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Greetings from the Chairman



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Support Program

•Program Details •Benefits for INNOBIZ •Service for Members

Current Status of the Organization Power of INNOBIZ

•Organization •History

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We will approach our customers as a

“Welcoming”association. To our respected INNOBIZ Entrepreneurs and members! I am Sung Myeong-Ki, the sixth Chairman of INNOBIZ Association. With the principles of a ‘Healthy, Challenging, and Interacting Corporation,’ I strive to make a ‘More Welcoming’ organization. We will support the leap from a potential business to a midsize business by strengthening the capabilities for innovation and sustainable growth of INNOBIZ corporations. We will also strengthen the capabilities as an innovative, midsize organization and lead job creation, focusing on INNOBIZ. We will expand more opportunities of interaction between other technological innovation organizations by hosting seminars and initiating suitable policies for joint innovation technology companies. We strive to become an INNOBIZ Companies and organization that considers and practices ‘Social Responsibility.’ In order to strengthen our high quality membership service, we will further activate our Women’s Special committee, as well as extend our education and communication opportunities. we will also actively pursue programs such as the INNOBIZ CEO Course, “Morning Forum”, workshop, work mission, golf club, etc. We value the efforts of INNOBIZ Companies and organizations in the past 10 years and we are making promises for the next 10 years. Government also prioritizes SMEs policies. With the help of 10,000 members, 17,000 INNOBIZ Companies, as well as government, related agencies, associated executives, and full-time employees, we will practice small changes with a “Concept of Evolution.” Evolution does not occur over a short period of time. The evolution from single-celled organisms to humans occurred over eons. Thus, small changes made by INNOBIZ and its organizations now would vitalize the companies to become the power of a nation later. Thank you,

The Sixth Chairman of Innobiz Association

Seong Myeong-Ki

Biography ·October 1991 ~ Present CEO of Yoi System Co.,Ltd ·Current ·Current ·Current ·Current

Chairman of Innobiz Association Alumni Chairman of Yonsei University School of Electrical Engineering Alumni Chairman of Daegeon High School Bureau Director of Korea Automatic control inc. Cooperative

·Former Vice-President of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) ·Former Adjunct Professor of Yonsei University School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ·Book: Story of Life <Challenge>

VISION For 10 years, our organization participated in the development of INNOBIZ through the smooth management of INNOBIZ certification and the strengthening of the association.

VISION Leap ahead of


INNOBIZ Enterprise


for the new decade Achievement of “10 years of Innobiz” and setting the direction for mid/long term development Producing mid-sized companies





Cultivation of “Global Leader INNOBIZ” to compete worldwide

4 Agendas / 9 Proposals (initiatives) Strengthening the capability for sustainable growth of INNOBIZ Companies Formation of a high quality membership service Establishment of a balanced business structure Strengthening the capability of the representative midsize organizations

Establishment of a legal structure for INNOBIZ Companies Establishment of a customized, innovative, corporate support structure to allow midsize corporations to develop further Distinguishable high quality membership service with the growth cycle in consideration Establishment of INNOBIZ Financial Support Linked Center (tentative title) Establishment of a balanced business structure for sustainable growth Active interaction between groups to strengthen work cooperation Expansion of opportunity for INNOBIZ fusion business Strengthening of organization through harmony and balance Interaction between enterprise and the executives as well as strengthening of capabilities

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Establishments 路SME Technology Innovation Promotion Act No. 15 (Development and Cultivation of Innovation Business) 路Obtained Permission for Establishing Small and Medium Business Administration Affiliated Corporation (December 31, 2002)

Organization Name

Innobiz Association (Innovative SMEs Association)


Seong Myeong-Ki (CEO of Yoi System Co.,Ltd)


Pangyo Inno-Valley E-202 Sampyeong-dong 622 Bundang-gu Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do

INNOBIZ Companies

17,295 (10,027 members) *As of March 15th 2013

INNOBIZ Corporation and Number of Members

as of March 15th, 2013

(Unit: No. of branches, %) Classification Gangwon Gyeonggi Kyungnam Gyeongbuk Gwangju







Incheon Jeonnam Jeonbuk


Chungnam Chungbuk



265 5,772 1,229 879




914 3,348











190 3,113 881




481 2,040












Support Program Innobiz Association will provide service for members considering the growth cycle by constructing a customized support system required by INNOBIZ and its members.

•Program Details •Benefits for INNOBIZ •Service for Members

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Program Details Excavation / Cultivation of INNOBIZ

INNOBIZ Certification Management Agency

•Management and operation of INNOBIZ certification system, ‘이노비즈넷 (’

INNOBIZ policies Formation of structure

•Reorganization of the system and establishment of legal structure for cultivating global SMEs

•Development of INNOBIZ corporations and promotion of policies, consulting service including procedures for applying for certification

•Development of policies for cultivating innovative SMEs Creating structures for high-growth companies by considering the growth of the company and its characteristics •Innovative SMEs Development Institute Suggesting practical measurement through forums and conferences by discovering innovative issues such as policies, finance, management, etc.

R&D Support Business

•Technical support for exportation to new markets Research on the adequacy of technical exportation to new markets and construction of Korea-Vietnam support center for adequate technology •INNOBIZ integrative interaction support •Construction of a transfer system for function/technology by an expert

Consulting Support Business

•Healthcare business for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) •Innovative corporate education/consulting support business

Support Business

Support Center for Creating Jobs INNOBIZ established “Job Support Center” and operation Labor Cost Support Program

•SMEs Youth Intern Program Support of 50% of wages for 4-6 months and additional 6 months when internship translates into a full-time, permanent position. •Senior Intern Program Support of the hiring process of seniors over the age of 60 and the monthly wages of $350-400 for 6 months. •Mid-manpower Workforce Re-employment Support Program Vitalization of creating jobs for the elderly citizens by supporting the labor cost of the companies that are utilizing the mid-manpower workforce. •Gangnam-gu New Growth Energy Youth Intern Program

Cultivation of professional manpower and supply of excellent human resources

•Employment-linked R&D Training Centers Support Program Establishment of R&D Training Center to promote R&D support in small businesses and supply R&D professional manpower and project achievements •Youth Employment Business Academy •Locally Customized job creation support Program •Science and Engineering Professional Expertise Training Program •Employment Support Educational Program targeting college graduates

8 9

Job Matching and Benefits support

•Inno-Meister High School Recruiting Matching Program INNOBIZ-Meister high school employment Matching and scholarship granted through MOU with NHbank to outstanding students Meister high school : Busan National Mechanical Technical high school, Jeonbuk Mechanical&Technical high school, Gumi Electronic Technical high school •Innobiz GPTW(Great Place To Work) Selected as “Small, hidden, champion enterprises at which people want to work,” number of benefits including additional points as military designated company •Specification on new exemption from military service and staffing •Job Fair

Program for Market Expansion and Exportation

Domestic market development support

•Inno-tech Show •Defense Exhibition •High-Tech Defense Industry Fair

International market development support

•INNOBIZ Participations China Lighting Expo in Beijing Int’Trade for visual communication, technology, and design (VISCOM) in Germany

Vietnam Exportation Consortium Project (pre, on-site, post marketing)

Support Business

Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) in Japan

Financial Support INNOBIZ Fund

•Develop KIWOOM high–growth corporate fund

Direct Financial Support Program

•KOSDAQ and KONEX Entry Support Program

Develop 60 billion KRW Investment Fund for High-growth Corporation

Extension of Exemption for being listed in KOSDAQ applied to INNOBIZ Company KONEX Market Entry consulting for INNOBIZ Company

Indirect Financial Support Program

•INNOBIZ Indirect Financial Support Service NH Bank: Agreement on INNOBIZ Chaeum Financial Support Shinhan Bank: Agreement on INNOBIZ Plus Financial Support System Business Seoul Guarantee Insurance: Agreement on Innovative SMEs Warranty Support Services

Program for Capacity Building / Global Forum CEO Education and Incumbent Employee Education

•INNOBIZ CEO Course •INNOBIZ Morning Forum •INNOBIZ Capacity Building Program •Education Support Program for Enhancing SME Job Skills •INNOBIZ Cyber Training Center

Global Forum

•INNOBIZ Global Forum

1st Global Forum 2008 - Keynote speech: Alvin Toffler (The author of “The Third Wave”) 2nd Global Forum 2010 - Keynote speech: Hermann Simon (The author of “Hidden Champion”) 3rd Global Forum 2012 - Keynote speech: Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)

Green Growth / Business Network Activation Green Growth

•Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reduction in SMEs Support Program •Cultivating Green Industry Technology Workforce

Promotionㆍ Communication service

•Advertisement Program •Cooperation and Service Developing Program •INNOBIZ Study Abroad Program •Online Marketing Support Program

Business Network Activation

•Innovative SMEs Development Institute •Operation of Women’s Special Committee •Branch Development Program

10 11

Benefits for INNOBIZ Classification

Support History

Conducted by

Financial Support Convention Warranty

Technology Guarantee Preferential Support

Finance Public Fund Support

Korea Technology Finance Corporation

•Maximum warranty support limit is expanded to 5 million (3 million for general corporations) •When handling technical evaluation assurance, funding can be omitted up to 100 million KRW •0.2% discount on applicable fee for fixed partial guarantee ratio is applied for 85% of corporations within 5 years of establishment •Selected as “Kibo A+ Members” Excellent evaluation company, various benefits and linked support is provided

Small and Medium •Advantageous when applying for SMEs policy fund Business Administration ✽SMEs policy funds: Technology development commercialization fund, new growth base fund, business transfer fund, etc. Financial Service Commission

Listed in KOSDAQ


Korea Technology •100% full warranty support by technical evaluation assurance Finance ✽Banks agreed: KDB, IBK, Wooori, Hana, NH, KEB, KB, Shinhan, First, City, Daegu, Busan, Kyeongnam, Jeonbuk bank Corporation(KOTEC)

•Ease of requirements for being listed in KOSDAQ ✽General Companies: More than 3 years of company history, more than 3 billion KRW of equity capital, 10% of ROE or

more than 2 billion KRW net profit ✽Innobiz: no limitation for company history, more than 1.5 billion KRW of equity capital, 5% of ROE or more than 1 billion KRW net profit

•Additional 1 point Technology innovation and development project, Academic and Research institution development project, SME technology


development project, Technology development project with an option to purchase, integrative technology development project, business incubation technology development project, Service R&D support project, Green manufacturing technology development project, Corporate R&D center installation support project

Additional points granted on Government supporting business, etc.

Each department

•Additional 2 points Manufacturing site digitization project, IT-based Management Information Support project, Coupon system consulting support project, Advanced research workforce support project

•Others (Additional points and qualification granted) INNOBIZ design technology innovation project, Production information/process innovation support project, Academia-industry linkage support project, Leading technological strategies support project

Small and Medium Business •Additional 10 points Administration

Industrial Function Personnel System

Human Resources

Market Exportation

Professional Research Personnel System

Enrolment Department

•Additional 5 points

Designated by exemption from military research institutions

Ministry of Education

•Additional 5 points

Public Procurement Service Purchase Qualification

•INNOBIZ corporation Supply ✽Additional 1.5 points Administration

SMEs Procurement System

Supply •Technology development product procurement system is selected as priority purchase target Administration

✽INNOBIZ corporation and manufacturing company: additional 2 points

Cultivating Global Brand

Small and Medium •Downward terms and conditions for the support (Exports and sales condition) Business ✽Companies with direct export of 5-50 million dollars are categorized as SMEs but the condition for INNOBIZ and Mainbiz Administration corporation is one million dollars

Public and Private Overseas Base Utilization Support

Small and Medium •Surveying exemption, grant additional points Business ✽Grant additional points: Among 3 innovative corporate certificates (Innobiz, Mainbiz, venture) 5 additional points when 2 or Administration more certificates are acquired, and 3 points are granted for one certificate

Foreign Standard Certification Acquisition Support Project

Small and Medium Business •Additional 5 points Administration

Designation of Export Promising SMEs

Small and Medium Business •Additional 3 points Administration

Dispatch of Trade Promotion Group

Small and Medium Business •Additional 5 points Administration

Broadcasting and Advertising Cost Reduction National Defense Offset

Broadcasting Company

•70% discount on TV and RADIO AD

Defense Acquisition Program •Additional points granted when selected as national defense offset corporation (Under association recommendation) Administration

Service for Members Name of Support Service


INNOBIZ Cheum Financial Support (NH Bank)

Loan interest rates of up to 1.8%

Warranty Support (Seoul Guarantee insurance)

Limit of guarantee expanded up to 30 billion KRW Guarantee fee of 10%

Kiwoom High Growth Corporate Fund INNOBIZ Plus Financial Support (Shinhan Bank)

60 billion KRW Fund for High Growth INNOBIZ Corporates Loan interest rates of up to 1%

Professional Manpower Headhunting Service

Average Headhunting Commission rate: 15% -> Member Commission rate: 7%

INNOBIZ+ (magazine)

20% Discount on Advertisement cost (10,000 copies will be distributed at related agencies and Innobiz Associations)

Retail S/W Discount Korean Major Accommodation Discounts Comprehensive Health Care Discount Service

Maximum of 15% cost savings in purchasing corporate supplies Retail software joint purchase special offer (10~35% discount) Gyeongju Suites Hotel Weekdays standards (300 thousand won ->110 thousand won) Kumho Resort, Best Western, Yusung Hotel, Ramada Hotel Cheongju, etc. 20% Discount ✽more informations :

Support Business

Discount on Office Supplies, etc.

Organization Through the establishment and operation of its headquarters, located in Seongnam-si Gyunggi-do, and 9 branches nationwide, INNOBIZ constructed a network for supporting INNOBIZ Corporations and its members. •Organization •History •Excellence of INNOBIZ

12 13 Organization The General Assembly is the highest decision making organization and the board of directors is comprised of the President of INNOBIZ and non-executive directors. The organization is made up of 4 teams per 1 room and there are 9 nationwide branches in total.

Organization Chart General Assembly

Board of Directors Advisor Chairman

Advisory Committee

Inspection Women’s Special Committee innovative business Development institute


Branches (9)1)

Headquarters (1room, 4 teams)

Employment Support Center (3 teams) Corporate Discovering Team


Management and Planning Team


Business Strategy Team

Employment-linked Team


External Cooperation Team

Educational Consulting Team


Policy Planning Team


Human Resources Team

Daejeon/Chungnam Gwangju/Jeonnam Jeonbuk Busan, Ulsan











Jeju (April 05’) Daegu/Gyeongbuk (October 05’) Gyeongnam (October 10’) Chungbuk (August 06’) Gangwon (July 08’) Daejeon/Chungnam (September 09’) Gwangju/Jeonnam (April 10’) Jeonbuk (March 12’) Busan/Ulsan (April 13’)


1) Established date


“10 years of Innobiz Association” that leads the growth of INNOBIZ corporations


September 2002 Establishment of organization

March 2004 Launched Inno-Supporters Club


2006 May 2006 

November 2002 Inauguration of the 1st President Wan Young, Yoo, the CEO of IMRI Co. Ltd.

August 2004 Signed a contract for management and technical support for INNOBIZ

Carried out INNOBIZ Certificate Coaching Program

July 2006

Establishment of Chungnam Branch

December 2002 Acquisition of Incorporation Certificate for Innovative SMEs Association under SMBA

August 2006 Establishment of Chungbuk Branch


2007 February 2007



January 2005 Inauguration of the 2nd President Jae Young, Lee April 2005

Establishment of Jeju Branch

September 2003 Change of name to Innovative SMEs Association Co., Ltd.

August 2005 The 1st Small Group Contest for SMEs Technological Innovation

September 2003 Start publication of monthly INNOBIZ a magazine for interaction of technological innovation and technological management innovation

August 2005 Establishment of Daegu/ Gyeongbuk Branch October 2005 Establishment of Gyeongnam Branch

Inauguration of the 3rd Chairman Mi Suk, Han

September 2007 T he 3rd small Group Contest for SMEs Technological Innovation

14 15

2012 2010 April 2010

June 2010


February 2012

T he 1st Inno-Meister Ceremony

March 2012

E  stablishment of Jeonbuk Branch

INNOBIZ Global Forum 2010

May 2012

INNOBIZ Global Forum 2012

Establishment of Gwangju/ Jeonnam Branch

September 2012 The 13th InnoTechshow

E  stablishment of Private Job Support Center

December 2012 R  eported “30,000 new jobs” (33,898 INNOBIZ jobs)

December 2010 R  eported “30,000 new jobs” (32,009 INNOBIZ jobs)

June 2008

Established INNOBIZ MBA Course

July 2008

Establishment of Gangwon Branch

August 2008

R  eorganization of Daejeon/ Chungnam Branch

November 2008 INNOBIZ Global Forum 2008

2013 2011 February 2011

Inauguration of the 5th Chairman Soo Tae, Lee

May 2011

H  eld General Assembly indaba on 10 years of Innobiz Association (10 years of INNOBIZ Corporation, Achievements and Future)

July 2011


February 2013

Inauguration of the 6th Chairman Myeong ki, Seong

April 2013

E  stablishment of Busan/ Ulsan Branch

July 2013 

C  ongressional Debate on Legislation of INNOBIZ

September 2013 The 14th InnoTechshow

R  elocation of Innobiz Association to Pangyo InnoVally

December 2011 C  orporation created 30,000 jobs for 3 consecutive years

February 2009

INNOBIZ corporations exceeded 15,000

February 2009

Inauguration of the 4th Chairman Seung Ho, Han

November 2009 P  ublished < INNOBIZ +>, Innobiz Association Magazine


December 2009 P  romotion INNOBIZ to Exclusive Certification Management Agency

Power of INNOBIZ What is INNOBIZ Corporation?

Outstanding government certified SMEs through international innovation criteria evaluation

More than 3 years of business history with high growth potential in the future

Selected SMEs with excellent technologies based on *Oslo Manual

Technological competence secured by consistent innovation through systematic R&D

✽Oslo Manual: First international standard for innovative research (Korea developed innovation evaluation indicator in 2001 and has been using it ever since). ✽INNOBIZ is a compound word formed from ‘Innovation’ and ‘Business’

INNOBIZ today 17,295 corporations (10,027 members) (As of March 15th, 2013)

The Power of


✽4.4% indicates INNOBIZ Corporations among 380,000 small and medium sized companies(Except for micro-enterprises)

General Status of INNOBIZ

listed companies




363 out of 1004 KOSDAQ listed companies (36%) (As of late December 2012)



cases of intellectual property

Billion KRW of export Achievements by INNOBIZ 14.73 billion 5 billion

2.9 times

720 million

470 million

3.9 times

120 million

SME Manufacturing


SME Manufacturing


260 million

SME Manufacturing



created more than 96,000 new jobs for the past 3 years (‘10) 32,009 → (‘11) 30,744 → (‘12) 33,898

2.8 times

16 17

A Ladder for SMEs growing to a more Stable Enterprise

Enhanced Capabilities of INNOBIZ As a result of detailed investigation on INNOBIZ corporates (SMEs Administration)

Medium-sized enterprises


Initial Stage

Growth ㆍMaturity Stage

•General SMEs •Start-up company •Venture company

•Technology innovation SMEs (INNOBIZ Company)

Leap Forward Stage •Stable Medium-Scale Enterprise •World Class 300 Enterprises

•Management Innovation SMEs (Mainbiz Company)

•INNOBIZ Corporation maintains a leading role in the technological innovation of small businesses


Owns more than 80% of the world’s highest technology levels •Yields high growth with quality and profitability 14.73 billion




Operating Profit Margin

Net Margin





•Based on solid financial integrity, sustainable growth potential is secured through obtaining R&D investment and systematic research capabilities 1.25







2.8% 0.6% 1.1%




Excellence of INNOBIZ

INNOBIZ Mediumsized

Large Corporation

R&D Ratio


Corporate R&D institute Ratio

•Most leading companies selected by the government are INNOBIZ corporations

✽2012년 말 기준







Innobiz GPTW




World Class Product Award Company




KOSDAQ Hidden Champion




Export/Import Hidden Champion




•4,294 high growth companies are among INNOBIZ Companies with average 20% growth in sales/workers in recent 3 years

Power of INNOBIZ

Classification World class 300

Procedure and Contacts Certification and Registration INNOBIZ Certification

INNOBIZ Certification

Application and Procedure for Evaluation

Step 1. Online Self-evaluation (pre-evaluation)

SMEs under the law of SMEs Administration (Corporate of over 3 years since establishment)

Access innobiz net ( Register the corporation and enter financial statements Create Evaluation Index (Online) On-site Evaluation (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) Innovation Business (INNOBIZ) Certification issued (SMBA)

Evaluation for technological innovation (Scale of 1,000 points) : 650 points or more Evaluation of 4 different fields (Ability for Technological Innovation, Ability to Commercialize the Technology, Ability for Technological Innovation Management, Performance on Technological Innovation)

Step 2. On-site evaluation (Korea Technology Finance Corporation nationwide evaluation center)

Evaluation for technological innovation (Scale of 1,000 points) : 700 points or more Evaluation of individual technology: Grade B or higher

Register as a member

Submit the paperwork (fax) ✽Documents: Application for membership/Business Registration card

Payment of annual fee

Membership Card is issued (registered mail)

✽Bank Account No.: Shinhan Bank 140-008-562413/NH Bank 301-0628-9601-01 ✽Account Holder: SMEs Technology Innovative Organization Classification of the members

✽ Regular Member: Certified Corporates, Corporates with completed annual fee ✽ Pre-certified Corporates: SMEs preparing to be certified ✽ Special Corporates: INNOBIZ related Organization or agencies

Annual Fee (As of Sales of Previous Year)

✽ 360 thousand KRW (5 billion and less) ✽ 600 thousand KRW (5~10 billion and less) ✽ 1.2 million KRW (10 billion and more)

18 19 Contact Information



Contact (Fax)

Pangyo Inno-Valley E-202 Sampyeongdong 622 Bundang Gyeonggi-do

T 82-31-628-9600 F 82-31-628-9611


Contact (Fax)

Gangwon Small and Medium Business Administration 1st floor, Anmasan-ro 262 Chuncheon Gangwon-do

T 82-33-262-2095 F 82-33-262-2096


Chungbuk Small and Medium Business Administration Test Building 1st floor, Center Business Street (Yangcheongri 803-1) Ohchang-eup Cheongwon-gun Chungcheongbuk-do

T 82-43-235-2884 F 82-43-236-2884

Daejeon / Chungnam

Daejeon/Chungnam Small and Medium Business Administration 2nd floor, Gajeongbuk-ro 104 , Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

T 82-42-476-7722 F 82-42-476-7721

Daejeon / Chungnam Cheonan Branch

Uiseon Building, 3rd Floor, Seongjeongdong 1208 Seobuk-gu Cheonan Chungcheongnam-do

T 82-41-553-1193 F 82-41-553-1194

Daegu / Gyeongbuk

Daegu/Gyeongbuk Small and Medium Business Administration 1st floor, Cheomdan-ro 122-11 (Woram-dong 1111) Seongseo 4-cha, Dalseo-gu Daegu

T 82-53-745-4700~1 F 82-53-745-4702


Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration 1st floor, Changee road no. 532-50 Euichang-gu, Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do

T 82-55-283-2360 F 82-55-283-2361

Busan / Ulsan

Busan/Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration 115, Noksansandan. 335-ro 8 (Songjeong-dong), Gangseo-gu, Busan

T 82-51-714-0157 F 82-51-714-0159


Jeonbuk Small and Medium Business Administration 1st floor, Seowon-ro 77 Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

T 82-63-213-2356 F 82-63-214-2356

Gwangju / Jeonnam

Gwangju/Jeonnam Small and Medium Business Administration

T 82-62-975-1331 F 82-62-975-1336

Small and Medium Business Support Center 502, Ido 2-dong, 390, Jeju, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

T 82-64-713-4405 F 82-303-3442-4406




✽ Innobiz Association


✽ Innobiz GPTW(Great Place To Work)

✽ Innotechshow

✽ INNOBIZ Cyber Training Center

✽ INNOBIZ Association Blog

✽ Innobiz Association Facebook page

✽ Innobiz Association Twitter

✽ Innobiz Association Youtube

Procedure and Contacts

✽ INNOBIZ Certification

2014 innobiz association in Korea  
2014 innobiz association in Korea  

Innobiz Association will provide service for members considering the growth cycle by constructing a customized support system required by IN...