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City’s budget Finance MMC Geoffrey Makhubo addresses the audience during the budget speech event at the Metro Centre.



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24 - 31 MAY 2012

MMC tables city budget Mbhazima Lesego waka’Ngobeni


Finance MMC Geoffrey Makhubo delivers the budget speech at the Metro Centre. PIC : ENOCH LEHUNG

bout R37.6 billion will be spent in the 2012/2013 financial year, R33.4 billion of which will be for operational costs and R4.2 billion for capital projects. Delivering the budget speech this week Joburg Finance MMC Geoffrey Makhubo said this is to ensure continuous service delivery and extension of essential services. The City, along with the private sector, would invest about R100 billion over the next 10 years in infrastructure development to create jobs and expand economic development, Makhubo explained. City Power would be allocated

R12.6-billion for operational expenditure and R953 million for capital projects to improve quality of supply and service. The money would be invested in electricity infrastructure to reduce losses in electricity, new connections and public lighting. About R5.8-billion would be allocated to Joburg Water as operational budget and about R728 million as capital budget, which would be used to mop up water losses and to repair and maintain the City’s water network. Pikitup would receive about R1.33-billion for operations and R54 million for capital expenditure. The money would be directed at thwarting illegal dumping,

improving refuse collection and cleaning the streets. The Johannesburg Roads Agency was allocated R274 million for capital expenditure and R548 million for operational costs. The money would be to maintain roads, bridges and storm water systems to avoid further deterioration. About R234 million was assigned to the Johannesburg Social Housing Company to continue its work on projects such as the City Deep mixed housing development. The JMPD received about R1.64 billion for crime prevention, traffic management and by-law enforcement. This provided for the deployment of 10 officers per ward to intensify by-law enforcement.

Health and social development was allocated R677 million. About R7 million would be diverted to the Food Resilience Programme, which aims to ensure food security for the indigent. Makhubo said the City would upgrade community facilities such as recreation centres, swimming pools, libraries and sports grounds. “We have also made provision for the City’s commitment towards hosting Afcon matches in January 2013.” To extend Rea Vaya to new areas, a capital budget of R992.6 million and an operational budget of R855.8 million was allocated to the department of transport. For more visit

Man held over R50 000 goods BRIGHT FUTURE DRIVING ACADEMY CC

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Crime Reporter


his week Hillbrow police arrested a man for being in possession of suspected stolen property worth over R 50 000 in a flat in Hillbrow, police spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay says. She explains that police attached to the Robbery Reaction Unit received a tip-off

from a community member concerning stolen property. “This led the police to a flat in Hillbrow, where they found a man in the flat with five new base and mattress sets, two generators, one TV set and computer equipment worth about R50 000,” she says. The suspect could not provide any information about the source of his goods, and he was arrested, Sgt Pillay adds.

Tavern murder suspect nabbed Crime Reporter


illbrow police have arrested a man in connection with a murder that was committed outside a tavern in Esselen Street, police spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay says. She explains that the victim went outside the pub and was confronted by four men. “He was stabbed and was taken to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, where he passed away. An investigation into the killing has

led to the arrest of one suspect involved in the murder, and three of them are still still at large.” In the same period police arrested a 26 year-old Berea man for allegedly assaulting and stabbing his girlfriend, Sgt Pillay says. She explains that a woman quarrelled with her boyfriend over Facebook messages. “The man assaulted the woman and stabbed her with a broken beer bottle in her hand. The victim sustained injuries to her hand and was taken to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital for treatment,” Sgt Pillay adds.

24 - 31 MAY 2012




Police officers monitor the streets of Joburg through the city’s CCTV cameras.

Pastor Jean Bradley (left) with Nobesuthu Khumalo at the centre. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Sanctuary for abused women Persistance Nkomo

A Christian organisation catering for abused women and their children, Usindiso Ministries has changed many lives around Johannesburg with the services it offers. Many women have gained experience and self esteem through the counselling sessions and make better lives for themselves and their children. The NGO’s founder and CEO Pastor Jean Bradley said they offer the women counselling to help them appreciate themselves, and equip them with skills to help them survive. “We involve them in projects like uphol-

stery, child minding and cookery. FNB helps us and the ladies who graduated in chef training are doing well.” Bradley added that most of the women there are abused by men. “They might have married for the wrong reasons, which makes them vulnerable to abuse. We equip them with skills that help them afford a living, even without men to help them,” she added. The shelter does not have enough funds, so it plans to run fundraising projects like toilet paper making, Pastor Bradley says. Bradley can be reached on telephone number 011 334 - 1143.

CBD cameras foil burglary Crime Reporter


oburg Central police have arrested two men for allegedly attempting to break into business premises and malicious damage to property at a shop in corner Mooi and Kerk streets. Police spokesperson W/O Xoli Mbele says the suspects were captured by the city’s CCTV cameras while they were trying to break the shop’s the

Cops seize 60kg dagga

roller door system. “They managed to break the padlocks with a bolt cutter, but police quickly moved in and arrested them and the bolt cutter was confiscated,” he explains. Meanwhile police arrested a 21 year-old man for common robbery at corner Bree and Eloff streets. “It is alleged that a suspect robbed a 33 year-old male hawker at his stall. The victim was selling cigarettes and airtime when he was approached by the suspect. He pretended to be a Crime Reporter


olice have arrested two men and confiscated 60kg of dagga with an estimated street value of R150 000, and also found R10 000 in cash at a house in Kensington, according to police

customer asking to buy airtime. Next moment the man grabbed a plastic bag with airtime worth R180 and ran away,” explains W/O Mbele. The victim screamed for help and ran after the suspect. “A police patrol joined the chase and arrested the man, the plastic bag with airtime and a knife was recovered from a suspect.” He has been charged with common robbery and possession of a dangerous weapon, W/O Mbele says. spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay. She explains that the Johannesburg Flying Squad arrested the men after receiving a tip-off from a community member. “The police followed up on the information supplied, which led them to a house in Kensington,” adds Sgt Pillay.




24 - 31 MAY 2012

Alarmed by the streetkids



As the cold weather intensifies there have been several fire accidents in the city’s areas of vulnerable accommodation, abandoned and hijacked buildings and also informal settlements. This cold season’s weather related death toll has already reached three. In two of these incidents emergency services personnel suspected that the blaze was sparked by dangerously connected illegal power connections; and by an abandoned paraffin stove which exploded and set the shack alight. Illegal electricity connections have become common in many poverty stricken settlements. This is especially so in areas where there are no supplies of alternative sources of energy like for instance firewood and coal. Faced with the biting cold some residents get tempted to tamper with the area’s power supply system to steal the electricity. They then set up a contraption of wires to transmit the electricity for instance from a powerline or switchboard box in the street. When all that is set up it poses great danger to the whole community, with live wires running in the streets where the children play. The connection also causes a strain in the power distribution system, which sometimes leads to explosions that cause fires that affect the whole settlement, and also power outages to the rest of the immediate neighbourhood. The consequences of this are uncountable. Businesses may run into serious losses, and all kinds of work that require electric power get halted. Such power connections lead to human lives and economic losses. One way of alleviating energy sources in such impoverished areas is for the authorities to supply them with coal or firewood at subsidised prices. With an alternative they may not get overwhelmed by the temptation to steal the power and endanger whole communities.

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aving read the letter in your last edition of Inner-city Gazette in page 4 with the heading Control traffic in busy street, written by Alicia Hlongwa, I would like to remind all church organisations that there are rules and regulations in place that govern how they can operate. I am also a member of a church organisation that operates in the Johannesburg city centre. Recently we attended a meeting with the City of Johannesburg officials, in which we discussed all sorts of issues governing our operations. One of the most important ones

Church must get larger premises was that our operations must not inconvenience the public. This meant that public places must not be used for our operations because they may cause undesirable situations. In the case outlined in that letter this has more than overstepped the regulation. In the picture that is shown the people attending the service have completely blocked

the street, and motor vehicles cannot use the road, including those of the police and emergency services. Having mentioned the last two it is obvious that the gathering is inconveniencing the public. It is worse if an ambulance has to rush to save someone’s life and cannot pass because the worshippers are blocking the street. I urge the church’s elders to consider using larger premises that would accommodate all their followers without putting public safety at risk. May the Lord bless you all. Pastor Amon Levison Johannesburg

here are these young people who sleep in Banket Street, near the Kotze Street robots in Hillbrow. I sometimes wonder what really went wrong at their homes that makes it better for them to suffer like this. I happened to know one of them from Bramfischerville in Soweto. He said he and his friends experienced similar circumstances at home, which make it better for them to fend for themselves in the streets. The young man had been abused by his parents, according to what he said. There are shelters for such people all around the city, but it seems the streetkids prefer to maintain their status. If you suggest they go to a shelter they tell you that there are too many regulations there. This is alarming in that if they think like that then they certainly would not stand the regulations at their original homes, since every home has regulations. So if these young people will rather live in the streets than follow regulations, what kind of citizens are we grooming here? Are they not those who will not abide by all the laws of the country; in short the criminals who will spend all their time in jail. Rethabile Tlokwana Hillbrow

World awareness on smoking risks Tobacco contains over 4 500 chemicals Flavia Masekwameng


n 1987 the World Health Assembly created World No Tobacco Day, 31 May, to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic and its lethal effects. This is a day observed globally by the health sector and all relevant stakeholders to highlight specific tobacco control messages, the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce consumption. The theme for this year “tobacco industry interference” is aimed at focusing on the need to expose and counter the tobacco industry’s brazen and increasingly aggressive attempts to undermine the global tobacco control efforts. Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable causes of death. The global tobacco epidemic kills nearly six million people each year, of which more than 600 000 are people exposed to secondhand smoke. Unless we act, it will kill up to eight million people by 2030, of which more than 80 percent of them will live in low and middle-income countries.

Did you know? • Over 25 000 people die each year in South Africa from tobacco related diseases. The annual death toll from the global epidemic of tobacco could rise to eight million by 2030. Having killed 100 million people during the 20th century, tobacco use could kill a billion people during the 21st century. • Tobacco use is the second cause of death globally (after hypertension) and is responsible for killing one in 10 adults worldwide. • Tobacco has over 4 500 chemi-

cals, most of which are harmful. • Tobacco causes 29 diseases. E.g. various cancers (lungs, throat, tongue, pancreas, stomach, kidney, esophagus and cervix), emphysema heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, eye and ear disease, asthma, etc. Tobacco use is the number one preventable epidemic that the health community faces. It is never too late or too early to quit, the earlier you quit, the sooner your health improves. Within 12 hours your lungs function better, while

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in four days your body will be free from nicotine. After a year, your risk of lung cancer and heart disease is halved. Tips for quitting • You can start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day or the puffs per cigarette if you smoke one per day. • Set a quit date, to get mentally prepared to quit. • Get rid of all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays. • Get support from family, colleagues and friends for encouragement. • Try to stay away from smokers, places where you used to smoke for first 10 days. • Replace cigarettes with sugar free gum, raw vegetables, drinking water; be creative and do something to keep your mind off the craving; and always remind yourself why you want to quit smoking. For more infon contact the Joburg Environmental Health Dept, Region F, on 011 - 376 8523, and the National Council Against Smoking 011- 720 3145. Flavia Masekwaneng is Environmental Health Operations Manager at Joburg Health Department.

24 - 31 MAY 2012




Hundreds attend ANC art court bid ‘That picture depicts racism and we are not goint to let it go like that’ Persistance Nkomo


peaking in front of the South Gauteng High Court in the Johannesburg CBD, ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said his party will defend the rights of the President and any South African who has been disrespected by an artist in the name of freedom of expression. He added that the painting by artist Babalwa Bungane


he two men accused of defacing Brett Murray’s The Spear painting at the Goodman Gallery in Parkwood appeared this week at the Hillbrow Magistrate Court, charged with

ANC protesters march in Kruis Street in the Joburg CBD. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Brett Murray exhibited at the Goodman Gallery does not only undermine President Jacob Zuma as the President, but also as a black person and action had to be taken. “We had to take this matter to the court because we are peaceful people, and we want to be an example as to what is to be done when someone else finds themselves in the same situation. We are not just ready to defend the rights of the President

but of any South African who might be defamed in the same manner,” he said. He added that the picture is subject to any interpretation by different people, and may mean that the person is a rapist or a womaniser. Mthembu said the picture in not an expression of art but an insult. “We brought the matter to court and we applied that the court takes it as a matter of urgency, and the court

agreed. They also said that the case will have a full bench of judges,” added Mthembu. ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said that the right of expression goes with responsibility, and that picture does not show any responsibility at all. “We should take all action to defend the dignity of the president and that of the ANC. That picture depicts racism and we are not going to let it

Bail for men who defaced controversial painting malicious damage to property. The artist behind the controversial painting, Brett Murray was also present. The two accused, Louis Mabokela, 25, and Barend George la Grange, 58, apparently were not working together. The men were both granted

R1 000 bail each, and their trial was postponed to June 28. Murray said thousands of people didn’t go to work just to attend the court hearing on that day, May 22. “They should have been at work, but they marched on the streets of South

Africa just for a painting,” he said. He added that it only took him 15 seconds to remove the painting. “I do not justify my doing but what I did was against my nature. They did not have any right to damage other people’s property as they did. I how-

Above is one of artist Brett Murray’s contentious artworks.

go like that. The right of expression cannot be used to trample on other people’s rights, and there should be a balance between the right of expression and that of dignity and privacy,” said Mantashe. During the event reports filtered through that the painting had been defaced by two men at the Goodman Gallery in Parkwood. The protesters welcomed the news in jubilation, sang and danced more. ever feel more comfortable now that the painting is not there anymore. I’m not involved in any political party. I’m not affiliated to any group or organization, and nobody instructed me to do that, but there were two people who were prepared to destroy that painting,” said Murray.




24 - 31 MAY 2012

24 - 31 MAY 2012




President gets beaten up

Bamako - This week protesters burst into transitional President Dioncounda Traore’s office and beat him up. Hundreds of demonstrators stormed the headquarters of the general secretariat next to the presidential palace because they were angry at his appointment. The army told reporters that they shot dead three people during mass protests by supporters of the March Dioncounda Traore coup who were angry at a deal for Traore to remain in office for a year. The violence came a day after ECOWAS warned junta leader Captain Amadou Sanogo to stop making public pronouncements which imply he is still in control. Mali’s Prime Minister Cheick Diarra appealed for calm and ordered the protests to stop. Traore was attacked after a deal was struck with Capt Sanogo for him to remain in office for a year. Ecowas said Mali faces sanctions if the military is involved. Soldiers allegedly allowed demonstrators into Traore’s office. He was unconscious with a head wound when he arrived in hospital, but was later released. The protesters see him as a member of the political class they blame for the country’s problems.

‘Regional peace’ treaty

Birhan Hailu

Sanctions for ruling junta Bissau - The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions on military officers preventing the return to constitutional rule; four generals and a lieutenant colonel who will be subjected to a travel ban. The council demands that the Military Command restores constitutional order, including a democratic electoral process, soldiers return to barracks and the Military Command relinquishes authority. The Security Council said it would add an embargo on arms and financial measures if it became necessary. The country was weeks away from holding a presidential runoff election when soldiers arrested the frontrunner and the interim president on April 12. ECOWAS has deployed 600 soldiers there to oversee reform of the army and transition to civilian rule. The ECOWAS troops replace an Angolan force that had the same responsibility. The coup leaders justified the coup by accusing the Angolans of meddling in local affairs. The coup cut short a two-round presidential election expected to be won by former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior, who is now in exile in Ivory Coast.

The Hillbrow Magistrate Court has sentenced a 26 year-old man to three years imprisonment for stealing a cellphone. The convict, Tebogo Motshwane is a first time offender and pleaded guilty. He is unemployed and Grade 8 is his highest education.

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia and Sudan have signed a judicial agreement on extradition of criminals. Ethiopia’s Minister of Justice, Birhan Hailu and his Sudanese counterpart, Mohamed Bushara signed the treaty to ‘enhance regional peace’. Hailu said the new judicial accord will boost their existing multi-lateral cooperation and enhance diplomatic relations. Birhan said the agreement will enable them to arrest crime fugitives who try to hide in either territory. He expressed his country’s readiness to share experience in legal affairs and the justice system, and to promote judicial cooperation with neighbouring Sudan. The Sudanese Justice Minister, Bushara, expressed Sudan’s determination to implement the new agreement and to further cooperate with Ethiopia in other fields. Ethiopia and Sudan also have other security accords including the agreement signed last December not to host each other’s rebel forces in their territory - an agreement aimed at enhancing border security of the two countries, and tackle the military activities of rebel groups on either side.

Peace talks kept on hold

Hassan Ruvakuki

Radio journo faces life jail Bujumbura - The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned the life sentence request by the prosecution against Hassan Ruvakiki a broadcaster who was arrested following the broadcasting of an interview with a rebel leader. IFJ Africa director Gabriel Baglo argued that giving the floor to a rebel leader should not be criminalized,

and called for the release of Ruvakiki. The Union of Burundi Journalists (UBJ) said Ruvakiki of Radio Bonesha FM appeared at the High Court in Cankuzo, where the chief prosecutor requested a life sentence for a charge of ‘complicity with terrorists’ after visiting Tanzania where he interviewed a rebel leader. In February his defence

complained about judges blocking access to the prosecution files. UBJ president Alexandre Niyungeko said the case was persecution of journalists, and called for Ruvakiki’s release.

Khartoum - In this week’s meeting with Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, AU High-Level Implementation Panel chairman Thabo Mbeki made little progress in resuming talks with South Sudan. Mbeki’s visit was two weeks after the UN Security Council demanded that Sudan and South Sudan discuss key issues including oil, border demarcation, citizenship and Abyei; and reach agreement within three months. The council threatened sanctions on any party deemed not to be in compliance with its decision. Sudan accepted the resolution but insisted that the issue of Juba’s alleged support for rebels be tackled before moving to other items. The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) secretary Ibrahim Ghandour said the Sudanese leader underscored the importance of reaching permanent peace with South Sudan. Last month the Sudanese army recaptured the oilrich region of Heglig inside South Kordofan after South Sudan army briefly seized it. Clashes have Omar al-Bashir ignited fears of the eruption of full-scare war.


Three years jail for cellphone thief Babalwa Bungane

According to the charge sheet Motshwane grabbed the complainant’s phone while she was talking over the line on 12 April in Berea. The magistrate said: “I am concerned that victims are women who are unable to defend themselves. Women in Hillbrow are not able to wear jewellery because of the high crime rate.”

Contravention of court order 2, theft 18, sexual assault 3, assault GBH 19, possession of dagga 6, armed robbery 3, robbery common 13, trespassing and theft 1, murder 3, house breaking and theft 1, driving without license 11, dealing in counterfeit cigarettes 1, drun and driving 19, trespassing 3, assault common 27, hit and run 2, fraud 2, murder and kidnapping 2, shoplifting 11, attempted rape 5, pos-

session of drugs 14, carjacking 2, possession of unlicensed firearm 1, rape 2, theft out of motor vehicle 2. Malicious injury to property 5, fraud 2, indecent assault 1, possession of counterfeit money 1, perjury 1, intimidation 3, pointing of firearm 1, corruption 1, dealing in dagga 1, possession of suspected stolen property 1, house robbery 1, interference in police duties 1, undocumented persons 68

CRIME AWARENESS MARCH On Saturday 26 May 2012, from Hillbrow Police Station to Constitutional Hill at 09h00

Africa Day is commemorated on 25 May every year. This year is the 49th anniversary of founding of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963.

EATERY THAT CHARMS ALL AFRICANS In the corner of Kerk and Goud streets in the Johannesburg CBD lies a restaurant with a rich menu in African cuisine. Opened five years ago, Chama Restaurant offers a variety of African meals which suit everyone from any country in the continent.


Unlike other restaurants which concentrate only on regional African foods, the restaurant’s manager Harrison Mwanza says theirs seeks to accommodate every African customer. “This is a strictly African restaurant offering African food. A man

Above : Manager Harrison Mwanza and customers inside the eatery. Right : The entrance to the Chama Restaurant.

from Egypt can be accommodated in our menu, it’s very flexible. The guys from Mozambique, Liberia, Lesotho and South Africa eat their lunch here. It’s a perfect place for all Africans of different ages as well,” he adds. The African cuisine includes beef stews with rice or pap, mogodu with pap, vimbombo or amangqina with pap. For something light you can enjoy fried chicken either with rice or chips with a side salad. The ‘village’ chicken with pap or rice, Zambian traditional fried bream or tilapia as it is called in Zambia with pap or rice is also available. Corn heels and pap, kapantan or bait with pap as well okra with pap completes the African dishes. In light meals menu you will find sandwiches, plain or

toasted, toasted chicken with mayonnaise, toasted cheese and tomato, toasted beef with cheese as well as fried egg and beef burger. “The street is a bit quiet, but a lot of people come here for lunch and supper. Most people do not want to cook, so they prefer to have a takeaway, that’s why we have a lot of customers in the afternoon. Other people come from as far as Midrand to enjoy African meals,” adds Mwanza. All meals are served with vegetables. “It’s good to serve your customers food rich in proteins,” he adds. The eatery is open from 6am and closes at 7pm. A braai facility is also there, just outside the restaurant. For more details about the meals contact Mwanza on 078 393-18841 or 078 160-0349.

To feature your restaurant in this section call Thembi on 011 042 - 8675




24 - 31 MAY 2012

24 - 31 MAY 2012



Colours of the diaspora A platform for artists from all walks of the world to share and engage audiences through choreographed poetry and indigenous music Arts Correspondent


his week Village Gossip Productions with Market Theatre Laboratory presented Colours of the Diaspora Spoken Word Conversation… Where Africa meets America. Colours of the Diaspora was established in 2005, a collective of performing artists from Los Angeles to Johannesburg using different genres of theatre to provoke dialogue and ignite healing within themselves and their communities. This is an ensemble of poets, performers, dancers and musicians who produce work that provokes thought, inspire laughter, and illuminate the strength and vitality of the global voice. The production is not merely a showcase; it is a platform for artists from all walks of the world to share and engage audiences through choreographed poetry and indigenous music. It featured American poet and choreographer Kharyshi Wiginton and Chinyere Tutashinda sharing a stage with SA-born poet Napo Masheane (pictured above), choreographer Deborah Leshika and the well-travelled Indigenous Orchestra. The show was a good time experience. People enjoyed and connected and enjoyed a stylistically unique composition of music infused into poetry and dance. People made connections, and established artists were heard and appreciated. Audiences had an opportunity to experience a preview of this dynamic show that made them sing dance, laugh, cry and scream.

International classic...a scene in Boesman and Elena.

Classic SA masterpiece The play explores the complex mosaic of human emotions, racial politics and universal questions of existence Arts Correspondent


o celebrate the 80th birthday of South Africa’s leading playwright, Athol Fugard, the Old Mutual Theatre will honour this outstanding theatre luminary with a revival of the classic masterpiece, Boesman and Lena. The theatre also believes that it is also most fitting to pay tribute to Fugard who was most recently honoured at the Tony Award ceremony in the United States for his enormous contribution to international theatre. The new Boesman and Lena will run from 29 May to 30 June. It will be directed by acclaimed award winning director, writer and actor, James Ngcobo and will star Quanita Adams, Elton Landrew in the title roles and Charly Azade as Outa. The production will be designed by Nadya Cohen and the

costumes by Thando Lobese. In this modern interpretation of the play, director James Ngcobo has chosen to shift the dynamic and explore how more than ever pertinent it is in 2012. His direction of this well loved Fugard play is fresh and compelling. The character Outa, is played by an East African, which adds another new dynamic to the play. Boesman and Lena is a smallcast play, set in the Swartkops mudflats just outside Port Elizabeth. In essence it deals with two lonely weather-beaten squatters trapped in a struggle for freedom and dignity. They are on a journey with all their worldly possessions after their shack was bulldozed. The play shows the effect of apartheid on individuals and concerns a coloured man and woman walking from one shanty town to another.

The play has been translated into numerous languages and has been presented worldwide. It explores the complex mosaic of human emotions, racial politics and universal questions of existence. “I am thrilled to be producing this South African classic, which first premiered in Grahamstown in 1969 starring Athol Fugard and Yvonne Bryceland,” says producer Daphne Kuhn. The play was filmed by Ross Devenish in 1973 with the original cast and later directed by John Berry for the American movie starring Danny Glover and Angela Basset. “The play plumbs the anger; regret and self-destructiveness that often accompany poverty and homelessness,” John Berry. Athol Fugard’s Boesman and Lena was inspired by an incident in 1965 when Fugard was driving

down a rural road in South Africa. He noticed an old lady walking along the road in the boiling-hot sun, miles from anywhere, and offered her a lift. She was overcome and cried with gratitude. She told him that her husband had just died and she was walking to another farm. If Fugard hadn’t stopped, she would have spent the night on the side of the road. It was a common practice in apartheid South Africa for farmers to evict workers’ families when the worker died. What struck Fugard was that the woman was in pain and suffering, but was far from defeated. The inspirational Boesman and Lena promises to entertain and leave you moved. The production opens with a week of previews from 29 May and officially on 5 June. For more information call 011 883-8606.





24 - 31 MAY 2012

24 - 31 MAY 2012






24 - 31 MAY 2012


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24 - 31 MAY 2012


Street soccer action.

Street F soccer league launched

Sizwe Mathe

‘Soccer captivates young people everywhere and has much to offer in life lessons’

or the next eight weeks, every Wednesdays afternoon will be soccer afternoons at Alec Gorschell Park in Berea, as the Kia Street Soccer League swings into action. This pilot programme was unveiled two years ago, following the country’s successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. For the first time provincial winners from each region will compete in Johannesburg for the National Street Soccer Championship in September this year.


Pitter Potter Soccer Club

The league is a partnership with youth sports agency Sporting Chance, title sponsor KIA Motors, Dawn Wing, Mille, Foodzone and Supersport Let’s Play. About 20 teams of under 13 boys and girls will be gunning for the overall crown. Inner-city Ambassadors and United Stars opened the first round of in Group A. The other teams include Hillbrow Action, Pitter Potter, as well as Manchester United. The region’s league coordinator Philemon Mokgesi said four groups of five teams each will be play for eight weeks, with weekly sessions

of four games. This will be followed by a week of regional finals and ultimately the provincial festival finale, towards the end of June. “We urge the community to support this league. It’s only in the best interest of their children. It must be noted that it will not only be kids who will benefit from this programme but local coaches too,” added Mokgesi. Part of the teams that will participate in this league will include players from shelters around the region. “This programme uses the streets as the perfect venue for kids to come together. Many of them have no place



to socialise in a safe environment, so this programme uses streets as a stage where life lessons can be taught, and friendships forged,” he explains. The three year objective of the programme is to extend it to Southern African countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, says Sporting Chance MD Brad Bing. “Soccer captivates young people everywhere, from the inner-city to the platteland, and has so much to offer in the way of life lessons.” For more details on the league contact Mokgesi on cell 082 316-6771 or email:

Inner City Gazette  

24th - 31st May 2012 Edition

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