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Inspiration Art Book: Contemporary Masters volume 4 Designed and Published in 2016 by “Inspiration Art Book” ISBN-10 1-5302512-6-5 ISBN-13 978-1-5302512-6-1 Front and Back Cover: Cosmos (Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 90cm) by Tomonori Nishimura Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. Our “Inspiration Art Book Awards” mark a new step in an artist’s career and demonstrate his or her achievement in the word of art. The awards are proudly presented in recognition of the artist’s outstanding contribution to the world of art, involving his or her excellence in technique, creativity, quality use of media and composition, and inspiring vision.

Foreword: Our Vision Art is everywhere today, yet far too often artists feel like nameless, faceless entities – lacking credit, acknowledgement, and recognition. If there is a single word that one could use to describe the situation, it’s this: heartbreaking. When we started out as individual artists 40 years ago, with no money and no connections in the art world, we struggled for years to get “out there” – to get noticed and to get our artwork sold. Our efforts were in vain. Let’s face it; being an artist is not a bed of roses and it’s not just a “higher calling.” The art world is a tough business, and if we’re really honest with ourselves, we’re in it to become famous and to make money selling our artwork. Isn’t it great to make a living doing what you love and what you do best – painting? However, for most artists, this dream never becomes a reality. This is how our “International Art Book: Inspiration” came about. Featuring award-winning artists with varying styles, this book contains an exclusive collection of some of the best art from around the globe. Are you an emerging artist trying to turn what you love to do into a career? Or are you a mid-career artist seeking massive international exposure? In either case, rest assured that we will help you find an audience and sell your art. We will get your name out there in the international art arena, connecting you to serious art buyers and collectors. We have only one vision: to help budding artists – to help you – realize your dreams. That’s what has made our international art book so successful. Every year we receive more than 3,500 applications from all over the world: the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Canada...even Japan and China. The list goes on and on. Throughout the years, “Inspiration” has become a handbook for every professional collector looking for cutting-edge trends and fresh names in the world of art. They are looking for you! You just need to help them find you!

International Art Book: Inspiration Committee

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Contents. Our featured artists:

Tomonori Nishimura UK

Tomonori developed the style of the Ginkgo Ferrum series, more abstract than repre­ sentational, with strong stroke marks and images of ginkgo reflected on brush marks. The new styles, metallic painting of endan­ gered plants and Ginkgo ferrum, are better received than his previous style of meta­ llic flowers among galleries, curators and art publishers. He began to receive more opportunities for exhibition and art fairs worldwide. Tomonori is currently develo­ ping a new style, Bubble City. It’s based on a structuralistic concept — an expression of reality, perception, systems and nature. Tomonori Portrait (Photographed by Thahab Osaimi)

Above: Bubble City: Base (Oil, Resin, Polymer on Canvas). Book front cover & back: Cosmos (Detail, Oil on canvas)


Brugmansia (Oil on Canvas)

Encephalartos (Oil on Canvas)

Tropical Metal Forest: Base (Oil on Canvas)

“I want to express the harmony of nature and society in various styles. Work of metallic painting of endangered species has materialistic view that integrates natural en­ vironment and industrial development. Most of flowers in my painting are extinct in the wild. They are cultivated by people and protected from extinction yet the cause of the extinct in the wild may be loss of nature caused by social development. Ginkgo series explores about life, evolution and civilization. Ginkgo is an endangered species and most ancient tree in the world existing since Jurassic era. Bubble City has more metaphysical view involving the concept of real and process of recognition. Nature/Society relation is thought as prior and post states of socialization. The valid­ ity of socialization is questioned through the use of bubble. I use images of my paintings in Print works, visualizing the meaning of the painting with CG effect and expanding its expression.”

Cyanea Truncata (Detail, Oil on Canvas)


Tomonori Nishimura UK

Kokia Cookei (Oil on canvas)


Ginkgo Ferrum: Inward (Oil on Canvas)

Ginkgo Ferrum: Cycle (Oil on canvas)

Ginkgo Ferrum: Outward (Oil on Canvas)


Ashley Phillips UK

Glass Half Full (household gloss and acrylic paint on clear acrylic sheet)

Falling down rabbit holes 2 (acrylic on cardboard)


Laughter IS the best medicine (household gloss and acrylic paint on clear acrylic sheet)

The Eye of the storm (acrylic on canvas)

Geo Political (household gloss paint on canvas)

Tail Spin (acrylic on natural linen canvas)

I see the world in an unusual way. My eyes con足 stantly capture fleeting moments & hidden details of nature, objects and spaces; my mind & imagina足 tion then weave these memories creating a cocktail of possibilities. I love experimenting with new sur足 faces and new technologies to create my art. I am passionate about biomimicry and how nature is our greatest teacher. I get touched moved and inspired by natural geometry and playing with the macro and micro images. Ashley paints acrylic paintings using a very expressive style full of energy and emotions inspired by the COBRA art movement; where the pro足 cess is as important as the final outcome based on a working method of spontaneity and experiment.

The Power of Pomegranate (Limited edition Digital photograph printed on c-type and mounted to the reverse of 6mm acrylic)


Roderick Lloyd Netherlands

Roderick Lloyd is a Dutch artist who uses photography as the bases of his artworks. He makes the photos himself in different parts in the world. When he returns back in his studio he selects some photos and uses those photos to ‘paint digital’ on his computer. With his creative and digital innovation, the beautiful colors, fantasy and titles Roderick Lloyd has developed a new art division in the Contemporary art world: MORE THAN A PHOTO 12

Color insects

Original Photo Looking at the light show

“MORE THAN A PHOTO” by Roderick Lloyd

Art for home and office

This is the original photo that Lloyd made in the An­ tilope Canyon in the United Sta tes and used for ma king “Color insects”


Heidi Lee Warta Australia

Fallen Hearts (Oil & fabric on canvas)

Kookaburras (Acrylic & wax on board)


My imagination is endless and the more creativity I use, the more I have infinite creativity. I evoke my creative instinct and revel between the conscious and unconscious, unconstrained by society’s conventions. Nothing is impossible. Heidi has had four successful exhibitions and works hung throughout Sydney and in private collections in California, Los Angeles, Thailand and Bali.

‘Day dreaming’ (Oil on canvas)


Heidi Lee Warta Australia

I would like to offer my expertise to paint for you as I specialize in creat­ ing custom art for offices and homes. In 2013 Heidi Lee was commissioned to paint an art work to present to Aus­ tralia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart which Heidi presented to Gina at “The Annual Minning Awards” in Sydney. In 2012 Heidi Lee volunteered 18 weeks of her time and materials painting with disabled orphan children at YPAC Or­ phanage in Bali. Her art works were auctioned off for $10,000AUD which completed the classroom and bought new computers for the orphanage. Heidi Lee also sells globally “limited edition” museum quality giclee’ signed and numbered prints which can be delivered to you withing 14 working days.

Lauren (Oil on canvas)


‘The matrix’ (Oil & fabric on canvas)

Crazy Heart Tree (Acrylic & lace on canvas)

Johannes Genemans Italy

“Art is a dialogue between thinking, emotion and creativity. Praise among love and human sorrow, joy and tragedy.�

Inter-Cultura (japonese girl in bronze)

Inter-Cultura (six sculpture in bronze)

Inter-Cultura (mediterranean girl in bronze)

Inter-Cultura (brasilien girl bronze)


Qi Debrah

United States of America

Cissy Funk (Oil on panel)


“Let your art speak!” Qi Debrah

Angel’s Sorrow (Oil on panel)

Silent Spillbills (Oil on panel)

New Challenge (Oil on panel)


Romany Mark Bruce UK

Moth (Acrylic on canvas)

Minson 2 (Acrylic on canvas)

Romany Mark Bruce is an Irish born sculptor and painter living in Brighton in England. He is the designer and creator of the Brighton AIDS Memorial iconic land­ mark sculpture unveiled by Mr David Furnish in 2009. Romany’s paintings merge effortlessly between figu­ rative, abstract expressio­ nism and the space in bet­ ween. His broad sweeping strokes and rich palate are emotionally charged onto the canvas bringing an emotive experience.

My Life (Acrylic on canvas)


Silence (Acrylic on canvas)

1930 (Acrylic on canvas)

Into Green (Acrylic on canvas)


Romany Mark Bruce UK

My Name is not Elizabeth (Acrylic on canvas)

Velvet (Acrylic on canvas)


A Shot in the Dark (Acrylic on canvas)

Carolin Rechberg United States of America

With interdisciplinary mediums I accent space to create appreciation of the moment. The practice is informed by the concern for the relationship between contempo足 rary culture, the environment and history. The process is the exploration of attributes, concepts, and principles of composition, color, line, shape, scale, surface and tex足 tures, in different mediums to explore an aesthetic in which the spectator becomes participant. The discovery of material provokes exploration and advocates to trust in the treasures and experience found in process and life.

Birth (Performance Painting)

Composing Monuments for the Stage of Performance (Installation)

Song of Myself (Installation, mixed media; cane, canvas, chain, cotton, silk, sinew, sound, house and acrylic paint)

Conference of the Conquered Voices (Installation)


Patricia Ridgeway United States of America

I’ve never understood the “What does it mean?” dilemma. Simply put, my pieces mean what­ ever you experience while looking at them. I hope that they draw you in and evoke a reac­ tion. I create each piece as it leads me. There is seldom a plan or design, but several have a special meaning to me. I try to portray har­ mony and disharmony, whimsy and humor.

Road Less Traveled (Acrylic on canvas)


Finally (Acrylic on canvas)

Mixed Up (Acrylic on canvas)

Anna Martin (Pastels on paper)

Waves (Pastels on paper)

More Mixed Up (Acrylic on canvas)

Sam’s Wall (Acrylic on canvas)


Steven Lamb Canada

I am a professional full time Artist based in Montreal Canada with several decades of experience. I paint whimsical figurative paintings mostly with oil. I consider my stile comical and one of a kind. The humor is the key to all my paintings. My perception of the world is always from a comical point of view and that is what keeps me alive. The goal of my paintings is to bring back laughter and humor to people lives. I love to create tex足 tured artworks on maisonettes, wood and canvas using acrylics, oil an oil pastels. When creating painting I hope i am sending a happy energy in an effort to bring a smile on your face.

Music in the old port (Acrylic and oil on canvas)


Chatting in the local resto (Acrylic and oil on canvas)

Juicy gossip (Acrylic and oil on canvas)

Rolling down (Acrylic and oil on canvas)

Music (Acrylic and oil on canvas)


Astrid Jacobs Germany

I’ve always loved art, music and dance. When I capture joyful and moving moments of life in my pictures, I mix the shining colors for my art according to these moments. For me there is a parallel between the harmony of colors and harmony of musical intervals. Both have the power to stir strong feelings in us. Both color and music sweep the dust from our soul and make us come alive.

Interstellar (Acrylic on canvas)


Keep your balance (Acrylic om canvas)

Keep your vision (Acrylic on canvas)

Prometeus (Acrylic on canvas)

Cruising on a fine night (Acrylic on canvas)


Ekaterina Zagustina Russian Federation


The concept of “altered” reality has become such a common thing that it seems unusual to say something new about it. I tend to see art as some kind of a “single body”– something which is be­ yond any cultural, technical, ideological differences, – or which is in a way deprived of any epoch, genre or the ways the author uses to obtain it. All through the years of numerous experiments and reframing I’ve come to work in something which can be called mixed­media technique, that is, combining multiple elements of self­made photos with digital painting. – What I get as a result is something actually bordering on fine­art photography and illustration. My goal is to create some unexisting Universes as some “puzzles” or kaleidoscopes, so that one single still could reveal the idea of a short motion picture of an “altered reality” within it.

Top Left: The Greatest Delusions: Interspace (mixed-media photomanipulation + digital painting) Bottom Left: The Theatre of Deception Center: Social Eyes Top Right: Traces of Absolute Bottom Right: To Feel


Dorothy Slikker

United States of America

Courtyard (Oil on Canvas)


Lying in Wait (Oil on canvas)

I am Dorothy Slikker born in Bakersfield, California USA on 12/01/1940 I have been painting since 1976 after I was married and had three sons. It has been a long road through the art world to have achieved the success of becoming a Contempo足 rary Master Artist. I paint in a unique way using a soft orange on the canvas and then adding the black study to show the depth and shadows of the piece that I have in mind to create. After the black study I apply the clear medium to help my oils move around the canvas and not dry to quickly. I paint land足 scapes, animals and people, lately mixing the two together. My goal is to show life as it was in the 20th century.

Reflecting on my Day (Oil on canvas)

Mothers Love (Oil on Canvas)

Roses and Daisys (Oil on canvas)

Water Maiden (Oil on canvas)


Dorothy Slikker

United States of America

Winter Stroll in Central Park (Oil on canvas)

Another Day at the Office (Oil on canvas)

Wake Boarding (Oil on Canvas)

Basket of Apples (Oil on canvas)


K.Padmakar India

I am a self taught painter, and I enjoy working on abstracts and figuratives.

My Dilemma (Acrylic on canvas)

Untitled (Acrylic on canvas)

Companions (Acrylic on canvas)

Pilgrims (Acrylic on canvas)

Untitled (Acrylic on paper)

My magic (Acrylic on canvas)

Untitled (Acrylic on canvas)


Denisa Prochazka Canada

Endless Love (detail) (Aqua-resin, Hydro-stone, Aluminum)


Bhride (Aqua-resin, Hydro-stone, Stainless steel)

Denisa specializes in the creation of large relief sculptures combi­ ning classical and contemporary materials and techniques. Large and imposing while poetic and femi­ nine, Denisa’s art is intended to be spiritually healing and powerful in its symbolic intension. Using clay as the canvas on which she communi­ cates, the artist offers us imagery that is vibrant with mystical and historical elements. She puts for­ ward an iconography that is time­ less and strongly feminine, while rich in technique and intention. Through her work, she offers a very personal look into the necessity to contrast past with present, personal with universal, reality with dream state.

Embrace of Indigenous Wisdom (Aqua-resin, Hydro-stone, Aluminum)


Isaac Smith

United States of America

Discovering (Oil on canvas)

Winter tree (Oil on canvas)

Detail (Leaded Glass window)

Pianist (Oil on canvas)


Searching (Stained glass)

Flight (Stained glass)

Anxiety (Oil on canvas)


Joseph Coban Canada

Over the years Coban’s painting style and tech­ niques have developed and broadened. Jo­ seph’s favorite style is realism and portrai­ ture, as that of old masters’ paintings as they have stories and hidden messages to tell. From one day to the next, Joseph is able to switch to completeley different subjects and styles. He says “Life would be very boring if one does only one thing over again and again”. Princess of Spring (Oil on gallery canvas)

Summer song from Morrisburg (Oil on canvas)

Another Chair from Morrisburg (Oil on gallery canvas)


My Lady in Red (Oil on canvas)

Multidimensional Landscape with Buss (Oil on canvas)

The landscape with pyramid (Oil on gallery canvas)

Landscape with two Suns and UFO (Oil on gallery canvas)

Reflection of the Empire Building (Oil on canvas)

Intersection of two dimensions (Oil on canvas)


Kenan Kocak Turkey

Excitement (Oil on canvas)

Enthusiasm (Oil on mdf plate)


Make a Wish (Oil and textile on canvas)

Can not sleep when the moon is rising (Enamel on mdf plate)

Touch (Enamel and oil on canvas)

When Band Aids not Enough (Oil and Self Blood on canvas)

Anthracitous (Enamel on mdf plate)

First Egg (Enamel on wood and the first egg of a chicken)


Kiril Kolev Bulgaria

Top left. Horror (oil on canvas) Top Right: Anger (oil on canvas)


Bottom left. Head of God 1 (oil on canvas) Bottom Right: Jimmy Page (oil on canvas)

I born 1971 in Lovetch. Graduated The Secondary Special School for Applied Arts 1989 in Sofia,and Na­ tional Arts Academy 1999. I am a Master’s degree in the major ’’Mural painting’’. I made 14 one­man show in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Finland, Hungary, and many collective art exhibitions.

Top Left: Musician (oil on canvas) Bottom Left: Head of Tribune (oil on canvas)

Top Right: Boat with Horse Power (oil on canvas) Bottom Right: Knight (oil on canvas)


Mae Jeon

United States of America

Born in South Korea, Mae Jeon has worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo, Seoul and New York for 30 years. In 2003, she star­ ted working fine art exclusively with di­ gital media, achieving magnificent beauty in her art. Mae’s digital art has exhibited at galleries, art fairs and museums inter­ nationally including Chianciano Museum Biennale (2013) in Italy. Currently she lives and works in New York. Extra Perception (digital art on canvas)

Willing Mind (digital art on canvas)


“My artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium. By incorporating sensual flower images within synthetic environments, I transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image.�

Streaming Hope (digital art on canvas)

Preserved Beauty (digital art on canvas)

Telepathy (digital print on canvas)


Margaret A. Harrell United States of America

Bedtime Tales (Photography (film))


Margaret A. Harrell, an author and photo­ grapher, is a three­time fellow at MacDowell Colony and has been for several years listed in the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who in Ameri­ can Art. Her focus in photograpy is clouds—on film, not digital. She has shown her work in Romania, Canada and the U.S.

Fractal (Photography (film))

Sun Spill (Photography (film))

Cloud Gathering – Progression (Photography (film))

“ I was drawn to photography by many dreams in which I stared at the sky, astonished as strange clouds kept moving, transforming into elaborate figurative scenes. Once I started photographing clouds, I experimented repeatedly with light and the sun. By luck, in Belgium, where I was living, clouds were in full view, and there was just the kind of film development I needed. It was tricky at first to get the images developed at all. Many artists loved staring at objects till images emerged. Victor Hugo sometimes sprinkled coffee dregs over his landscape drawings. Da Vinci got ideas from chance patterns on dirt­streaked walls, multicolored stones, ashes, clouds, . . . which he compares to “the sound of bells, in whose pealing you can find every name and word you can imagine.” 49

Mark C. Smith

United States of America

I pursue art and artistic pursuits solely for the joy of the creation. I find satisfaction in the process of moving from a blank canvas to a depiction of some aesthetically pleasing scene. If someone shares an appreciation of my finished work, the validation is humbling and gratifying; but painting is for the ex足 pression of the soul and a yearning for something larger, outside of yourself. Acceptance is second足 ary to the satisfaction of creation and expression.

9/11 (Acrylic on canvas)


Crystal and Roses (Acrylic on canvas)

Wolf, Aspen, Snow (Acrylic on Stainless steel)

Wind Chime Melody (Acrylic on Canvas)

Color Know (Acrylic on Canvas)

Kerzenlicht (Acrylic on stainless steel)

240 (Acrylic on stainless steel)


Paulette Mortimer Bahamas

My love for fine art photography developed du­ ring my college years in Miami where I was ex­ posed to handcolouring, handtoning, pinhole, colour, and panoramic photography as well as experimenting with different printing processes and developing different types of film and paper. I made sure that I took classes that offered some­ thing new. When I made the decision to make a living from doing art nine years ago my inspira­ tion came from a variety of sources. The last six years have been focused on channeling my late father’s inner spirit and his love for music, love of nature, and architecture.

Black Mangroves (Print on Canvas)

Green Turtle Cay Dock, Abaco-Bahamas (Print on Canvas)


Man-O-War Cay, Abaco (Print on Canvas)

Man-O-War Cay Dock, Abaco (Print on Canvas)

Pink Flamingo (Print on Canvas)

Hope Town Dock, Abaco-Bahamas (Print on Canvas)

“I try to create a new appreciation of a scene with every image and I am often looking for unthinkable scenes to photograph and recreate that remarkable look in infrared. Infrared films initially gave me the ability to make pictures with a special look and I am often delighted to hear that each image sparks an emotion often positive. The surreal colour of dark skies with snow­white foliage and increased contrast appeals to my artistic roots. I love working with this medium because it challenges me to try endless possibilities and at the end of the day it makes me feel good.” 53

Susanne Schwarz Germany

Morning in Venice (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)

Magic Forest 03 (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)


Blue Child 05 (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)

Bob Marley (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)

Summer at the Countryside (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)

I am a German painter, psychiatrist and medical psy­ chotherapist. I have developed to be an Urban Artist with a lot of international contacts, working with digital art, playing around with techniques of Pop Art and Impres­ sionism. My pictures base of a multimedia process of photography, painting in oil, watercolours, spray colours or pastel and digital art. Very simplified three­coloured portraits may develop as well as exciting rural land­ scapes, especially of my home, the “Westerwald”. I want to show how beautiful creation is. I want to illustrate how absolutely beautiful every human being is, every animal, every landscape, every moment in our individual awareness can be.

Birds 02 (Digital Art (C-Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)


Toni Carlton

United States of America

Connections of an Open Heart (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Ink - Graphite - Calligraphy - Transfer images - on canvas)

Prayers of Peace (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Ink - Graphite - Calligraphy in different languages - on canvas)


Healing – White Buffalo Returns (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Ink Calligraphy - on canvas)

I am committed to co­creating heartfelt expressions of life’s journey. My paintings combined with mixed media collage incorporate images from my personal life experiences, a love of dance, written messages, calligraphy and photographic images from my travels to Jamaica, Europe, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Hawaii and most recently India. I am inspired by different cultures, expressions of movement, heart connections and spi­ ritual awareness. Calligraphy in various languages along with the texture I create as a fiber artist adds a three dimensional element to my paintings.

The Offering (Mixed Media Acrylic - Hand-dyed Papers Graphite - Handwoven cotton/ linen fibers - on canvas)

Beyond the Veils #2 (Mixed Media Acrylic - Ink - Transfer Images - Calligraphy - Handwoven cotton/linen fibers - on canvas)

Prayers of Many Colors (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Hand-dyed Papers Graphite - Handwoven cotton/silk/rayon fibers - on canvas)

Healing Voices (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Ink - Transfer Image of Calligraphy - Rice Papers - Touch drawing in Water based oils - on canvas)

Most of my artwork represents deeper levels of feminine awaken­ ing by encoding multiple layers of images that trigger memories of ancient and present wisdom. In some of my recent compositions, the combination of calligraphic and Asian symbols, ancient text and sa­ cred sites helps create a deeper level of resonance. I create my work to remind one to embrace the connection to all relations. 57

Toni Carlton

United States of America

Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – Spirit of Peace – #3 (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Hand-dyed Papers - Graphite - Handwoven cotton/linen fibers - on canvas)

Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – Spirit of Peace – #2 (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Hand-dyed Papers - Graphite - Handwoven cotton/linen/rayon/silk fibers - on canvas)

Flowing Through the Threads of Our Lives – Spirit of Peace – #1 (Mixed Media - Acrylic - Hand-dyed Papers - Graphite - Handwoven cotton/linen/rayon/silk fibers - on canvas)

The expressions in my work come from the subconscious, the heart space and from within, rather than from a plan to create a specific image. Using movement, meditation and healing sounds as a prompt to begin the paintings, the art­ work expresses the connection to the Divine Feminine and Mothering Peace. Through many layers of multiple media, writing in graphite, hand­woven fibers, painting and transfer images, I am revisiting my spiritual journey as an artist using creative expressions. My hope is that my original creations open our hearts and touch our souls to inspire and lift our spirits. I will continue along a theme that speaks to people’s hearts and touches them in ways that are healing and helpful in developing an understanding of our interconnectedness. 58

Aiste Jurgilaite Lithuania

In the last few years I have been focusing on research and deepening my sight, which I express to the whole world through colors. Trans­ parency and light, always ubiquitous. I think this is a reflection of the visible world, and also about escaping the mystery of our existence which is usually invisible for humans’ eyes. 1997 ­ graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, awarded Master of Arts degree. 2000 ­ Lithuanian Artists’ Association. 2005 ­ given the status of the artist. From the year 1998 onward I participated in art fairs and exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. From 2007 to 2013 I worked as a professor at Academy Crosne, France. Above: Sleeping (acrylic on canvas) Left: Conversation (acrylic on canvas) Below: Deliverance (acrylic on canvas)

In the last years I have been focusing on research and deepening My sight to the whole world is expressed through the colors. Transparency and light, always ubiquitous. I think this is reflection of the visible world, but is also about escaping the mystery of our existence which is usually invisible for humans eyes. 59

Hailary Portugal

I found a love of painting when I was only 6 years old and my love of art continues to this very day! My styles range in many directions, but I have to admit that acrylic painting is my favourite. I enjoy painting flowers and landscapes.” Hai­ lary has participated in several major international galleries and art shows such as Galeria Aberta Galleries, Vera Interna­ tional Art Festival, Lisbon, LA International Art Show.

Beautiful Fiery (Acrylic on canvas)

Mountain Lake (Oil on canvas)

Floating on water (Acrylic on canvas)


Sunset and love (Acrylic on canvas)

Live, Love and Dream (Acrylic on canvas)

Royal Beauty (Acrylic on canvas)

Mystifying Flora (Acrylic on canvas)


Alice Kivlon

United States of America

Saving Swans (Photomontage)

Rising Hope (Photomontage)


In Pursuit of (Photomontage)

Sheltered Dream (Photomontage)

Organic Blue (Photomontage)

Andrew’s Barn (Photomontage)

Recalling Rene' (Photomontage)


Altera Brazil

Marcela Carvalho, Daniel Carvalho and José Santos are Al­ tera art collective. Altera works with motion (Visual Mu­ sic) and still images (Sequential Art) in a way that makes them intrinsically connected. The Sequential Art brings to the viewer the nuances and details of the Visual Music work frozen in time. Water dynamics is the central element of our art. We started from an extensive library of images, created over many years of field work.

Outflow Sequence 1 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Rheotaxis Sequence 1 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Rheotaxis Sequence 2 (Limited edition Fine Art print)


Outflow Sequence 4 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Our workflow begins creating highly variable imagery: computer足generated or live capture of cha足 otic natural phenomena. The primary sequences are then assembled into multilayers, revealing all the richness and complexity of the natural phenomena. Our printed images are derived from dif足 ferent Visual Music works. From reflection to refraction, to the organic shapes of river stones, we bring focus to the different kinds of colors, lines and shapes created by this natural process. Our intention is to immerse the viewer in the abstract images, creating a unique sensorial experience.

Refluir Sequence 2 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Refluir Sequence 12 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Refluir Sequence 11 (Limited edition Fine Art print)

Refluir Sequence 7 (Limited edition Fine Art print)


Albert Russo Israel

Albert Russo, who has published worldwide over 85 books of poetry, fiction and photography, in both English and French, his two mother tongues (Italian being his ‘paternal’ tongue; he also speaks Spanish and German and still has notions of Swahili), has been the recipient of many awards, such as The New York Poetry Forum and Amelia (CA) Awards, The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, The AZsa­ cra international Poetry Award (Taj Mahal Review ­ US$ 500), the Books & Authors Award, several Writer’s Digest poetry and fiction awards (winner and finalist), Aquillrelle Awards, the Prix Colette and the Prix de la Liberté, among others. His work has been trans­ lated into a dozen languages in 25 countries, on five continents.

‘Sand sculpture of Je'sus and his apostles’

‘Valencia’s City of Arts and Science by Calatrava’ (Spain)


‘Tel Aviv’s color fountain Fire and Water by Agam’ (Israel)

Albert Russo was also a member of the 1996 jury for the Neustadt International Prize for Literature which of­ ten leads to the Nobel Prize of Literature. Latest Prize: Best 2013 Unicef Short Story award in defense of child­ hood worldwide, entitled: Revenge by proxy / Vengeance par procuration. Besides writing novels in English and in French, with work translated into a dozen languages, Albert Russo has garnered several prizes for his photography books, Indie Excellence Awards (both winner and finalist), The London Book Festival awards (finalist), The Gallery Photografica awards (silver medal), among others. Some of his photos have been ex­ hibited at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, in Times Square, NYC, as well as at the Museum of Photography in Lausanne, Switzerland. Now, he is exhibiting at the Espace Pierre Cardin, in Paris, his work AIR DE MONTMAR­ TRE, as well as photos on canvas. The Mayor of the Big Apple has lauded his two photobooks on Paris and New York. Some of his novels and memoirs have also been filmed in English, with videos 90 and 100 minutes long.

‘Venitian masqued carnival’

‘Golden sculpture’

‘Venitian masqued carnival’


Katelend Rosaen United States of America

Photography has been my passion for over 10 years. I graduated with a BS in Art and a minor in business and am currently pursuing my MFA. “Changing peoples perspective one photo at a time.�

Current page: Top Left: Soul (Digital Photograph) Bottom Left: Killer Shoes (Digital Photograph) Bottom right: Lost (Digital Photograph)


Second page: Top left: Fresh Meat (Digital Photograph) Bottom Left: Prince Harming (Digital Photograph) Top right: Fading (Photograph) Bottom right: Mortality (Digital Photograph)


Tjeerd Doosje Netherlands

Claartje (0307) (Photograph)


For three­and­a­half years now I’ve photographing por­ traiture. It started in school, where I worked on mini­pho­ toshoots in a make­up artist course. One of the pupils was very interested in this and after a while we agreed to do a photoshoot at her home. I enjoyed ­ and still enjoy ­ pho­ tography. My style is more beauty and fashion. The prob­ lem I run into is that I don’t have too many photoshoots per year. I would like to do this on a more regular basis and earn some money with it, so I can combine my work as a teacher with being a photographer.

Chinyere (0101) (Photograph)

Terra (0106) (Photograph)

Pien (0303) (Photograph)

Selia (0214) (Photograph)


Marie Manon Corbeil Canada

Rock and Roll (acrylic on canvas-mixed media)

Party (acrylic on canvas)


My name is Marie Manon and I grew up in a small Lau足 rentian village in the province of Quebec. As a child, I observed my father painting beautiful scenery, for his own pleasure, and I still remember the lovely unfi足 nished paintings and paint brushes all around the living room. My first attempts at painting were in my teens but then life took me elsewhere. I have taken many art classes but I consider myself as a self足taught artist. In 2010, I decided to try abstract painting on canvas, a universe unknown to me, which offers me freedom of expression and movement, which I adore.

Thunder (acrylic on canvas)

Claudette Losier Canada

Claudette’s paintings are rooted in the physical world but are altered through the process of layering until forms emerge from the boundary where light meets the dark indicative of their underlying essence of energy.

Poppies Waving To Laundry (Abstract Surreal Impressionism, acrylic)

Keeping The Peace (Abstract Surreal Impressionism, acrylic)

Crossing Over (Abstract Surreal Impressionism, acrylic)

Crawling Revisited (Abstract Surreal Impressionism, acrylic)

Fractured Bus Ride (Abstract Surreal Impressionist Style, Acrylic on Canvas)


Michael Piper UK

Willie Nelson (Oil on canvas)

Woman in Stone (Oil on canvas)

Experiments with texture (Oil on canvas)


The work of contemporary artist, Michael Piper is in­ spired primarily by the golden age of Baroque painting and is a modern reinterpretation of this classic imag­ ery. Piper focusses predominantly on the human face and form capturing the essence of the subject between layers of paint and portraying emotion through ges­ ture and expression. Piper’s work ties together loose abstract brushwork with a refined representational approach to create a feeling of life within the skin of his subject. The work of Michael Piper represents a brood­ ing intensity reminiscent of the golden age but equally relevant in today’s modern society.

Untitled (Oil on board)

Patricia Jenkins

United States of America

Patricia Jenkins was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. There she attended the State University Col­ lege at Buffalo for a BS and MS in Art Education. Her favorite media is bronze but she resorts to pas­ tels, drawing, and painting to fund the “expensive bronze habit”.

My House is Better Than Yours (Mixed media on paper)

Will Spring Never Come (Resin and Acrylic on Canvas)

Yes, You May Kiss Me (Mixed media on paper)

Alligator Shoes (Mixed media on paper)

Joy (Watercolor on paper)

Hitchhiker (Mixed media on paper)


Robert Gaudreau United States of America

Dead Soldier in Iraq (Pastel, charcoal, graphite on paper)

Roots (Oil on linen)

Gears (Oil on linen)

I am drawn into art and compelled to create it. I find it paramount my experimental approach be key in leading the path of multiple possibilities of what is, what could be, what should be, what would be, what shouldn’t be or all of the above or none of the above, explore to observe, observe to express, the outcome is within the mind of the beholder, these are my impulsions within the capsule of creation. Alone and not Alone (Oil on linen)


Drive (Oil on linen)

Impostor / Antics (Mixed media)

Fan (Oil on linen)

The Agreement / Antics (Mixed media on canvas)


Marina Gershman United States of America

The Next Stop Is... (Fabric Collage) Gladioli (Fabric Collage)

Marina Gershman works in the unique medium of fabric collage. She uses different textures, thicknesses and qualities of fabrics to achieve a three­dimensional quality in her works, and her use of various colors, tones and shades grant them a painterly appear­ ance. Creating fabric fashion dolls is Marina’s other passion.

Eleanor (Fashion Fabric Doll)

Dolores (Fashion Fabric Doll)


Yellow Wildflowers (Fabric Collage)

Michael Cavanagh United States of America

Inspired at a very young age. A determined oil pain­ ter, I realized needed training, so entered Art School in the 60’s, and later for trompe L’oeil, in the 70’s. Reading and visiting Museums, to continue learning.

Lighthouse in 4 Seasons: Fall (Water Scape, Oil on Canvas)

Image of a Hero (Compilation, Oil on Canvas)

Autumn in New England (Still life/Outdoors, Oil on Canvas)


Marinescu Cosmin United States of America

Escalade (Acrylic on canvas)

I’m living in a constant search for chaos and quiet at the same time. My works represent our many options for choosing a kind of life; I found different instruments (photography, painting, video installa­ tion) to realize my ideas, and every time I discover parts of my character that I never know about. Most of my artwork is an instinctual form of art where my arms are the extension of my soul.

I can see you (Digital photography)

Free time (Digital photography)

Waiting (Digital photography)


Future (Acrylic and ink on canvas)

Daniele Vannucci Italy

Port (Oil on canvas)

Daniele Vannucci was born in Florence, where he “breathes” the colors, forms and lights of the beauti­ ful city’s art. In his youth, he began to be interested in the graphical representation of objects by highlighting the forms in their essence. He currently lives in Viareg­ gio, where the city’s Carnival is able to give him a new artistic path where you can read the unique essence of life that flutters in Versilia.

Anteprima in Chianti (oil on canvas)

Rome (Oil on canvas)


David Culp

United States of America

Rue des Goblens (European street scene)

Port-Marly Street (European street scene, acrylic/Bristol Board)

Villejuif Street (European street scene, acrylic/Bristol Board)


Westerly Place (European Street scene,acrylic/ Bristol Board)

Clouet Street (European street scene, acrylic/Bristol board)

Du Passage Eglise (European street scene, acrylic on Bristol Board)


Francine Doliveira France

Tulipes (Oil on canvas)

Anani (Oil on canvas)


Francine...a self­taught artist born some 50 years ago in the South West of France. Even though she showed great talent as an artist, she was forced to abandon her drawing because her parents refused to allow her to go to art school. In the 80’s, Francine developed a passion for photography and discovered publishing with four books about the region. In 2000, she fulfilled her lifelong dream by picking up a paintbrush and with oil paint began painting. She takes great pleasure in painting the human being.

Yeleen (Oil on canvas)

Echappe'e (Oil on canvas)

Gina De Gorna

United States of America

Gina De Gorna is a very well established artist and a published author. She is highly educated and well­ travelled and she truly believes in the healing power of love, beauty and color. She is convinced that the artist’s main job is to focus and devote their art and work to improve and make life more beautiful. Gina’s paintings have been shown online, and as well as in art galleries both in solo and group exhibitions in Eu­ rope, Canada, and the USA.

Sunset Quest (Oil on canvas)

Carpe Diem (Oil on canvas)

The Hand That Doesn’t Grasp (Oil on canvas)

The Incredible Journey (Oil on canvas)

Mermaid (Oil on canvas)

Lady in Red (Oil on canvas)


Ilgar Talibov Azerbaijan

Blue Woman (Acrylic on canvas)

I love art because it does not have any borders and it speaks to all. A fascination with geometric shapes and color has always been at the core of my work. Gradi­ ent coloring and manipulating shapes is ever­present throughout my portfolio. Cubism and Italian Futurism are genres that inspire my work. A hybrid form of Fu­ turistic­Cubism comes out in my paintings. It creates a unique dynamic. I paint when I feel inspired, that is why each of my paintings have spots of good and bad feeling. My paintings transform a lot during the pro­ cess.

Miss Ronnie (Acrylic on canvas)

Unassuming Bliss (Acrylic on canvas)


Egyptian Woman (Acrylic on canvas)

Flashlight (Oil on canvas)

Motherhood (Oil on canvas)

Shining (Oil on canvas)

Six Dimensions (Oil on canvas)

Improvisation in Circle (Oil on canvas)

Room (Oil on canvas)


Tatiyana Kraevskaya United States of America

Art is a spiritual language I use to communicate with people, no matter what language they speak. My work is about reaching every single heart by touching the deepest sanctu足 aries of the human soul. I in足 vite viewers of my paintings to feel a higher awareness of light and reality. Lilac (Oil on canvas)

Red Poppies (Oil on canvas)


Blue Waltz (Oil on canvas)

Amities (Oil on canvas)

Whirl (Oil on canvas)

Rocio (Oil on canvas)

Inflorescence (Oil on canvas)


Kim Fujiwara

United States of America

Carmen (Oil on Canvas Panel)

Green River (Oil on Canvas Panel)


Kim Fujiwara was born and raised on the northwest side of Detroit, Michigan. He was known as “the kid who draws.” Kim’s artwork and portraits have appeared on national ads, book covers, editorials, magazine covers, CD covers, posters, brochures, billboards, annual reports, point­of­purchase, and children’s books.

In White Satin (Oil on Canvas Panel)

Morning Rose (Oil on Canvas Panel)

Doc (Oil on Canvas Panel)


Dashuai Sun

United States of America

A masterpiece is called a masterpiece not only because of its outstanding creativity, skill or workmanship, but also the aesthetic, artistic conception and the mood of the painting. All artists should use their own unique artistic language to express themselves, infuse their spirit, soul into their works.

Shepherd’s Child with the Lamb III (Watercolor on paper)

Our Teacher (watercolor on paper)


Love (Watercolor on paper)

Father and Sons (watercolor on paper)

Tanya Filichkin

United States of America profiles/1-tanya-filichkin.html

I am an artist living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My portfolio is represented by original art in acrylic, oil, pastel or mixed medium. You can find portraits, still life, abstracts or landscapes. Art style ­ bold, expressive, colorful, fauvist, contemporary.

Red Tulips On Blue (Contemporary Floral Painting. Acrylic On Canvas)

Pride And Joy (Contemporary Portrait Painting Inspired By Stevie Ray Vaughan’s song “Pride and Joy”. Acrylic On Canvas)

At Twilight (Contemporary seascape painting. Acrylic on Canvas)



United States of America

Venus Unbound (Oil on Linen)

Mysterium (Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen)


Cupidon (Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen)

Fiercely unapologetic, Adare’s evocative realism blends classical oil portraiture with sensual expres­ sionism to give movement to meticulous detail. Invoking dynamic color and courageous vulner­ ability, Adare’s vibrant portrayals of 21st century counterculture appear to breathe on Belgian linen.

Ardens (Passion) (Detail. Oil and Silver Leaf on Linen)

“Bring Me My Ghosts” (Oil and Gold Leaf on Linen)


Christine Whetton New Zealand

Miriam (Oil on Canvas)

A Time To Hold (Oil on Canvas)


Born in Scotland, Christine, as a child, loved to draw people. She specialised in art both in se­ condary school and in teachers’ training col­ lege.

Babushka’s Harvest (Oil on Canvas)

The Girl with the Red Scarf (Oil on Canvas)

The Hated Hat (Oil on Canvas)

Dayanita (Oil on Canvas)

People fascinate me, and my paintings are motivated by the challenge to portray personality, char足 acter and attitudes on canvas. The more I study the subjects of my portraits, the more deeply I be足 lieve in the God足given uniqueness and worth of the individual, regardless of colour, creed or class.

Summer Magic (Oil on Canvas)


Durand Seay

United States of America

Introduction to Physics (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

The Winning Jump (oil on gallery wrap canvas)


I’m living in a constant search for chaos and quiet at the same time. My works represent our many options to choose a kind of life; I found different instruments (photography and painting) to rea­ lize my ideas, and every time I discover parts from my character that I never knew before. Most of my artwork is an instinctual form of art where my arms are the extension of my soul.

Maritime Collective (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

The Overture (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

The Wave (Oil on gallery wrap canvas)

Trancients (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

Quiet Determination (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

The Silver Ring (oil on gallery wrap canvas)

Modulas (oil on gallery wrap canvas)


Lynda Manson Canada

For me, to paint is not a choice but an obsession. I am endlessly fascinated with the possibilities for creating an image by simply using brushes, little piles of paint and an empty canvas. Whether it is the play of light and shadow, interesting textures or forms or intriguing color combinations, if it stirs an emotional response I am compelled to paint. Nature themes such as skyscapes, landscapes and seascapes dominate my paintings as I search to share calm, peace and beauty as well as organic color palettes, shapes and patterns with my free flowing painting style. Portraiture is also becoming a large part of my portfolio, especially pets.

The HorseHead Nebula (The Nebula Series Acrylic on Canvas)

Norton Simon Museum Pond II (Pond Series Acrylic on Canvas)

Mushrooms in the Forest (Acrylic on Canvas)


The Pillars of Creation Nebula (The Nebula Series Acrylic on Canvas)

Jake (Pet Portraiture)

Carina Nebula (Nebula Series Acrylic on Canvas)

Arbutus Tree Shadows (Acrylic on Canvas)



United States of America

As an artist, I try to convey photorealistic qualities of a subject and showcase in a large scale artwork, the typically missed details. In my work, I often use gilding techniques as the radiance of the gold immediately draws a person’s attention to those areas. Being able to see people walk up close to the drawing for a better view of the details is truly something I hope to continue.

South African Wildebeest Skull (Pen on Paper; 23k Gold; 68 x 44.5 Inches)

South African Kudu Skull (Pen on Paper; 23k Gold; 68 x 44.5 Inches)


South African Springbok Skull (Pen on Paper; 23k Gold; 30 x 22 Inches)

Bald Eagle (Pen on Paper; Colored Pencils; 23k gold; 20 x 16 Inches)



United States of America

Bald Eagle (Pen on Paper; Colored Pencils; 23k gold; 72 x 44.5 Inches)

NI7 Headphones (Pen on Paper; Colored Pencils; 23k gold; 50 x 44.5 Inches)


Viktória Taskó Hungary

Anxiety (Oil on canvas)

I’ve been interested in any form of art since I was little. As the years passed I’ve taught myself to paint. I couldn’t resist the urge to create. Not so long ago I managed to sell one of my paintings; this boosted my confidence, so I kept on painting, to follow my dream. I prefer to work with oil. Expressionism, realism and abstract­styled paintings are the closest to me, and I choose these styles to express my feelings, and to communicate my emotions to the world.

After Fall (Abstract / Oil on canvas)

Cold weather (Abstract / Oil on canvas)


Yumi Yokoyama

United States of America home

Iris (Oil on canvas)

Orchid and Lamp (Oil on canvas)


Hollyhock (Oil on canvas)

Dahlia (Oil on canvas)

Yumi is particularly inspired by color, which is so powerful that could give us energy and also depress us. Since she came from Japan, she has been observing cultural and educational diffe­ rence in art. Life in US made her painting more enjoyable and vibrant. She has exhibited in Japan and US. Besides oil paintings, she started stained glass art in US, which was inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass at a small museum in her home town. Especially she likes colors of glass reflected.

Poppy (Oil on canvas)


Yumi Yokoyama

United States of America

Take a Break (Oil on canvas)

Model A (Oil on canvas)


“Nice Shot!” (Oil on canvas)

Vincent Messelier Belgium

The power of tenacity (Digital mix, print on D-bond aluminium)

'do never underestimate the power of a good book' (Digital mix, print on Dbond aluminium)

St.- Petersburg (Digital mix print on D-Bond)


Sumiyo Toriizuka Japan

Sumiyo Toriizuka is talented acrylic painter, born in Tokyo. She studied art under the fa足 mous artist Shozo Shimamoto. Sumiyo is al足 ways searching for new styles. She is a mem足 ber of the AU Exhibition and a Venice Biennale D. Mauro Award laureate.

No.7 (Acrylic and india ink on Japanese paper)

Untitled (Acrylic gold leaf on canvas)

No.8 (Acrylic indiaink on Japanese paper)

No.4 (Acrylic indiaink on Japanese paper)


No.17 (Acrylic on Hemp paper)

Untitled (Acrylic and yarn and botton on canvas collage)

After the tryst (Acrylic on canvas collage)


Tamera Menard Ovall United States of America

Because I live through the visual world I can say things through colors and shapes that I have no words for. When I am painting time stands still and a tranquility and fascination envelop my mind unlike any other experience on the plan足 et. It is truly being in the moment and creat足 ing history simultaneously. This feeling is what I would define as true happiness. My thoughts on painting are that one should paint what they live to paint without rules and boundaries. The creative process is a never ending source of self expression, happiness, and connecting the ideal with reality! Tamera sun (Oil on masonite)

Putpose (Oil on canvas)

Pets (Oil on masonite)


Matisse (Oil on masonite)

Sasha Moye Canada

British born artist Sasha Moye divides her time between her English homeland and a life in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing inspiration from the British countryside, her travels and the West Coast of Canada. Sasha creates artwork with restor­ ative, uplifting qualities. Sasha’s paintings have a dream life feel to them. Her artwork is washed in pastel hues with bold pops of colour. Viewers of her paintings often say they re­ mind them of a special place or time in their lives. Sasha’s paintings are created using the highest quality materials to ensure they last for generations. Artwork is professionally packed for shipping worldwide.

Distant hope (oil on canvas)

New Dawn (Framed watercolour)

Dream (acrylic on canvas)


Ping He China

Face of City - 6 (Expression, Acrylic on canvas)

Face of City - 7 (Expression, Acrylic on canvas)

The face of City - 4 (Acrylic on canvas)

Face of City - 8 (Expression, Acrylic on canvas)


Sharon Worley

United States of America

I paint beautiful impressionist seascapes and landscapes.

Gemini 3 (acrylic on canvas)

Fall Colors (acrylic on canvas)

Ring of Fire (acrylic on canvas)


Leif Nielsen Denmark

Gate of Transformation (Painted steel)

Seven minds (Painting on wood, glass and ceramics)

Who am I really (Painting on wood, wooden masks and glass eyes)


Europe (Painting on wood, Painting on wood, glass ceramics bronzemasks of wood)

“The mask is the object of great research of the artist Leif Nielsen. Leif leads us to a new pirandellian theatre. He makes us relive the scene and the backstage of which speaks to us Goffman. With great communication efficacy, he transmits to the bystander memories intended to de­ feat the atrocities of a tyrant time.”

Salvatore Russo, International Curator and Critic. Italy

The same yet different (Paint on wood, ceramic and glass)

You see me and yet not (Painting on wood, glass and iron)

Leaky jar or hollow sculpture perhaps life symbol – that is the question


Nikolay Moltchanov United States of America

Bird drinking from candle light (Watercolour, acrylic on poster-board)

Flowers for Valentina (Oil on board)

Birds and fruits (Watercolour, acrylic on poster-board)

Back in USSR (A fish) (Watercolour on newspaper on poster-board)


We all are brothers (Watercolour on newspaper on poster-board)

Hillary Stevens 3 (Oil on canvas-board)

Laura Weinberg

United States of America

Pink Flamingo (Acrylic on canvas)

Abstract Expressionism “Inspirational Art”—“The Bliss­ ful Artist” Laura Goldman Weinberg is an independent artist who allows the creative energy of life to dance through her onto the canvas. Her colorful expres­ sions illustrate an emphasis on value contrasts which create wonderful linear movement and patterns. Colorful, bright, happy, creative, energetic, fun, ex­ pressive are some of the words that describe her ab­ stract­expressionist style.

Dancing Around (Acrylic on canvas)

Laura sees a blank canvas as a field of all possibilities and is filled with excitement and enthusiasm to witness the journey of the creative impulse. Laura’s wonder and joy of life radiates through the process and final manifestation of her works. Having survived cancer, she offers her gifts with a full and grateful heart to her community and the world. She continues to create and share her works with the hope of inspiring and uplifting others.

Garden Red (Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas)

Garden Yellow (Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas)


Edward Matevosyan United States of America

White Flowers (Mixed Media)

Composition #15 (Mixed Media)


Edward Matevosyan is a painter of ordered and balanced segments of the painting field, which receives all the necessary vibrancy of atmo足 sphere and vitality, so that his work is a suc足 cessful union of gradual construction and direct approach.

Winter in Yerevan (Oil on canvas)

Portrait of Gayane (Oil on canvas)

Still Life (Mixed Media)


Brian Billings

United States of America

Brian Billings is a contemporary artist living in Arizona. Billings replicates the textures and patterns observed in distressed concrete and wood on the front surface of the painting. This process signifies a wall, dealing with struggles in life, nature, or psyche. Beyond the surface a hole is created through the wood panel to replicate the struggle of overcoming barriers. Embedded within the hole is a story told through bold lines and vibrant colors on canvas.

Set Yourself Free (Acrylic and plaster on wood panel with hole to reveal canvas)

Show Your Colors (Acrylic on wood panel with hole created to reveal canvas)


A Little Bird Told Me (Acrylic on wood panel with hole created to reveal canvas)

Where It All Started (Acrylic on wood panel with hole created to reveal canvas)

Anneke Hansum Netherlands

Beach (Acrylic on Canvas)

Beach Sun Set (Acrylic on Canvas)

Detail of the London Eye (Acrylic on Canvas)

Stairs Brussel (Acrylic on Canvas)

When evening Falls (Acrylic on Canvas)


Alexey Klimov

United States of America

I think that absolute freedom in art is no more than a mirage. Like a vanishing point, not only it is not achiev­ able, but also constant strive for being totally uninhi­ bited fundamentally contradicts the very nature of art. I discovered that by trying to free myself I instead only created un­freedom within, but at the same time I re­ cognized it as a blessing because this un­freedom, to my great surprise, flowered into my very own freedom.

Past continuous in yellow and blue (Welded steel, architectural plastic, paint)

Bookmarks (Painted steel)


Doors (Welded steel, automotive paint)

Past continuous in yellow, blue, green and red (Welded steel, architectural plastic, paint)

Navy quartet (Welded steel, architectural plastic, automotive paint)

Past continuous in green and red (Welded steel, architectural plastic, paint)

I built my personal space inside it, I fenced in all I was made of and then I gladly confined myself into this space and opened all the windows to share what’s inside with others. This is the mo­ ment of great joy for me because this space has never existed before I have created it. Not unlike theater, my work attempts to counterpart outside reality with no ambition to compete with it. It is just a window into my parallel world, my very own, not so little Universe. Windows (Series of 15) (Welded steel, automotive paint)


Astrid Baenziger Switzerland

La fragilité (Acrylic on canvas)

Theater of my daily lovely life (Acrylic on canvas)


Astrid Baenziger was born in Appenzell, Switzerland in 1965. She is a trained certified technical operation as­ sistant and a trained qualified social worker. In addi­ tion to these professional challenges, she has worked as an artist for number of years. Starting with draw­ ing comics, she has expanded widely to an intense examination of various techniques of acrylic painting and collage technique. Colourful flower gardens, nature themes, poems written on paintings, clotheslines, the fragility of human beings, etc. are her frontrunners.

Kaffee Mueller (Acrylic on canvas)

Please, don’t forget! (Acrylic and collage on canvas)

Winner of the claw – twirling competition (Acrylic on canvas)

Voices of nature (Acrylic and collage on canvas)

Friendship, what’s life without? (Acrylic and collage on canvas)

For some years now, she has shown her works of art in various individual and collective exhibi­ tions. The last exhibition at the ART BIENNALE in Florence Italy, brings her now in an international show. Astrid Baenziger is an autodidact. She lives with her family in Berne, Switzerland. Statement: “my images are designed through their colours and their representations to conjure happiness, to elicit a smile in the beholder, and are now and then seen with a wink! The artworks are life, de­ votion and joy of life.” Never stop nonsense (Acrylic and collage on canvas)


Carrie Webster Australia

Carrie completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at COFA in her early twenties, and evolved into the field of graphic and web design. She also has a Masters in Information Ar­ chitecture. Along the way, Carrie has constantly worked on creative projects in parallel with her professional life.

Heay Load (Digital Photography, fine art)

Evolution (Digital Photography – Fine Art)


The Other Side (Digital Photography, fine art)

Irina Avilova

Russian Federation

Art is a passion and hobby for Irina Avilova, a self­taught Russian artist. Currently Ms. Avilova works full­time in International Finance and resides in Washington, DC area. Irina has been painting and drawing all her life. Polishing her skills from one painting to the next, she has developed her own style, closest to impressionists. From Irina’s first art show in 2006, which brought her the first place, Ms. Avilova’s artwork has been part of multiple regional, national and international exhibits, including two personal shows and prestigious Art Basel Miami and Art Basel Hong Kong. Irina’s paintings are in private and public art collections, including collections in the U.S.A., Russia, Austria and Switzerland.

My dream of Swiss Alps (Oil on canvas)

Lake in a forest (Oil on canvas)

Spring (Gouache on paper)

Florida sunset (Oil on canvas)


Natalia Bragina Russian Federation

Embrace (Oil on canvas)

Myrrh bearers (Oil on canvas)


Over the river (Oil on card board)

At boulevard (ex. Oil on canvas)

The cat women (from City Chimeras cycle (Oil on canvas)

Portrait of a dame (Oil on canvas)

I was born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Peters足 burg, Russia). Graduated from Moscow State Uni足 versity with a degree in International Economics. I have also attended the art studios at Moscow State University and the Moscow House of Scien足 tists. After 1989 painting became my main profes足 sional occupation. Since then I have had no fewer than fifteen personal exhibitions.

A duet (Oil on canvas)


Natalia Bragina Russian Federation

The armchairs #2 (Oil on canvas)

Nude over the carpet (Oil on canvas)


An arrable lot (Oil on canvas)

F. Allen Moss

United States of America

Amoeba (Collage)

Les hommes sont jouer (Collage)

EUREKA! (Collage)

Half-Time (Collage)

Pornergiz (Collage)

O.S.C.A.R. (Collage)


Asa Gochenour

United States of America

The Secret (Oil on masonite)

Maroon Bell Splendor (Oil on canvas)


“I love to paint as realistic as I can with a hint of Impressionism. My subjects include landscapes, wildlife and still life. Portraying art is my pas­ sion. I try to paint what I see as often as pos­ sible. Nature has chaos, storms, etc.. I try my best to look beyond the chaos that flooding and other natural disasters can cause. I try to cap­ ture the beauty that lies within. There is some­ thing about touching and feeling the texture of my subjects that connects me while I’m creating. Making something look like something is only half the challenge, capturing the essence of a feeling is the true art.”

Sunflowers in Vase (Oil on wrap around canvas)

Subodh Maheshwari United States of America

Enchanted Forest (Acrylic on Paper)

Gold Tree (Acrylic on Canvas)

Subodh was born in Uttar Pradesh, India. She earned her Masters in Fine Arts at the University of California, Irvine, where she won the Regional Fellowship Award. “My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape and form.” – Subodh Maheshwari

Love in the Air (Acrylic on Canvas)

Garden II (Acrylic on Paper)


Annie Chen Taiwan, Republic of China

Aunte’s jewel box (Oil on canvas)

Dream life (Acrylic with mixed media)

Phonix (Acrylic on canvas)


Rolling my childhood memories (Acrylic on canvas)

Finding cicada toghether (Oil on canvas)

Boys on the beach (Oil on canvas)


Joseph Moon

United States of America

The work of Joseph Moon runs the gamut of artistic styles and mediums. Each piece coming from a different place, mentally, dictating the approach on how his vision is to be portrayed. With the vision that “Art allows us to reach through the mirror and explore the corridors on the other side” his opinion is that “Without art, we would have a much cloudier view of what we try so hard to see”.

On the Outskirts of Atlantis (A Swim Through Innerspace) (Oil on panel)

Prosaic Beauty (Oil on canvas)


Romance of the Artist (Us & Them) (Oil on canvas)

The Absence of Absinthe (Oil on canvas)

Absinthe and Blue Marble (Oil on canvas)

That Night The Moon Bled (Oil on canvas)

The Night Terror (Oil on canvas)


Alex Tolstoy

United States of America

Alex was born in New York City but grew up in DC. She is an award winning watercolorist.

Streaming (Watercolor)

Edge (Watercolor)

Chasing the Wind (Watercolor)

Church on the Road (Watercolor)


Stone House (Watercolor)

Marie Schwarzer United States of America

Girls Fantasy (Acrylic on Canvas)

I don’t like this Apple (Acrylic on Canvas)

Eleonore Tea Party (Acrylic on Canvas)

Eleonore Graduation (Acrylic on Canvas)


Keith Zudell

United States of America

One Egg (Oil on canvas)

Fall Colors (Oil on canvas)


Cosmos for Abbie (Oil on canvas)

Pomegranates and Orange (Oil on canvas)

Five Pears (Oil on canvas)


Ivana Masic

United States of America

Conversations (Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

Crystal (Mixed Media)

Sea (Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

Archangel Michael (Acrylic Paint on Canvas)


Blue Skies (Acrylic Paint on Paper)

Ivana Masic is an Ameri­ can Croatian artist & educator who lives in New York. She is a multi­ dimensional artist who works in a variety of media such as painting, drawing, music, film and literary production. Her colorful and enlightening art has been exhibited and installed internation­ ally and published in over forty books as she enjoys collaborating worldwide. She is also involved in a variety of artful humani­ tarian projects as she believes in the positive power and voice of the arts. Ivana Masic contin­ uously expresses herself and she honestly estab­ lishes a focus and vision of experiences of her heart and believes that art educates, heals and spreads harmonic energy worldwide.

Overlooking Eyes (Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

Olive Tree (Watercolor on Paper)


Clayb Wallis

United States of America

Eye15 (Oil on canvas)

Void (Oil on canvas)


Stripes10 (Acrylic on canvas)

15-1 (Oil on wood board)

Three Lenses (Acrylic on Canvas)

Near Miss (Oil on canvas)

MTC2 (Oil on wood board)


Roger Richter Australia

Roger has been painting his whole life and is in足 spired by the natural beauty of his surroundings the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia.

Moon haze (Oil on canvas)

Torrens gums (Oil on boards)


The red swing (Oil on board)

Sal Villano

United States of America

The inspiration for creating my sculpture grew from a life足 time love of trees. I am in awe of the stately presence and silent majesty they posses. I find the structure of trees to be one of the perfections in nature. With their roots embracing the earth; in winter they show their bones, in spring gentle buds, in summer a canopy of green and in fall a magical ka足 leidoscope of colors. Beauty, pure beauty. Beaded Bonsai (Wire Tree Sculpture)

Kristallnacht, detail of nest (Wire Tree Sculpture)

Jade Cascade (Wire Tree Sculpture)

Kristallnacht, Tree of Life, wire tree sculpture (Wire Tree Sculpture)


Helen Kagan

United States of America

I believe art heals. A holistic therapist and artist, I developed my unique technique and style as “Healing Arts”­ a powerful form of self­expression that can enhance healing to those in need, and become a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well­being.

Brooklyn Bridge (Oil on Canvas)

Stairway To Heaven (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/ Heavy Texture, canvas)

Eternal Portal (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/Heavy Texture, canvas)


Autumn Leaves (Acrylic, Mixed Media/Heavy Texture, canvas)

Coming from a family of scientists, I’ve always been fascinated by the left and right brain relationship which led me to study many things – from mathematics and science to psychology, therapy and healing to fine art, and finally create my “Healing Arts”. I am bringing together Fine Art, the Art of Healing, and Expressive Arts by integrating healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically ba­ lanced composition. My pasionate art is better experienced “in­person” due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and just an overall charisma and high energy.

Sun Shower (Acrylic on Canvas)

Sunset On Clematis (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/Heavy Texture, canvas)


Helen Kagan

United States of America

Bridging The Past (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/Heavy Texture, canvas)

Nostalgia (Oil on canvas)


Many Roads To God (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/ Heavy Texture, canvas)

Matt Kirby UK

Matt Kirby grew up in Leicestershire and has been discove­ ring and experimenting with Abstract work for many years. His work represents special events and experiences with va­ rious techniques and colour all with no beginning and no end. His work can be found in several private collections and has exhibited his work throughout the UK. The Work is carried out using high quality prime canvas boards and boxed canvas with acrylic and oil paints to produce high colour finishes.

‘Pacific Sunrise’ (Abstract – Oil on Canvas Board)

‘Navada’ (Abstract – Oil on Canvas Board)

‘Ice Drift’ (Abstract – Oil on Canvas Board)


Vesa Peltonen Canada

I often create my new artwork using a fusion of traditional and high足tech methods. My pho足 tographs or/and watercolour paintings often become a basis for my final work, which is now quite often only a single or just several digital prints, even though I do up to 20 limited prints.

Highway North #1 (Digital print on watercolor paper)

Ocean Wave and Currents (Digital print on watercolor paper)


Snow on Ridges (Digital on watercolor paper)

Under the Water #4 (Digital on watercolor paper)

Also, I have created my prints into a mixed足 media, as sometimes I used pastel, airbrush to acrylic paint to make them, even more, unique. No two look the same, doing this on a couple only. By computer manipula足 tion, the art has been enhanced to be al足 tered quite dramatically from what I used as my inspirational initial image input into the computer. My art has been noted as being bold and colourful with less detail, thus more shapes and also having some unique textural qualities.

Fields of Summer (Mixed media)

Highway #2 (Mixed media)

Girl Alone in Pool (Digital)


Julie Robitaille

United States of America

Mourning (Oil on Canvas)

Date a Nurse (Acrylic on Canvas)


Billies Blues (Acrylic on Canvas)

Collaborator Couture (Acrylic on Canvas)

Julie Robitaille is a published novelist and award winning self­taught artist who works in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Color and symbology play major roles in her work and highlight a lifelong interest in psychology and be­ havior. This series of paintings expo­ ses the contrast between reality and illusion, exploring how the secrets hidden beneath the public face can make themselves evident on the sur­ face – even when the subject thinks he or she is wear­ ing an impenetrable mask of normalcy. With a keen eye for revealing the “tells” that give away peo­ ple’s secrets, she creates portraits that are sometimes disturbing and so­ metimes funny, but always intriguing.

Mrs. Danvers’ Dream (Oil on Canvas)

Munchausen by Morphine (Oil on Canvas)

Axis Sally Released from Prison (Acrylic on Canvas)


Maria de la Luz Fraschini Silvarredonda Uruguay

Mykonos (Acrylic on Canvas)

Boundary (Oil & Acrylic on Canvas)


Colour (Acrylic on Canvas)

Seaport (Acrylic on canvas)

Wharf (Acrylic on Canvas)

María’s art captures the essence of life in an ab­ stract yet vibrant and engaging way, carrying her deepest feelings and emotions, but still trans­ mitting peace and har­ mony. As to her technique, she works with multiple materials to create dif­ ferent types of textures and unique colors without a brush. Indeed, all her work, from fully abstract to very detailed and figu­ rative pieces are done by using only a palette knife. Today María de la Luz has her own studio where she continues creating mag­ nificent pieces of art. 159

Tatyana Palchuk Latvia

“The Rape of Europa” (Oil on canvas)

“Jazz” from series Music (Oil on canvas)


The artist embroiders the most beautiful dress of contemporary art. She embroiders it through the beauty of form and harmony of the colors. There are many years now that I follow the creative path of the artist, but I have to say that every time I am amazed. The works of Tatjana are golden dreams. Her art is a real triumph of beauty.

“Still Life with Magpie” from series Still Life (Oil on canvas)

“Light” (20 Century Madonna) (Oil on canvas)

“Marine Band”from series Music (Oil on canvas)

“Game” (Oil on canvas)

“Girl with Horse” (Oil on canvas)


Richard Lucas UK

I create my new artworks using a fusion of traditional and hi足 tech digital methods. By using my photographs and varied print/ mount materials they become a basis for my final work, which is now quite often only a single or just several digital prints, al足 though I do up to 20 limited prints.

On the Beach (Photograph on canvas)

Neat and Tidy (Photograph on canvas)

Rushing Water (Photograph on canvas)


Wellspring (Photograph on canvas)

Navi Solo

United States of America

“My art vision is too complex to explain in words. I am put­ ting my vision on paper through perfect harmony of acrylic and digital art, syncing in a idealistic synergy...” Navi Solo

Fire in my soul (Digital art)

The wave of my dream (Acrylic+ Digital art)

Galaxy of my mind (Photo and digital art)

My Demons (Acrylic + Digital Art)

Frozen (Digital Art + Photography)


Ricky Schembri Australia

For me painting is something to look forward to. I especially love plein air painting. There is nothing better than going out to paint on a nice day. By the time my easel is set up everything comes to life. You can hear the leaves rustling in the trees, you can hear insects and birds, and my intense focus on the subject I am trying to portray seems to amplify the beau足 ty of my surroundings even more. I mostly paint landscapes and farm scenes. Putting cattle or sheep into a landscape brings a painting to life. My ambition is to travel and paint. First Australia and then the world. I love to paint!

Cows in Calf (Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper)

Across from Merri View Gallery (Pastel on Canson Paper)


The Hills of Apollo Bay (Pastel on Canson Paper)

Boat - Apollo Bay (Pastel on Mi Teintes Tex Card)

Shenfields Lane - no.3 (Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper)


Clemens Briels Netherlands

The Broomer from Broadway (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

With a feeling for contrasts, he transforms daily themes into bold and different but pleasantly ac足 cessible images. Colorful, with obvious Latin American influences. With a lack of respect for the aca足 demic straightjacket of perspective. Briels is a sculptor and painter. He creates glass sculptures and designs furniture, and his signature is and will always be a cheerful and optimistic outlook on life.

Sandakan memories VII (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Libaran experiences (Acrylic on paper on canvas)


Trabajador en carro, caballero a caballo (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Malaysian memories III (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Me linda muchacha (Polyraisin edition 1/35 35/35)

Saba tales II (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Pedro el pescador (Polyraisin edition 1/35 35/35)


Shel Howard Beugen United States of America

CCIS (Mixed Media Construction)

Game Piece 6 (Mixed Media Construction)

Not Working (Mixed Media Construction)


Time and Again (Mixed Media Construction)

Suzanne Edmonson United States of America

MapleBaconDog (Oil & Acrylic on canvas)

Suzanne uses bright colors, floating objects and a flight of the imagination to capture interesting scenes and the personalities of sweet creatures in both oils and acrylics, combining visuals to create a captivating composition.

Back To The Future (Oil & Acrylic on canvas)

Big Red (Oil on canvas)


Kerry足Fleur Schleifer UK

Head Study (Pencil on paper)

Amy (Watercolour pencil on paper)

Intensity (Oil On Canvas)

Red Lady (Watercolour and charcoal on paper)


World Of Harmony (Oil on canvas)

The Late Gorden Bennet (Oil on canvas)

Art Class (Charcoal on Paper)

Rachel (Watercolour pencil on paper)

Pears (Oil, oil pastel on board)


Anne Kohler Sweden

Rabiega olivjordgubbe

Hur ska vi kunna mötas


Möte med andarna

Les lumières des souvenirs


En liten annorlunda värld

A quoi je rêves? – Vad drömmer jag om?

My wish is to take you on a trip to your feelings, to open up a door that you know, but that you sometimes deny. I love to work with differents materials and colours.

Vad fanns det i Osebergsskeppet


Twanya Benson

United States of America

Parrots Looking Out (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)

Jaguar Watching (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)


Peacful Watching (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)

Chameleon (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)

Tropical Frog (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)

Egret Fire Bird (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)

Lion in Wait (Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper)


Ping Yin

United States of America

Dinner At Restaurant (Oil on canvas)

Morning Sunshine (Oil on canvas)


Ping Yin believes that color is the soul of paint足 ing. The combination of color and light are the eternal themes of painting. His extensive use of bright vivid colors affords each of these paintings a feeling of beauty, romance, quiet, and comfort. These are compilations of simple praises of life through depictions of humanity and nature.

Twilight (Oil on canvas)

Pari Ravan France

Homage Jasmine (Oil on canvas)

Red Flamingo (Sculpture) (Stand Steel Term color)

As a artiste of reflections on human feeling, Pari Ravan says: �we hold ourselves for much too important.The universe is just much too big for that�

Hold lectures (Resin patine bronz)

Homage Afric (Oil on canvas)


Elzbieta (Ela) Mierzecka­Pain Australia

Let’s go for a walk (Oil on canvas)

Raining in Sydney (Acrylic on canvas)


Predator (Oil on canvas)

Lillies (Oil on canvas)

Let me take you on a journey of energy and cre­ ation.The most important feature in my work is the energy flowing, I feel it and I convey it in my work. As art is creative, it is good to concentrate on a positive energy thus expand it. My motto is ‘Let’s paint a better world’. Be positive, be cre­ ative, and share it.

Energy of the outback (Oil on canvas)

My Angel (Oil on board)

Shades of autumn (Oil on canvas)


Martine Mongrain

Martine Mongrain was born in Quebec. She has been a professional photographer since 1984. Her imagination and love of nature led her to per足 ceive beyond the existing reality. Through her camera, she creates surprising images always moving, everything becomes the endless art.

Body of woman moving (Photo printed on brushed aluminium)

The holy horse (Photo printed on brushed aluminium)


The life line (Print photo paper)


Charlotte Norlund (CFSN) Norway

Life on the edge (9 layer Stencil, Spraycans on Canvas)

Innocence (7 Layer Stencil, Sprayed on Canvas)

CFSN is an artist from Norway. This artist stu足 dies drawing, oil painting and stencil work.

Teardrop (Oil on Canvas)

Youth knowledge (5 Layer Stencil, Spraycans on Canvas)


Pavel Florjancic Slovenia

In search of universal beauty...

Nina’s Flower (oil on canvas)

Cherries (oil on canvas)

Orange (oil on canvas)


Grapes in a Glass Bowl (Oil on canvas)

Peonies (oil on canvas)

Pierre Volpe Belgium

Passionate and qualified fine art photo­ grapher, specialized in nature and nude photography.

Moods – Skyfire (Photograph on canvas)

Moods – Golden hour (Photograph on canvas)

Droplets – The Curve (Low-key photograph on dibond)

Moods – abstractions (Photograph on canvas)

Moods – Morning glory (Photograph on canvas)


Silvana Castellucchio Italy

Small night landscape (Oil on canvas)

Blue selfportrait (Mixed media: Oil and newsprint on canvas)

Path awareness (Oil on paper)


May in the soul (Oil on paper)

Mathematical beauty (Oil on canvas)

Silvana Castellucchio was born in Milan, Italy, in 1974 where she lives. Artistic education is in pa足 rallel to philosophical studies and feeds on the influence coming from. Art investigation is con足 stant; the Figurative style gradually gives way to the Abstract up to the Informal, beloved and suit足 able soil. The intimate research of the abstract form and the reinterpretation of the color are her hallmarks. Dubus I (Oil and sand on canvas)

Autobiography, behind the mirror (Oil and sand on canvas)


Linda Rzoska

United States of America

Aged (Inkjet Archival Print, Edition 3)

Majestic (Mixed Media: Graphite, Oil Pastel, Tusche, Digital, Encaustic)

Sanctuary (Mixed Media: Ink, Oil Pastel, Tusche, Digital, Encaustic)

The Green Man (Inkjet Archival Print, Edition 3)


The artwork I produce is inspired by my relation­ ship and experiences with nature and my desire to share how I perceive the essence of the natural world. Some of my current work is created with both tra­ ditional and digital media. I label these pieces “mixed media” and list the media in the order of its use in the creation of the artwork. Most often traditional media is used in 90% to 95% of the artwork’s creation.

Morten Normann Larsen Norway

Photographer based in Norway. Educa足 tion: Master of Art, Visual Communication. Ba(hons)Visual Communication, Photogra足 phy, Kent Institute of Art & Design, England.

Plateau, Edition of 9. (Fine Art, Photography)

The Cactus, Edition of 9. (Fine Art, Photography.)

Fields Of Pumpkins, Edition of 9. (Fine Art, Photography)


Alan M Morrison Australia Alan Macfarlane Morrison, a native of Scotland who lives with his family in Australia. “Australia, is where we made our home and the ‘Lucky Country’ has been good to me, but Scotland is forever in my heart.” I love the North West of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides and there is no greater gift a person can have than a sunny day in those parts; a remote wild and unforgiving glacial landscape as rugged as the people hail from there. Art has always been my outlet for expression, however, family and work and other things precluded my spending a great deal of time painting, but I will keep trying. Impressionist landscapes, seascapes emotive of places I love, to share with you.

Absolute Beachfront – Elgol Isle of Skye (Giclee)

Guardians – Jade Canyon (Giclee, digital art)

Jason Nears Lemnos (Impressionist, post processed watercolour, Giclee)


Web Master (Fantasy, digital string art, Giclee)

Buy Gum – Hinterland (Impressionist, Watercolour)

Summer Lightning – Remaster (Impressionist watercolour seascape post processed Giclee)

Desert Dawn (Giclee)

Rose Sky - Reflection - Remaster (Impressionist Watercolor)


Jarek Kowalski Canada

Moda Polska (Acrylic, oil on canvas)

Fly Aeroflot (Oil, acrylic on canvas)


From Poland With Love (Oil, acrylic on canvas)

Aeroflot (Oil, acrylic on canvas)

Angel (Acrylic on canvas)


Andrew Ogus

United States of America

The Persian Boy 2 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)

My life足long fascination with story has led me to represent classical subjects, marrying the specific, extraordinary beauty of ordinary peo足 ple to universal themes.

Sons of Cronos 7 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)


Orpheus & Eurydice (Acrylic, litho ink,graphite)

I always hope to make something beautiful. Drawing men seemed like a good place to start.

Castor and Pollux 52 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite, color pencil)

Hero (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)

Centaurs & Lapiths 4 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite, color pencil)

St. Mark the Evangelist (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)

Centaurs and Lapiths 7 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)

Actaeon 2 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)

Centaurs and Lapiths 9 (Acrylic, litho ink, graphite)


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