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ASTROLOGY November-January 2013/14

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awakening one community at a time . . .

From the Editors The Only Thing we Need to Do “The only thing we need to do is be.” -Lao Tzu





5 To die before we die by Enza Vita

11 Unexplained Infertility? Improve your chances with herbal medicine with Belle McCaleb

9 The good, the bad and the ugly-Part 1 by Lucy Crawford

23 Conscious Courses

6 Healthspan instead of lifespan with Dr Graham Williams 7 The gateway to freedom with Peter Fenner, PHD

12 Sugar imbalances with Lynne Singlewood

7 The Spiritual Teacher with Linda Clair

13 Treat the Cause with Andrea Fernandez Indulski

8 Projection with Damian Amamoo


RELATIONSHIPS 10 Chaos or gifts in strange wrapping paper with Diane McCann

GROWTH 9 Depression and anxiety -what really works? by Louise Tebble 20 Living in Fear is Not Safe

by Bronwyn Barter

12 Clear skin-driven from the inside out with Tessa Roberts

19 The healing power in your hands by Andrew Horwood 19 EFT helps after cancer diagnosis by Annie O’Grady 20 Past Life Experiences by Susanne Marie

ENERGY HEALING 22 We are but a speck... by Anthony Craig

21 The Game of Life by David Lane 25 Reflections on ending a year and planning for a new one by Jim Warwood

26 Discover Your Psychic 27 soul to soul by Cinzia Vuat

REGULARS 14 Tools for Healthy Living 16 Moon Calendar


28 In Brief Reviews Books, CDs, DVDs

18 Astrology: NovemberJanuary 2013/14 with Gerry Crow

30 Christmas Gift Guide 31 Classifieds

18 What are the Akashic Records? by Jo Fuller 24 Our Sixth Sense with Amanda De Warren 25 Natural stillness by Fran Tomlin 26 Rediscovering Tarot by Don Mcleod

Do … do … do … driven by doing. Not just outer doing, but inner doing too. The mind is constantly in overdrive to do, looking for the next thing to do now, or to put on our “To Do” list for later. This constant scurry of activity or “movement of the mind” is the driving force in most people’s lives, and creates all our suffering. Making time for “being” can be challenging as we try to carve space out of this constant drive to do. Yet, in truth, it’s the only real necessity. The only thing we really need to do is to be, as Lao Tzu said all those hundreds of years ago. If we stop for a moment, most of us find it difficult to stay in the “not-doing” placeless place of being for very long. As soon as the next thought arises, usually about something that needs doing or we desire to do, we immediately get caught in its stickiness and mindlessly, unquestioningly go forward to do its bidding. How often do you find yourself in that place that could be a relaxing into emptiness, into simply being, and fill it with the seeking out what to do next, or what to do now. How about just being? For most, easier said than done. There’s that word again … it’s a slave driver, constantly demanding our attention: Do … do … do … Try doing this: Sit down for 10 minutes. Not 30, not 20 … just 10 minutes. And with the intention to sit for the full 10 minutes. As you sit in silence, you can “do” this: Watch your breath. On the in br eath think the thought “Let it happen”. On the out breath, think the thought “Let it go”. That’s it … that’s all you need to do

in these 10 minutes. And, you may find it won’t be easy, but stay with it and keep bringing yourself back to the exercise. As thoughts arise, your addiction to them will tempt you to follow them and drop the exercise. Watch carefully yet gently. Notice the desire to stop practicing … really see it, then simply continue, back into observing and “doing” the technique: On the in breath, “Let it happen” and on the out breath, “Let it go”. You may come to the point of wanting to stop the practice once, twice, three times or more in the 10 minutes … simply take note, but keep going. These 10 minutes may well be the most important 10 minutes in your life. By simply taking note of what is, watching carefully all our caughtupedness and addiction to thought, and simply “Let it happen” and “Let it go”. In fact, this exercise doesn’t need to stop after the 10 minutes. Take it out into your day and see what happens.

Breathe In … Let it happen Breathe out … and let it go Breathe In … Let it happen Breathe out … and let it go The only thing you need to do is be. In the Flow Enza Vita & Leo Drioli

awakening one community at a time... & Christmas Gift Guide for everyone on your list


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FREE VOLUME 26 - ISSUE 4 Proudly serving the community since 1988



ASTROLOGY November-January 2013/14

GLUCOMANNAN FIBRE The Weight-Loss Supplement Dr. Oz Loves

Volume 26 - Issue 4

Proudly serving the community since 1988

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To die before we die

Q & A with Enza Vita, author of “Always already free - what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway?” Q: I want to face my fear of death before the body dies, but how do I do that? ENZA: Right now as I write, my cat, Shimla, is sleeping peacefully on the chair near the heater. My other cat, Pushkar, strolls in and with a graceful roll of his body, lies face up on the warm pavement in front of the heater with a blissed-out look on his face, totally unconcerned with what may happen next. If death should come the next moment, so be it. There is no concern. He is too busy living life moment-by-moment to be concerned with the future, totally releasing one moment and welcoming the next. As human beings, we are very rarely in the present moment. Rather we tend to be “lost in our thoughts,” one moment thinking about our past and the next about our future. If we stop chasing past and future, we land in the present moment, here and now. From here, death is happening in every moment. One moment subsides and that is the death of that moment. Then another moment arises and that is the birth of another moment. The truth is that we go through bir th and death continually. They take place every moment. Learning to recognize this moment-to-moment birth and death is to go behind our ideas and concepts about death. The essence of death is discovered in the gap between one moment ceasing and another one beginning. That essence is the wakefulness that is our true nature.

Facing the fear of death

Death and dying are taboo topics in the western world. While we all know the inevitability of death and the fear that it inspires, this is not a reality we like to face. We would rather deny, repress and run from death. This, however, will not help much because in the end, death always catches up with us. Death was part of the contract when we accepted the idea of life, and facing death before we die gives us the

choice to rediscover the awareness and the love that will guide us when we have to confront this most feared moment of our lives. Our bodies progress from childhood to adulthood to old age. But there is something within us that never changes, never becomes anything other than what it has always been. This is the truth of the essential self. It is who we are when we are born, what remains unchanging as our bodies age, and it will still be the same when we die. The only thing that changes is the appearance and there is no appearance that can touch what we really are.

Only the form changes

Our bodies are temporary vehicles and they appear and disappear in the awareness that we always are. No matter how many billions and billions of bodies come and go, awareness remains unchanged. The appearance may shift, but our awareness and being are still the same. Only the form changes, like you would change your shirt. Consider an outfit you used to like. You wore it, looked good in it, were comfortable in it, and when it no longer served its purpose or got worn out, you threw it away. Our bodies are like that, but our true nature, as awareness, is not altered by death. If we let our minds wander to envision ourselves beyond death, we lose sight of our true nature as everpresent awareness. Time is a concept in awareness, and it is created by the mind. But awareness exists outside of time, independent of bodies coming and going, unconcerned with any temporary appearance.

What does death mean to you, deep down, in your gut, nakedly?

How we define death is how we will experience death and this is an important question that will guide us in how to die well. To die well, we need to learn to live well. Living well is learning to die every day, every moment, to our thoughts, to our emotions, even to our life. Only by

learning to die to everything can we meet life and death fully. Every story comes to an end. Every moment comes to an end. What we call our life and our story is just one moment after another, a million moments succeeding one another, giving the illusion of continuity. But if we look closer, we see that this continuity is illusory and that each single moment is born and then dies, and then is born again like the ocean’s waves. The I in the story with which we identify also arises and dissolves each moment. If we watch closely, we will notice that the I of this moment disappears when the next moment arrives and the next I is born ever fresh, ever new. Only the mind strings them together as the same continuous self. By obser ving this continuous ebb and flow, we start to understand how death and life are intimately connected. We see that it is only through death that something new can be born. Life without death would be a state frozen in eternity. No reality, no creativity, no new discovery would be possible. By learning how to die in each moment, we discover that with each death there is rebirth. Only by releasing our grasp on the continuity of our own individual existence do we have the opportunity to see the luminous space from which all forms are born and die. Then our mind relaxes, becoming open and accepting of the inevitable changes and deaths that are part of any life. Welcoming the sensation of fear with complete openness slowly softens the barriers that we have created with our habitual patterns.

You are the One that witnesses death

Investigate the natural life cycle of one single moment. It doesn’t have to be any moment in particular; you can use your next moment. Watch the moment being born, watch it live, and watch it die. Take note of what happens when that moment dies. Do you die? Awareness is totally and completely present when

each moment dies. This Eternal Presence is the only constancy. All else is temporal. In recognizing the illusion of continuity, we have the opportunity to stop fearing death and to know the deeper reality that exists underneath and beyond death. We realize that we are not the one that is frightened. We are That which is witnessing fear. We are not the one who dies. We are the One that witnesses death. Then we are no longer afraid of death because we know that death is not apart from the life that we are, and that only That which is able to renew itself is truly eternal. Enza Vita, founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings, was born in a small village in Sicily. From a young age she questioned everything around her, constantly seeking out the point and purpose of our life here on earth. Her search brought her to emigrate to Australia on her own at the age of seventeen and led to her work in the consciousness community as editor for glossy magazines Woman Spirit and Health & Wellbeing in the 90’s, and as co-editor of the newspaper Innerself for the last 12 years. Through her job, she was blessed with the opportunity to meet and study under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world. Culminating in a profound spiritual realization in 2007, she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book Always Already Free – What is Enlightenment and What Does It Matter Anyway? Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free, guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the ever-present reality always available here and now.

always already free

what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway? Whatever experience is occurring right now, cosmic or ordinary, supersedes every other one because it is the one happening in this present moment. Every moment is in fact a perfect mirror of the divine impulse to manifest into the world. Life’s mystery and its mundaneness are equally divine. This brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity and Presence brings us to a new awareness of ourselves and our innate wholeness and completeness. Enza’s personal awakening story, in the first few pages, is worth the price of admission. Enlightened wisdom is like an endangered natural resource today, which we overlook at our peril; let’s join in exploring and developing our own innate transformational resources for a change. — Lama Surya Das, international bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within This is an outstanding offering to our appreciation of the genuine voice of Pure Presence. It brings us to a deep awareness of what it truly means to study and realize the self and our intrinsic true nature as that which is already perfect, whole and complete. A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel, international bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

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The Book Of The Manifesting Paradise Teachings This is one of the most important books ever written. Everybody needs to read it! This book is a beautiful divinely guided manual for Personal, Global and Planetary healing which provides important facts about climate change, short term human population predictions, impending food and water shortages and the impending global humanitarian, social and environmental catharsis which will soon befall upon us all if the divinely given guidance and simple solutions that this important book provides are ignored! The many important topics including The Divine Laws for humanity, Cultural Standards, Human Rights, many New Age prophecies, Metaphysical manipulation, principles of Manifestation, Attunement techniques, diet, Yoga, comparative Spiritual Teachings, and many personally experienced Miracles, are covered with deep insight, humility and sincerity. Channelled and written down over three years by reclusive Australian channel and seer Matali, it is a truly remarkable, positive, inspiring and important book.

BALBOA PRESS ISBN 978-1-4525-0975-4

‘Paradise was and STILL IS the Divine plan’

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in the flow with DR graham williams

Healthspan instead of lifespan Australia’s first woman Nobel Prize winner, Elizabeth Blackburn, thinks it would be a very good idea to use the term healthspan instead of lifespan. As she says, there are many things that limit the length of human life, and so aiming to live a healthier life instead of much longer is more fulfilling. Blackburn’s groundbreaking work underlines the physiological link between good health and meditation.

How stress affects our health

Professor Blackburn is a microbiologist and her prize winning discovery involved her work with chromosomes. Rather like shoelaces, they have a protective tip at each end which holds the genetic material intact while cells divide. Just as a shoelace can fray without its protective tip, so too can chromosomes fray as they age because their tips get progressively “whittled down” with age. Without the protection of these tips, called telomeres, the cells eventually die. Her great discovery is that the fraying of these telomeres is not necessarily a one-way street. There is an enzyme which slows down this process and which can even replenish the telomeres, making it more possible to maintain health at the cellular level. This is necessary if we are to stay healthy as we age. Blackburn’s focus is not on extending our lives however, but on enabling us to live what she likes to call a healthspan – enabling us to stay healthy into our latter years. It has become very clear in the evidence which has been collected about telomeres that their ability to maintain themselves is very badly influenced by psychological stress. As Blackburn points out, stress is generated by our mental states and has a huge effect on our overall health. Her exact words are, “It is not la-la land, it is very serious and has been recognised”. It is now widely acknowledged for example that socio-economics is the biggest risk factor in cardiac disease, not

our genes, and that the health of the telomeres plays an important part in this. Blackburn recommends meditation as playing a key role in reducing and relieving stress.

Mind and body together

In the meditation tradition our minds are not seen as separate from our bodies. In our own culture there have been two main ways of thinking of ourselves; either as completely material, with consciousness viewed as an outgrowth of our brains, or as divided – as an immaterial soul in a material body. And this has caught us in endlessly confusing philosophical arguments, along with unbelievably detrimental ways of treating ourselves and the world we live in. When you study and experience consciousness in the meditation tradition, you discover that your body is integral to your experience of consciousness. So much so, that our senses are seen to be the foundation of all of our conscious experience. And from this point of view we have six senses – not five, as our culture believes. These include (as you would expect) our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and our skin. We tend to forget that our sense of touch is our whole skin, not just our fingers, and so we “feel” everything around us with our whole body. The sixth sense is our mind. And to us, as Westerners, this is an extraordinary idea. However, it doesn’t take too much observation while you are meditating to notice that all of your thoughts are sensory experiences. They come as images and conversations – so you literally see and hear your thoughts. They can also be associated with smells, tastes and feelings, especially while you are dreaming. So, as far as your body is concerned, it makes no difference whether a sensation comes from one of your five senses or your mind, it reacts in exactly the same way. What you discover in meditation is that whether something

around you stimulates one of your senses, or something happens in your mind, your body reacts. And, as far as our bodies are concerned, anything coming from our minds is just as real as anything coming from any of the other senses – it reacts in exactly the same way.

What exactly is stress?

Stress is a state of arousal, when your body is on high alert to face danger. Under natural circumstances this would not last a very long time. If your body is facing an outer emergency all of its resources are directed towards the emergency and so it produces adrenaline and cor tisol which both repress any pain you might feel and suppress the functioning of the immune system. The body’s self-healing mechanism is switched off and is not switched on again until you relax. When you are stressed you also breathe in tight, short, jerky patterns and your muscles tighten, restricting blood and oxygen flow to all the organs. Your muscles and organs then become star ved of oxygen. Under normal circumstances this would only last for a short time. The emergency would be over fairly quickly and then you would naturally give a sigh of relief. Your body would relax and return to its normal function where the immune system switches back on and the blood flows smoothly. With psychological stress however, the signals for being on full alert are not coming from the reality of the situation we live in but from our minds. They are coming from the cage of thoughts and the stories which we habitually get caught in. What this means is that our bodies are reacting to these thoughts and stories in exactly the same way as if there was an emergency. But, unlike any normal situation, there is no signal for the body to let it know the danger is over. It just goes on and on and our bodies stay on full alert.

Meditation gives the cues for calm and relaxation

When you meditate your body returns its natural state of balance. Continued on page 14

Anyone and everyone can meditate. ars Over

30 yreience! expe


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what isEnlightenment? with Linda Clair

with Peter Fenner, PHD

The Spiritual Teacher

The Gateway to Freedom

If you expect your life to be up and down, your mind will be much more peaceful. - Lama Thubten Yeshe We live most of our lives in constant reaction to the ever-changing realities of our conditioned existence. We speak about our problems as though they shouldn’t be happening. “What’s wrong?” we wonder. “Why is this happening to me?” How often do we think, “I’m not meant to be doing this,” about our work and family obligations. I know an Indian doctor who works day and night, seven days a week, at a tiny clinic treating impoverished villagers for routine complaints and more serious conditions such as malnutrition. Yet he’s always joyful, passionate, and appreciative. Why? One of the reasons is that he isn’t thinking that it isn’t fair, or that he should be doing something else. He fully accepts and owns his circumstances. He doesn’t indulge thoughts or conversations such as, “This isn’t the right line of work for me. I’m meant to be doing something easier and less demanding. I should move on to a different calling.” We habitually resist the reality of our experience. It can be difficult to take a trip across town, or spend a day in our office, or an evening at home, without someone or something disturbing our peace and serenity. We reject the volume of music in a restaurant, the actions of our politicians, our own and other’s appearance, the quality of the produce in our supermarket, the way people speak to us, the time we have to wait in line. This constant denial saps our energy and demoralizes us because we’re engaged in a losing battle with a reality that simply isn’t interested in our existence. Nearly everyone participates in this denial. In the affluent West it’s easy to take pleasure and satisfaction to be our birthright and live with a profound denial and rejection of pain and discomfort. Often we seem to share the insane belief that we shouldn’t suffer at all! Yet, we all suffer and will probably continue to do so until we die. Problems and dif-

ficulties are a natural part of life. Only a fully enlightened person—a buddha—ceases to create problems. Even though unpleasant experiences continue to manifest, year after year, we continue to operate as though our rejection would deenergize a negative experience. If this was how things worked surely we would be able to remove unpleasant experiences expeditiously and with ease. The energy in denial or resistance is always wasted. Not one ounce of our energy makes a productive contribution to changing our experience. The source of our suffering lies not in the circumstances of our lives, but in our resistance. When we resist reality, we tighten up. Our bodies become tense, we feel paralyzed or agitated. You might like to flash through some of the times you’ve powerfully resisted what’s happening to you, in order to connect with how resistance shows up in your body. Don’t try to interpret the experiences. Just scan your body for how denial manifests in your chest, belly, groin, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, throat, face, mouth, brow, and scalp. Where are the feelings located in your body? Is the energy stable or moving? Is it solid, like a constriction, or vacuous, like an absence or a gaping hole? The solution to our predicament is to cultivate of a more expanded, inclusive and realistic relationship to life. I call this “broadening the river of life.” We have ups and downs; great times when life flows smoothly, and difficult times when things get heavy and intense and don’t necessarily work out well. That’s life. If we act as though life shouldn’t be like this, we deny a fundamental aspect of our existence. By acknowledging that we do suffer we aren’t committing ourselves to suffering. We accept our circumstances without becoming resigned to our lot in life. Instead, we may think: “At this point in my evolution, I suffer from time to time because I’m still controlled

awakening one community at a time . . .

by judgments and preferences. Even so, I don’t feel resigned. I’m definitely not committed to the inevitability of this situation. I’m working with my reactive emotions so that, over time, the situation will definitely change. I can even accept the fact that I get resigned from time to time.” By broadening the river of life, we increase our capacity to be present to the whole range of human experience. We welcome what is, and this welcoming becomes a gateway into the nondual state. When we welcome what is, our suffering dissipates. We let what is happening happen, and don’t object to it. There may still be pain, but it no longer causes suffering. Ultimately, the only way to break our obsession with resistance, denial and suffering is by getting real and accepting the nature of our conditioned lives. We acknowledge and accept that suffering still happens for us at this point on our path. We cut through the fantasy that something is wrong when we suffer, and we stop making a problem out of having problems! We accept the basic structure and patterning of our experience, our life circumstances, not in a defeatist way, but with dignity and grace, because we know that “welcoming what is” is the gateway to freedom and liberation. Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy and creator of the 9-month Radiant Mind Course® ( and the 10-month Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training ( He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 9 years and has a Ph.D. in the philosophical psychology of Mahayana Buddhism. He teaches in North America, Europe, Israel and Australia. His books include Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness (2007); The Edge of Certainty: Dilemmas on the Buddhist Path (2002); and The Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy (ed. with John Prendergast and Sheila Krystal, 2003).

Dr. Peter Fenner will be offering the 10 month Natural Awakening Training in Australia for the 1st time in 2014 Awaken to the bliss of awareness in one-to-one contemplative sessions with Peter.

Q: Could you describe what you felt being around your teacher during your practice, and what do you see as the value of having a teacher? Linda: The more time I spent being around my teacher; the more I craved to be near him. I was never completely comfortable being around him, but I didn’t want to feel comfortable – I wanted to feel alive. Sometimes I would feel incredibly self-conscious. Other times it was – I can’t describe it, I wouldn’t say ecstatic but part of it was that – I would feel this deep bliss. I couldn’t work out why I felt this way. On the surface he just seemed like a reasonably ordinary human being, but there was something incredibly attractive about being close to him. It was almost like there was a magnetic pull towards him. I realised that it wasn’t him in the personal sense that I was attracted to, but what he represented, which was reality – the unknown. You could say that an enlightened being is a representative of reality – the embodiment of reality. Being in contact with someone in this state is incredibly powerful. I could feel my consciousness speeding up when I was around him - it was the catalyst for the whole enlightenment process. But I didn’t want to depend on just being around him all the time. I wanted something that I could practice independently. So, that’s when I really started my formal meditation practice. Question: Could you say more about meditation? Linda: Most people underestimate meditation. It’s actually a really difficult thing to do, and can take one into incredibly deep states of stillness. Many people think it’s sitting and visualising being somewhere else, feeling nice, feeling bliss, feeling relaxed. It’s not that at all. You start to feel more at ease but that’s very different to feeling relaxed. At times your body can feel so tired and so much pressure that it feels like it’s going to explode. At other times you can feel so incredibly at peace with just being here that

you forget that you have a body. But that’s what meditation is; watching, coming into your body, grounding yourself in your body so you’re able to see how much control the mind has over you and how much fear is associated with that. The fear is that if I let go of my mind my body will die. We believe that the mind has total control of the body and that the mind needs to exist for the body to function. But in meditation you start to realise that this is not true. The body is actually far more intelligent than the mind. But you have to prove it to yourself in your own body. Nobody else can do it for you. That’s why you’ve got a body – so that you can realise this in your own body. Q: Isn’t there the danger of becoming too attached to a teacher? Linda: For a long time I was very attached to my teacher and being around him. Some people would see that as a bad thing, but for me it was the attachment that broke, eventually, all my attachments. I needed that to hang on to. While everything else was falling away, he was the only thing that I could call home, reality, because everything falls away beneath your feet. You don’t know what’s happening. And there’s just this beacon sitting in front of you saying, ‘It’s OK.’ Linda Clair is a non-sectarian teacher and author of the book, ‘What Do You Want?’ She takes meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne , Adelaide, Canada and the USA . Currently she is also working on her second book. For more information, please visit www. or phone Christian on 0451 595 092

Meditation The joy is not in getting anything, but in knowing there is nothing to lose. . . Non-sectarian meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne with Linda Clair

Don’t hesitate as sessions will fill up quickly For information about Peter see phone 03 9016 3988 • email or phone Christian on 0451595092


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Experience An Expanded State Of Consciousness In 30 Minutes!

Lucia Light Therapy Lucia N°03 is a neurostimulator, which combines a stroboscope (flickering light), flexible in both, speed and intensity, with a constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experiencing (seeing intense worlds of colour and shape) allowing for an impressive individual light experience that is different every time. Lucia N°03 creates wave patterns in the EEG that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice. Since this involves a real neurostimulation and not an optical post-image phenomenon, each session is unique. Lucia N°03 allows for a transcendental experience as it is usually seen only under extreme conditions (during high performance sport, through using entheogenic substances or in neardeath experiences) and consequently triggers the same positive effects. The experience value is one of a kind and the effects are noticeably intense, even after the very first use. Lucid Light Stimulator Lucia N°03 is now available for sessions in Adelaide.

Tuning fork for the mind

Comments from Clients:

Meditative state without effort • rapid and sustained deep relaxation • immersion into worlds of colours and shapes never seen before • awareness detached from the body, sensation of flying • time and spacelessness • lucid dreams • increased learning capacity and performance • deep emotions and a strong feeling of happiness • “slowing down” • spiritual experiences • improved sleep pattern

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dreamSTATE with Damian Amamoo

Projection In the previous edition of Innerself, we looked at lucidity and being able to consciously participate in some of our dream experiences. In this issue we are going to begin to look more closely at the idea of ‘projection’. Now if you talk to a number of people about projection, they are all likely to say something different about it. So, to keep things simple, we are going to use a straightforward definition of projection as the externalisation of consciousness. Some of our Innerself readers may believe that they have never projected in their lives but the truth is that we are doing it all the time. For example when we think passionately about that ice-cream that we want to purchase from the shop, the family member we want to hug or the lover we want to caress, then we are projecting thought outwards. We are going to introduce you to a number of key principles that will help us progress in this topic and the first is that though creates form. This doesn’t mean that a friend who happens to be walking past the ice-cream shop precisely when you are craving an ice-cream is going to see some ghost-like materialisation of you fawning at the window. LOL. But it can mean that a lover or family member who feels an impression from someone dear to them might pick up the phone at precisely the same time and call them regardless of the physical distance involved. In general terms, the quality and character of any given projection will be affected by the: 1. emotional intensity that energises the projection 2. intent and clarity of thought that guides and structures the projection 3. amount of thought repetition and sustained concentration that reinforces the projection. For example weak thoughts without much emotion or clarity of purpose produce flotsam-like forms that carry little consciousness of the thinker and are relatively impermanent outside the body. On the other hand, a very strong desire accompanied by clear and sustained thought creates a form

that can be imprinted with the consciousness of the thinker. The next principle we would like to convey here is that the impacts of thought may not be affected by physical distance. Thoughts have some inherently flexible characteristics and are not impeded by the physical walls, doors, states or nation borders that we have to contend with. Now some of our readers will be wondering why we are talking about the projection of thought as opposed to the projection associated with dreaming such as etheric projection or astral projection? Well the truth is we will get to these other forms of projection later, but for now it’s important for us to lay the groundwork because in actuality, the physics of dreaming is most often about the interplay of projected thought between individuals, and en masse. If you can think about the implications of this then it could be quite personally liberating to realise that some of the troubling dreams that you may experience or those that fall greatly out of sync with your world view can be received and personally animated representations of other people’s thoughts about you. But we need to be very cautious about the process of interpreting such dreams, because the sources of thought impressions can be numerous, impossible to determine and running over and against each other like the waves from simultaneous raindrops on the surface of a pond. Even if you do have a dream where you feel partially able to identify a potential source of a projected thought that added character/features to your dream experience. PLEASE do not approach them directly about it, as 99 times out of 100 they will have no conscious recollection of the projected thought (it could have happened whilst they were sleeping) and they will more likely be spooked about your strange behaviour and un prompted questions. We will look at the process of interpreting dreams in more detail in a future article. Now lets press on to look at other

forms of projection that involve externalisation or outwards thrusting of a greater portion of our consciousness. In these types of projection, the sleeping body becomes a base station that maintains bodily processes and protects the integrity of the physical structure allowing our consciousness to assume more mobile formats and satisfy its adventurefuelled curiosity. A simple out of body projection can involve you finding yourself awake in your bedroom and being able to watch yourself asleep back on the bed. Or perhaps you are floating down your hallway into the kitchen? Or perhaps on the roof? Or a few houses down the road for a night walk in someone else’s garden? In these cases, the environment you are looking at is the physical world you are used to. You may find your consciousness and thought processes operating normally except you are trying to account for why you are floating or how you got to be in some one else’s garden. Any sudden burst of fear or concern will send you hurtling back to your body via the sometimes visible but always present silver cord that connects your wandering consciousness with the physical body. Now befor e we launch into discussing Etheric planes, Astral planes, Mental or Causal planes then it’s wor th considering a few general points that can apply to all of them. Each plane has it’s own set of rules or physics that impacts on anyone or anything that happens to visit that plane. For example, on ear th the force of gravity is relatively universal and causes objects to accelerate whilst falling at 9.8 metres per second squared. In the same way, each plane has it’s own peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. A thought for example, is relatively invisible on the physical plane but on the astral plane the same thought can take on startling physical-like dimensions. Due to their different characteris-


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tics, a number of planes can actually occupy and pass through the same point in space. This may seem a little incredible to some of our readers. We imagine some of you asking us how this could be possible and the simple answer is that some planes don’t take up any space in the 3 dimensional system we are used to thinking about. The following quote I think summarises planes quite well: A plane is not necessarily a planet.  A plane maybe one planet, but a plane may also exist where there is  no planet. One planet may have several planes.  Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent  time. Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the par ticular planes  involved.  We need to get away from the idea of a plane being a place.  It may be in some cases but it is  not always.  A plane maybe a time. A plane, believe it or not may be only one iota of life that seems to  exist by itself. A plane is something apparently divided from the rest of the universe for a time, for a  reason. Planes cease to be.  Planes appear  where there was none before.  A plane is formed to suppor t  living creatures  and their fulfillment on various levels. A plane is a climate conducive to the  development of unique and particular capacities and achievements. (Seth via Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality Vol 2) So we can benefit as dreamers by carefully noting the local environmental principles and mechanics of the way things work like dream scientists, as these will provide the best clues as to where we may be visiting. If you read our last article you will remember how we imagined painting splotches of blue, increasingly lighter one after one the other. So it is with some of the planes in terms of there being no clear barrier or boundary between them and we are left trying to identify what is really a highly blended transition between one plane into the next. It’s also true that the boundaries between other planes can be clear cut and more dramatic, like the difference between emerging from a cloud into clear sky or by being suspended in a pool of water and looking down onto what we may think is real physical action. In the next issue of Innerself, we will begin to look at some of their characteristics of the planes and the way they can impact on our dreaming experiences. Love from your friends at One Third Dream Development. Happy Dreaming. Damian is a Dream Development educator. Feel free to contact him for more information about their regular dream development study group or any of your dream related questions.


Have You Had a spiritual experience?

This may seem like an intriguing question, but very few people have a hear t-felt answer to it. That is one reason why hundreds of people gather from everywhere in Australia every year at the Australian Eckankar Seminar. This event attracts many people who understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. Many come to enjoy the unique benefits that arise from: • discovering a beautiful man-

tra – HU, that brings love and joy into life • learning simple spiritual exercises that bring a greater understanding of the highest laws of life • techniques for personal experience with dreams, past lives, Soul Travel, and one’s spiritual destiny • finding out how to bring greater meaning and purpose into life • learning about an advanced spiritual study program

• meeting international guest speaker, Anne Archer Butcher, author of the newly released book, “Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright”. You are warmly invited to a FREE session of the next Australian Eckankar Seminar “Living the Spiritual Life” on Sunday, 12 January 2014, from 1.00-4.00pm. The venue for this event is the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach, The Grand Parade, Brighton-le-Sands in Sydney. To register or for more information: (02) 9212 2100 or eckinfo@email. com

GRAND OPENING Virginia Massage and Health Centre Saturday November 2nd | 1.30-3.30 Lot 1 Shop 3 Old Port Wakefield Rd Virginia SA next to Virginia Post Office

Come join us for cocktails and nibble’s to celebrate our new beginnings. Specialising in Remedial Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, SASH Healing, Isis Lotus Divination, Reiki, Chakra Balancing SPECIAL GRAND OPENING OFFER: Book on the day to receive a 60 min. relaxation massage for $50.00 RSVP: (Maria Yfantidis) 0438853481 (Alexandra) 0416 736 066

Depression and anxiety – what really works? By Louise Tebble

As each year passes, it seems more and more people are being diagnosed with these two conditions. Maybe these mental health diagnoses are being made when the condition is really sadness and fear. Or maybe people are becoming more and more disconnected from their Values or if they are Spiritual, more and more disconnected from what is termed Source, God or Oneness. I think the answer is both. We, as a society, do not wish to experience anything which is deemed, unpleasant. And so, to avoid the ‘unpleasantries’ of life, we par take in “opium for the masses”. We drink, smoke, take illicit and licit drugs, watch screens for hours on end, over eat, gamble; the list goes on. We distract, deny and dissociate to avoid normal emotional feelings. Instead of thinking dehydration (the main cause of headaches) when a headache strikes; we reach for paracetamol. Clinical depression is a debilitating condition where just getting out of bed in an achievement. Anxiety is so much more than a fancy word for fear. Yet these two terms are being over

used and misused by people and clinicians alike. Sadness and fear are normal everyday emotional conditions, not feelings to be scared of. ‘They’ have lessons for us, things to tell us, if only we would listen. Society is going at such a pace, people are being left behind. It is normal to not know who you are when you are a teenager and young adult, but now so many middle aged people have no idea who they are, what they stand for or what they truly value in life. They just go, go ,go. And, it is starting younger and younger with many children now being ‘over programmed’ with extra curriculum activities. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Self help books are extremely popular and initially most beneficial but after a while a book doesn’t do it, for “we lie best, when we lie to ourselves”. A therapist is required. Consider consulting an accredited Mental Health Clinician trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a new improved third generation Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The main difference between fundamental or original CBT and ACT is the focus. CBT professes if you change your thoughts, your behaviour will change as a result. ACT rec-

ognises this approach is problematic. People really struggle to change their thoughts and this may result in them getting angry with themselves, even blaming themselves for the perceived failure. ACT is not about controlling thoughts. It is a values based, Mindful orientated CBT. Skills taught are on how to ‘process’ feelings, how to work with them, how to appropriately deal with the darker side of our emotions. So the emphasis remains on thinking and on behaviour but not on control or on pushing away the ‘unpleasantries’ of life. Take time to ‘be’ with you, all of you, everyday. Namaste. Louise Tebble is a qualified Mental Health Clinician and Nutritional Chef. She is in her 17th year of practice. Louise specialises in (w)holistic health and relationships, most importantly, the relationship with self. Couples Counselling; Family Therapy; and Building Strong Links in Parenting. Experienced Oncology, Palliative and Bereavement Therapist. Spiritual Framework. Medicare Rebates available. GLBT friendly.

awakening one community at a time . . .

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- Part 1

How places affect our health, creativity and relationships and how to transform them.

By Lucy Crawford Spring cleaning feels intuitive when nature renews growth and heralds new life. We are inwardly called to purify and renew our life forces and our relationality to others and to our home or work environments. It feels great to declutter, rearrange, have new discussions, sow new seeds and feel the surge of vitality that is Spring. However, what exactly are we Spring cleaning in places? Places have an energy fabric, and this can become stuck, restless, negative, or at worst become deeply traumatised and very unwelcoming. Sometimes if this is left uncleared for many years, it can create illness and be disruptive to the flow of positive life situations. Ideally we would renew the whole energy of spaces at least as often as we service our cars, and carry out a smaller weekly cleanse. There are many ancient and contemporary shamanic practises for energetically cleansing space. However, some places have ‘ugly negative spots’ that are continuously draining despite Spring cleaning. They are hard to clean, like stains. So why do some places have such negative energies? We need to consider the structure of energies in a place. Similar to people spaces have physical, etheric, astral and spiritual aspects. Uncovering the causes is ‘energetic archaeology’ because there are many layers of energies. These can commonly be assessed by geomantic practioners, and instruments. Let’s begin with what spaces should be like. Energetically, places should feel welcoming, and have a vitality; an atmospheric radiance. T hey should have a level of uplifting, nurturing, or creative subtle energy. Beyond this, if they have exquisitely refined energies, they are in the

realm of the deeply sacred, and support our opening towards spiritual realisations and deep connections with the wisdom body of the earth and cosmos. In terms of land energies, the ‘energetic ecology’, should be balanced for life forms to thrive. Physically, a place has a geology, an electro -magnetic field, a land shape and perhaps a built structure which all influence the energies. Draining energetic situations can be caused by factors such as fault lines, earth radiations , human made electromagnetic fields, or disturbances in the natural energy fabric caused by cuts such as deep foundations, cellar s, large ear thwor ks, and trapped water . Physically there can also be very good places, or even sacred geologies, highly sought after by ancient peoples for ritual or healing sites. Etherically, the life force (prana, chi flow), in a place is naturally affected by cycles of earthly and cosmic forces. Chi flow is affected by underground water, springs, trees, surface energetic streams (lley or ritual lines), and the arrangement of a built structures. Chi can flow gracefully, creating positive etheric movements. Conversely, it can move too quickly, become sluggish, frenetic, and entangled. In intensely negative spots it has become a vortex of deranged patterns, dense negative, blocked energy, drawing in more of the same, and making the place feel deeply uncomfortable. In the Vedanta philosophy these are known as negative samskara vor tices. Consciousness, and in particular human thought, deeply affects the energy flow of places as it creates thought patterns in the fabric of the flow. In harmo-

nious, natural landscapes there are beautiful plant like patterns of etheric energy. Celtic peoples knew this well, and it is reflected in their style of jewellery. Many busy public spaces, and especially shopping centres have intensely disordered chi, reflecting frenetic activity. This restless energy encourages more ‘quick shopping’. In many airports and shopping centres in Asia this situation is remedied through the widening of movement pathways to incorporate places of stiller activity. This includes the integration of tranquil fish ponds and butterfly enclosures which dissolves frenetic chi, and refocuses human attention to a more orderly and calm form. In the next article, I will talk more on the good, the bad and the ugly, in terms of at the astral and spiritual aspects of places, and how we can transform places. Lucy Crawford Sandison is a registered architect, and principal of Hafren Architecture (formerly Lucy Crawford Architecture). Lucy offers the design of sanctuary environments, retreat centres, natural acoustics spaces, multi-faith space and Quiet Space for homes and businesses. She holds workshops on sacred space, including teaching geomantic arts, labyrinth design and carries out land assessments to help owners to form a deeper connection with the ‘spirit of place’. You can contact Lucy on 0408 849259 e: www.

Do You Suffer From:

Louise Tebble Mental and Emotional Health Clinician Combining new age wisdom with Contemporary Psychological Strategies

MEDICARE REBATE AVAILABLE 96 Duthy St. Malvern 5061 Call for an appointment: 0435 469 123

• Fears & Phobias eg., Fear of public speaking, crowds, social situations, commitment, conflict, driving, flying, spiders, snakes, etc. • Anxiety & Stress • Depression EXPERIENCE • Panic Attacks INSTANT RELIEF • Grief & Loss & SIGNIFICANT, • Relationship Issues POSITIVE GAINS! • Pain & Trauma • Lack of Direction

My passion is healing with integrity in a caring, sensitive way. I use highly successful techniques that can rapidly remove negative emotions, blocks and habits. It’s short term, powerful therapy that can resolve your problems, transform you to reach your potential and dramatically improve your happiness and health!

*Weight Control *Quit Smoking *Confidence *Self-Esteem *Hypnotherapy Lindy Poirier - Psychotherapist, Dip. Adv. Psych., B.A. Ph: 8278 4090 Mob: 0422 070 942 • Email:

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COMING HOME TO YOURSELF! If you had an opportunity to be in a space where you could be “authentic”, where it didn’t matter what your past was or even if you couldn’t see your future; if years of past pain or present challenges, confusion, job/relationship issues could transform like magic in 48 hours into clarity… If you were accepted simply because you were there… if there was no judgement, no need for you to smile if you didn’t want to, or even talk if you didn’t have the need to… If you were given the gift of transforming how you feel about yourself and your life in two short days… would you take it? Well, thousands of women in countries like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and UK over the past twenty six years have had the opportunity to do just that by attending a women’s seminar called The Goddess Within! And so they come…. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers… some dragged by friends, others paid for by someone who loves them, some have come wearing the mask of “I’m fine” while inside they felt broken. The majority come willingly, knowing somehow in their psyche, that they just had to be there, but not even knowing why! For some their lives work and they choose to give themselves a Gift. For others, the pain is deep and shows in faces lined with hurt, shoulders carrying burdens, hearts broken, but come they do. Not to have to share the story of their pain, or scream and cathart about their life, but simply to be in a space of incredible transformation, made that way by a woman of vision with a passion for peace and her team of women who come to assist and give back because of their own transformations from attending the course. When asked how they are 48 hours after stepping into the space, women say: Heart connected; Reconnected with my Femininity; Brought me Home; Life changing; Self healing; Realigned to my inner worth; Empowered; Life-saving; Aweinspiring; Transformed; Healed and whole; Grateful… and the words go on but more importantly so do the women. They go on and continue to change, not just their lives but the lives of those around them. Like Faizah who came to Goddess, completely broken from discovering her husband had an affair and an impending divorce was her future and she had two tiny daughters. Today she is a member of Parliament in Singapore making a huge difference especially in areas of women’s issues and the environment; or Saleemah who contemplated suicide and, in her words said: “I was crying all the time - crying about being abandoned and traumatised over incest that happened in my family. Now I am helping underage girls who have been sexually assaulted and who have been forced into prostitution in this region through an organisation called UNIFEM of which I am the President”. Or Pat, whose husband left, she just “knew” she had to attend and 17 years later is still there, giving back by preparing beautiful food for the new women to nurture their souls while they heal. Or Elizabeth, so totally invisible and scared that once she hid in a cupboard to avoid people coming to the house. She is now a renowned storyteller and is a practitioner helping others. Or Rebecca, who was an anorexic addict who left school at 15. After Goddess she went back to Uni, got a degree, became a belly dancer, discovered her inner artist and is about to begin teaching dance. The women’s stories are all different but the essence of their “now” is the same. They all have learned to love themselves, honour their place in this world and they all continue to do what they can to make a difference in this world of ours. The Goddess Within is where you will find answers. You will discover the patterns that keep you stuck, you will learn about the effects of particular birthing styles on your life. You will see the power of your mind and learn the difference between what you are consciously attempting to create and the way to shift the subconscious stuff that keeps popping up. You will receive an entire tool-box of tools to be able to transform your life into one where you are creating an intentional life that works rather than reacting to subconscious patterning. You will heal, grow, become inspired, get in touch with your Core essence and from there, anything is possible. Are you ready…. To heal, to grow, to be the best that you can be? Then contact Beyond The Ordinary on 08-82481281 or email or for more information.



yourRelationships with Diane McCann


Let’s play a little game just for a minute. Imagine that you are a humanoid from another galactic world called Harmonia. Your’ve packed your kids into an interstellar cruiser to go on holiday, looking for a fun place to visit. Along the way you see a planet, all blue, green, white and brown, sparkling like a jewel in a solar system on the edge of the Milky Way. You decide it looks like a great place to let the kids stretch their legs and mingle with an alien culture for a few years. You learn the lingo, dress codes and beam down and start talking to people in a country called USA (Or Australia!). People are friendly and you like them a lot... but you also discover that.... ...56% of 10-14 year old girls engage in self mutilation ...26% of the population suffers from a diagnosable mental health disorder ...11% of people aged 12 years and over take antidepressants ...1 out of 2 has at least one chronic disease and 1 out of 3 is obese ...diagnosis of children with chronic illnesses such as asthma, obesity has quadrupled in one generation ...41-50% of all first marriages end in divorce ...suicide is the 10th leading cause of death Would you hang around? Would you want your precious children to live in such a place? You would hop back into your spacecraft, reset the GPS (Galactic Positioning System) and hightail it out of there. Leaving earth and what we believe to be our self created troubles behind is not an option. It’s time to deal with them and their unseen, unrecognised, unprocessed emotional core. Change is a journey of love and guts, gumption, tears, toil and tremendous joy. You’ve got to love yourself to want to take the journey.

You’ve got to love yourself to pick up the evolutionary tools and use them to do the work of transformation. You’ve got to be responsible! Because we live in a physical reality our attention is generally monopolised by the stuff of everyday life, the challenges of getting an education, earning a living, dealing with relationships. Our dramas play out in the theatre of gain and loss, desire and satisfaction and they seem entirely real and impor tant to us. We base our happiness on events unfolding in alignment with our desires and expectations. We become attached to the outcome of our desires. We are crushed when we don’t get what we want. We get upset when we get what we don’t want. When we get exactly what we do want, often it doesn’t turn out to be as wonderful as we thought it would be. Even when we attain the pinnacle of our hearts’ desires, the moment of attainment and the joy itself passes. We begin to catch a glimpse of a more satisfying reality, the big picture of interconnection and oneness. We long for things that are more meaningful, like inner peace and a happiness that isn’t grounded in transitory situations. We want intimacy and authenticity with ourselves and in our relationships. At this point we bump against all the learned self-beliefs that we ‘think’ are holding us back. If we have learned to believe that we’re intelligent go-getters, that’s how we behave; if our experiences pushed us to low self-esteem and confusion, that’s how we’ll express. Limiting core beliefs cripple our ability to be authentic and respond to the reality of circumstances from our deepest personal truth. If left alone, limiting core beliefs set degenerative patterns into motion on mental, emotional, biochemical, structural and spiritual levels, ulti-

mately keeping us from loving, being loved, trusting or being trusted. We begin to think, feel, speak and act in ever more limited ways and the cells of our bodies mirror these perceived limitations, feeding the identity of the limiting belief and then it becomes extremely difficult to experience joy and fulfilment and eventually the body declines. Aches, pains, disease and emotional suffering are not simply “bad things that happen to good people.” That’s a core belief. Suffering, disease, unhappiness, anxiety, depression and anger are not just happenstances. They’re gifts in strange wrapping paper, messages stuffed into our subconscious. Learning how to read these messages we discover the truth of who we are. We discover our purpose. We open our hearts and senses to what is going on beneath the surface. These words are from Dr Darren Weissman’s new book “Hear t of the Matter”. He’s the creator of the See, Feel, Hear Challenge (which releases core beliefs) and creator of The LifeLine Technique. He is returning to Adelaide next year to teach people how to shine a light into their Gifts in Strange Wrapping Paper and live an intentional life. My advice is do the work, heal the past, remove the core limiting beliefs and shine! Diane McCann Mathews facilitates The Goddess Within and together with her husband Robert, runs Man’s Inner Journey and Tantra for Couples. Contact her on www. beyondtheor dinar or phone on (08) 8248 1281 or E. beyondtheordinary@internode.


containing activated forms of the B Vitamins and in therapeutic doses. (these are practitioner only ranges). Additional considerations nutritionally include Coenzyme Q10, additional zinc, magnesium, B6 and fish oil. Mineral deficiencies are not uncommon and testing for these via the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is recommended.

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Unexplained Infertility? Improve your chances with Herbal Medicines

Infer tility can have many causes but as often as 20% of the time no specific cause is determined and the diagnosis of “unexplained” infertility is made. A very frustrating diagnosis in many ways as there is nothing specific to “fix” and often the recommendation is to “keep trying” or “try IVF” and related procedures. But is there another option? Can fertility be improved by natural means? Absolutely! The first step is to optimise general health and well-being starting with gut and liver health. Estrogen production and elimination is influenced by the gut microflora and maximal gut health and microflora balance is an essential par t of hormone management. This has implications for both female and male fertility. Treatment to restore an optimal micro-biota in the gut usually involves herbal antimicrobial medicines, probiotics and prebiotics. Liver health is of extreme impor tance as there are several liver detoxification pathways for estrogens, some more optimal than others. These can be tested via a “urinary estrogen metabolites” test and if not optimal can be easily influenced with nutritional and herbal medicine. General liver health can also be supported with herbal and nutritional approaches including St Mary’s Thistle, a potent liver antioxidant and Schisandra, a potent liver detoxifier. Stress hormones can interfere with fertility and lowering hormones such as cor tisol has wide ranging health benefits including sex hormone balance and enhanced fertility. Lifestyle approaches such as yoga, meditation and regular exercise balance stress hormones as do many herbs including the Ginsengs, Withania and Rhodiola. Infertility is itself a stressful situa-

tion and so stress management is often a priority but rarely dealt with effectively. High cortisol levels are associated with poor sleep patterns which also affect fertility. Correcting these patterns with both adrenal herbs, sleep suppor t herbs and lifestyle measures such as relaxation practices leads to far reaching health benefits including better sex hormone balance. Maintaining an optimal weight and body fat percentage is a key to normal ovulation and hormone balance – whether underweight over overweight fertility can be negatively affected. Often body weight is not optimal due to a combination of factors such as insufficient or excess exercise and in adequate or over nutrition. However, the interplay between gut, liver, stress and hormone health is also affecting weight issues in many instances. For example high stress hormone levels (cor tisol) encourage fat deposition. In addition to addressing the issues outlined above there are a range of fertility enhancing herbs that have been used successfully for centuries. Which herbal medicines are appropriate obviously depends on the exact circumstance however general approaches for unexplained infertility in the female include normalising and stimulating the follicular phase (estrogen production), ovulation and the luteal phase (progesterone production). If the cycle is much less than 28 days the likely problem is a relative excess of estrogen to progesterone so the approach is to stimulate ovulation and robust progesterone production in the second half of the cycle. Chaste tree or Vitex is a classic herb used to correct relative progesterone deficiency and there are a variety of other herbs available that work synergistically with Chaste

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Tree. If on the other hand the cycle is much longer than 28 days then the opposite situation is likely and the approach is to stimulate more robust follicular development in the first half of the cycle. Classic herbal approaches include Shatavari, False Unicorn Root and Black Cohosh. If the cycle is pretty much 28 days and regular we will often do gentle stimulation of both the follicular and luteal phase of the cycle switching herbal remedy combinations at day 12 or 13. In the case of unexplained infertility it is beneficial to treat the male to maximise semen quality at the same time as optimising ovulation in the female even if semen quality is “normal”. There are many subtle aspects to semen quality that may or may not be evident on a semen analysis. Herbs are available which boost specific sperm quality parameters including quantity, mobility and morphology (shape). It is likely they also have more subtle semen support actions. These herbs include Tribulus which stimulates sperm production, motiiity and survival time; Panax ginseng which increases sperm numbers, free and total testosterone levels; Withania which increases sperm count particularly stress related decreases and Astragalaus which increases sperm production and motility. Male life style issues including stress management, gut and liver health and addressing environmental toxins are equally important if not more so in some cases. Because spermatogenesis is ongoing (74 days for a sperm to mature) the environmental influences can be even greater than in the female and even more amenable to intervention. I strongly recommend a Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis for males as par t of an infertility assessment. Both males and females can also

benefit for a range of nutritional interventions. Good preconception care formulas are recommended for both partners - particularly one

For women’s health go to www. Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT has been a registered health professional since 1986. She is a naturopath, herbalist, Master’ s prepared counselor, Registered Nurse and Registered Yoga Teacher. Belle firmly believes

total health and wellness are only achievable through the integration of body, mind and spirit. She specializes in women’s health and cancer support and holds advanced nursing qualifications in obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She is the consultant naturopath for Cancer Care Centre, Unley SA and has specialised in holistic cancer support since 2003. Belle teaches gentle yoga classes at her private studio, Serenity Yoga and practices from St Georges. For more info see www.

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Hormonehealth with Tessa Roberts

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Clear Skin – Driven from the Inside Out

The appearance of one’s skin plays an impor tant bearing on self esteem. It is our largest organ and it requires a steady supply of micronutrients to suppor t new cell regeneration. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for unsightly and uncomfor table skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and rashes. Good skin is a reflection of the body’s inner processes, overall state of health and adequate functioning of both eliminatory organs and hormonal systems. Having clear, plump, bright, healthy skin can also depend on other factors such as stress levels, changes in weather, poor nutrition states, and living environment. The three primary skin conditions that I am presented with most commonly in clinic are: Acne: will generally affect the face, upper chest and back. It is

most commonly seen in adolescence but can also flare up in women between the ages of 30-50 years. It can be triggered and aggravated by stress, premenstrual tension (hor monal imbalance), cer tain medications, dairy, wheat, sugar and alcohol. The area of the face that the acne is most present can tell you a lot about the cause. Acne around the chin area can be associated with high androgen (a type of hormone) levels and acne on the forehead and cheeks can be more closely related to poor waste elimination pathways. Dermatitis: is an inflammation of the skin which is usually triggered by an allergic reaction to a specific allergen. There are numerous types of dermatitis including seborrhoeic dermatitis which affects the scalp primarily and peri-oral dermatitis which is seen around the corners of the mouth.

Eczema: is also an inflammatory condition of the top layer of the skin. It includes dryness and reoccurring skin rashes that are red, hot, itchy, flaky, blistered or bleeding or a combination of these. Those with eczema will usually develop it from birth and it will tend to show up behind the knees, in between the elbows, around the ankles and on the scalp. Eczema from a young age is closely associated with asthma and hayfever. When supporting skin conditions naturopathically, a number of aspects need to be looked at. These include the function of all eliminatory organs – kidney, liver, lymphatic system and digestive tract. Hormonal imbalances also need to be addressed and regulated and lastly nutritional deficiencies need to be attended to. A healthy diet is the foundation to improving your skin condition. Below are some simple steps that can be taken to improve skin health through diet. Increase fibre intake in the form of whole-grains and legumes as these assist with the elimination of toxins and aid in optimal digestive function. You can also incorporate medicinal foods that suppor t digestive tract function such as aloe vera juice, slippery elm powder, chia seeds and kefir. Increasing good fats and therefore good levels of Essential Fatty Acids to help smooth and “moisturize” the skin. These types of foods include avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, flaxseed oil, mackerel, trout, salmon, herring, tuna and sardines. Consuming antioxidant rich foods for collagen repair, protection and accelerated healing. Some examples include raspberries, blueberries, macqui berries, purple carrots, tomatoes, sweet potato, kale, plums and spinach. Consuming key “skin nutrient” foods: Vitamin A: halibut, cod, egg yolk, carrots, tomatos, rockmelon, apricots, alfalfa. Vitamin E: wheatgerm, sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds and olives. Zinc: pumpkin seeds, wheatgerm, oysters, brazil nuts. There are also a number of other lifestyle factors that come into play that can affect your skin: Water intake: consuming adequate water and staying hydrated is crucial to any skin condition. Your skin is reliant on good hydration. It is also important to remove any dehydrating drinks from the diet such as soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks, tea and alcohol. Any form of caffeine will reduce hydration levels and also deplete the body of a range of nutrients (in particular Vitamin C). Get adequate sunlight on your skin: This is not to say go out and get burnt to a crisp. However, do go outside before 10am or after 3pm and get some Vitamin D onto the skin – links have now been found between low Vitamin D levels and dermatitis & psoriasis. Topical skincare products: What you apply topically to your skin is also crucial to your skin condition. Most people will scrub, exfoliate, cleanse with strong and har sh chemical cleansers and devoid their skin of any natural ability to heal. The key to any skin condition is to be gentle. Allow the acid mantle and pH of your skin time to come back into

12 balance. Every time you scrub, exfoliate and cleanse the skin dries out even further and tries to overcompensate by producing more oil, this oil clogs the pores and hair follicles which can then lead to more breakouts. Less is more in this scenario. Get your lymphatics moving: dry body brushing is a fantastic way to move stagnant lymph in the body which aids in increasing waste elimination. You can also suppor t the lymphatic system by drinking specific herbal teas such as burdock, calendula and echinacea. If you are struggling with a skin complaint it is best to make a time with a qualified professional to address and investigate all the possible contributing factors. At Romeos Organic Wholefoods we have both a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist as well as a qualified Skincare Consultant. Please call 8361 9150 to make an appointment. Tessa Roberts If you are concerned that you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue the best way to test this is through a salivary hormone test called an Adrenocortex Stress Profile which tests your cortisol levels and DHEA (another adrenal hormone) levels. Through professional nutritional and herbal support adrenal hormone levels can be bought back into balance and the body bought back into a state of optimal health. Hormone Saliva Testing is available from Tessa Roberts N.D. at Romeo’s Organic Wholefoods Naturopathic Clinic in North Adelaide. P: (08) 8361 9150 E: naturopath@romeosretailgroup.

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Sugar Imbalances

Sadly we live in such a fast paced society that, inevitably, a lot of the foods we eat today are pre-packaged. These pre-packaged foods contain preservatives and additives that may cause negative effects to our general well being. When we look at the salt, sugar and fat content in a lot of the products bought off the shelf, it’s no wonder that sugar imbalances in the body are becoming one of the fastest growing health problems of today. Insulin resistance is a common disorder in which the receptors on the surface of the cells become insensitive to insulin, they become so used to the high levels of insulin that they become desensitised, leading to insufficient uptake of glucose into the cells to be used to give us energy and to support the brain etc. Some of the causes of this disorder are excess refined carbohydrates i.e. white flours, white sugars, lack of exercise and weight excess. Symptoms of fatigue, mental fogginess, shakiness, mood changes and an insatiable hunger for carbohydrates are common in relation to Insulin resistance. Hypoglycaemia is another disor-

der that is quite close to my heart. Many years ago I was on holiday with one of my relatives who was having a terrible time with mood fluctuations, tears one minute, snappy the next. I asked her if she was eating a lot of sugar and of course she said she couldn’t get through the day without chocolate. In relation to iridology, orange colour in the iris indicates the genetic potential of sugar imbalances, whether or not this occurs is up to you and how you live your life. In this case, my relative had quite a bit of orange pigment in her iris. So we changed her diet and eventually she became stable again. What is hypoglycaemia? It’s when the blood sugar levels are too low and this causes strong cravings for sugar or chocolate for example. Due to the glucose levels being too low, the body starts to pump out hormones to rapidly raise the blood sugar levels and protect the brain’s supply of glucose. This in turn may cause shaking, anxiety, palpitations and sweating. Sleep disturbances are common, overwhelming mental and physical fatigue, foggy brain, irritability and rapid mood changes. What

13 can you do to help this? Eat small meals often, and graze though out the day, there are also helpful supplements which I will talk about at the end of this column, sugar needs to be reduced along with replacing the refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. Lastly I’m going to write about diabetes which is a breakdown in the body’s ability to utilise glucose in the blood efficiently. The body fails to produce sufficient levels of the hormone insulin or use the little it does generate. Insulin is needed to carry glucose into the muscles to provide energy. Left untreated, the glucose builds up in the bloodstream, resulting in high blood sugar levels that may cause serious damage to the kidneys, nerves, skin, eyes and increase the risk of heart disease. Type 1 Diabetes is the least common and is usually diagnosed during childhood or early adulthood and must be treated with insulin by injection. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common, and its prevalence increases with age, lack of exercise and excess weight. What can you do to help? Diet and exercise can have a positive impact on all of the above, aim for a low fat diet, especially avoid saturated fats, increase fibre and reduce salt, with the emphasis on the right carbohydrates and the timing of your intake. Carbohydrate foods vary in their effect on blood glucose, this is measured by the Glycaemic Index, a ranking of foods from 0 to 100 that tells us whether a food will raise blood sugar dramatically,

moderately, or just a little, you can get this chart on the net and it can help you plan your meals. Aim at three meals a day with snacks in between (eating the right things of course) to spread your carbohydrate intake over the entire day. Regular exercise will help make your muscles more sensitive to insulin and improve weight loss. Eat plenty of raw food with meals to increase your fibre, for example the fruit Bitter Melon may reduce excessive blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetics. The herb Gymnema sylvestre may be beneficial to those with elevated blood sugar levels and also reduces cravings for sugar, Cinnamon may also help. Chromium picolinate helps the cells communicate better with insulin, facilitating its uptake into the cells for use and is found in Brewer’s yeast and liver. If feel you need help to balance your glucose metabolism, find a good practitioner to give you the care you need or contact the Diabetic Association of SA, they are a lovely group of people only to pleased to help. Lynne Singlewood has taught Iridology and herbal medicine at Endeavour College, she also lectures Emotional Iridology at WEA. She has a passion to help the community with their health and well being. Her deep love of iridology and herbal medicine is infectious. Ph: 0421618792 or email Web site:

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TREATtheCAUSE with Andrea Fernandez INDULSKI Your Clinical Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Integrated Iridologist®, Sclerologist, Naturopathic Doctor and Herbalist Specialist. Human-Animal Medicine.

Cholesterol - An overview

It has been led to believe that cholesterol, as many other conditions, is something we need to fight. Contrary to popular belief, what is commonly referred to as high cholesterol (> 5.5) IS NOT a disease in or of itself. You should think carefully before decreasing blood cholesterol levels. One should seek to understand the reason for its increase rather than blindly succumbing to dangerously decreasing its levels. It follows that cholesterol is a crucial steroid (fat/lipid) hormone existing in ALL cells of our body. It is specially created at times of stress. Cholesterol is carried in the blood by small molecules called lipoproteins: low density lipoproteins (LDLs) referred to as “bad cholesterol”; high density lipoproteins (HDLs) referred to as “good cholesterol”; and triglycerides (TGs). These three blood markers are the most widely looked at and tested medically. Reduction of LDL levels, which have been implicated in arterial clogging and hear t attack, has over the past years been approached with reduction and, or avoidance of dietary

fats. However, opposite to common belief nature-created fats in their raw state will rarely affect cholesterol levels the way man-made fats will. Trans-fatty acids, also known as margarine, vegetable oils or man-made oils may present a tendency to increase LDL cholesterol. Over-heated saturated fats such those used in fried foods may also increase LDL cholesterol. There is nothing harmful about good quality raw milk butter, raw full-fat dairy products and grass-fed animals. The issue lays in the fact the latter are no longer found in the quality that nature originally made them, influencing our blood cholesterol. Homogenization, pasteurization, reducing fat, taking the fat out, feeding animals grains of genetically modified origin have created a deleterious effect in the nature of dairy and animal flesh products. Leaving the well-known tantrum of fats aside it is important to recognize another food group that since their introduction in our diets has contributed equally if not more to the rise in cholesterol levels. I pre-

sent you to carbohydrates and simple sugars. When man commenced the industrial revolution grains were heavily pushed into our diets: cereal grains for breakfast, white bread with every meal and the like. Sadly, their push had little to do with carbohydrate’s nutritional value but rather with their economic return. So it follows, that the higher the intake of carbohydrates the higher the blood cholesterol and consequently the higher the risk for arterial clogging and heart disease. As a matter of fact, I find more patients presenting with elevated LDL and TGs levels from a carbohydrate-loaded diet than from a fat-loaded diet.

Cholesterol functions left in the dark

Cholesterol supports vitamin D production by converting sunlight to this vitamin. Cholesterol is further involved in production of sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone as well as adrenal/ steroid stress hormones such as cortisol, cortisone and adrenalin. It means that long-term stress levels will cause the body to manufacture more cholesterol from which the body will manufacture the stress hormones to help the body cope with the insult. Cholesterol is needed for bile production and metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins as well as cellular absorption. In the nervous system, this steroid hormone is needed for nerve cell insulation. It is due to cholesterol’s function in nerve cells that cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) gained their reputa-

tion for causing transient-memory loss. Decreasing cholesterol blood levels indiscriminately can have lifelong effects in the nervous system possibly acting as a contributing factor in senility. Please, investigate the cause of your raised cholesterol levels before taking action.

Your Cholesterol will normalize after addressing its cause

Only upon correct causative treatment will cholesterol normalize to the standard agreed pathology reference ranges. Your chosen physician needs to thoroughly investigate before commencing on any treatment, whether natural or pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering treatment. Too often we are told that raised cholesterol levels are due to genetics. It is a must to differenciate between “inherited” familial eating habits and what propiately concerns the genes potentially predisposing to hear t attacks and ar terial blockage. There are specific tests that can shed cues on the above predispositions. Such testing ought to take place prior to making any statements on the cause of the high cholesterol. Dietary indiscretions, especially excess carbohydrate intake (breads, pasta, rice, sugar, candies, soft drinks, etc), excess trans-fatty acids and over-heated saturated fats can disrupt liver and pancreas function therefore raising LDL, TGs levels and total cholesterol levels. Evironmental stresses such as Continued on page 14

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Tools for Healthy Living Chicza! The world’s first 100% organic, biodegradable chewing gum now available in Australia.

Healthspan instead of lifespan Cholesterol - An overview Continued from page 13

heavy metal exposure can also stress the liver and consequently raise cholesterol levels. Exposure to mercury, cadmium and lead especially can disrupt absorption of essential nutrients that suppor t healthy blood lipids. Therefore, heavy metal testing and adequate treatment for the heavy metal is a fundamental step for maitenance of healthy cholesterol levels. Do not sucummb to natural (eg: plant sterol) or pharmaceutical (eg: statin) treatment until your physician has looked for the cause and exhausted all treatment avenues. For further questions or treatment options please contact our office. Andrea Fernandez Indulski NDHUMANKIND’S WELLBEING Andrea holds the following qualifications: Masters Sclerographics, Graduate Diploma Integrated Iridology®, Honours Bachelor Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine), Naturopath, Herbalist, Animal Technician (Iridology). She has 5 years experience consulting clinically around Adelaide. She has a passion for human and animal clinical nutrition and Iridology/Sclerology studies. She just finished writing her first book “Validations” that validates complementary medicine use in clinical practice and is out on Amazon for sale. You can contact her on 0414 701 479 or au. Also visit her online on www. or www. Clinics in North Adelaide and country SA.

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Your body relaxes, sometimes to the point of sleep. However, unlike when you just relax, your mind becomes calm because it is focused on the meditation. This is the key to why meditation is so effective for releasing stress, because when we just relax our minds keep wandering down the tracks they normally take. It’s only through the focus which meditation provides that your mind becomes calm. So when you meditate your body receives the cues to let go of being on full aler t. Because your focus moves from your thoughts to whatever sensations you are experiencing, you are freed from the cage of thoughts we normally live in. Your body relaxes, and it is only when we are relaxed that our immune system can function properly. By providing the opportunity to become relaxed and calm whenever you choose, meditation can have a profound effect on stimulating the immune system and protecting the health of your cells. It can lead to living a rich and fulfilling healthspan. Dr. Graham Williams has thirty years’ experience teaching both meditation and mindfulness, is the Director of The Lifeflow Meditation Centre and an adjunct lecturer in the School of Medicine at Flinders University. He has written two books, Insight and Love which is in its third edition and Life in Balance. They are both available online. The Lifeflow Centre provides regular meditation courses in their city studio and retreats in a relaxing hills setting. P 8379 9001 W

Imagine a World where Noodles & Pasta are Calorie & Carb Free ZERO NOODLES is a zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat, precooked and wok-ready glucomannan fibre noodles from the konjac root, a plant grown and used in Asia for over 2000 years as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body. Asian women have been consuming this product to stay slim and healthy. Glucomannan fibre is listed as one of the top ten healthiest foods by the World Health Organization and Dr.OZ recommends it as 2 of 5 revolutionary metabolism boosters. It has shown beneficial effects, backed by medical researches, for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation! If you’re on a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low GI, fat free, sugar free or detox diet, ZERO NOODLES are the perfect alternative. These noodles are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes, as well as people with

wheat intolerance or allergies to gluten or soy. They can be used in any recipe for pasta and noodles as a replacement. You can remove the guilt and give into the craving of pasta and noodles.


Replace one meal per day and cut over 2,000 calories per week. A great weight loss tool. - Elizabeth McDonald, Weight Loss Dietician Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals without loading up on carbohydrates and calories. Noodles without the guilt. - Robert Reeves, Naturopath Finally a low calories konjac noodle that actually tastes good and without the “fishy smell” - Antonio Giardina, Italian Chef

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Most people don’t give the ingredients in chewing gum a second thought, but an analysis of today’s top brands reveals a litany of toxins that can make its way into your bloodstream just through the process of chewing. But now, there is an alternative - Australian chewers no longer have to feel bad about their gum habit thanks to Chicza Organic Chewing Gum, which has just landed in Australia. Coming straight from Mexico’s Mayan Rainforest, Chicza boasts all natural ingredients, is certified organic, 100% biodegradable and considered ‘beyond fairtrade’ with all the profits from the company going directly back to the 2000 ‘Chicleros’ - the farmers and guardians of the rainforest that produce the gum. Chicza’s natural taste aims to capture the essence of fresh and wild fruits, herbs and spices, and that original gummy and chewy consistence that only natural gum can

give. “Upon first chew, we loved the texture and flavour of the gum and were so impressed with the pure ingredients we realized that this was something the Australian market was crying out for,” said Emily Segal and Maria Drakopoulos, whose company Organic Imports own the sole distribution rights in Australia. Chicza Organic Chewing Gum is great for people with egg, wheat, and nut allergies as well as vegetarians and comes in four delicious flavours – Cinnamon, Mint, Spearmint and Lime.

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Fast Start your Health this Christmas and New Year Do yourself a favour and check out the range of LadyShip Organic Essence Extractors. Blending, juicing, macerating, grinding, chopping, or mixing, LadyShip Organic Essence Extractors have the power and torque to get the job done easily and effortlessly and cleaning is a breeze. Recently we talked with the owner of LadyShip Australia, Mark Shepherd... IS: “How did the LadyShip come to be in Australia?” MS: “Having been vegetarian for many years we were searching for a cost effective machine to make green smoothies. The blender we had at home just wouldn’t cut it. During the process of doing my research we happened to be in Taiwan and stumbled upon the LadyShip and were amazed at the performance and value. I said to my wife Holly “lets check this out”, so we followed the demonstration around for a week, spoke with existing customers about their experiences and decided to purchase two machines. Six months later we were the sole distributors for Australia and NZ”. IS: Why did you start distributing LadyShip in Australia? MS: We have been consciously creating a healthy lifestyle for some time now and love it. We love the LadyShip so much that we thought why not lets see if we can help as many people as possible get healthy and stay healthy and lets make that as affordable as we can and thats our mission now. IS: What is different about the LadyShip? MS: When you first look at them

you see the tap, but there is so much more. The patented filter system is incredible, it gives you so many options... blending, juicing, milling, chopping, mixing... its fast and easy to use and the AUTO function is awesome for doing the smoothies and soups. IS: What can you make with the LadyShip? MS: You can make a lot. Apar t from the smoothies we use it to juice with, omg... the almond milk we make is divine and it only takes about 10 seconds to make and NO nut milk bag. Holly uses it to make soya milk, slushy’s, sorbet, buckwheat flour, soups, dips, pestos... etc, oh and her favourite ABC juice... (apple, beetroot and carrot). Really the only limitation is your imagination. IS: How many models are there? MS: We currently have 3 models. The LS-658, LS-758 X Power Booster™ and the NEW IS-588F and they range in price from $250 - $800, however right now we have them on sale for Christmas. IS: And what about support? MS: We have warranty, parts and back up support here in Australia. We also do public and private demonstrations as well as Facebook and videos on You Tube IS: If someone wants to buy what do they do? MS: They can purchase through one of our distributors or affiliates or order online au or call 1300 787 088 IS: Sounds like a great investment thanks for sharing with our readers.


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Tools for Healthy Living HAYFEVER - IS THERE REALLY A NATURAL CURE? By Dr Greg DePamphilis Certified Chiropractor and Acupuncturist

The world Health organisation’s controlled trials listed ACUPLTNCTURE as a proven therapy to help reduce hay fever symptoms. Acupuncture is a safe procedure and surprisingly comfortable therapy. Many p.opt. doze off during treatment. Very fine needles are placed on specific points around the bodY. The session takes about 20 minutes. In many cases only a small number of treatments are required, maybe three to six sessions to gain a result.

In my clinical experience if you have not improved by the sixth visit stop the therapy as it will probably not work in your case. For those who do have a good result it often means they remain symptom free for years to come. D r G r e g D e Pa m p h i l i s D. C . (F.I.A.C.A.) Australian Board Certified Acupuricturist with 23 years experience and an Australian Board Certified Chiropractor with 27 years experience. My practice has been located in West Lakes for the past 20 years.

Please take a virtual tour of our New Clinic on the lake at West Lakes HERE’S TO BREATHING FREE (08) 8353 3777

Dr Greg DePamphilis D.C.(USA) F.I.A.C.A.. Australian Government Board Certified Chiropractor with 27 years’ experience and Australian Go v er nm ent Boar d C er tifi ed Acupuncturist with 23 year s’ experience.

With new weight-loss supplements coming out all the time, it's hard to know which ones really work and which ones won't do you any favors. Where does glucomannan (a natural thickening agent) fall on the spectrum? According to the famed Dr. Oz, it's "one of the best ways to control your hunger," "the best appetite suppressant," and "nature's skinny sponge."

Everything Coconut Everything Coconut in Port Adelaide boasts one of the largest ranges of coconut Products and brands in one place. It is surprising just how versatile the Coconut is. Some of the range available at Everything Coconut include Coconut Oils, butter, flours and sugars. Coconut Milks, creams and waters. A Petcare range, Books, fresh drinking coconuts.Hair and skincare range includes soaps, lip balms, body scrubs and creams. There is also an exclusive coconut candle range hand poured locally from the Adelaide Hills. But it doesn’t stop there Owner Debra

Silver says that the gourmet food range has proved very popular. The Gourmet range includes Coconut teas, spreads, nectars, cereal, chocolates, organic snacks, seasonings, sorbet, yoghurts and Ice-creams. Some of the Health benefits researched and documented by Dr Bruce Fife of the Coconut Research Center are weight loss , improved skin conditions, improvement of diabetes, arthritis and Autism Everything Coconut also hosts regular health and Wellbeing workshops offering information from varied professionals for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and

Glucomannan Fibre The Weight-Loss Supplement Dr. Oz Loves

What is Glucomannan?

lifestyle. They are at Shop 34, 172 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide. Open Thursday through to Sunday Debra can be contacted at or 0401 405 920 Like them on facebook for recipes, and updates and health info.

GRAND OPENING Virginia Massage and Health Centre Saturday November 2nd | 1.30-3.30 Lot 1 Shop 3 Old Port Wakefield Rd Virginia SA next to Virginia Post Office

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Glucomannan is a sugar made from the root of the konjac plant that has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese cooking as a thickener or gelling agent. It's so renowned in Japan that it even has it's own nickname--"the broom of the intestines" -- which gives you a pretty good idea of how it works. For just a few calories, glucoman-

nan creates a sense of fullness by absorbing water and expanding to form a bulky fiber in your stomach. "When consumed, glucomannan “sponges” up water in the digestive tract, reducing the absorption of carbs and cholesterol and thus supporting weight loss. This supplement also makes you feel full without leaving you gassy or bloated," Dr. Oz explain. The "bulky fiber" is then expelled from your body via the natural route. This cleansing effect has been said to help with a host of medical woes like reducing cholesterol, helping control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, and constipation.

Does It Work?

In one study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, participants taking a glucomannan fiber supple-

ment lost approximately 10 pounds in 16 weeks compared to 1.7 pounds lost in the placebo group. Another study, showed an average of 5.5 pounds lost over eight weeks, without making any other diet or lifestyle changes.

How Do You Use It?

First and foremost, you need to be vigilant about drinking enough water. Dr. Oz advises drinking at least 8 ounces of water with 1 gram of glucomannan before each meal. If you don't drink enough, the fiber can literally gum up your digestive system, causing constipation. Start slowly and work up to the full dosage to give time to your body to adjust.Dr Oz recommend taking it 15-30 minutes before a meal. (Again, don't forget to drink your water with it!)

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Eye on the Sky

What are the Akashic Records? By Jo Fuller

with Gerry Crow

Astrology November-January 2013/14 In the heavens the current planetary transits are demanding humanity to change our old human (self) centred ways, shift into expanded paradigms of consciousness, connect and relate with every species on the earth, act with real respect of self and others and thus touch the unconditional love that resides deep within our true hearts. How do we accomplish this gigantic leap of commitment to ‘The Whole’ is a good question and an overwhelming one. Globally we are currently still much divided and isolated by war, beliefs, greed and fear. The cycles of life demonstrate that chaos precipitates change and that the obstacles before us, like the elephant in the lounge room, require acknowledgement to be resolved. It is in the Uranus square Pluto, ‘job description’ to expose the bad and the ugly which will in turn reveal the good. During the path of any squaring transits there is always a level of resistance, and this needs to be worked through by all parties concerned, before resolution across the spectrum will succeed. The established bases of authority (Pluto in Capricorn) throughout the civilised world need to be questioned and part of the answer is the call for the inclusion of power to individuals and communities (Uranus in Aries) and the sharing of resources. This requires identifying each section of society to be restored and that every individual takes action in response to the change. These are really the preliminary steps to be achieved. Since Pluto entered Capricorn the down-sizing of economies has continued world-wide, bringing uncer tainty around our ability to sustain the financial systems we had grown accustomed to over the previous fifty years. Financial guarantee for those who had secured their futures through superannuation, stock investments, real estate and other traditional ways, were now disillusioned as banks were bailed out by governments, big businesses collapsed and other financial governing structures crumbled. Then Uranus advances into Aries, adding to Pluto’s disintegration an unexpected force of reform and amplifying the revolution. Added to the mix is the falling of the Catholic Church, challenges for the worldwide Media to act ethically, Climate Change and looking after those who are vulnerable. The major premise is set; the certainty of what will and won’t work within the norm of societal structures, such as the global finance systems, corporate business bodies, governments or religious organisations, no longer exists. Hence the climb to rebuild these fallen institutions, in a reformed holistic way is the big challenge. Over the next quar ter, we continue to experience the intensity of deep change on global and person-

al levels, bringing the opportunity to own every reflective shadow and to reap the light that awaits us all. As stated previously, the main culprit (transit) at the forefront of this imploding upheaval is Pluto exact square to Uranus. This defining transit is hurling electrifying and terminating energy to insist; we deeply change and reform our ways for the good of all, now! During most of November for those of you who have planets, between 9 and 14 degrees in the Cardinal signs; Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, the transiting Uranus and Pluto square will be influencing your life very strongly. You will find yourselves stretched to your limits on the home-front and work. Relationships on every level will seem to be taking their toll. However if you steer clear of impending dramas by acting in a loving detached way, which will be difficult as these challenging situations will continue to land at your feet, you may experience this time as empowering and transforming. It is imperative that you plan to take the space to ground and keep balanced, remembering the basics need attending to first; eat a nutritious diet, take regular exercise, yoga, tai chi and meditate. Opportunities are on offer, beware though, you don’t have to do everything, simply do to what you have time for. On November the 3rd there is a total solar eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio, with a Saturn conjunction at 13 degrees of Scorpio. The eclipse cycle on the Scorpio/ Taurus axis began earlier this year, in late April, with the lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Scorpio, followed by the solar eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus, in early May. At that time the themes within to be faced and healed were unveiled, for those strongly influenced by this eclipse. Now six months later, invoking the energies of this total solar eclipse in Scorpio, with a Saturn conjunction, the resolution of what was initiated then, will come to pass. Hence there will be a greater awareness concerning Saturn/Pluto matters. For example looking to the areas of your life where you need to take more or reduce responsibility, firm up boundaries in relationships, valuing yourself enough to attend to your needs first, balancing money matters, right action of authority implemented (yours and others). Also career advancement could be your motivation or you may consider making more of a commitment to your health, i.e. putting in place diet and exercise disciplines that assure longevity. Situations with older relatives could be the focus, resulting in adjustments and obligations that feel a sacrifice of your time and energy. The jour ney through these eclipses of the Moon within the Scorpio/Taurus axis can be paralleled to walking the labyrinth; a

process of remembering the past through the senses, being present with your emerging feelings and true self knowledge being revealed. This enables you to vision the future consciously and allow the new you to step out of your old skin, leaving what has died behind to move forward. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are strongly affected by the influences of these eclipse cycles. Therefore if you have your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant or Mid-heaven in these signs, be mindful of this time.

Summer Solstice

As the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd of December, Summer Solstice is launched and the season of fruition, manifestation, joy and celebration dawns!! Be ready to reel in your hopes, dreams and wishes. This is the longest day of the year, in terms of light. Therefore, at this time, 4.12am to be precise, the pinnacle of light will metaphorically illuminate your world, offering a time to acknowledge; where you stand within your chosen path, the accomplishments you have gained throughout the year, and what has changed within and around you. Your awareness will awaken the understanding to choose the next steps for your life journey and the ways to achieve it. Following that day the night begins to call; slowly and gently you will start your retreat and hold a place within, to commune with Hecate the Goddess of the underworld, or the Hermit or your own representation of inner Spirit Guidance. The cycles continue.... The New Year star ts with the New Moon 11 degrees in Capricorn at 10.14pm initiating the Cardinal Lunar cycle. Pluto is conjunct both the Sun and the Moon empowering our resolutions, wishes, hopes and dreams for 2014, with practical means and transformative energy. Mars in Libra offers a driving force to balance and harmonise while Uranus in Aries is clearing the way ahead radically, for change is afoot. This cycle then waxes (builds) into Aries at the first quarter and is the best time for you to make decisions concerning forthcoming ideas and take any action required for your dreams to manifest.

The Moon climaxes (full) in Cancer at 26 degrees on the 16th of January bringing home and family matters into the limelight. The emotional influence of this Moon in Cancer is a very strong one, therefore be attentive to what family or close friends are reflecting to you. Make the changes necessary be it behaviour patterns, diet choices or new career goals that align with your intentions made at the New Moon in Capricorn. The Moon finally wanes in Libra at the last quarter bringing to balance any conflict that may inhibit the progress of your wishes. Debates and discussion needed with partners, families or friends will more than end in win-win outcomes. Gerry Crow is an internationally renowned and respected Psychic, Clair voyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Her career expands an exceptional 35 years conducting professional, accurate psychic readings, successful healings and profound meditation, development classes and inspiring workshops. As well as having her many psychic gifts, Gerry has trained and studied at length in the esoteric sciences –including Astrology and Tarot, the healing arts, psychology, counselling and shamanic practices. She conducts her varied modalities, in person and over the phone. Gerry is also a regular guest on Psychic TV. Phone her on 0449 865 473; Email au ; find her on face book, Visit www.

“Akasha” being a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “ether”. The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness (an energy field) that contains a vibrational record of everything, including a record of every soul’s journey through its many lifetimes and a history of the cosmos. Akashic because it is composed of Akasha, (the energetic substance from which all life is formed); and Records, because its objective is to record all life experience. A more simple analogy is to imagine a library filled with volumes of books on never ending shelves. Every subject that you could imagine available for you to read. On a shelf is a book, take it down, dust it off, look at the cover, it is your story. It is a record of your soul’s current life, past lives, relationship patterns, heartbreak, love, every word, thought, action and emotion that you have ever experienced. This is your Akashic Record. A scientific explanation. Ervin Laszlo, 2004, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything postulates that a field of information (Akashic Field) as the substance of the cosmos. Laszlo describes how such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious life forms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process. How do we access the Akashic Records? Some people use a sacred prayer process, the prayer has an energetic vibration that acts like a key to open the Records. Often people access the Records while they dream. Others, like the “sleeping” prophet Edgar Cayce used an unconscious deep trance meditation. The Akashic Records are accessible to everyone. Many artists, inventors, and musicians claim to have accessed their Akashic Records. These include John Lennon, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Mozar t. Salvador Dali once wrote, “I am the first to be surprised and often terrified by the images I see appear upon my canvas. I register without choice and with all possible exactitude the dictates of my subconscious, my dreams….” Dali was able to replicate on canvas every minute detail and aspect of his dreams. Almost, every culture has ac-

knowledged the existence of the Akashic Records, including the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and more. The Akashic Records is not a religion, yet we find it mentioned in many sacred texts. The records or The Book of Life in the Bible (Psalm 69:28, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27) are described as being in a non-physical plane described as a library. Ancient Tibetan scrolls and Buddhist writings prove the validity of these records. In the Samkhya philosophy, the Akashic records are recorded in the elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. Information from the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future into our current life. We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of reaction. Jo Fuller is the Founder of Akashic Studies Australia. She is an Akashic Records Certified Advanced Practitioner. Her ser vices include soul readings, past lives, energy work, ancestral patterns and healing through the Akashic Records. Jo is currently studying to be an Akashic Records Certified Teacher through the Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies USA. She is also studying an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage. She believes in a wholistic approach to disease and health issues, a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit is the key and the Akashic Records are a perfect tool to achieve this. Jo is available for appointments Mob: 0418 817 854 or email: akashicstudiesaustralia@ b i g p o n d . c o m w e b : w w w.

AKASHIC STUDIES AUSTRALIA What is your Life & Soul’s Purpose? Do you have Limiting Life Patterns? Why not learn more about yourself?

Soul Readings, Energy Work, Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Healing through the Akashic Records. Jo Fuller: Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Mob: 0418 817 854 • Email: Web:


The healing power in your hands Andrew Horwood Have you ever felt that you might be able to heal? Heal yourself, other people, plants, animals? It’s true – you can. Healing isn’t the same as curing. It’s said that the only thing you can cure is bacon! Healing, by contrast, is “to make whole” – the experience of wholeness. This experience can be known regardless of the state of the body. For example, during my mother’s last weeks alive, she experienced a wholeness, completeness,

in a completely new way. She was experiencing healing in the last few weeks of her life. We all have a healing gift. It’s not simply for professionals. Just look at the way parents assist their children – “a kiss will make it better: let’s put a bandaid on that”. Within minutes, the child can change from miserable to cheerful. That’s healing. Whilst many spiritual traditions have a hands on healing technique,

in the last 50 years it’s become clear that the use of the hands for healing can be learnt by anyone. Dolores Kreiger, founder of Therapeutic Touch, has taught countless nurses in the USA and elsewhere. She’s conducted research which shows that people recover quicker from surgery and leave hospital sooner when they receive Therapeutic Touch. This type of healing is now becoming widely accepted. Healing techniques are also possible which don’t involve a hands on approach. These methods work upon the human energy field, knowing that a change in energy will, over time, result in a change in the body. Remember a time when you relaxed in warming sunshine and soaked it in. Or had a phone call with a friend when you were upset that was help-

EFT helps after cancer diagnosis By Annie O’Grady, EFT coach

Anxieties and fears can undermine medical treatment for any disease. But growing numbers of cancer patients have empowered themselves by easily learning to use EFT to tap away levels of their stress – even sometimes while receiving chemotherapy – to enhance their medical treatment. To use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), people fingertap on the endpoints of their meridian energy system on face, arms and upper body, while saying a few focussed words. EFT is an acupressure-andmindfulness self-help technique. It is rapidly becoming known as a remarkable stress buster, and a tool for symptom management and reducing trauma. Outcomes are quite often immediate and lasting, although complex issues require more persistence and skill. ‘Tapping is one thing cancer patients can do for themselves,’ UK EFT Master Emma Rober ts said in an interview with another UK EFT Master, Tania Prince. ‘EFT can help enormously. The calmer you can be, the more effective the medical treatment can be.’ Emma’s specialised experience with cancer patients, individually and in groups, is showcased in her EFT guidelines book,

‘Even Though I Have Cancer…’ As a complementary stress release agent, EFT makes no claims to cure disease. Yet through lowering stress effectively, the technique facilitates disease treatments in various ways. Repor ted EFT benefits for patients include improvements with: pain, nausea, fatigue, burning sensations, collapsing veins, emotional states, attitudes, diagnosis trauma, treatment side effects, wound healing, needle phobia, preoperation ner ves, resistance to taking drugs, eliminating cravings, and more. Emma tells of a patient whose veins collapsed after a number of chemotherapy sessions. The patient had learned enough EFT to apply it herself on this topic, tapping while she repeated, ‘Even though my veins are feeble, I choose to have strong and robust veins.’ Two weeks after she star ted this daily EFT practice, a nurse said to her, ‘Wow! You’ve got strong and robust veins!’ Another cancer patient has told of how she taps in the chair throughout her chemotherapy sessions, relieving stressed emotions if and as they arise. Patients can learn enough basic EFT in a private one-hour session with an EFT practitioner, or in one or two 1-hour group sessions, to begin tapping for their own relief.

awakening one community at a time . . .

ful. These are examples of energy field changes. Attunement is a specific nontouch technique focussing on balancing the endocrine glands. These glands are the most powerful tissue by weight in the body. They are focal points of potent energy which radiate the healing energy of Spirit in specific ways. When you are aligned with these healing energies, your life becomes more “on track” and you feel a sense that “all is well” – regardless of the personal issues you might have on your plate. Maintaining that “all is well” experience leads to a more joyful and fulfilling life. You CAN learn to activate the healing power in your hands. Learning about Attunement is one such way that thousands of people worldwide have discovered their natural ability. Andrew Horwood, Program Director Riverdell Spiritual Centre Phone (08) 8523 1329 or visit

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Cathryn Jane Neill (PhD)

As an EFT practitioner, I see that group tuition sessions particularly give newcomers to EFT some confidence to try tapping for themselves. Such a group may perhaps evolve into an EFT suppor t session, where the whole group taps to support one another. I frequently have people who were – naturally! -- initially sceptical, go from saying ‘How on earth can tapping on myself help my ------ ?’ to saying, ‘I love EFT!’ Annie O’Grady is the author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’ and a contributing author to the U.S. ‘Clinical EFT Handbook’. She is an EFT practitioner and trainer, also a Matrix Reimprinting with EFT practitioner. She conducts EFT sessions nationally and internationally on Skype and locally in Adelaide. Tel. 08 8537 0447 & 0448 338 289 Email: annie@EFTemotionalhealing. com Websites: www. & EFT blog

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EFT Tapping helps relieve suffering Emotional Freedom Techniques

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awakening one community at a time . . . undermined by their self-criticism, their books are written and stay in their computers. Their artistic and musical talents cannot be shared for fear they will be judged by others as not good enough. And so it goes on. It takes time to learn to let the fear be replaced by consciousness. Replacing fear and worry, which creates anxiety and stress in the body and psyche, with free flowing acceptance and learning to know that life is not something to be feared, is an enormous relief. However, once the mind has cemented into it’s thinking, that tension and stress is a way of staying safe, letting go of those things will, by obvious logic (!) create situations to feel unsafe. How do we let go of the fears? I strongly recommend Rebirthing/ Breathwork. It can be highly effective in getting to the roots and therefore original causes of the fearful thoughts. And its fast! When hearing the doubts in your mind about doing fearful things, just check to see if they are actually your sion. It is a noticeable competition personal beliefs or the thoughts of in some circles, to brag about how an adult close to you as a child. If busy and stressed folks are, instead they are not your own thoughts, but of understanding the beauty of liv- those of another, that’s wonderful. ing a life of ease and the acceptance Now you can make up your own mind of the unfolding of each day. We can as an adult. If you are creating fear s for have a diary; we just don’t need to yourself and they are not related fill it to be successful! The unwinding of childhood con- to anyone that you can remember expressing their fears to you, then ditioning is an impor tant par t of personal development. Many people ask yourself; “Is it true or is it imagsay to me that they have ‘always’ ined?” Most fears are born from an been stressed. It’s a condition that imagination that is more spectacucan begin very early. Performance lar then the facts. It’s the fabulous anxiety and competition can be con- creative mind or as the meditators structed as early as pre –school call it the ‘monkey mind’. Its mischievous, ir r ational, and primary school. Comparing talents, reading skills, body size, naughty and needs to be controlled sporting ability and many other ef- before it controls us! I like to pop forts to siblings and others, causes my monkeys in a cage and let them stress in a child’s developing psy- go, when they have learned to be che. Competition in and of itself is respectful and only tell me the truth! not a detrimental thing. Unneces- Fear tells lies! Have fun letting go! sary comparisonBronwyn with others Barterdoes is a Rebirther, Rebirther Trainer and Author B r o n w y n B a r t e r, create a condition of ‘other Bronwyn’s approach to referhealing is gentle and empowering and she believes that we all have the innate ability to learn, heal and grow when supported and guidance. Rebir therwithTrloveaining, ral’, which can stifle the individual Bronwyn is a founding member of the Australian Academy of Rebirthing/Breathwork President Australia
, and Director of Rebirther Training Australia. development and interests of the Rebirther Training Australia offers Cert IV inAustralian Health and DiplomaAcademy of Applied Health of child. Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy. Both courses are ASQA accredited and nationally Rebirthing/Breathwork
 recognised. The next training begins November 2013. The adult whoBronwyn’s grewbook up“Healing withthethe “Healing Dependency Author on Depression, Are you a Depression the Addict?” written for those who have been or still are, suffering from depression. “I’m not good enough, ‘cos everyDependency on Depression, Are you For private sessions day or evening or information on Rebirther trainings and one is better than Bronwyn’s me” thoughts, Addict?”
 book please call…08 8260 2086aorDepression visit www.rebirthertrainingaustralia. now becomes fearful of a myriad of
 scenarios. When applying for jobs www.aar/
 they get so nervous and anxious, that they can barely speak in an titleHealingTheDependencyOn interview. They are not able to join a Depression.html sports team, because of their belief 08 8260 2086 that they wont be good enough. 0408 853364 Their writing abilities and skills are

Living in Fear is Not Safe By Bronwyn Barter Whenever I hear my old way of thinking bounced back at me from another, I get to see at what my life used to be and how it caused me to suffer. So recently when in a conversation someone said to me that their motto in life was to “Suspect everyone and trust nobody, ” I felt my body reel into a split second of flashback. That was me many years ago! The fear of living, and the worry and anxiety of unforeseen or unpredictable things happening to us, creates a myriad of complications in a lifetime. Not all fear is based on the fear physical danger. A great deal of fear in our bodies are a result of fear of invalidation and comparison. Living with the fear, causes hyper vigilance. The installation of a fearful life can also be given daily by parents, relatives, teachers or the media, giving messages of mistrust and over cautious ideas to a child. The constant awareness that danger or criticism, is just around the corner, in any situation, creates a gut wrenching tension, that becames chronic and I didn’t realize that I had it until, it was suggested that I let it go! Chronic stress, anxiety and ultimately depression caused by fear not only becomes a burden on the ner vous system, but also, if not changed, can cause severe physical ailments. Our bodies are not designed to live with constant ten-

Bronwyn Barter is a Rebirther, Rebirther Trainer and Author

Bronwyn’s approach to healing is gentle and empowering and she believes that we all have the innate ability to learn, heal and grow when supported with love and guidance. Bronwyn is a founding member of the Australian Academy of Rebirthing/Breathwork and Director of Rebirther Training Australia. Rebirther Training Australia offers Cert IV in Health and Diploma of Applied Health Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy. Both courses are ASQA accredited and nationally recognised. The next training begins November 2013. Bronwyn’s book “Healing the Dependency on Depression, Are you a Depression Addict?” written for those who have been or still are, suffering from depression.

For private sessions day or evening or information on Rebirther trainings and Bronwyn’s book please call…08 8260 2086 or visit


PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES By Susanne Marie Have you ever experienced going back to a past life or to a life between lives? As a child I had a recur ring “dream” of sitting on a porch in a rocking chair as an old lady fast asleep. The house around and behind me was burning and as I slept I was engulfed in flames and died. I was as a child very fearful of fire and this stayed with me beyond reason until as an adult I had some very vivid past life experiences and saw this as a previous life. I also saw myself in another past life regression as a healer who was being burned at the stake. In that time I actually survived and lived to an old age as a wise woman. In both cases I was able to have healing and resolution so that I no longer have that same fear of fire and burning alive. One of the many things I have learned as a theta healer is to facilitate past life crystal journeys. In many instances I have seen major healings occur for people. Many people experience DEJA VU when they visit certain places, churches, grave sites, ancient buildings or castles or when they are with certain people. In some cases that might be just in living with the people they know in this life time, such as family members or spouses. One of my clients, whom I shall call Jenna (not her name), a lovely lady in her late 30s with three children and recently divorced came to see me. She had since very early childhood experienced much difficulty in relating to her mother. No matter what tack she took she felt that she could never properly relate to her highly critical perfectionist mother. No matter how hard she tried, she was never good enough.

As she approached her 16th birthday, she questioned whether she wanted to stay on this earth and felt alone and desolate. Thanks to the support of loving friends and a couple of distant relatives she did choose to stay in this time. But doubts followed her for many years. She later married and had children. The doubts continued to follow her especially after the breakup of her parents’ marriage. Once she had her second child, a son I will call Peter, she began to feel more supported and did not know why. Many years later she came to see me as a Thetahealer®. As well as doubts about herself that she wanted to work on, she had also been having puzzling feelings of DEJA Vu since the birth of Peter. We decided to do a past life regression using crystals and Thetahealing® so that she could discover what was behind all she had been experiencing. The lifetime was in Holland in the 1800s. Jenna had the same mother in that lifetime as in this one. She was following a similar pattern to this lifetime. The only person she had any support from then was her brother, who in this life is her son Peter. However then as a lonely and desolate 16 year old she took her own life. She saw in this regression the effect it had on her mother and brother and her own spiritual development after she had left. During the regression, she became aware of what her life lessons were and are, and is very glad she has chosen differently this time. She asked what she was meant to learn from that lifetime and it became clear to her that she needed to learn to fully learn to love herself and to

know that it was not about just fitting around others but to be true to her own self. We did healing and belief work to resolve issues we identified and helped her to love and believe in herself. We also worked on resolution of a number of other challenges that were identified from the regression. Once she fully learned to love herself she was in a more powerful position to love and be loved truly for the wonderful self she is. Her relationship with her mother has improved out of sight and she is ready to look again for a life partner when the time is right. As she accepts herself as she truly is, the lovely bonus is that her mother is likewise accepting herself and is changing her attitudes too. I have been in a fortunate position of seeing people resolve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and problems as a result of revisiting past lives. It is important when doing so to have a clear intention. • Maybe it is to visit lives where one can see lessons that are being repeated in this lifetime and learn from them and change the dynamics in this lifetime. • Maybe it is to have explanation for major fears in this lifetime so they may be resolved. • Maybe to find the origin of a physical illness or body challenge so that it can be resolved or changed. • Even better it may be to see a wonderful powerful lifetime and to bask in the energy of it so that one can be more at peace in the right now. Whichever it is, it is always a healing journey when guided in the highest and best way. Susanne Marie (formerly Meaney) T heta Healing® Master, Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®, DipTeaching (Prim), Dip Health Sciences, Dip Oriental Massage, Healer and teacher of Theta Healing® for many years. She conducts regular classes and individual consultations as well as past life crystal journeys. She is also a remedial massage therapist and Civil Marriage Celebrant. T: 08 8370 8557 0418 845 119

Living in Harmony with Life Thetahealing® Master Susanne Marie’s passion is to assist people in being healthy, happy and abundant in all aspects of their being.  Theta Healing Consultations and Classes in: • DNA 1 & 2 Basic and Advanced • Disease and Disorders • Rainbow Children’s Class • World Relations • Vianna’s Manifesting and Abundance • DNA 3 • Intuitive Anatomy • Soulmates Class • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight Class  Civil Marriage Celebrant  Remedial Massage Therapist ALDGATE • Ph: 8370 8557 • Mob: 0418 845 119


The Game of Life By David Lane Imagine that you are looking down upon ear th and watching a game called life and humans are the players in the game. What would you see? You would see a myriad of variations of the game being played. Even if cer tain groups of players have chosen the same game, no two players would be experiencing the game in exactly the same way as anybody else because each player is so individual and therefore; unique. Every game is heavily influenced by an exhaustive variety of options that each player can choose, and the game itself is also affected by the choices they make. The characteristics and rules of the game change in response to the choices and decisions made by the players. Each player leaves their mark of influence on the game and as they depar t, the legacy of their participation is passed on to those who follow in their footsteps. The game is moulded and it evolves by the choices and actions of its players over the generations, thus; the game and its rules is not the same as it was many generations ago. It could be said that the game is an evolving entity with an energy of its own. This evolving entity is known as human consciousness. Each player enters the game at birth and they have to quickly learn and adjust to the rules that they encounter. It does not matter whether they like the rules or not, the game has a momentum all of its own, therefore; their best option is to learn to play the game as quickly as possible if they want to capitalise on the experience. Many are preoccupied with creating safety, wealth and happiness in their lives whilst others

emotionally painful to own they are the ultimate creator of their own destiny. Rising above the negatives in our life normally requires a lot more than becoming a positive thinker. We know that positive thinking and creating does work, however; it does not always work. If our conscious and subconscious beliefs are in sync then it is easier to successfully create positive outcomes. However; if there are opposing subconscious belief systems then it is normally very difficult to create the outcome that we consciously desire. This is because thoughts create our future and a very high percentage of all our thoughts are being generated at subconscious level. This means that they have the greatest influence over what we are creating in our life and many people don’t even know they have them. Exercise; have a quick review of your life. Be aware of what par ts of your life are working for you and what par ts are not. Now look at the parts that are not working and see if you can understand how you are creating them. If you cannot see how you are consciously creating them then know that they are being created by your subconscious. Because the subconscious is so powerful; it is either your best friend or your worst enemy. It makes sense that a major part of exploring self-awareness in order to gain Personal Power will involve being able to expose and then change or control your negative subconscious thought patterns. I have found that my greatest spiritual advancement has come from healing my negative subconscious thought patterns

are struggling to survive. The first experiences of life can be likened to being thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool; we either sink or swim! The analogy of the game is referring to the life we choose in order to experience who we are and provide us with the challenges that we need to raise our consciousness and develop our personal power. Thus; there is more purpose to life other than just sur viving tough physical and emotional environments or enjoying and capitalising on its resources. The ultimate purpose is to evolve our consciousness. We need to increase our vibration through becoming more consciously aware which sets the stage for us to develop our ‘Personal power’. This means that there is a direct connection between our personal power and how we evolve; both individually and as a human race. One of the main measures of how much personal power we have attained is by the lack of fear that we David Lane’ s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now experience. Per sonal power puts us in includes many other understandings charge of our life, whereas; the lack drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we of it makes us vulnerable to becomare all individuals who have come ing a victim to outside forces. Victim- to tread our own unique spiritual hood is like a debilitating disease path. David’s first book called ‘The that stripsstops us of the energy needed Handbook Heaven’ is about how we What you from achieving yourtopersonal power? to rise above it to take charge of our spiritually evolve and how to monitor do who you work it out! our journey and is available online. life. The world is full How of victims find the answers onhas thealso website David developed an on-line blame forces inYou thewill outside world for their situation. For example; they course on ‘Personal Power’. Check blame other people such asout: theirOnline courses; Davidto Lane Handbook Heaven’ spouse, family, Book: friends,‘The employers, Laneway and More! work situation, government and to Personal Power even life itself for their predicament. David Lane Some go fur ther andLaneway blame the to Personal Power352 211 Mob 0414 Creator or Universal Mind for their perceived unlucky or ill-fated life. Mobile: 0414-352211 They do not realise or find it too

Laneway to Personal Power

Laneway to Personal Power What stops you from achieving your personal power? How do you work it out! You will find the answers on the website

Check out: Online courses; Book: ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ and More! David Lane Laneway to Personal Power Mobile: 0414-352211

awakening one community at a time . . . HAHNDORF BOUTIQUE CAT BOARDING A new holistic cat boarding facility will be opening in Hahndorf mid Nov 2013. This is a small purpose built boarding cattery on 20 acres offering unique personalised holistic care, with the emphasis on reducing stress. Climate controlled • Spacious suites with three levels • Two exercise gyms with rural views • Individual viewing balconies • Two metre fish tank for visual stimulation • Futon bedding • Scratch ramps • Cat nip and cat grass Relaxing music specifically for pets

Taking bookings now for Christmas: 83881412 | 0477433329

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We are but a speck… by Anthony Craig With all the pictures coming back from the Hubble telescope we begin to see just how vast and infinite the universe is and what a very, very small space we occupy in that picture. We are seeing images that show us that there are literally billions and billions of galaxies out there and that everything is infinitely expanding. We must begin to understand that we humans here on earth are not the be-all and end-all and that we certainly are not the centre of the universe. The ties of the hegemony that exists here must be loosened. We are not the all mighty and the all powerful. Yet media, educational and other institutions, society and some religions still keep pushing the concept and constantly reinforcing we must become all about ego. All that ego does is reinforce the duality of our existence, and arrogance, here and this keeps

us submerged in the lower and restrictive spectrums of our spiritual development. Ego keeps us divided and conquered as we play the mind games of power and control. We get pushed into toeing the line of conformity as we are continually ‘dumbed down’. In many ways it is very subtle – take eating processed food or being non selective or aware in our television viewing as examples. The latest scientific evidence, particularly in the worlds of physics and maths, now hints that underlying everything in the universe or creation is a universal field, which can also be called a ‘sea of consciousness’ or common vibration or frequency. As science acknowledges this, we must also begin to acknowledge that we are all one, that is, par t of the same whole. The speck that we are is part of our ‘biiig’ picture, our complete self, our

multidimensional being, our soul: the perfection that is. Part of that acknowledgment of our ‘oneness’ is to remove our ego from the equation and from our interaction with others which, at the same time, reduces our power and our control. There are lessons to be learnt here. We can only control ourselves not others. It is with this recognition of oneness with creation that our spiritual journey really begins. As we begin to surf and float within that sea of consciousness we start to let go and bring through the love as we lose the dualities that exist in our lives. We must learn to love everything as if it were an extension of ourselves which in reality is the truth. We are all part of the same consciousness, the same vibration, and the same thoughtforms. We are all par t of the one God which is in each and every one of us. As we realise this

22 we begin to get a greater understanding of the concept of universal or unconditional love, or universal compassion if that is easier to understand initially. The duality that currently exists can weaken our spiritual journey. It is only when we discover the true unity that we can move forward. I think many people struggle with the concept of universal love as many think only in terms of love as being romantic. The English language does not help with only having the one word to describe love, unlike, for instance, the Greek language which has nine for different types of love. We can still work towards practising unconditional love, whilst remembering that love and like do have two different meanings. Along with unconditional love, we must also learn to detach from the duality of being judgmental. Many of the societal mores that are heavily reinforced involve judgments. As we stop conforming then we can change this. Why should we be judging other people as to the colour of their skin, their sex or sexuality, their looks or clothing, their religion or any other arbitrary external attribute. The growth of unity, or oneness and unconditional love, depends on this as we recognise that we are each and all part of each other. The sub atomic par ticles that are within each of us also can exist in everything else whether it be person, animal, trees, rocks or buildings. It is thought – vibration -frequency that glues the one and same consciousness together, whether it is in this dimension or multi or inter-dimensionally. We are all one and part of each and every other thing. We must love everything as if it is part of ourselves. For instance, how would we really treat that other person if we thought of them as another fragment of our being. Hopefully we would treat them with the same love we would extend to ourselves. Exit being judgmental which, at the same time, does not necessarily equate with automatic approval. Remember the difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’. The important thing to remember is that my sub atomic particles are your sub atomic particles; my consciousness is your consciousness which is universal or god’s consciousness. Part of our journey is to bring ourselves back into synchronous vibration with all that is. There is a vibration and frequency - which includes superluminal light and specific sounds, brainstate and heartspace - to the universe with which we must align ourselves as we seek spiritual advancement and the

healing and evolution that comes with that. And that is our responsibility. Anthony Craig is the originator of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker. Based in Adelaide he travels extensi vely as an Instr uctor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details in your area. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. For further information visit www.

Why am I waking up in the middle of the night?

by Nicole Cody

Are you waking up in the middle of the night? Does it happen on a semi-regular basis? For some people it’s a healing thing. Your liver is working overtime and needs a little support, and your head is stuffed full of worries. If that’s you (and you’ll know it!) then this article will still be relevant. It would also be a good idea to change your diet, get some more exercise, and manage your stress better. Finding a suppor tive naturopath or other alertnate medicine practitioner will help with that. B u t r e a l l y, I ’ v e w r i t t e n today’sarticle for everyone else. For all of those people waking up in the middle of the night with no apparent reason why. You might think that it’s insomnia. I don’t think it’s insomnia. I diagnose this as a psychic connection issue. If you’re reading this, in fact I’m sure it’s a connection issue. And I know just what to do about it. For many years (and sometimes even now…) I woke up at around 2am. It was especially prevalent while I was going through Spiritual Awakening – that whole process of becoming actively more psychically and spiritually connected. At first it drove me nuts. I’d wake from a deep sleep, lie in bed uselessly, eyes wide open and fully alert, and by around 4am I’d drift back off to sleep again. It was my Guides who finally explained to me what was going on… Somewhere between 2am and 4am, when we’ve had some sleep and are rested and relaxed, is the

easiest time for spiritual Guides and other energetic BEings to connect with us psychically. At 2am we are free of mental clutter. At 2am there is much less ‘noise’ from other people’s thoughts, from electromagnetic energy or from life in general. It’s a little like driving your car down an empty freeway in the middle of the night – it’s a safe, fast trip, with no interruptions. When we are first connecting energetically, it’s always easier to do this in the early hours. After the connection is made, and we become practiced at it, we’ll find that we are no longer woken up, and that psychic or spiritual knowing and energy become a natural part of our waking hours. So, what can YOU do if you wake at 2am? Here are some suggestions based on my own experience, and on the advice of my Guides: • Drink some water – hydration always enhances connection • Ask to be ‘connected’, and then lie back and relax. Be aware of any images, names, impressions, ideas or information that comes to you. You may also find that after inviting connection, you are suddenly sleepy again, and return to the sleep state. (you’ll still be connecting, although it will no longer be a conscious act). • Write. Many people find that their best ideas come to them in the middle of the night like this – it’s a form of channelling. These ideas may be aligned to your talents and skills, they may be creative ideas,

23 or it could just be information that’s relevant to your life right now. You can keep a pen and paper beside the bed, or get up and go sit at a table – but do use pen and paper rather than a keyboard. • Move into meditation for a while. You can do this in bed, or get up and sit somewhere quiet where you are warm and comfor table. Once again, be open to any messages, images or impressions you might receive. • Do some simple hands-on healing for yourself by channelling energy through your hands and into your body. You can come to see this as a sacred time, a time of healing and connection. A very special time in your life, and not one to be worried about at all. This practice of waking up in the middle of the night won’t last forever – just long enough for you to pay attention and get what you need. Back in your normal life, adopt some spiritual practices, such as a regular meditation time, or time in spiritual reflection. Yoga, tai chi, exercise and other forms of moving meditation are also good. So are creative hobbies, and hanging out with like-minded people.There is an increase in consciousness right now, and enhanced oppor tunities for conscious connection. So if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night for no obvious reason, maybe it’s the Universe, tapping you on the shoulder, and reminding you that it’s time. You’re here for a reason! Trust in Divine Timing, and in your own ability to connect. Who knows what wonderful energies and ideas you might bring forth… Much love to you. Bless ♥ Nicole xx Nicole Cody is a psychic channel, metaphysical teacher and Soul Guide. For more information or an appointment v i s i t , w w w. or come visit her blog to get the support and inspiration you need!

Conscious Courses

Classes, courses, worksops and retreats for the body, mind and spirit

SUE Bunnett

Is Egypt calling you? Have you felt a strong connection to this great land? Perhaps you’ve been before. Hello my name is Sue Bunnett and I have my own healing practice Isis Blessings in Crystal Brook, gateway to the Flinders Ranges in the Mid North of South Australia. I am an Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner & Authorised Teacher, Intuitive healer, and Remedial Massage Therapist. Having had a life –long passion and fascination with Egypt that goes back to my early childhood, I first experienced this magical & mystical country in 2007 when I accompanied Elisabeth Jensen, Principal of Isis Mystery School, in Adelaide South Australia, on my first trip to Egypt. If I was asked to choose my best experience I would find it extremely difficult because there were so many. From the bustling and vibrant Khanel-Khalili markets to the stillness at the break of dawn, standing in the semi darkness amid the paws of the majestic Sphinx, watching the sun rise in the sky and its rays cascade down over the Great Pyramid. Or the tranquil waters of the Nile with its picturesque lush green banks or wandering the dusty tracks amongst the many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, it’s hard to choose. Being immersed in the history and culture of this great incredible

country of the great pharaohs and visiting the monumental Temples, another. Imagine for a moment walking in the footsteps of the priests and priestesses, entering into the Temple of the Goddess Isis on the Island of Philae and walking into the place of daily worship; the Holly of Hollies, to quietly go within and contemplate what has gone before. Whatever your belief, the energy you feel in Egypt changes you, so much that I have been back a total of three times.

Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to bring you a wonderful, enriching opportunity to experience Egypt for yourself. Egypt (visit for details)

You can contact me at ABC Dialogue on (08) 8395 5517.

communication is the Key!

By Angela Wieczorek, Dip. Prof. Couns. If you can’t speak to anyone close to you, then who can you talk to? Are you feeling confused, misunderstood, isolated or frustratingly ‘Not Being Heard!’ Do things in your life seem to be unjust or unfair? Do you need to unload, verbalise, converse, vent your feelings and express yourself in a safe and objective environment? Bottling things up and going

Adelaide Mystery School ‘2009 Psychic of the Year (SA)’ 11 week course Commencing Tuesday 4th February at 7:00 p.m.













This course enables you to actually ‘read’ the Tarot, regardless of previous experience, and further develop existing abilities. You will be guided through a basic system, as well as targeted exercises with a strong emphasis on developing your own psychic ability. Each week you gain lots of practical hands on experience whereby participants will both give and receive many readings throughout the course. Giving the skills to read simple spreads for: ¬ Receiving Guidance for self and others ¬ Developing your Psychic Ability ¬ Personal Growth ¬ Learning the universal ‘Language of Spirit’ ¬ Divination

round and round in circles with no end in sight can be debilitating and ultimately harmful to your health and overall well-being. Whether discussing and questioning the good, bad or indifferent, removing congestion and ‘emptying the vessel’ enables you to examine what really matters in your life and then move forward. My goal is to assist, steer and sometimes challenge you in your own time and space, to be truly honest with yourself and realistic to the issues. Then you cannot go wrong! This in turn can stimulate and enhance your ability to reclaim your power and open the way to freedom. Well, I am here and available for you, to develop a synergy and to help you to release what has become unnecessary. Communication is the key! It is as easy as ABC! Confidentially – One on One.

For further information and registrations go to Phone: (08) 8299 0276 Email: Location: Rear, 9 Moreland Avenue, Mitchell Park, South Australia

Crystal Healing Lights

Crystals heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They re-align the body’s energy to correct dis-ease. They act on the subtle electromagnetic bodies surrounding the physical body and the chakras, the linkage points connecting them. When most people talk about “the body,” they mean the physical body. However, present-day healers and ancient shamans recognize unseen bodies that emit subtle electromagnetic energy that penetrate and surround the physical body. They are referred to as “the aura” or “etheric body”. A disturbance in one of these bodies, or a misaligned connection between them and the physical body may result in dis-ease. Many diseases are actually a state of dis-ease. The cause can be a combination of imbalances and energetic disturbances and when they make themselves known on a physical level, cause the body to cease functioning properly. Dis-ease can also occur on an emotional level. Energy imbalance can manifest itself as anger, irritation, frustration, depression and fatigue. If imbalances are mental, they could manifest as childhood conditions such as autism or dyslexia, or adult problems such as stress, mental confusion and memory loss.

awakening one community at a time . . . Spiritual dis-ease can manifest as a physical or emotional disturbance, or a disturbed mental state. Imbalances can be worked on through either the subtle bodies, the chakras, or the physical body. Crystals help correct most energetic disturbances. They deal with causes not symptoms. Crystals are holistic because they work on all levels at once, creating a state of balance and wholeness. Hands on Healing Nick Lazari has been practicing hands on healing for over 20 years. This involves channeling the energy of spirit through his hands into your body. All sessions on the crystal bed include complimentary 10-15 minute hands on healing sessions, this will ensure your body and mind are relaxed and prepared to receive the healing contained within the crystal lights.What is Spiritual Healing? Spiritual Healing is an ancient method of healing which involves the transfer of healing energy of love and light. This energy has its origin in the one universal life-spirit. Healers can consciously attune to this spiritual energy and channel it to the recipient. Healers often use the help of healing guides in channelling the energy. Spiritual Healing works on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The energy flows to the recipient and removes blockages, restores balance and revitalises. It brings the feeling of peace, harmony, wholeness and well – being. The recipients may experience the sensation of warmth and tingling or even see colours. Spiritual Healing is simple. It does not require the use of manipulation or pressure. Only light touch is applied (the laying on of hands). Healing can be also performed without touching, through the recipient’s aura. Spiritual Healing does not require a religious belief to benefit from it. Animals benefit from it, too. The healing session usually takes from 10-15 minutes. Spiritual Healing is easy to learn. Everybody can learn simple healing techniques. No special gifts are required.

Tarot Simplified

Anyone can Read the Tarot!

For further information please go to www.mareehaynesholisticcourses. com or phone Maree 040 6620 172

Phone 0412 668 646

If you can read a child’s picture story book you can read the Tarot! There are primarily two different approaches, each being valid and effective. The first is, with a question in mind, choose some cards and refer to a book for their meaning. The second is where we allow the images of the cards to speak to us, eliciting our own intuitions to enlighten. So using a tarot deck and reference book is accurate, but it is when you learn to read the Tarot intuitively you can really fly, and the cards over time with use, will eventually become more a focus for your own psychic abilities. Cheryl Rae Director Adelaide Mystery School 2009 Psychic of the Year SA Phone (08) 8299 0276

Don McLeod shares his passion for Tarot through regular workshops at Cosmic Pages Bookshop. He has worked as a professional Tarot reader in shops and at markets, but above all he enjoys guiding people to use their intuition to discover the meanings of the cards. Don has developed an innovative way of teaching Tarot. He explains Tarot from a modern perspective, and he shows you an easy method to interpret each card. Apar t from using Tarot as a method of divination, Don teaches how Soul Readings can help people understand their path in life and their level of spiritual progress.


As we move towards this new era of consciousness one of the most impor tant things will be your ability to be flexible in your thinking and be able to adapt and cope with any changes that may present, be it relationships, health, work, finances even the weather. The 2 courses that I run by correspondence are about giving you the understanding, knowledge and practical resources for day to day living. The level 1 course called HOLISTIC LIFE CARE is about finding more purpose, hope and meaning in your life as you learn to look after yourself and others holistically. It looks at: Your health, Complementary Medicine, Your self Esteem, Your feelings, Your relationships, Your life philosophy and purpose and more. The level 2 course called REFLECTONS ON LIFE is a catalyst to developing or increasing your spiritual awareness so you can live your life in a more conscious way. It looks at: Beyond 2014, Man’s make up, The spiritual stages of life, The other side, You as a soul, Your Life Plan.

Conscious Courses Reviews to Improve Your Business

from $250 for 200 words + pic Contact InnerSelf Newspaper on (08) 8396 6752 or email with your contact details

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with Amanda De wARREN

OUR SIXTH SENSE Many have the ability to receive messages from guides, the universe and loved ones passed over (including pets), but they’re not sure how to interpret them or how to know if the messages are real. I’d like to take you through a part of my Inner Peace Workshop meditation that many find works for them, as after a little practice they begin to receive their messages. Firstly we need to open up our chakras. I find that the basic eight are usually enough to begin with. When you’re opening them up, you may see others that want to open so just go with it. This mightn’t happen straight away but after you have done this several times you may start to see and feel other chakras wanting to open. The most common is the Ajna which is just to the left and above the larger Third Eye chakra. Another can be the Meng Mein just below the left shoulder blade which is slightly smaller than the other chakras. You may see some on your hands or feet or even at the back of your knees or just behind your ears. There are many chakras so you may see a lot more as you practise. When opening up the chakras many see them in their mind as a flower opening or a crystal glowing, but it can be anything you wish. Mine are lotus flowers which are closed until I open them, and all are different colours. Here are the eight that I use everyday when I’m working. The main chakras have several names so I’ll just describe them: • The crown • The third eye • The throat • The heart • Solar plexus between the rib cage and just under it • Just above the belly button • Just above the pubic bone • The base chakra just below Find yourself a quiet place to sit and open these chakras. Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first – for some it can happen quickly and for others it takes a bit of time to

master. Your guides know what you are trying to do and they will help, so even if you feel the chakras are not open just continue. Now that your chakras are open you need to connect to the universe, loved ones and guides. This next step may seem a little tricky, but again your guides will help you as they want this connection as much as you do. Also, develop a type of mantra that you say to them when asking for help.Mine is, “Love to you all, good morning and thankyou for all that I receive today.” Say that to each one that you connect to. See in your mind’s eye a place that you feel peace in and ask your guards to protect you while you do this meditation. Some see a garden or beach or some even take themselves to a place that meant a lot while growing up, such as a grandparents’ farm. Wherever it is make sure it’s a place of calm for you. Firstly connect to the universe and say your little mantra. Some even see the universe and when I do this it’s like I stand on a platform in the middle of the universe. If you believe in God, take yourself and stand in front of God and say your mantra. Then take yourself to your guides and ascended masters and take note of what they look like and if they give you a name. Observe them a little while. Next we go to our friends, family, loved ones and all who have passed over, including pets. See them all waiting to make a connection to you, which they will in the next step. The last mantra is to our gate keepers who protect us and who open the gates for us to go through and be with our loved ones. This mantra is slightly different as we ask for protection while connecting to our loved ones. Then they open the gate to let us through. I often suggest creating a peaceful house to meet with our loved ones and guides. It’s a place no one can enter unless you want them to. (It can be grand or simple – mine is a simple log cabin on top of a mountain with a huge window across the front.)

This is where we meet our loved ones and our guides. Once we have finished making this connection we must cleanse our chakras and close them down, going backwards and thanking all that have come through with messages or even just sitting quietly and enjoying their presence. I hope that you enjoy your connection to your loved ones. Amanda Amanda De Warren is a respected medium, psychic and animal communicator who writes the Animal Whisperer column in Woman’s Day. She has brought comfort and closure to thousands by giving messages from passed-over loved ones or past and present pets. On her appearances on TV, radio and in print interviews, Amanda has regularly been put to the test by sceptics and stunned them with her accurate insights. She holds many events including Inner Peace Workshops, Animal Communication Seminars, Communicate and Learn Seminars, Messages From Beyond Shows and Face to Face Readings. She proudly sponsors Furry Friends Animal Rescue Queensland. Phone: 0434 713 615 Email: Website: Face book: amandadewarren1

HAHNDORF BOUTIQUE CAT BOARDING A new holistic cat boarding facility will be opening in Hahndorf mid Nov 2013. This is a small purpose built boarding cattery on 20 acres offering unique personalised holistic care, with the emphasis on reducing stress. Climate controlled • Spacious suites with three levels • Two exercise gyms with rural views • Individual viewing balconies • Two metre fish tank for visual stimulation • Futon bedding • Scratch ramps • Cat nip and cat grass Relaxing music specifically for pets

Is Egypt Calling You? ISIS BLESSINGS Sacred Journey to Egypt April 29 – May 13 2014

A wonderful opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to visit this great land. Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt with Sue Bunnett, Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner & Authorised Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Principal of Isis Blessing Healing Centre. Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to offer you this unforgettable and life changing experience. • Small group touring 16- 20 people,making for a better holiday experience. • Fully escorted with commitment to personalized care, comfort and reliability. • Private Egyptologist. • Stay in luxury at Mena House Oberio Hotel with pyramid view accommodation. • Immerse yourself in the personally selected cultural excursions and popular tourist attractions. • Experience three private visits: The Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and Philae Temple. • View the vibrant sunsets and experience the tranquility of the Nile River on our seven-day relaxing cruise on the beautiful ship, the Moon Goddess. • Visit the Egyptian monuments at Abu Simbel.

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Adelaide Hills Veterinary Acupuncture Specialising in Chinese Medicine for both small and large animals. Services include: - Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine - Low Level Laser Therapy (state-of-the-art laser unit and probes) - Tui-Na (chinese medical massage), Food Therapy.

Phone: Dr Emma Rowe 0437 675 963

If you are looking for a once in a life –time experience then look no further. Join us as we turn back the sands of time and Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

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Reflections on ending a year and planning for a new one By Jim Warwood Entering the last quarter of another busy and testing year we all start to make plans for the future. At the Unley Spiritualists Association this involves looking at the programme we will offer in the New Year. Some of the plans ar e unchanged. The Centre offers two open development groups, one weekly in the evening and one daytime group every fortnight. These groups use guided visualisation to bring you into contact with your Spirit Guides and Helpers. They also explore ways to try and improve your own psychic intuition. This work also seeks to explain the difference between working with psychic energy and connecting as a medium with the discarnate spirits of loved ones. Groups like this, either within a centre or as home circles, dedicated to develop the link to Spirit, were the cornerstone of developing mediumship. Attending specialist workshops will help in learning the key steps to unlock your potential but regular attendance at circles like this are what hones the skills. In reality mediumship is not developed instantly, it is something which progresses based upon the effort put in by the individual. The successful Healing Clinic, star ted over 17 years ago by Lis Warwood, will also continue. Our dedicated volunteers, registered

healers of the Centre, are always on hand between 11pm and 1.45pm every Friday offering a longer Spiritual Healing for a donation. This is a very special offering where our workers offer their time in unconditional service to others. On a Thursday night there will continue to be a Silent meditation aimed at reconnecting you to your body, two half hour silent meditations separated by a ten minute walking meditation. We also have our Sunday Meeting, which regularly includes healing, a medium both giving a talk and demonstrating mediumship. At times the Sunday program will vary to allow people to experience an open circle. From 2014 this will reflect a steady pattern with mediums on the first; third and where appropriate the fifth Sunday of each month (The Centre ceases all activities, except the silent meditation, from the 16th December reopening with a Sunday Meeting on the 12th January with Jim Warwood its leader as the medium). The other Sundays will be circles or, where appropriate other events. In 2014 these meetings will star t at 2.30pm preceded at 2.00pm with healing, or the chance to socialise. Although we are a Spiritualist Association we are truly non-denom-

inational and welcome any seeker within our doors, whatever religion they have chosen, we hope our activities will just help them expand their knowledge and understanding. On top of this ongoing program the Association also look to bring in high quality mediums and teachers to show what mediumship is about and help individuals to build on their skills. In 2014 we are looking forward to visitors in March, June/July and September. This will be four mediums with a very high level of ability in both in teaching and demonstrating. Mediums of a calibre that we, in Adelaide, usually miss as visitors travel into the Eastern States. So as we move towards the end of a year the New Year takes shape ahead of us Jim Warwood is the leader of the New Age Spiritualist Mission. He is a regular contributor of articles for the UK Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News and its internet successor Spirit of PN. Jim is an experienced medium both in demonstrations or private readings, speaker and runs a development group at the Mission. He also works as a dowser energy balancing houses. Contact leader@ 08 8367 6984

UNLEY SPIRITUALISTS ASSOCIATION New Age Spiritualist Mission THE ROSA TINGEY CENTRE, 38 Palmerston Road, Unley

CENTRE CLOSED DEC 16 TO JAN 11 2014 MEDIUMSHIP, TALKS, HEALING, & MORE All Welcome- By Donation - EVERY SUNDAY @ 3pm SPIRITUAL HEALING CLINIC Relax and Enjoy – Donation Only Fridays 11am to 2pm HEALING COURSE TO BE RUN PRE DECEMBER FINDING THE PATHWAY Meditation & Interactive Psychic Development Class $5 Monday 7.15 -9.10pm weekly & Tuesday Fortnightly 10.30am -12 Noon PRIVATE READINGS AVAILABLE BY BOOKING (also with April Mackie, $75, in Feb.,) 30-40mins $55 Tues 1-3pm. Thurs 12-3pm Fri 11am-2pm

See Website for Updates on the Exciting Events, Reading Days and Courses which are being arranged during the year See for news or Phone (08) 8367 6984

NATURAL STILLNESS by fran tomlin In the words of the famed and beautiful poem ‘DESIDERATA’ by Max Ehrmann - “ Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” and also ..”and whatever your labours or aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your Soul..” Do you remember to simply sit in stillness in nature, absorbing all of the natural sounds? Watching the birds, insects, noticing the plants, flowers and the grasses ? Allowing stillness in your life, using all your senses of sight, sound, touch , smell and feel to fully absorb the natural life around you? You do this so that you can ‘centre’ yourself and feel connected to the realness and

wholeness of the natural world ; to feed your Soul. If you think about it, your ‘ENERGY” buckets are continually being emptied minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, ad infinitum. Its no wonder imbalance exists, fragmentation sets in and the Soul languishes in discontent and paralysis. Then, as a result, you may feel tired, too drained, depleted, unclear and too stuck to notice the incredible blue of the sky or the spraying droplets of crystal water sailing through the air as the Ocean wave crashes down or how organised and industrious Ants are, or even how beautiful weeds can be. Mindfulness/Meditation is an inner solitary pursuit after all and connection with nature, in stillness, is Gods own blessing and is what will take you there , like the symbolic

bridge to that end. Again, as the DESIDERATA says “ with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams – it is still a BEAUTIFUL World. “ Namaste. *Copyright Fran Tomlin. Fran Tomlin is a Psychic Medium/ Clairvoyant who has worked internationally. She is known as “The Soul Whisperer” for her insightful, informative and emotive Readings. As well, she is a gifted Psychic Artist and noted for her portraiture. Fran is a professional member of the Australian Psychics association with qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Reiki, & Energetic Healing. She is the author of ‘Healing Energies from the Crystalline Realms’ CD. For details see www. or call 0405 687 930.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM FRAN TOMLIN known as “The Soul Whisperer” • Quality Readings W/general information, Spiritual Guidance • Deceased Connections and Past Lives • Psychic Dev Courses & W/shops – Meditation classes • Past Life Regression – Spirit Guide Paintings – Soul Art W/shops Qualifications: Cert. Hypnotherapy, Cert. Advanced Counselling, Reiki 1 & 2, Cert. Energy Healing, Australian Psychics Association (APA)

Magill, Happy Valley, Pt Adelaide • TEL: 0405687930 •


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Rediscovering Tarot

angela novello

by Don McLeod When I talk to people about Tarot, I often hear the same response, ‘I bought a pack of Tarot cards years ago, and I still don’t know how to use them!’ Sometimes these people have collected a library of Tarot books, but they still lack confidence in their ability as a reader. After nearly 30 years of reading Tarot, and after talking to many people about these cards, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are ten main reasons why people find it difficult to learn how to use and interpret Tarot. But don’t despair! Even though there are lots of reasons why most people struggle with the cards, there are also easy solutions for overcoming all of these problem areas. One of the main reasons why beginners give up on Tarot is that they think it’s too complicated. After all, there are 78 cards, and Tarot books often suggest that there are many meanings for each card. And what about all the astrological, numerological, and Kabbalistic correspondences? No wonder most people put away their cards after reading just a few chapters of so-called ‘beginner’s guides’ to Tarot. But it’s not as hard as you might imagine. Learning Tarot may seem overwhelming at first, but by focusing on the basics and taking one step at a time, the meanings of the cards will become clear. Take time to look through them and write down your immediate, instinctive feelings about them. Do the characters in the images seem happy or sad? Do they look as though they are adventurous or shy? Is the card filled with bright colours and energy, or subdued hues and serenity? After making a few notes detailing your thoughts about the cards, pick up a Tarot book and look through the traditional meanings. See which of your interpretations match these standard interpretations. When I bought my first deck of Tarot cards, I unwittingly bought a pack that wasn’t suitable for a beginner. I didn’t realise how much of a difference there was between decks—I should have bought the Rider-Waite Tarot. This deck is now seen as the ‘standard’ style of modern Tarot decks. Most Tarot books describe Tarot imagery based upon this deck. Another reason why people fail to continue their journey into Tarot is that they become scared of some of the images. Most of the pictures on Tarot cards are lovely—they show empowering qualities such as confidence, spiritual wisdom, serenity, and love. These images are filled with light, colour and vitality, reflecting positive messages from the cards. However, there are a few images that frighten some people. In order to create sensationalism, films and television shows often focus on the cards that are illustrated in a graphic manner. Death, The Devil,

Discover your Psychic and The Tower are the main ones featuring disturbing scenes. Because the media have attributed frightening results to these cards, people tend to be unsettled when these images turn up in a Tarot spread. But they are not as bad as you think. First observations do not necessarily give a full appreciation for the meanings of these cards. Tarot cards are symbolic representations of all aspects of life, including some of the darker themes, such as endings, temptations, and chaotic disturbances to your normal routines. When these cards appear in a reading, they suggest major life lessons are about to be experienced. They look daunting, and they represent issues or situations that are likely to be uncomfortable at first, but they also indicate situations that cannot remain as they are. Like an infected tooth that needs to be pulled from your mouth so that healing may begin, these cards show circumstances that have to be dealt with ruthlessly and completely, so that you can move forward and bring about transformation in your life. Knowing how to use Tarot is empowering. The results from Tarot are amazing. Imagine being able to make the right choices every time. Consulting Tarot cards gives clear guidance to help you make decisions about your finances, career, relationships, and so much more. The ability to make crystal clear decisions is available to you as a Tarot reader. It’s time to put aside your doubts, dust off that Tarot deck that’s been sitting on the shelf for years, and make use of this wonderful tool for insight and personal development. Don McLeod is the author of ‘Real Tarot’. His next workshop is called ‘Tarot Simplified’. In this workshop you will experience a unique method that helps you discover the meanings of the cards in a quick and exciting way. It’s an easy and fun method for learning Tarot. Contact Cosmic Pages Bookshop on 8231 9105. And visit for a free e-book called, ‘Ten Reasons Why People Find it Hard to Learn Tarot - And How you Can Overcome all of Them!’


known as “The Soul Whisperer” ability to comMondays & Tuesdays and WednesmunicateReadings with day to Saturday I am based at the • Quality W/general information, m y G u a Guidance rdAdelaide Healing Energy Center at Spiritual Fr a n To m l i n • Deceased Connections and Past Lives ian Angel and Prospect. • Psychic Dev Courses & W/shops – Meditation classes E: has been inwith Guides • Past Life Regression – Spirit Guide Paintings – Soul M: 0466 429 776 volved in the and I have Art W/shops W: paranor mal been able to Qualifications: Cert. Hypnotherapy, Cert. Advanced and psychic communicate Counselling, Reiki 1 & 2, Cert. Energy Healing, wor lds since with people Australian Psychics Association (APA) a ver y young who have child in Africa. It was an everyday passed over who have messages for occurrence to see, feel, hear and their loved ones. Magill, Happy Valley, Pt Adelaide • TEL: 0405687930 smell Spirits around ranging I work as a Psychic Reader in- I n t e r n a t i o n a l • from full flesh apparitions, Angelic cluding Tarot, Angel & Goddess card M e d i u m Va l , and Alien encounters, astral ar t readings along with offering Life now living and Lessons, Psychic ‘winds’ to shad- Coaching, Channelled messages working in Ausows. She fully committed to embrac- from Spirit and Numerological Anal- tralia, hails from ing this lifestyle in a professional ysis readings. I also offer Counsel- the UK. She has been travelling sense after many years of experi- ling Services as I am a trained Pro- throughout Australia covering many ences, study and research approxi- fessional. I facilitate workshops in regional towns and major cities in mately ten yrs ago. Pythagorean Numerology and Psy- South Australia, New South Wales, Nowdays she is known as the chic Intuitive Development. I am also Victoria and Queensland. Val now “Soul Whisperer” for her deep in- a singer/songwriter and channel also a Spiritual Minister with ACSsightful, empathic and accurate soul songs during energetic healing COA, is passionate about her work readings, which in themselves can sessions as I am a Reiki Master and and has professionally helped many people in her 25 year career, to become healings as one of her spe- Inner Child Practitioner. cialities is Past Lives and Patterning I am passionate about people come to terms with the loss of a thereof. Also a visual artist, Fran is and my mission is to assist as many loved one, in a kind caring and comable to ‘see’ and channel a clients people as I can to understand and passionate way. Her mediumship individual Spirit Guides, painting be at peace with their Psychic abili- demonstrations are proof of survivthem as portraits. ties for the first time in all of their al of spirit. She is also determined Having a Diploma in Advanced lifetimes. I am on a journey to work to help people to learn about spirit Counselling, Fran is also known as a with as many people as I can to as- and will be carrying out workshops Spiritual Coach and teaches popular sist them to heal their life through across Australia catering for beginPsychic Development classes as receiving my positive, uplifting and ners and advanced students. Also well as Meditation, Soul Art W/shops insightful messages from Spirit and holding retreat weekends that allow and to also offer them Counselling, Ener- you to relax is a warm environment with other likeminded people, learnEmpowerment courses. She is an getic Clearings and Healings. accredited full professional member ‘Sherry is so accurate and she ing about spirit and how to enhance of the International Psychics Asso- was able to guide me back onto the your daily life in a spiritual way. ciation, and the author of the “Heal- right path for my health and finance Val, who is the Author of “My Soul ing Energies from the Crystalline issues. She is truly gifted and I high- Purpose”, has also had many TV Realms “Meditation CD. ly recommend her. She is warm, and radio appearances including Contact her on 0405687930 or www. friendly and professional and also “Most Haunted” on UK’s Living TV. or through offers a great strategic approach to Full details of her schedule can be found on her website: www.valhood. email at her readings as she coaches you to email:; work on a goal from the outcome of Mobile: 0414 984 769 PLEASE DO the reading!’ CALL and if I am not in your area T K, Adelaide Sherry Hearn maybe I could be. As a young child, I developed the I work from my home in Mile End on

Fran Tomlin

Val Hood

My name is Angie, I work as a medium, clairvoyant, and Tarot reader; I feel energy from jewellery and read from photosI have worked around Australia at expos and worked in the UK as a medium doing psychic dinners around London. I travelled around Australia in my twenties and spent time with true ancient Aboriginal tribes in NT. I find the ear th and spirit of this country fascinating in an endless silence of time. My ancestry is Celtic, Italian, and my grandmother taught me how to work with energy as a young child. I believe most people are psychic and they can learn to channel these energies in the right way. When I read I feel vibrations from people and can sometimes connect with folk that have passed over. I get different messages from each reading and can often see future options, in a person’s life or exact information. I do feel that this industry has become a little commercial so I try to keep my work within an aspect of truth. I spend time talking and listening to my clients, as well as trying to connect on a deeper level. When I first start a reading I don’t wish to ask any questions. I sit in a space of silence and try to open up the channels for messages to come through. After I work with a selection of tarot cards and can also read energy from people’s hands. I have spent a lot of time in Asia finding a balance of live, and lived in London for many years working with true ancient Celtic folk who were a true inspiration to me and gifted in their field. I trained at the Findley College in the UK and did workshops in Medium ship, and clairvoyance. I am currently completing studies in Social Science and work part time as a Nurse Carer. I work from my home at Sellicks Beach, or I can visit my clients for a consultation at their home. STANDARD READING START FROM: $100 for one HR/ concession price is $80 an HR Contact me via Email angelanovello Mobile: 0403690933

Lina Todd

Lina is a clairvoyant medium and healer who channels information through her spirit guides. She was voted Psychic of the year (SA) in 2011. She has been psychic all her life but didn’t know what it was until in her thirties when she met a lady who became her mentor for many years. She is a member of the Australian Psychics Association. Lina has been reading professionally for about 25 years now. She channels

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Discover your Psychic information through her guides to provide insight into her clients lives and as a medium connects with their loved ones on the other side. S t e v e A s h by from Psychics Connect says “I am pleased to describe Lina as an accurate, confident reader whose manner is friendly, bubbly and uplifting.” Lina is also a spiritual healer and a member of the South Australian Healers Association (SASHA). As a spiritual healing practitioner Lina prefers to be guided, making her healing work highly intuitive.

Lina reads from the Eternal Spirit Goodwood on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays . For appointments phone Eternal Spirit on (08) 8271 9666.

Cathryn Jane Neill (PhD)

Former Reg Nurse & Uni Lecturer is now teaching

 Alchemical / Energy Healing  Karmic Release  Miracle Creation  Isis Spiritual Hypnosis  Courses in Psychic Skills & Healing

Isis Lotus Healing L1: Mar 29 & 30 Angel Miracles L 1: Apr 5 & 6 Angel Miracles L 2: Apr 8 & 9

At: Eternal Spirit, 100 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood 0458 173 731

By Cinzia Vuat

ACCESS YOUR FUTURE TODAY Your important questions anwered accurately and quickly. Readings may be taped so Cinzia’s gentle guidance lasts

Satisfaction assured or no fee charged Special Discount Please mention inner self when booking to receive a discounted 1 hour reading By appointment only

Phone 0410 456 540 Kilkenny

by Rachelle Terry

My clients most likely to notice and report that something in their body/ psyche is “blocked” are often those who have a yoga or meditation practice, as well as professional actors and singers. They recognize their blockages because they see them reflected in their daily practice and, interestingly, their work opportunities. However not everyone recognises such obvious feedback. At certain times in our lives, we may just be too busy or distracted to realize that our emotional and physical “machine” is not running as well as it could.

Signs you have an emotional block may include some of the following: • You don’t feel well. Every illness has an underlying energy block. When there is a natural flow of vital force through the body, you will be in optimal health. As soon as there is a disruption in that flow, you will be susceptible to manifesting physical health problems. • Life is not flowing. You may find that, in one or more areas of your life, things do not seem to flow as they once did. You may feel blocked or stuck. • You’re lacking your usual ra-



Signs You May Have an Energy Blockage

with Cinzia Vuat

Q Cinzia will money and work improve for me soon? Shelly MODBURY NORTH

A Hi Shelly, I sense that circumstances at your work will change this year. I feel one or two staff are leaving in the near future and you will be asked to do more but I also see your wage will increase accordingly which I can tell has been a big concern for you. That’s not all though, things just keep getting better for you in the longer term. The most significant change is next year! I can see you will start your own business which will be very successful and it will be financially rewarding . I see you very happy if you follow that path which will not open up for you until next year. Q Hi Cinzia, My mum is in a nursing home and not well lately. She seems to have slowed down and I am worried about her health. Can you see what is happening with her health please? Amanda WAYVILLE

A Dear Amanda – Sorry to hear about your mum, she is such a lovely person! I see she is usually very strong but I think you do have cause for concern as I sense she is slowly letting go. Spend as much time with her as you can because her health may shift suddenly if this process continues. She loves you so much. You are blessed to have each other. Q Cinzia please can you help me confirm a love relationship around me at the moment. I have been in a relationship for four months and I’m wondering if you can see it lasting? Ally ADELAIDE

A Hi Ally. Definitely this person has strong intentions to build this relationship with you long term. I see and feel the long term commitment. He seems to be very much connected and in love with you, and you with him despite your past based doubts. He isn’t going anywhere. The only running he will be doing is straight into your arms. Congratulations!

FEEDBACK Dear Cinzia. Thank you! You said that this year my husband and I would finally sell our farm. It had been so long that I thought it would never happen. I can’t believe we just sold it in the precise way you said we would which made no sense originally. It gave us great confidence during the negotiations.Thank you for all your help and support during the year. We are so happy! Kate KENSINGTON As a child Cinzia suffered from selective mutism, frightened to speak, her healing search began and intensified after a near death experience resulted in awakening her uncanny psychic ability, now a psychic medium Cinzia is available to Innerself readers who have a pressing question they would like answered. Please indicate in any Email whether you give permission for extracts to be published and pseudonym if required. Reply emails also welcome. Email:

diance. Energy blocks tend make people look tired and weighed down. Clients, after clearing their blocks, often have friends asking what surgical “touch ups” they may have had. Energy blocks can affect your body and your life. (Always be sure to have your medical practitioner check any medical issues as this is information is in no way a diagnosis.) The following blocks are among the most common: Love: Energy related to love is located in the chest area. Blockages here will manifest with issues in relationships or difficulties finding a relationship. Chinese medicine also suggests that grief is stored in the lung meridian. This appears as a white or purple colour in the hear t chakra and lung meridian. Many clients experience coughs or colds after a loss or break-up. Another manifestation of blockages here includes panic, or hyper-alert states and an inability to pause and recharge. Money: Money issues are related to blockage in the base chakra (located in the base of the spine). A common pattern where there is been a great loss of physical or financial security can be imprinted in the genes. Often this is present when a family or their ancestors have had to move and suddenly lose their home or security. It also a common pattern in decedents of war survivors. When this pattern exists, the client may experience “leaky bucket syndrome”. In other words, regardless of how hard they work, they cannot seem to get ahead financially and feel physically drained. Feeling financially and physically drained can also be attributed to a state known as “parenthood”. Career: If the solar plexus chakra is blocked you may experience blocks in your career or purpose, along with low confidence, motivation and self worth. This can easily become a catch 22. Physical manifestations of this feeling of “stuckness” can include adrenal exhaustion, liver meridian stagnation and digestive issues. Just like a knot in a hose will prevent the flow of water, a block in your energies will hold back the flow in your life and body’s vitality. If you’re ready to shift your blockages, conscious movement such as yoga will be a wonderful start. You may wish to dig deeper and have it addressed by a healing practitioner. Then you can look back at the wonderful oppor tunity that your energy block has given you to start you on your healing journey. F o r consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or inperson consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: *Baby and child readings also available*


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Books • CDs • DVDs

always already free

what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway?

For Tricia and her husband Steve, their special gift arrived at 22:44

Whatever experience is occurring right now, cosmic or ordinary, supersedes every other one because it is the one happening in this present moment. Every moment is in fact a perfect mirror of the divine impulse to manifest into the world. Life’s mystery and its mundaneness are equally divine.

This brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity and Presence brings us to a new awareness of ourselves and our innate wholeness and completeness. Enza’s personal awakening story, in the first few pages, is worth the price of admission. Enlightened wisdom is like an endangered natural resource today, which we overlook at our peril; let’s join in exploring and developing our own innate transformational resources for a change. — Lama Surya Das, international bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within This is an outstanding offering to our appreciation of the genuine voice of Pure Presence. It brings us to a deep awareness of what it truly means to study and realize the self and our intrinsic true nature as that which is already perfect, whole and complete. A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel, international bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

For FREE book download (3 chapters) visit

Moon Diary 2014 The original Southern Hemisphere Moon Diary is back in 2014 now with extra blank pages for notes and a handy bookmark with a key to the astrological symbols. This edition has also been printed using solar power, minimising the Moon Diary’s environmental footprint. It is this attention to detail that has established the diary’s reputation as a companion and keepsake for 100s of women every year.

Freespirit - At Last I am Free to Be Me By Judith Wilkinson – Zernig T his tr e a sur y of insights is a compilation of themes that aim to bring Healing, Love and Freedom. Each chapter offers words of encouragement and guidance highlighting that every part of our life is a gift: “Life is an adventure, experience it, live it and love it and then you will find the magic of Love... Enjoy” Contact Judy at judy.wilkinson@

22:44 Our Hidden Gift By Tricia La Bella Tricia’s life was tur ned upside down when she heard the word no one ever wants to hear : Cancer. Once she recovered from the shock, she changed her life to save her life... and she did. Five years later, she heard the word again - this time, for her husband. In this remarkable book, you journey with Tricia as she describes how the power of love and support can pull anyone through the darkest of days.


FREE TALKS • Saturday 2-3 PM • coffee afterwards... Nov 23 Astrology See Yourself In A New Light Dec 7 Healing Guilt Dec 14 Compassionate Choices

“Cosmic Pages is a space to reflect, a community, a fountain of wisdom and safe harbour for the soul. Walking through the door energises and lifts my spirits no end.” - Kristina

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Soul Power Workshop (how to find yourself) Spiritual Power Workshop (the soul’s journey) Dream Power Workshop (understand what your soul wants you to know) Relationship Workshop (making...LOVE WORK)

338-340 King William St. (South of Victoria Square) Phone 8231 9105 • OPEN 7 DAYS

Psychic/Tarot Readings Dream Analysis Soul Power Consultations

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My Life of Love of Truth By Barry Long This is an unsettling book... unsettling to the ego anyway. In this extraordinary story, told in detail for the first time and now published posthumously, Barry Long lifts the veil on exactly what it takes to live an enlightened existence. From his early days as a journalist through to his search for truth in India, and on to his early days as

a spiritual teacher in England... no stone is left unfind. For those wanting to learn about the man that taught and inspired Eckhart Tolle, this book is packed with incident, acutely observed and brutally honestly told... in Long’s inimitable way. A gem for all seekers and finders of Truth.

Manifesting Paradise By Matali The Manifesting Paradise Teachings clearly identify the essential moral, ethical and cultural standards that are required to attain “Paradise Consciousness”. This book is both a synthesis of

The author speaks:

Claudio Silvano comments on his Destiny of Fire trilogy. Destiny of Fire is much more than just another fantasy trilogy. It is actually a journey into the mythical and spiritual dimensions of the human spirit, of the soul. By writing this trilogy I have set out to explore what it is that we humans truly are. Despite thousands of years of growth, development and more recently, unprecedented achievements in the realms of science and technology, we still find ourselves where we have always been: at the beginning, unable to answer the most simple and fundamental questions about our existence. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of this life? Is there more to this than meets the eye? In the beautiful land of Theregon things are not as they seem, for deep beneath a calm and peaceful exterior, the cogs of fate rumble perilously towards disaster. Seven Chosen are summoned to Kuon, to help unravel the dark mysteries that plague the city and to embark on a race against time to save the entire land from falling into a second Devastation. These seven Chosen, unremarkable men and women who seem to share nothing in common, having been summoned by power, magic and prophecy, embark on a journey they hope will deliver their world from darkness. Meet Illiom, one of the Chosen and the heroine of this tale, who lives alone in self-imposed exile in the beautiful but unforgiving Sevrock Mountains. It is her fourth year of solitude, but now finally the world is about to draw her out and away from her sanctuary. Someone is coming to bring her back into the world that she has shunned and to face, willing or not, her deepest fear: her own dormant power. Meet Tarmel, Rider of Queen Eranel’s elite Black Ward and the one tasked to bring Illiom back to Kuon. Loyal, dedicated and skilled in the art of death, he finds himself challenged and out of his depth with Illiom. How will he deal with this young woman who brims with mystery and potential for power and yet seems hopelessly lost in her fear-filled inner world. All reviews from

• Vibrantly, eloquently and masterfully written, this story takes me on a journey, felt to my very core. OOnagh Scott • An enthralling read. Ros Betts • Smooth as silk, beautifully descriptive … great mystical storyline and spiritual undertones. Spiralstar • Cannot be put down. Martin Quinlan • A mix of fantasy, metaphysics, a high stakes thriller, and with rich characters placed in an imagined world of rare colour and beauty. Phil Auckland • Finally a fantasy that has more depth to it than simply a rocking good story. Martial Depczynski • Highly recommend reading this if you enjoy having a story impacting long after you have put it down. Darlene Leeson

Download the first 2 chapters for free - or order the paperback from


awakening one community at a time . . .

Books • CDs • DVDs traditional spiritual teaching and Matali’s own personal revelation. If you are seeking “Par adise in your life, this book of fer s a simple way back through Love.

Prayer for the Journey (DC) By Devaraje A wonderful collection of Hear tsongs coupled with age old mantras and mystic hymns to the

Divine each of these 9 tracks is another immersion into Presence. Devaraje bring together an inspiring collection of Sacred Music that brings one to Unity.

The Stor y of You and Me By Myriam Sampson “Who am I ?” “Why am I here?” This book brings a new perspective for our children. Highlighting our connection with all Life and our most Precious Gift ...Love. Self-Value ~ Self-Love are attributes that foster Compassion

and Unconditional Love for Others ~ bringing Harmony and Peace to our World. au

Meditations for Manifesting By Elizabeth Joy Here’s a gift for that special someone (maybe yourself) that will help them rise to a new level of Being. A great way to start the New Year! Each meditation offers a clear and easy way to a stronger alignment, awareness and acceptance of your highest potential. “Anything is possible when you believe … So make sure what you believe is positive.”

Pearls from the Heart by Sa Silvano

“Pearls from the Heart” is a book that offers loving and compassionate guidance to live with greater consciousness. For times when life is difficult to manage, this book offers shining pathways that gently guide you out of confusion, enabling you to embrace your life in a deeply accepting and loving way. This book holds insights and wisdom gained through the experiences and lessons of the author’s own personal healing journey. Some of the topics explored include Ego, Truth, Courage, Love, Forgiveness, Shadow, Choices, Relationship, Life and Death.

An excerpt from “My love makes a difference”

We can either allow love to flow or we can stop love from flowing. When we hold back the flow of love, we miss out on the sweetness of that love because in truth we cannot experience love when it is not flowing. Love is a flowing luminosity. As love flows through us, love loves us.

An excerpt from “Ego”

We go to extraordinary lengths in our efforts to be perceived as humble, non-judgemental and non-egoistic. So much so, that it can become uncomfortable to claim who we are and what we do because we are unclear whether that would be a form of self-aggrandisement. We lose the ability to simply be ourselves because we end up constantly judging every thought, word and action in avoidance of the dreaded ego. This causes confusion and imbalance. On the one hand we want to be ourselves, on the other hand where does being ourselves and expressing who we are cross over into egoism?

An excerpt from “Truth”

Each one of us experiences the truth through the lens of our personal perception. In turn our personal perception is governed by the belief systems we have accepted and embraced in our lives. These become fundamental informing principles on how to perceive ourselves, our lives and everything and everyone in the world around us. We then proceed to create truth according to this personal perception. About the author I was born in India and came to live in Perth, Western Australia with my family when I was twelve years old. As an Anglo-Indian, I experienced the heritage of a multi-cultural upbringing with all of its blessings and challenges. My spiritual journey began when I realized that I was neither living comfortably with myself nor was I living life to its fullest potential. Determined to free myself from my conditioned and self-imposed limitations I delved into my own psyche, driven by a deep knowing that healing is possible. My natural love for writing has culminated in the creation of “Pearls from the Heart” which contains elements of my own personal healing journey and of the lessons, gifts and inspiration that I have picked up along the way. My partner and I live in beautiful Bedfordale, WA. We offer private sessions and facilitate workshops and courses in healing and consciousness-raising. My desire is to inspire and empower people to help themselves and to foster love, compassion and kindness in the world. Sa Silvano, P: 0422 746 269 – 08 9399 1000 Email: - Web:

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, hare a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.

Leo Buscaglia


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my new single “Here & Now” has been completed and is ready for release! The song is a bouncy celebration of living beyond the confines of the mind … written and performed in a light-hearted and fun way. It’s different to “Give It Your Love”, and I hope you enjoy it just as much. For many, the present moment is so elusive … a doorway that is too infrequently entered, yet in truth we have never really been anywhere else. All of life flows out of the Here & Now and all of life goes back into the Here & Now … it’s all taking place in this forever one timeless moment. So why is it so easily overlooked? The song’s lyrics touch on this. Written over a blues/pop song structure, reminiscent of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll be the Day”, the song came about after doing my first 10 day meditation retreat, sitting around with a couple of dear friends, Nigel and Michael … and it simply flowed out from the “Here & Now”… Here’s the lyrics …

Too many words, not enough action Constant slave to your own reactions Ain’t it time you found some lasting satisfaction Livin’ in the moment here and now Too many voices pushing up and down Too many choices spinning round, round and round Ain’t it time you found that sacred ground Livin’ in the moment here and now Yeah yeah…it’s so sweet Yeah yeah…it’s so complete Yeah yeah… come on and dive in deep Surrender all that thinkin’ And let your body sink into this… Hereness nowness it’s all there is No “wheres” no “whys” no “whos” just this Come on and get your dose of this eternal bliss Livin’ in the moment here and now Sweet love, no beginning and no ending Sweet love, the end of all pretending Sweet love, that continuous transcending Livin’ in the moment here and now All of life flows out of the Here & Now... Much love, Leo

Just log on to and follow the link to get your free pre-release copy


awakening one community at a time . . .

Dhawal Fragrances

Dhawal Fragrances have committed their resources towards the research and development of a variety of incense sticks including the Green Incense Sticks spectrum, which are committed to reduce the Green House Gases emissions. Aromas and scents have the power to move us and heal us. Yet, modern culture all but ignores the fully dimensional therapeutic powers of natural scents. Incense sticks combine the practical with the spiritual. They are able to deliver disinfectant benefits as well as promote harmony, and provide health and emotional benefits. Incense can be used for room air freshening and as an al-

ternative to chemical air fresheners, as a mood-enhancing background fragrance, or as a meditation aid.

In the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda, incense sticks also known as dhoop or agarbatti, were used to prevent infection, purify the environment, restore harmony, stimulate energy, and increase the capacity for well being. A wonderful gift for Christmas, the entire range is packaged in silk-screened handmade paper, made from cotton yarn to keep the world’s trees from falling and the fragrance of the incense sticks intact. All their products are all child labour free giving the community children the time for education, play and natural development for the future. For further details and orders www.

McCarthy's Tree Natural The Blessing Products and Gifts Station

McCarthy’s Tree Soy Melts are made from 100% essential oil (1st grade oils which means they are the first distillation of the plant material, natural earth pigments as the colour (madder root etc).McCarthy’s Tree also have the largest range of melts (with a cosmetic fragrance and colour range which is slightly cheaper than the essential oil melts) If you mention Innerself iyou’’ll receive a free samples of some of our melts. For further details visit www.mccarthey or phone (08) 8662 2094 or email

A simple structure as a Por tal of LOVE for the Home, Clinic or Retreat. Once set up in your space ~ place objects of Beauty and Meaning on its mirrored surface. Inspiring a Still Mind and a Hear t connection to anchor your Dreams and Prayers. The H’Ar t of Living ~ Myriam Sampson ~ (08) 8339 2857 E W


Are you a raw foodie, vegetarian or health buff? Preparing healthy, live food is easier than ever with LadyShip. “Blending, juicing, macerating, grinding, chopping, or mixing... LadyShip Essence Extractors have the power and torque to get the job done easily and effortlessly and cleaning is a breeze”. What makes the Essence Extrac-

tors different to similar appliances is the patented award winning design, which allows the jar to be converted from a blender/food processor into a juicer, nut milk, soya milk and coffee machine, etc.. Phone: 1300 787 088 or visit www. Reseller and Affiliate enquiries welcome

Re-Think Watch The Re-Think Watch looks and works like any ordinary digital watch, but can be set to vibrate at a desired set interval. The gentle vibr ation aler ts the wearer to be aware of their thoughts, to repeat a positive affirmation, to stop and be present in the ‘Now’, to take a moment to be grateful, to think of all the positive reasons to shed a negative

habit ( an excellent tool for helping to quit smoking) and endless other positive uses. With this gentle reminder device only you, the user, know what thinking you are working to change. Re-Think your thoughts change your life!

win a copy of MoonTime Diary 2014

Natural Wellbeing in tune with the Moon

Did you know that by considering the moon phases and positions in your daily activities, you are living more in harmony with nature? This Moontime Diary has three helpful pointers every day which inspire you to look after yourself, your garden and your home with the moon in mind. You’ll be achieving better results, saving valuable time and effort in daily activities while living a more

sustainable life style. Lay and professional Astrologers too find the Moontime Diary an extremely valuable resource for the year 2014. There is so much more…. Please visit www.moontimediary. or contact Iris at for more information

To be in the run to win a copy of MoonTime Diary 2014 email with your contact details

Scent of Samadhi

Scent of Samadhi is an ancient, herbal, all-natural deodorant powder used by the yogis of South India. While wearing Scent of Samadhi, we experience the feelings of being ‘beautiful and wonderful’ inside-out and a sense of well being. These positive vibrations actually enable all good things to happen around us. It is for this reason that the yogis of India consider Scent of Samadhi to be Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of spiritual and material abundance. Ingredients: All natural ingredients which include red sandalwood, clove oil, tulsi and a secret blend of proprietary herbs. There are no colours, chemicals or animal products in Scent of Samadhi. Sensitive Planet, hear t’s endeavor: The attractive sari pouches made by a community of single women and the physically challenged. Each jar of Scent of Samadhi comes in a beautiful cloth pouch made from the traditional South Indian sari material. These pouches are sewn in India as part of a project to provide a means of livelihood for women from broken homes and the physically challenged individuals. Visit au or phone 1300 662 543.

Salt Lamps

The beautiful glow from our Rock Salt Lamps will bring a tranquil ambiance to your home. Rock Salt lamps are best placed near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices with air-conditioning, in fact anywhere you want to restore or preserve the natural air quality. Each Rock Salt Lamp is unique and hand carved using salt extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Imagine having a Rock Salt lamp in your home that was ‘manufactured’ by Mother Nature over 200,000 years ago! Marion area. For great Christmas gifts phone Angel Wings on (08)8277 7100.


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .



awakening one community at a time . . .

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The Gifts of Imperfection: live out your highest calling and stay to your Source of being. Let Go of Who You Thinkfor connected only $10 the lofty perspective of your You’re Supposed to BeGet From 4 issues (1 Year) of and Embrace Who You Are highest self, you will learn how to train


perience. Book a23 Reading at her download your FRee minute Age Resource Shop 03 5941 guided New imagery earth Healing Medi7800 tation “Butterflies in the Pine Forest”, your imagination in a new way. by Brene Brown Art Classes by visiting Publishing This book will help you See—with In The Gifts of Beginners to Advanced. Fabuau a capital S—that you are divine, and Imperfection, lous classes. Stunning setting. Just Make it happen now! Publish with Joshua Books. Br ené Br own, that you already possess an inner, south of Brighton. Phone 8296 your Petmanuscript Supplies Contact us on (07) 5493 1700 a leading ex- invisible higher self that can and will 3859 GreenPet Naturopathy– and naturalSerBe Published Publishing per t on shame, guide you toward a mastery of the art Astrology Hoogendyk believes that anyone can productsvices. for Handing-holding animals. Free mail all theor-way. a u t h e n t i c i t y, of manifestation. You can attain this shift their consciousness learn Let the 2013and Moon Diaryder be catalogue 0450260348 tspaceAustraliawww.hear wide. Phone and belonging, mastery through deliberate conscious to operate from a place more in tune + your constant inspirationconsultations available (07) s h a r e s t e n control of your imagination! companion. Find it online5449 at 1453 with their corealbelief and a successful guideposts on Publisher: Hay House Readings <> future. “But people need tools to acthe power of Accurate Tarot Readings/ ask in your bookstore Otherwise cess them, especially in a fast changPsychics Sensing Spirit Wholehearted living—a way of enTheta Healing. Life direction, OR phone 02 66552536 or email ing world,” he says. by Mitchell Coombes gaging with the world from a place of business consultation, for a Guiding free love, Light Psychics. Readingsany This book is worthiness. issue. Courses. doubts, brochure. with soul. 1902 256 Heal 002 from $3.96pm packed with exCarolyn173 0438 fears, traumas.1300 Each day we face a barrage of mobex, Creditcards 593790 A Plate of Business Eggs traordinary real641.caring images and messages from society $3.60pm. guidance and inBy StephenOpportunities Denham life stories of I would like SUBSCRIBE to InnerSelf Newspaper sight 24/7. (Phone Aust.) andtothe media telling us who, what, his book is Want to Twork for Innerself Traditional Tarot Counselfor 1 year Issues) for $10be. We for years (8 Issues) for $20 people’s touchand(4how we should are 2led selling advertising a w o n d from e r f u your l own ling. Affordable rates. Phone (08) ing encounters Publishing to believe that if we could only look home? If collection you are an experienced 8242 4594. of with the spirit perfect and lead perfect lives, we’d no telephone probing salesperson, love a chalName Make it happen now! Publish your conwor ld. Written longer feel inadequate. So most of us lenge and templations, love the industry, call manuscript Leo Ming-Lee. Nat. Accred. Teachwith Joshua Books. conwith warmth and Address perform, please, and perfect, all the on (08)8396 6752. Wonderful tact op- us on (07) 5493 er/Usui R yoho 1700 insights, exploportunity for the right person! while thinking, “What if I can’t keep insight, Mitchell offers an easy to folREIKI Master – 20 Postcode rations of realyrs exp. all of these balls in the air? Why isn’t low guide-book to discover how to Polarity Therapy House ity andClearing spiritual Phone Spiritual Intuitive everyone else working harder and tap your own spirit sensing guidance. A enerPublisher: Simon & Schuster Removalquestioning. of negative Trance Medium - 40 living up to my expectations? What will gy restoring Plate ofharmony Eggs and Email yrs. Exp. Please note people think if I fail or give up? When balance in your home bringing new phone number: 0411 958 744. is not a spiritual instruction handbook can I stop proving myself?” positive energies again. Phone however, but init will stir you sufficiently In her ten guideposts, Brown enRebirthing 0415 317 657 enough to get you to your own regages our minds, hearts, and spirits Rebirthing is a safe, simI would like to give a GIFT SUBSCRIption of InnerSelf Newspaper alisation of whatHealth is true and As & real. Healing as she explores how we can cultivate ple breathing technique that can a student of Earthing the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky for 1 year (4 Issues)compassion, for $10 and forcon2 years (8 Issues) for $20 ...The most impor- change your life. Rebirthing/Breaththe courage, movement, Denham hasdiscovery embraced tant health ever? and work uses the breath to activate, nection to wake up in the morning nErgy EdicinE the multi-level approach totheTruth it’s FREE! ... read book and be release and heal stored cellular and think, “No matter what gets done Name that exploresamazed! through10% many off spiritual all earthing prod- memory. Ideal to use when you want and how much is left undone, I am uctsitifisyou or enter traditions how thatquote we come to discount your life to change. The Australian Address enough,” and to go to bed at night code: be truly human . A“barefootdreaming”. wonderful book Academy of Rebirthing/Breathwork thinking, “Yes, I am sometimes afraid, Postcode Ear Phone (02) verifies the integrity and profesto read slowly, one short chapter at a but I am also brave. And, yes, I am 8005 through 7433. and to our sionalism of the following members. time, and journey Phone

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terly for $10

Polarity Therapy E M

Contin Allow the love and light of God toQigong shine W [AARP] Association Australian Reiki Professionals ReferSound, Colour &National Crystal HealingBeca • ralviews directory. discounts on Massage tal to re in West Lakes. Well appointed, & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis H Tables, Music CD’s Salt lamps. multi-discipline clinic. Suppor tive practice • Spiritual Guidance Past Life informative website & Forum• ARc work environment. stayRe in iNK Ph. 0411Healing (08)Quarterly 8353 Healing 3777Magazine. Shaman • Distance I had b 604 753 National ph 1300 130 975 during and Internet Sound Phone Healing ment s Goddess A ng e l ic and Angel au arrived 9-11 November Divine details Uni- oninweb his u Sound Healing vAll e rsa l assisted Officialb healings H e agoddesses l ing . haveasc or Angelic divine universal Healing. and “Allow the love masters “Allow the love and light of god to second and light of shine Within”. Sound, Colour & Crys0414 ment 295fo god toPh: shine talPina Healing • Chakra & Aura BalancDi Ghionno Appointments &I me Gi Within”. Sound, Colour & Crystal ingHealing • Reiki• &Chakra Isis Healing • Spiritual staff o & Aura Balancing www.angelicdivineuniversalheali Guidance • Past Life Release • Shamy tra • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual man Healing. AllLife healings sistant Guidance • Past Release assisted • Shabyman angels, goddesses & assisted ascended Qigong Healing. All healings masters. Pina& di Ghionno the six by angels,Phone goddesses ascended onmasters. 0414 295Phone 629.PinaAppointments Di Ghionno on & betwee Gift0414 shop 295www.angelicdivineuniver629. Appointments & We wou Gift Shop www.angelicdivineuniverand re to 5pm Spirituality Spirituality practice in the d Know Thyself as Know Thyself soul. sant Mat that a f as Soul: Sant is a practical spirpartme Mat is a practiitual path path based me, pra cal spiritual on meditation based on medita-on what I w the inner Light Qigong tion on the inner and and Sound, ethi- best w Sound, Light cal values, ser- valuabl ethical values, vice to others and love for all creaservice to others and love for all we shar tion. its goalItsisgoal to enable the soul creation. is to enable the to help pe return mergeand intomerge its source; soul and to return into itsthe On m purpose lifeofdescribed source;ofthehuman purpose human lifeby told me mystics of allby traditions. and described mystics of Focus all tradiQigong tions. Focus and sincerity sincerity are essential, as isare theeshelp as isspiritual the helpMaster. of the living of sential, the living Know and tha on it so spiritual Know Thyself as Thyself As Master. soul Foundation is a nonSoulincorporated Foundation is association. a non-profit in-For duced t profit corporated association. It offers further infomation call 1800 462its 193 ural Ha free of charge. For further or services visit and now information contact 1800 462 193 in 201 or visit Workshops the orig times w T rans m isFest. The Love Dr Xu’s sion MediRetreats and proown un tation toOPEN cesses deepD AY f i r s t en, honour and Qigong

Star Blessing Meditation imperfect and vulnerable, but that own awakenings as we do. doesn’t change the truth that I am Nurture you, Heal you. In& 11/11/11 Trevor Applebee - Mawson Lakes Email tuitively guided healings. Gift worthy of love and belonging.” Initiations inside the Great Pyramid of 0418 836 261 shop/ Healing tools. Reiki/ Seichim Publisher: Hazelden Egypt with Elisabeth Jensen Nick Avery - Valley View classes. Childrens Reiki classes Reiki 0414 376 989 This video was filmed inside the great now available. Samantha Roberts. Bronwyn Barter - Mawson Lakes Pyramid of Egypt on 11th NovemThe BIG Picture Name ARc inc. Australian 0407 614 586http://www.nurturey(08) 8260Reiki 2086 conber 2009 – 11/11/11 numerologiby Garry Gilfoy nection. Australia’s Leading ReiKi Michael Barton - Oakden Address Sunday eany verlovy enhance W e a v i n g t o - cally. Elisabeth jenson transpor ts Association est. 8369 19973069 - Run by month. Venue: ing relationship. the viewer to a place of powerful yet gether seven di Postcode Members for withGardens fellowsouthern suburbs EliseMembers Carr - Allenby Centre. Clarence Park Community Queensland, Bali gentle healing in the trusted hands verse stories of ship and support. Access to insur0417 809 198 7:30 8:30pm. Call 0428 592 209 Phone and beyond. www.dynamicgroups. Theta Healing (including weight courage, hope, of the Egyptian Divinities and Angels. ance. GabbieFRee of EnrightMembership - Seacombe Gdns Phone 07 5494 4707. management), diet advice, flower personal growth Includes actual footage of auric ener0414 410 963 Email essences, vibrational healing with and self realisa- getic activity. Cindy Pellas - Henley Beach essential oils. Be Healthy – Be Free! 0400 538 751 tion the reader Publisher: Isis Mystery School Phone 0416 097 227. Veronica Reinders - Mt. Pleasant is taken through 0438 880 894 Payment can beworlds madethrough by: cheque, money order, Visa, or by direct deposit to: the spiritual the eyes Home Services Rundle - Royal Park Julie Bank: Commonwealth, Branch: Campbelltown (SA), Account name: InnerSelf Newspaper, of direct personal experience. The Saver Painting. Home and com0411 872 164 Account # : 10270359, BSB# : 065145 author has created a worldview not to ResOuRce Guide mercial. Environment Friendly. Free Verity VanOur Balen -A-Z Seaview Downs With electronic transfers, email with confirmation of your convince anyone but more to fill some prompt quotes. Pensioner discount. 0405 216 828 “We care.” Phone 0415 514 122. is a products and services directory listed in gaps in the understanding of those transaction Reiki who already believe in the reality of alphabetical order.If you are Life Coaching Australian Reiki Connection the inner realms. Let Joy, Helen, Lupayment credit card an experienced C hang e yo u r l if e n o w ! Inc. (ARC) Est. 1997. Advocacy kas, Caren, Keely, Trish and the author Reach your potential with Direc- of the Usui System of Reiki. Run by Visa Bill my: MasterCard for $ himself lift you to “The BIG Picture”. telephone tions Coaching. Phone Diana on

To have your Book, Cd or DVD reviewed on these pages, please contact us on innerselfnewspaper@bigpond.

Publisher: iUniverse Card No:

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

The King, the Queen and the Mouse

eD:atyr Epxi

0417295100 or email to get started.

Psychics “Twenty years from Energy healnow you will be more ings u sing Reiki disappointed by crystals, the and Seichim with Lilliana Rose things that you didn’t

by Ross Bonacci This book is part of Rossi & Lucy’s (Please print) Cardholder’s name by Wayne W. Dyer Day-Time-Story series of educational T his b o o k is books for children. Designed to teach I AM PAYING BY dedicated to young children beneficial behavioural your mastery of 0401 137 871 patterns, at a young age. “You are” Direct Deposit Cheque Order forand a TOTAL $ do than 1hr the art ofMoney real- statements by the ones “I am”ofstatements $50 or 1 ½ hr $70. payable to InnerSelf Newspaper izing all your are a great way of instilling strong you did do. desir es. T he and virtues into a young mind. InnerSelf Newspaper, Po Boxvalues 146 Highbury SA 5089 Trish is an accurate Psychic gr eatest gift Guaranteed to inspire young children. Tel: 08 8396 6752 • Em: So &throw Medium off with 30 years exyou have been Publisher: The Way of the Soul given is the gift the bowlines. of your imagiInner Journeys Sail away from the nation. Everything that now exists was

Want to a-z resourCework GuIDe for innerSelf ?

$199 PrePaID for 12 Months

For 20 words + colour photo/logo salesperson,

members for members with fellowship & suppor t. National referral directory (conditions apply). Entitlement to membership in the professional branch of ARC – the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP) (conditions apply) ARC INK members’ magazine, informative website. Access to insurance & reiki related products/services. au Ph. 1300 130 975

Room to Let Wanted - Health Practitioner. Room to let with water

love a challenge and love the industry, call Leo on (08)8396 6752. Wonderful opportunity for the right person!

Simon books, ancient master leading retreat student unique receive Traditio and Dao him aut He has Daoism meanin Standin Academ Beijing (02) 95


one community at a time . . Fettuccine, . Now awakening available in Rice, 32 Penne, Spaghetti & Lasagne

JAPAN’S BEST KEPT SECRET FOR LASTING WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTH & WELL BEING Our noodles are made out of all natural, organic, vegetable Glucomannan fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects backed by medical researches for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation!

Konjac has been grown and used in Japan and China for over 2000 years as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body.



The 5 calories and 4g of carbo per 100g are primarily non-absorbable fiber.


“Japan’s Best-Kept Secret for Lasting Weight Loss, Health and Wellbeing” Register online at:

For more info and orders:

08 8121 5889 E: •


Replace one meal per day and cut over 2,000 calories per week. A great weight loss tool. Elizabeth McDonald, Weight Loss Dietician Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals without loading up on carbohydrates and calories. Noodles without the guilt. Robert Reeves, Naturopath Finally a konjac noodle that actually taste good without that fishy smell. Even Italian customers like them. Antonio Giardina, Italian Chef

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