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These are the most essential item I own! They’re a saviour when it comes to working in outdoor arts environments and exploring potential festival sites.

I can’t seem to get through the day without laddering a pair of tights, so I keep this backup box in my car. You can’t turn up to a launch event with laddered tights!

RISK ASSESSMENT FOLDER This is my on-site bible. Everything I need to know lives in here—most importantly, risk assessments. Every show needs a risk assessment and mine are usually very detailed.

What’s in my boot? – KATE MCSTRAW

BRICK A bit of an odd one, but I use this as a door stop. It recently came in handy to stop a trolley containing all of my props from rolling away.


YOU CAN’T TURN UP TO A LAUNCH EVENT WITH LADDERED TIGHTS! GLUE GUN, DUCT TAPE AND GORILLA GLUE These are the essentials in my emergency repair kit. They solve most problems—from taping wires to the floor to gluing pieces of an old suitcase back together. The list goes on!

Performance producer and designer Kate McStraw graduated from BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design in 2012. Kate creates work that engages diverse audiences in unusual locations. From curating the Museum of Memories to working with the Royal Shakespeare Company on a production of The Tempest, Kate is constantly on the move. She gives us an insight into the essential items that live in her car boot.

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AUB Alumni Magazine. One Piece of Advice (OPOA) - Issue 3  

AUB Alumni Magazine. One Piece of Advice (OPOA) - Issue 3