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Energy saving systems

BlueScy Energy  Saving  Systems  are  truly  green  systems  that  reduce  electric energy  consumption.  Installing  the  BlueScy  Energy  Saving  System  at  a  home  or  a   business  premises  will  beneficially  impact  the  environment  by  reducing  the  con-­ sumption  of  our  precious  natural  resources.   According  to  the  U.S.and  UK  Energy  Information  Administration,  the  proposed  re-­ duction  of  electricity  demand  provided  by  the  BlueScy  System,  will  reduce your  companies  consumption  of  Crude  Oil  ,Coal  ,  Natural  Gas  by  the  ton  and   Gasoline  or  Diesel  Fuel  and  Heating  Oil  by  thousands  of  gallons  per  year,  de-­ pending  on  which  resource  your  power  company  depends  on.  There  is  also  a  sig-­ nificant  reduction  in  water  consumption  associated  with  each  of  the  above  quanti-­ ties  reduced  as  it  is  a  necessary  part  of  all  fuel  processing.   BlueScy  is  proud  to  partner  with  you  to  reduce  your  operational  cost  and  help  sus-­ tain  our  environment  for  future  generations

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Bluescy Energy saving systems

Commercial & Industrial It has  been  found  that  the  unique  arrangement  of  chokes  provides  substantial  re-­ ductions  in  power  usage,  especially  for  inductive  loads  in  commercial  and  industrial applications.  The  immediate  benefit  is  a  verifiable  reduction  of  electric  utility  bills.   Additionally,  equipment  life  is  increased  while  maintenance  and  downtime are  reduced.  Our  system  employs  self-­healing  magnetic  chokes  and  metal  oxide   varistors  as  its  two  forms  of  surge  and  spike  protection.

The units  are  not  custom-­built  per  loads,  but  are  specifically  and   intentionally  placed  throughout  a  facility  according  to  the   operational  demands.  They  help  protect  against  damage   from  surges,  sags  and  phasing,  and  are  maintenance-­free   with  an  expected  life  of  approximately  15  to  20  years.   BlueScy  offers  standard  and  custom-­designed  modu-­ lar  efficiency  and  protection  systems  for   commercial  and  industrial  properties,  that  are   installed  in  parallel  at  the  electrical  panel  with  no   electricity  downtime,  to  reduce  the  kW  demand   from  the  utility  provider.

Bluescy Energy saving systems

Together we work at reducing your costs and your consumption BlueScy unit’s  are  dynamic,  passive,  resonance-­free   and  reduces  kW  demand  and  kWh  consumption   through  five  methods: Magnetic  phase  balancing  of  voltage  and  current  to   reduce  waste,  demand,  friction  and  heat  in  loads;; Passive  resonance-­free  power  factor  correction  to   yplus Energ

reduce the  demand  of  reactive  non-­power  currents;; Harmonic  filtering  of  non-­power  currents  to  reduce  the   Harmonic billed  kWh  consumption;;

Transient energy  conversion  through  the  surge   protections  self-­healing  magnetic  chokes  –  energy   above  and  below  the  operational  voltage  of  a   facility  is  absorbed,  re-­constituted,  and  returned   to  the  customer  as  usable  power;; Proprietary  chokes  generate  a  current  from each  phase  that  is  injected  into  the  adjacent   phases  as  usable  power,  reducing   magnetic  fields.

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Bluescy Energy saving systems

Reducing Energy Consumption Through Technology

BlueScy Energy Saving Systems  

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with BlueScy

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