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Onbehalf of all of us, welcome to the 9th Annual Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. We’re extremely proud of this year’s show and we hope you enjoy your time with us today.

The quality and quantity of incredible vehicles – of all kinds – continues to amaze and impress. In an era when so many are pushing us to transition to generic, innocuous, silent cars, it speaks volumes that so many people are still passionate about machines that are all about character, performance and individuality.

We thank all the car owners and builders who have brought their cars to Motorama – some of them coming very long distances – to share their awesome creations with the rest of us.

Here is a short summary of what you can expect as you tour the show today.

Hall 1 – The Grand Hall – is once again filled with 28 mostly first-time shown cars. Each has its own 20’ x 20’ display to highlight these special creations. Starting Saturday morning, watch for the Valvoline Canadian 10 banners throughout the show, but mostly in Hall 1. One of the cars with the Valvoline banners will be named the Motorama Grand Champion on Sunday afternoon, on the Meguiar’s Stage, in Hall 2.

At the east end of the hall is the eBay Motors display. Watch for the Rust Bros, from Rust Valley Restorers on History, on Saturday and Sunday, in this booth. eBay Motors is presenting their appearance at this year’s show. And while you’re there, be sure to ask one of the booth ambassadors how eBay Motors can help you maintain and improve your vehicles.

Next up, as you go deeper into the show, there’s the Gulf Racing Fuels Racing Zone Presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance. The racing community continues to embrace Motorama as the start of the Canadian racing season, and this year, the Racing Zone is busier than ever. Most of the province’s series and tracks are represented. Add in many of the industry’s leading equipment suppliers and manufacturers, several souvenir and collectible vendors – and over

70 beautiful Racers’ Corral race cars representing the spectrum of Canadian motorsports – and it’s a very exciting and impressive coming together of people who are very excited to commence their 2024 season schedules in a few weeks.

Entering the huge Hall 2, you’ll find car clubs, feature displays, corporate exhibitors, the Meguiar’s Stage, Truck-O-Rama and the Spring Fever ‘Tuner / Modified’ zone. You can spend hours in this room, checking everything out and chatting with car owners.

Next up, located behind the Meguiar’s Stage, in the northeast corner of Hall 2, is the entrance to the Zehr Insurance Mayhem… in the Backroom feature room. Mayhem is like waking into a time machine that takes you back to the 1950s. With dozens of traditional cars, car clubs, a DJ, Pinup girls, pinstripe artists and vintage product vendors, it truly is a trip back to a bygone era.

We thank all of the car owners, exhibitors, sponsors and our show staff for making Motorama possible! And thanks to our special guests the Rust Bros, Farmtruck & Azn and Constance Nunes, whose visit was cut short by the pandemic in 2020. Thanks to Kristal and Dan Carey for bringing their Hellion and Gravitron Monster Trucks, and to Mark Rogerson for spearheading the cool Evolution of the Front-Engine Dragster feature.

Huge thanks to our Show Car Coordinator Gary Challice and his right-hand-man Bob Sumak, Mayhem manager Brandon Roberts, Spring Fever manager Brandon Hamid, Truck-O-Rama supporter Sam Fakhoury and everyone who worked so hard to fill the show with so many fantastic vehicles.

And most of all, thank you for coming to Motorama today. Without showgoers like yourselves, none of this could happen. We hope you enjoy your time at the show.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re already thinking ahead to next year, which is the 50th anniversary of ‘Dizzy’ Dean Murray’s legendary Motion shows at the International Centre. Have a great summer and we’ll see you again next year.

– The Motorama Team 3
There is something for every car and motorsports enthusiast at this year’s show. Photo by Paolo Pedicelli



Multi-purpose racing facility set to celebrate 70 years

56 Canada Heads Up

Ontario’s top heads-up racing series has a large presence

58 CASC-OR Expands its Motorama Footprint

Road racing sanctioning body presents 10 vehicles

60 Motorsports Media & Podcasters

Boneyard Media Room located in the Racing Zone

61 Yesterday’s Speedways

Annual feature honours Ontario stock car history

62 Miss Motorama Pageant


Pageant takes place Saturday afternoon in Mayhem room

The Official Publication of Canadian Motorsports

64 Karbelt Greets Showgoers

Legendary performance business located near Hall 1 door


Young auto and racing enthusiasts get engaged 66




4 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Welcome to Motorama presented by eBay Motors
2024 show is the 9th annual edition 05 Ebay Motors Presenting sponsor of Motorama 2024 06 The Rust Bros presented by eBay Motors
the stars of TV’s Rust Valley Restorers 08 Farmtruck & Azn Popular Street Outlaws stars to make Motorama debut 10 Constance Nunes
of Netflix show Car Masters: Rust to Riches 12 Hagerty Insurance Sponsor of the Class and Special awards at Motorama 14 Valvoline Canadian 10 Flags to identify the top 10 Grand Champion contenders 16 Car Clubs the Heart of Motorama More than a dozen varied car clubs in attendance 18 Featured Club: The Oldies Club to feature six classic Lowriders in Motorama return 20 Featured Builder: Binbrook Speed & Custom Perennial show star and supporter in the spotlight 22 Mayhem... in the Backroom
like walking into a bygone vintage era 24 Zehr Insurance Presents Mayhem
insurance broker anchors popular feature 26 Truck-O-Rama
display highlights incredible variety of trucks 28 Spring Fever: Modified Cars & Culture Special Featured Section to celebrate four amazing cars 30 Evolution of the Front-Engine Dragster Lowdown Hot Rods presents a tribute to history 32 Stage & Event Schedule See what’s happening, where, and when, at Motorama 33 The Meguiar’s Stage Meguiar’s to sponsor Main Stage & Official Show Bags 34 Floorplan A helpful guide to help you get around the show 38 Exhibitor List Find all of Motorama’s exhibitors here, listed by room 42 Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone The Hall 1B Racing Zone celebrates Canadian motorsports 44 Fast Eddie Night of Champions Short track, road racing and drag racing champs honoured 48 Racing Tracks, Series & Vendors More racing content than ever, at this year’s show 40 Monster Trucks Newly built Hellion and Gravitron to be unveiled 50 Stoneridge Specialty Insurance ‘Day One’ Motorama sponsor returns to the Racing Zone
NASCAR Canada Series
National stock car series
Toronto Motorsports Park
Junior Judges
Level Sponsor
Graeme Kirkland a Show Level Sponsor
Company will also
a booth to showcase new products 68
Ridgeline Shop Tour Videos
Investment Manager loves cars
shows 68
Lubricants presents six-shop, pre-show videos 70 Autographs
home a souvenir of your celebrity encounters
@MotoramaShow MotoramaCustomCar AndMotorsportsExpo
Photo by Paolo Pedicelli



Following an extremely successful March 2023 debut as the title sponsor of Canada’s largest automotive enthusiast and motorsports show, eBay Motors will be back in that capacity for a second consecutive year, in 2024.

This year’s eBay Motors Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo takes place March 8, 9 & 10 at The International Centre.

Owners of custom and classic cars – as well as many members of the racing community – view eBay Motors as an invaluable one-stop shop to connect with top-rated sellers from across Canada, and globally, for hard-to-find parts. Buyers can trust a part will fit their vehicle with assurance of the ‘Fits My Vehicle’ green check mark and are backed up with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee. Check out eBay. ca/motors to tackle your next project.

“Our team looks forward to Motorama every Spring – it’s the perfect place to connect with passionate automotive enthusiasts and check out some incredible builds,” said Ryan Baltjes, Head of eBay Motors Canada. “For 2024, we’re excited to welcome the Rust Bros – Mike Hall, Connor Hall and Avery Shoaf! They’re not only master mechanics, but incredible personalities and a ton of fun – I encourage attendees to stop by the eBay Motors booth to meet the Rust Bros and likely learn something new for their latest build.”

As well as being the primary sponsor of Motorama, eBay Motors will once again return with a large exhibitor display at the east end of Hall 1. It will be staffed by knowledgeable representatives, on hand to educate showgoers about how to effectively use eBay as a trusted destination for all their needs, when buying or selling parts and accessories for their vehicles.

The 2024 edition of the eBay Motors Motorama show is the ninth annual edition of Canada’s largest indoor auto-enthusiast and racing show under the Motorama banner. This year’s Expo also marks the 49th anniversary of the first custom car / hot rod / racing show at The International Centre. ‘Dizzy’ Dean Murray’s legendary Motion Rod & Custom Car Show debuted at the venue in 1975.

Welcoming eBay Motors back as the show’s title sponsor, Motorama co-promoter David Weber highlighted the great fit between the two parties. “The most recent eBay Motors Motorama show was the best yet – in terms of attendance and show quality – since we took over as the promoter in 2015. We’re grateful to have a partner like eBay Motors as we continue to grow this show, that means so much to so many people.”

Weber continued, “Motorama showgoers and car owners are passionate about their cars and will go over and above to maintain and improve them.

eBay Motors is a fantastic tool for helping them to do just that, which makes them a perfect partner for Motorama.” 5
Photos by Paolo Pedicelli



TheRust Bros, a dynamic trio consisting of Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Connor Hall, are the charismatic stars of the hit series Rust Valley Restorers on The HISTORY Channel. Hailing from Tappen, BC, the entertaining and creative auto enthusiasts breathe new life into tired and rusty relics, transforming them into stunning classic cars via their passion, creativity, and expertise.

The Rust Bros will be at the Toronto Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10 courtesy of eBay Motors. The show takes place at The International Centre, across from Pearson Airport. Mike, Avery and Connor will –for most of their time at the show – be located in the eBay Motors booth, at the east end of Hall 1. They’ll also be participating in fan Q&A sessions on the Meguiar’s Stage, on Saturday and Sunday.

Mike Hall, the seasoned veteran of the group, brings decades of experience and a keen eye for restoration to the table. With his extensive knowledge of classic cars and unwavering determination, Mike serves as the driving force behind many of the team’s ambitious projects. He loves to buy cars… but isn’t as fond of selling them.

Avery Shoaf, the team’s resident artist and fabricator, infuses each restoration with his unique artistic flair and craftsmanship. From custom paint jobs to intricate metalwork, Avery’s attention to detail and

creative vision elevate the Rust Bros’ builds to new heights. And his infectious laugh is a favourite with the show’s viewers.

Completing the trio is Mike’s son, Connor Hall, the young and ambitious apprentice who is learning the ropes from his mentors, while bringing fresh ideas and energy to the shop. Connor also often serves as the voice of reason as Mike and Avery are formulating a plan.

Together, the Rust Bros tackle each restoration with enthusiasm and determination, showcasing their talents and camaraderie as they breathe new life into forgotten classics. Through their show on The HISTORY Channel, they’ve captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, inspiring a new generation of automotive enthusiasts along the way.

Known to never do anything in a boring way, Mike and Avery will drive cross-country from British Columbia to the Toronto Motorama show in a ’68 Chevelle that they dug out of the snow a few weeks ago and have been working on ever since.

“We’re looking forward to a big road trip all the way from Salmon Arm, BC to the Toronto Motorama show and to meeting a lot of people there,” said Mike Hall. “Our partners at eBay Motors are the show’s sponsor and a big ‘thanks’ to them for presenting our appearance there.”


presented by

6 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
(Left to right) Avery Shoaf, Mike Hall and Connor Hall – known to viewers of Rust Valley Restorers on Hisory Canada as ‘The Rust Bros’ – are coming from BC to be part of Motorama. Their appearance is being presented by Motorama’s primary sponsor eBay Motors.



Farmtruck and Azn, the dynamic duo from the hit Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws, are beloved icons in the world of street drag racing. With their unmistakable personalities and one-of-a-kind race truck, they’ve captured the hearts of fans around the globe.

They’ll be making their first-ever public appearance in Ontario during the upcoming Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. Coming directly from Oklahoma, Farmtruck and Azn will appear at the show on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10.

During their time at Motorama, they’ll participate in fan Q&A sessions on the Meguiar’s Stage. They’ll also be signing autographs, taking pictures, and selling T-shirts at the Autograph Booth, adjacent to the Meguiar’s Stage, in Hall 2.


Farmtruck, known for his laid-back demeanor and signature truck, is the heart and soul of the duo. Hailing from Oklahoma City, he’s a true street racing legend with a passion for building and racing unique vehicles.

With his trusty sidekick Azn by his side, Farmtruck is always ready to take on any challenger, no matter the odds.

Azn, the comedic counterpart to Farmtruck, brings his infectious energy and quick wit to every race and outing.

With his vibrant personality and love of the sport, Azn is not only a skilled driver but also a master at entertaining the crowd. Together, he and Farmtruck form an unstoppable team, ready to take on any competition that comes their way.

Whether they’re tearing up the streets of Oklahoma City or facing off against rivals in highstakes races at dragstrips, Farmtruck and Azn are always up for a challenge.

With their passion for street racing and undeniable chemistry, they’ve become fan favourites on Street Outlaws, entertaining their fans and inspiring a new generation of racers to chase their dreams.

“We’ve been to Canada before, but this is our first time coming to Ontario,” said Azn. “We know that a lot of racing fans in Canada watch Street Outlaws, on Discovery, and we’re excited to be coming to Motorama to hang out with them. We’re also looking forward to seeing all the neat cars at the show. We’ll see you March 9 and 10 in Toronto!”

8 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Farmtruck & Azn, two of the biggest stars on the long-running hit TV show Street Outlaws, will be at Motorama on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. Check the schedule page at for details.
Photos courtesy

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Constance Nunes, known for her role on the Netflix TV show

CAR MASTERS: Rust to Riches, is set to make an appearance at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors.

Nunes will be on hand to meet showgoers all three days of Motorama, which runs March 8, 9 & 10 at Toronto’s International Centre. She’ll be located at the Lincoln Electric booth, in Hall 2, as well as in other designated locations, where she will engage with fans, participate in panel discussions and join in awards presentations.

This marks Nunes’ second appearance at the Toronto Motorama show, following her initial visit in 2020, which was cut short due to the onset of the COVID pandemic.


“My first time at Motorama, in 2020, was so much fun but it was a bit of a hectic time with the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone wasn’t sure exactly what would be happening but was just excited to be there and make it all work the best we could. I had such a fun time meeting a lot of amazing people and seeing some incredible builds before we were cut short. This year I’m really excited about coming back to Toronto Motorama under more normal circumstances because I know how incredible this show is going to be!” said Nunes.

“CAR MASTERS: Rust to Riches is on Netflix, in Canada, so I know a lot of people are familiar with the show and it will be great to connect with all of the fans here.”

Growing up in southern California, Nunes honed her skills as an engine specialist while assisting at her father’s garage. She also credits her father for her love of racing, which developed at local racetracks in the area.

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Nunes serves as the lead mechanic at Gotham Garage, where she contributes to crafting unique and specialized cars featured on the Netflix series, now streaming its fifth season. Beyond her television endeavours, Nunes boasts an extensive background working with major automotive companies, appearing in commercials, showcasing her expertise at industry events such as

SEMA and the Performance Racing Industry show as well as owning her own hotrod and restoration shop, CARS by Constance.

Nunes’ passion for racing extends beyond the screen, as she has competed in notable events like the Targa Trophy and The Gumball 3000 Rally. At the 2020 Motorama show, she even assisted in a stock car build between her various appearances.

“My dad has had a hotrod shop for decades now, so I grew up really immersed in the automotive community. We grew up building cars and my dad drag raced on the weekends, so we would get loaded up in the RV and spend the weekends at the dragstrip. I always pictured myself doing what he did, including racing. Although I thought I’d be more ‘behind the wheel,’ I ended up more in the engine bay, primarily. I’ve always loved driving fast cars and technical driving though and look to get back into it.”

A lover of classic and hot rod restorations, Nunes holds a particular fondness for classic Mustangs, exemplified by her cherished 1964.5 model nicknamed ‘Babystang,’ which she has owned and maintained for nearly two decades. Babystang frequently graces Nunes’ popular Instagram feed, boasting a substantial following of over 1.3 million fans.

Nunes is dedicated to inspiring young builders and automotive enthusiasts, particularly women, to pursue their passions within the industry without constraints. She aims to break stereotypes by embodying the dual identity of a hard-working mechanic who is also fiercely feminine.

10 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Constance Nunes is a car builder, TV star and social media sensation. The star of the Netflix TV show Car Masters: Rust to Riches is excited to be returning in 2024, under more normal condititions. Photo courtesy Constance Nunes

TODAY’S Aut obiles! HALL #1 Booth 220



The Motorama

Expo presented by eBay Motors provides hundreds of automobile-owning enthusiasts with an opportunity to show off the level of passion and pride that they have for their vehicles.

With dozens of awards up for grabs at the show, these enthusiasts will have a chance to secure some bragging rights, too.

This year’s Class and Special Awards are presented by Hagerty, Canada’s leading specialty vehicle insurance provider. Motorama organizers are excited to welcome Hagerty into this prominent role.

The Class Awards will take place on Saturday, March 9, while the Special Awards will be handed out on Sunday, March 10, both on the Meguiar’s Main Stage, in Hall 2.

The Class Awards include categories based on age, make and type of vehicle, such as Restored GM ’57 – ’77, Mild Custom 19471957, Rock Crawler and Late Model Mopar Custom.

Recognitions that fall under sponsored categories, show features and top honours fall under the Special Awards; these include the Motorama Mayhem Awards, the Valvoline Canadian 10 and the Motorama Grand Champion Award.

“We are committed to serving the global car culture and enthusiast community, therefore finding new ways to interact with enthusiasts, like being involved with the Class and Special Awards, is a top priority for us,” said Todd Hutcheson, VP of Business Development, Hagerty Canada.

“This is a great way to acknowledge and celebrate the passion, hard work and tireless effort that goes into every build.”

Hagerty is an automotive enthusiast brand focused on the love of cars and driving. What started as a niche insurance company has grown into a business that offers so much more, including the Hagerty Drivers Club, Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, Hagerty Marketplace and MotorsportReg.

In addition to presenting the Class and Special Awards, Hagerty will have a booth at the show.

“We’re excited to connect and share stories with enthusiasts and current clients alike,” said Hutcheson. “Our goal is to provide education to the community about our mission and purpose, while collecting vital feedback to further enhance the overall Hagerty Member experience.”

ABOUT HAGERTY: Established in 2009, Hagerty is Canada’s leading classic and collector insurance program. We provide specialty insurance for more classics than anyone else in the world. Our unique agreed value policy allows you to enjoy your classic with the peace of mind that comes with having coverage designed with a collector in mind. Our policies are underwritten by the leading underwriter in the world, Aviva. For more information, visit

12 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Hagerty Insurance is the sponsor of the Class (Saturday) and Special (Sunday) awards presentations at Motorama. Photo by Greg MacPherson
Some coverage not available in all states/provinces. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage subject to policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance. US policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Canadian policies are underwritten by Elite Insurance Company. Hagerty International Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Firm Reference Number 441417). All third party makes, models, and vehicle names are property of their respective owners. Their use is meant to reflect the authenticity of the vehicle and do not imply sponsorship nor endorsement of Hagerty nor any of these products or services. Hagerty is a registered trademark of The Hagerty Group LLC, ©2024 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Hagerty Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagerty, Inc. Driving? Fun. Don’t let seasonal coverage hold you back. With seasonal coverage, every time you want to hit the road you’ll have to add back on full coverage. Think nice winter days, plus every spring for driving season. It can be a lot to remember, but if you forget, an accident could leave you with a very pricey repair bill. Luckily the solution’s simple: Insure your collector car year round; drive any time. Scan to quote +1-800-922-4050 Adding coverage every time you want to hit the road? Not fun. Scan to quote 877-922-4037



With a new presenting sponsor, the top-10 finalists for the Motorama Grand Champion Award will be revealed on Saturday, March 9, when banners will be placed by the Valvoline TM Canadian 10 vehicles.

The annual tradition continues at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, where judges will be busy narrowing down the hundreds of eligible vehicles to determine the Valvoline Canadian 10 finalists.

Large teardrop banners will be placed beside the vehicles on the Saturday morning, providing showgoers with an opportunity to review the finalists and form their own opinions as to who will win the show’s biggest prize.

For the first time, the Valvoline Canadian 10 reveal will be streamed live on Motorama’s social media channels. The live stream, produced by Fuel MediaLab, will include interviews with owners, if present.

Valvoline TM Global is a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, powering the future of mobility with innovative solutions for vehicles with electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrains. Established in 1866, Valvoline introduced the world’s first branded motor oil and has developed strong brand recognition and customer satisfaction ratings across multiple product channels ever since.

“Car culture and innovation is in our DNA at Valvoline,” said David Watts, Director of Retail Sales Canada at Valvoline. “We live with a ‘never idle’ spirit, always pushing boundaries. Valvoline is excited to be the sponsor of the Canadian 10 to celebrate everything that is car culture in Canada and showcase the passion, vision and dedication that these enthusiasts invest in these amazing vehicles.”

Watts says that he’s looking forward to seeing the vast range of vehicle personalities on display and connecting with the owners to hear the stories behind those vehicles. Valvoline will be promoting its VR1 Racing Motor oil at this year’s show, a product that has been tested on the track and trusted in the streets for years.

Following more than a day of being highlighted as the Valvoline Canadian 10, the finalists will turn their attention to the next reveal, as the Motorama Grand Champion Award winner will be announced during the Hagerty Special Awards, taking place Sunday, March 10 on the Meguiar’s Main Stage in Hall 2. Rejean Desjardins was last year’s Grand Champion, with a 1965 Mustang.


S: Valvoline Global is a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, creating future-ready products and best-in-class services for partners around the globe. Established in 1866, the company introduced the world’s first branded motor oil and developed strong brand recognition and customer satisfaction ratings across multiple product channels. With sales in more than 140 countries and territories, Valvoline Global’s solutions are available for every engine and drivetrain, including high-mileage and heavy-duty vehicles, offered at more than 80,000 locations. Valvoline Global is powering the future of mobility through innovative solutions for vehicles with electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrains – and the company will continue to solve for global automotive and industrial challenges as it moves forward. To learn more, visit

14 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
On Saturday morning at Motorama, ten Valvoline Canadian 10 Grand Champion Finalist teardrop banners will appear on the show floor, beside the top 10 cars in competition, one of which will be declared Motorama Grand Champion, on Sunday afternoon.


From drag strips to paved & dirt ovals, racing performance demands race-level protection. Which is why motorsport teams and enthusiasts depend on Valvoline VR1 Racing Motor Oil, America’s #1 racing oil. Our exclusive high zinc and phosphorus formula is engineered specifically for modern and classic high-performance engines both on and off the track. Go with the proven winner, Valvoline. The trusted motor oil brand for over 150 years.

Tested on The Track, Trusted on the Road

©2024 Valvoline Global Operations 02/24 ™Trademark, Valvoline Global Operations



Car clubs and feature vehicles will once again be at the heart of the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. There will be at least 13 car clubs represented at this year’s show, including the Oldies Car Club, the London Auto Modifiers and the Corvettes of Durham. The variety of vehicles and club history are things that stand out to Motorama Show Car Coordinator Gary Challice.

“The Oldies, they haven’t been going for a long time, but they’re young guys and they’re enthusiastic,” said Challice. “You get people like the Ontario Camaro Club and the Corvettes of Durham, they’re well-established clubs that have been around for quite a while, and same with the Brampton Street Rods, they’ve been around since the late 1960s.”

The Oldies Car Club is the Featured Club and will have six vehicles on display, representing the lowrider scene that’s popular in southern California; the London Auto Modifiers is one of the oldest clubs in Ontario and will showcase four vehicles, reminiscent of the ‘old days;’ and last year’s Featured Club, the Corvettes of Durham, is a long-time show supporter that has a range of vehicles, including newer models.

In addition to the 13 car clubs found in Hall 2, there will be clubs in both Spring Fever and Zehr Insurance Mayhem… in the Backroom. There will also be 28 feature cars on display in Hall 1, just inside the show entrance, including everything from a 1929 Ford pickup to Mustangs and Pro Mod dragsters.

“The quality of cars that are in Canada and the interest; we have cars coming from Moncton (New Brunswick), we have cars coming from British Columbia, all of these cars

are going into the front hall,” said Challice. “They’re all award winners, basically the best you can be, there’s not a lot of real feature cars… the show can stand on its own now.”

Challice says that he’s most looking forward to seeing the reactions of showgoers as they explore the more than 350 vehicles on display, many of them representing the various clubs.

“I want people to feel that they’re getting their money’s worth,” said Challice. “We’re trying to do the best we possibly can and last year, when people were leaving, they all had smiles on their faces. You want the public to feel that they’re getting their value and seeing something neat that they’ve never seen before.”

16 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
According to Motorama car show coordinator Gary Challice, the quality of the vehicles coming to the show – many of them representing car clubs – is outstanding. Photos by Paolo Pedicelli (above) and Greg MacPherson (below) 17



TheToronto chapter of the Oldies Car Club will be highlighted as the Featured Club at this year’s Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. The group will have six classic lowriders on display during the show.

The Toronto chapter was started by Jesus David Garcia after the California-based club reached out when they saw photos of a 1948 Chevy Fleetline that Garcia built. While the chapter has just a handful of members, its display caught the attention of showgoers and staff at last year’s Motorama show.

“We never expected to get anything, and we actually walked out with all kinds of awards and recognition,” said Garcia. “I know myself and the guys worked really hard to put on the display. For instance, our sign was handmade, my brother actually put that together and it took a lot of time to source out little details.”

While he doesn’t want to give too much away, Garcia says that the 2024 display will be “a very 1950s vibe.” Among the new vehicles included will be a 1935 Oldsmobile F35 that the group acquired last summer. The car is a convertible, with a rumble seat and rear-hinged doors, which are often referred to as suicide doors.

Garcia says that it’s an honour for the Oldies Car Club to be highlighted as the Featured Club; he’s looking forward to interacting with car enthusiasts at the show.

“Just to see people’s faces, I love that, especially kids, because I was once that kid,” said Garcia. “I was going to shows as a kid and I never imagined having the things that I have now and the opportunities that I have now. When I look at kids and they see the cars, I can almost imagine what they’re thinking.”

Garcia’s first car was a more modern 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood.

He was looking for a way to stand out, on a more limited budget, and says the uniqueness of the classic lowriders appealed to him and led to him buying the Fleetline.

“I noticed how different it was and how rare they are,” said Garcia. “You can go to a lowrider show and see a good five or seven Impalas, but to say that you’re going to see a similar kind of ‘bomb,’ I think that’s very hard, so I like that.”

The Oldies Car Club features classic lowriders, largely Chevrolet ‘bombs’ from between 1935 and 1960. The group held its second annual picnic last summer, a family-oriented event that included cars and cultural performances. They also attend other lowrider events in the region and regularly join their counterparts in California.

18 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The Oldies C.C. will have a six-car display in Hall 2 at Motorama.




Speed and Custom will be the Featured Builder at this year’s Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. The Hamilton, Ontario-area shop focuses on traditional hot rods and customs, largely from the 1920s and 1920s, but will be flexing their muscles with a 1968 Chevelle, which will be on display at Motorama.

Binbrook owner Keith MacIntyre became interested in old cars as a late teen; while he has a passion for the creative designs of late20s to mid-50s hot rods, he decided to work on something that’s ‘not the norm’ for his shop.

“It’s not your typical ’68 Chevelle to say the least, I think it’s going to be a real head-turner,” said MacIntyre. “’50s trucks on air-ride, with modern engines, and muscle cars with completely brand-new chassis, a lot like the Chevelle we’re bringing, I think that’s the future for the next little while. I’m happy we can bring some stuff to show that we have no problem making sure those look amazing, too.”

MacIntyre says the ’68 Chevelle is a hot rod shop’s take on a muscle car, noting that there’s a lot of sheet metal changes and customization that only a real purist would recognize. He’s curious to see how showgoers will react to the build.

Additional vehicles that MacIntyre will bring to the show include a Ford Model A Roadster, a ’57 Chevy 150 and a slammed air-ride ’51 Ford F3. As the Featured Builder, Binbrook Speed and Custom will have a display in Hall 2; they’ll also have their usual spot in Hall 1, plus a few cars in the ZEHR Insurance Mayhem… in the Backroom.

MacIntyre runs Binbrook with his brother, Brian, both of whom will be on-hand throughout the three days. In addition to the vehicles, they’ll showcase some of the projects that they’ve done and projects

that are ongoing. There will also be a bare chassis on display.

MacIntyre says he’s beyond grateful for Binbrook to be named the Featured Builder, an honour that came as a surprise to him.

“I’m just a guy with a shop, building cool cars for cool guys,” he said. “Without having good customers, you can’t build good cars, and without building good cars, you can’t build great cars… without a show like Motorama, you can’t get a crowd that’s enjoying the cars; it’s this big wheel that needs every single part involved.”

For tickets and show info, visit Binbrook is also featured in a Ridgeline Shop Tours video on Motorama’s website and social media channels.

ABOUT BINBROOK SPEED & CUSTOM: Located in Caistor Centre, Ontario, Binbrook Speed & Custom is a full-service speed shop specializing in traditional Hot Rods and Customs. Binbrook offers a full line of products and services, including chassis fabrication, metal fabrication, Chop Tops, suspensions and engine work. For more info, visit

20 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Binbrook Speed & Custom brought ‘The Dirty Dandelion’ to Motorama in 2023. This year, they will be the Featured Builder at the annual show. Photo courtesy Hans Janzen
Perfect for the home & car enthusiast. Fits almost any garage. Available in black. Includes drip trays, ramps, wheel blockers & ETL approved motor. Requires a concrete pad of at least 5" thickness & must be anchored to the floor. Installs in less than one day. Warranty 3 years parts & labour. Serving Southern Ontario, including: Kitchener, Waterloo, Barrie, London, Windsor, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa & more! 19 WATERMAN AVE #18, EAST YORK, ON, M4B 1Y2 LIFTING CAPACITY: SPEED OF RISE: TOP LIFT HEIGHT: CLEARANCE LIFT TOP HEIGHT: POWER: LENGTH OF RUNWAY: LENGTH OF APPROACH RAMP: COLUMN HEIGHT: WIDTH BETWEEN RUNWAYS: RUNWAY WIDTH: WIDTH TO OUTSIDE RUNWAYS: TOTAL WIDTH: BASE HEIGHT: 6000 LBS 75 SEC 82” 77.5” 110 VOLT 154” 31” 114” 42” 19” 80” 108” 3” LIFT SPECIFICATIONS: INFO@THEAUTOLOFT.CA 416.830.0511 / 1.833.288.5638 WWW.THEAUTOLOFT.CA ONE POST LIFT DON'T SETTLE FOR AN AVERAGE LIFT! EXCLUSIVELY OFFERED BY THE AUTO LOFT. 21



The popular Mayhem… in the Backroom presented by Zehr Insurance returns for the fifth consecutive year to the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, where the vintage-inspired lifestyle room will once again feature cars, art and fashion.

The Hall 3 staple will be home to a trio of car clubs, a row of lowbrow artists and the annual Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant, which takes place on Saturday, March 9.

There will also be a special ‘build’ on display; an all-aluminum gasser ‘Batmobile,’ an old dragster-style version of the iconic superhero ride.

“I think that Batmobile will be quite the draw because a Batmobile built like this has never been done before,” said Mayhem room manager Brandon Roberts. “This is designed after the original one that was built by George Barris… it’s got a big motor sticking through the hood, it’s got a red metal flake frame, big tires, it’s pretty wild.”

The Batmobile was built by Fugitive Customs and joins a large assortment of vehicles on display in the Zehr Insurance Mayhem room.

The Hellions, The SOBs and the East London Timing Association (ELTA) are the participating clubs this year; the ELTA will have a few race cars in their line-up, including an open-engine rail dragster.

There will also be a display from Jalopy Jam Up, an annual hot rod and custom car event that takes place in August. The variety of vehicles that can be found in the Mayhem room is something that stands out to Roberts, who prides himself in presenting new content every year.

“Going from dragsters to gassers to custom vans to customs; I’ve got a buddy coming up from New Jersey with a really nice custom as well, so it’s going to have a good mix of cars back there,” said Roberts. “We’ve got everything from early-30s hot rods to mid-70s custom vans.”

In addition to the vehicles and the Pinup Pageant, the Mayhem room will be home to an artist’s alley, with tattoo artists, pinstripers


and photographers. Representatives from Zehr Insurance will also be on-hand to talk about their specialty insurance program geared towards collector cars.

The vehicles in the Mayhem room will be eligible for a series of awards that are presented during Sunday’s Special Awards presentation on Sunday on the Meguiar’s Main Stage.

22 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The Mayhem... in the Backroom vintage area of the show is located in Hall 3. Mayhem has its own retro vibe.
Photo by Greg MacPherson



For the fifth consecutive show, both Zehr Insurance and Mayhem… in the Backroom return to Hall 3, as the insurance broker renews its role of presenting sponsor for the vintage-inspired lifestyle room. The show-within-a-show at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors will feature vintage cars, art and fashion.

The Zehr Insurance Mayhem room boasts a large assortment of vehicles from the 1930s to 1970s, headlined by an all-aluminum gasser Batmobile. There will also be tattoo artists, pinstripers and photographers in the artist’s alley, while the annual Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant returns on Saturday, March 9.

“The Mayhem Room is really key to our customer base,” said Corey Finkelstein, manager of Vintage C.A.R.S. at Zehr Insurance. “The people, the energy, the types of builds that show up, really speaks to the essence of what we’re all about. We’re all about personalization and customization, so that’s why we really like that, it’s not your typical trade show room.”

Zehr Insurance is a full-service broker that also provides its own coverage through its customized C.A.R.S. – Classic, Antique, Rods & Replicas and Specialty – program. The C.A.R.S. program is geared towards creative builds, such as hot rods and customs, that don’t fit the mold of regular collector car insurance programs.

Finkelstein says C.A.R.S. protects these sentimental vehicles with the right coverage, backed by a knowledgeable team in the office, as well as good underwriting behind their policies. Showgoers will have an opportunity to connect with Zehr Insurance representatives at their booth in the Mayhem room.

“Show goers will be able to talk one-on-one with our team and discover what we have to offer with our collector car program, the C.A.R.S. program, versus the competitors,” said Finkelstein. “Also to

note, because we’re a brokerage, we offer a lot of different options… depending on the type of vehicle you have, your driving record and whether you have an appraisal or not, we have a solution for you.”

As part of its sponsorship, Zehr Insurance will choose an award winner from the selection of vehicles in the Mayhem room. The Zehr Insurance Pick will be presented during the Hagerty Special Awards on the Meguiar’s Main Stage; last year’s winner was Joe Biro, with a 1930 Model A Coupe.


ZEHR Insurance is a full service and specialty line general insurance broker, offering traditional products such as residential and recreational property, car, farm, business, construction, manufacturing and life and financial services.

Their specialty programs include the well-known vintage, antique and classic car and tractor insurance product called Vintage CARS (Classic, Antique, Rod & Specialty), the group special interest car club liability insurance program Vintage Liability, and the seasonal rental insurance program, Rent-Your-Cottage-Insurance. Zehr Insurance was established in 1954 by Horace J. Zehr in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Today the firm has offices located in four counties representing Waterloo Region, Oxford County, Perth County and Huron County, along with wide representation in the balance of the province of Ontario. For more info, visit

24 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The Zehr Insurance Mayhem... in the Backroom feature is a favourite with many Motorama showgoers. Photo by Paolo Pedicelli



There’smuch more than ‘just’ cars at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. This fact is evidenced, once again, in the fourth annual edition of the Truck-O-Rama special section of the show, which showcases a large assortment of ‘decked-out’ trucks, in Hall 2.

With a prominent role in the last two editions of Truck-O-Rama, RAMs of Ontario returns as the largest group in the space. RAMs of Ontario’s Sam Fakhoury says that the club, which has over 10,000 members and counting, will be bringing stock, lifted, slammed, special show trucks and daily driver RAMs.

“You name it, our group has it,” said Fakhoury. “RAMs of Ontario is the largest RAM exclusive group in Ontario. While we will be showcasing our RAMs, there will be Chevys, Fords, Nissans and even Toyotas on display as part of Truck-O-Rama.”

In addition to RAMS of Ontario, Calz Kustom, from Huntsville, ON, will bring a handful of trucks that owner Calvin Chapleau displayed at the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The lifted SEMA builds include a square-body Chevrolet Silverado and a new body-style RAM 3500, with dual rear-wheels. Many other individuals have also registered their own incredible trucks.

The lifted SEMA builds include a square-body Chevrolet Silverado and a new body-style RAM 3500, with dual rear-wheels.

The Truck-O-Rama area will also include more than just pickups,

with a Peterbilt 379L highway truck on display. The big rig is used for local hauling and demonstrates that even the largest of work trucks can still be customized.

While Truck-O-Rama is a relatively new feature at the show, the rise in popularity for these vehicles is something that stands out to Motorama’s Mike Galipeau.

“There’s a bit of a crossover between the tuner market and the truck market,” said Galipeau. “You have lowriders, lifted trucks, off-road trucks, racing vehicles, Overland… I think trucks are a huge growth area, both highway trucks and your regular daily drivers.”

For RAMs of Ontario, the group hosts regular meets, as well as food drives, holiday toy drives and backpack drives for back-to-school; though they focus on one brand of truck, they hope that Truck-O-Rama will promote a broader message.

“RAMs of Ontario is a family-based group and we take pride in showing the future truck and car modifiers the diversity in our builds, while teaching them to respect other people’s hard work and choices,” said Fakhoury.

“Through Truck-O-Rama, we hope they can see that this culture of community and the family we choose is not exclusive to the brand of our choice, but all brands across different makes and models.”

26 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
This year’s Truck-O-Rama feature will have a large variety of trucks. Photos courtesy Sam Fakhoury (above) and Lindon Gooding (top)



Spring Fever will be home to the tuner, import and modern modified car hobby at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, as the Hall 2 feature returns for the eighth time.

There will be roughly 40 vehicles on display in this year’s Spring Fever, showcasing the creativity and uniqueness found in tuners, imports and modern modifieds. This type of vehicle has become known for personalization, ranging from common changes, such as rim and exhaust switches, to more extreme changes, such as carbon fibre overlays and air-ride suspensions.

“We’re kind of looking for everything,” said Motorama’s Brandon Hamid, who is helping organize Spring Fever. “We’re looking for cars where the owners have touched their in-car entertainment, their suspensions, their engine bays and are just doing things that you don’t see every day.”

Four cars will be showcased in a Featured Section, where they’ll line-up beside each other in the heart of the Spring Fever area. These vehicles represent the essence of Spring Fever, with a long list of modifications made to the interiors and exteriors of the cars, giving these former assembly line vehicles a look that’s out of this world.

The featured cars are a black 1996 Honda Civic belonging to Brampton, ON’s Brian Requena, a blue 2004 Nissan 350Z belonging to Newmarket, ON’s Kevin Logue, a green 2003 Lexus IS300 belonging to Markham, ON’s Farid Nurmohamed, and a black 2007 Mini Cooper S belonging to Ile Bizard, QC’s John Wakely.

As the hub for all things tuner, import and modern modified, Spring Fever will provide a unique element for showgoers to experience.

“It’s a different genre; there’s a lot to offer and different stuff that you normally wouldn’t see done to a vehicle, you’d see done to these vehicles,” said Hamid. “You can really stand out; you can touch basically anything and it’s fully customizable, so it represents you, it makes it really personal.”

In addition to the vehicles, there will be some vendors located in Spring Fever. There

will also be some competition amongst the rides, with a category of awards for Spring Fever entries presented during the Hagerty Special Awards on Sunday, March 10 on the Meguiar’s Main Stage. The vehicles will be judged based on cleanliness, fit and finish, and overall appeal.

28 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The Spring Fever: Modified Cars & Culture area will showcase a special four-car Feature Section, one of which will be Brian Requena’s heavily modified ‘96 Honda Civic. Photo courtesy Brian Requena



Theliving history of drag racing will be showcased in a special display at Motorama. The Evolution of the Front-Engine Dragster, sponsored by Lowdown Hot Rods, will feature six classic drag racing cars that are still active today.

The cars that will be displayed are a 1957 Galt Strokers streamliner dragster (below), a 1960s Chassis Research Fiat-powered rail, a 1964 Ford flathead 120” dragster, an early-1970s ‘Black Gold’ rail (with a super-charged 454 Chevy motor), a late-1960s-style 150” rail (small block Chevy motor) and a late-1970s rear-engine dragster, with a 210” S&W Hard Tail frame (small block Chevy).

This selection of vehicles will demonstrate how drag racing has evolved over time in terms of both speed and safety, including a change in motor position and an increase in vehicle length. Most of the dragsters currently compete with the Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers (ONDR), which holds nostalgia events at three Ontario tracks.

The Evolution of the Front-Engine Dragster is being organized by Mark Rogerson, who owns the 1957 Galt Strokers car. The ‘Purple People Eater’ is the oldest streamliner in Canada and its original driver, 86-year-old Andy Marsh, will be among the owners and drivers on-hand at this year’s show.

“We had the car there last year and Andy had a line-up of people, all weekend, talking to him,” said Rogerson. “He knows the car be-

cause he drove the car in that time period, so he has some fantastic stories. The young guys who were talking with him, they had to realize he was 18 years old – their age – when he drove that thing.”

These same cars that raced at drag strips across the province, decades ago, still compete on some of the same tracks today. This special display will provide showgoers with the opportunity to experience the storied past of drag racing in the region.

“I don’t think people realize the richness and the success of all the world champions and world-renowned designers and builders in that field that came out of these humble beginnings of early drag racing in Ontario,” said Rogerson. “Everyone thinks of California, Texas, Oklahoma or Florida, where that was a hotbed. But Ontario doesn’t take a backseat to anybody. We had some great builders, great racers and great cars over all these years.”

30 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo




GULF RACE FUELS STAGE IN THE RACING ZONE (HALL 1B): Racing radio hosts and podcasters representing all forms of Canadian motorsports will take to the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Stage to present live ‘episodes’ of their shows. Some will chat with each other. Some will interview guests. Be sure to check it out all three days of the show.

MAYHEM ROOM STAGE (HALL 3) – DJ SWANKENSTEIN: DJ Swankenstein will be on the Mayhem Stage, in Hall 3, throughout the weekend. This talented DJ – who says his musical choices are fuelled by the smell of jalopy exhaust, axle grease, tire rubber, tattoo ink, pomade and pinup girl hairspray – will be in the Mayhem room, with its traditional cars and atmosphere.


THE RUST BROS: On Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf and Connor Hall – known to fans of Rust Valley Restorers on History Canada at The Rust Bros – will be at Motorama. Presented by eBay Motors, the trio is coming from British Columbia to be part of Canada’s biggest indoor auto enthusiast and motorsports show. When they’re not in the eBay Motors booths (#243 & 245) at the east end of Hall 1A, they’ll be taking part in a Q&A sessions (Saturday 12:15 to 1:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.) with the fans, on the Meguiar’s Stage in the northeast corner of Hall 2.

FARMTRUCK & AZN: On Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, Farmtruck & Azn, the stars of the hit TV show Street Outlaws, will be at Motorama. Located primarily at the Autograph Booth beside the Meguiar’s Stage (in the northeast corner of Hall 2), they’ll be meeting fans, taking pictures and selling swag. They’ll also take part in a fan Q&A session on the Meguiar’s Stage (Saturday 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. and Sunday noon to 12:45 p.m.).

CONSTANCE NUNES: Constance Nunes, star of the Netflix TV show Car Masters: Rust to Riches will be at Motorama all three days! A talented builder and popular social media personality (1.4 million Instagram followers!), Constance will take part in the Education Panel on the Meguiar’s Stage on Friday, March 8 (11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). She’ll also be spending some time, each day, in the Lincoln Electric booth (#5902 in the southwest corner of Hall 2) and participating in some of the awards presentations on the Meguiar’s Stage.


MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – AUTOMOTIVE EDUCATION PANEL –11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Friday is Students’ Day at Motorama, when thousands of young automotive and racing enthusiasts come to the show. During their time, we present a discussion on the Motorama Stage featuring interesting and relevant individuals who can enlighten and engage the students, many of whom are interested in making a career out of their passions. Panel participants include Constance Nunes, star of the Netflix TV series Car Masters: Rust to Riches, representatives of post-secondary automotive programs as well as young car builders, automotive technicians, racers, mechanics and others. The goal is to get students engaged by seeing that their studies can result in a career in the automotive and motorsports fields.


MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – FARMTRUCK & AZN – 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.: If you’re a fan of Street Outlaws, you won’t want to miss Farmtruck & Azn taking part in a Q&A session with the fans, on the Meguiar’s Stage.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – RUST BROS – 12:15 to 1:00 p.m.: Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf and Connor Hall – stars of Rust Valley Restorers on History Canada, will chat with fans in a hosted session on the Meguiar’s Stage. Their appearance at Motorama is presented by eBay Motors.


BY HAGERTY – 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.: Hosted by Rick Seeley and Motorama Show Car Coordinator Gary Challice. With more than 200 vehicles in competition, there are dozens of different classes and categories to be judged with cash prizes, plaques and other awards distributed live on the Meguiar’s Stage.

ZEHR INSURANCE MAYHEM STAGE (HALL 3) – MISS MOTORAMA PINUP PAGEANT – 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.: The fifth annual Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant, featuring almost two dozen great ladies! Hosted by Suzie Major from Suzie’s Bombshell Boutique, the Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant will celebrate ladies who live and breathe the pinup culture in their everyday lives.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – FAST EDDIE ROAD RACING NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS – 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Canadian road racing champions will be honoured during the Fast Eddie Night of Champions presentations on the Meguiar’s Stage. So far, almost 20 track, series and division champions have registered to participate and be honoured in front of their fans, families, teams and friends.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – FAST EDDIE DRAG RACING NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS – 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.: Almost 55 Canadian straight-line racers have committed to being part of the annual Fast Eddie Drag Racing Night of Champions at Motorama. Season-long points champions representing all ages and all forms of drag racing vehicles will be on the Motorama Main Stage to receive plaques and be recognized.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – FAST EDDIE SHORT TRACK NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS – 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.: Racers who won short track points championships in 2023 are eligible to be honoured on the Motorama Main Stage on Saturday evening at the show. Whether on a dirt or asphalt oval, at a grassroots weekly track or in an elite series, every Canadian short track champion is welcome. So far, almost 60 champs have registered! The Fast Eddie Night of Champions presentations have more racing champs in one place, at one time, than any other event in the world.


MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – RUST BROS – 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.: Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf and Connor Hall – stars of Rust Valley Restorers on History Canada, will return to the Meguiar’s Stage to chat with fans in a Q&A session on the Meguiar’s Stage. Their appearance at Motorama is presented by eBay Motors.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – FARMTRUCK & AZN – Noon to 12:45 p.m.: Farmtruck & Azn from the hit TV show Street Outlaws will be back on the Meguiar’s Stage to participate in a Q&A session with the fans. If you’ve ever wanted to talk with these fun racers, this is your chance!


PANEL – 1:00 to 1:45 p.m.: Legendary hot rod personality and Motorama Show Car Coordinator Gary Challice will be joined by Show Announcer Rick Seeley to host this discussion featuring several prominent members of the hot rod, custom car and classic car communities.

GULF RACE FUELS RACING ZONE STAGE (HALL 1B) – RACE CAR AWARDS – 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.: Motorama’s Bob Sumak hosts the Racing Zone Race Car Awards, starting at 1:30 p.m. on the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone Stage.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – ZEHR INSURANCE MAYHEM CAR AWARDS – 2:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.: Mayhem... in the Backroom Manager Brandon Roberts hosts the Zehr Insurance Mayhem Car Awards starting at 2:30 p.m. on the Meguiar’s Stage.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – SPRING FEVER PRESENTED BY DRIVEWISE CAR AWARDS – 2:30 to 3:00 p.m.: Spring Fever Manager Brandon Hamid will host the Spring Fever Car Awards presented by Drivewise on the Meguiar’s Stage.

MEGUIAR’S STAGE (HALL 2) – SHOW CAR SPECIAL AWARDS PRESENTED BY HAGERTY – 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Hosted by Rick Seeley and Gary Challice – and assisted by celebrity guest Constance Nunes – dozens of cash and prize awards will be handed out during this presentation, including the recognition of the Valvoline Canadian 10 finalists, followed by the announcement of who will be the Motorama Grand Champion and the recipient of the $5,000 cheque!

32 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo




The Meguiar’s Stage will be the heartbeat of the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors! Announcing the news, Meguiar’s representatives say they are thrilled to become the presenting sponsor of the Meguiar’s Main Stage in Hall 2!

The Meguiar’s Stage will host the coveted Hagerty Class and Special Awards on both Saturday and Sunday, including the crowning of the Motorama Grand Champion.

The popular Fast Eddie Speedwear Night of Champions will see drivers from short track, road and drag racing be celebrated on Saturday evening, while celebrity Q&A sessions and various other happenings will take place on stage throughout the weekend.

Additionally, Meguiar’s reusable bags will be distributed free to showgoers as they enter Toronto’s International Centre on March 8, 9 & 10.

The Official Motorama Show Bag will include the show program and additional handouts. Meguiar’s is also excited to announce three new products for the Canadian market.

• Meguiar’s® Heavy Duty Bug & Tar Remover is an aerosol foam that rehydrates stuck on bugs & tar for no fuss removal. While tough on bugs, it’s gentle on painted surfaces.

• Meguiar’s® Ultimate Insane™ Shine Paint Glosser (right) is a sprayable polish that boosts gloss and makes colours pop! Additionally, it conceals light swirls & other minor defects to make paint look even better.

• Meguiar’s® Perfect Clarity™ Glass Cleaner will quickly clean glass inside & out. Tint safe and streak-free performance makes this product a staple in many garages & shops.

Look for all three of them at your local Canadian Tire store and on and Amazon, in the early months of 2024.

“Meguiar’s is proud of our long-standing relationship with Motorama. We are car enthusiasts at our core and in being such we have a passion for creating new and innovative products that help fellow enthusiasts achieve an ultimate show car shine,” says Danielle Schriepe, Event Marketing Leader at Meguiar’s.

Speaking on behalf of Motorama, show co-promoter David Weber said, “For many years, Meguiar’s has been a great supporter of, and partner to, Motorama. Their official show bags have long been a staple at Motorama; you see them everywhere during and after the show.

“And for 2024, Meguiar’s is further increasing its profile by becoming the sponsor of the Meguiar’s Stage where so much of the show’s key content takes place. We encourage everyone who attends the show to pick up a Meguiar’s bag as they enter Motorama and be sure to check out the action on the Meguiar’s stage.” 33
with specialized, state-of-the-art formulations that ensure show car perfection. Meguiar’s The Meguiar’s Stage in Hall 2 will be busy all weekend long. Photo by Paolo Pedicelli




34 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
HUGE WAREHOUSE SPECIALS $1,199.99 $934.99 $419.99 $1,499.99 $1,099.99 $599.99 SAVE UP TO 50% OFF Select Welding Helmets SAVE 15% OFF Century® Battery Chargers MIG-PAK® 180i MP DV® Multi-Process Welder MIG-PAK® 140 MP® Multi-Process Welder Century® Inverter Arc™ 230 Stick Welder *Conditions Apply. View Terms & Conditions of Sale at Mar 1 - Apr 30, 2024 SAVE 20% OFF Oxy-Acetylene Welding Kits SCAN QR CODE TO SAVE TODAY! CA-01-24 | ©2024 Lincoln Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BOOTH # 5902 CONSTANCE NUNES Celebrity Signing



36 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo




38 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
EXHIBITOR BOOTH # Alloy Gator 135 Amsoil (Butch’s Synthetics) 138 Back Corner Studios 109 Binbrook Speed & Custom 110 Bob Larivee 144 Bodymotive Services 205 Canada Welding Supply 137 Canada Whitewall and Vintage Tires 220 Canadian Hot Rods (My Car Publications) 223 Cars Reimagined 217 Conestoga College 139 Costco Wholesale 241 Cowhide Promotional Wear 120 Delhi - LaSalette Knights of Columbus 203 Dr. Detail 125 Dyanna Dreams 121 eBay Motors 243 & 245 Garage Cave Signs 213 Graeme Kirkland (Argosy Securities) 227 HAGERTY Insurance 210 Harse Autocraft 219 Hot Nights Hot Rods 119 House of Kolor 208 Jax Wax Canada 111 Johnston Research & Performance (JRP) 228 Karbelt Speed & Custom / NPW Canada 101 KC Collectibles 134 LCD Gauge Systems 240 LeafFilter Canada 214 LEED Brakes 106 Lyell’s Stainless Exhaust Inc. 114 MariellART Gallery 206 Mini Collectibles 237 Motorama T-Shirt Booth - Hall 1 201 Niagara College 239 NoyzBoyz Performance 132 Old Autos 238 Optimum Paintball 215 Orbit Insurance Group 233 PL8MAKER 226 Prostate Cancer Support Brampton 140 Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls 128 235 Show Cars Body Parts 126 Special Olympics Ontario 207 Syracuse Nationals 224 The Gear Centre / Pat’s Driveline 123 Toronto Motorsports Park 107 VGPL International Limited 222 Vintage Auto Insurance 118 Wasaga Beach Cruisers 122 WD-40 Canada 216 Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd. 127 HALL 1B - RACING ZONE EXHIBITOR BOOTH # B & G Performance Inc. 3514 Bernard Ho Collectibles 3503 Billy Dee’s Candy Treats 3322 Boneyard Media Room 2010 Bonfield Event Park / Barrie Flea Market 3517 Canada Heads Up Shootout Series 1220 Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR) 2510 Canadian Motorsport Academy 3302 Canadian Motorsports Response Team (CMRT) 2216 Cayuga Motorsports 3509 EPIC Racewear 3019 Flamboro Speedway 3210 Foundation for the Responsible Admin. of Emerg. Medicines (FRAEM) 3507 Full Throttle Motor Speedway 1822 Great Lakes Legends Series 1914 Illium Industries 2621 Intermind (BeUNIQ) 3506 Junior Farrelly Motorsports / Berne Workwear 1818 K1 Speed 3018 Leaf Racewear 3306 Mantis Racing Inc. (Ultraray) 3012 Mighty Wipes Degreaser (Canada Wipes) 3112 NAPA Auto Parts 2618 NASCAR Canada Series 2615 NTN Bearings Corp. 1922 NV Auto 3303 Ohsweken Speedway 3205 Ontario Sportsman Series 3203 Peterborough Speedway 2222 Racing with Autism 2210 RBSD 3114 Redfern Enterprises #1 3307 Redfern Enterprises #2 3512 Sauble Speedway 1910 Shannonville Drags 1114 Southern Ontario Modified Association (SOMA) 1113 Stoneridge Specialty Insurance 3010 Sunset Speedway 2518 Surf and Turf Instant Shelters Inc. 3209 Toronto Motorsports Park 1916 Two Speed Motorsports 2421 United Racing Series / APC LM - QW SS & OSCAAR Mod & HR 2016 Wight Motorsport 2012 Yesterday’s Speedways 1308
EXHIBITOR BOOTH # 3D Products Canada 5105 ARC Motors 5709 AutoPlanet 4700 Bad Ass Den 4116 BetMGM 4200 Boost the North 5141 Calz Kustom 5929 Canadore College 4007 Car Buffs 5300 Clentec Automotive Equipment 5605 D&D Meats 6229 Dreamworx 6438 DriftCvlture 5942 DriveWise Simcoe 5838 Engineered Racing Services 5102 Fast Eddie Racewear 6000 FEL Motorsports 3015 Feynlab Canada 5009 Freak Parade 4600 Fugitive Custom Cars 5013 GO Video 6916 Gulf Race Fuels (Small Motors Service) 5702 Jax Wax Canada 6435 Jim’s Speedshop 5609 Kemp Motorsports 6207 Lincoln Electric 5902 Lougheeds Logistics 5610 Moetarts 3422 MOJO Peppa Sauce 6332 Parallel X 4104 Rams of Ontario 6210 Reaper Crew 6403 Refined 6235 RM Racing Lubricants Inc 4800 SE Trade Ltd 4300 SilverWax 5922 SOM Performance Canada Inc. 6303 Squeaky Clean Air 6436 Stick it 5835 The Tattour 4021 Tri-City Expo 5942 Ultimate Exotics 4605 Vision Wheels 5623 Vonixx Car Care 6305 Willy’s Wheels and Tires 6302 Wireless Wave 6134 HALL 3 - MAYHEM EXHIBITOR BOOTH # Backpeddling Inc. M159 Black Heart Designs MA-1 Dragging the Line M412 Eddy Inks MA-6 Eye Candee Visuals MA-4 Inspiration Vintage MA-7 Juris Michelsons M153 Keegans Colour Table MA-2 King of Kensington M150 Machine Art Studio’s M155 Motorama T-Shirt Booth - Mayhem - Hall 3 M408 Pinup Lounge M147 Pop’s Cannabis Co M158 Rollie Guertin MA-5 Sugar Shack Tattoo M144 Suzie’s Bombshell Boutique M146 Taylor’d to you Media & Design MA-3 Theo Radical Customs MA-8 Tocara & All Things Beautiful M154 Vintage Patch M137 Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd. M156



+ FULL-TIME QUALITY PROGRAMS with outstanding faculty and student services North Bay, Ontario JOIN US IN-DEMAND career sector
over sq. ft. of trades and technology LAB TRAINING



Apair of new Monster Trucks will be featured at this year’s Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, with Hellion and Gravitron on display in Hall 2. This is the third straight year that owners Dan and Kristal Carey are bringing trucks to Motorama, with the new machines making their show debut.

The Careys are best known for their original Train Wreck truck. Their newest full-size ride, Hellion, took about five months to build and was launched in July 2023. Driven primarily by Etobicoke, ON’s Dale Eve, Hellion was designed based off of the team’s Sabotage truck and has a 1,400-horsepower 540 Chevy big block engine.

Gravitron is a much smaller version of your typical truck, known as a ‘Mini Monster,’ with a Honda VTEC four-cylinder engine. Designed for smaller jumps and ramps, Gravitron is an entry-level vehicle piloted by the couple’s 11-year-old son, Sam, who is currently the youngest Monster Truck driver in Canada.

“I’m really looking forward to having the two new trucks at Motorama,” said Kristal Carey. “We’re very proud of the new truck we built. The process of transforming a stack of steel tubing into a competing Monster Truck has been quite the lifetime experience. Not to mention being done right here in Ontario, there is a sense of gratification in that.”

While some teams make bulk orders for new tires from overseas, the Careys use second-hand tires that previously served an agricultural purpose on crop sprayers. Their team is based out of the Bruce Peninsula region and is somewhat of an underdog compared to their competition.

“Monster trucks can be purchased used or built from scratch,” continued Kristal. “We purchased the Bend-Tech Dragon last year to assist with more accurate bend marks and cuts. We are very fortunate to have an amazing team that have pulled together, putting in long days to get this truck out in a tight timeline, learning as we go.”

Carey says that showgoers are often blown away by the sheer size of the Monster Trucks, especially the oversized tires. The team’s trucks compete at venues across the province each season; they’ll announce their 2024 event schedule at Motorama.

40 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Dan and Kristal Carey are coming back to Motorama with two new creations in 2024. Hellion (below) is a full-size Monster Truck, while Gravitron (above) is half the size. Photos courtesy Kristal Carey
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Following a successful debut as an exhibitor at the 2023 show,

Gulf Race Fuels is increasing its presence at Motorama, in a big way. The company is becoming the primary sponsor of the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance.

Located in Hall 1B, the Racing Zone is home to all things racing, with cars, drivers, series, tracks, parts suppliers and manufacturers, and collectible vendors occupying the space. The Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone will also host a dedicated stage that will present live interviews and podcasts, as well as the Racers’ Corral that will feature a wide variety of racing vehicles representing the full spectrum of Canadian motorsports.

In addition to their sponsorship of the Racing Zone, Gulf Race Fuels will also have a large presence at their display in Hall 2. At their booth, the company will not only showcase its innovative range of fuels designed for high-performance applications, but it will also display a Gulf-sponsored NHRA Super Comp dragster. The car was driven to a runner-up finish in the LODRS Division 6 standings last season by 21-year-old Reid Holland, of Warman, SK, who will be onhand to greet showgoers throughout the weekend.

Gulf Race Fuels is working with teams across the racing industry, from motorcycles to dragsters, flat track to short track, to create proving grounds for their products.

“The consistency of our products is what we’re bringing to the table. We look forward to connecting with members of the racing community to educate them about the quality of our fuels and what will work best for them,” said Gulf Race Fuels’ Jeff LaRose. “We don’t run 100 different race fuels… we’re running about 11 different variations. But we do 11 very, very well. Our focus is getting people the fuel products they want and need.”

LaRose says that Gulf Race Fuels provides a consistent product at competitive prices, with warehouses in both Western and Eastern Canada ensuring that supplies are always available. He’s looking forward to renewing friendships and creating new connections at this year’s Motorama.

“The team at Motorama was second to none, the way they took care of us,” said LaRose, of his inaugural experience at the show, last year. “I was extremely impressed by the way the show ran and then the amount of traffic… it was probably one of the busiest and best shows that we did in Canada all last year. So, when we had the opportunity to up the ante a little bit and


become more involved with Motorama, there was never a question in our minds.”

Gulf Race Fuels will remain the primary sponsor of the Racing Zone at Motorama through at least 2026.

ABOUT GULF RACE FUELS: With a vision to become the preferred supplier for multiple motorsport and performance disciplines across all levels of competition, Gulf Race Fuels combines the unrivaled history and innovative market-firsts that the Gulf brand is known for with in-depth market knowledge and expertise. This unique combination allows Gulf Race Fuels to provide partners with the best possible fuel solutions, catering to a variety of setups and ensuring peak performance on the track. Headquartered in Kipling, Saskatchewan, Small Motor Service is the authorized distributor of Gulf Pro and Gulf Race Fuels in Canada. For more info, go to and SmallMotorService. com, email or call 1-833-224-4513.

42 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Gulf Race Fuels will have a display at Motorama, and will also be the main sponsor of the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone, presented by Stoneridge. Photo by Paolo Pedicelli
“Winning isn’t everything“ - Second Place

The difference between fast & faster

Since I was a kid I’ve been building engines. Now, I'm an official Canadian supplier of Gulf Race Fuel Products because I believe the right fuel makes all the difference. In fact, anything else would be, you guessed it, second best.

Proud Sponsor of Motorama 2024



Champions from the Canadian road racing, drag racing and short track scenes will be recognized for their 2023 championship seasons during the 11th annual Fast Eddie Speedwear Night of Champions, taking place Saturday, March 9, 2024 on the Meguiar’s Main Stage.

The popular tradition at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors will also be streamed live for the first time.

More than 150 champions are expected to participate in the Fast Eddie Speedwear Night of Champions, which kicks off with the Road Racing Night of Champions at 3 p.m., followed by the Drag Racing Night of Champions at 4:30 p.m. and the Short Track Night of Champions at 6:15 p.m.

The ceremonies will be streamed live on Motorama’s social media pages by Fuel MediaLab.

Fast Eddie returns as the title sponsor of the event, where the apparel company will have an on-stage presence throughout the awards presentations. Champions will receive a custom-made plaque, a commemorative Fast Eddie t-shirt and a goodie bag. The t-shirt is uniquely designed each year and includes a collage of various forms of motorsport.

“I come from a drag racing background, my partners come from a short track background, and we’ve got guys here who are road racers, so we appreciate all of it,” said Fast Eddie Racewear president Tony Paton.

“We know what it takes to be out there, the grind of working late… how much work it takes to not only be competitive but be successful and be a champion. I love the fact that David (Weber) and the Motorama team have put this night together and we’re thrilled to be a major part of it.”

In addition to the Night of Champions, Fast Eddie will once again have a significant presence through its large booth in the southwest corner of Hall 2.

The company will showcase its products geared towards race teams, including helmets and crew uniforms, and the automotive-themed Fast Eddie Speedwear line, created with fans of combustion culture in mind.

“We’ve got our safety gear, so people can get sized for helmets, we’ve got a stock of shoes, t-shirts and hats, so people can pick one out and walk away with it; there’s really nothing there that they can’t leave with,” said Paton. “If a team wants to talk about a custom t-shirt or crew shirts, we’ve got all kinds of samples there and we can talk about their design, and they can leave there with a concept already in our hands.”

44 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
ABOUT FAST EDDIE SPEEDWEAR: Fast Eddie Speedwear is a collective of people who believe in the “combustion culture” and embrace this passion by manufacturing the highest quality garments in the Canadian motorsports landscape. Fast Eddie is driven by racers for racers and is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operate and still personally approve each-and-every piece that we proudly make… let’s just say that it’s a long process, but most importantly, it’s a pure passion. For
products and info,
Celebrating more than 120 road racing, drag racing and short track champions of the prior season, the Fast Eddie Speedway Night of Champions, at Motorama, is the largest ceremony of its kind anywhere. Photos by Paolo Pedicelli






The following individuals have pre-registered for the Fast Eddie Speedwear Night of Champions. They qualified by having won a season-long road racing, drag racing or short track championship, in 2023, at a Canadian track or series. Canadians who win titles abroad are also eligible.

Thank you to our partners Fast Eddie Speedwear for their support of this unique program. More than 130 champions are expected to attend. The Fast Eddie Night of Champions is the largest get together of motorsports champions that we’re aware of, in the world.


Blake Kelley

Bryan Rashleigh

Cameron Nabert

Daniel Demaras

Daniel Demaras

Daria Khachi

Hung Nguyen

J. Paul Haynes

Jack Polito

Jen Gray

Ken Hiebert

Logan Pacza

Nicolas Maitland

Reg Akers

Robert Turner

Rocco Marciello

Stephen Sutherland

Trevor Hill


Alexis Hinds

Austin Vermeulen

Bill Thompson

Brock Godmaire

Carley Parkhurst

Chevy Lightheart

Chris Pegelo

Chuck Fram Jr.

Cole Ferri

Craig de Gouw

Damian Tong

Dan Morrison

Dave Peake

Derek Reaman

Derron Barrett

Dillon Seelal

Drew Buchner

Fabio Macedo

Glenn Legge

Glenn Tandy

Ian Washington

Jack Snell

Jacob Lyle

Joe Crosby

Johnny Bonaiuto

Julia Malcolm

K.C. Kovacs

Lenny Farinacci

Michelle Henderson

Mike Gentile

Mike Thompson

Mike Wagg

Murray Lonsbary

Parker Seguin

Randy Nunn

Raymond Janisse

Roy Knobel

Ryan Schulze

Sam Snapp

Samantha Chatwood

Steph Mallais

Stephen Ballantyne

Steve Ferstl

Tony Valerio

Vasylyy Lukivskyy


Adrian Kemps

Andy Kamrath

Avery kirkpatrick

Avery Raabe

Brad McLeod

Cameron Book

Carson Nagy

Carson Sim

Cash Ireton

Chris Raabe

Cody McPherson

Cole Hardy

Cole Kamrath

Connor Pritiko

Cory Mcallister

Daniel Hawn

Dave Bailey

David Francis

Del Freiburger

Doug Butler

Elliot Stacey

Jacob Ross

Jake Kelly

Jason Keen

Jason Vale

John Baker Jr.

Josh Clarke

Keaton Pipe

Kenny McNicol

Kyle Steckly

Lily Walters

Mark King

Mason Collver

Mat Hopkins

Mike Beneteau

Mike Bradley

Mike Thomson

Miles Tyson

Nathan Dettwiler

Nolan Gould

Parker Traves

Patrick Farrow

Phil Givens

Randy Martin

Ross Turner

Ryan Hillar

Ryan Kimball

Steve Shaw

Tim Norris

Tom Gibbons

Tom Walters

Tyler Hawn

46 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo 47



The Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance will be a hive of activity for the motorsports community, where it will serve as the unofficial kickoff to the racing season during the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors.

Tracks, series and businesses will fill the space in Hall 1B and nearby portions of Hall 2, where they’ll have a chance to connect with fans, promote products and share information, including schedules.

The newly-branded NASCAR Canada Series will showcase the No. 47 car of three-time champion L.P. Dumoulin, while the four-tour United Racing Series will return for the second year since its merger with OSCAAR. The Ontario Sportsman Series, Great Lakes Legends, and Southern Ontario Modified Association will also represent the province’s touring divisions.

Flamboro Speedway, Full Throttle Motor Speedway, Ohsweken Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, Sauble Speedway and Sunset Speedway will all be on-hand in the Racing Zone, where the short tracks will be joined by a few drag strips, Shannonville Drags, Toronto Motorsports Park, and Bonfield Event Park.

Canada Heads Up will have a large display of drag racing vehicles at the show, while karting will be represented by K1 Speed Canada. There will also be a strong road racing presence, with CASC-OR and FEL Motorsports in attendance.

The various tracks and series will have drivers stopping by, especially on Saturday, March 9, when the Road Racing, Drag Racing and Short Track Night of Champions will take place. Night of Champions presenting sponsor Fast Eddie will return with a large display in Hall 2, while Racing Zone sponsors Gulf Race Fuels and Stoneridge Specialty Insurance will also have booths.

Racing would not be possible without the ongoing support of many businesses and organizations. A strong contingent of companies will set up shop in the Racing Zone, including collectible vendors Car

Buffs, Cayuga Motorsports, Mini Collectibles and GO Video Motorsports, which will be selling old racing videos that have been digitized.

Canadian Motorsport Academy and Canadian Motorsports Response Team will be among the organizations on-hand. Racing with Autism will bring Austin Riley’s Radical race car and simulators to the show, while old photographs and a Slot Car track will highlight the Yesterday’s Speedways booth.

Additional motorsports-related companies in the Racing Zone include B&G Performance, Engineered Racing Services, EPIC Racewear, Kemp Motorsports, Leaf Racewear, Mantis Racing, NAPA Auto Parts, GSR Racing, RM Racing Lubricants, Surf & Turf, TwoSpeed Motorsports and Wight Motorsports Inc.

Beyond the various booths listed above, the Racers’ Corral will feature a large assortment of race vehicles on display, while the Racing Zone stage will feature driver interviews and podcasts throughout the weekend.

48 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
With displays featuring tracks, series, racing-related vendors and over 70 race cars, Motorama’s Racing Zone is the launch pad for the racing season. Photos by Paolo Pedicelli 49 Die Cast Apparel Novelties PleaseSupport Your Local Race Track P. 905-772-RACE e



Astrong supporter of the eBay Motors Motorama Show since Kevin Besta took over the company, in 2015, Stoneridge Specialty Insurance will be back at the 2024 show, once again prominently participating in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone Presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance.

Located in Hall 1B, the Racing Zone will be the epicentre of motorsports activity throughout the three days of the show.

As always, the Racing Zone will be made up of racing series, tracks, equipment and collectible vendors and a large collection of racing vehicles, in the Racers’ Corral. Upwards of 75 short track (asphalt and dirt), drag, and road racing cars, karts and other vehicles will be on display just weeks before the start of the racing season.

As a day one supporter of Motorama, Stoneridge Specialty Insurance will once again have a large presence at the show, where the presenting sponsor of the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone renews its spot alongside fellow members of the motorsports industry.

“At Motorama, we get to see all the people we haven’t seen all winter, including people involved with the tracks and clubs, as well as the individuals who deal with us,” said Stoneridge’s Kevin Besta. “It’s an opportunity to reconnect and start the year off on a great footing. And we’re always looking to develop some new relationships and Motorama is a great place to do that, too.”

His son and co-worker, Kory Besta, added, “We started with

Stoneridge Specialty Insurance the same year that Motorama first took place, in 2015, which is easy to remember, and we always think that’s neat that we have that in common with the show.”

Discussing Stoneridge and the products and services it offers to the community, Kevin Besta continued, “Insurance isn’t that complicated. We’re there to protect our clients from the lawsuits that continue to come. This year, we plan to talk with people a lot about electronic waivers, which the majority of our clients have fully endorsed.

“It’s a valuable tool for our clients. It’s more efficient, saves paperwork, protects them better when something happens down the road. The electronic waiver system is one of the best innovations our industry has seen in years, so anything we can do to encourage it to expand is worthwhile.”

Adding an important detail from their clients’ perspective, Kory said, “It’s a great value-added service, considering it comes at no additional cost to our clients.”

Stoneridge Specialty Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products specifically designed to protect anyone and everything associated with motorsports.

To find out more about what products and services Stoneridge Specialty Insurance has to offer, be sure to visit them at their Racing Zone booth or online at

50 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo



The NASCAR Canada Series (NCS) will have an action-packed booth at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, where drivers and series officials will greet showgoers throughout the weekend.

The booth, located in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance, will have the No. 47 WeatherTech Dodge of three-time series champion L.P. Dumoulin on display, while drivers will be on-hand to meet with fans and sign autographs.

As well, NASCAR Canada Series presenting partner EVIRUM will be unveiling a primary sponsorship with ALLREM Racing at Motorama. This paint scheme unveiling will take place on Friday, March 8 at 11am in the NASCAR Canada booth. And throughout the weekend, there will be videos playing in the display, and 2024 NCS racing schedules will be distributed.

Dumoulin will be at the show for the opening few hours on Friday, March 8, while Sam Fellows, Larry Jackson and Daniel Bois will be there on Saturday, March 9. Additional drivers will be confirmed, and a detailed schedule of appearances will be announced as the show gets closer.

There are some notable changes for the NASCAR Canada Series in 2024. The newly branded tour, formerly known as the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, will have co-presenting partners in Pinty’s and Evirum. The series schedule features 13 races, including new events east of Ontario.

“We have four races in Ontario, four in Quebec, three in Eastern Canada and two in Western Canada,” said Doug Gonder, series director of the NASCAR Canada Series. “We’re going back to Riverside International Speedway, and, for the first time, the championship will be settled at Autodrome Montmagny in September; that’s the first

time it’s ever been hosted outside the province of Ontario.”

Gonder says that the series is focused on not just holding races, but building events, noting some of the off-track activities at places such as Riverside and Newfoundland’s Eastbound International Speedway. The 2024 season gets underway on May 19 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Gonder, NASCAR Canada general manager Alan Labrosse and other series representatives will be on-hand to answer questions; Gonder is looking forward to interacting with teams and fans alike.

“Being at the show, you’re afforded the time to actually sit down and talk with people, as opposed to someone approaching me at the racetrack, because you’re always being pulled in a million different directions,” said Gonder. “It’s a huge thing to connect with your many partners and customers, whether it be internal or external customers, just to take the time and talk… we’re looking forward to meeting everyone.”

52 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
L.P. Dumoulin’s No. 47 WeatherTech Dodge will be in the NASCAR Canada Series booth at Motorama. Photo by Greg MacPherson



SUN | MAY 19

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Bowmanville, Ont.


Autodrome Chaudière Vallée-Jonction, Que.


Eastbound International Speedway

Avondale, N.L.


Riverside International Speedway Antigonish, N.S.


Riverside International Speedway

Antigonish, N.S.


Ohsweken Speedway Ohsweken, Ont.


Sutherland Automotive Speedway

Saskatoon, Sask.


Edmonton International Raceway

Wetaskiwin, Alb.

SUN | AUG. 11

Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières Trois-Rivières, Que.

SAT | AUG. 17

Delaware Speedway Delaware, Ont.

SAT | AUG. 24

Circuit ICAR Mirabel, Que.


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Bowmanville, Ont.

SUN | SEPT. 22

Autodrome Montmagny Speedway Montmagny, Que.




Since1954, Toronto Motorsports Park has been a major venue for drag racing in Ontario. And at this year’s Toronto Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, the legendary multi-purpose racing facility will kick off its 70th anniversary celebrations.

Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP) will have a pair of exhibitor displays at the show, which runs March 8, 9 & 10 at Toronto’s International Centre, across from Pearson Airport. In Hall 1, TMP will have an exotic car on display as it promotes its ‘Experiences’ that are available to customers looking to get a feel for what its like to drive an exotic car or a single-seat Formula 2000 car on TMP’s road course, or to pull up in front of the ‘Christmas Tree’ on TMP’s legendary dragstrip and launch down the track.

A little further into the show, in the Gulf Race Fuel Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Insurance, TMP will have another display promoting the events taking place at the dragstrip in 2024. These include the popular Victoria Day Nationals, the Canadian Nitro Nationals (on the Canada Day long weekend), the Labour Day Weekend Spectacular, and more. To find the TMP booth in the Racing Zone, just look for the bright yellow NHRA Top Fuel car owned and campaigned by the Ant Hill Mob Drag Racing Team.

“We’re very proud of our track’s history and its future,” said TMP owner Uli Bieri. “We have so many experiences and great events available for people who love cars and racing, and we’re looking forward to connecting with many of them at Motorama. With 2024 being the 70th anniversary of the track, it’s a very special milestone and we’re excited to be starting the season-long celebration at Motorama.”

The dragstrip at TMP started as a ‘Sunday only’ operation, in 1954, on an abandoned World War II airstrip. In the early days, the drag racers shared the asphalt runways with airplanes. The track was founded by the Mehlenbacher family. They gave way to John and Sharon Fletcher, who operated the facility for many years. And for the past 25 seasons, Uli Bieri has been at the ownership helm. The fact that all of them are inductees to the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame speaks to the importance of the track and its decades of success.

In its 70 years, the track has been known by several names, including Kohler Drag Strip, Kohler Superboss Dragway, Cayuga

1320 Dragway, Dragway Park, and Toronto Motorsports

The track has played host to many of the biggest names in drag racing, including ‘Big Daddy’ Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney (who earned her NHRA Top Fuel license at Dragway Park), Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme, Tom ‘The Mongoose’ McEwen, and ‘The First Lady of Motorsports,’ Linda Vaughn, to name a few.

Major changes started to take place after former professional race car driver Uli Bieri purchased the facility in 1998. Recognizing the need for a road racing course in the ‘Golden Horseshoe’ region, Bieri acted upon his lifelong ambition to build a 3-kilometre road course.

Working with the late Roger Peart, of ASN Canada, they designed a track that would appeal to a wide variety of road racing enthusiasts, a course where experts and novices could all enjoy their high-performance vehicles and motorcycles in a safe and affordable environment.

Over the years, the upgrades and improvements have continued, creating a multi-purpose racing facility that plays host to many races and events throughout the year, including major international drag racing events, weekly race programs, training sessions, test and tunes, open lapping, track rentals, VIP Suites, racing experiences, team building and other corporate and charity events.

Looking ahead, discussions are currently underway with NHRA about a National event returning to Canada at Toronto Motorsports Park. For more information about TMP, be sure to visit them at their two displays at Motorama. In the meantime, they’re located on the web at

54 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
From its massive drag racing shows like the Canadian Nitro Nationals (top) to the ‘Experience’ packages (above) that put you behind the wheel of some incredible machines, TMP has something for everyone.



The Canada Heads Up Shootout Series is returning to the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors with another prominent assortment of incredible drag racing cars and bikes.

Approximately six cars and eight bikes will be included in the Canada Heads Up (CHU) booth and surrounding displays in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance, located in Hall 1B. The dragsters will represent the diversity of classes found in the series and will include some notable rides.

Among the vehicles on display will be a Mustang belonging to Corrado Lentinello. The past 235 Outlaws champion spent the last couple years updating an EZ Street car that he purchased; he’ll return to the series this season.

Additional cars on display include a Mustang belonging to CHU’s Street 275 champion Steph Mallais, as well as Robert Galati’s ’55 Chevy, Doug Reid’s Blue Bomber and Brodie Brown’s ’65 Chevy.

The owners of the displayed vehicles will be present throughout the show, while series representatives will be on-hand Friday night and most of the weekend.

“We are the largest drag race series and display that Motorama has,” said CHU promoter/driver Ian Hill. “There’s always a huge drag racing presence. Being the series promoter, I’m happy to continue to support that and bring that to the Motorama base and, in the same respect, we draw Motorama’s fan base and try to increase our following through the show.”

Saturday, March 9 is the biggest day of the weekend for Canada Heads Up, with their annual driver’s meeting taking place on the Gulf Race Fuels Stage, in Hall 1B.

After that, member of the drag racing community, in attendance, will head out to the Meguiar’s Main Stage, in Hall 2, to participate in – and watch – the Fast Eddie Drag Racing Night of Champions.

Following that awards presentation, the CHU contingent will return to their booth in the Racing Zone for a networking party.

“We’re a family-oriented, fun and sportsmanship-based series,” said Hill. “We try to schedule our events so there’s lots of time for post-qualifying family barbeques and networking after race day. It’s not just all about drag racing, it’s the whole weekend.”

For 2024, CHU will run a five-weekend schedule, with events taking place June 1-2, July 13-14, August 17-18, September 7-8 and September 28-29, all at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, ON.

There will be 14 classes of cars and bikes in action, headlined by the premiere Super Street, EZ Street, Street 275, Outlaw Bike and Stock Wheel Base Bike classes.

For more information about CHU, visit

ABOUT CANADA HEADS UP: The Ontario Grudge Wars (OGW)

Shootout Series is a Heads Up, small tire racing series that brings ‘on the edge’ racing and excitement to the Ontario racing scene. For 2024, OGW will once again take to the track at Toronto Motorsports Park for its full five-weekend, ten-race schedule of events. CHU features 14 different classes of cars and bikes, headlined by the premiere Super Street, EZ Street, Street 275, Outlaw Bike and Stock Wheel Base Bike classes. For more


56 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
info, (Top to bottom) Brodie Brown’s ‘63 Chevy 2 Nova, Murray Lonsbary’s 2014 Kawasaki ZX14 and Robert Galati’s ‘55 Chevy Bel-Air are just three of the many drag racing vehicles in the Canada Heads Up booth. Photos courtesy Canada Heads Up


Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT combines our lift springs and sport shocks to create a perfectly tuned suspension system engineered for both, on and off-road performance. Each PRO-TRUCK-LIFT is designed and tested to deliver maximum ride height without compromising the integrity of factory bushings, ball joints and other components.

Shop online at Phone: 1-800-263-8621 Ext. 2321 Email:
Stock Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT 2010-2022 Lexus GX460




is increasing its presence at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors in a big way, with the grassroots racing organization occupying one of the largest booths in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance.

Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs – Ontario Region (CASC-OR) is the sanctioning body for entry-level motorsports events, including road racing, which features multiple series that are split into classes. With everything from classic formula cars to modern day sedans, CASC-OR is a place for anyone with a race car to compete.

Classes in CASC-OR’s Pirelli Super Touring/Grand Touring Sprints series are split based on lap times, which emphasizes a driver’s abilities and leads to a unique combination of participants.

“That’s called bracket racing, so there’s a wide variety of vehicles that can race within that,” said CASC-OR race director Pat Cyr. “It’s open to anything and everything… that’s what makes it interesting is to be able to run up against a NASCAR Truck or properly prepared BMWs or Miatas or Mustangs, there’s such a wide variety.”

The CASC-OR booth will feature 10 vehicles on display, ranging from an open-wheel F1200 and an open-cockpit Radical to a Porsche 951 and a kart. The impressive selection includes the BMW M235iR that Rocco Marciello drove to the 2023 championship in the premiere GT1 class. Also in the display will be a vehicle representing the recently announced Miata Canada Cup Series.

Featuring nearly identical Mazda Miatas, the new series will ensure a level playing field for all competitors and will offer an affordable and accessible entry level option for newcomers looking to get into racing, which is a key CASC-OR goal.

CASC-OR drivers will be in and out of the booth throughout the weekend, with some of them also being honoured during the Fast

Eddie Speedwear Road Racing Night of Champions.

Volunteers will be on-hand at the CASC-OR booth to answer questions and distribute postcard-sized pamphlets, which will include dates for the six road racing events on the 2024 schedule. Showgoers can also take photos on the Pirelli podium and sponsors will be handing out stickers, hats and other swag.

Cyr is looking forward to connecting with fans and members of the motorsport industry, which is a big motivation for the club increasing its footprint at this year’s show.

“It’s fun to watch the reactions from people when they see cool cars that they like,” said Cyr. “Having interactions with people who may not be knowledgeable about what we do for racing, that’s a big part of what I like about going to these events. Even having discussions with people who do race; it’s a social environment and an educational environment.”

58 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The BMW M235iR of 2023 GT1 class champion Rocco Marciello will be one of 10 vehicles on display in the CASC-OR booth at this year’s Toronto Motorama show. Photo courtesy Richard Coburn 59



As a single gathering place for tracks, series and drivers, just weeks before the start of the 2024 racing season, the Motorama show produces no shortage of storylines for podcasters and media members to cover. For the first time, these content creators will have a dedicated space at the show.

A special 20’ x 20’ booth will be set-up across from the stage in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance, in Hall 1B, where accredited media members can have a place to work on their content from the show, on a first come-first serve basis. The space will also be an alternate location to record interviews.

The Racing Zone Stage itself will feature content throughout the weekend, where episodes of podcasts will be recorded, featuring driver interviews and discussions. Stickers N’ Scuffs, True North Racing Podcast, The Wide World of Motorsports and BracketLife Broadcast are each scheduled for multiple 50-minute timeslots; a detailed stage schedule will be posted to

“Not often do media members get a chance to cover drag racing, road racing and short track racing, from the grassroots to the professional level, all in one place,” said Motorama’s Bryce Turner. “We hope this new space will make it easier for media members to cover the show. We’re also looking forward to having podcast episodes taped on-stage, which will add more value to the experience for both

podcasters and showgoers.”

The Racing Zone stage will be equipped with microphones and speakers, which will allow showgoers to enjoy the interviews as they visit the Racing Zone. They’ll also get a behind-thescenes look as media members edit and create their content. Meanwhile, podcasters will get to speak to a live audience, while promoting their brand to potential new viewers.

Stickers N’ Scuffs has produced more than 150 episodes focusing on Ontario’s short track racing scene and the NASCAR Canada Series. True North Racing Podcast has over 100 episodes with interviews and discussions about racing action at Flamboro Speedway and across the province. The Wide World of Motorsports is a radio show and podcast with seven seasons of local and international racing content. And BracketLife Broadcast is a drag racing podcast with over 50 episodes, affiliated with the BracketLife brand.

Boneyard Event Services ( has been a valued partner of the Motorama show since its inception, and will decorate the Boneyard Media Room.

60 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo



An interactive element will become part of the Yesterday’s Speedways display this year, as a slot car track will accompany the photos and cars featured in their display at Motorama.

Anyone interested in trying their hand with the fast little cars can come and see Jim and Tracy Toye. They will be running the events at “Crosstown Speedway,” a slot car track in the Yesterday’s Speedways booth, located in the Gulf Race Fuels Racing Zone presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance, in Hall 1B. Yesterday’s Speedways founder and racing historian Rick Sharples hopes the track will create some fun through friendly competition.

“It’s a hand-squeeze trigger, you control the throttle and control the brakes; if you fly into a corner, you’re going to crash, it’s just like driving a car… there’s a little bit to it, you’ve got to get the hang of it,” said Sharples. “A lot of people get into it once they’ve tried it. We’d like to get drivers taking on the media, drivers taking on drivers, drivers taking on fans, fans versus fans, the public just taking each other on.”

The slot car track will be joined by two historic racing vehicles. A returning favourite will be the Don Biederman Nova, which the Canadian short track legend drove to victories in the Oxford 250 and Cayuga Speedway’s Maple Leaf 250 in 1977.

Making its first appearance will be a No. 38 Supermodified, driven by Jimmy Howard, one of the top contenders in the 1950s and 1960s at short tracks in Ontario and the Northeast, including CNE, Pinecrest, Flamboro and Delaware speedways. The car was found

on the TV show Salvage Kings

Murray Robertson and Tom Harber now own Jimmy Howard’s No. 38 Supermodified. These are the two men behind the restoration of this well-known car.

The Yesterday’s Speedways booth will once again feature 300-400 photos on a picture wall, including 50-60 photos that have been switched out from last year. Sharples is also planning to have some racing videos playing in the background.

Founded in 2012, Yesterday’s Speedways is preserving Ontario’s stock car racing history through its website, where thousands of photos have been uploaded. Racing programs are also being added to the website.

“There were about 400 tracks in Ontario and now we’re down to about 15,” said Sharples. “The history in Ontario itself is just incredible… every little town had its own little track, somewhere to go play. It’s part of our history. It’s important to me to keep that alive and help people remember this kind of stuff.” 61




and classic cars collide in the Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant, which is part of Motorama Mayhem… in the Backroom presented by Zehr Insurance. The fifth annual pageant will take place Saturday, March 9, 2024, on the Mayhem room stage.

From a Marilyn Monroe ‘bombshell’ look to everyday styles worn by women in the ‘40s and ‘50s, pinup fashion includes clothing with a sassy element to it, that can also be used more practically. Judging criteria for the pageant will look at a range of elements, including hair and make-up, originality and accuracy of clothing, and a contestant’s poise and personality.

Suzie Newbold, who owns Suzie’s Bombshell Boutique in Port Dover, ON, will return as host of the pageant. She says that it’s a fascination with mid-century modern culture that connects vintage cars and styles.

“Folks who appreciate that era are often drawn to pinup style, classic cars, rockabilly music, and tiki culture,” said Newbold. “It’s our way of pulling together what feels like the best parts of that era. Plus, what guy doesn’t want a pic of his shiny car and a classic pinup girl?”

Newbold says that applicants should keep in mind that their submission gives the judges an idea of who they are and what they enjoy about the pinup and car cultures. A personalized question is created based on the submission, which will then be asked on-stage.

“We had a good number of contestants who came from all differ-


Since its inception in 1997, Inside Track Motorsport News has proudly served as the Official Publication of Canadian Motorsports, offering comprehensive coverage of grassroots racing events across the country.

In a bold move for 2024, the publication is shifting its focus from traditional printed and mailed copies to delivering timely news, reports, results, videos, features, galleries and more through its website and associated social media channels.

Responding to the evolving needs of its readers and advertisers, the publishers of Inside Track are embracing a modern model that reallocates resources from print and mailing expenses towards enhancing content creation.

Editor and Co-Publisher Greg MacPherson explains, “In recent years, we’ve been frustrated by the substantial portion of our operating costs absorbed by paper, printing and escalating Canada Post fees. By transitioning to digital delivery, we can redirect these funds towards producing more engaging content and delivering information to readers faster than ever before. Focusing on, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and X allows us greater flexibility and creativity without the constraints of traditional page counts and space limitations.”

In the upcoming months, will unveil the Canadian Racing Guide schedule issue as a digital flipbook, a format

ent walks of life and had engaging stories to tell about their connection with pinup and vintage culture,” said Newbold, about last year’s pageant. “The camaraderie amongst the contestants is obvious and the girls all enjoyed having a pinup lounge to take pictures in afterwards. The success of this pageant is evident in the friendships it has helped create.”

The top-three contestants in the pageant will receive prizes. The pageant is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 9.

The Pinup Pageant is just part of the spectacle of the Zehr Insurance Mayhem room, in Hall 3. Suzie’s Bombshell Boutique will be among the vendors and booths set-up throughout the weekend; the boutique will be fully stocked with new dresses, some returning favourites and special pricing not found in-store.

familiar to readers for decades. Concurrently, Inside Track’s digital platforms will expand their online offerings to provide an enriched experience for their audience.

General Manager and Co-Publisher David Weber reflects on the publication’s legacy, stating, “We are immensely proud of our 26-year journey publishing Inside Track Motorsport News. No other Canadian racing magazine can boast such longevity and success, that we know of. However, we are energized by the prospects of our digital future on and our other platforms. This marks an exciting chapter for Canadian motorsports, and we remain committed to delivering compelling, informative and entertaining content to Canadian racers, fans and advertisers, solidifying our position as leaders in the industry.”

62 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
The Miss Motorama Pinup Pageant goes Saturday, March 9 in the Mayhem room. Photo by Paolo Pedicelli



Karbelt Speed & Custom returned to the Motorama Custom

Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors last year, occupying one of the first displays that people saw when entering the show. The performance parts and automotive accessories supplier will continue in that unofficial role of greeting guests, with a large display just inside the main entrance, in Hall 1.

The Karbelt booth will feature a selection of products, available for purchase, from the over 700 lines that they carry, while their knowledgeable staff of automotive enthusiasts will assist in answering questions. There will also be product experts on-hand, including representatives from King Engine Bearings, CVR High Performance Racing Products, LEED Brakes, Lucas Oil, Cometic Gaskets and Philadelphia Racing Products.

Karbelt’s presence at Motorama goes beyond just sharing information and selling products; the company will have an opportunity to hear potential customers’ thoughts about the industry. Karbelt/ National Performance Warehouse VP of operations Kevin Dundas is looking forward to those conversations with showgoers.

“Seeing all the customers, all the enthusiasts, getting feedback from them on what they like about the cars nowadays,” said Dundas. “It’s nice to talk to them and get all that feedback and then put it all together after the show. It’s very interesting to see what people feel about our industry and where it’s going.”

This past year has been busy for Karbelt, with their retail location moving down the road to Ajax, Ontario, where it’s now at the same address as their warehouse, at 8 Chisholm Court. Having the storefront attached to their 22,000-square-foot warehouse means that there’s now a greater chance that they’ll have what customers need, in-stock.

While its location has changed, Karbelt has maintained a strong connection to racing throughout its 70-plus year history. The longest



along knowledge and skills to the next generation is necessary for any hobby to survive; for the specialty automotive community, this includes car show judges. Encouraging youth to enter this space is the reason behind the second annual Junior Judges program at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors.

The two Junior Judges will work alongside the Motorama judging team to gain valuable experience about evaluating and scoring car show vehicles. They’ll learn about what to look for in a show car and how to detail their overall impression.

The judging supervisor will select a vehicle, which the Junior Judges will review using the same scoring sheets as the professionals. They’ll then be involved with the awards presentations. This year’s Junior Judges, 15-year-olds Nick Repol and Jon Rice, are already demonstrating an affinity for cars.

Repol is a regular visitor to the Motor City Car Club in Oshawa, ON, where he helps his grandfather Dave work on a hot rod on Saturdays, doing everything from making brackets to welding.

continually running performance business in Canada was founded by George Foote, a racing enthusiast who sponsored a Top Fuel dragster in the 1960s before leasing Cayuga Dragway (now Toronto Motorsports Park) in the late-1960s.

“Karbelt itself, through history, has supported all the local drag strips,” said Dundas. “Throughout the years, we’ve helped out race series, racers, sponsored events, as well as car shows and cruises. We’re always out there promoting and trying to help out the local communities with their events.”

ABOUT KARBELT SPEED & CUSTOM: As one of the oldest existing speed shops in North America, Karbelt has strong ties to the racing community. The company was founded by George Foote in 1952, selling seat belts and other automotive accessories before expanding to performance and aftermarket styling accessories brought up from the United States. For more info, visit

A member of a drag racing family in Waterloo Region, Rice regularly spends time around race cars, as he works at a drag strip during his summer break. The two teenagers will continue to learn about the industry at Motorama, which is important experience according to Show Car Coordinator Gary Challice.

“There’s not the automotive shops (at school) now, the choice that you had a few years ago, everything’s computer oriented; a lot of shops don’t have welding anymore, they don’t have sheet metal,” said Challice. “If we want this to continue, we need to get younger people involved…it’s trying to educate kids that there’s a sport of hot rodding out there and it’s a great sport.”

64 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Karbelt recently relocated its retail location to Ajax, Ontario, adjacent to the company’s warehouse. Photo courtesy Karbelt Speed & Custom Nick Repol (left) and Jon Rice (right) are this year’s Junior Judges at the Toronto Motorama show. Photos courtesy the Repol and Rice families
visit booth 137! toll-free: 1-888-817-3344 Shop in Store canada’s widest selection of welding supplies! 6150 kennedy rd. unit 10 - mississauga shop online free shipping on orders over $150 65




will return as a show level sponsor of the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors, where they’ll have a booth for the first time.

The lubricant company will showcase their WD-40 Specialist® line at this year’s show, which takes place March 8, 9 & 10 at Toronto’s International Centre. Two products in particular – Penetrant and Silicone – will debut the new Smart Straw® in March, which is already available for the traditional multi-use product.

The Smart Straw® comes attached to the can, keeping the full product together by preventing the straw from being misplaced.

The straw can be flipped up for a precise spray or flipped down to open the wide spray nozzle; it has a ‘child lock’ to help prevent unwanted spraying, which also makes it easy to store the can in a toolbox.

WD-40® brand & digital marketing manager Sheree Yoon says that the company loves talking with consumers to understand what they like about the products, what they don’t like, and what they’re looking for. They’ll use their booth to connect with showgoers and promote products that are helpful for the automotive industry, including Penetrant, which can help loosen difficult bolts.

“It penetrates two times faster than the competition, it prevents rust 10 times longer, it prevents rust build-up, and it also helps loosen stuck-frozen and sealed equipment parts,” said Yoon.

“We know a lot of car people prefer this product because they’re taking apart old cars; it definitely helps you not have to put so much muscle into getting a rusted bolt off.”

WD-40® will also showcase EZ Reach™ (at right), a bendable straw that comes attached to the can, and Degreaser and Cleaner EZ-PODS, which can be mixed in water to create the formula, rather than having to carry a full bottle.

A special contest is being planned for the booth, while representatives will also talk about the Repair It (Don’t Replace It) Challenge, which starts in April.

“It’s really focusing on taking something that’s older and rejuvenating it and bringing it back to life, instead of filling a landfill,” said Yoon. “We had the contest last year and we actually had a lot of car submissions, people showing how they fixed up their cars and how WD-40 helped them. We’re going to be having that same contest again this year, with multiple winners.”

ABOUT WD-40: In 1953, in a small lab in San Diego, California, the fledgeling Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of three set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. It took them 40 attempts to get their water displacing formula to work, but on the 40th attempt, they got it right in a big way. WD-40 was born. WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. That’s the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed the product. The first company to use WD-40 commercially was Convair, an aerospace contractor, to protect the outer skin of the Atlas Missile from rust and corrosion. The product worked so well that several employees snuck cans of WD-40 out of the plant in their lunchboxes to use at home. A few years later, Rocket Chemical

66 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
Company founder and president Norm Larsen experimented with putting WD-40 into aerosol cans, reasoning consumers might also find a use for the product in their home workshops and garages. For more information, go to



While the majority of the exhibitors and sponsors at the Toronto Motorama show are involved in the automotive and/or motorsports industries, there are some who simply have an affinity for beautiful cars and being part of this exciting scene.

That’s the case with Graeme R. Kirkland, a Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) and Senior Investment Advisor with Argosy Securities. In addition to having a booth (#227 in Hall 1) at Motorama, Kirkland is also stepping up his participation to become a Show Level Sponsor.

Kirkland’s booth will be staffed throughout the three-day event by himself and his friendly associates. Graeme is looking forward to Motorama and its almost 350,000 square feet of beautiful cars and displays. He’s also excited about the opportunity to connect with showgoers looking to take advantage of his experience, hard work ethic and talents in ways that can benefit their investment portfolios.

“I attend a lot of different shows, including Motorama, because I enjoy speaking with friendly people who might be able to use some good professional help,” said Kirkland. “Motorama attracts a lot of nice people who either own, build, or just love amazing vehicles. I feel the same way about beautiful cars and that’s why I’m going to have a booth and elevate my participation by becoming a sponsor. I’m really looking forward to the show and hopefully connecting with some people who are open to chatting about how I can help them to achieve their financial goals.”

Kirkland offers personalized, proactive professional investment advice, tailored to each individual client or corporate account. He does this by providing customized, proactive professional investment management for a diverse class of clients who have different goals, needs and philosophies.

“My clients live and work all across Ontario, as well as in other Canadian provinces. Some of my clients are quite Conservative,” continued Kirkland. “Many are ‘middle of the road’ moderate investors.


Afirst-time sponsor at last year’s show, Ridgeline Lubricants increases its support of Motorama as it becomes the presenting sponsor of the Motorama Shop Tours videos.

The six-video series, produced by Fuel MediaLab, features builder and owner interviews, and offer sneak peeks of vehicles that will be displayed at Motorama, some of which are still a work in progress. This year’s Featured Builder and Featured Car Club – Binbrook Speed & Custom and the Oldies Car Club, respectively – will be included in the videos, along with Harse AutoCraft, Lowdown Hot Rods, JH Restorations and Mary Agresti, the owner of a ’57 Chevy truck entered in the show. An additional Shop Tour video, produced by Ridgeline, will also be included in the lineup, providing a glimpse into how they’ve integrated into the custom car and motorsports communities.

The Motorama Shop Tours presented by Ridgeline were published on and the show’s social media feeds in the weeks leading up to Motorama.

Ridgeline, a Parkland brand, offers customers exceptional quality, reliable, and high-performance lubricants and specialty products. More than just an oil brand, Ridgeline’s care for the community and

And some of them are more aspiring and looking for super-growth. I work with each of them based on their individual outlooks, to customize their professional investment management expertise and professional care.

The results are reflected in the many positive comments and testimonials from happy clients who have trusted me with their portfolios, several of which are proudly displayed on the website of my professional practice:”

Mr. Kirkland will be present at the show to meet with Motorama people and share his many years of professional experience working in the investment industry, as well as his particular view on markets and great investing!

Graeme Kirkland is active on social media and also provides regular market insights and data to his clients and contacts by email. Those looking for more information in advance of Motorama can contact Graeme through his website (

You can also follow him on social media at @gkirklandwealth on Instagram and X/Twitter, and on LinkedIn and Facebook at “Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM”.

the environment is at the core of who they are. This connection is what fuels their support of Motorama.

“We want to give back to the local shop community because we understand the challenges you, your engines and equipment may face because we live in that same space. This knowledge of the landscape is what gives us an edge and why we believe we can provide support,” said Thomas McClary, Director of Lubricants and Specialty Products at Parkland. “We’re looking forward to seeing the shops being highlighted and their setup, as well as getting to know the community, and also to let the community know a little more about us.”

Ridgeline has over 150 products in its lineup, ranging from passenger vehicle motor oils to specialized industrial lubricants. While the company won’t be promoting any specific products at the show, they will be introducing their Ridgeline Vintage Car Club, which celebrates the classic and antique automobile community and their passion for the hobby. For more information, visit

68 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo
70 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo

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