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Downloading and Installing the Disaster Recovery Toolkit provided by Insight Solutions

1. Downloading the Disaster Recovery Toolkit This document guides you through the download and installation of the Disaster Recovery Toolkit provided by Insight Solutions. Your purchase entitles you to download and install one copy for use within your practice. You will have been provided with a username and password which will be used to access the download area for your purchased product. Access to this download area will record the time, date and ip address of the computer used for this download. •

Open your Internet Browser and enter the address:


Enter your Login Name and Password provided and click Go To Your Download

Right Click on the ‘Click Here to Download your Purchase from Insight solutions’ link

Select ‘Save Target As’

Select a Directory to save the Setup File and click Save

You should now run the DRTSetup.exe file from the location you selected to save. In the above example clicking Run will launch the installation file OR Navigate to the saved location and double click the DRTSetup.exe file

If you are given a Security Warning Click Run to launch the installer

2. Installing the Disaster Recovery Toolkit When the DRTSetup.exe file is launched you will be presented with a number of options that should not require changing unless you need to install in a different location to the default.


Click Next to Continue with the installation


Read and Agree to the licence agreement and click Next to continue. If you do not accept the agreement the installation will terminate. If you have

any questions please contact Insight Solutions on 01527 557407 or

Click Next to Continue

The default directory is displayed as ‘C:\Insight Solutions Disaster Recovery Toolkit’ but can be changed if required by clicking Browse and navigating to the folder you wish to use. Click Next to Confirm Installation Directory


Click Next to confirm the Start Menu Group


A summary of the options selected for the Installation is displayed. Click Install to copy the files required


When complete by default the Insight Solutions Disaster Recovery Toolkit will launch when the Finish button is clicked. If you do not wish this to happen uncheck the option and click Finish

3. Using the Disaster Recovery Toolkit After installation the Disaster Recovery Toolkit can be launched using the Desktop Shortcut Created during the installation:

OR Select Start then Programs then IS Disaster Recovery Toolkit

The Toolkit displays a menu with links to each of the documents available

Two areas are available: Practice Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Clicking the ‘Click Here for the Practice Step by Step Guide’ will launch a word document detailing the steps to complete your plan

IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Clicking the ‘Click Here for the IT Step by Step Guide’ will launch a word document detailing the steps to complete your plan

This toolkit document has been prepared by Insight Solutions to assist practices with their disaster recovery planning for business continuity. It has been provided electronically so that practices can re-print documents as often as they wish, but the copyright only allows use within a single practice and unauthorised transmission is strictly forbidden. © Insight Solutions IT Services Ltd 2011

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