth Chisolm................................................................................................................. 12 Suzanne Hobbs: Lights. Camera. Action! Jess Branas......................................................................................................................... 13 Dr. Shellie Hipsky: Inspiration Starts at Her Core Jess Branas......................................................................................................................... 15 Rocking the Giving Cori Wamsley.....................................................................................................................17 Society Spotlight.................................................................................................................. 18 BUSINESS The Top Ten Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs Joy Bufalini.......................................................................................................................... 23 Manifestation Boss Babe: Kathrin Zenkina Brittney Jarrett..................................................................................................................... 25 Are You the Best-Kept Secret in Your Business? Kim Cooper........................................................................................................................ 31 Alleviate the Fear, Ignite the Conversation Jessica L. McCrory........................................................................................................... 35 COLUMN: Ask an Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon............................................................................................................ 37 CULTURE International Cover Model Amy Elmore Calls #TimesUp! on Being Seen, Not Heard Brittany McComas......................................................................... 42 Man Up and Listen Ben Carroll................................................................................... 45



BOOK REVIEW: The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes Jessica L. McCrory............................................. 47 FILM REVIEW: The Greatest Showman Karen Captline................................................ 48

Photo: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images


Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley at the 75th Golden Globes Press Room at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, CA

Erasing the Border Between Fashion and Fine Art Cori Wamsley................................................. 49 Bringing Free Education to the Girls of Pakistan Against the Odds Malee Kenworthy............................................. 51 Angelica Hale: A Powerful Voice and a Caring Heart Samantha Roth................................................ 52 FOOD & TRAVEL Passport to Inspiration: Ireland Kim Adley.................................................................................54 RESTAURANT REVIEW: Villa Blanca Restaurant Dr. Shellie Hipsky...................................................................60 HEALTH & WELLNESS Visualization, Meditation, and a Path to Dealing with Emotions Marie Delanote......................................................................63 Hope for Our Midlife Crisis and the Search for Self Cori Wamsley.........................................................................64 Work/Life Balance: The Secret Revealed Pamela Power Scanlon, M.S...............................................67 COLUMN: For the Love of Baseball Rachael Rennebeck...............................................................69 The Power of Positive Alice Beckett-Rumberger......................................................71 SPECIAL SECTION: BRIDAL Sea of Love Angie Candell................................................. 74



2018 Weddings: Spring Forward with These Fresh Ideas Teri Lynn Woodruff.......................................... 82 An Invitation to an Indian Wedding Cori Wamsley................................................. 89 FASHION & BEAUTY Powerhouse Singer Ranella Hits all the Right Notes in Spring Fashions Philip Keophaphone...........................................................100 Permission to be Yourself with Your Signature Look Cori Wamsley......................................................................105 Jerris Madison: Fashion Guru Standing Tall Despite Losing His Leg to Cancer Dr. Shellie Hipsky................................................................ 107 Spring 2018: Runway Trends Teri Lynn Woodruff..............................................................108 COLUMN: Just Jackie: Flourish 2018 Jackie Capatolla..................................................................111

COVER NOTES: Models: Eileen Grubba and Dr. Shellie Hipsky Photography: Kevin Sheffield Styling: Carol Lynn Sweets Hair and Makeup: Letty Avina and Laura Zamora Behind-the-Scenes Coordination: Kelly Frost, Phillip Keophaphone, Brittney Jarrett Gowns: Vintage, from Sweets Vintage Clothing

A Letter from

THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “Inspiration is just a story away.”

I have proclaimed it as my sign-off tag line for years. I have stated

it at the end of my TV show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie, Empow-

ering Women Radio, and Facebook Live videos, and it is now a cornerstone for our national magazine Inspiring Lives! More important than just a branding tagline, it is a mission. My team’s mission is that

we deliver inspiration to our readers every issue. We do this through Photo: Kevin Sheffield

the expert tips, stories, and powerful images!

This issue focuses on #TimesUp: a powerful unifying movement

that is sweeping the nation. Time is up for women to be discriminated against or sexually harassed. For this issue, we tapped into the

words of iconic celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Janelle Monae, and Nicole Kidman. We exposed Amy Elmore’s journey of being

an international teen cover model and her struggles with harassment. Of course, we believe in caring men supporting women as well, so we gave voice to the male perspective in the article Man Up and Listen!

As always, we provide stories of conquering life’s obstacles. Jerris Madison lost his leg to cancer but

gained his spirit. We tell stories about talented artists such as LA-based singer Ranella Ferrer and NYC artist Oksana Tanasiv. We also tell Suzanne Hobbs’ story of changing laws in America, which helped her adopt a child.

You will adore my co-cover model Eileen Grubba, who was paralyzed at 4 years old but regained her

mobility and has been a Hollywood actress for over 25 years on hit shows such as Nip Tuck, Sons of Anarchy, and CSI, as well as movies.

Inspiring Lives Magazine wants you to find the best version of yourself, whether you are running a busi-

ness, preparing for your wedding day, traveling solo, or leading your family. So we help you discover balance through meditation, food, culture, and even organizing some of the chaos!

So pour a cup of tea or a glass of cool lemonade, and enjoy our spring issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine. #WeAreInspiringLives

Be Inspired,

Dr. Shellie Hipsky



EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dr. Shellie Hipsky

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LIVING IN THIS SECTION: COVER STORY: Eileen Grubba: Hollywood Actress and Disability Advocate Shines

Dr. Shellie Hipsky.......................................................................... 9

SoulBlazing™ with Lisa Haisha

Brittney Jarrett.............................................................................. 11

Know the Signs of Digital Domestic Violence and How to Heal

Darieth Chisolm.......................................................................... 12

Suzanne Hobbs: Lights. Camera. Action!

Jess Branas.................................................................................. 13

Dr. Shellie Hipsky: Inspiration Starts at Her Core

Jess Branas.................................................................................. 15

Rocking the Giving

Cori Wamsley............................................................................. 17

Society Spotlight....................................................................... 18

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” —Maya Angelou

“In my dreams, there will be a day when my walk is honored, and I am seen as the indomitable, fearless woman that I am.�


Hollywood Actress and Disability Advocate Shines Interviewed by Dr. Shellie Hipsky | Photography by Kevin Sheffield | Styled by Carol Lynn Sweets | Hair and Makeup by Letty Avina and Laura Zamora

Describe growing up as a child who was paralyzed and then gained most of your mobility. I was a happy, healthy, active, little wild child. Very athletic. One day, I was running through a park with my sister and brothers, did a flip, landed normally, but suddenly couldn’t feel my legs. I had to drag myself across the park on my elbows to my mom. She picked me up, looked for signs of injury, and told me I was fine. That night, my mom realized something was really wrong. I couldn’t even sit up by myself. That’s when they rushed me to the emergency room. At the time, no one knew what was wrong. They told my parents I would not live through the night. I pulled through, but the doctors said I would never walk again. But I could not accept that. Every day, I tried to stand. I would slide down my bed until my feet touched the floor and fell every day, until one day they held. I stood, holding onto my bed with my upper body. Eventually I began walking again. I was full of life, excited to move, anxious to show everyone I was a normal kid again, but the imperfections left behind from a near fatal illness and paralysis scared people. Kids no longer wanted to play with me. I was left out, tormented, and picked on by kids, siblings, even adults and teachers, and I was too young to understand why. My brilliant mom taught me that others were not showing me what was wrong with me; they were showing me what was wrong with them. So, I held my head high and marched back into that school every day. I learned to stand up for myself. No one was going to stop me from doing every single thing all the other kids did. What is it like to be a working actor with a disability in New York? Hollywood? In New York, for the most part, I was accepted and treated fairly. I signed with one of the top five agencies there and auditioned regularly because of them. Abigail McGrath, a wonderful

casting director, told me I was the next Meg Ryan, with edge, and had me compete with big stars. However, NYC was hard because of the walking. My leg had been rebuilt before I moved there, and bones hit in my ankle. Whenever my leg gave out, I was forced to sit down and wait for the swelling to go down and then hobble to the next subway stop or try to hail a taxi. My ex, Henry, often pulled me through the city on roller skates because it was too hard for me to walk across town. Coming to Los Angeles, to my shock and dismay, was like walking into the 5th grade again. People made fun of me publicly, imitated my walk, asked what was wrong, and then used that information to permanently close doors. Then I auditioned for the world-renowned The Actors Studio, where my talents were finally appreciated and I was treated equally. I made it to working finalist after my first audition and into a lifetime membership soon after. The Actors Studio gave me the confidence to keep going, and the tools to put all my life experience to work. They even encouraged me to stay involved while I went through cancer treatments and juggled multiple jobs to pay my medical expenses. I will forever be indebted to Barbara Bain and Allan Miller for guiding me. My agent JD Sobol fought hard for me, and Carmen Argenziano helped me with auditions, and suddenly, I started working on edgy shows and building a competitive resume. Even after years of proving myself though, the industry still resisted. Once I was made to sit at the back of the bus, so the director could stop me from walking into his shots on a project about cancer survivors! That incident perhaps hurt me the most. I went to my hotel room and cried. I asked, “Why is this happening to me?” And I got my answer—Because you will do something about it. I’m one of the loudest advocates in Hollywood for people with disabilities. My mom used to say, “When someone is being unreasonable, go over their heads.” So whenever someone blatantly



refused to give me a chance, I made friends with their bosses, the producers, the showrunners, the heads of marketing, even the heads of giant corporations. You’d be surprised at the caliber of friends I’ve made all over the world. In my opinion, most girls in high heels walk sillier than me. It’s film and television: head and shoulders; eyes and soul! What’s on the inside should matter more than a perfect outer package. In my dreams, there will be a day when my walk is honored, and I am seen as the indomitable, fearless woman that I am. What has been your favorite role thus far? My favorite roles have been on the stage because, there, I have played the leads and brought my life to great roles. For film, my favorite role is yet to come. For TV, Alice Ann on Game Of Silence, because she goes from 35 years old to nearly 60, from an out-ofcontrol, wild, love-starved alcoholic, to a wise, strong, meddling mother who truly cares. The showrunner, David Hudgins, let me bring my fire and sass to the role and made me feel like a valued team member. And of course, the notorious Precious Ryan on Sons of Anarchy—a fearless, fierce protector of her children, and the only female character strong enough to survive and remove herself and her children from the lure of the club. In fact, they come to her for help!

Grubba as Precious Ryan on Sons of Anarchy (above) and as Alice Ann in Game Of Silence (below)

Tell us about your family and personal history with cancer? My mother died of ovarian cancer 26 years ago. My father died of thyroid cancer 20 years ago. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in my 30s and then the genetic syndrome my mom had, so I’m facing the same things that killed both my parents. So far, I’m winning! I went totally plant-based vegan and visit my doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center yearly to make sure all is well. I’ve since coached a lot of people through cancer battles. Maybe some of us go into battle young so we can show others how to fight and win. How do you keep going when the cards seem stacked against you? Many things have helped keep me going. My mom’s words of wisdom still ring in my ears when things get tough. My dad taught me how to work hard and build a strong will. That work ethic has gotten me through great challenges while still building a career and working. I have postponed surgery and cancer treatments so I could finish shows. I’ve gone to auditions on crutches, classes in wheelchairs, and taped auditions just hours after coming out of anesthesia. Every day, I do the best I can with whatever is on my plate. When I get sad, I turn on my favorite music so it drowns out my sorrows and gets my spirit dancing again. Also, knowing my purpose has kept me going. I don’t want one more kid ever to endure what I was forced to endure as a child with a disability. I will find a way to get this world to finally understand, accept, and honor people with disabilities. My childhood memories have driven me to remain in this business until I have a voice, because I want to create a world where kids with challenges won’t experience abuse and isolation. I share my stories so people will realize what we as a society do to



kids with challenges. I want these kids to be celebrated for their strengths. What is your message of inspiration for the world? We all have a specific purpose, and when we find and honor it, we contribute to the evolution of all humanity. We need to shine, not just for us, but for everyone. Some of us are meant to lead, others to support. All of us are equal; we just have different gifts to share. So, find your purpose, find your allies, speak up, show up, stand up, take risks, and make a meaningful difference before your time is up. n

Photo: Brittney Jarrett


WITH LISA HAISHA Interviewed by Brittney Jarrett


isa Haisha is the master of digging deep into one’s mind, mindset, personality, or soul and finding the root causes of issues that may be troubling their soul. This savvy woman has the drive, passion, and heart to help counsel individuals in their path of self-discovery. Through her travels around the world, Haisha constantly dedicates her time and energy to guest speaking and counseling others. Yet, this beauty is a chameleon with what she has attained and will continue to pursue. She is the founder of Whispers from Children’s Hearts, which is a non-profit designed for anyone driven to help children locally and globally. She has also interviewed leaders, healers, and artists from around the world in her Legacy Series and continues to expand her brand with SoulBlazing™ and Luminary Leaders. Haisha is in the process of writing her next book and releasing a new show on Amazon called SoulBlazing with Lisa. You speak highly of self-discovery through traveling. How did you discover yourself through your travels? During my travels, self-discovery came from being out of my comfort zone and daily routine. I love traveling alone and

recommend it highly. You are forced to interact with other people in a way you don’t have to when you are at home or with a traveling partner. When you travel, you are more dependent on other people. You can go to parks, beaches, and so many places to hang out where you really get to, in my opinion, speak to God. While traveling, I have the ability to read books and really digest them. At home you are so busy with your kids, your work, and the stresses of life, but when you travel, especially alone, you are constructing the things that serve you, for instance, where you want to go and what you want to see. Travel, to me, is all about self-discovery, because you are really there with yourself. In the past, you developed your Legacy Series. Can you tell our readers a little about that? I wanted to capture the stories of people who are making a difference around the world and creating a legacy that inspires others, so I interviewed them for three seasons to create the Legacy Series. For instance, I interviewed Marianne Williamson, a world-renowned spiritual teacher who guides others in their relationship with themselves and God.


What compelled you to start SoulBlazing™? The journey toward SoulBlazing™ started back when I was working for the BBC. I was working really long hours for a year; the whole process of traveling back and forth while filming my own documentary at the time really burnt me out. At that point, I decided to take a step back from the grind and get my master’s in spiritual psychology. During that time, I was working with 5–6 people for my final, and my teacher remarked, “One session with Lisa is like 10 years of therapy!” From there, people started asking me to coach them. Since I also have a background in film, I started getting requests to coach actors on-set. Over time, life coaching just morphed into SoulBlazing™, which includes The Imposter™ model. After working with hundreds of individuals, I started seeing the common denominator in these people and found eight different personality types. For example, people who manipulate through sex, those who play victim, the narcissist, or the caregiver types. There are all these different imposters that can have a hold on your life and success. CONTINUED ON PAGE 112


Photo: Provided by Darieth Chisolm

Know the Signs of Digital Domestic Violence and How to Heal by Darieth Chisolm In my recent interview on The Dr. Oz Show, I shared a term the popular doctor said he had never heard before. Digital domestic violence. I’m not surprised. It’s a rarely used phrase that best describes revenge porn. With the heightened attention on issues of sexual assault, violence against women, and the #MeToo movement, many more of us are opening up and speaking out. My widely publicized personal story of revenge porn and cyber harassment led me to The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show with Megyn Kelly, and countless other interviews and media coverage. My personal crusade for social justice came from lack of civil and criminal justice, not just for myself but for thousands of women left to deal with the personal pain and violation after experiencing this kind of assault. In my case, a jealous and controlling ex-boyfriend took nude photos of me while I was sleeping, and put these images on a website. He then directed my friends and family there to view my naked body and the harassing lies and content he posted. This vicious retaliation happened after he threatened to kill me because he couldn’t handle rejection when I ended the relationship. This left me locked in a place of shame and silence for months. Thousands of women are being cyber raped when their naked photos and videos are placed on display in a vengeful and malicious act by a jilted lover. Revenge porn is more like an act of domestic violence, except in most cases the abuser can’t physically touch the victim and resorts to using digital means. The abuse and assault happen through texting, posting, tweeting, and sharing private sexual images or content.



As part of my research for the feature length documentary I am filming, 50 Shades of Silence, I have interviewed and talked with many victims who tell me their emotions go from anger to pain, resentment, confusion, and depression. I’m committed to giving victims a voice and dignity, while helping them find the courage to release the shame and move on with their lives. I’m frequently asked, “How do you learn to trust again after being violated, assaulted, or abused?” Here’s what I’ve learned. Time heals all wounds, especially those wounds that are not picked at. Time alone in self-reflection during prayer and meditation is very important. I have had time to be still with myself. I had to rebuild my self-esteem. I decided to enjoy being in the moment and taking it day by day. Trusting again is like riding a bike. It takes practice. It can be rocky at first, feel a little scary, like you might fall off again, but eventually you can get back to trusting yourself and trusting others. Don’t blame yourself for falling for an abusive partner. Don’t give yourself a hard time about what happened. Instead of beating yourself up for making the choice to be with someone abusive, try to forgive yourself and look at the choices you made with honesty and compassion. You may not have seen the signs. Maybe you were really in love. Maybe you didn’t believe things would turn out so badly. None of us can predict the future. Let go of any self-blame, guilt, or shame. The most important thing now is to learn from the experience and grow into a better you. Make a list of what you won’t tolerate in your next relationship. Write a list of what you want and what you absolutely will not tolerate in your next relationship. List the behaviors that are unacceptable to you. If and when a new relationship gets serious, pull out the list to remind yourself. Commit to honoring yourself and maintaining those healthy boundaries if a new partner starts crossing them. Get in touch with your own needs. If you have been assaulted, it’s possible someone also made you feel unlovable and like your needs were unworthy of being met. Before even considering another relationship, get in touch with your needs and what you want out of life again. Others treat us the way we treat ourselves. When you judge yourself too harshly or feel you’re not good enough, you are rejecting yourself. Once you learn to love yourself and put your needs first, you will find yourself attracting more loving and trustworthy people. Believe that it’s possible to love again. Don’t let a pattern of bad relationships lead you to believe you’re not capable of a happy, healthy relationship. You can break this cycle. It’s never too late. You will find love, someone new who is better for you. CONTINUED ON PAGE 112



Suzanne Hobbs stands tall, beautiful, and proud, with a voice filled with power and compassion. I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Hobbs, who has taught me much about determination and the joy of life itself. She is multifaceted and passionate, playing a variety of roles, such as TV anchor, actress, business woman, advocate, and loving mom, each showing a distinct side of this incredible lady. “As a little girl, I used to create ‘reports’ about anything I found interesting,” Hobbs recounted. “I knew back then I wanted to study journalism.” This first desire led her on her path, and one story majorly influenced her life’s work. “I was called to a story in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to report on a newborn baby found in a dumpster, deceased. It was chilling, and all I could think was ‘How can someone be so desperate as to throw a little baby away?’” This struck Hobbs hard. She had learned in her 20s that she was not able to have children, so to see someone commit this horrific act was “unimaginable.” This one experience shaped much of Hobbs’ future endeavors. She not only gave a voice and hope to many newborn babies who deserved to find loving homes, but also created and fought to have the Safe Haven Law established in Idaho. This law, which is now in all 50 states due to Hobbs’ continuous effort, allows for the safe surrender of unwanted babies so they have a chance at life. Hobbs was appointed communications director for The National Safe Haven Alliance non-profit, credited with saving more than 3,500 infants’ lives since 1999. Wanting children of her own, Hobbs adopted Lilly, a Safe Haven baby. Her story was told to millions when she was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006. To this day, being a mom is undoubtedly her most important and fulfilling role. “I want Lilly to experience all of life, see different places and learn about different cultures,” which Hobbs fulfills through trips, from New York City to Honduras. Hobbs is also a best-selling author of the children’s book The Hungry Snake, which she wrote and published in 2016. Proceeds from the book—a tale Hobbs made up at bed time one night and told her daughter Lilly over and over— benefit The National Safe Haven Alliance. Hobbs’ experience in entertainment and passion for fun pushed her into acting. Her face has been seen in national

Photo: Dennis Hammon of Hammon Photography

by Jess Branas

Kitchen Aid commercials, she plays a lead role in the independent film Where’s Stephanie (to be released in 2018), and she has been an extra in TV shows like Halt and Catch Fire and movies such as Baywatch and Pitch Perfect 3. Showing her versatility, Hobbs teaches all of us to try out every dream we have. “Growing up in a Mormon household, I sometimes felt that I was expected to have a certain type of life. You can be shunned for many things, but that was not the life I wanted to live. After leaving the Mormon faith and culture, it was like a whole world of abundant possibilities opened up. And most importantly, I could claim myself emotionally and physically. My belief in myself evolved each time I went forward with a thought, dream, or desire.” Hobbs does just that while promoting her business Fast Fit Body Sculpting (, which now has seven technology-based fat loss centers across the country. Constantly making television and radio appearances like a pro, Hobbs believes in her company as much as she believes in herself. “Taking care of your body is so important. However, many need education on living a healthy lifestyle.” With this in mind, Fast Fit is not a get-thin-quick method. It is meant to be a strategy for creating a healthy way of life. “We educate people on nutrition, the importance of detoxing, organic living, and exercise. We promote balance and making simple changes to have success along with our fat loss technology.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 112




by Jess Branas | Photography by Kevin Sheffield | Styled by Carol Lynn Sweets | Dress from Sweets Vintage Clothing | Hair and Makeup by Laura Zamora


ehind the face that graces every cover of Inspiring Lives Magazine is a woman who has overcome many obstacles. Behind the boisterous voice that was heard on Empowering Women Radio, as well as singing on various stages, is a woman who does have her quiet moments. Behind the strong and confident gaze is a woman who has smiled and cried. The woman behind Inspiring Lives Magazine and the Global Sisterhood has always demonstrated her authenticity and core beliefs, using her tenacious spirit to make her dreams come true. Meet Dr. Shellie Hipsky. Throughout the past 20 years of knowing Dr. Shellie, I know one thing for sure—you can see her heart with every step. I have been impressed with each new creation that she has brought to fruition. And, as she keeps growing her businesses, Dr. Shellie keeps herself grounded. But to know the real woman before the accomplishments has been an honor. The first time I met Dr. Shellie, I was living in Pittsburgh. Observant of the people and environment around her, she was interested in hearing each person’s story. And as she listened and questioned even her newest of friends, it came from a sense of wanting to connect. She encouraged people from all walks of life to enjoy time together and truly get to see people for who they were. Her understanding and compassion toward every individual during this time shined through as it still does today.

How did she do it back then? With her undeniable energy and love for entertaining and a splash of spontaneity. At a moment’s notice, Dr. Shellie could grab the mic, perch on a piano and belt out a tune. She would jump onto the dance floor without a care in the world, raising her arms up to welcome and celebrate the rhythms of the night. And all this time, Dr. Shellie


knew at her core that celebration included family, and family included everyone. From students to friends, from brief interactions to professional connections, Dr. Shellie continues to make all of us a part of her family. With this continued circulation of love and support, she has been grateful and humble with each day that rises. Allowing her family circle to be so inclusive, Dr. Shellie has not only seen many of us go through some of our worst times and been the rock or the voice needed to give us that drive or just a hug and tissue, but she allowed us to reciprocate. One of the most difficult tasks for any human being is breaking down and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. What needs to be understood behind the pillar of strength that we see in Dr. Shellie, is a woman who is not afraid to speak up, asks and allows us to be her strength at times when she is in need. That is the true strength that helps her to inspire others. Dr. Shellie’s greatest gift however, is passing all of these traits that she has always kept at her center to the next generation. The mother of two is certainly leaving her mark by raising her incredible “kiddos” with these beliefs, but also includes them every step of the way in her creations and decisions. With this, compassion, unity, love of life, and strength will continue to spread. So when you see the entrepreneur decked out and glammed up on the cover, remember that the heart inside brought her to this point, and Dr. Shellie’s legacy of inspiring others will be seen throughout the world with your hearts in mind. n


Photo: Joy Bufalini ; Rock painted by Traci Blasko

Rocking the Giving By Cori Wamsley


y favorite Christmas movie ever is A Muppet Family Christmas. In this movie, the Fraggles (Muppets that live in underground tunnels, in case you weren’t a child of the early ‘80s) sang about taking turns gifting the same yellow Fraggle pebble year after year to a different friend. They passed the rock on because it brought them joy, which they wanted to share with others. They sang, “What you give is what you gain,” and the founder of the Facebook group and phenomenon Pittsburgh Rocks has done just that with her group, spreading happiness and unexpectedly brightening someone's day one rock at a time. Cynthia Golebie’s idea is simple: you paint rocks and hide them. Then, someone finds the rock, shares a picture of it in the Pittsburgh Rocks Facebook group and hides it again for someone else to find. Whether they expect to find a rock or not, people are finding them all over Pittsburgh and beyond. Better yet, people of all ages can participate, spreading joy with their creations.

The Pittsburgh Rocks idea didn’t come from a show, but instead from a beautiful painted rock Golebie found in a park in Ohio just a few months ago. “I spotted it in a tree. It said ‘Northeast Ohio Rocks Facebook’ and had a message asking the finder to rehide it. We found several more after that. I wasn’t expecting to find those rocks, but it was so simple and brought me joy. I wanted others to experience the same thing.” A few years ago, Golebie’s daughter had passed away, and she was “in a slump.” So when she got home from her trip, she looked at the Northeast Ohio Rocks Facebook page and did some research. Because no one in Pittsburgh had an active rock-hiding group, she started her own. Once she got the idea to start Pittsburgh Rocks, she put her energy into spreading smiles and inspiring happiness. “Our world needs more ways to randomly put a smile on someone’s face,” Golebie said, “and I love that kids and adults can participate. You don’t have to be an artist. Anyone can paint a rock. People are happy just to find one.”


After Golebie painted over 200 rocks and hid them, she added all her friends to the Pittsburgh Rocks Facebook page and asked them to add their friends. Soon, people started finding her rocks at the parks where she hid them and posting to the page. The group grew as more rocks were found and members began painting and hiding their own rocks. Golebie’s mission is stated beautifully on her group’s Facebook page: “When we are creating, our mind is moved away from the stress in our lives and the issues in the world. When we hide rocks, we are giving, and that just feels good. When we are looking for rocks to paint and looking for painted rocks, we are out in the fresh air and sunshine. When our rocks are found and posted, we are overcome by excitement.” With 14,000 group members and growing, the excitement is clearly there! If you would like to join the movement or view the rocks people are finding, search for #PittsburghRocks or join the Pittsburgh Rocks Facebook page. n



Photo: World Heritage Cultural Center

Photo: GJ Jones

Fashion Alley 2 by James Houk was a charity smash fashion show/dance party/rock concert to benefit Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The show featured ‘70s inspired looks from some of Pittsburgh’s top fashion designers including David Brian and Lana Neumeyer. Nearly 400 people experienced the eclectic mix of fashion, music and art at the 100-year-old bowling alley Hollywood Lanes in Dormont. Owner Jeffrey Parke was seen dancing the night away with many luminaries of Pittsburgh including Show Chair Diane Withrow.

Gina Pacak

Evan and Friends - A World Heritage Cultural Center committee of kids for kids who proudly paint the world a better place one charity at a time.



Photo: Al Reid

Photo: Bruce Cowart


Director of Support Services for YACS Pittsburgh, as well as the creator of the Wig Out, Stephanie Scoletti was the host for the event. She and her husband Matt sported 80s looks for the evening.

Photo: Al Reid

James Houk, Josie Nkuissi, and Buns the horse

Photo: Al Reid

Maya Beatty

Alexandra Marciesky, Pete Dornenburg, and Karly Hresko entered raffles for auction items they hoped to win. The auction prizes that evening were worth Kay Alexandra Diane Withrow, James Houk, and Natalie Shugars over $5,000.



BUSINESS IN THIS SECTION: The Top Ten Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

Joy Bufalini................................................................................... 23

Manifestation Boss Babe: Kathrin Zenkina

Brittney Jarrett.............................................................................. 25

Are You the Best-Kept Secret in Your Business?

Kim Cooper................................................................................. 31

Alleviate the Fear, Ignite the Conversation

Jessica L. McCrory.................................................................... 35

COLUMN: Ask an Executive Coach

Mary Lee Gannon..................................................................... 37

“It is within everyone’s grasp to be a CEO.” —Martha Stewart



Taking the leap to entrepreneurship is like moving out of a house where you have been living for years. In that house, you had comfortable furniture and familiar décor, but now, you moved out and bought an empty lot. No house. No walls. No furniture. Building a house from scratch can feel overwhelming. Where should you even begin? Whether you are in the beginning phases or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, certain challenges are common in all steps of building a business. Understanding these will help you move forward with an empowered mindset and feel confident about your future.

CHALLENGE #1 Experiencing Doubt and Insecurity “I struggle with seeing potential in myself like others do.” —Stephanie Steiger, Mary Kay When you are an employee at an established business, the structure helps make your priorities and role clear. However, as a business owner, you must create your own structure. An important way to counter your uncertainty is to get clear on your foundational priorities and surround yourself with supportive people.

CHALLENGE # 2 Managing Time and Priorities “As a mom of little ones, a wife, and someone who likes to be busy…managing time and priorities is my top struggle.” —Megan Shane, Young Living Essential Oils, Be realistic about the time you have available while juggling other responsibilities. When you have a hard time deciding which project to work on, make a list of all projects, divide them into categories, and break each project into small manageable steps.

CHALLENGE # 3 Feeling Inadequate “Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough at what I do, even though my clients, who are authors, are reaching best-sellers lists.” —Susan Helene Gottfried, Editor, The “not good enough” feeling usually has nothing to do with our competency in business but derives from a deeper belief about ourselves. Being a business owner often brings up our inner fears, even when they defy logic. Choose not to listen to that inner voice and, instead, focus on your personal strengths and the skills you bring to your business.

CHALLENGE #4 Wearing Many Hats “I don’t mind wearing many hats. I just don’t like wearing them at the same time.”

—Jennifer Johnsen-Nazareth, State Farm Insurance, While juggling multiple tasks and roles throughout our day is inevitable, multi-tasking actually leads to stress and decreases productivity. Focusing on one thing at a time and giving it your full attention works better.

CHALLENGE #5 Being More Visible “I fear that being visible online will make me a target for criticism.” —April Ebeling, Singer, Being the face of your business can bring up feelings of vulnerability and fear, especially fear of being criticized or judged. Take small steps toward showing up in your business in a bigger way. Notice the discomfort, but know that as you continue to move forward, it does get easier.

CHALLENGE #6 Shifting Out of Negative Self-Talk Because we often work independently—making it difficult to get other’s perspectives—getting stuck in our own head in a cycle of negative self-talk is common. Remember that these thoughts are not truth. When you need to shift away from the negative voice in your head, choose a positive phrase to use as a mantra. Also, walk around, open the window for some fresh air, turn on some fun music, or talk to an encouraging friend to help change your perspective.

CHALLENGE #7 Receiving Money for your Products or Services “I hate to ask my clients for the money they owe me.” —Maryann Liddle, Liddle Architectural Design When we share our prices with a potential customer and request payment after a product or service is delivered, we are valuing ourselves and respecting our time and talents. This can be challenging, though, if we do not yet have complete confidence in ourselves or have underlying negative beliefs about money. I recommend working with a coach or therapist if you struggle with this.





CHALLENGE #8 Taking Time for Yourself “One of the biggest reasons women have difficulty taking time for themselves is guilt.” —Lisa Purk, Life Coach, We feel guilty taking any downtime because we are afraid that we may fall behind, which we assume means a potential loss of income or opportunity. However, if we don’t take breaks from our business, our productivity goes down, and we can experience burnout.

CHALLENGE # 9 Feeling Isolated “Because I provide software services, everything is remote, with very little interaction with my clients.” —Christine Turner Coppola, Arch Business Resources When you work mainly from home, you sometimes feel isolated and alone. If you are an introvert, you may enjoy this to an extent, but over time, staying motivated can be hard, if you are not interacting with others. Make sure you schedule time out of the house several times a week networking and enjoying time with friends or family.

CHALLENGE #10 Dealing with Technology “Technology is one of my greatest challenges.” —Kim Cooper, When you are just starting out, you may use basic technology systems that you can manage alone, but as your business grows, you don’t want to spend much time managing the technology. Hire an expert as soon as you can so you can focus on the message and purpose of your business and not be overwhelmed with learning new technology. We undoubtedly face a lot of challenges as business owners. To move forward successfully, seek support, take small steps, and stay focused on your passion and purpose. n

Joy Bufalini is an award-winning mindset and business strategist who helps women entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied to rise to their full potential. She is the founder of Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind and UPGRADE™ coaching programs. Learn more at



Proud to be a part of this great community. | 1-800-555-5455 EQUAL HOUSING LENDER, MEMBER FDIC

Photo: Chris Rodrigues


Manifestation Boss Babe Interviewed by Brittney Jarrett Kathrin Zenkina, CEO of Manifestation Babes, is the boss babe of the money mindset. At age 25, she took herself from being $25k in debt to running a successful 6-figure business in less than a year! Her passion is to help others manifest their “seed of faith” into a flourishing tree of abundance. I met with Zenkina to talk about her journey to success. When you were struggling financially, was there a moment that sparked your desire to change directions? Yes, I was in my bedroom in early 2016 when I realized I was $25k in debt with no way out. It led to my first anxiety attack. At that point, I began to journal, which led me to realize I was holding in so much tension around my finances. I

needed to keep reminding myself to never give up. Remembering back to when I read The Secret at age 16, I realized that I am the creator of my own reality and I needed to take full responsibility for my mindset around money. I lacked the habits and thoughts of the wealthy and successful. From that point forward, I dug deep into money mindset work. I became a student of money. I studied the way wealthy people thought and behaved, and I began to model them. Can you elaborate on the focus of your books Unleash Your Inner Money Babe and She’s Killin’ It? I am a natural-born teacher, so both my books are workbooks and journals.


When you do the homework, it helps you internalize the steps. My first book, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe, helps you manifest your first $1k in 21 days. For example, on Day 1, I have you clean out your wallet because money likes to be in a clean space. Then, I have you do some forgiveness work, because a lot of people have resentment around money. I recommend a technique called “Ho’oponopono.” It’s all about energy: preparing to manifest and then actually doing the energetic work that will bring physical money into your life. You never know how it will manifest. It can be from a random refund, a a check in the mail, or a raise at work. The stories I’ve heard are unbelievable.


Photo: Chris Rodrigues


A recent retreat gathered women to learn about manifesting from Zenkina. Back row, left to right: Suzanne Munoz, Krystina Sloan, Courtney Sjoberg, Patty Gillard, Michelle Hickox, Brianna Zajicek, Amber Davis, Michelle Hill, Karina Ramos; Front row left to right: Carol Pagan, Stephanie Kelly, Amanda Koziel, Kathrin Zenkina, Priya Dharshini, Mariah Cheyenne, Jen Yee and Jessica Cleary My second book, She’s Killin’ It, is a journal for the boss babe with big goals who needs a safe space to develop them. It’s really a journal of self-exploration. Writing down what’s bothering you can help release the negative energy of a situation. Journaling helped change my life, so I wanted to give women a guided journal where they could see the power of writing things down. It’s a place to track your goals and ask yourself, “Did I give it my best today?” or “Is there something I can improve upon tomorrow?”


What advice would you give our readers for attaining their greatest desires? Just start. What separates successful people from unsuccessful people is that unsuccessful people only aim toward their goals. They will aim, aim, aim, but never start toward it. Successful people do it the messy way. They go, and then they aim. How else will you know how far you are from your target? Your target is your vision for yourself. Begin with visualizing your target, and then walk toward it. So if it’s buying that domain


name, starting that Instagram account, calling someone, pitching yourself, or sending that email—no matter what it is—start toward that goal, or you’ll never get anywhere near it! n Brittney Jarrett resides in the Los Angeles area as our journalist on the west coast. She created a movement a few years ago, My Inner Critic, educating the realities of mental health and strives to help society reach their greatest potential.

Photo: Mike Leonardi with Candidly Yours Photography



A PASSION FOR CONNECTING LOCAL BUSINESSES Linda Jo Thornberg is the president and owner of the Pittsburgh Business Show, with a passion for all things Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Business Show was founded in 2016 to help grow the region’s business community by building partnerships across the region, bringing professionals together to network opportunities, and connecting industry, resources, and people to other businesses. Before beginning this new venture, Thornberg had the pleasure of working and learning from some of the most respected professional women leaders in the country. These mentors taught her life lessons and business skills that she has used to help create the Pittsburgh Business Show. These experiences allowed her to grow as a leader and ultimately be in a position where she was able to help build teams, increase sales in numerous organizations, and empower women all over the country. She also became involved in event management, focusing on women-inspired businesses. Thornberg’s background has uniquely positioned her to run the show and to make it successful. She has nearly 20

years of experience running large-scale events at multiple venues across the country, including bridal shows, golf outings, and trade shows. “These experiences prepared me to create the Pittsburgh Business Show, which is one the largest B4B shows in the Northeast United States.” She has built an annual event that will resonate in the Pittsburgh business community for years. “I want business owners to see the vision of the Show and to help them make connections, learn about new products, and drive their revenue through relationships and leads. We are creating a legacy for businesses in our region,” Thornberg said. The Pittsburgh Business Show, being held on April 25 and 26, 2018, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, is a business-for-business trade show featuring hundreds of exhibitors from dozens of industries; networking events designed to connect attendees quickly to the people who can help their company succeed; 30-plus presentations and workshops where attendees can gain new skills and get practical advice; and the first-ever Business Choice Awards. The Show benefits business owners, executives,

and employees who are looking for solutions that are needed to grow their business. Speakers include Inspiring Lives Magazine’s own editor-in-chief, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Pittsburgh favorite Darieth Chisolm, as well as professionals discussing everything from HR best practices to cyber security. If you would like to learn more about the show, contact Linda Jo Thornberg at or call 412-668-4990. Discounted two-day tickets are on sale now on the website and can be purchased by using the promo code InspiringLivesMagazine.



Green is the new pink. Never apologize for having an opinion. Never let anyone speak over you. Or for you. Never underestimate the value of having your own money. And your own financial planner.

Meet Patty John and Jamie Roach, Pittsburgh area mother-daughter financial planning team. Patty is a Vice President and Jamie is a Financial Advisor at Hefren-Tillotson’s South Hills office. This team of dedicated women enjoys serving one of the most under-served markets in the world: women. They join clients on their journey to determine goals and priorities; helping chart the course of their financial success for every stage of life. Contact Patty or Jamie to see how this strong team can help put your financial future in focus.

Patricia John, AAMS, AIF® Vice President 412-633-1606 Jamie L. Roach Financial Advisor 412-633-1701

Financial Planning with MASTERPLAN ® | Retirement Planning | Estate Planning Investment Management | Insurance & Long-Term Care | Saving for Education 29





was 30 years old when I was hired as a pilot for a major airline, and I assumed the traditional image of a pilot as much as possible, even wearing the male tie rather than the female equivalent in an attempt to “blend in.” Unlike your average pilot in more ways than age and gender, I was hiding more than my femininity under the male uniform. I mistakenly thought that if I let people see all of who I was, I would no longer maintain the dependable, trustworthy image of a pilot. What was I so afraid people would find out about me? I had a side business as a Reiki master, mindfulness facilitator, and intuitive coach. On my days off I played with the unseen energy that pulses within each one of us. I believed in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the healing properties of essential oils. I spent my weekends hanging out at drum circles and personal growth retreats, instead of at the country club or mall. Maybe there were other pilots interested in holistic health too, but I wouldn’t know because I was too afraid to talk to them about it. Instead of embracing my differences and sharing my knowledge and interests, I hid them. The best-kept secret in my business ended up being ME, and I kept myself so well hidden that no one could find me, even the people I could have helped. I wish I had put my fears aside and made a different choice in those early years, so here are my words of wisdom from my experience: 1. Often our fear of being judged is only in our head and not something that actually happens, or we envision it to be more debilitating than it actually is. 2. The fear of being judged or rejected can keep us from meeting the very people we can serve. If your

message helps one person in the room, is it worth the risk of being momentarily uncomfortable? 3. Sometimes we are so focused on what we stand to lose if someone finds out we are different, we forget to focus on what we could gain. We miss the opportunity for thoughtful dialogue with others, who may also be hiding similar beliefs or interests. 4. Many of us want to feel accepted by our church/ family/boss/tribe and are afraid to show that our thoughts or beliefs differ from the pack mentality. Instead of embracing our uniqueness, we try to be a carbon copy of everyone else, which doesn’t serve anyone. If your tribe doesn’t accept you as “you,” it’s time to find another tribe. Toward the end of my career as a pilot, I pulled out my essential oils one day at 30,000’ in a 737. The other pilot glanced over at me, asked me what I had, and then said, “What witch doctor do you buy those from?” My biggest fear had just become a reality. Instead of feeling judged and misunderstood, I decided to respond in a different way. “I sell them, so I guess that makes me the witch doctor.” Then I laughed. “That laugh sounded like a freaky cackle,” he responded. I had to agree. I cackled some more, and then we talked about oils. Journey on… n In between chasing after her twin toddlers (a job much more stressful than any day as a pilot), and hockey mom duties, Kim Cooper helps overwhelmed women stop freaking out. She teaches tools to slow down and enjoy life, not just endure it. Find her at




Photo: The Picture People






wners Lisa and Charles Harris, a husband and wife team, built the business from scratch at the kitchen table in the evenings after work. They grew the business organically through referrals and word of mouth without purchasing or inheriting clients. Then three years ago, they knew they were ready to focus completely on Quantum and their clients. “We knew we had the drive to be successful, so we took that first step.” Today Quantum is about twice as large as the average broker with clients in 15 states and a second office in Dallas, Texas, that is almost as large as the Pittsburgh, Pa., office. Most of their clients are property managers or owners, in transportation and trucking, contractors, or restaurants, and Quantum handles most of the standard policies that a broker carries for businesses of all sizes. So what sets them apart? Quantum works with many businesses that are tough to insure because they aren’t typical businesses like restaurants or hotels. “One of our clients manufactures gun parts for the Navy Seals,” Lisa explained. “Other insurance agents couldn’t get him coverage because they didn’t know where to look for specialized coverage.” But Quantum is an independent broker, so they work with a multitude of carriers and know how to find the perfect fit.

Lisa and Charles both have decades of experience in the insurance agency, but they dreamed of helping people one-on-one. “We both felt like we were spinning our wheels in our corporate jobs,” Lisa said, “and we wanted to make a difference and help people who thought they might never find the right fit for insurance.” Now that their company has grown, they love working with businesses across the United States. “I enjoy working with people in different parts of the country,” Charles said. “I am afforded the opportunity to learn about how different regions are growing. Plus it gives me the opportunity to befriend and support other business owners with similar challenges in the global marketplace. Our business has really become the American dream.” In the spirit of being a unique insurance broker, Quantum is the first independent broker with their own app. Search “Quantum Source Insurance Group” to download it, or visit their website or call to set up an appointment.

QSAGENT.COM | 412-386-8256, E. U.S. | 972-687-9069, W. U.S.33

Photo: AJ Brach from Fresh Media





he “bridge” in Bridge Insurance Group has a special meaning for owner Lynn Doehring. When she started her own agency five years ago, she transitioned from a 28year partnership, so the bridge was a way from her old life to her new life, bringing her previous clients with her to start anew. Doehring has been in the insurance industry since she was 18, and she loves to interact with people and help them plan for situations that you hope will never happen, like injury, illness, and death. “It’s not something people like to talk about or even plan for, but it’s reality. And it’s best to prepare.” She understood the value of what she does several years ago when a client had a cough and died from lung cancer two weeks later. “When his wife called to

ask if he had life insurance, I had to tell her that he didn’t,” Doehring said. “That policy would have helped them financially, so I always encourage my clients to plan.” Even if you think you have the coverage you need, Doehring suggests that you have a conversation with your insurance agent to see if you’re missing something or are over-insured. “We can help reorganize if you have multiple policies or too much coverage in one area so you can spend your money wisely and have life insurance or a policy to cover you if you’re too sick to work. It really is possible.” Doehring loves solving issues that her clients may have with insurance policies, and she develops policies for health, life, home, auto, vision, and dental, offering cutting edge products. “Being a woman in this indus-

try is helpful because we are naturally gifted in helping people, gaining their trust, and listening to what people really need. Women especially feel more comfortable talking to another woman about their insurance needs.” Insurance was a great career option for Doehring, and she would like to see more women consider it for themselves. “It allows for a flexible schedule, and you can move anywhere and still do the business. This job empowers them to have a career and flexibility. I raised four kids while working in insurance, and part of that time, I was a single mom.” Bridge Insurance Group also loves to give back to the community through volunteer work and contributing to the community. “Making a difference in the community is important to us.”






t is spring time, and that means growth, awakening, and the beginning of wedding season! So much excitement, anticipation, and decision-making surround the planning of a wedding. It is an incredible life event, but one major conversation is far too often not discussed: your finances. Whether you are newly engaged, a newlywed, or have been married for quite some time, let us alleviate the fear of discussing your financial future with your significant other. Together, let us ignite the conversation! Commit—Yes, commit! You already have or will be committing to sharing your life together. Now is the time to commit to having an open and honest conversation about your finances. Set a date to sit down and begin to talk. Keep it Simple—You do not need to have an entire financial plan with all the

details laid out in one evening. Just begin to talk about your goals and values. What are your expectations for who will pay the bills? How will you manage your money? How important is saving to you? What are your concerns and fears? What do you want to achieve? What do you know about money management, life insurance, retirement planning, and investing? Seek Help—Perhaps most importantly, remember you two are in this together, but you do not have do it alone. Seek out a professional. Many people wait until retirement to begin working with a financial advisor. They think they must have a significant amount of money saved or have extensive knowledge first, but this is the wrong way to approach your financial future. Seek out a financial advisor who engages in holistic and comprehensive financial planning. An individual who is a


fiduciary will help you make the right financial decisions and will work with both of you to be your advisor, educator, and coach. Cheers to the new beginning of your financial future together! n Jessica L McCrory, owner of New Beginnings Wealth Advisors, is an investment advisor representative of and offers securities and advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation, Member SIPC. Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation is not affiliated with New Beginnings Wealth Advisors. Contact McCrory at (888)64-4417 x225 or 451 Valley Brook Road, Suite 201 McMurray, PA 15317. LFS-2012230-013118




Ask an

EXECUTIVE COACH By Mary Lee Gannon Rachel asks: How can I grow my side hustle into a full-time career with the flexibility I need to be a mom? Can you recommend some time-management tips?



financial consultant with Fort Pitt Capital Group since March 2016, and a financial professional since 2014, Katharine Perry was drawn to the wealth management industry at an early age. Her parents—both involved in business—instilled in her the importance of financial acuity. This, coupled with her decision to pursue a psychology degree at the University of Pittsburgh, has allowed her to uniquely hone in on behavioral finance and help regional clients with long-term wealth management plans today. An emerging professional herself, Perry feels she is especially well poised to assist millennial females. They are an underserved market in the industry, so educating this demographic on personal finance and investment knowhow is a passion that Perry plans to pursue. Given her client-first philosophy and behavioral finance expertise, Perry looks forward to not only helping young professionals with finances, but to truly guiding them toward long-term financial success.


Execute clear boundaries. You can’t be everything to everyone all the time, or there won’t be anything left for yourself. Boundaries are simply personal property lines you draw between what you will and will not accept. If you want to be a high performer at work you must be totally present and undistracted there. Children want the same from you at home. When you get to work imagine dropping off your home-concerns at a special place in the parking lot or outside your office door. This visual imagery will remind you of your intent. Then when you finish working, do the same. One of my clients touches a shrub outside her front door before she enters her home at the end of the day, signifying a transfer of work worries to the bush, disallowing that anxiety in the house. Don’t keep your phone on your desk, checking for text messages. Set an intention to check it at specific times each day. Do the same with email—11:00 am and 4:00 pm. Turn off the auto message that pings you in other software programs the moment an email comes in. When you answer emails, you work on someone else’s to-do list and not that strategic project you need to finish. Negotiate flexibility with your employer, if that applies. “I will do whatever is necessary to meet the goals of our team. For me to do that, I need to feel I can do the same for my children. If I have to leave for a child’s event, you have my guarantee that I will make up the work on my own time. Is that fair?” Your side hustle is your new baby. It can’t do anything for itself. Just as you can’t feed a baby while you make dinner, you can’t feed your business while juggling everything else. Carve out time each day to dedicate to your side hustle—after the children are in bed, early mornings. Explain to your family the importance of this time. Close your office door. My clients know that I coach at the end of the workday from my CEO role—from 5:00 to 6:00 pm and 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Celebrate successes, even small ones. This is how to fend off burnout. Whether it is a good cup of coffee, a bubble bath, dinner out with friends or a photoshoot at your favorite park, create a boundary around “me time.” Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and corporate CEO who helps busy leaders get off the treadmill to nowhere to enjoy better leadership, higher income, more calm, and connected relationships with the people who matter while it still matters. Watch her FREE Master Class training on Three Things to Transform Your Life and Career Right Now at presentation.



Photo: Anita Buzzy, Buzzy Photography




ody Salerno wants women to avoid becoming victims by preparing them with lethal and non-lethal personal protection skills. She bought her first gun 4 years ago after her divorce. She had been married for 27 years and found herself alone—and vulnerable—for the first time. Though she took a class so she would feel comfortable with basic gun use, she still wasn’t ready to carry it. So she took another class, this time, in tactical gun use, where she learned to shoot around barrels and other obstacles. She was hooked. When she began shooting competitively, other women approached Jody and asked if she would teach them to shoot as well. Following her NRA certification to teach shooting, Salerno began her company, Personal Safety Alliance. “Everyone who owns a gun needs to practice to keep their skills up,” Salerno explained. “Learning how to safely use a gun and knowing when to shoot are essential life-saving skills. Practicing techniques helps you remain calm and be more accurate in an emergency situation.” That gun cannot save your life or the lives of loved ones without the knowledge and training on how to use it. Salerno herself is constantly seeking training and certifications, even with her advanced skill level. “I love training because it helps me be a better teacher.”

Personal Safety Alliance offers firearms training, specializing in training new women shooters. Salerno aims to help beginners through different skill levels so they will feel comfortable with concealed carry. “I also hold situational awareness seminars and workshops customized for people’s needs,” she added, “like realtors, in-home care-givers, or college students. Different groups need to learn skills for getting out of situations specific to their occupation or stage of life.” Though Salerno believes that a gun is the most reliable way to protect yourself, in her workshops, she talks to these groups about situational awareness, how predators choose their victims, and how to get away from an attacker, such as how to get out of wrist or choke holds. She also covers non-lethal ways that you can protect yourself. “The number of people becoming victims of violent crime is staggering. This is why learning self-defense and gun handling skills is so important. Even learning how to effectively use pepper spray can save your life.” Along with her workshops and trainings, Salerno also sells personal protection products through First Watch Personal Protection, a subsidiary of Personal Safety Alliance. Visit or contact for more information.


CULTURE IN THIS SECTION: International Cover Model Amy Elmore Calls #TimesUp! on Being Seen, Not Heard

Brittany McComas.............................................. 42

Man Up and Listen

Ben Carroll........................................................ 45

BOOK REVIEW: The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes

Jessica L. McCrory.................................................... 47

FILM REVIEW: The Greatest Showman

Karen Captline................................................... 48

Erasing the Border Between Fashion and Fine Art Cori Wamsley.................................................... 49

Bringing Free Education to the Girls of Pakistan Against the Odds

Malee Kenworthy................................................ 51

Angelica Hale: A Powerful Voice and a Caring Heart

Samantha Roth................................................... 52

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” —Ella Fitzgerald

Last fall, the nation saw the #MeToo movement take social media by storm as women everywhere posted their stories of sexual harassment or abuse. It was eye-opening and thought-provoking. Better still, it prompted conversation, empowerment, and change. In October, the answering movement, Time’s Up, began holding meetings to support the change that women crave. Actresses, agents, writers, and other women in the entertainment industry in Hollywood gathered to develop an initiative to fight harassment in the workplace. They are over 300 members strong, and men who support the movement have joined them. Women in the entertainment industry frequently fall victim to men in powerful positions and do whatever they are told to help their careers, some-

times against their will. Some are paid for their silence. All of them suffer. But no longer are they alone. The Time’s Up supporters want to end sexual harassment in show business by 2020, and these women have made a strong start by drawing attention to the problem at awards ceremonies, which people usually watch to see their beautiful dresses. Now, when we watch, we also hear their message. At the 2018 Grammy’s, the #TimesUp supporters wore white roses inspired by the suffragettes. Women at the 2018 Golden Globes wore black dresses. And many of those behind the microphone used their time to speak out about the movement.

Photo: Kevin Sheffield



ON BEING SEEN, NOT HEARD by Brittany McComas

Amy Elmore has been making waves in the entertainment industry alongside so many strong women who have come together to shed light on sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual assault in the workplace. As a famous international cover model, Elmore is one of the first models to come out about sexual misconduct in the modeling industry. She has since used her personal experiences to encourage other women to dream, fulfill their goals, and strive to become the most magnificent versions of themselves. What was it like being an international cover model? My career started when I won a cover model contest and was sincerely “thrown” into the world of modeling. I was brighteyed and hopeful because I had just been given my dream job: like every other woman who gets to live her dream. I was also so young that it was a bit daunting. I didn’t have adult skills at 17, either. And during my time in the modeling industry, the photographers had a lot of influence. The magazines didn’t choose models; the photographers did. So, naturally, they had power over you, and they used it to their advantage often. Some were respectful, yet others abused the situation entirely. On one particular shoot, I was told, “I can make you look good or bad. It’s up to you.” I knew he wanted a sexual favor, and if I didn’t give him what he wanted, I might not book another shoot. Was there an ultimate moment during your modeling career when you felt helpless? Some photographers and industry professionals thought it was okay to do things like grab your butt. Being in a foreign country alone when this is happening can be even more daunting. At times, I felt as if I wasn’t being taken care of by my agency. I remember one day when I was at a photo shoot, the makeup artist commented on how pretty I was, but I felt used and dirty. A week later, I saw the picture from that shoot on a billboard, and I thought of how many girls wanted to be just like me. They had no idea what had happened the night before that shoot. In those days, you just had to “get over” whatever happened to you in the industry—or you wouldn’t have a job. I chose to keep everything that had happened to me a secret, so I could continue working.

For nearly 20 years you stayed completely silent about your experience in the modeling industry. What made you want to speak out? I finally decided that I couldn’t hide it anymore. I had to be my true self. So, I spoke up. Growing up in the south, I never had a voice. I certainly didn’t have one in the modeling industry. Finding that voice was cathartic for me. Helping others find their voice, the courage to be their true selves, and the will to show their inner beauty is a shining light in my life. What are you doing to help other women have a voice and celebrate their true selves? Currently, I’m using my voice to write a book called Seen, Not Heard to help women speak up and use their voice when they have been harassed or sexually assaulted or are dealing with a mental health issue. After realizing my story needed to be heard, I connected with you to help me pen my memoir. Seen, Not Heard is a beautiful story, filled with sexism and southern ways, where the protagonist finds herself without a voice. I carried a personal pain in silence for 20 years until I got help from my therapist and learned how to process what had happened to me when I was a model. When I share my story as a #MeToo or #TimesUp! it not only helps me but also helps others realize they are not alone. Seen, Not Heard is not about a blame game, but a means to empower women to speak out. To band together to make things happen. If a woman has been assaulted or is suicidal, I want her to get help and not be silent. Don’t be seen, not heard. It’s time to speak up for yourself! n

Brittany McComas is a writer, producer whose debut film, Dr. Sugarloaf, world premiered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, while her feature film, American Fango, has received international acclaim as a multi-award winning film, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay and is now in global distribution. Most recently, she was published in the anthology A Place in Words: 25 Years of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, which launched with Sir Jeremy Irons officiating at the London Library.



Photo: Kathy Hutchins /


Oprah received the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes, and she stated in her rousing speech— “I'm especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell, and this year, we became the story. “But it's not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. It's one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace. So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. They're the women whose names we' ll never know. They are domestic workers and farm workers. They are working in factories, and they work in restaurants, and they're in academia, engineering, medicine, and science. They're part of the world of tech and politics and business. They're our athletes in the Olympics, and they're our soldiers in the military.”

Oprah Winfrey at the 75th Golden Globes Press Room at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, CA

Photo: Kathy Hutchins /


When Nicole Kidman won her 2018 Golden Globe, she extended her gratitude to the female cast and production team of Big Little Lies for their loyalty and friendship that is changing the game in Hollywood. Since her television character in the show was living the perfect life to the outside world and experiencing horrifying domestic violence behind closed doors, she shed light on the #TimesUp movement as well in her speech. “When I say us, I'm talking about Reese Witherspoon and myself. We did this because of our friendship, our creative union, and our support of each other. And I love you. “Also, I want to say Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoey Kravitz, we sat at a table, pledged allegiance to each other, and commitment to each other and this is ours to share. Wow. The power of women…”

Nicole Kidman at the 75th Golden Globes Press Room at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, CA


Janelle Monae at the Variety's Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch at the Parker Palm Springs on January 3, 2017 in Palm Springs, CA

“We come in peace, but we mean business. And to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: Time's Up. We say Time's Up for pay inequality, Time's Up for discrimination, Time's Up for harassment of any kind, and Time's Up for the abuse of power…and just as we have the power to shape culture, we also have the power to undo the culture that does not serve us well. So, let's work together, women and men, as a united music industry committed to creating more safe work environments, equal pay, and access for all women.”

Photo: Aija Lehtonen /

At the 2018 Grammy Awards, singer and Hidden Figures actress Janelle Monae introduced Kesha to sing “Praying” with the Resistance Revival Chorus and other fabulous female vocalists. During Keysha’s introduction, Janelle Monae gave a poignant speech about the #TimesUp Movement.

A man’s thoughts on the #MeToo movement—


Photo: Denice Duff

LISTEN by Ben Carroll


onfession. It's very tempting to say nothing, or very little. Much of me feels it's not my place. I should just listen. I'm a man. I don't really understand. I don't really know what it's like to be a woman. But I want to positively contribute to the conversation about the evil that women endure. Because women’s subjugation is everywhere, and men are the subjugators. Bottom line to my sisters, mothers, daughters: I hear you and honor you. And I vow to wake up myself and the men around me. To keep trying through failure, to accept discomfort as a condition for rejecting norms. I commit to being a positive, respectful and loving man, and not an agent of inertia. I personally vow to honor the women of the world. The women in my life and who I pass in the transits of my life. My daughters to come. The queens who hold up this mess and make it beautiful. Do women want to even hear anything from men right now? I’ve experienced that some do, and some don’t. What is the best way to support? More people than ever— some men really for the first time, including me—are thinking and talking about the scale of the repulsive reality women navigate every day. We’re getting a glimmer of our privilege, and at whose expense. As we begin to realize the depth, enormity and frequency of the issue for all women, my hope is that increasingly men will recognize the need for change. Our

need to do and be better by women. And to begin with, we must be receptive to girls and women. And may hearing lead to wondering. Inquiring about anything that arises for us. To do so honestly and bravely. Let that lead to a strengthening practice of asking questions, of ourselves and of each other, of all genders and opinions. Let us hinge our identity not on positions but on being humans who ask and stop to value the answers, even if we don’t agree. I’m not an expert. I’m beginning to discover. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says 1 out of every 5 American women and girls will be raped during their life (that’s 23 million), and 44% of the rest will still experience some form of sexual violence (53 million). Some women I know say those numbers are unrealistically low, that many offenses still go unreported (the CDC agrees), and regardless: all the women I know have been the recipients of predatory behavior from men. From here, I wonder where I contribute to the problem, without knowing it. Where am I using my relationship with women to escape my pain or responsibility? How can I be an influence of respect? What are the most effective ways to speak up and disallow disrespect when I encounter it? What are the cultural and institutional origins and trends that instruct and embolden boys and men to disconnect from, objectify, and tyrannize girls and women, wherever the treatment falls on the continuum? There are subtle—and


not so subtle—trespasses written into the codes of our societies. They tell us (whether we are aware) to degrade, dismiss, belittle, harass, overstep, and much worse. How do we dismantle it? How do I write a new one for myself and those in my life? Yes, we should call out disrespect and shut it down whenever and wherever we see it. We should join forces with groups that mentor boys in emotional intelligence. We should educate ourselves on the resources available to the victims of men’s abuse (and it is overwhelmingly a men’s issue, the world over). We should learn from the work being done on how men can positively affect the peer culture, by making gender prejudice morally unacceptable. But maybe most importantly, we need to listen to and digest what women go through. We need to thank them for their clarity and courage in sharing what they’ve been shown by the world is their fault and their burden. Because it’s not. It’s their experience. And it’s an experience men have allowed, if not directly caused. All of us. n

Ben Carroll is a Los Angeles musician-singer, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His various studio and live projects range from soul to classic jazz to upbeat sunny California surf pop, and more.




by Jessica L. McCrory challenge herself for one year to say “yes” to everything and everyone! From the outside, she appeared to have it all. She was the writer of three hit TV shows on ABC. She was a great mother to her three children. She was beautiful, successful, passionate, and very talented. Her life was beyond anything she could have hoped for, yet despite all of this, her own insecurities, anxiety, and unhappiness were debilitating, causing her to miss out on the very life she worked so hard to build. Rhimes’ book proves that words have the power to impact our attitudes, beliefs, and actions in incredible ways, just as Mahamata Gandhi stated, “Your words become your actions, actions become habits, habits become values, and values become your destiny.” Year of Yes has an incredible message for the reader, but sometimes that message

was hidden by the details, wordiness, and lengthy descriptions of her encounters. The book is an easy read, as it feels more like a conversation. Rhimes’ warmth and enthusiasm makes her connection to the reader feel as though you are a good friend and she is removing her mask, unveiling her insecurities and flaws to you in the most authentic light. It truly is an inspiring book and one that forces the reader to take a step back and re-evaluate their own life, the words they use, and the impact those words have on their family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances, but perhaps most importantly on their own personal thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs. The last line of the book leaves a huge impact on the reader and sums up the book in one simplistic statement: “Say ‘Yes’ to always dancing in the sun.” n

Screenwriter, director and producer Shonda Rhimes signs her book,Year of Yes.



Photo: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images


ould a single word hold the power to change your life forever? If you have never given a second thought to the power of our words, then Shonda Rhimes’ book Year of Yes will have you thinking quite differently. In this book, Rhimes takes us all on her personal journey of self-discovery as she forces herself to say “YES.” Yes to every opportunity, experience, challenge, and request thrown her way. She learns to say “yes” to her own imperfections, flaws, and insecurities, but most importantly, she learns to say “yes” to herself and to all life has to offer. The challenge came from a statement her sister made at Thanksgiving, “You never say ‘yes’ to anything.” This simple statement stung Rhimes to her core, because deep down she knew her sister was right. And from that day, a fire was ignited in her as she made the decision to

Photo: 20th Century Fox



by Karen Captline


ome one, come all to the amazing true story of P.T. Barnum! Well, in the tradition of Barnum, that’s not what you’re going to get. What are you going to get? A rags-to-riches story with a bit of cliché, a helping of corn, a 48-year-old playing a 19-year-old, and an opera singer who doesn’t sing opera. But are you going to enjoy it? Absolutely. In that way, is the perfect tribute to its subject. Hanging on the frame of Barnum’s fictionalized story are lessons in self-acceptance, tolerance, and redemption. Hugh Jackman’s Barnum is a desperate man, walking the tightrope of trying to have it all. Barnum’s famous Oddities are a tribe of outcasts just trying to be seen. An unlikely romance is thrown in for good measure. All have a sense of brokenness,


but they all come together to find what they need in the end. That may be a trite synopsis of an average plot, but the experience of the film’s anthemic songs, brilliant choreography, and spectacular cinematography will keep you bouncing out of your seat and catching your breath in a way that other movie musicals do not inspire. The Greatest Showman is as close to a Broadway experience in a movie theater that you’re going to find. The creators brought in real Broadway powerhouses: songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen) and orchestrator Alex Lacamoire (Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen). These artists have produced a contemporary soundtrack that sits at the top of the billboard charts for good reason. They expertly craft songs for optimal emotional effect. Whether


expressing boundless joy, stunning beauty, or emotional destruction, their songs tend to cause eyes to leak uncontrollably. Consider yourself warned. For anyone who has felt invisible or broken, this movie is for you. For anyone who has lost their way and found their way home, this movie is for you. If you want to enjoy a Broadway experience for the price of a movie ticket, this movie is for you. So, come one, come all—escape into the spectacle, and leave the theater uplifted and ready to come back for more. n

Karen Captline is a graphic designer and semi-pro theatre fan.



Photo: Max Zoto

Oksana Tanasiv’s Fashion Art: Parfum de Femme collection transcends the canvas, becoming a three-dimensional piece of art, one we can see and feel. The fabric cascades from the frames, inviting us into her world, as the art seeps in ours. Tanasiv’s use of mixed media makes her paintings come alive, so we become not only observers, but also an extension of the painting. Before developing this collection, Tanasiv typically painted with oil or acrylic on canvas in two dimensions, like many other artists. As she improved her technique, though, she wanted to create something different to catch the public’s eye. So she started to experiment with attaching fabric to create a 3D look—she has sewn since she was younger, so it was a beautiful blend of her skills. That opened the door for her to use other materials typically used by designers. She began sewing crystals, sequins, and beads to the canvas to accomplish just the right look. “Christian Dior’s designer collection of dresses is one of my sources of inspiration,” Tanasiv said. “Beige, pink, and blue, lots of crystals. That’s signature Dior. Junon, one of his designs from the 1949 winter collection, is my favorite dress from fashion history, so I developed a piece with it.” Tanasiv’s dress cascades onto steps below the installation, turning the 2D painting into a 3D sculpture at the bottom. Like the original dress— on display at the Metropolitan Museum—each petal is decorated with thousands of sequins and crystals. Her personal technique—oil stitching—is how she makes the painted part of the dresses look like fabric. After painting her

Photo: Tamiz U.Rezvi

by Cori Wamsley

design, she then pulls oil from the tubes of oil paint into thin lines over the canvas. This takes roughly two weeks to dry, but it accomplishes a 3D look, making it appear as close to real as possible. Oil stitching helped her convey the fragility of the fabric on canvas. Attending fashion shows is part of Tanasiv’s creativity process. “I love learning about how designers create and seeing what is new in fashion. I look at magazines and enjoy going to New York Fashion Week for inspiration.” Tanasiv strives to tell the message of beauty that designers like Dior invoke with their designs. “By transferring fashion to canvas, I am bringing fashion illustration to the level of fine art,” she said. “I want to bring attention to these styles from a different viewpoint. I want people to enjoy the art on different levels, using different techniques and materials. Fashion is unique and gorgeous. It’s timeless.” Tanasiv’s Fashion Art: Parfum de Femme installation uses oil, Swarovski crystals in different colors, and fabric over painted canvas. These canvases are all installed on steps, just like the Junon, that support the fabric pouring from the canvas and could stand like sculptures on the floor. Because Tanasiv wants to “convey that there are no borders between fashion and fine art,” the Parfum de Femme collection features unframed works. Aside from Tanasiv’s Fashion Art: Parfum de Femme collection, her Fashion Art includes two other different artistic styles, based on different techniques. Her Fashion Illustration Series was created with watercolors and includes roughly 50 pieces that help satisfy Tanasiv’s artistic needs to deliver the message of beauty and translate design from Fashion Week. Tanasiv’s art has been featured at exhibits at Fashion Week New York every year since 2012, both in September and February. Her work has also appeared in Times Square, fashion shows, and other venues around New York City. Over this winter, Tanasiv’s Parfum de Femme collection has been on display at Lloyd’s International Gallery in New York City. These exquisite pieces are available for purchase. For more information or to discuss purchase of Tanasiv’s work, please visit her website at n



Malee taught the girls art in at Sister Zeph’s Zephaniah Free Education Center. They painted these images of the challenges they face and the beauty of being young ladies in Pakistan. Photos by Malee Kenworthy.



ister Zeph lives in Punjab, Pakistan, where women and girls have historically been prevented from obtaining an education because their culture teaches that a woman’s place is in the home. She is changing that perception one life at time. Despite being attacked, shot, and facing other difficulties and circumstances out of her control, she still gets up every morning and soldiers on. She is my inspiration. I first saw Sister Zeph three years ago when Malala shared Sister Zeph’s documentary on her Facebook page. I only watched half of it at that time (I watched the rest a year later) because it touched me so deeply, and I was sad. I knew in my heart that she needed help, so I messaged Sister Zeph immediately. We quickly became close, and I began teaching art classes to some of the girls at her center over video conference every weekend. Exactly one year after meeting Sister Zeph, I flew to Pakistan by myself just

by Malee Kenworthy mere days after a suicide bomber killed himself and many others in Lahore, the city I was flying into. When I was there I learned a lot about the value of money and being grateful. I experienced just a taste of what Sister Zeph has to go through every day firsthand. In America, it is easy for me to run my errands, care for myself, and carry on a normal life without a second thought. But in Pakistan, the pollution is so bad that it truly is difficult to breathe or sometimes even see the sky, and Sister Zeph has to think about every possible danger when she goes outside because she is a woman. She has to have a man accompany her when leaving her home, and buying anything there is not as easy as it is in America. Everyone has to deal with fluctuating prices at the market, and women have to deal with harassment. When I was there with Sister Zeph, I got to experience how difficult accomplishing something simple can be, and I marvel now at the fact

that she has almost single-handedly built her school, persuaded people to send their daughters to her school, paid teachers’ salaries every month, dealt with harassment and threats, handled medical issues in the family, and more. Sister Zeph is truly an example to us all of what can be accomplished with determination, willpower, vision, persistence, and patience. Whenever I struggle, I think of her and realize how easy I have it where I am. She has to be a warrior in her situation and that gives me strength even though I am on the other side of the planet. Through the relationships that women in the west forge with women in the east, we can bridge the divide that exists in politics and transform this world to be more equal and empowered. No one can stop this. We must continue connecting with one another and raising each other up. Sister Zeph shows me this every day through her actions and persistence in the face of opposition. n

This year’s Global Sisterhood’s Global Gala, Pittsburgh’s premier international celebration, will generate funds to benefit Sister Zeph’s school in Pakistan to help provide education and safe facilities for the students. For more information or to purchase tickets for the April 14th event, please visit



Photo: Provided by Angelica Hale

Network Hospitals and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I’m proud that I can help the kids in the hospital that are in the same situation as I was. I got through it all and I can help them get through it too.

Photo: Provided by Angelica Hale

What do you do to help these kids? I am passionate about supporting and raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta saved my life, and I want to do everything I can to support them and children's hospitals all over the world! Who do you look up to the most? I look up to Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys most because they are very talented singers with such inspirational music, and their voices are absolutely amazing. What's a typical day like for you? I practice my singing and spend time with my family.


A Powerful Voice and a Caring Heart by Samantha Roth Coming in as the first runner up for America’s Got Talent in 2017, Angelica Hale is a name you won’t want to forget. At only nine years old, she has an incredible voice, allowing her to receive recognition and attention across the world! She is also passionate about helping other children, after a severe case of pneumonia led to sepsis that weakened her kidneys, causing her to need a kidney transplant. I had the opportunity to interview Hale during her time on America’s Got Talent, and here is what she had to say. Why do you love to perform and sing? It makes me feel amazing! I especially love to see the reactions from the audience. I enjoy performing for charities to help support and raise money for my causes: the Children's Miracle 52


Outside of singing, what's your favorite hobby or activity? My favorite hobbies are drawing, playing the piano, and acting. I also love spending time with my family. What's one thing you want to tell your fans and people watching you? I just want to tell them, “Thank you everyone who voted for me and showed me love and support! It really means a lot. I can't wait for you guys to see what I'll perform next!” Going into the competition of America’s Got Talent, what's one thing you hope to learn? I hope to have bigger confidence on bigger stages and to always be humble and kind. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself performing my songs all around the world and inspiring people, still raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. n A senior musical theatre major at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, Samantha Roth is a pageant competitor with numerous titles. Currently, she is the American Royal Beauties National Ambassador, which she uses to promote her platform, The Global Sisterhood.

FOOD & TRAVEL IN THIS SECTION: Passport to Inspiration: Ireland

Kim Adley..................................................................................... 54

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Villa Blanca Restaurant

Dr. Shellie Hipsky....................................................................... 60

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret.” The Wild Atlantic Way, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

—Oscar Wilde




Kim Adley’s Photo: Ray Feather


IRELAND “CEAD MILE FAILTE”: A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES Ireland has always fascinated me, and it was a dream come true when I crossed the pond last fall for a holiday escape with family. After an easy overnight flight, I landed in Dublin with excitement and trepidation. The first person to greet me in Dublin was a young man named Liam at the car rental kiosk. I will never forget him. It was 5:00 am, but he greeted me with a smile and calmed my fears about driving UK-style to our destination of Adare. Liam would be the first of many who welcomed me to Ireland with the warmth and hospitality that personifies their expression “Cead Mile Failte.” Three hours later we arrived in Adare, named the “prettiest village” in Ireland, and tis the truth. Adare, its main street lined with cozy pubs, quaint shops, and a park, is a multiple winner of Ireland’s prestigious nationwide “Tidy Town Competition.” On the outskirts of town are thatched roof cottages and three abbeys dating from the 13th to 15th century. A villa on the grounds of the Adare Manor Hotel was to be our home base for the next 5 days as we explored. Once the 18th century home to the Earl of Dunraven, Adare Manor is now a luxury 5-star hotel surrounded by a championship golf course. We began our adventure that afternoon with high tea at the Manor House nibbling sweets and surrounded by old world elegance. I wanted to see Ireland “my way” and not by motor coach or with me driving white-knuckled, so I did my research and hired a local guide. Gerard Scott, owner of Killarney Guided Tours, greeted us the next morning like dear friends. His smile, relaxed confidence, and charming brogue put us all at ease as he whisked us off to our first stop, the 14th century medieval stronghold, Blarney Castle. We climbed the narrow tower stairs to partake in the 200-year-old ritual of kissing the Blarney Stone because one can never have enough “gift of eloquence.” The view from the castle tower was spectacular and presented the rolling countryside in varying shades of green. We strolled through the Blarney Gardens and lunched at the Blarney Woolen Mills with time for shopping in their



flagship store. The afternoon was spent in the picturesque harbor town of Cobh, the Titanic’s last port of call in 1912. The Cobh Heritage Center houses a poignant museum that explores Ireland’s history of mass emigration during the Great Famine (1844–48) and the Titanic Experience. We ended our day in the industrial town of Midleton at the Old Jameson Distillery. This expansive distillery provides an excellent history of Irish whiskey making and houses the world’s largest still, holding over 30,000 gallons. We tasted and toasted with tourists and locals alike. The next morning, we departed early for the farthest western point of Ireland, The Dingle Peninsula and the narrow roads of the Wild Atlantic Way. This tourism trail traverses the coastline of Ireland and provides breathtaking scenery at each turn. More that 157 points of discovery and 1,000 attractions lie along the route, including a treasure trove of early Christian sites dating to the 7th century. Once in the charming seaside town of Dingle, we sampled the local specialty, fish and chips with a side of mushy peas, and that night at Pat Collins Pub, we again enjoyed “cead mile failte,” Irish stew, Guinness, and the lilting music of local musicians. Our next day of adventure began with a fortifying Irish coffee at the famous Red Fox Inn and a 105-mile drive to explore the natural wonders of the Ring of Kerry. We stopped for lunch in Portmagee, a mussel farming village and gateway to the remote Skellig Islands, known for a well-preserved early Christian monastery and the stone beehive dwellings featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With Gerard at the wheel, we enjoyed the scenic drive through some of the most unspoiled landscape I have ever seen. Our goal was to watch the sunset over the lakes in Killarney National Park, and we were not disappointed as the sun broke through the clouds with perfect timing. After a quick stop for shopping in the bustling city of Killarney, it was time for dinner at another local pub, Bill Chawke’s, for music, whiskey, banter, and a relaxing end to another memorable day. I loved my Irish adventure. Ireland and her people were all I imagined and more. Did I want to leave? No. Will I return? To be sure! n

Sunset in Killarney National Park

Blarney Castle

Shops in Dingle, Ireland

Lakes of Killarney National Park


“The Washing Pool,” Adare Village Park

Abandoned Farm House, Castlecove, Ring of Kerry

Jameson Whiskey Distillery, Midleton, Ireland

The “Gallarus Oratory,� Early Christian Church, County Kerry, Ireland

Railway Bridge, Lipsole, Dingle Peninsula

IF YOU GO: • Adare Manor Villas,

• Killarney National Park,

• Bill Chawke’s,

• Pat Collins Pub,

• Adare Manor Hotel, • Blarney Castle and Gardens, • Blarney Woolen Mills,

• Cobh Heritage Centre,

• Killarney Guided Tours,

• Old Jameson Distillery, • Red Fox Inn,

• Ring of Kerry,

• Wild Atlantic Way,


by Dr. Shellie Hipsky • Photos by Villa Blanca Restaurant Photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Villa Blanca Restaurant is a posh Beverly Hills unique addition of roasted red pepper with the traditional mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes. establishment just off of Rodeo Drive with an allI have a personal rule about pasta: it must be white motif. Co-owned by glamourous Lisa Van“calorie worthy” for me to indulge in the carbs! derpump, it has been featured on Bravo TV’s The The Spaghetti Lolita did not disappoint my taste Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump buds. I enjoyed the well portioned chicken dish Rules. with roasted tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, and Villa Blanca is a great location for a relaxed, elwhite wine. egant dinner or a delicious cocktail. It can accomFor desert, the chef brought us multiple demodate up to 200 guests for a cocktail party or lights from the Crème Brulee to the Fresh Berries Lisa Vanderpump private event as easily as a lovely romantic dinner and Cream. My favorite was the Double Fudge for two. The menu features Mediterranean-inChocolate Cake. Served with sea salt gelato and spired dishes made with fresh local ingredients. walnuts, it was a rich, moist cake with layers of chocolate gaI loved the vanilla-colored décor and the lavish displays nache. of white roses. The vibe was on-trend and lovely with many I’m looking forward to returning to Villa Blanca or trying another Vanderpump-owned restaurant such as Sur during my young, stylish people dining and taking selfies by candlelight. next visit to the West Coast. n My team and I indulged in several delicacies at Villa Blanca. I started with the Beet and Avocado Tartare. The red and 9601 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | 310.859.7600 golden beets combined with the avocado and radish were tangy and beautifully presented. My colleague loved the Caprese a la Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner from 11am–10pm Villa Blanca, and she is a connoisseur of caprese salads since Brunch: Sat & Sun 11am–5pm Happy Hour: 5–7pm Daily (1/2 off all cocktails, wine, & beer) she orders them at most places where we dine. She enjoyed the



HEALTH & WELLNESS IN THIS SECTION: Visualization, Meditation, and a Path to Dealing with Emotions

Marie Delanote.......................................................................... 63

Hope for Our Midlife Crisis and the Search for Self Cori Wamsley............................................................................. 64

Work/Life Balance: The Secret Revealed

Pamela Power Scanlon, M.S................................................... 67

COLUMN: For the Love of Baseball

Rachael Rennebeck................................................................... 69

The Power of Positive

Alice Beckett-Rumberger.......................................................... 71

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing toward being a champion.” —Billie Jean King


Visualization, Meditation, and a Path to Dealing with Emotions

by Marie Delanote


Photo: Norman Feakins

e are who we are, a compilation of everything we have ever experienced since the birth of our souls. As we are all aware of the history of humanity, we can only imagine what our souls have been through and what we are carrying with us now energetically or what has been pushed away in our subconscious. Many deeply seated fears, worries, and illnesses we experience now are linked to these past events. How is illness linked to this, you might wonder? Our emotions and body react to our mind. The mind is like a TV screen; it creates images. When you watch a TV program, it makes you feel a certain way—your emotions are affected by the image on the screen. Images you make in your mind also make you feel a certain way. You react to these images, and in its turn, your body reacts to your emotions. Fearful images and emotions create an unhealthy and fragile body. Good images and emotions create a healthy body. Changing the images in your mind is the gateway to a healed, happy, and healthy life. Teaching children to acknowledge and deal with their emotions is crucial, as trapped emotions lay at the base of illness, anxiety, and depression. From a very young age, many children are taught to “be tough” or “get on with it” and are told “it’s not that bad.” They are not guided to listen to what’s happening inside themselves, even though our emotions guide us. Our emotions tell us what’s going on in our mind. These emotions are our

GPS; without them, we get lost. Listening to our feelings creates knowledge, giving guidance in life and peace within. Visualization exercises and techniques are incredibly powerful. Multiple psychologists now claim that one hour of visualization is worth seven hours of physical effort. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience. Meditation has been proven to physically reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, affect the brain, and ease stress and anxiety, as well as promote higher concentration and aid sleep. When I was a child, my parents divorced. They were taught to hide their emotions and had no idea how to deal with them. Everything was pushed away. They were taught to turn off the GPS…my sisters and I were taught the same. Growing up, I had major anger outbursts and developed OCD to control my anxiety. As a teenager and young woman, I went through depression twice. Then motherhood and my children opened my eyes. I noticed how the pattern continued; my two eldest children had no idea how to deal with their emotions. I realized that I had had enough and needed to help myself first before I could help the boys. I studied books and articles about the power of the mind, meditation, visualisation, and the Law of Attraction. I began to develop my own coping mechanisms, CONTINUED ON PAGE 112

Acorns to Great Oaks—Meditations for Children Meditation and awareness training allows us to find the place in our hearts and minds where we feel happy and trusting, so that we can feel good again, in any situation, wherever we are, and as quickly as possible. By performing these meditations and exercises regularly, children will become:

• Aware of their own importance in the world

• Aware of the role of energy

• Aware of how their thoughts and feelings influence their lives and those of others

• Aware of their connection with the beautiful planet we live on

• Aware of how they can change anything for the better, easily and quickly, in order to create trust, strength and happiness. The exercises in this book teach children how to have power and control over how they feel, what’s happening and where they want to be in life! Exercises may be performed in as little as one minute or as long as 5-10 minutes, making it easy to incorporate them into daily life or a longer learning session. They rely on fun visualisation techniques that enhance creative thinking, mental strength, positive thinking, and self-esteem, in order to harness the mind—the basis of a fabulous, happy, and successful life.





n article that appeared on’s blog last fall sparked debate, commiseration, and some serious soul searching among many of the women who read it. “The New Midlife Crisis: Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women”* by Ada Calhoun commented on what many women in their thirties and forties already know: we are exhibiting a “toxic brew of fear, anxiety and anger” that is causing us to crack. The source of our exhaustion, overwhelm, and frustration boils down to a dangerous mix of unfortunate personal and societal issues that affect women’s ability to earn and save money and our position as mothers, wives, daughters, and career-driven women and the stress that puts on us physically and mentally, along with disappointment in our careers due to lack of mental stimulation or mobility or the fact that it hasn’t turned out to be what we initially thought we were in for. A gigantic case of buyer’s remorse. We feel stuck, broke, and hopeless. The article states that “[n]early 60 percent of Gen Xers describe themselves as stressed out […] More than one in five women are on antidepressants.” Many women in our generation went from accruing debt for a college education that we may or may not be using straight to being unable to find a job during the early 90s’ recession or the following recovery…or the following recession in 2001. With all that education, we also carry enormous credit card debt and mortgages, plus the cost of raising kids, fertility meds and more involved in the struggle to have them, car payments, and more add to the debt. Today, these women also help out or care for aging *




parents, as well. Add in a job—and usually a side gig—and Gen X women are left scrambling to make ends meet while grasping at the threads of our vanishing sanity. And that’s a project that Pinterest hasn’t been able to help us with. We feel guilty about, well, everything, especially complaining about or seeking help with “all our blessings.” To compound our external stressors, at mid-life, our hormones are winding up for the grand finale—menopause. No wonder we need happy pills. Though the article detailed why Gen X women are in a tailspin, it lacked a solution, or at least hope. So I spoke with Kristie Knights, a licensed professional counsellor and divorce mediator, about how we can ditch exhaustion and overwhelm and find ourselves amid the chaos. “It starts with knowing ourselves and our core values,” Knights said. “We get lost in the pursuit of pleasing others as women.” Society’s expectations, as well as those from the people in our lives, can cause us to drift from our heart-centered goals and ideals. “Pursuit of acceptance causes us to lose sight of who we are at our core.” Knights said that, unfortunately, the process of returning to our core values requires more than just a bubble bath and a glass of wine. “We have to look at who we were prior to the hustle of life, before we left our dreams behind.” Tough as it may be, women need time to soul-search


through reflection, journaling, and sitting in silence “to become comfortably uncomfortable with where we are, realign with who we were, and learn to say ‘no’ to what puts too much on our plates or doesn’t feel right.” Renewing our identities is essential so we can move forward and address the hopelessness or loneliness in our pursuit of joy and peace. Being entangled in the identity of others and the role of our ancestors instead of our own identity means that we must define for ourselves what “care of a child” means, for example. “Many women believe that’s ‘being attentive at our own expense.’ But children need space to be independent, too,” Knights said. “We have to create boundaries, carve out space, and delegate quality time as the top priority.” For those of us who work from home, this may mean spending time with a child first and then shifting to the office space so the child feels satisfied that she received enough attention. Speaking of children, when we are modeling over-extending ourselves to the point of mental breakdown, how can we keep our children from repeating this cycle? Knights suggested that we become more aware, responsible, and honest about what we are doing, especially when we talk to our children. “If we can pause and say, ‘this was a poor choice, it made our day crazy,’ we let them see that we make mistakes. This gives them permission to make mis-


takes and take responsibility for their actions, as well as identifying a better way of handling things next time.” It helps them develop the extra layer of awareness that we weren’t necessarily taught when we were growing up. And to help us break out of the cycle and ground ourselves, Knights recommends— • Returning to your core values by journaling, reflection, or considering coaching or professional support to re-identify who you are • Moving toward achieving your goals • Returning to things that permit rejuvenation • Resetting your mind so you can tackle the next step, even if it’s sitting on the bathroom floor for ten minutes while the kids watch a cartoon • Developing a support network to help you get through each day What you do now to reclaim your life can lead you to more enjoyment and satisfaction, as well as preparing the next generation to stand strong, know themselves, and not become lost and overwhelmed the way we have. We have to give ourselves permission to be ourselves, for everyone’s sake. n Cori Wamsley is a writing coach, book editor, author, and the executive editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She helps people turn thoughts into words. Connect with her at

Work/Life Balance: The Secret Revealed by Pamela Power Scanlon, M.S.


hen we conceptualize work/ life balance, most of us imagine an ideal scenario where we finally have our acts fully together. Where everything is in perfect balance. We’re killing it at work. Our home-life is happy. We’re jamming at the gym. And our social life is smooth as silk. But for most of us, that’s something we strive for, not something we maintain. Instead, we long to discover the system that will empower us to achieve the proper distribution of our time and energy across all these areas. Why? So we can finally let go of the guilt that looms like a little grey cloud over our heads when we feel like we’re giving more of ourselves to certain areas than to others. Guess what. I’m about to reveal the magic 4-step system that will keep the guilt away and keep us feeling on top of our game. Are you ready?

Imagine a tightrope walker. She’s keenly aware of when she’s off center. So she gracefully shifts her weight, leaning first to one side and then the other to steady herself. And through her process of fluidly responding in a back and forth motion, she maintains her balance and continues moving forward. Rather than maintaining our rigid definition and continuing to strive for an equal distribution of our attention across all the areas of our life, let’s broaden the scope to something more achievable and blow that cloud of guilt away once and for all. After all, if the tightrope walker tried to maintain her balance by walking rigidly and didn’t allow for ebb and flow, she’d fall. I want to invite you to adopt this new definition: the act of responding in a back and forth rhythm that keeps our work and life progressing forward.

Step 1: Redefine Balance. On those rare but lovely days when our work/life balance is perfectly balanced, our little clouds float away. But as soon as we lean more in one direction than the other, the cloud returns. But this little golden nugget should help us keep that cloud at bay. When used as a verb, balance actually means to keep something steady so that it does not fall.

Step 2: Change your Language from Criticism to Courage Do you criticize the tightrope walker when she looks unsteady? Or do you cheer her on and admire her courage? What if she fell? Would you berate her, or would you respect her? Think about how you respond when things in your own life feel like they’re off kilter. Do you look at the big picture and offer yourself some


words of encouragement, or are you quick to criticize? Just like her, you conquer your fears, overcome obstacles, and keep things moving every day. Offer yourself the same kindness as you would another. Step 3: Stay grounded. The lower the tightrope walker keeps her center of gravity, the less likely it is that she’ll topple over. The same holds true for us. When we feel aligned, we feel more in control. When we feel out of alignment, we can become stressed and overwhelmed, and balls start dropping. Give yourself a few moments each morning, before the world awakens, before you plug in, to do something that will align your body, mind, and spirit. Maybe it’s doing a short meditation, saying a prayer and setting an intention, reading a passage from an inspirational book, doing a morning yoga stretch routine, drinking your favorite morning beverage on your porch and writing in a gratitude journal, or going for an energizing 10-minute walk or run. Those 10 minutes can be recouped in no time when you start your day feeling inspired and ready to rock your day. Step 4: Don’t Disregard Your Net There will be times when things fall completely out of balance. Fortunately,




FOR THE LOVE OF BASEBALL by Rachael Rennebeck

As the Pittsburgh Pirates head to Bradenton, Fla., for spring training, we tracked down Greg Brown, one of the Bucco’s broadcasters to get his thoughts on inspiration and motivation. In a field where it’s rare to choose your work location, Greg Brown feels lucky to work for the team that he grew up watching with his father. “My father, who passed away just two years before I got the job with the Pirates, got me started with baseball. We lived in Harrisburg. He would let me tag along sometimes for a trip to Pittsburgh, and while he attended meetings, I hung out at the visiting team hotel and ran around the lobby of the old Pittsburgh Hilton or William Penn gathering autographs of the players.” Today, it is not hard for Brown to be motivated to come to work. “I have had a pretty strong work ethic most of my adult life, so doing a good job in anything is an inspiration.

“To me, the Parkway was the Yellow Brick Road and Pittsburgh was my Oz. I still feel that way when I make my way into the city.” In this particular job, because of the rich history of baseball broadcasting and in particular, the history of broadcasting baseball in Pittsburgh, motivation is easy.” Harold Arlin of Westinghouse Electric in Pittsburgh, later known as KDKA-AM, broadcast the first ever major league baseball game in 1921. Because of that rich history, “it obligates me to do the very best job I can for every listener and viewer. It is such an honor to be an announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Those who came before inspire me.” From Arlin, to Lanny Frattare, who broadcast more games than any other Pirates announcer, to many other notable announcers, Brown stands among many greats. Additionally, Brown notes his dear friend and Penguins Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike Lange as inspiration. Lange did play-by-play for the Pirates in the early days of cable and gave Brown his first real shot on the air. “So many fans tell me how much they enjoy watching and/or listening to Pirates baseball all summer long, win or lose.” So let the season begin, and here’s to hearing Greg Brown deliver his catch phrase, “Raise the Jolly Roger!” all season long. n




THE POWER OF POSITIVE by Alice Beckett-Rumberger


esults from research studies support the idea that we can benefit from harnessing the power of positive thinking. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that positive thinking can be linked to an increase in life span, decrease in depression, and better overall psychological and physical well-being. Studies have suggested that having a positive outlook can even improve coping skills during stressful situations. How did you react the last time you were stressed? Maybe you were late to the carpool line at school, lost an important piece of paper, or were diagnosed with an illness. Our bodies tend to react to stress with the fight or flight response, the physiological response to stress that pushes our mind and body to resist and fight the stressor or run away. Our heart rates go up, our blood pressure goes up, and our blood sugar level goes up! This is how the body provides energy to address that stressor or run from it. When your

body operates in this condition for too long, though, it can take a toll on mental and physical health. People who stay in this stressed out state by reacting negatively to stressors, constantly feeling like they live under a cloud, tend to be pessimistic and struggle to think positively. Harnessing the power of positive does not mean negative situations never come up in your life, but instead, how you chose to react to a situation is influenced by finding that silver lining. Nobody is perfect, and life certainly does not always go as planned. In fact, failure is a certainty. Especially in business, you will hear that failure will happen; HOWEVER, the best strategy is to learn from it and move on. If you’re a member of the “glass half empty” crowd, there is hope! According to Johns Hopkins, there are strategies to boost your bright side. You can start by smiling more. Frequently, when you smile at people, they smile


back, letting you out from under that cloud that’s been following you. Another strategy is to practice reframing or changing your perspective. Instead of being upset about being late to the carpool line, be thankful that you made it there, and maybe that person waiting with your child will give you grace. Building resiliency is key to finding that happiness factor. Change will always happen, so maintain good relationships with family and friends and be able to plan. If at first you do not succeed, try again with a new approach. The power of positive can improve your physical and mental health. Choose optimism, even if it doesn’t come naturally. Just breathe, relax, and smile! You got this! n Alice Beckett-Rumberger, the owner of TheraFusion, is a licensed physical therapist with over 25 years of experience who is trained to teach yoga.


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Angie Candell.................................................... 74

2018 Weddings: Spring Forward with These Fresh Ideas

Teri Lynn Woodruff............................................. 82

An Invitation to an Indian Wedding

Cori Wamsley.................................................... 89 Photo: Angie Candell

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” —Judy Garland SPRING 2018


SEA of LOVE Photography by Angie Candell

A dreamy beach scene with a mystical quality calls us out to sea. This is one of Angie Candell’s visions for a wedding. Candell considers her photography to be fine art and passionately practices her craft with her whole heart, developing images that have been described as “painterly,” “ethereal,” and “fairytale-like.” Candell is a Pittsburgh-based photographer who specializes in wedding and bridal fashion photography. Whether

you’re a bride or a fashion designer, Candell makes your vision come to life. Her photography has been published in Bridal Guide, Whirl Magazine, Gladys Magazine, Faerie Magazine, and Bellissima Bride Magazine, among others. “I love creating photoshoots from the ground up,” Candell said, “like a creative director would! It’s so fun putting all the different pieces together to create something beautiful.”

Model: Savanna Steffen | Gown: Flora Bridal | Hair: La Pomponnee | Makeup: Brazil Raine | Earrings: Edera Jewelry | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

Model: Savanna Steffen | Gown: Anna Campbell | Hair: La Pomponnee | Makeup: Brazil Raine | Earrings: Edera Jewelry | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

Stationery: Pineapple Street Designs

Model: Savanna Steffen | Gown: Anna Campbell | Hair: La Pomponnee Makeup: Brazil Raine | Earrings: Edera Jewelry | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

Model: Savanna Steffen | Gown: Flora Bridal | Hair: La Pomponnee | Makeup: Brazil Raine | Earrings: Edera Jewelry | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

Model: Savanna Steffen | Gown: Flora Bridal | Hair: La Pomponnee | Makeup: Brazil Raine | Earrings: Edera Jewelry | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

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SPRING FORWARD WITH THESE FRESH IDEAS Styled by Teri Lynn Woodruff, Creative Transformations • Photography by Ryan & Ashley Smas, Black Dog Photo Co. The weather is warmer, and spring has finally arrived! Planning a wedding this year? It’s not too late to incorporate some of these trends that we are bound to see popping up everywhere. DARKER COLOR PALETTES WITH RICH TEXTURES According to top stylists and designers, we will begin to see a shift from the soft pale shades of blush pink and ivory to more dramatic, deeper, and edgier hues. Ultra Violet is the color of the year for 2018! Expect to see shades of purple ranging from the deepest violet to dusty lilac, reds, pinks, and magenta uniquely incorporated into lush floral arrangements, linens, and stationery. MOVING BACK INDOORS Newly engaged couples will be leaning toward indoor venue options and moving away from the outdoor garden weddings. Chic vintage themes with modern details will lend themselves to more industrial-style venues with high ceilings, such as museums and repurposed warehouses. New Age Bohemian themes will replace the rustic barn weddings. Late night after-parties are gaining popularity, providing guests with more time after the reception ends to socialize while enjoying midnight treats.

STUNNING AND UNEXPECTED DÉCOR Consider using macramé, velvet, leather, and other textured fabrics to add interest to your table scape. Balloon releases are making a comeback, replacing the use of confetti cannons. Colored candles, transparent glass items, and potted plants can help set you apart from the norm and tie your vision together. TRENDS TO RETIRE Wedding forecasters agree that certain trends have now been overused in the last few years and are no longer unique, cute, or special. Included in the list are tennis shoes with tuxedos, rustic burlap runners and mason jar centerpieces, over the top back drops, photo booths and props, candy buffets, and too much glittery jeweled details. Remember: trends may come and go, but above all else, your wedding should be a true representation of you and your spouse. Those are the celebrations that create lasting memories among your family and friends!



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Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

AN INVITATION TO AN INDIAN WEDDING by Cori Wamsley | Photography by Amish and Chirali Thakkar down the aisle by a male relative, and her sari and the groom’s scarf are knotted together. The couple will walk around the fire four times to represent the stages of life and step on seven stones together as the pandit reads their seven vows. Once they are officially married, the groom applies red powder to the bride’s forehead. The following reception is a colorful, vibrant, hours-long event. The couple and their guests—all in radiant saris and sherwani (a long top and pants)—may perform songs and Bollywood-style dances, while enjoying a variety of cuisine from Indian to Mexican to American. Renting appropriate brightly colored garments is encouraged so you can fully enjoy the experience!

Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

Indian weddings are a three-day (or longer!), beautiful affair, full of tradition and celebration…and up to 1,000 people in attendance. With the variety of cultures and religions in India, though, each wedding is unique. Here is what you might expect if you attend an Indian Hindu wedding. A Hindu priest, or pandit, looks to the stars to determine the optimal wedding date. The first day of the wedding is the ganesh pooja, a ceremony for the couple, the bridal party, and close relatives. On the second day, the haldi—cleansing the bride and groom with turmeric paste—and mehndi—henna painting for the bride and her female friends and family—ceremonies take place, followed by sangeet, a reception. On the day of the nuptials, the bride—clad in a red and gold sari and jewelry to symbolize her family’s status—is escorted





Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

“People cherish their wedding photographs their whole lives,” Amish Thakkar said. “In India, weddings are like festivals. This is why I love photographing Indian weddings.”

Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production Photo: Amish Thakkar

Photo: Chirali & Amish Thakkar - Fine Art Production

Since 2002, Thakkar has specialized in photographing Indian weddings in the United States. He learned the craft in India before moving to the States. “My wife, Chirali, and I work as a team,” Thakkar explained. “We photograph weddings as if it’s our own family.” They get to know the family and then guide them through the session to take the best photos possible. “Families committing to each other is so beautiful, and I love capturing that ritual.” Amish Thakkar, Photographer Fine Art Production (732) 208 0704



Photo: Dennis Rodriguez; Makeup: Looks by Jassi; Attire: Sajda by Suman Singh;




yoti Soni is an internationally celebrated event planner, caterer, and per excellence food stylist. Over the last 22 years, she has opened restaurants and banquet facilities, designed events and event decor, catered, and handled other aspects of the event planning industry worldwide, including White House events. Soni’s signature style combines exuberant, harmonious, and modern adaptations of traditional elements to excite the senses in profound ways. She is known for changing and reshaping simple elements to create grand, dramatic statements. Headquartered in New Jersey and Florida in the United States, Jyoti Soni’s internationally respected brand has oper-

ations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and India. Soni’s catering business, Flavors by Jyoti Soni, opens a new realm of possibilities in culinary design from creative menus to stylish presentations. A trusted name in the industry, Flavors consistently provides clients with impeccable service, integrity, and the highest degree of professionalism, along with quality food at competitive prices. Flavors strives to please every generation with its menus, offering modern fare while preserving traditional ethnic flavors. It offers choices to thrill every palate, including Latin, Asian, Italian,

Indian curry, and American cuisines, as well as gluten-free options. Born in Burma (now known as Myanmar), Soni was raised in India and has made the United States her home for the past twenty years. Her absolute passion for her work along with her tireless persistence with a smile brings effervescence to everything she does! Her diligent and meticulous planning with crisp and professional implementation has set new standards in the industry. A successful event planner, caterer, designer, painter, writer, and speaker who never fears any challenges from car racing to horseback riding to spending a quiet afternoon at the golf course, Soni enjoys and excels in everything she does! n


CULTURED GIFTS Photos by Dennis Rodriguez | Attire by Sajda by Suman Singh | Decor by Rangoli Wedding “How you give is just as important as what you give,” Beena Ahuja, owner of Kiran’s Luxury Gifts, said. She has been designing personalized gift baskets for over 20 years, for a variety of events, but what she does for weddings is exquisite. “In the Indian culture, a gift is given with the wedding invitation, which adds a personal touch. Gifts are customized for the client’s needs, whether simple or extravagant. The vibrancy of the colors and the fabrics used for packaging adds to the wedding fervor.” She also personalizes welcome baskets for out-of-town guests and does trousseau packaging. The trousseau is like a hope chest, and Ahuja helps the mother-of-the bride make it an even more special gift with elegant packaging.

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

Kiran’s Luxury Gifts | 201-486-4500 |

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

Photo: Dennis Rodriguez

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Flavors By Jyoti Soni

Flavors by Jyo� Soni, is an innova�ve and unique catering concept in the South Asian catering industry. Food undoubtedly is the most important aspect of any event. Today food serving is a crea�ve art and a perfected science that is required to have a delectable culinary experience for any special event. Jyo� Soni, a world renowned event manager and culinary ar�st with over twenty years of global experience in managing pres�gious events worldwide from Palaces in India to the US White House has created a new style of food catering service called Flavors by Jyo� Soni where culinary possibili�es are endless! Flavors captures the dynamics of the South Asian genera�on of today, while preserving the tradi�onal ethnic flavors of the past. Flavors is an exclusive off premise caterer and hence does not have a conflic�ng restaurant or retail storefront which assures you of fresh USDA approved food prepared by our dedicated catering team. Flavors Offers: Unique Food Design: Concept | Prepara�on | Presenta�on Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian | Regional & Interna�onal cuisine Specialized Foods: Jain | Swami Narayan |Cer�fied Muslim Halal Meats| Other cultural and religious cuisines

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Specialized in Pre-Plated Meals for several thousand guests Pricing to fit every budget The only South Asian Caterer in North America with a USDA approved kitchen and a highly scalable Infrastructure

…endless culinary possibilities!



Photo: Laura Trevino Photography

Redefining the Way You Experience Luxury


hen you envision your wedding, where do you imagine it happening? Are you ensconced on a floating island? Frolicking with elephants in Sri Lanka? Your wedding is a symbol of eternity, and its planning and design is not to be taken lightly. Calyx Concierge is ready to create the experience of a lifetime for you. We redefine the way you celebrate, travel, and live by partnering with only the best in class from private jets to champagne, caviar, and unique catering. What sets Calyx apart as an upscale concierge service is its focus on core values and not merely being another expensive way to enjoy luxury. “I want to help women live both luxuri-

ously and gratefully,” Caryn Chow, CEO of Calyx Concierge, said. “Those who live a lifestyle of spirited freedom and unsurpassed opulence are blessed with the ability to give back. For this reason, Calyx donates a portion of the cost of services through our ‘Generosity Blooms’ program to empower young women and children.” Chow has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, and other media as America’s Love Your Life coach and has spoken at numerous women’s conferences. She is a mom, author, actor, aspiring pilot, and winner of the 2016 Inspiring Lives International Empowerment Award.



FASHION & BEAUTY IN THIS SECTION: Powerhouse Singer Ranella Hits all the Right Notes in Spring Fashions

Philip Keophaphone............................................................... 100

Permission to be Yourself with Your Signature Look Cori Wamsley.......................................................................... 105

Jerris Madison: Fashion Guru Standing Tall Despite Losing His Leg to Cancer

Dr. Shellie Hipsky.....................................................................107

Spring 2018: Runway Trends

Teri Lynn Woodruff.................................................................. 108

COLUMN: Just Jackie: Flourish 2018

Jackie Capatolla...................................................................... 111

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood SPRING 2018


Powerhouse Singer

RANELLA Hits all the Right Notes in Spring Fashions

Interviewed by Philip Keophaphone | Photography by Jaime Chan | Hair & Makeup by Josie Napeñas | Hair Color by Kat Collett


roud Filipina American, singer Ranella Ferrer, shares her light with Inspiring Lives Magazine in our exclusive feature with this beautiful influ-

encer. From body transformation to singing sensation, her biggest victory in life is the ability to share her gift with the world! She brings happiness and joy to the hearts and ears blessed enough to hear her perform. And with a voice as angelic as hers, the message can be heard loud and clear! Ferrer walks an intentional path of influence. She strives to help others find purpose, while leaving a legacy of love.

Who or what inspires you in life? I’m inspired by people in powerful positions who are humble about their status. I genuinely fall in love with beautiful hearts. I’m inspired by Beyoncé. I actually watch videos of her while I’m on the treadmill! During the beginning stages of filming Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian on E, I’d have my headphones on and get lost watching her do a live show via YouTube. I think that’s how I blocked out the pain from the horrendous workouts I did. As I lost the 70 pounds on the show, I know that I looked to others for inspiration. Now you are the inspiration! How do you inspire others? I always believed in leading by example. I’ve been blessed with many great opportunities to open door after door, and I have been given platforms that many people only dream of. On Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian, I shared my journey and showed real results, changing for the better.

Humility has taken me this far. I strive to be genuine when interacting with people and have a great work ethic and focus. I share motivational wisdom on my social media, and I enjoy helping my peers and whomever I encounter that may need encouragement and help. Being an empath allows me to be sensitive towards people’s feelings. The meanest person is mean because they need more love in their life. So I show them more love! I have a big heart for a reason. How do you wish to use your gift? When I was younger, I thought it was just for me to give people goosebumps. But now, through my voice, I help people get in touch with their emotions. A few people have told me that they had tears in their eyes after hearing me sing the national anthem. I love that! It makes me so happy that I touch their hearts. When do you find time for yourself? And how do you like to spend it? Honestly, I’ve been on the go continuously, working hard on recreating my brand while more opportunities are coming my way. When I choose to have a lazy day, I like to be in front of the TV with a cheat meal like Chinese food or Thai food and a good chick flick. Why is it important to you to have influence? In my teen years, I dreamed of being an Asian superstar. Next thing you know, I was booked to open for Keyshia Cole and Nelly, host Stevie Wonder’s radio show on 102.3 KJLH, be on TV with a Kardashian, sing for the Lakers, and more. I didn’t think I’d be doing all these amazing things. CONTINUED ON PAGE 113

DRESS: Grace Willow | STYLIST: Philip Keophaphone

DRESS: Grace Willow | SHOES: Stuart Weitzman | STYLIST: Philip Keophaphone

TOP & PANT: Grace Willow | PULLOVER: S.Kanouni | STYLIST: Philip Keophaphone

Photo: Mara Rago

PERMISSION TOWITHBEYOURYOURSELF SIGNATURE LOOK by Cori Wamsley education so you can use them is essential.” Shields starts her clients with a color analysis to determine their season: summer and winter are cool; spring and autumn are warm. Then, Shields drapes you in each of the 36 basic colors in your season to rate them and see which are a “wow.” “You can wear wow colors from head to toe. They look phenomenal on you and form the base of your color pyramid. The other colors in your palette are for accents or just a shirt or pant.” When I invested in my color analysis, I ended up saving money in the long run. Now, I only buy clothes I love that look amazing on me. I have plenty of favorite pieces to wear, and nothing gets pushed

to the bottom of the drawer because other shirts look better on me. Next, you can attend a personal style class where you examine your lifestyle, body geometrics, and personality to determine how you can dress yourself to reflect who you are at your core. One of Shields’ clients completed this portion of the course and said, “I feel like you’ve given me permission to be myself.” If you always feel like you’re playing a role, then getting back to you will help you feel truly comfortable in your wardrobe. Shields also shops with clients, especially to select outfits for important events. However, she said that many of CONTINUED ON PAGE 113

Photo: Mary Beth Kratsas


hat the Hell did you do to your hair?” About 15 years ago, Inspiring Lives Magazine’s stylist Julie Shields was living in London, U.K. Her friend Kathryn had just finished her training with House of Colour, and Shields stopped by to visit her…with her hair freshly dyed strawberry blonde. Immediately, Kathryn helped Shields see that the golden tones weren’t flattering for her skin tone. “Women are born with everything naturally coordinating,” Shields said, “When you add makeup, hair color, or clothing, you need to accentuate what you naturally have.” Eight years after her color analysis with Kathryn, Shields had moved to the United States and decided to become a House of Colour stylist, too. “I wanted to help people, give them back their confidence or increase it.” Today, Shields educates individual clients to select the best colors and styles for their bodies. When you know your optimal color palette and the way you want to be perceived, you don’t end up with a closet full of pieces you don’t love that don’t coordinate. “Most people only wear 20% of their closets 80% of the time,” Shields explained. “My personal core closet only contains about 30 pieces. Aside from pajamas, underwear, and exercise clothes, that’s really all you need. Learning what works for you and having the tools and

“When Julie did my colors, we pulled ten bags of wrong-size, wrong-color, and dated clothes from my closet. Ditching what didn’t work was so freeing.” —Kelly Frost, client



Photo: Steven Blank Shoes: Vans Prosthetic Leg Cover: Alleles Jacket: Forever21 Sweatshirt/Joggers/Hat: H&M Transparent Eyeglasses:

JERRIS MADISON Fashion Guru Standing Tall Despite Losing His Leg to Cancer Interviewed by Dr. Shellie Hipsky


is amazing creative spirit shines through in his breathtaking photographs. He has successfully run edgy couture fashion OBVIOUS Magazine for a decade as the creative director and editor-in-chief. I will never forget when my friend Jerris shared a video on Facebook announcing to the world that he would lose his entire right leg to chondrosarcoma bone cancer. I witnessed, along with his over a million followers on social media, a dramatic life shift. As he went through the grieving and healing process with his mother by his side, he documented the journey through his video blogging. I recall tears streaming down my face when the funds were raised for him to acquire a state-of-the-art new limb. Now, Jerris Madison is a cancer survivor and fashion-savvy role model for amputees internationally. Describe yourself in one sentence. A self-made man who aspires to inspire. Tell us about your cancer journey. I was scared as hell. Cancer isn’t common in my family, and I’m the only one who had bone cancer. I was very fortunate that I didn’t have to undergo chemo or radiation. My type of cancer didn’t respond to this type of treatment. Once the doctors removed my right femur, hip, and leg, it removed all of the cancer. I’m still cancer-free today. I’m so blessed. I would tell anyone going through cancer to keep fighting your fight and don’t be afraid of crying. Stay strong. How has losing your leg changed you? The Jerris before the amputation is dead. I just turned 45 on January 26th, and I woke up feeling more inspired than ever. I know this will be an abundant year for me career-wise, spiritually, and financially. Losing my leg helped me see who I really am and realize I’ve been given another chance to utilize my God-given gifts. I wake up each day with purpose and gratitude.

Tell us about your photography. What makes it different? I don’t allow industry standards to dictate my work. I photograph all people regardless of size, race, ethnicity, or social status. This is why I’m constantly working. I love people. My style of shooting is often clean and classic and

sometimes has movement. I love when people post an image I photographed over 5 years ago that looks like I shot it today. That warms my heart! The Maldives looked amazing. What did you gain from being there? Visiting The Maldives changed my life! It was one of the most beautiful and serene places I’ve ever seen. Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean was so relaxing. Looking up at the sky and seeing the stars at night was breathtaking. No light or pollution; just the universe. The Maldivian people are some of the kindest and friendliest people you ever want to meet. I was treated like a king. I’ve traveled more as an amputee than I’ve done with both of my human legs. Posting this trip inspired a lot of people, not just amputees. How would you comfort someone who had just lost something as important as a body part or a person they love? I get this question often. It’s hard to answer because not all situations are the same. I will say that the best thing to do is listen. No amputee wants to be looked at as just their disability. They go through so many emotions, feeling confused, sad, and angry. Just be an ear, and slowly approach them without judgement. I know that helped me. What or who inspires you? My mother and other people who have been to Hell and back but didn’t allow it to stop them inspire me. She has always been there for me and helped me get through one of the more challenging moments in my life. I love her dearly, and I tell her this often. My mother had me when she was 16, so we grew up together. She’s been through a lot in her life, and after I lost my leg (during the healing process), we opened up to each other about things that happened in our past. Sharing personal stories changed our lives for the better and made us closer. We talk about everything. She’s my best friend and my rock. My mother is a beautiful soul. n



SPRING 2018: RUNWAY TRENDS Styled by Teri Lynn Woodruff, Creative Transformations • Photos by Ryan Smas, B Squared Photo The 1980s are the decade-of-choice for top designers and stylists this season. Bold bright colors are back and can be seen in every category of the fashion industry, with shades of lemon yellow, robin’s egg blue, and lilac as a common color palette for the spring lines. The overall silhouette is one that includes over-exaggerated shoulders and ruffles, which are paired with a well-defined higher waistline, giving the appearance of longer legs. The tailored power suit is back in full force but with fun color and textures. Abstract art prints, polka dots, checkers, and vintage florals will be prevalent. Over the top glitzy glam is softened a bit, making room for the use of ultra-sheer fabrics, lace, fringe, and sequins to add interesting detail to party garments. Transparent materials leave little to the imagination when it comes to these skin-revealing evening gowns. Jeweled hair clips, printed handbags, backless mules, and pointy pumps are obvious ‘80s throwbacks. Watch for these key looks to appear in your favorite stores, have fun, and don’t be afraid to step outside the box onto your own runway this spring! n 1. INC INTERNATIONAL CONCEPTS Chevron Sequin Halter in Antique Sage $69.50 (


Subversion Lash Primer $21 Perversion Mascara in Mega Black $23 (


Fiona Large Crossbody in Chevron Blue $158 Emma Large Clutch in Chevron Blue $75 (


Lash Domination Liquid Eyeliner in Black $19 (


Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color in Salmon $25.00 Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color in Beige Champagne $25.00 (


Colorful Multi-Stone Mismatch Earrings $65 (


Savilla Pointed Pump in Forest Abstract $99 (

Flourish 2018

Photo: Ray Feather

JUST JACKIE by Jackie Capatolla


ew beginnings for a new season. Spring is a time to renew and refresh. A time to prosper and thrive. Embrace the change and keep an open mind for what this season has to offer. Spring is the season of growth and creativity. A season of happiness and a time to flourish; as the flowers bloom, so can we. Let’s grow and prosper together this spring.


Makeup: This makeup look is soft and light, as refreshing as the season is! Lighter colors create an airbrushed feel and a polished result with simple elegance. Blend out to get that radiant glow. For Jenny’s makeup, we went with makeup primer first to prep the canvas. For a lightweight look to Jenny’s base, we used a mineral powder foundation, creating flawless, natural-looking skin. For a more eye-catching look, I used a satin matte finish with Arbonne Aurora and Quartz duo shadows. On Jenny’s lips is Just Jackie’s Lovechild, a soft pink tone with a color gloss built in. It’s the perfect color combination for the springtime. All products are sold at Jacqueline’s Salon. Hairstyle: This season is all about the natural waves and curls, so embrace it! For Jenny’s look we went with a full curl. Prepping the hair is very important. First, shampoo with anti-frizz shampoo to calm and control the texture. Then condition the mid-shaft and ends to help hydrate and replenish the hair. Pat your hair dry to minimize frizz, and never over rub. Add texture cream to create volume and movement in the hair. Dry your hair with low heat to protect the shaft and ends, and add shine serum for the fly-aways. We set Jenny’s hair in medium curls and pinned them to cool. Then, we released the curls, teased her hair out, and sprayed for extra hold. We also molded the top fringe back with a side sweep to accentuate her eyes. Fashion: This pale rose-colored strapless, wide-leg jumper is such a pretty piece for spring. It has a lovely accent belt and a zip-up back. This jumper is both on trend and classic, as well as light weight and soft: the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Be creative with your look; take time for yourself; and nourish your skin, your hair, and your inner beauty to flourish in 2018. n Jackie Capatolla is the owner of Jacqueline’s Salon and Spa in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Model: Jenny Lou Photography: Ray Feather Photography @rfsrphoto Fashions: Sottile Fashions @sottilefashions Hair and makeup: Jackie Capatolla, Jacqueline’s Salon and Spa



SOULBLAZING™ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 Currently, I am doing SoulBlazing™ coaching where I work with top entertainers one-on-one. I’ve been working with them in a 3-month program for 25 hours to really jump-start their life. You are launching an online school called Luminary Leaders Institute. What does that entail? It’s a school with classes that are 4 to 8 weeks long on different subjects like leadership for kids, leadership for adults, creating your legacy, mastering communication, and other topics like those. They are all online courses that help change your perspective on life while giving you the convenience to learn around your busy schedule. What other things do you have in the works? Recently, I’ve been asked to go on tour to speak in Israel, Dubai, and London. I’d like to add Barcelona in there, too, since I have some contacts over there. I already did a tour in Barcelona with my book, Whispers from Children’s Hearts, a couple years ago, so, I’m going to see if I can do a seminar or two over there. Since Amazon has reached out about SoulBlazing with

Lisa, I am looking forward to expanding that show, as well. n DOMESTIC DIGITAL ABUSE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 What’s important this time around is to recognize the red flags that are always there, but often ignored, and trust your instincts and intuition. Release the shame. Often we feel shame from being assaulted or abused. The heaviness of the shame weighs you down and prevents you from ever wanting to trust again or start a new relationship. Shame is, by far, the number one emotion that people say cripples them when they think about moving forward. Let me help you through this. I want to gift you my 3 Daily Habits to Free Yourself from Shame and Live More Fully. Get your free audio recording and guide at To learn more about how we are supporting and helping victims of cyber harassment and abuse please visit n Darieth Chisolm is a TV host, author, speaker, coach, activist, and filmmaker.

SUZANNE HOBBS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 And “success” should be Ms. Hobbs’ middle name. This is a woman who allowed her natural spirit to evolve and create who she is today. It’s no wonder that Hobbs was named one of the one hundred most inspiring women in the world in Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s best-selling trilogy Common Threads. What I take away from my time with Hobbs is to remember to listen to your inner thoughts and allow them to guide you. We all deserve the life we desire. For more information about Suzanne Hobbs, her Safe Haven mission and her book, The Hungry Snake, visit n VISUALIZATION CONTINUED FROM PAGE 63 using my beautiful and powerful mind to return to inner peace and happiness whenever I felt anything but happy. The results were mind blowing; my life changed. From this research, I developed 22 easyto-apply mindfulness exercises and bundled them together for elementary school aged children and their parents. They are available at n

Marie Delanote is a mother of four, screenwriter, and author of The Healing of the 1lb Baby and Acorns to Great Oaks—Meditations for Children, published by Inner Traditions, an imprint of Simon and Schuster. Her latest book for children has been adapted into a TV series for children and is now optioned by Tailored Films.

Where to you see yourself in the future? I’d like to have at least one world tour with my music. And I would love to have an amazing husband and “mini-me’s” running around. I will be involved in different organizations helping the community and young women in business, as well as being a well-known TV personality.

WORK/LIFE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 67 we’re not tightrope walkers, and we don’t have too far to fall. But if we do, always remember, whatever higher power you believe in is there to catch you and help you get back up again. So I’ll leave you with these insightful words from the Trolls movie, “If you knock knock me over, I will get back up again.” For more articles like this, visit my blog at n

How do your actions align with that vision? One thing I’ve been adamant about since I started the music business is being careful with how I portrayed myself. I’ve always wanted to be of substance—beauty, brains, and pure talent. I think it all comes from being a naturally good person and the way my dad raised me. Capt. Ferrer was militant and instilled respect in us. To this day, he will still tell me if he sees anything too provocative on social media. I want to have a broader audience so I want to keep my image clean on and off camera and the stage.

RANELLA CONTINUED FROM PAGE 100 People shape their own minds for what and who they want to be influenced by. If I happen to be one of them then I have more motivation to be a greater role model. Also I believe that a great leader knows when to follow, which is why I look up to Oprah and motivational speakers like Les Brown.

What would you like Ranella to be remembered for? I am just a girl from the Philippines who came to America and lived her purpose. Being one of the first Asian Americans to

be a household name in the music business is what I strive for. I want to leave a legacy and an impact on the world. n JULIE SHIELDS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 105 her male clients prefer not to shop off the rack because of issues with fit, so she offers the J Hilburn custom fit men’s line as an alternative to the mall. I asked Shields for a simple way we can make a difference in the way we dress. She suggested we assign each item of clothing a score from “1” to “10” when trying it on in the store. A “10” means “I’m never taking this off.” Everything in your closet should be an “8,” “9,” or “10.”You will buy fewer pieces of clothing, but you will wear each more frequently, getting your money’s worth. When people see a deal, they get excited, buy it, and feel obligated to wear it, but if you don’t wear the “bargain” then you’re wasting money. “Wearing clothes you love makes you feel good every day. It’s worth the investment.” Contact Julie Shields at Julie.shields@, or visit or n






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