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March 2017

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and curtains

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Oak Furniture

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“Inside Lincs Magazines” are community magazines serving: Witham St Hughs. Bassingham. Welton. Boultham Park. Waddington. North & South Hykeham. Bracebridge Heath. Dunholme. Bunkers Hill - (Carlton Centre). High St Lincoln. Bracebridge. The Bailgate Area. Nettleham. Washingborough. Sudbrooke. Reepham. Scothern. Cherry Willingham.

We have some fantastic promotions from a diverse selection of companies, with huge savings on products and services - along with recipes, film guides, puzzles, useful numbers & much much more they're really is something for everyone. Don’t forget to keep our handy USE THEM OR LOSE THEM!little book safe throughout the month, because you never know when you might need an emergency trades person.

In this issue…… 8 Brainteaser for March. 10 Mothering Sunday - 26th March. 12 Beauty - Tips For Great Lips. 14 The Priory Witham Academy. 24 House To Home - Pin interests 2017. 25 Home & Garden - Pages 25 - 37. 40 Business Classifies Pages 40 - 41. 42 Motoring Review - Elddis Encore 254. 50 A Happy & Successful Retirement.

60 What's on in March?April Pages 60 - 62. 64 Find The Right Mothering Sunday Gift. Deadline for April issue is the 22nd March

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To our February issue of “Inside Lincs Magazine”. In just 6 years, inside Lincs magazine has gone from strength to strength, going from 5,000 copies to now distributing a massive 21,000 copies every single month, making us one of the most cost affective ways to promote your business across Lincolnshire. So if your a local business looking to grow your customer base then give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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E FRE” Kettle


EG th “SM ster wi a & To Kitchen Y all ONL s r e ord h this wit ert adv

Premium Bespoke Kitchens Without The Premium Price

Openin Mon - F g Hours ri 7 a m - 5pm Sat 9am - 5pm

New Showroom Now Open At: Tillbridge Lane, Scampton, Lincoln, LN1 2SX.

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........................................ Forget about carving this easy slowcooked pot roast – pull the fragrant, tender lamb from the bone, rustic style. Perfect for mum on Mothering Sunday!


Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.


With the tip of a sharp knife, make shallow scores through the outer layer of skin and fat of the lamb shoulder, but not into the meat, cross-hatching the entire surface.





Mix the dried camomile, the thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano together in a bowl. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Press a handful of the herb mixture into the skin of the lamb, massaging it in well all over the flesh of the lamb. Sprinkle some of the herb mixture across the bottom of a casserole with a lid. Place the lamb into the casserole, then squeeze the lemon juice over the top, before sprinkling with any remaining herb mix. Drizzle the honey over the top of the lamb and pour over a little olive oil.


Pour the water into the casserole, then put the lid on. Transfer to the oven and cook for 2½ hours. Check the dish after one hour the lamb should be taking on a little colour. If the water has evaporated, add a little more to maintain the dish's moisture.


After the 2½ hours cooking the lamb meat should pull away easily from the bone.


Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 4-5 minutes.


......................... 1. 1.4kg/3lb shoulder of lamb, trimmed 2.. Handful dried camomile (or contents camomile teabags) 3.

½ bunch fresh thyme, leaves only


4 sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves only

5. 12 fresh sage leaves, roughly chopped 6. 1 tbsp dried oregano 7.

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

8. 1 lemon, juice only 9. 1 tbsp good Greek or wild flower clear honey 10. 2 tbsp olive oil 11. 125ml/4fl oz water

......................... To serve, using a knife and fork, pull large pieces of meat away from the bone and arrange on a large serving place. Drizzle the meat with any pan juices and allow guests to help themselves.

Prep Time 30 mins



2 Hrs

4 servings

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Personally used & highly recommended


Now available

Local grown Veg

Fruit & Veg

Bellamy’s Butchers No 1 Jaguar Drive, North Hykeham. Tel:01522 696248



…More than just a bed shop

Improving your sleep Through clinical research and development

Ovenclean will transform your oven and put the sparkle back into your kitchen!

Ovens ● Grills ● Extractors ● BBQ’s ●

Hobs ● Ranges ● Microwaves ● AGA’s ●

Telephone: 01522 525 999 Email: View us on-line @


0800 840 7127


Call today to book your oven clean


Open Mon - Sat 9.30am to 5pm




Forty Winks. 100 Burton Road Lincoln LN1 3LN


Domestic Cleaners Required.

Are You Reliable, Honest and Trustworthy? ♦ Able To Clean To A High Standard? £8.00 per hour

Local jobs

We Are a Long Established Local Company Hours to Suit!


Could you use some help with your Cleaning, Ironing or both? Regular housework One-off spring clean Times and hours to suit you (Minimum of 2 hours per week) Set hourly rate – no hidden extras

Contact Jude on 0843 289 8825 or

Contact Jude on 0800 1814410 or

Maid2Clean (Bourne) Ltd

Maid2Clean (Bourne) Ltd

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Paul Vidic Paul Vidic’s Regular Menu Available from 5.30pm - Wed - Sat.

Early Bird Wed-Thurs 5.30pm-7.00pm, Friday 5.30pm - 6.30pm

• Half page

Full page 148mm x 210

Sunday Lunch

135mm x 90mm From

12noon to 3.00pm, 2 courses £26.95pp 3 courses £29.95pp


Private Lunch and Dinner Parties

• Available by special arrangement. Up to 70 guests welcome.



Bookings now being taken for Mothers Day & Easter.

• Half page 65mm x 190mm From

Quarter page

Chef Patron Paul Vidic

65mm x 90mm From

3 high quality en-suite rooms available for dinner, bed and breakfast packages


• See the bell at Coleby on you tube


3 Far Lane, Coleby, Lincoln LN5 0AH

01522 813778 Quarter page

Eight page

135mm x 45mm From

65mm x 45mm From


£20 Children over 8 welcome

T: 01522 39 44 38

Voted Lincolnshire Pub of the Year

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Mothers Day Sunday, 26 March, 2017

This Mother's Day, why not get the whole family together for some creative fun and games? Here are some ways to inject some laughter -- and love -- into your Mother's Day celebration. Take an exotic "vacation." Even if you can't afford to go to Paris for the weekend, you can still enjoy a little taste of France (or any other destination that intrigues you). Get some croissants for breakfast, pack a picnic lunch of French bread, cheese, and fruit, or order a meal from your favourite deli or restaurant (quiche, anyone?), and get into the flavoured of the country. For an added touch, adorn your kitchen or dining room table with a red-and-white-chequered tablecloth and fresh flowers, put on some French music, and teach your kids a few basic words in French, such as "bonjour" (good morning) and "merci" (thank you). Go to the movies. One good way to share family memories is to look at old photographs or home movies. If you live near Grandma or Grandpa, ask them to pull out old photos and movies of you as a child, and take a trip together down memory lane. Your kids will get a kick out of the styles of clothes you wore -- not to mention the fact that you were once a baby, toddler, or teen. Find the humour in family life. Start a new tradition this year by creating a family comic strip. Take a long sheet of paper, and draw three or four large squares next to one another, like a newspaper comic strip. Then think of an event, celebration, or something funny that happened this past year, and illustrate it with markers, crayons, or paints. Be sure to include dialogue, a date, and a title, such as "Life with the Smiths." Older children can help with the drawing and writing, while younger kids can dictate their thoughts or help colour. Save your comic strip, and create another one next year and others in years to come. When you're ready to compile all of your strips into a book, stack the pages and thread them together with sturdy yarn.

Make a little music. Nothing brightens a family celebration quite like music. But if you want to really turn up the volume on fun, stage your own "lip-synch" contest. To begin, have each family member choose a favourite song from a CD, tape, or video that you currently own. Then turn on the music, and let each person lip-synch the words to the song, doing his or her best to mimic the performer. (Your 2-year-old, for instance, can pretend he's Barney singing the "I Love You" song.) Other family members can rate the performance from one (not at all like the performer) to five (exactly like the performer), and write down their score on a card. The person with the highest score wins the contest. Get pampered. At some point on Mother's Day, you may want some time alone or a chance for a little rest and relaxation. Make sure you get what you need -- and deserve -- by asking for it in advance. For instance, a few days before Mother's Day, give your husband and kids a list of five "services" you desire. The list could include: ● An hour alone so I can call a friend or soak in the tub ● A chance to sleep in until 9 a.m. ● A manicure at my favourite nail salon ● No sibling squabbles for an hour ● Whatever else you'd really love! Have your husband and kids make up coupons with each of these services, and be sure to redeem them throughout Mother's Day weekend.


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BEAUTY In these adverse weather conditions our lips are suffering and we are also having our central heating on at this time of year which also contributes to moisture loss leading to severe dryness and a high risk of chapping and splitting, the best way to care for lips during these months is to; 1. Buff them regularly ( once a week to healthy lips), use a baby soft toothbrush and add a little natural oil (olive/almond) to the bristles, gently brush your lips in circular motions, this will take away any dead or loose skin and prep them for moisturising. 2. Moisturise morning and night with a good moisturiser, this will prevent from drying. 3. Skin heals when it is kept moist so protect your lips throughout the day with either a lip balm or a lipstick, a good quality lipstick can be a good source of moisture too, be sure it contains SPF's and re-apply regularly. *Don't ever be tempted to lick your lips if they are dry, this will only make them worse as our syliva is very acidic and will only dehydrate them further!* Recommended/dermalogica Climate Control/MAC lip conditioner spf 15


It compliments any makeup on the face. It draws positive attention to you. It hydrates and protects the skin. It boosts a dull skin tone. It can hide pigmentation or variation of skin tone. It can balance out lip shape. It takes two minutes to apply. It lifts your mood and looks great! With all these reasons how can you not wear it? there are thousands of shades to choose from so you cant go wrong, buff your lips gently with a soft brush and apply a little moisturiser, lip renewal complex by dermalogica is a fine example for prepping before lipstick, there are many on the market so treat yourself! * Always line your lips first with a lip pencil but before you start rest your elbow on a hard surface and place your little finger on your chin, this will help steady your hand, use short feathery strokes to define your lip shape, you can draw the line beyond the natural line if your require more fullness and within the line for a slimmer lip. Once your line is perfected fill in with a lipstick,a lip brush may help you to apply this and give you more control if your lipstick is too wide. Once finished open you mouth to check you have reached the corners with the colour. If you need a little shine just add it at the end by putting some clear gloss to the inner area of the lips. Tip* If you get fed up of the colours you already have try mixing two together for a unique colour! Written by Kate Cheshire

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76 Bailgate, Lincoln, LN1 3AR

Lincoln’s Unique Wedding Venue Email: View us on-line @

13 7


he Priory Witham Academy is a 'Good' school (Ofsted 2016) which provides a positive, inclusive and enriched environment which celebrates and values the success and effort of its community. Central to our ethos is challenge and progress for all which is upheld by our innovative skills-based curriculum; placing high-value on fostering a love of reading, mathematics and science along with the creative arts and modern foreign languages. Learners at The Witham Academy are provided with opportunities which stretch far beyond the curriculum to enrich their learning experience through an extensive extra-curricular offer and a vast array of educational visits. Witham staff and students build positive relationships to create a foundation for learning where students are inspired and aspire to achieve. Our strong community values promote responsibility and respect which nurtures learners to become responsible citizens who are better equipped to succeed the world around them – it is this

sense of community which stays with our students for many years. We would welcome the opportunity for you to visit the Academy to find out more about what we offer. Please call 01522 882900 or visit our website for further information. See their main advert on page 65 Your business is great… So tell people about it in Lincoln’s biggest monthly FREE magazine. Advertise your business to 48,000 readers (And growing) EVERY MONTH as a FULL PAGE ADVERT in full colour, full gloss from as little as £95.00 per month, NO VAT. Editorial: FREE WITH EVERY 6 MONTH BOOKING.

PODIATRY / CHIROPODY General Footcare Ingrowing Toenails

01522 722595

Joint Mobilisation For:

Verruca Treatments

Ankle Injuries Heel Pain

Regular Nail Cutting

Foot Pain

Bar Lane, Waddington, Lincoln LN5 9SA

Corns. Calluses/Cracked Heels. Ingrown Toenails. Thickening of the Nail. Nail Trimming. General Foot Maintenance



Specialising in Derma Rejuvenation & Facial Aesthetics

Advanced Waxing Tinting Mani Pedi Facials Massage

Tel: 07716 036581 @ClinicNo2Lincoln


ST.TROPEZ The Ultimate Tan

10% off first treatment


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Now in our 7th year of Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy we have secured a 2 level centre with free parking for visitors to enjoy their private One to One fitness appointments.

Two Personal Training Studios - each with free towels and you're choice of music. Two Sports Massage Therapy Rooms one on each level for easy booking. Changing Room, Shower & WC facilities. Free parking every day FREE VOUCHER WORTH £135 for the first 10 new Personal Training clients. (Can be used for small group classes and Sports Massage Therapy) DROP BY OR CALL RECEPTION TO BOOK IN FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CONSULTATIONS, SPORTS MASSAGE, SMALL GROUP CLASSES AND PILATES.


01522-525250 TODAY. GOOD CONDITION FITNESS & REMEDIAL CENTRE Personal Training, Sports Massage, Small Group Classes Venture House Allenby Business Village, Crofton Road, Lincoln LN34NL15 View us on-line @





nt iscou 10% d irst on f tment p a poin this with t adver

T: 0 1 5 2 2 7 2 2 3 2 2 E : S E R E N I T Y A C A D E M Y @M A I L . C O M FB : SEREN I TYACADEMYL I N COL N


Kay - Hair Stylist 07432 600136 Jackie - Nail Technician 07432 637756 Mobile & home salon service in and around Waddington, North Hykeham & Bracebridge Heath 16

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Livingwoods REAL WOOD

01522 525335




Endorsed By “Inside Lincs Magazine” A family business priding them selves’ on quality service, led by managing director Warren Marchant and his family. Together the Marchant family have over thirty years’ experience of providing quality furniture products. Livingwoods Opening Times Sunday 10:30 am–4:00 pm - Monday 9:30 am–5:00 pm - Tuesday 9:30 am–5:00 pm Wednesday 9:30 am–5:00 pm - Thursday 9:30 am–5:00 pm - Friday 9:30 am–5:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am–5:00 pm

310 - 314 WRAGBY ROAD, LINCOLN, LN2 4QD View us on-line @


MARCH WHERE TO GO ON HOLIDAY IN MARCH All this light and warmth on our skin, long sunny days and birdsong and a greening across the countryside of the northern hemisphere. Spring, at last! Europe is warming up for summer. Time for an early sunshine break by the sea or in the rolling hills on the Continent; or a city break as the pavement café s start putting out their chairs and tables and before the dusty streets get too hot. A last-chance ski holiday somewhere high, to catch the last of the snow. Or somewhere further afield for guaranteed sunshine and a complete cultural change. Here are the best places to go on holiday in March.

Paris Who doesn’t love Paris in the springtime? Or at any time of year, come to that - Paris is always a good idea, as Audrey Hepburn said. But go now, when the city is warming up. The trees around the Tuileries are in blossom and new greenery, when we can join the young Parisians to come out blinking into the spring sunshine, shrug off our good coats to bare a new-season Breton stripe, sit out beside the canal Saint-Martin and smoke a Gauloises, or stroll a long, golden-evening stroll along the Seine, hand in hand with someone else who loves Paris in the springtime. Here’s our pick of fun things to do in Paris, by day and after dark.

Cuba For long haul, guaranteed sunshine, Cuba is a perfect option. April and March are the best months to go to Cuba, weather-wise: when it’s pretty dry, hot-but-not-too-hot (between 19º C at night and 29º C in the daytime) and days are long and sunny. Prices, meanwhile, aren’t bad, the holiday traffic long gone. Havana is heaven; we can’t recommend it enough (one of our destinations to watch for 2016). But go to the beaches, too, for un spoilt Caribbean white sands and turquoise seas, with a Latin beat.

Marrakech Turns out, Marrakech is not hot all year round. Yes, it’s in Africa, near the Sahara but in winter it can be chilly and only marginally brighter than Manchester, and that zellig tiling doesn’t offer much cosy warmth. Our tip: wait til spring, the best time to visit Morocco, when it starts to warm up a bit and you can at least hope to waft around your pool in a floaty kaftan, rather than hunkering down with a book, wearing 12 cardigans and a scratchy djellaba. The hillsides are bursting with almond blossom, and the city comes alive with colour, and sunlight casts ornate shadows in every sensational courtyard.

Lisbon Wonderful Lisbon has absolutely every element vital for a great weekend break (or more). Burgeoning social, food, arts and design scenes; great little places to eat and drink; interesting old corners and markets to poke around; glorious architecture with just the right amount of crumbling, poster-paintbright historic facades. There are old palaces to stay in, rooftop bars with pools to hang out in. It’s beside the sea! And it’s all ridiculously, delightfully affordable. Go at any time - though April is a great time to go to Lisbon, when the days are long and sunny and the cobbled streets are beginning to warm up.

Cyprus For short haul sunshine in Europe in April, Cyprus is an excellent destination for a beach holiday, or for walking. This roughly beautiful and interesting island in the southernmost reaches of the Mediterranean is wonderful in springtime. It’s beach weather at the coast - warm enough to swim in the sea, and not yet too hot; while in the rugged interior, April is the greenest month of the year, and the hillsides are bursting with wonderful light and colour: wildflowers and orchids grow along the pathways and fragrant herbs scent the air.


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Available 7 days a week 8am – 10pm

Tel: 01522 686417 Email: *Terms and conditions apply*

LANDLORDS! Need to rent your property quickly?


The CITY OF LINCOLN COUNCIL can help you. Join our FREE Landlord Scheme

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Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd Your Friendly Coach & Bus Operator

2017 Brochure Now Available

New Day Trips for 2017 For more information please call in and see IMP Travel on Sincil Street, Lincoln or call us on 01636 821138 or visit


Carol & Rodney invite you to coach tour holidays Sunday 2nd April

Jo and Dave once again welcome us to their excellent family run Nethway Hotel, with private gardens and outside pool. this hotel offers great wholesome meals, not to mention enjoyable entertainment. we will explore this part of South Devon and Torbay with a day out in Plymouth as well as other great excursions, this tour is very popular so an early booking is advised. for you regulars. £399 MONDAY 22ND MAY


All Lincs pick ups are door to door at no extra cost Prices include excursions Wheelchair and scooter friendly

Skegness - 5 days The beautiful seaside town of Skegness on england's sunny east coast staying at the seafront county hotel with good cuisine £299 19 ALBION STREET, CLECKHEATON, BD19 3JD

Executive coach travel with hostess services No single supplement All our chosen high quality hotels are en-suite up to 4* rating 20 20

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PROPERTY SERVICES LTD All types of building work undertaken

RENOVATION SPECIALISTS / LOFT CONVERSIONS EXTENSIONS / PLASTERING / JOINERY / TILING PAINTING / PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL WORK KITCHEN PLANNING & FITTING Call for a free quotation on 01522 703799 or visit our Lincoln office & showroom at 1, High Street Lincoln LN5 8BQ. Email: AVAILABLE View us on-line @


Tel: 01522 790014 Mobile: 07808812121


The kerbside appeal of your property with a new, universally smart, electric roller shutter garage door.

EASE OF USE One touch remote Zero maintenance - no oiling, greasing, wire replacing etc


Security - one of the most secure domestic garage doors available We can fit you a door for as little as

ÂŁ775 Inclusive of VAT and removal of the old door.

INSULATED Fully insulated and no gaps!!!!

VERY QUIET No screeching from an old up and over

ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION No rusting Choice of colours available For a free, no obligation site survey Contact.... Mark Andrews In our Lincoln depot Tel: 01522 790014 Mobile: 07808812121 Email: - or


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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Consumer champions Which? have now joined the thousands of customers who recognise that Cloudy2Clear Windows really are a business that you can TRUST. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has received the coveted ‘Which Trusted Trader’ status after going through a rigorous accreditation process entirely focussed on customer service. Group Managing Director Marcus McGee believes that Which? have endorsed

Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering the highest standards possible at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Whilst a number of tradespeople perhaps don’t focus on customer care as much as they should do, we make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. Locally Cloudy2Clear service North Lincoln &

the surrounding villages and manager Paul Clews agrees that this approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated as both my customers and, obviously a body as nationally important as Which? now recognise.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Paul a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

View us on-line @

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer

Than 20 MINS!!!



MARCH Pinterest’s predictions for the hottest home trends in 2017 If 2016 didn't feel like #winning, then look ahead to 2017 - it's time for #pinning If we wanted to apply a house metaphor to 2016, it’s basically been the equivalent of buying an amazing dream house and rocking up with the keys on moving day, primed with excitement and plans for the future… only to step through the door and discover that the whole place is rotten and riddled with wood worm. Frankly, the only way to deal with a situation like that – seeing as you can’t go back in time and prevent the deal – is to rip the whole thing apart and start fresh. So, we’ve decided that’s what (mentally) we’re going to do; toss this year out like a skipfull of renovation rubble, and take consolation in the fresh slate that the upcoming year offers. Cue sparkles, trumpet fanfares and… brand new trends! 2017. Like a blank canvas, freshly plastered wall or steam-cleaned stone floor… it’s primed and ready for us to make our mark on. And, armed with Pinterest’s predictions for the hottest home ideas for the coming year, which are based on the upward fluxes in the site’s 75 billion (yes, that’s 75 BILLION) ideas, we’re raring to go. Into the woods If the increase in interest in touchable wooden tiling is anything to go by, the dominance of the classic metro tile may be coming to an end. Whether it’s diagonal slats, vertical overlaps or parquetry-like designs on the walls, tiling or cladding in rich wooden textures are a natural contender. Ways to display Clear up your vitamins, night cream jars and dirty tea cups the bedside table is smartening up its act and becoming more of a display space that ties in with the rest of the bedroom decorating scheme. Think well-considered clusters of candles and cute plants, a streamlined or statement lamp or a neatly arranged inspiring book or two. Calm bedroom, restful sleep.

Call for copper Yes, copper has been on the scene for what seems like forever in decorating trend terms, but it’s not tapering off any time soon. In fact, copper’s popularity is increasing… rapidly… still! Find new ways to apply it, or mix up a new colour palette to blend it with to keep the look fresh. Blue is the colour Move over white, grey and shades of black – now it’s all about moody blues. And why not? Deep, dark blues are beautiful with natural woods and metallic finishes, can be coupled with most other colours in the spectrum and, frankly, they’re just plain chic. Large-scale luxury On the scale of things that make you go ‘oooooh’, anything clad in marble gets our vote. The thing is, it’s not the cheapest material (being that it’s a luxury one), so when we see there’s a trend for large-scale (realistic) marble wallpaper…? Well, we’re listening.

24 24

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Transform your home with replacement doors, windows or a new conservatory, various colours and designs available!

Domestic and Commercial Fuel Oil Tanks Manufactured in the UK Contact Collin Gray 01522 788234/07985 353513

01673 857 666


Little Langley | Bardney Road | Market Rasen | LN8

All Building Work Undertaken New Builds Groundworks

All sizes of tank supplied from 1000L to 5000L both bunded and single skin Simply connect the oil supply line and the installation is complete! Helvi Uk Ltd Bunded Oil Tanks are ideal for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of heating oil. Rotationally moulded (no seams) in the United Kingdom from a high grade polymer – MDPE, Medium Density Polyethylene which is tough, durable and UV Stabilised to prevent colour fade. The tanks come fully assembled and with an installation kit, making the tank simple and ready to install by an approved engineer.

Fencing Block Paving

For added security, every Helvi Uk Ltd Bunded Heating Oil Tank is supplied complete with a secure tank lock fixed to the outer Lid.

Conservatories Renovations

Our bunded oil tanks come with a 10 year warranty, if installed by an Oftec Approved Engineer and subsequently inspected annually by an Oftec Approved Engineer.

Artificial Grass Free Quotes

Tel: 07960 720623 Email:

Connection service available (subject to survey and location) Landscape installation service available (subject to survey and location)

View us on-line @



STELEY GARDEN SERVICES Patios / Paths Graveling Hedge trimming / reducing Fencing & stump removal Conifer removal Turfing Garden clearance Licensed waste carrier Suppliers of cultivated Turf

423 Newark Road, LN6 8RS Lincoln Mon-Sat:9:00 am - 5:30 pm Sun: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Spurr's DIY is a family owned business in Lincoln and has been trading since 1968. Brian and Ann look forward to seeing you in the shop soon. Hardware Tools Electrical Decorating Plumbing


Key Cutting




Off Road Parking

01522 530458 Email:






Freephone: 0800 5118494 Mobile: 07825 408291 26

For a FREE quote ring Steve on: Home 01522 690477 Mobile 07986 772726

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Full Central Heating Systems Boiler Service & Repair Boiler Installations Equipment Connections Gas Pipe Work Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Home Additions Landlord Certificates & Maintenance

Freephone: 0800 5118494 Mobile: 07825 408291 25 Mitchell Drive, Lincoln, LN1 1WD.


and Building Services TM Garden 25RT Years E HERE ISExperience

VENo Obligation Quotes ADFree -Complete HERE ISEClearance RTGarden ADVE -Concreting & Slabbing -Fencing ISE HERE ADVE -SmallRT Tree Work

-Grassreadership Cutting With a typical of 42,000 readers -Power Washing EVERY MONTH: -Trailer Hire & Driver To see YOUR advertisement here, Call us -Gravel Drives today on: 01522 394438 or email: Call Tom on 07752 448010

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hawthorn Decorating Quality Work & Service Interior & Exterior


EVIVE Driveway & Patio Cleaning

We are a professional jet-washing company using the latest high pressure, chemical free rotary jet washing system. We offer a friendly, fast and efficient service to clean and protect a wide range of domestic and commercial surface types including: DRIVEWAYS - PATHS - BLOCK PAVING - CONCRETE PATIOS - GARDEN FURNITURE - DECKING TARMAC & WOOD


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JC Tree Care & Landscaping

Hedge Trimming Felling. Stump Grinding Removal Garden Design Turf Supplied New Lawns Patio's Fencing & Gates Driveways Grass Cutting Block Paving

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Specialists in Fibre Glass Flat Roofing - Quality Work Assured All Work Guaranteed For 25 Years - Insurance Backed Guarantees Available Facia, Soffit & Guttering Supplied & Fitted “A 1st Class Service” CUSTOMER IN LINCOLN “Excellent in every respect. Defiantly reccomended” CUSTOMER IN SKEGNESS


Cloudy, Misty Windows and Steamed Up Double Glazed Units.


Double Glazing Repairs for all UPVC Windows & Doors.


Faulty Window & Door Locks and Handles. Worn, Damaged Windows and Door Seals & Broken Hinges.


Draughty Windows and Doors.

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FLAMES OF LINCOLN We have over 300 stoves, fireplaces, gas & electric fires on display in our huge Lincoln showroom including live working stoves from Chesney, Cleanburn, Stovax and Douvre. We also supply the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world!



Phone: 01522 524544 134 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7PJ Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-4.30pm.

SPECIALISED SERVICES IN GARDEN DESIGN, LANDSCAPING & TREE CARE "Backed by a highly skilled and experienced team we've built our reputation on an ability to provide our clients with professional, tailored gardening and forestry solutions"

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Friendly, Professional & Affordable. Fully Insured. Free estimates.


Quality Fence Panels Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards Timber Posts Met Post System Cement Landscape Sleepers Decking & Paving Various Timbers Field Gates Garden Gates AND MORE!!!

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BBroken, r o k e n ,leaking le a k in goro rblocked b lo c k eguttering d g u tte r in g at your home or business? aConservatory t y o u r h o m e roof o r b needing u s in e s s ? fixing? Co n scleaning e r v a to r yorr o o f n e e d in g Don’t know togcall? c le a n in g owho r fix in ? GUTTERCLEANSE Do n ’t k n o w w h oCAN to c aHELP! ll?

Martin Moor (B1189), Metheringham, LN4 3BQ

Tel: 01526 378997 E: OPEN: Mon-Fri 8am until 5pm Sat 8am until 1pm

G U T T E R CL A N SE CA N H E L Emergency callEout P!


Gutters repaired E m e rgcleaned e n c y c aand ll o u t

Brian FoX

G u tte rs c le achecks n e d a nofd your re p aguttering ire d Yearly health


Slating-Tiling-Repairs-Lead work -Guttering-Pointing 01522 690649 - 07876 241339 49 St Helens Avenue, Lincoln LN6 7RA

Y e a rly h e a lth c h e c k s o f y o u r g u Conservatory roof cleans tte rin g Full Public Liability Insurance C o n s e rv a to r y ro o f c le a n s No job too small or too big Call Dave on: 01529 410380 / 07877 362941

We supply a wide range of products including:

Email: Tel: 01673 858731/01673 849755 Director: 07767 410865 Contracts Manager: 07410 130658 Beehive Business Park, Rand Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 5NJ


• Fitted and Bespoke Furniture • Shop fitting • Kitchens and Installations • Staircases • Doors and Windows • Conservation Work • Supply and fitting of UPVC windows Please visit our web site to see what we have to offer

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Over 25 Years experience. All types of Roofing & Building from small repairs to extensions and loft conversions. We come recommended from local business and home owners across the UK. We are dedicated to giving our customers 100% in every job we do. Guttering & Down Pipes Brickwork Pointing Groundwork's Lead Work New Roofs Storm Damage Flat Roofs Extensions Tiling Loft conversions UPVC Fascia's


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Home Maintained Home Improvements & Maintenance Specialists

Lincoln's Experts, delivering quality for over 30 years in:


Bathroom Design & Installation


Bedrooms Installation Of Fitted Wardrobes Kitchen Design & Installation Bespoke Joinery Design & Installation

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L u n a living Kitchens

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Tiles

Bathrooms Villeroy & Boch bathrooms 25 Bathrooms in complete room settings. Friendly knowledgeable staff & free CAD design.

German Made All of this for £6,950 - 00 This example includes Carcases, Doors, Handles, Plinths Worktops & Upstands Blanco stainless steel 1 ½ bowl sink & mixer tap Siemens fully integrated dishwasher

Siemens 13 function touch display oven Siemens tall integrated fridge / freezer Siemens touch control induction hob Siemens 3 speed LED extractor hood

German made

5 Bishops Road, Lincoln, LN2 4JZ - Tel 01522 521112

Misty Windows? Don't Renew Just Replace.... Sealed Unit Replacement Specialists Reliable Company at Reasonable Prices


Kitchens, Laminate Flooring, Roof Repair, Painting & Decorating, Tiling. Complete Door & Window Replacement & Repair Service

01522 858714 07910 120678 Mere Road Lincoln LN5 9NX 32 32

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Sutton In Ashfield Tel: 07568 084 388 07960 477 276 See our online portfolio at:

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Local to your area

THE ONLY NUMBER YOU WILL EVER NEED Established over 30 years

Saxilby Rd, Skellingthorpe, LN6 5TY

SM Electrical & Plumbing Services -Full/Partial Rewires -Electric heating -Additional sockets/lights -Inspection and testing -Intruder Alarms/Door Access -Consumer Unit Replacement -Fire Alarm Installation & Testing Bathroom Design & En-suite Installation New/replacement Showers & enclosures En-suite Conversions Central Heating Installation & Repair Replacement Immersion Heaters Call Stephen Mark on 07970 183578 Jamie Collins on 07971 073228

Extension, Loft & Garage Conversions PVCU Windows, Doors, Fascias & Soffits Kitchens, Bathrooms & Wet Rooms Joinery Ceramic Tiling Lincoln

Plumbing Electrical Roof Works, Guttering Drainage Block Paving, Fencing Disabled Needs Steps, Ramps, Handrails

Prefered Trader For Your FREE Quotation & Advice,

Please Call John Morris 01522 853192 / 07976 283852

LOFT LADDER MAN We can board out your loft and fit a suitable ladder giving you easily accessible storage space Various Loft Ladders Loft Boarding/Insulation UPVC Hatches Enlarged Timber Openings


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Property and Garden Services Ÿ Grass & Hedge Cutting Ÿ Garden Clearance Ÿ Tree Removal Ÿ Jet Washing Ÿ Shed Re-Felting

Call Dale for a FREE no obligation quote on: 01522 801251 or 07947 342288

Ÿ Fencing

Public liability Insurance held

Ÿ Plumbing Ÿ General Repairs

Competitive prices

Lincoln Garden Services Beautiful low maintenance gardens at affordable prices ! Block pave drive and patio specialist. Fencing, gates, garden walls,•decking, pergolas, sheds, garden clearance. Top quality turf supplied and laid. See our portfolio on our web site

Tel: 01522 695748 / 07703 445196 34

JESSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS Joinery & All Building Works · Tiling, decorating · Plumbing and electrical · Dry lining and plastering · All types of ground works · Refurbishment and maintenance · Kitchens, bathrooms, all joinery work · New builds, extensions, loft conversions · Windows, doors, fascia and guttering etc · Driveways, patios, decking, fencing, landscaping

With Over 20 years Experience

Mob: 07921 906252 Tel: 01522 595520


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Suppliers of quality PVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories At sensible Prices.

We offer a full remedial service, on all old uPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories.

All work is guaranteed. All installers are fully trained and employed. Family Run Business with over 27 years experience

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01522 535918 or 07966 259738 SH ROOFING

H & L Garden Maintenance

Slating, Tiling, Lead Work, Flat Roofs, Guttering & Roof Repairs Re-Pointing. Call Steve 07896 155943 or email Inside Lincs magazines Lincoln's BIGGEST monthly title. Most other Lincoln "free mags" are bi-monthly resulting with the content becoming stale & tired long before a new edition is delivered. Inside Lincs magazines are fresh calendar month. This provides our readers with new content and our advertisers a more familiar audience. Advertisers benefit from greater momentum as a result. Traditional advertising…. Made better!

All aspects of gardening/landscaping including; Patios – Paths – Driveways Fencing - Gates Decking - Painting Grass Cutting - Weeding Hedge Trimming - Tree Felling Outbuilding Conversions – Concrete Bases Garden Clearance – General Maintenance Free no obligation quotes call Mike on: 01522 398942 / 07827 389334 Fully insured

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B Knight & Son Ltd


Timber Merchants & Manufactures


Gates, Fencing, Garage Doors, Automated Gate Systems, Aged Decorative Oak Timbers, Hardwoods, Treated Softwoods, Decking, Cabins, Garden Furniture, Sheet Materials, Tools & Firewood. All Enquiries Welcome.

Local friendly service All electrical work undertaken 20 years experience Advice, design and quotes offered Fully insured

Mobile: 07795 123057 Telephone: 01522 828493 Email:

Tel: 01522 754207 Fax: 01522 754204 Email:



59341 Approved

30 Main Road, Langworth, Lincoln, LN3 5BJ GRADED

Wild bird feed suppliers and more

Established 2009 FREE DELIVERY service within a ten mile radius of Lincoln.

Best sellers from our range: 20kg Sunflower Hearts £25.00 500g Dried Mealworms £5.00 12.5kg Wheat Free Wild Bird Feed £15.00

CALL OR TEXT SIMON ON 07870 141 237 CONTACT SIMON E-MAIL: View us on-line @


Who am I? Where are we?

English singer, songwriter, philanthropist and record producer. He sold more than 100 million records worldwide. His debut solo album, sold more than 20Win million copiesprize worldwide, achieved seven number a cash of Simply tell us one singles in the UK and eight number one hits on where we are this month?? the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. He ranks among the Send yourBritish answer Fish & Chips for 2 Winner best-selling acts all time, and in 2008 he Fish & Chips for 2 Winner with your name and address weGreatest will select listand of the Hot Mrs j Woodrow, from Heath Road, Navenby, Lincoln. was ranked 40th on Billboard's Josie Reidy Webster a random winner beperson announced in next 100 Artists of All Time. to This won various Your from voucher is on Close, its way.Lincoln. music awards throughout his Good 30-yearluck! career, Well done. Your voucher is on its way. month’s issue. “Where are we?” Winner including three Brit Awards—he won Best British Male “Who amAlexander I” Winner Congratulations to Helen from Main Road twice, four MTV Video Music Awards, four Ivor Congratulations toLincoln Julie Cryan fromcorrect Sleaford who Washingborough, who was with her Novello Awards, three American Music Awards, and two Grammy Awards from eight nominations. was correct with Ceramics”. her answer answer…”Luna “Ianyour Rush” Well is done. Well done, £25.00 on its way! £25 is on its way!


What the happens when don’t Find andyou WIN… advertise your Business…….

FISH“Where & CHIPS FOR Winner two at the are we?” Congratulations Allison Richards from Chapel “Sea Queen” toRookery Lane, Lincoln.

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address and we will select a random winner to be announced easy payment terms and include free online and social media in nextcoverage. month’s issue.


Paving Services

Lincoln’s Premier Driveways Slabbing Paving Patios Lincoln’s Block Premier Driveways Driveways Block Paving Driveways Pointing Patios Slabbing Brickwork All Brickwork Undertaken All Brickwork Undertaken Fully Insured Insured OAP OAP Fencing Discounts Fully Discounts All Work Guaranteed All Work Guaranteed Footpaths We Offer Offer A A Personal Personal We Garden Walls Reliable Service Service Reliable FreeOver Surveys, AdviceExperience and Quotations Over 25 Years Years Experience 25 Free25 Surveys, Advice and Quotations Quotations YearsAdvice Experience. Free Surveys, and

Senior Citizen Discounts. 01522 545699 07787 07787 791032 01522 545699 Call Tony On: 791032 01522 545699 or 07787 791032 38

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Find the

A range of food is available at The Sea Queen Lincoln FOR including: FISH &inCHIPS two at the A variety of mouth watering burgers “Sea Queen” Rookery Lane, Lincoln. Kebabs (Chicken/Donner) Entry's close on 19 / 03 / 2017 And a selection of Kids meals which include a Find “the Fish” hidden in the Magazine, and send your FREE drink answer to with your name and address and we will select a random winner to be an7 Rookery Lane, Lincoln, LN6 7PX nounced in next month’s issue.



A range of food is available at The Sea Queen in Lincoln including: A variety of mouth watering burgers Kebabs (Chicken/Donner) And a selection of Kids meals which include a FREE drink 7 Rookery Lane, Lincoln, LN6 7PX

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Cobb & Co Accountants Ltd. Professional Accountancy Services Sole Trader Partnership & Limited Company. Accounts. Tax Advice, Tax Returns, Capital Gains Tax, Payroll, VAT & Book Keeping. 01522 533199 Fax: 07092 363404 Friendly and reliable service, initial free consultation with no obligation

Licence Number 9577


Michael Cobb FMAAT


01522 823746

30, Sleaford Road, Bracebridge Heath, Mob: 07703 595274 E: Lincoln LN4 2ND Fax: 01522 823943 SMALL HOUSE/OFFICE REMOVALS LIGHT HAULAGE





TV & Radio Aerials Personally Digital TV

Personally used & highly recommended

used & highly recommended

Gary Scatliffe Tel:01522 881193 Mob:07973 922841

Box Trailer Hire Single Items Collection & Delivery From £25

17 Chestnut Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln, LN6 8LX



For more information and a free quotation please contact us:

01522 838225 / 07702 174133



Aerials installed from £75 -New TV Sales -LCD, LED & Plasma -Multi-room extension-Freeview & Freesat WE SELL: LINCOLN TELESERVICE LTD -Washing Machines 123-125 Burton Road -Fridges & Freezers 01522 526255 -Free Delivery & Installation Quote “Inside Lincs magazine” for Special offers.

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£99.00 a Year Call 01522 394438

OVENMAN Give us a call…

Personally used & highly recommended

10% OFF Your First Clean. Call Andy On: Tel: O7891 793448 / 01522 859821

“AWESOME DISCOS” Specialist Party Entertainment

D J & Disco hire at VeryQuality Competitive Rates. Garage Door Installation. Tel: 01522 528626 Visit our new showroom at:

Gas fitter wanted Immediate start Must be experienced Local company

01522 787711 07779 793564

Please email your CV to: sales@flamesof

Unit 2, Stirlin Court, Saxilby Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln LN1 2LR

S.R Fencing All Fencing Supplied & Fitted Patios Laid Gardens Gravelled Turfing & Garden Clearance

Call For a FREE Quote 01522 540396 or 07932303170 40 40


LINCOLNSHIRE COMMUNICATIONS Mobile Phone Repairs Lincoln 142 High Street , Lincoln, LN5 7PJ

01522 568999 / 07765 622222 E: 01522 420600 07786 551920

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ÂŁ99.00 a Year Call 01522 394438 D & K OVENS D&K Servicing are happy to announce the launch of our professional oven cleaning service in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Our technicians will strip down the appliance by removing all the shelves, interior 'self-cleaning' panels and fan guard (behind which an amazing amount of gunge normally lurks). To find out more about our professional services, give us a call now on 01522 696 053 D3 The Point, Weaver Road, Lincoln LN6 3QN

ROGER FLETCHER Interior & Exterior Painter & decorator. Over 30 years experience. 55 park lane, Washingborough, Lincoln. Tel: 01522 791870 Mob: 07801 546806

We are a family business, offering a friendly and honest service. All work undertaken - from full heating systems, new boilers and repairs. We will even fix your leaking tap !

Tel: 01522 721798

Painting & Decorating Services

A. Fields 16 Water Hill, Fiskerton, Lincoln LN3 4GE

Telephone: 01522 595128 Mobile: 07900 408125 email:

All Household and Garden Joinery Undertaken.


Tel:01522 589919 Mobile: 07899 808051 Visit our facebook page

D.W Plastering All aspects of plastering Domestic & commercial


FREE Quotes & Advice

Tel: 01522 279687 Mob: 07947 366848 View us on-line @



MARCH For a user-friendly ’van aimed at couples with an impressive master bedroom, be sure to check out the updated-for-2017 Elddis Encore 254 – read our review

Overview The new model year brings further enhancements for the Encore range of Elddis motorhomes. Encore continues as a four-model line-up but with a Peugeot-based low-line chassis and the latest Euro 6 engines. Here we review the four-berth Elddis Encore 254, which sports a transverse rear island bed. At less than £49,000 and with a decent spec, it looks good value.

On The Road The Elddis Encore’s cab has an agreeable spec, with cruise control, DAB radio, air-conditioning, Bluetooth and USB. There’s a large sunroof above, which allows in plenty of natural light and also opens for added ventilation. For 2017, the cab seats continue to be styled as captains’ chairs. The new Peugeot 130bhp engine is smooth and comes with a six-speed gearbox. Overall, it’s a smooth drive so longer journeys are all the more relaxing for it.

Design Elddis hasn’t gone into overdrive with changes for the 2017 season. And our test vehicle may have been a prototype version, but it had excellent fit and finish. The Encore’s exterior is finished in GRP with silver sides. New graphics have been added for 2017, offering some style to the square-ended profile. Exterior kit includes a TV aerial, a barbecue point, a satellite TV aerial connector plus an awning light Inside the 2017 Elddis Encore 254, there’s a transverse fixed rear bed, a front lounge and a nearside kitchen with a washroom opposite.

Lounging & dining Taking in the lounge area first, it’s a typical layout with caravan-style parallel sofas. There's a freestanding table that can be used for meal times. Overhead lockers are placed on both sides of the lounge, with LED corner spots and dimmable back mood lighting. The Savanna-Aquaclean upholstery is new for 2017. It’s rather smart and classy, with four domestic-sized cushions and arm rests. A TV stand is conveniently sited in the front offside corner of the lounge. Elddis also fits a TV aerial as standard, while an external socket allows a satellite dish to be connected without the need for cable to be trailed through a window. There is room beneath the seats and in the overhead lockers, so good storage is available overall.

Kitchen Although the 254 carries four berths, it’ll be bought mainly by couples. But even with four people on board, mealtimes should prove easy, thanks to the well-equipped nearside kitchen design. For 2017, the drawer handles have positive catches and are easier to use than last year’s push-in design. There are three drawers and two lower cupboards in the kitchen. You also get a Thetford oven with a dual-fuel hob in this Elddis motorhome. Worktop is limited, though – a fold-up flap at one end would help out in this area. The sink is finished in black enamel and comes with a clip-on drainer. A splashback and new kitchen cupboard styles have been introduced for 2017. The microwave oven is set low in the overhead locker, which makes it easier to use and provides room for a small locker above for more storage. The 189-litre fridge-freezer is fitted opposite the main kitchen area. Night lighting here comes in the form of two lowenergy LED ceiling-mounted down lights.


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Sleeping The 254’s big feature is that rear-end bedroom. And for 2017, the fixed transverse bed now has an adjustable sliding design. The bed’s normal 6ft position can be extended by a further three inches. There’s also improved access and added floor space when the bed is retracted, which really does make quite a difference. The fixed bed comes with two side wardrobes offering enough hanging space for a couple, but probably not enough for four. Drawers are fitted in the wardrobe bases while two overhead lockers look down on the bed. Ample storage is also provided beneath the bed.

Washroom The Elddis Encore 254’s side washroom has a Thetford electric flush loo and a redesigned basin. Gone is the old-style moulded unit – for 2017 it’s a larger basin set on its own with a new style of tap. It’s a real improvement. The washroom also has a chrome radiator, heated by the Alde 3020 combi boiler unit. There’s no window, but a roof vent lets in light and provides ventilation. A wall-mounted cupboard is placed just above the loo, while the large mirror is now back-lit. The washroom is practical enough, and there’s a shower curtain too.

CHARLES WARNER Vauxhall Specialists Sales & Servicing OVER 100 YEARS OF LOOKING AFTER LINCOLN'S MOTORISTS Charles Warner are renowned for Vauxhall in Lincoln and as we continue to specialize, service and maintain them we believe we are still the No 1 choice for Vauxhall in Lincoln.

Exceptional Deals - Exceptional Service

OPEN Mon-Fri 8:00-17:30 Sat 08:00-13:00

find us on Facebook.

Visit us at View us on-line @

Tel: 01522 806200 43

Your Local French Vehicle Specialist With Over 25 Year’s Experience!

Call us on: 01522 686860 All MOTs Only £25 Servicing From £69 inc We can service and repair any make and model of vehicle without it affecting warranty - Call or pop in to see us CAMPER VAN SERVICING Call For More Details

Tyres and wheel alignment check Repairs Diagnostics Exhausts Welding Repairs Manual Gearbox Repairs Air Conditioning

44 44 21/22

To advertise here email: Wainer Close / Doddington Road / Lincoln / LN6 3RY Please mention "Inside Lincsplease magazine" when responding to adverts To advertise here call 01522 394438



01522 542360


Mercedes Benz

JR Auto Repairs Here at JR Auto Services we aim to give you 100% satisfaction Brakes



Specialising in German cars but all makes welcome. Servicing, repairs, diagnostic work, cambelts, exhausts, MOTs, and much more! Local collection & delivery - courtesy car available. Family run business with over 30 years experience. Providing a professional service at an affordable price.

01522 509567

10% off services. Give us a ring and get yourselves booked in.

Call - 01522 530319



Unit 17, Murdock Road, Newark Road Industrial Estate, Lincoln, LN5 8RG View us on-line @


As advertised on:

Your Garage Door Serviced & Repaired


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46 48

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Block Paving Cobble Set Driveways & Patios Fencing Garden Walling &Steps Gravel Driveways

01526 398707 M: 07932403414


New Lawns Decking

View us on-line @


A Happy & Successful Retirement One thing I have learned about retirement it is rarely what you expect. No matter how diligent your efforts to prepare for your second act there’s no way to account for all the possible outcomes. It’s scary not knowing what to expect. If you are a person who only feels comfortable while in control even more so. I guess a positive side to the situation may be it is hard to be bored with such an unpredictable future. No matter what uncertainty I remain a proponent of the joys of retired life. There is nothing better than getting up each day knowing what you choose to do is up to you. The pace at which you partake is yours to set. Deadlines are dead! Flexibility is the new go word – do what you want when you want for as long as you want. There is time for a nap. There is time to dig into those interests you may not have even known you had. You can get better at things that matter to you. Each New Year can truly be a new year. Are you ready to make the most of your retirement? Are you able to find meaning outside of your job? After decades playing a particular role within a defined career some find it difficult to separate the working-you from the retired-you. They come to identify who they are with what they do on the job. Successes in life are defined by work achievements. One’s status is based upon where they reside in the corporate hierarchy. It can be confusing to start over with an undefined and alien role to fulfill. Those most successful at the retired game learn to move on. Rather than dwell on who you were they try looking toward who you can be. Big offices and fancy titles don’t matter to retired folk. Rather, what you are passionate about takes center stage. Shared interests kindle relationships. Spending time with people you enjoy and want to be with is your prerogative. For me a happy retiree is one blessed with many healthy years free from restrictions imposed by a job, free to explore new activities and adventures while growing into an independent individual


defined by who he is rather than what he does. Are you sufficiently creative to fill your hours with activities you enjoy? No one wants to be bored in retirement. Keep busy, take advantage of your free time and make the most of your second act! Not a bad mantra but not necessarily easy to realize. I think creativity is a big part. It helps if you are willing to try new things, to step outside of restrictive comfort zones and to explore. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t be worried about what others say – you are doing this for you. Follow your curiosity.

Do you need others around you to be happy? I am someone who can usually entertain himself handily without the assistance of others. My wife is much more social and enjoys interacting more frequently with neighbors and friends. Knowing which way you lean can help better direct you toward what is most satisfying to you personally. It is healthy to interact with others, to feel part of a community and share the moments good as well as bad. Independence is good but you can’t always do it on your own. Being part of a group allows you to share common interests while supporting one another in the many adventures and challenges retirement promises. Are you okay doing nothing? Most recently retired people I talk with describe

Please mention Lincs when responding to adverts To"Inside advertise heremagazine" call 01522 394438


feeling challenged adapting to a “less productive” post-career life. Wasting time is a big no-no conditioned into their psyche from the early days. How do they slow down without feeling guilty? It can take time to accept it is okay to do nothing. As a matter of fact it can even feel good! The beauty of retirement is you have the power to create a balance between activity and down time. Whatever works for you is right for you. It’s fine to be productive but equally okay to chill. Finding that balance just right for you will go a long way toward shaping a first-rate retirement. Retirement is great. What is perfect for me may not work for you and visa versa. That’s why the freedom each of us enjoys to create our own personal perfect retirement is so amazing. We do not have to follow any rigid plan. We can adapt and make changes along the way. We can tweak it until we get it just right. And once we do retirement living is hard to beat. With a little luck and reasonable effort retirement can most definitely be your cup of tea.

First floor, Newland Health Centre, 34 Newland, Lincoln.

We are a small family run GP practice in the heart of Lincoln. We are currently taking on new patients. We are ideal for college/uni students and for people who live and work in the Lincoln and surrounding areas For more information please visit our website or call us on:

01522 544101

View us on-line @



LOVED ONES Make a Will For a free expert consultation in the privacy of your own home telephone David Dexter FCA

On: 01522 789903 or log into LincolnWills .com


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The BMI Hospital, Nettleham Road, Lincoln LN2 1QU

Appointment Secretary: 01522 574703 Email:

29 Station Road, Ruskington, Lincolnshire NG34 9DE It is never easy to define the essential ethos of a home for the retired, that quality which makes it different from other homes. Yet if there is one feature of life at The Chestnuts which has most of all impressed newcomers over our 25 years in business, it is the warm and friendly family atmosphere. This is partly due to our comparatively small size, but above all it is due to the sensitive and concerned attitude of our staff. We endeavour to provide our residents the very best entertainment from the local area, which is accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on our 5 Star kitchen and the high quality of the home cooked traditional food that we serve our residents. The Chestnuts retirement home is a warm, friendly, animal loving small family run retirement home.

Please feel free to call for an informal visit 54

Tel: (01526) 832174

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The natural burial ground at Norton Disney Big Wood is situated in a small clearing surrounded by Birch, Ash and Pine and is dominated by beautiful mature Oak trees These stand like sentinels watching over the glade and act to preserve its peace and tranquillity. You are able to select a burial plot from the choices provided by the burials manager who will ensure that everything is organised and taken care of in a sympathetic and efficient manner. For those who have chosen cremation we have an area adjacent to the main burial area where ashes caskets can be laid to rest. Simple, natural and reasonably priced, Norton Big Wood offers a unique opportunity; it is an alternative to traditional graveyard burials and crematorium ceremonies and provides a permanent connection with nature.

Head Office: Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. LN6 9JP

Tel: 01636 892836 E-mail:



Memorials of Quality & Craftsmanship Additional Inscriptions Cleaning & Restorations

Estate Admin Wills

Funeral plans

Family Run Business

01522 523711


Probate Fixed Fees

Call us today to arrange a meeting at your convenience at our Lincoln office or your home.


Spinney Farm Shop Home Grown Potatoes Fresh home grown seasonal vegetables. Hay, Straw & Free range eggs. Pet food & wild bird seed. LOGS NOW AVAILABLE

01522 511177 10 Gordon Road, Bailgate, Lincoln LN1 3AJ

Tel: 01522 703865 Mon-Thu: 9.00 - 5.00 * Fri-Sat: 9.00 - 6.00 Sunday 10.00 - 4.00 Spinney Farm (Nr Saxilby) on the B1190 between Doddington & the A57

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NEED SOME ADVICE? POP IN FOR A CHAT If you’re currently serving or have ever served in the Armed Forces, The Royal British Legion can offer you and your family advice and support. Visit, call 0808 802 8080 or visit Lincoln Pop In Centre, Clasket House, Clasketgate, LN2 1LD

Open Wednesday`s 10am to 3pm.

Registered charity number: 219279


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LINCS DRIVEWAY CLEANING T: 01522 859584 - M: 07456 900709

We Are Specialists In Pressure Washer Cleaning Moss and Algae Removed Block paving - Concrete - Paths - Tarmac - Patio’s - Decking Brick walls - Graffiti - Conservatory’s - Gutters - Fascias Fully Insured - Professional & Fast Service View us on-line @


N O S ' T A H W


Dates For Your Diary... NEWARK INDOOR FLYING CLUB Every Tuesday Night 6.30pm A British model flying association club that is based at Newark showground. They fly helis and fixed wing aircraft and welcome beginners and experienced pilots. For more information contact Graham Brown on 01529 306759 or email LIFE DRAWING Every Wednesday 19.00 - 21.00 Practise drawing live models in a Relaxed atmosphere. Basic drawing materials are provided and all abilities welcome. Cost £6/£4 concessions. Booking advised. The Usher Gallery, Danes Terrace, Lincoln, LN2 1LP . Tel: 01522 550965 REVIVAL LINCOLN Activities for wellbeing and happiness please visit our website and facebook page for a list of all upcoming events and weekly activities. Tel: 07497 764770 or Email: for more information.

LINCOLN TANGO Every Thursday 19.30 - 22.00 Learn the authentic Argentina Tango. £5 per session includes refreshments. Contact or Branston Hall, Lincoln, Branston LN4 1PD BAR NIGHT AT WSH VILLAGE HALL Every Friday from 19:30 With a themed night the first Friday of each month. Why not come down and have a drink or 3 with your friends, we look forward to seeing you there! Witham St Hughs Village Hall


THE COLLECTION GUIDED TOURS Every Saturday 14.00 Explore the archaeology gallery with museum staff on a free informal tour. Find out about Lincolnshire's past and discover fascinating artefacts. Tours suitable for all ages and booking not required. The Collection, Danes Terrace, Lincoln, LN2 1LP For more info 01522 782040

LINCOLN PARKRUN Every Saturday 09.00 - 10.00 This 5kn run is against the clock. Its free to take part, but please register before your first run ( bring printed copy of your barcode or you wont get a time. Boultham Park, Lincoln, LN6 7SS

BIRCHWOOD & DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP First Wednesday of the month 10.00 - 12.00am Trace your family tree and use of resources such as parish and military records, births, marriages and deaths and censuses from 1841 to 1911 helped by group volunteers. Meeting fee of £2 includes refreshments. Contact Audrey on 01522 687669 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln, LN6 0PB.

BRITISH LEGION COFFEE MORNING Every Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00am The Lincoln branch will offer a warm welcome to all new visitors including non members Green Room Club, 33 Tentercroft Street, Lincoln.

THE LINCOLNSHIRE FAMILY HISTORY ,SOCIETY, LINCOLN BRANCH. Second Saturday of the month from 1.45-4.00 p.m. Meetings held at Bracebridge Heath Village Hall.

Do you have an Event, Carboot Sale, Fun Day, Group, Coffee morning or any other Community Event going on? If so, send us the details to and we will do our very best to promote them FREE 60 of 52 charge on ourPlease “WHAT’S ON” page. See us433 on-line @ To advertise here call 01522 394438 60 ToTo advertise here please email: mention "Inside Lincs magazine" when responding to adverts advertise here call 07868 225

Dates For Your Diary... BAILGATE WEDDING FAYRE March 5, 2017 11:00am to 4:00pm Lincoln's Premier Wedding Fayre Lincoln's cobbled Bailgate is in the historic Cathedral Quarter, boasting world class heritage and jaw dropping architecture. Making an ideal location for weddings, there many venues to chose from including traditional to contemporary, quirky and boutique - and of course the stunning city scape makes an ideal backdrop for your precious photographs. The Bailgate Wedding Fayre is a fun day out – it will help reduce the stresses of your wedding planning and the choice of venues will inspire and excite you. The Bailgate, Lincoln, LN1 3AR

THE STRANGLERS Tuesday 7th March 2017 The Stranglers are a rock music group, formed on September 11, 1974 in Guildford, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. They were originally called The Guildford Stranglers and operated from an off-licence in the town. Entry price (public): £25 The Engine Shed in Lincoln Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS Tel: 01522 837400 MODERN JIVE WEEKLY DANCE CLASS Thu 16th March 2017 Probably the easiest of all partner dances to learn - fun and friend group. A great way to make new friends, keep fit and learn something new. Modern Jive dance class by PulseDance, very friendly, an easy dance to learn - making it a great starting place for non dancers. Minimum age: 18 Entry price (public): 1st visit is FREE Washingborough Community Centre, Fen Road,, Washingborough, LN4 1AB

DISCOVER LINCOLNSHIRE WEEKEND Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 11am to 4.30pm Venues will be celebrating Discover Lincolnshire Weekend showcasing everything that’s great about Lincolnshire. Come along and taste one of Lincolnshire’s most famous delicacies - Plum Bread - for free Cogglesford Watermill, Navigation House and Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre. VW CAMPER DAY March 26, 2017 10am to 4:00pm Volkswagen owners and enthusiasts gather at the Brayford Waterfront in Lincoln for an amazing display of VW Campers. Scores of vehicles, many uniquely customised by their devoted owners, will be bringing an extra splash of colour and nostalgia to Lincoln's Brayford Waterfront. Join the event on Facebook for updates and to invite your friends. For more information. E:

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Dates For Your Diary... CHOCS AWAY AT CRANWELL April 1, 2017 to April 17, 2017 10:00am to 4:30pm Charlie the Cran has been asked to deliver Easter eggs to Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre. Help him make the delivery safely! Charlie needs to deliver Easter eggs to the pioneering aviators in the exhibition at Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, but has mixed them all up! Come along and help Charlie deliver his eggs, before collecting your own chocolately prize. Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, Heath Farm, North Rauceby Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 8QR 50p per trail. Includes a chocolatey prize!

CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL April 16 to April 23, 11am to 4pm Experience a beautiful display of Cherry Blossoms in the gardens of the Elizabethan Doddington Hall. Doddington Hall, Doddington Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 4RU Adults: £6.50, Children: £3.50 Families: £18 CLASSIC CAR RALLY April 23, 2017 10:00am to 4:00pm Classic cars amazingly loved and restored are displayed along Lincoln's Brayford Waterfront. Classic cars, trucks and bikes of all ages will adorn historic Lincoln's vibrant waterfront with a colourful spectacle. For the enthusiastic classic vehicle owner, the annual event represents the perfect opportunity to polish up the chrome, show off your motor, and enjoy like minded company. For the casual onlooker, the free admission to the event gives a rare opportunity to soak up real nostalgia in the Brayford Waterfront and meet the owners behind the cars. Brayford Waterfront, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln, LN1 1YW

LINCOLN FASHION WEEK LAUNCH NIGHT Friday April 28, 7:00pm to 9:00pm Get a taste of Lincoln Fashion Week at the spectacular launch event at the New Theatre Royal. There will be an exhibition of the latest fashion in the reception areas of the theatre, before an entertaining preview of Lincoln Fashion Week in the auditorium. 9-11 Clasketgate, Lincoln Lincolnshire LN2 1JS HIGH STREET FARMERS' MARKET Friday April 28, 9:00am to 4:00pm A conveniently located market on Lincoln's city’s buzzing High Street, offering fresh and local food. If you want an intimate market that offers one-to-one advice, as well as locally sourced produce, then look no further. Take a break from the expanse of retail shops, and get back to nature's wholesome produce, with the most convenient of Lincoln City Centre’s Farmers’ Markets. On High Street every Friday of the month and on Castle Hill the third Saturday of each month.

Cheeki Monkeys Preloved Baby and Children’s Event Adults £1 ONE NK Sports Centre, Children Free Moor Lane, North Hykeham nd Make money Sunday 2 April 10am 12pm from outgrown baby & children items and book a stall from just £10! Craft and business stalls also available.

Window Fitting - Door Hanging - Kitchen Fitting Fitted Wardrobes & Cupboards - Decking - Fencing & Gates - Skirting's & Architraves - Wooden Floors Canopies & Roofs - All Aspects of Joinery

No Job Too Small

Call Stephen on 01522 426043 or 07957 187443


40 stalls selling Preloved Baby & Children item so thousands of bargains on offer PLUS local businesses and face painting and bouncy castle for the little ones

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MOTHERS DAY Treat mum to an incredible unique and personalised gift on Mother's Day! There’s no better time than Mother’s Day 26th March to show your appreciation to the one woman who’s been there unconditionally. We know mum deserves to be spoilt rotten and celebrated like the queen she is so on this special day, treating your mum should be the highest priority. While breakfast in bed and a chance to put her feet up all day is sure to put a smile on her face, an extraordinary gift is needed and they have them galore! There are gifts from simple personalised cards to weekend breaks below are just a few from our great range. For the prosecco loving mum, why not surprise her with an amazing personalised bottle? Or The Greatest Mum Photo Upload Prosecco is wonderfully personalised with a favourite snap for a unique bottle she can keep once she’s drank the contents! Also the beautiful Personalised Premium Silver Footprint Necklace is brand new for 2017 and can be engraved with her initials. The back is engraved with the sentiment ‘When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then I carried you’ to show her how her support has been greatly appreciated. Made from 925 Sterling Silver, the necklace is presented in a beautiful luxury gift box. Fill mum’s home with a soothing scent and relaxing atmosphere with one of the most stunning personalised candles! The Best Mum Deluxe Jar Candle has a lovely label declaring she’s the best mum in the world with a calming lime, basil and mandarin scent. Add a thoughtful message to accompany the floral image and create a keepsake jar she can reuse, perhaps pop a tea light inside or fill with pot pourri once the candle has been burnt. Does your mum love her daily latte? And does she always mention the stylish, tall glass cups you get in coffee shops? Well, is it' time your wonderful mum had her own special latte glass!


Don’t forget grandma this Mother’s Day! Our Gifts For Grandma section is specially dedicated to her! Have you ever taken the time to look up at the sky on a clear evening to see what is looking back at you? Host to billions of beautiful sparkling entities, the seemingly endless sky could now house a star named after your wonderful grandma. Ever wondered where your family began? Who's the oldest known member, who did you inherit your hair colour off and what was life like for your elders growing up? A family tree frame a gift that they'll treasure for years to come. Now theres’ no excuse for you not having the most perfect and unforgettable Mothers Day Gift.

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A1 Turf & Landscapes Ltd A Family-run Business Est ablished in 1984

Providing everything you need for a happy, healthy pet. Open 7 days a week, Rovers Return Pet Shop is a family run pet store supplying everything you could possible need to keep your animals happy & healthy. We stock a huge range of pet foods, housing, toys and accessories and our friendly staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance. We also have a large range of animals in store, from hamsters and gerbils to rabbits and guinea pigs, why not come down and see for yourself at: Nettleham Rd Shopping Centre, Wolsey Way, Lincoln, or visit our web site: E:

01522 560696

All Aspects of Hard & Soft Landscaping Undertaken Supply and Lay Cultivated Lawn Turf Lawn Treatm ents – Prevention & Cure Bespoke Lawn Feeding Packages Grade 1 Top Soil Supplied Organic Com post & Organic Mulch No Obligation Quote

Call Geoff Hallam on: 07970 637623 / 01522 883130


Gary Thompson

Grass Cutting Services

Building Services & Roof Specialists

Family Run Business With Over 10 Years Experience

All Types Of Building Work Undertaken Extensions Driveways Roofing Insurance Work Fibre Glass Roofing Specialists All work guaranteed with friendly advice

Grass Cutting

Don't hesitate to call a Free no obligation quote

Hedge Trimming / Lowering Drive / Path Cleaning

01522 859214 / 07799 772213

Lawn Treatments Fencing Repairs / Painting Planting / Weeding Garden Tidy Turfing AND MANY MORE!!!

Tel: 01522 888850 / 07791 771185


This space could be yours for as little as…

£20 £20

.00 per month NO VAT

Reaching over 48,000 readers in & around Lincoln EVERY MONTH

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Win the perfect pampering gift this Mother's Day

Nestled in the rolling Leicestershire countryside near Melton Mowbray, less than an hour away, Ragdale Hall was recently named the Best Spa in the UK* - so what better way to treat mum this Mother's Day than with a Ragdale Hall spa day or break? Combining the multi-million pound Thermal Spa, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, tennis courts and exercise studios with the charm of traditional Victorian architecture and the original building, Ragdale Hall offers a luxury spa experience in beautiful surroundings. You'll enjoy use of the Thermal Spa, pools and all facilities - and because food is included too, you can leave everything to us and just relax! A range of spa days, spa breaks and spa treatments is available, and even special breaks designed for mums and daughters. And Ragdale Hall vouchers, from just ÂŁ25, make the perfect Mother's Day gift. For more details visit, call 01664434831 or download the Ragdale Hall App.

*SpaFinder Wellness Awards 2016


T&C's:Valid Monday to Thursday and subject to availability. Travel is not included. Guests at Ragdale Hall must be aged 68 68 or over. ArrivalPlease To"Inside advertise here call 01522 394438 16 years 6.30pm, departure 9.30pm. Prize is valid for six months from thetodate the winner is notified. mention Lincs magazine" when responding adverts

Let us supply you with a quote for the following products:


PVCu Fascias Soffits & Guttering Sealants Underground Pipes & Fitting Drainage & Construction Materials Cast Iron Look-alike Guttering


ALL Sealants/Cleaners etc

Call now on: 01522 568751 / 01522 568765 or email:

Open Mon to Fri 7.00am - 4.30pm & Sat 8.00am - 12.00pm

Free Local Delivery - Trade / Retail 6  7 Clifton Street, Stonefield Park Industrial Estate, Lincoln. LN5 8LQ

Steam And Gleam Carpet Cleaning Professional carpet cleaning




Sofas & Leather Sofa Cleaning

House & Garden Clearances

Stain Removal

Home & Offices Removals

Pet Odours

Free Old Appliance Removal

High Quality Cleaning

ebay Pickup & Deliveries

Affordable Prices

Single It ems M oved

Fully Insured

Fully Licenced

Residential & Commercial

Tel: 01522 402778 / 07487717504

7 Day Service

Call Mr Van-ish today on: 01522 305380 / 07375 512780

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