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Werkgroep INKOM 2011 Mayor of Maastricht Board of directors Hogeschool Zuyd Board of directors Maastricht University

Chapter 1. INKOM 2011

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1.1 Introduction 1.2 Program

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Chapter 2. Maastricht


2.1 Anthem of Maastricht 2.2 History of Maastricht 2.3 Municipal departments 2.4 Living in Maastricht 2.5 Cultural Maastricht 2.6 Entertainment and nightlife 2.7 Shopping in Maastricht

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Chapter 3. Studying in Maastricht


Chapter 4. Studying and Financial matters


Chapter 5. Student Associations and Organizations


Chapter 6. Health Care and Assistance


Chapter 7. Things you need to know




3.1 History Universiteit Maastricht and Hogeschool Zuyd 3.2 University Library 3.3 Studenten Service Centre 3.3.1 UM Student Guidance 3.3.2 Studium Generale 3.3.3 Cultural Square 3.4 Supporting Student Facilities 3.4.1 Language Centre 3.4.2 ICT-Service Centre 3.5 University Chaplaincy 3.6 Important Adressess 4.1 Working 4.2 Student bank accounts 4.3 Health insurance

5.1 MKvV 5.2 Other Associations 5.3 International Associations 5.4 Student & Sport 5.5 Ideological Student Associations 5.6 Student Politics 5.7 Cultural Societies 5.8 Student Interest Groups

6.1 Undesirable Interpersonal Behaviour 6.2 Health 6.3 SIRIZ 6.4 Sexuality 6.5 Alcohol and drugs 7.1 Student Housing 7.2 Knotting a tie 7.3 Tying a bow tie 7.4 Bicycle First Aid 7.5 ‘Zuurvlees’ in Maastricht Fashion

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INKOM 2011: Our Little Secret. ear prospective student, Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones who is going to study in the beautiful southern city of Maastricht. You will either become a student at the Hogeschool Zuyd or at Maastricht University. What is ahead is what some will call `the best time of your life’: student life. Great times you will always remember. Within the next four years you will get to experience all the secrets of Maastricht and what Maastricht has to offer you as a student. The INKOM provides you with a formidable kick-off. From this moment on you will continue your challenging journey and you will pass all various aspects of student life. Briefly said, the INKOM is there for you. It is the general introduction week of the Hogeschool Zuyd and Maastricht University. We will give you the opportunity to make yourself acquainted with a new city and its inhabitants. Since Maastricht is a very international orientated city, you will meet new people from all over the world.

This year’s theme for the INKOM 2011 will be ‘Our Little Secret’. You might remember Alice who went through a passage and entered Wonderland. That is the way you will enter your student life, through the INKOM. You will enter something unknown. A world that has to offer a lot of nice things and also a world with plenty of opportunities to develop yourself in your own way. Student life is for many people a well kept secret, a secret which you are about to discover. The INKOM 2011 will take place from Tuesday 23rd of August till Friday 26th of August. This is before the start of the faculty introduction days and the opening of the academic year. So this does not coincide with your study. For more information or registration please visit our website Look at the INKOM as a beautiful dream. However when somebody tries to wake you up you will still be living in a world where magic happens, Maastricht! Yours sincerely, On behalf of the Werkgroep INKOM 2011, Anne van Tetering President

Obviously your study is the main reason for coming to Maastricht, but student life in this city has much more to offer than just lectures and tutorial groups. During the INKOM you will get to know all these aspects. You will meet sports associations, students’ unions and of course many cultural elements of our beautiful city.


Mayor of Maastricht elcome to Maastricht Maastricht has an attractive living en studying climate. It is also a city with an increasing amount of high-quality jobs and an astonishing variety of cultural aspects. This is why more and more students stay in Maastricht after graduation. This is one of the conclusions of the NICIS institute earlier this year. It is true; your choice for Maastricht is not only based on study related grounds, but also on the perspective of having a good and enjoyable time. The most southern city of the Netherlands is also the most pleasant city of our country. A city with a historical city centre and at the same time many restaurants, bars, terraces and shops. Last but definitely not least, the amount of sun is higher than anywhere in the country. The inhabitants of Maastricht (Maastrichtenaren) made ‘the enjoyment of life’ an art on itself. You as a new inhabitant of our beautiful city are invited to take part in this way of life and to enjoy life as much as we do. Besides this Maastricht is a very international city, located in the heart of Western Europe. By train you will be able to see the Big Ben quicker than the Martini Tower in Groningen en within three ours you are on the Champs d’Elysee in Paris. Maastricht, the city where the EU was established in 1992, will possibly be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.


Higher education is more internationalized than anywhere in the Netherlands and more than half of the students at Maastricht University are foreign students. Maastricht University and the Hogeschool Zuyd have come to an agreement with the Maastricht municipality to assure that the internationalisation will be continued and even intensified in the future. In Maastricht the world is at your feet. This city is the gateway to an unrestricted future. During the INKOM, which has been a formidable festivity for many years, you will explore the city. Please discover the irresistible atmosphere, which is so typical for Maastricht and that makes living in this city so pleasant. A warm welcome to you all. Onno Hoes, Mayor of Maastricht


Board of Directors Hogeschool Zuyd ur Little Secret”… INKOM 2011 For a lot of people, the theme of this year’s INKOM is likely to bring to mind a Dutch TV series that started this February and has become enormously popular. I haven’t been watching it myself, but every other programme has been so annoyingly interrupted with trailers for it that it’s been rather hard to miss. You lock up a number of people who have a secret in a house and you watch them with TV cameras day and night. The one who keeps his or her secret the longest gets to go home with a load of money.

then INKOM 2011 will help you lay the foundation for doing so. After all, the secret of being a successful student isn’t only to be found in your intellectual abilities and perseverance but also in studying in an inspiring and enjoyable environment. Maastricht gives you that inspiring and enjoyable environment, not only because it’s a city where culture and history are to be found at every turn but also because it’s the focus of the Euroregion, a place where the borders to Europe are wide open to you. So you can see INKOM 2011 as a way to explore the secrets of the city of Maastricht and its surroundings. I hope you will all take part in INKOM 2011. I’m certain you will have a really enjoyable time and I wish you every success in your studies. All the best,

But it’s not the aim of INKOM 2011 to fish out one another’s secrets – INKOM 2011 isn’t like Big Brother and it doesn’t give you a bag full of money. INKOM 2011 is primarily intended to help you get to know Maastricht and what life’s like there for students. And INKOM 2011 isn’t an annoying interruption of the programme you’re actually trying to watch – it’s a real “must” to help you feel at home in your new surroundings. It doesn’t matter whether you live at home, in a student accommodation, or in a room of your own – this is your opportunity to make contact with the people you will be studying with and get to know them. Perhaps it’s a bit strange for me to say so, but if the present Dutch government’s aim is to get you to graduate as fast as possible,


Karel van Rosmalen President Hogeschool Zuyd

Board of directors Maastricht University elcome dear students and congratulations! You have registered for a study programme at Maastricht University. A place, where many life long friendships started, many new and useful insights and skills have been acquired, many good careers started and many drinks have been consumed during that process.

Each year the INKOM programme is an experience. I am convinced this year’s board has prepared an exciting fun programme, full of surprises and secrets. The board consists of students who enjoy the INKOM so much they even give up part of a study year for it. Are you curious yet? Come and find out the little secrets of our Maastreechter Inkom 2011. Be welcome and enjoy! Prof. Dr. Martin Paul President Maastricht University

The INKOM, Maastricht University’s introduction programme for incoming students, gives you a kick start to all of the above and more. It is an important event for students to get acquainted with living and studying in Maastricht. There is a place for every new student in the INKOM (also sleeping places). It does not matter if you are white, black, green or red; it does not matter if you only speak Dutch, English, German, Limburg’s or any other language, during the Inkom there is the opportunity to communicate with everybody. And in case you had the impression you finally were away from the control of your parents, be aware of the mentor! You will be placed in small groups and guided by a mentor. The official version is that mentors are senior students, who have been trained specifically for this function. In reality mentors are students who so much enjoy the INKOM and its lively atmosphere that they even give up part of their summer holidays.


1.1 Introduction he INKOM is the general introduction week for all new students of Maastricht University and the Hogeschool Zuyd. The INKOM will take place from Tuesday the 23th of August till Friday the 26st of August 2011 and is the biggest student event in Maastricht. The INKOM is the best way for students to get acquainted with Maastricht and all aspects of studying in this exciting city. During the week you will get to know all aspects of student life; all student-, and sport associations will present themselves. The INKOM program offers you a variety of activities, including a sports event, a cultural festival, a comedy night, an open air movie, and of course great parties. For master students there are even special activities like a symposium with several workshops and a diner to get in touch with their fellow students. Together with two senior students and ten fellow freshmen you will enjoy all the activities during this week. The INKOM is the best way to get to know new people in your new city! To get a good impression of the INKOM program, go to This site provides you with information about the INKOM, student organisations and other associations in Maastricht. Furthermore, the site gives the necessary information about places to sleep, the artists and different activities. Of


course all pictures and impressions from last year can be found on this website as well as useful links. How to subscribe for the INKOM? To subscribe for the INKOM, surf to the INKOM webpage at and click on the “subscribe” page. Participation in the INKOM costs you €67, - in the online presale, including tickets for the big parties on Tuesday and Friday at the MECC. On most days meals are included as well. In addition to that you will receive a UMbag (shoulderbag). In case you are not able to attend the MECC parties, it is also possible to buy a package without tickets for the MECC parties for €52,-. It is also possible to buy tickets during the week, but it is cheaper to buy the package deal. For obvious reasons we recommend you to make use of the package deal. The final step in the subscription process is the payment. Payment is possible using iDEAL (internet banking for Dutch Bank accounts) or credit card. After the payment you will receive an e-mail with your participation certificate. You have to bring your certificate to the first day of the INKOM in order to receive the program booklet and the wristband that gives you access to all INKOM activities. When it is not possible for you to subscribe online, it is possible to subscribe on location Tuesday the 23rd of August at 10:00 o’clock. The subscription money can be paid cash or with PIN (only with Dutch bank account). Payment by credit card is NOT possible. Be aware: the price of the full package on Tuesday morning is higher than the initial package deal.

For further information and questions you can contact the Werkgroep INKOM on +31(0)43-3885335 or send an e-mail to We wish you a great time in Maastricht in advance and hope to see you on the 23rd of August!

1.2 Program Tuesday August 23rd 2011 10:00 - 12:30 Subscriptions 10:00 - 14:00 DiMi-Festival 14:00 - 15:30 INKOM-Parade 15:30 - 19:30 Official Opening INKOM 2011 17:30 - 19:30 Dinner at the market 18:30 - 22:00 Pub Crawl 22:00 - 03:00 MECC-party

Thursday August 25th 2011 11:00 - 13:00 Bacon and Eggs 12:30 - 15:00 Infofestival 15:30 - 18:00 Activities of choice 14:30 - 17:30 MosaeMaster 18:30 - 20:00 BBQ 20:00 - 23:00 Culture Valley 23:00 - 03:00 Open parties

Wednesday August 24th 2011 10:00 - 12:00 I.’M. International 12:00 - 16:00 Sports Event 16:15 - 19:00 IndepenDANCE 18:30 - 20:00 Dinner on Wednesday 18:00 - 20:30 Masterdinner 20:00 - 23:00 International Comedy Night 20:00 - 23:00 Pub Crawl 23:00 - 03:00 Open parties

Friday August 26th 2011 12:00 - 14:30 Club del Maas 14:30 - 17:00 Cantus 18.00 - 20.00 Dinner with mentors 21:00 - 23:00 Open Air Movie 23:00 - 05:00 Heineken Night


2.1 Anthem of Maastricht (Mestreechs Volksleed)

Jao, diech höbs us aon ‘t hart gelege Mestreech door alle ieuwe heer. Veer bleve diech altied genege en deilde dreufheid en plezeer. Veer huurde naor dien aw histories te peerd op grampeer ziene sjoet. Eus ouge blónke bij dien glories of perelde bij diene noet. En dee van diech ‘t sjoens welt prijze in taol, die al wie zinge klink dat dee op nui Mestreechter wijze zien aajd Mestreech mèt us bezingk. Me zong vaan diech ten alle tije, eus moojers zonge bij de weeg en voolte veer us rech tevreie daan zong ze e leedsje vaan Mestreech. Doe, blom vaan Nederlands landouwe Gegreuid op ‘t graaf vaan Sintervaos bis weerdig dobbel te besjouwe gespiegeld in de blanke Maos. ‘n Staar, de witste oet de klaore, besjijnt diech met haör straole zach en um diech zuver te bewaore ‘nen ingel hèlt bij diech de wach. Wie dèks woorste neet priesgegeve mèh heels dien kroen toch opgeriech en ongeknak biste gebleve door euze band vaan trouw aon diech. Daorum de hand us touwgestoke ‘t oug geriech op ‘t stareleech en weurdt dat oug daan ins gebroke daan beidt veur us het aajd Mestreech.


2.2 History of Maastricht aastricht is a very beautiful and special Burgundian city. There are medieval city walls, house fronts that can be traced back to the seventeenth century, a medieval bridge and beautifully paved streets (that are fatal for your bike…). Surrounded by a hilly countryside the city feels like being in a foreign country. Maastricht has erected during the Roman days. The city owes her name to her position alongside the river Meuse and is a corruption from “Mosae Trajectum”. Mosae is the old name for Meuse (Maas in Dutch) and Trajectum is Latin for river crossing. The Romans chose Maastricht, situated north of the rough Ardennes, as the place where they

would cross the Meuse. A place where the river was not too wide and not too deep. Two camps at either side of the Meuse protected the bridge. The main camp was on the side of what is now called the city centre. The smaller camp was situated on the other side, in the quarter which is nowadays called Wyck. The Roman period found its end with the great wandering of nations at the beginning of the 4th Century. At that time, Christianity flourished and gained control over the city. The first bishop who ruled Maastricht was bishop Servatius. About 20 more bishops followed him in his reign over Maastricht. St. Servatius’ sepulchral grave, situated on the Vrijthof, was built a couple of centuries after his death by two of his successors. The name St. Servaas is still commonly used in Maastricht: the St. Servaasbridge, the St.Servaasbasilica at the Vrijthof and the housing corporation St. Servatius are just a couple of examples. The St. Jan stands next to the St. Servaas. This church is from origin an annex to the St. Servaas, as the St. Servaas became too full with pilgrims. Later the St. Jan became a protestant church. Nowadays the town has about 122.000 inhabitants and is the place for entertainment and a good night out in Southern-Limburg. Furthermore, Maastricht was an important industrial city. The Maastricht industries produce anything like pottery, glass, paper, cement and beer. The development of Maastricht is supported and sustained by Maastricht University and other national and international institutions for higher education.


2.3 Municipal departments The town hall on the market square is home to the Court of Mayor and Aldermen. All other municipality aspects are dealt with at the city desk located at the new Mosae Forum, next to the market.

Visiting address Mosae Forum 10 6211 DW Maastricht T 043 350 40 00 F 043 350 41 41

The municipal authorities can be reached by telephone and information can be found in the city guide, which is given to you free of charge when you register as a citizen of Maastricht.

Postal address PO box 1992 6201 BZ Maastricht Visiting hours city desk • 08:30 till 12:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday • 13:30 till 19:00 on Thursday • 08:30 till 12:30 on Friday

2.4 Living in Maastricht Finding a room Apart from the obvious ways of searching for a room there are of course less obvious ones as well. Make sure that everyone knows that you are in search for a room. Do not underestimate the contacts that distant relatives or acquaintances may have. Maybe you have already started lobbying by hanging up dockets proclaiming that you are in search of a room. The Albert Heijn, C1000, Jumbo (big supermarkets), along with the city library and of course the various faculties have large notice boards on which you can place your search notices free of charge. More obvious ways to find a room are the commercial and non-commercial agencies.


Maastricht Housing Your search for suitable student housing in Maastricht starts at: This is a cooperation between Guesthouse UM and Kamerburo. It’s our shared goal to service housing for all students, employees and guests from Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd and Jan van Eyck Academie. Guesthouse UM offers 900 nicely furnished rooms mainly for short stay (less than a year). If you are looking for housing for longer stays (more than a year) you can turn to Kamerburo. Kamerburo mediates unfurnished units from private letters in the city and from the three official housing corporations in Maastricht. The membership fee for Kamerburo is only €30 once (€40 euros after the 1st of August). Your membership lasts

as long as you stay in Maastricht. By the way, you don’t have to be a member to search our website. But the sooner you become a member, the more interesting offers you will get from us. Besides the membership fee there are no additional costs for our mediation. Visiting addresses: Reception Brouwersweg 100 (Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B.021a (only on Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) Postal address: PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht Telephone: 043 388 53 00 E-mail: Internet: Student housing - Woningburo In order to rent an accommodation owned by one of the three Maastricht housing corporations Servatius, Woonpunt and Maasvallei, you’ll have to apply to get on a waiting list. Woningburo is a cluster for the Maastricht housing corporations that let accommodations (family houses, flats and apartments) in Maastricht. Housing accommodations are responsible for the so called public housing. The application fee is €32,00. To apply you can sign in at the website www.woningburo. net. Available accommodations are weekly published on the website and in a house to house delivered free newspaper. After publication it’s possible to respond online. If you are coming to Maastricht as a student and want to apply for a room you better apply at the Kamerburo Maastricht http://www. Students who are registered at the Kamerburo can receive a discount while registering at the Woningburo.

Contact Woningburo. Huren. Kopen. Ruilen. Postal address: Postbus 1333, 6201 BH Maastricht T 043 325 20 25 (mo thru fr 09:00-12:00am) A suitable room and safety Even though the choice of a suitable room is personal, often health- and safety aspects play a minor role, although this should be the other way around. It is the responsibility of both the renter and the tenant that a house is not a fire or health risk. The city council checks houses where more than 5 people live on these risks. All owners of student houses will receive a letter with all criteria that a house has to meet to get an utility approval. The city of Maastricht has also installed a service that students can call. This service can be reached by telephone (14043). The main focus of the service is answering questions regarding safety issues. The city will contact the caller within 24 hours in order to resolve the problems. Living in Belgium The idea of living in Belgium is not that unrealistic as it might seem! Due to the short distance between Maastricht and the Belgian border, it only takes about 15 minutes by bike to reach the city centre. The atmosphere of living in Belgium is different to that of Maastricht even though you are only a few kilometres away. Living in Belgium could be a good alternative, but there are a few points of special interest. In Belgium you are sometimes obliged to sign a year contract. You cannot move out before the year is over, unless you find someone else to take your room. Secondly you have to


contact the Belgian authorities for a temporary residence permit. Not having a residence permit can get you into trouble with the authorities. Belgian landlords have to report you by law as resident of their house. For any funds or grants you may receive from the Dutch state, it is not relevant whether you are a resident of either Belgium or the Netherlands!


Moving Leaving home means moving out. Pass your new address on to the UM Admissions Office, Student Services, your bank and insurance company. Moving from one city to another implies enrolling yourself in the new municipality and writing yourself out of the old one. This is obligatory. If you move within the borders of one municipality, this does not apply and a note of your new address is sufficient. The choice of being resident “legally or illegally� is easily made when you consider the advantages of legality: elections, dividends, subsidies and so on.



2.5 Cultural Maastricht You probably already read that Maastricht is a great city to study. However, Maastricht offers much more then just studying. Maastricht is a city with a lot of different aspects; history, culture, gastronomy, shopping and of course a great nightlife. The one who wants to discover Maastricht won’t be bored the upcoming years! First, a brief overview of history to fresh up your mind. About 2.000 years ago, the city where you are going to spend your study time, was established as ‘Mosa Trajectum’ by the Romans. Nowhere the history is as tangible as in Maastricht. The oldest city wall, Roman excavations, the St. Servaas bridge, old Roman churches like the St. Servaas and the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe’ basilica remind us of the rich cultural history of Maastricht. The underground settlements, the casemates from the 17th century and the safe in the caves of the St. Pietersberg belong to cultural heritage. You can even visit the caves and casemates from inside. For more information visit the website Moreover, the Bonnefantenmuseum shelters modern and historical art.

If you still have time and money left for shopping after partying and studying, Maastricht is the place to be! Maastricht was chosen in 2008 as the best shopping city of the Netherlands. The small streets in the old city centre invite you to slander around the exclusive and specialised shops in the field of art, antique and fashion. If you are not such a shopping type, just walk into the bookshop Selexyz which is located in the Dominican church. This bookshop is sometimes regarded as the most beautiful in the world. You are probably very hungry after all the shopping activities. Maastricht is the right place to get something to eat. This typical southern city offers you a wide range of restaurants, bistros and exclusive food- and drink opportunities. In short: welcome in the city of small streets and hidden plazas, culinary surprises and cultural secrets. Maastricht is full of hidden pearls, for a citizen of Maastricht quite obvious but for you to discover. Check the website of VVV Maastricht ( for more information about the possibilities this city can offer you.

But this old city is far more than only history. It represents a rich cultural life that is not just limited to harmonies and Carnival. In the ‘Theater aan het Vrijthof’ one can enjoy performances almost every day of the week. Large national opera-, musical- and dance productions, but also comedy shows and experimental theatre are offered here. In all the cafés in Maastricht one can enjoy live pop- and jazz shows. For an overview visit the website of the Maastricht UITburo (www. or the website of the Cultural Square (


Saint John’s Church The catholic church of Saint Servaas at the Vrijthof is flanked by the protestant church of Saint John, the church with the red tower. This church, originally built for catholic services, is a silent witness of the history of Maastricht: the occupiers, the religions, and the lives of the people in the city. Visiting this church brings ancient Maastricht back alive again! Of course you’re also welcome to join regular services.

community of faith in a special way. The church is still used frequently today. Notably, the high mass on Sunday morning at 10.00 o’clock is a spiritual adventure. Steam brewery De Keyzer The former Steam Brewery De Keyzer owned by the Bosch family - is located in the borough Wyck. The buildings and the brewery equipment date from the years 1885-1930. The brewery, a classified monument, closed in 1970. Guided visits in Dutch, English or German are possible on request. In the tour you will visit the malt house plus the brewery with the wort boiler, fermentation tanks, lager tanks and bottling plant. At the end of the tour you can taste Maastricht special beers in the cosy barroom. Contact Visiting address: Wycker Grachtstraat 26, 6221 CX Maastricht Postal address: Kommel 26, 6211 NZ Maastricht

Sint Servaas Cathedral The St. Servaas Cathedral started out as a burial chapel for the first bishop of Maastricht, St. Servatius (+384), who was buried by the road from Maastricht to Tongeren. After many extensions the church took its current shape in the 10th to the 12th century. The church was attended by its own chapter of priests, named cannons, from around 750. In the beginning they lived communal, but in the Middle Ages they relocated to the stately buildings around the church, which still exist today. In 1985 Pope Johannes Paulus II lifted the church to a cathedral, an honorary title for churches which contribute to the catholic


Bonnefantenmuseum Museum // video-installations // delicious lunches // beautiful sculptures from the Middle Ages // Breughel // sunny terrace // the Fall of Man // dance party’s // tower with 5,7 km Art // trendy museum shop // Gilbert & George // focaccio chèvre // light // live restorations // short courses // space The Bonnefantenmuseum is located on the banks of the river Meuse; only a ten minutes walk distance from the historic center. This impressive building, designed by the famous Italian architect Aldo Rossi, houses a diverse collection of old and contemporary art. For students there is a special discount on

the entrance-ticket: By showing your student card you can enter for € 4,Visiting address: Avenue Céramique 250, Maastricht T 043 3290 190 Rederij Stiphout Shipping company Rederij Stiphout arranges boat trips in and around Maastricht during the whole year, possibly combined with a visit to the caves of the St. Pietersberg. Or

you can sail to the Bassin, the historical inner harbour, and discover this unique piece of Maastricht. A classic is the boat trip to Liège. This is especially recommended on a Sunday; because of the famous flee market. During this trip we pass the lock of Ternaaien with a decline of 15 metres. Welcome on board!! Contact Visiting address: Maaspromenade 58, Maastricht Postal address: Maaspromenade 58, 6211 HS Maastricht T 043 351 53 00

2.6 Entertainment and nightlife Maastricht is famous for its very rich social scene, especially the many restaurants. These beaneries provide different meals, from a simple student-meal to a six course diner. Nowhere in the Netherlands is the density of bars as high as in Maastricht. Furthermore, the offer of bars is very diverse, from trendy lounge bars to pubs. When the first rays of sunlight touch Maastricht, all the terraces of Maastricht are immediately filled, whether it is the Vrijthof, ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwen’ square or the Markt. Next to all these bars, there are many other possibilities to go out in Maastricht, such as visits to the cinema, museums, theatre and churches. During your student life you have enough possibilities to explore everything that Maastricht offers you!

Bars Student’s nightlife is especially taking place in the Platielstraat / Amorsplein, with its popular bars, such as the Clinique, the Twee Heeren, Falstaff and the C’est la Vie. These bars close at two o’clock in the morning but don’t worry; the “Alla” is right around the corner in the Leliestraat. The Alla is one of the nightbars in Maastricht. Good alternatives are the Feesfabrik, FM-kaffee and the Printemps at the Markt. A couple of typical student bars are De Uni, De Beurs and the Boschpoort. These bars are owned by students, and as a consequence the beer prices are comfortably low. If you are looking for something else than regular student bars Take Five and Café Zondag are good alternatives. In the Wyckerbrugstraat Irish Pub John Mullins offers a very popular quiz night every Tuesday at 8 PM. Close to the University are the Ma van Sloun, the Tribunal and the Preuverij. They will provide you with a lunch or a meal for a friendly price.


Movies A night to the cinema is one of the many things students like to do. The cinema at the Wilhelminasingel has a number of large halls where all current movies are shown. On working days you can watch a movie for €6,50, when proving you’re a student. Next to this, you can go to Movietheater Lumière for Arthouse movies. Further information can be obtained from the weekly cultural agenda “Week in Week uit” (available for free at the university, in most bars and online on www. Pathé cinema Wilhelminasingel 39, 6221 BE Maastricht T 043 325 35 65 Filmtheater Lumière Bogaardenstraat 40B PO box 875, 6200 AW Maastricht T 043 321 40 80 Theatre The stage and theatre world is alive in Maastricht due to the presence of the well known acting academy and a number of stages. The Theatre at the Vrijthof is the apex of theatre architecture. The Bonbonnière, which is located in the old City Playhouse, is in term pleasant and vivid. The MECC hosts pop-concerts more and more often (or other enjoyable evenings with for example Holiday on Ice). The Kumulus theatre is another possibility for going to the theatre for a reasonable price. Furthermore, the Derlon theatre is well known in Maastricht. This theatre gives students a good discount. Want to stay informed with everything that is related to culture and theatre? Read the free cultural agenda in the “Week In, Week Uit” (obtainable at the faculties and most bars).


Do you need to relax from your busy student life? Come and visit Theater aan het Vrijthof. For almost all performances Theater aan het Vrijthof offers s-tickets. This means that for only € 9,- you can enjoy an evening of theater from musicals to opera from theater to singer songwriter. So, grab your chance and visit the theater, there are probably still s-tickets available! s-tickets rules • € 9, - per s-ticket • Only available for performances which are not sold out • Available from half an hour prior to the performance at the UITbalie in the Theater aan het Vrijthof or on location • Only available if you can present a valid student card or OV student card Keep in touch Do you want to know if there are s-tickets available, or do you want to keep up with the latest theater news? Then become a fan of Theater aan het Vrijthof on facebook For the complete program visit Theatre on the Vrijthof Vrijthof 47 043 350 5555 La Bonbonnière Achter de Comedie 1 043 350 0935 Kumulus Muziekschool St. Maartenspoort 2, Maastricht Kumulus Beeldende kunsten / Theaterschool Herbenusstraat 69, Maastricht

Kumulus / Impulse, Ballet & dans Brusselsestraat 10D, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 1992, 6201 BZ Maastricht Toneelacademie (Academy of performing arts) Lenculenstraat 31-33 043 346 6690 Derlon Theater (Derlon Theatre) Plein 1992 - 15, Maastricht Postbus 3036, 6202 NA Maastricht 043-3503050 043 350 7171 Het Huis van BourgondiĂŤ (The house of BourgondiĂŤ) Hoogfrankrijk 27 6211 RK Maastricht MECC (Maastricht Exposition- and Congress Centre) Forum 100 043 383 8383


2.7 Shopping in Maastricht Opening hours Shops are normally open from 9 AM until 6 PM and on Saturday until 5.00 PM. Please remember that some shops are closed on Monday morning. Every Thursday evening the ‘shopping evening’ takes place and shops will be open until 9.00 PM. On the first Sunday of the month the shops are open. From Monday until Saturday there is always a supermarket open from 8.00 AM until 10.00 PM. On Sunday, except for the first Sunday of the month, only the supermarket at the train station is open. Markets The markets in Maastricht take place on the following days: • Wednesday (08.00 AM untill 1.00 PM): general market on the market square • Friday (8.00 AM untill 2.00 PM): general market + fish market on the market square • Saturday (10.00 AM untill 4.00 PM): antique, and second hand stuff on the stationsstraat Wednesday (08.00 AM - 1.00 PM) The Wednesday market is held around the city hall at the market square. The market consists of around 200 stands with a wide range of goods: vegetables, cheese, matters, fish, flowers, clothes, perfume, jewellery, leather bags etc. You will find everything!


Friday (8.00 AM - 2.00 PM) The Friday market is held around the city hall on the market square. The market consists of around 375 stands with a wide range of goods: vegetables, cheese, matters, fish, flowers, clothes, perfume, jewellery, leather bags etc. You will find everything! Behind the statue of Minckeleers on the Boschstraat starts the famous fish market with at the end a large exotic vegetables and fruit stand. Saturday (10.00 AM - 4.00 PM) From the central station of Maastricht you walk right into the antique- and second hand market of Maastricht. The market consists of around 60 stands which offer old-fashioned, self made or second hand goods such as books, coins, jewellery and Furniture. Just slander along the stand and find one of those goods that you always had in mind!


3.1 History Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd Maastricht University Since the official opening in 1976 the UM (formerly known as the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg) has found a special place amongst the other Dutch universities due to its Problem Based Learning (PBL) programme. The seven existing medical faculties could not suffice the number of students; therefore an eighth faculty was needed. This faculty had to be part of a university. Even though Maastricht did not have a university at that time, it thought itself to be qualified enough to obtain the faculty. The

Netherlands had 12 scientific institutions, however none of them was located in the Province of Limburg. The university could not only play an important role for education but was also believed to play an important role in the social-economical restructuring of Limburg by creating new and more jobs as well as income. Next to that, there was room in the Euregio for a Dutch speaking university. In sight of a Europe without borders there


should be a free exchange of education and science.The decision was made in 1970: the eighth Medical Faculty would be established in Maastricht. On the 19th of December 1978 the “motie Deetman” was accepted in the Tweede Kamer (parliament). The motion stated that Maastricht University had to expand to a University in its full- right by 1990 with a student population of 6.000. The official opening of the Faculty of Medicine was on the 9th of January 1976 and the Faculty of Health Sciences followed shortly afterwards in 1980. Further faculties that followed are: the Faculty of Law (1982), School of Business and Economics (1987), Faculty of General Sciences (1992), Faculty of Arts and Culture (1993) and the Psychology Faculty in (1996). In April 1997, a committee was established to stimulate the integration between University Centre Diepenbeek and Maastricht University. September 1st 2001, the transnational University Limburg (tUL) became a reality. In a cross-border cooperation the Limburg Universitair Centrum (Hasselt/Diepenbeek) and Maastricht University offer courses in the field of Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Education Sciences, which is also expressed in the certification: students who graduate from the tUL will receive a licentiate as well as a master’s degree.

Hogeschool Zuyd

From the 1st of January onwards, the Hogeschool Limburg and the Hogeschool Maastricht merged under one name: Hogeschool Zuyd. A school with a common name and logo. Hogeschool Zuyd is one of the Dutch schools with more than 40 study tracks divided over the cities Sittard, Maastricht and Heerlen. With 13.200 students and 1.550 employees the new school belongs to the top 10 of largest schools of higher education in the Netherlands. The main building is settled in Heerlen. The Hogeschool Zuyd has a mix of qualities because of her entrepreneurial character and her southern ‘joie de vivre’. The studies cover almost all the sectors of higher education: economics, behaviour and society, healthcare, technics and art.

Due to the unique location of the Hogeschool Zuyd in the southern part of the Netherlands, there is a large network of German and Belgian companies and institutions in the region. At the Hogeschool Zuyd, the principle of ‘learning to learn’ is applied. In these kinds of learning processes individual work is the main aspect. Individually and in cooperation with other students you work on practical cases where knowledge of different courses is combined. The purpose of this learning process is that you will learn how to work efficient in a team and beyond that, learn how to solve problems individually. The Hogeschool Zuyd supports an entrepreneurial behaviour. This holds for the study tracks as well as for the students. In her education the Hogeschool Zuyd challenges her students to take initiative and responsibility. Therefore, the students will learn how to motivate themselves and other students.


3.2 University Library aastricht University has a modern library on two different locations. Students of the Faculties of Medicine, Health Sciences and Psychology will find all relevant library facilities at the UL Randwijck, whereas students of the Faculties of Arts and Culture, School of Business and Economics, Law, General Sciences or University College Maastricht, have access to the UL Inner City.

University Library Randwijck Universiteitssingel 50 6229 ER Maastricht T 043 388 5142

3.3 Student Service Centre

The UL offers you: • A large collection of media (both printed and electronically) • Learning and resource centres (these are special facilities that support the problembased learning system) • Ergonomic workplaces in study cells, larger rooms and open-plan spaces • Hundreds of workstations, equipped with the latest computer technology. From any location (both within and outside the UM), anyone has access to his or her own files, library databases, and software • Hundreds of workstations, equipped with the latest computer technology. • Extensive opening hours • Expert UL staff, ready to help you

The Student Service Centre (SSC) is responsible for all general student services. The Student Service Centre takes care of relation management with (upcoming) students and Alumni, provides offices for student (associations) en takes care of the not-education related guidance of students. The SSC publishes current information in the University paper ‘Observant’ and elaborates information on the Internet. Furthermore, students can ask questions via the electronic service centre ( The following divisions are part of the SSC: • Student Guidance • UM sport • Communication and Relation management (CenR) • Information management (IM) • Centre of European Studies (CES) • Maastricht Housing • Service en information centre/ subscription office / scholarship office / foreign diploma’s • Sport association MUSST • Student Pastorate • Studium Generale • Werkgroep INKOM

Contact University Library Inner City Grote Looiersstraat 17 6211 JH Maastricht T 043 388 50 05

Visiting adress: Bonnefantenstraat 2, Maastricht Postal addres: Postbus 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T 043 388 53 88


3.3.1 UM Student Guidance At our university you are expected to be independent and take care of all your affairs yourself. This does not mean you haven’t got any questions! The student counsellors can surely assist you with many of your questions. Below you will find an overview of the counsellors of the Student Services Centre: UM Career Services UM Career Services aims at assisting students in a successful preparation for their future career. This goal is achieved by providing students with the required education, information, advice and counselling. In addition, UM Career Services links students of Maastricht University to the job market in various ways. What does UM Career Services offer: Online Career Library Online information regarding things as the job market, internships, training programs in the Netherlands and overseas. Individual guidance • Quick Career Advice (QCA); orientating conversation about career planning, study choice or CV check • Career Counseling; individual in-depth coaching by a career counselor • Job Interview simulation; individual preparation for an actual job interview which is video-taped. Workshops Offered monthly in Dutch and English. Vacancy database Internships, graduate jobs, student jobs, voluntary work, vacancies for alumni.

Career events Lectures, presentations, company visits, etc. in cooperation with study associations, alumni and faculties. Website: careerservices For making an appointment: For an QCA, job interview simulation and/or career counselling: 0031-(0)43-3885388 Location Student Service Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2 Student Psychologists Student psychologists may be consulted in case of personal problems. Examples of complaints and problems include: • Study related problems like study stress and fear of failure • Psychological complaints such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, stress-related complaints, lack of confidence, dealing with traumatic experiences. It need not be obvious beforehand what the problem is before an appointment can be made with one of the student psychologists. The student psychologists can help you by means of individual guidance and/or group training (in Dutch and English). Examples of group training: • Fear of failure training • Study efficiency group • Group Loss and Mourning • Stress management • Time management • Assertiveness training


For more information: studentguidance E-mail:studentenpsychologen@ For making an appointment: 0031-(0)43-3885388 Location: Student Services Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B1.21 Student deans Student deans help in case you have questions about: • Your rights in case of a study delay because of illness, pregnancy, family circumstances or practising top sports • Student grants • Studying with a functional impairment • Membership of council, board, committee or membership of the board of a student organisation • Other questions concerning your rights as a student For more information: studentguidance Open visiting hours: Every Tuesday from 14.00-16.00 o’clock For making an appointment: 0031-(0)43-3885388 Location: Student Services Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B1.21 Service Desk Disability Management (Prospective) students with a functional impairment can contact the Service Desk Disability Management for: • Information (about studying with an impairment, laws, (UM-) regulations and external organizations)


• • • •

Advice Support (for example arranging facilities) Request for (study) facilities Questions about studying with a functional impairment • Complaints and problems with regard to this topic For more information: E-mail: Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00-12:00 Location: Student Services Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B1.21 3.3.2 Studium Generale What is Studium Generale? Studium Generale is a University department which offers a programme of lectures, debates and cultural activities. Regarding the lectures and debates, Studium Generale reveals a wide experience of the sciences and of society. The cultural program presents a variety of activities such as comedy, theatre and music. Studium Generale sharpens your mind. It’s interesting, informative and fun. Which activities does Studium Generale organize? • Public lectures and debates The foundation of cultural, scientific and social issues. Free admission, no obligations, gain insight into topics outside your study.

• SG On Stage Pop Music, World Music, Comedy and Theatre. There is also an opportunity for you to perform on stage. See the Battle of the Bands and Open Mic. Great ambiance, exciting performances. • Short lecture series In series of six lectures topics are addressed that contribute to the academic education of students, for example on Consciousness, Human Rights, Ethical dilemma’s in health care and Philosophers of the Twentieth Century. You will receive a certificate. • The SG Science Café A meeting place for scientists and university students. The café provides an opportunity to debate with scientists in an informal atmosphere. Costs Most of the lectures and debates can be attended for free. For the cultural activities we charge a modest admission fee. Information Go to studiumgenerale to register. You will be informed about the upcoming activities of Studium Generale. Or collect the Studium Generale Bulletin at your faculty or at the pub. Here you will find an overview of upcoming events. Contact information PO Box 616 - 6200 MD Maastricht – Visiting Address: Bonnefantenstraat 2, Maastricht (room C-0.07) - +31 (0)43 388 53 07 –

3.3.3 The Cultural Square The Cultural Square (CS) is the meeting place for all students interested in cultural activities in Maastricht. On the square you can meet other students and find the latest info on what is on in town. Becoming a member of the Cultural Square will enable you to receive special CS-member privileges like discounts and tips about special CS offers. How can I receive the CS member privileges? Are you a student of Maastricht University? Simply create your own CS profile via www. to become a member of the CS. Then pick up your CS-sticker at the Student Services Centre desk (Bonnefantenstraat 2) and stick it on your student card. With the CS sticker on your student card you can enjoy all the special deals and discounts offered on the website of the Cultural Square. When visiting a CS activity, indicate that you are a member of the Cultural Square by showing the CS sticker on your student card and you will receive all CS member privileges. Keeping up to date You can visit the Cultural Square at www. and subscribe to the CS newsletter or follow the latest cultural news and updates by Facebook or Twitter. Then you will always know what’s going on and can get the most out of being a student in Maastricht. See you at The Square!


3.4 Supporting student facilities 3.4.1 Language centre Teaching at Maastricht University takes place in Dutch and English. Hence, it is very important for students to have an excellent command of these languages. Apart from these two, many more languages can be heard in the university. After all, a third of the student population are international students and more than half spend some time at universities abroad.

Contact Visiting address: Sint Servaasklooster 32 Postal address: PO box 616 6200 MD Maastricht T 043 388 39 50 3.4.2 ICT Service Centre

As a UM student you develop a true international profile, which is not easy to achieve elsewhere. It takes time and energy, but can be very beneficial. Research has shown that it is frequently the third or fourth language that proves the decisive factor in getting a job or opens doors for interesting career moves. Learning a language is an investment that has lifelong benefits!

The ICT Service Centre (ICTS), one of Maastricht University’s five service centres, provides the ICT infrastructure for the entire organisation. ICTS arranges access to the university’s computer network for UM students and staff, as well as e-mail accounts and corresponding mailboxes and calendar management. The mailboxes can be accessed via Web Access from every computer with an Internet connection at: webmail.

Do you also want to invest in your future? Come and join one of the beginners’ and advanced courses in 13 languages at the UM Language Centre. Our practical approach will help you get started in general daily situations! Professional skills for practical application in your studies or work are part of our courses at both intermediate and advanced level.

By using the license menu at: licentiemenu. students can download software that is used regularly within Maastricht University. Employees and students of Maastricht University can use the software and information on the license menu as long as the license contract between Maastricht University and the involved software developer is valid.

Visit our website for more information on the courses we offer or to register online.

Student can order legal and attractively priced software from for example Adobe, SPSS or Microsoft at Surfspot is part of SURFdiensten and as such no part of Maastricht University


Should you have ICT problems or questions about our services, please contact the ICTS Servicedesk by e-mail or telephone. Visit the Front Office if you want to contact us personally. ICTS Servicedesk Visiting address: Grote Looiersstraat 17 & Universiteitssingel 40 T +31 (043)-388 55 55 ICT Service Centre Visiting address: Grote Looiersstraat 17 T +31 (043)-388 55 11

3.5 University Chaplaincy Tafelstraat 13 Tafelstraat 13 is the ecumenical chaplaincy in town. We are located in a historical building in the centre of the city. Our place has a homely atmosphere. We are part of the Student Services Centre and offer a wide range of activities: You’re welcome to join a dinner, a walking tour or a trip. Besides these social gatherings it’s also possible to take part in discussion groups, debates or lectures on topics related to religion, philosophy, ethics, global issues and humanitarian questions. All these activities are moments of lively encounters with students from all over the world and from different faculties. There’s no membership: we’re open for everybody who would like to share ideals, inspiration, questions, worries and joy.

It’s always possible to address one of our chaplains for an individual talk about what’s on your mind. We offer a chance to meet others and yourself. Catch a glimpse of what’s going on beyond your horizon at Tafelstraat 13! Contactgegevens: Tafelstraat 13 6211 JD Maastricht 0(013) 43 321 5651


3.6 Important addresses Below is a list of addresses of the various faculties of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd.

Maastricht University General Postal Address PO box 616 6200 MD Maastricht Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Visiting address: Grote Gracht 90-92 6211 SZ Maastricht 043 388 4772

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance Visiting address: Keizer Karelplein 19 6211 TC Maastricht 043 388 4650 Universiteit Maastricht Business School Visiting address: Tongersestraat 53 6211 LM Maastricht 043 388 4939 Transnationale Universiteit Limburg The Netherlands Universiteit Maastricht PO box 616 6200 MD Maastricht +31 (0)43 3882222 Belgium Universiteit Hasselt Campus Diepenbeek Agoralaan – Gebouw D 3590 Diepenbeek +32 (0)11 268111

School of Business and Economics Visiting address: Tongersestraat 53 6211 LM Maastricht 043 388 2055 Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences Visiting address: Universiteitssingel 60 6229 ER Maastricht 043 388 1400

Hogeschool Zuyd

Faculty of Law Visiting address: Bouillonstraat 1-3 6211 LH Maastricht 043 388 2222 Faculty of Psychology Visiting address: Universiteitssingel 40 6229 ER Maastricht 043 388 2209

Location Brusselseweg European Studies International Business School OriĂŤntaalse Talen en Communicatie Vertaalacademie Communication & Multimedia Design Leraar Basisonderwijs

Faculty of Humanities and Sciences/ Maastricht ICT Competence Centre Visiting address: Bouillonstraat 8-10 6211 LH Maastricht 043 388 3455

Postal address: Postbus 634 6200 AP Maastricht Brusselseweg 150, 6217 HB Maastricht 043 346 6640

University College Maastricht (UCM) Visiting address: Zwingelput 4 6211 KH Maastricht043 388 5698


Location Bethlehemweg Hoge Hotelschool

Location Universiteitssingel Academie Verloskunde

Postal address,Postbus 3900 6202 NX Maastricht Bethlehemweg 2, 6222 BM Maastricht 043 352 8282

Universiteitssingel 60 6229 ER Maastricht 043 388 5400

Location Bonnefantenstraat Conservatorium Bonnefantenstraat 15, 6211 KL Maastricht 043 346 6680 Dependance Conservatorium Franciscus Romanusweg 90 6221 AH Maastricht, 043 346 6260

Others Hogeschool Notenboom Bassin 184 6211 AL Maastricht 043 325 5025

Location Brusselsestraat Academie van Bouwkunst Maastricht Brusselsestraat 75 6211 PC Maastricht 043 321 9645 Location Herdenkingsplein Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht (ABK) Herdenkingsplein 12 6211 PW Maastricht 043 346 6670 Location Lenculenstraat Toneelacademie Lenculenstraat 31-33 6211 KP Maastricht 043 346 6690


4.1 Working f you want to earn some extra money next to your studies, you can try to find an additional job. Possible jobs could be: • Call centre agent • Catering business • Student assistant within the university • Post delivery • Promotional work

Employment agencies are ideal for students looking for a job. They can get you work for a longer or shorter period of time, a few hours in the week or a job just for the summer holidays. Besides, you are free to choose when and where you would like to work. Temporary work is the employment agencies’ speciality. Maastricht has about 20 employment agencies. Before you go and subscribe do think about in what kind of job you are interested and for what you would be qualified. Please be reminded of the fact that you need to bring a passport and a photograph. You are free to sign up at more than one agency. It is up to you if you choose to work “zwart” (black), something which is illegal. If you work ‘zwart’ then you will not be insured and you will have few or no rights. If you have an accident than this is all your own responsibility. Dutch students receive money on a monthly base from the state.


Also other European students are able to receive money from the Dutch government. Please take into account that for this monthly loan/donation you are not allowed to earn more than € 13.215,83 in 2011. Contact: 050-599 7755

4.2 Student bank accounts Nowadays, most banks offer specific student accounts. They offer so-called “educative credits” or raise the amount of credit that you are allowed to have on your balance (some banks even have a maximum of € 4.500,-!). It is also cheaper for a student to have a debt than for a non-student. But remember having a negative balance will cost money in the long run. So our advice is to avoid this as much as possible. Furthermore you can lay down your own limits, for example, no further than - € 500. Different banks may charge different costs for the use of a cash card, credit cards and so on. It is therefore wise to compare the various banks before opening an account. Sometimes you can only open a student account if you receive some kind of grant or fund (from the Dutch government).

4.3 Health Insurance Under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet) all residents and/or employees are obliged to be insured (for health). Every health care insurance company in the Netherlands that offers services that are laid down in the Act, has a legal obligation to accept anybody who applies for insurance. For the basic insurance package you will have to pay a premium to the insurer. This is known as the nominal premium. Depending on your income and family situation, you may be eligible for an allowance in respect of this premium: the health care allowance. Whether a foreign student is obliged to take out the basic health insurance under the Health Insurance Act depends on the personal situation (place of residence and/or employment). For more information please visit or contact the Dutch authorities.


IKEA Heerlen:

Closer than you think!

Just 20 minutes drive from the Vrijthof is the largest IKEA store in the Euregio, IKEA Heerlen. At almost 40.000 m2 you will find everything for your room, from bar stools to complete bedrooms and from mattresses to beer glasses. If you do not have transportation? Do not worry, you can easily reach IKEA Heerlen by train (Woonboulevard station). At IKEA Heerlen you can always rent a car to take your purchases home for only 7,50 per hour. Another option is our home delivery service for a small fee. An empty stomach is not so convenient for shopping. IKEA Heerlen has a large restaurant with low prices. You can start your morning with a breakfast for only 1 euro.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 10-21 hours Saturday: 9-20 hours Sunday opening hours: 11-18 hours (every last Sunday of the month) The Restaurant is already open from Monday-Saturday at 9 am and closes half hour before the closing of the store. Address: IKEA Heerlen In de Cramer 142 6412 PM Heerlen

5.1 MKvV SV Circumflex

Student association KoKo

Circumflex has been a familiar face in Maastricht for over 40 years. Since our founding in 1971, we have become the oldest and biggest traditional student association with 700 members. Circumflex is located at the Capucijnenstraat 120, a monumental building in the centre of the city. Our association is structured in “jaarclubs”(yearclubs) and “disputen” (fraternities/sororities). Everyone who becomes a member will directly form a “jaarclub” with approximately 11 fellow students. Later there is a possibility to join a “dispuut”, which consists of a group of students of different years. Our association is the only association which is open for our members 5 days and nights a week. ‘InMosae’, where 2000 students party three days long in our building, is known in the whole country. In our bar members can relax and hang out with friends. It is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and experience the Dutch student culture!

Student association KoKo, founded in 1976, developed itself into the largest and most active student association within Maastricht. SV KoKo distinguishes itself by its diversity and equality among its members. Therefore hazing is out of the question, instead all freshman go out on a sociable introduction weekend. If you become a member of KoKo you can take part in a “jaarclub” which is a group of friends with whom you enjoy your entire KoKo-period with. Furthermore it’s possible to join one of our fraternities and sororities or take part in a committee. Joining one of the 28 committees gives you the opportunity to i.e. organize cultural activities, run our bar, make our magazine, set up sport events or organize the coolest parties. Not surprisingly KoKo is known for its diversity. In short, KoKo is an association with plenty of opportunities and freedom to get the best out of your student life and develop yourself. Interested? Visit us at the INKOM and our website!

Contact Visiting address: Capucijnenstraat 120, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 888, 6200 AW Maastricht T 043 325 10 88


Contact Visiting address: Gebroeders Hermansstraat 11-13, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 28, 6200 AA Maastricht T 043 321 93 83 F 043 321 38 34

MSV Tragos For almost 30 years the M.S.V. Tragos has been the leading student association in Maastricht. We are located in the monumental Fortress of King Willem I. Tragos is characterized by the large involvement of her members, the vast majority joins one of the fifteen fraternities/sororities. In your first year you will form a so-called yearclub with your newly made friends as well. Tragos also offers a lot of opportunities to develop yourself by joining one of our committees which organize for example the Symposium or Gala. We’re the only students association in Maastricht with a license to be open day and night – we have no closing hours. We also have our own nightclub “NOX” and our MultiZalenFeesten are famous in Maastricht. Besides relaxing at the bar, you can join one of our sports teams, i.e. hockey and soccer. Tragos offers you all you need to make your studentlife an unforgettable time! Come see us and join! Contact Visiting address: Kastanjelaan 66, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 58, 6200 AB Maastricht T 043 321 11 87



5.2 Other associations Foundation Onafhankelijk Maastricht

SA Amphitryon

The 23 fraternities and sororities from Onafhankelijk Maastricht welcome you in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands! Onafhankelijk Maastricht is not a society but a foundation for 23 different fraternities and sororities. During the year these individual fraternities and sororities organise a lot of fun events and parties. For example a hockey or soccer tournament for students, a playbackshow or a beer festival. Because you join an individual fraternity of sorority, you choose consciously for the group of people you like, while you still profit from the benefits of a large organization. Would you like to join a fraternity of sorority from Onafhankelijk Maastricht? Visit our events during the INKOM or visit our website!

Becoming a Hotello? Than this is the page you were looking for!

Contact Foundation Onafhankelijk Maastricht T 06 34189744/ 06 13029391

You have probably heard of us before, but in this booklet we will introduce ourselves as well. Student Association Amphitryon is founded in 1951, one year after the foundation of the Hotelschool in Maastricht. Since then the MHMS and Amphitryon are bounded to each other inextricably. Being an Amphitryan means you will get a life full of new friends, international contacts, culinary trips and a great student life. Amphitryon organizes small as well as big events where you can be a part of: Barnight’s, Sportweekends, Gala’s, Culinary Trips and for example the INKOM. Being a member of a yearclub, sorority or fraternity, or a committee you can collect experiences in your own way and your membership can be a great value to your study. Ask our members, in green polo’s, about their membership of Amphitryon with 700 active members and a network of 6.000 old-members. Student Association Amphitryon. Bounded to your faculty. Contact: Visiting address: Jeruzalemweg 1, on the premises of the Hotel Management School Postal address: PO box 4369, 6202 VB Maastricht T 043 352 03 08 F 043 352 02 94


5.3 International associations AEGEE AEGEE is a European student association with 15.000 members spread over 250 cities in Europe, from Dublin to Moscow and from Athens to Tallinn. This gives you the opportunity to travel cheaply throughout Europe. How about a sauna-party in Helsinki, a conference on Human Rights in Torino, rafting in Serbia or a Summer University in Prague?!

Contact Visiting address: Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B 2.02 (every day from 13.30 – 15.30) Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T 043 388 53 53 ESN Welcome to Maastricht, THE most international city of the Netherlands! Chances are that somewhere in the next few years you will leave Maastricht for a while to study abroad. This is exactly what 1.400 students from all over the world are doing: they leave their hometown and come to Maastricht! Erasmus Student Network organizes numerous activities for these students, varying from an introduction week or party to several city trips, sports activities and the famous Cantus!

AEGEE-Maastricht Apart from the travel advantage, AEGEE hosts weekly activities in Maastricht, such as themed parties, international dinners, Walking Drinks, member weekends, or exchanges with other AEGEE antennae. Besides, AEGEE is known for an open and relaxed atmosphere and we have members from every faculty and discipline! Are you looking for a social student association, do you like to make friends in and outside Maastricht and/or do you love travelling? Then AEGEE is the right place for you! You can find us at CafĂŠ de Twee Heeren (Platielstraat 17-19) every Tuesday night from 10.00 PM onwards.


If you like meeting international students or enjoy organizing activities for these happy few, meet us for our International drink in the Highlander bar on Monday night! More information about us can be found on our website: Contact: Visiting address: Bonnefantenstraat 2, room B2.04 Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T 043 388 53 57

5.4 Student & Sports UM sports Student sport = UM SPORT. Hits are: fun, affordable, professional, and international! UM SPORTS organises a broad range of sports activities for students at UM and HBO in and around Maastricht. Sport Centre Randwyck, home of UM SPORT, is situated in a temporary accommodation close to the academic hospital. The sports membership gives entrance to ‘walk in’ activities such as: aerobics, badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer and zumba. Besides, you can sign up for several course activities: capoeira, pilates, spinning or yoga. The fitness/gym membership gives you unlimited entrance to the gym at the sports centre. For a little more than €5 a month (depending on the membership) you can workout the entire academic year.

UM students can apply for a membership through the Internet or at the desk at Sports Centre Randwyck. Students at HBO can apply for the sports card only at the UM SPORTS desk. Bring your student ID, bank card, and a passport photograph. Please check our website for a programme overview, price list, and opening hours: www. Contact UM SPORT Sportcentrum Randwyck P. Debyeplein 15 6229 HA Maastricht T: 043-3885311 E: I: Facebook:


MUSST (Maastrichtse Universitaire Studentensport Stichting) Want to SCORE? SCOREN? Sports and fun! Sport in Maastricht is very much alive! Do you want to keep sporting besides your study? Then join one of the 19 Student Sports Associations attached to SCOREN! Besides sports, a Student Sports Association offers a lot of fun. Within SCOREN, the members of the Student Sports Associations form a firm, sportive and sociable group. Both Dutch and foreign students find their place within SCOREN through the many activities and drinks that the Student Sports Associations organize. Being a member of a Student Sports Association indirectly means


becoming a member of a group with over 1.800 sporting students! From soccer to athletics, and from lacrosse to triathlon: almost all sports are represented in Maastricht. Looking for sports and fun without any obligations? Come and SCORE at a Student Sports Association! More information about SCOREN and the 19 attached Student Sports Associations? Acropolis Acrobatics is for everybody Balance, control of ones body and cooperation are the basis for this fascinating sport. To do a handstand, or to stand on each others shoulders, building human pyramids

and other tricks that originate from circus acts, are less difficult than one might expect. It is really not necessary to look like a bodybuilder or to be loose–limbed to enjoy the art of acrobatics. Discover - at a free open lesson on a Wednesday - the fun of spectacular, at times a little shaky tricks of acrobatics. Take a look at our website for more information: http://www.acropolis.! Contact T 043 363 29 63 Les Chevaliers Les Chevaliers is Maastricht’s student horse riding association. We make use of a good riding school located at Cadier en Keer. Lessons will be given at every level; which means beginners are welcome too. So, if you have always wanted to follow horse riding lessons, this is your chance!! Besides horse riding we also organise a great amount of activities. So, apart from horse riding, there will be a lot of fun as well! Do you want to know more? Check out our website! Contact Po box 616 6200 MD Maastricht 0627475912 0653417876 Dutch Mountains South-Limburg, ideal for cycling. From beginner to advanced cyclist, from recreational to competition racers, for everyone there is something. Steep hills are interchanged with beautiful views and woods. So do you like roadracing or mountainbiking, then you have come to the right place. In addition to sports, there is also time for fun activities, a drink in our favourite pub and

parties! Curious or would you like to have more information, check our website! Contact Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht Ferro Mosae MSTV Ferro Mosae is the student triathlon association of Maastricht, and combines endurance sports (swimming, cycling, running). As a member of Ferro Mosae you can participate in swimming, cycling and running sessions managed by triathlon pro’s Bas Diederen and Edo van der Meer. Moreover, you can compete in triathlons, duathlons, and run events - individually or as a team member. Do you like to be active and are you in for a challenge? Then Ferro Mosae is just what you want! More information at or mail to Fyrfad Sporty, fun, dedicated and active; does this sound like something for you? Then the Volleyball Association Fyrfad is the thing for you! Have you been playing for some time already, or don’t you have the slightest clue what to do with those round objects: at M.S.V.V. Fyrfad there are options for everyone! Other than volleyball we offer regular drinks, galas, tournaments and memorable members’ weekends! Interested? Come and find us during the INKOM, check out our website or send us an e-mail! Contact Website: E-mail address: Postal address: Postbus 616, 6200 MD, Maastricht


HEEP HEEP is THE Maastricht student badminton association. The HEEP spirit can’t be captured in a piece of text; it has to be lived! Experience it during our trainings, weekly drinks, monthly activities, parties and ISBTs (International Student Badminton Tournament). Travelling together, meeting new and old friends, sleeping in a sports hall, a great party and hoping your opponent’s hangover is worse than yours… HEEP is for badminton players at all levels; we play regional competition and we are a member of the Dutch Badminton Federation. Already curious? Come to the HEEP-hour or check! Trainings (Sports hall Randwyck): Monday 19:00 – 21:00 Training (with UM Sport) Monday 21:00 – 23:00 Advanced training Thursday 18:00 – 20:00 HEEP-hour (internal competition and free play) Hippo’s Netball (korfbal) in short: four boys and four girls try to throw a ball trough a hoop, better known as the korf. The korf is 3,5 meters high. The field is divided in two, so both teams have four people trying to score, while the other four defend their own korf. To play korfball in Maastricht, you can come to the Hippo’s, not with a great number of members, but with a great deal of fun. Every month there is also a korfball tournament with other students and we regularly come together for all kinds of activities, such as bowling or the annual cocktailparty. See you! Contact Visiting address: Kunstgrasveld KVM, Van Slijpestraat in Amby Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht,


Hooked Floorball is also known as innebandy, salibandy and unihockey, a fast-spaced indoor team sport, easy to learn, hard to quit. Is the Maastricht University Floorball Association, an English-speaking club, with a large variety of nationalities, open to novices as well as experienced players, arguably the best student floorball club in the Dutch league. Contact Visiting address: Sporthal Randwyck Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht KINRAN KINRAN – THE karate association for and by students of Maastricht! Our training focuses on the Shotokan karate style. Beginner or Karate-King - Everybody is welcome! Needless to say, we also meet for lots of awesome activities; sushi-evenings, a members weekend, lasergaming, get-togethers in the pub and much more! Interested? Join us for a try-out training! More information? Have a look at our website! Contact Visiting address: Sporthal Randwyck, Thursday 20:00hr. T 06 51165824 LAGAKARI Lagakari, the sail and surf association from the students of Maastricht! Did you ever want to go sailing or surfing or are you already familiar with these wonderful water sports? At Lagakari you can start as a beginner, an experienced or even as an ocean controller! During the whole year we

organize activities and we have a weekly drink! We are an active, welcoming and sportive association! Curious? Check: www. Contact Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht M.S.D.V. Let’s Dance! We are an association with over 150 members and offer you the dance-courses Salsa, Streetdance, Breakdance and Latin/ Ballroom. Besides this we also organize parties, drinks and activities for all of our members. So, want to fill your student years with sports and fun? Become a member! And don’t worry about initiations, Let’s Dance! doesn’t have any. For more information visit the sports day or one of our subscription drinks in September, or talk to our members. Also take a look on

Contact: Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht Maaslax Are you looking for a fun team and for a sport which combines strength with agility, skill and speed? If you do and feel like doing a new sport, join the Maastricht Lacrosse squad (called the Lamas). For more information about our two teams and the Lacrosse rules visit Contact Visiting address: Sportpart West MaasSAC The Maastricht Student Alpine Club is the climbing and mountaineering association of Maastricht. Every member is free to go climbing in climbing hall Neoliet in Heerlen, though the most members will be there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can


go bouldering for free in Sporthal Randwyck. Each year we go on holiday together, and organize several climbing weekends. MaasSAC members meet regularly in and outside the climbing hall and join in activities other than climbing. Curious? Contact us! Contact Post address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht e-mail: website: Maastricht Knights The Maastricht Knights is a young students’ basketball club for advanced players and beginners. This year we have a ladies’ and a men’s team! Everybody who likes to follow structural practices and likes to play competition games throughout Limburg is very welcome to join! For more information, check our website. Contact M.S.B.V. Maastricht Knights Postbus 616 6200 MD, Maastricht MANOS Welcome to MSHV Manos, the student handball association in Maastricht! We are an active association with a lot of great and active people. One of our most important activities is of course playing handball. We practice every Tuesday afternoon (women: 17.00-18.30; men: 18.00-19.30) and Monday (mixed: 17.15-19.00) in sport hall Randwyck and we participate in several tournaments across the Netherlands. But, playing handball with us goes hand in hand with a lot of FUN: we provide as many funny and exciting activities as possible for our members! We like to party, and we definitely have a name in the world of


handball! Join us for practice to see how we go or check our website for pictures and stories. We hope to see you soon! Contact Visiting address: Sportcentrum Randwyck, P. Debyeplein 15 Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht MARABOES Rugby; the student sport. Life-long friendships form both on and off the pitch. It is one of the most popular sports in the world, which shows in rich traditions that surround the rugby way of life and members from every corner in the world. There’s a competitive team and a development team. Our hypermodern accommodation enabled us to host an international game! Throughout the year we organize activities: pub crawls, integration drinks, Christmas dinner and once a year the infamous Tour. On Tour we go abroad, play local teams and explore the city and every pub. If you’ve got what it takes to become a maraboes; join us! Contact Visiting address: Negenputruwe 1, 6218 RA Maastricht Postal address: PO box 198, 6200 AD Maastricht MAS Incontro Fencing is an ancient sport in which not only stamina, but also persistence, balance and tactics are important skills. The men and women of MAS Incontro fence on different weapons and levels. We train in the

Toneelacademie and afterwards we often go for a drink. We also attend tournaments which are open to both advanced and beginning fencers. Each year we offer multiple beginner courses. Now that you are a student it is the perfect opportunity to try this unique sport. So, put on your pugnacious face and join us sometime. We think fencing is a sport every student should have tried at least once in a lifetime! Contact Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht MSHC Welcome to Maastricht! A wonderful city to enjoy your studies. Of course, it is also a great city to practice sports. The most student-like sport is without a doubt hockey. At the Maestrichste Studenten Hockey club, a hockey club just for students, different levels of competition can be practiced. MSHC has over 140 members, divided among three men’s and five ladies’ teams. You can sign up during the INKOM at the Sports Event and the Infofestival. You can also email us at! Contact PO box 888, 6200 AW Maastricht D.B.S.V. Red Socks DBSV Red Socks is since 1999 the student soccer association of Maastricht. In which other club are playing soccer and having fun combined in a way comparable to DBSV Red Socks? At the moment we have more than 200 members and we’re still growing! We have teams (both men and women) who play competitive soccer, indoor and outdoor. But

also for recreational soccer, after-match drinks and cool activities, DBSV is the way to go. For more info, go to and click on ‘English info’. See you soon! Contact Visiting address: Kantine DBSV Red Socks, Gronsvelderweg 1, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T 06 13812505 (Lara van Roon) M.S.R.V. Saurus The Maastrichtse Studenten Roeivereniging Saurus (1983) is the largest student sport association in Maastricht and counts 400 enthusiastic members. Practicing the one and only real sport among students in combination with an own Pub gives Saurus its very unique character! Rowing is conducted at (inter)national professional level, or leisure level. You will make friends at your rowing team, as well as our committees or fraternities and sororities. Want to know more? Contact Visiting address: Statensingel 15, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 175, 6200 AD Maastricht T 043 325 71 40 Saturnus Maastricht was forced to do without a students’ gymnastics-association for some years but luckily this changed in 2009. M.S.T.V. Saturnus was born and gave home to all gymnastics fans, freaks and admirers – with or without a gymnastics background. Though Saturnus is one of the youngest


associations in Maastricht it grew rapidly and succeeded in making its mark on the national level during championships and in Maastricht for its gezelligheid. Interested? You’d regret it if you were not! Contact e-mail: web: Studenten Golf Vereniging “Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at it.” The pleasure of nature and the possibility to play with your friends, colleagues or even on your own … it are all these aspects that make golf such a wonderful sport. The Student Golf association offers you a very cheap lessons packet with ensuing possibilities for the Dutch Amateur Golf exam (GVB), a big discount on green fees and free training facilities. Contact Batterijstraat 2D 6211 SH Maastricht +31 (0) 6 15852529


Stennis Do you want to (learn to) play tennis? And combine it with some good fun? Join Stennis! Think of Internal Winter Competition, Official spring competition, Toss evening on Wednesdays, Night tournament, Stennis Open and also very important: drinks @ the Ma van Sloun on Thursday night. As to social activities, we have many parties and non-tennis activities. Next to that we have committees that you can join and get to meet many other ‘Stennissers’. Tennis&fun!, you too? Contact Visiting address: Tennispark Geusselt, Severenstraat 215, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht

Tiburón Do you want to enjoy some sports during your student days? Stay fit and come swim with Tiburón! The training is every Monday and Thursday evening and is open for both advanced and beginning swimmers, everybody is welcome. We gather at 21:15h at the clock on the Vrijthof to bike to the training together. Furthermore we are regularly found in the bar, at parties and of course at our many cool activities. In short, everything you want as a student! For more information, visit Contact MSZV Tiburón Postbus 616 6200MD Maastricht Uros Have a run with Uros! Are you a (new) student and looking for a fun, sociable sports club to help keep your student-kilos under control? Then come and have a look at our athletics training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18.30h till 20.00h. You are very welcome to come and meet us at ‘Sportspark Jekerdal’! We are always looking for new members who want to run, jump, throw, have a drink and party with us… Curious? Come meet us at the track! Contact Visiting address: “Sportspark Jekerdal”, Mergelweg 120 Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht


5.5 Ideological Student Associations C.S.V. Lux ad Mosam Hey there new student! We are c.s.v. Lux ad Mosam. With around 45 active members we are the one and only Christian student association in Maastricht. In the spring of 2010 two Christian student associations fused into one, to become Lux ad Mosam! Spending your student days with c.s.v. Lux ad Mosam means spending it with depth. This depth can be found in small bible study groups and combined activities such as praise & prayers and lectures.

Of course there is also time for relaxing activities like hanging out, eating together, going away on fun weekends and so on! Experiencing your student days with Lux ad Mosam equals an engaging time including friends, depth and sociability! We are an open association, which means that you’re always welcome to come and have a look! We will be present during the entire INKOM so we hope to see you! contact: Thomas Hoekstra Postbus 1626 6201 BP Maastricht +31615415595

5.6 Student politics At Maastricht University, students share in the political decision making process. Via annual elections, student representatives get into the University Council and the different Faculty Councils. These councils are advisory organs to the executive board of this University or the Faculties. There are several student parties that operate on faculty level and a few that work university wide. Novum We are NovUM! We are a student representative party but we are much more than that. Describing NovUM is not enough - you have to experience it!


NovUM: • Qualitative education • Transparency • Sustainability • Internationality Contact Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T +31 644 470 827 DOPE DOPE: “Deskundige, Ongebonden, Pragmatische Eenheid (Professional independent pragmatic unit), is a student representation party with members in the Faculty councils

and the University council. DOPE aims to use its seats in the councils to influence the decision making process within the University and puts issues onto the agenda which students consider to be important. Your contribution is important! So, if you have any questions, ideas or if you are interested in making a difference within

your Faculty or the University and gaining experience in co-decision making processes, do not hesitate to contact us! Contact Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht

5.7 Cultural societies University Choir The Maastricht University Choir is an enjoyable mixed choir with about 75 members. It is open to Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd students and staff. Its highly varied repertoire ranges from classical to modern and focuses on one particular theme every season. We usually give two concerts and a few minor performances every year, and regularly organise exchanges with foreign university choirs. If you like singing; don’t hesitate and contact us or come to one of our rehearsals in September! Contact Visiting address: School of Governance, Kapoenstraat 2 (back entrance of the building), Monday 19.30 (rehearsal) Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht

UniversiteitsOrkest Maastricht What are you going to do on Monday nights? The UniversiteitsOrkest Maastricht, a fun orchestra with a good level, rehearses every Monday from 20.00–22.30 PM in the faculty of arts and social sciences. After the rehearsal we have drinks at Café de Tribunal. Our concerts take place twice a year, around January and June. Look at and come and visit us during one of our open rehearsals! Contact Visiting address: Grote Gracht 90-92 6211 SZ Maastricht Tel. + 06 42 002 603 Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht


Student Theatre Association Alles is Drama We are the biggest student theatre association and produce 5 plays annually. We also offer a range of courses, both for experienced and non-experienced actors. Additionally, we organise many activities such as parties, dinners, weekends away etc. Half of our activities are in English. Our program for the year and directors are introduced on the ‘Presentation Evening’ in September. Check out our website for date and time, or send us an email. Visiting address: Studenten Service Centrum, room B2.02, Bonnefantenstraat 2 Postal address: PO box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht T 043 388 53 58 Maastricht Musical Choir Are you into singing and musicals? With a catchy and challenging repertoire? Then join the Maastricht Musical Choir! Our young, ambitious choir started rehearsals in 2008 with conductor Jacqueline Nelissen. We will give several concerts each year. Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays from 20.00 to 22.00 in the Maastricht city centre. Interested? Feel free to contact us for more information. Contact Musicalkoor Maastricht Tel: 043 3617211 / 06 4121 8802


Tuna Universitaria de Maastricht We are a musical student association based on a fantastic Spanish tradition. We rehearse weekly in Café Tribunal and have about 30 performances a year at various drinks and parties. This way we finance the good Tuna life: drinks, tasteful food and wonderful trips. Recently, we visited Mexico, Spain and Portugal! Are you interested in enriching your student life by playing music? Then join the Tuna! Don’t worry if you don’t sing, play an instrument or speak Spanish. We’ll teach you! Contact details Rehearsals: every Tuesday, Café Tribunal (starting at 21.30) Tongersestraat 1, 6211 LL, Maastricht Phone : 06 5537 4321 (Juriaan) E-mail : Website : Kumulus Kumulus art centre is Maastricht’s biggest supplier of classes in music and classical arts. As a municipal institution, Kumulus carries out the art and culture policy of the city of Maastricht. Subscribing is possible throughout the year. Trial lessons are free! Visiting address: Kumulus Music school St. Maartenspoort 2, Maastricht Kumulus Figurative arts / Theatre school Herbenusstraat 69, Maastricht Kumulus / Impulse, Ballet & dance Brusselsestraat 10D, Maastricht Postal address: PO box 1992, 6201 BZ Maastricht, [043] 350 56 69

Muziekgieterij Maastricht The Muziekgieterij is the place to be for people who love music! You can check out live concerts on a weekly basis in this Mecca of pop music. Take ‘Proudly Presents’, nights during which the stage belongs to some pretty big names. This early adopter also has a nose for talent and knows where to find new acts, opening the stage for the Belgian neighbors on a regular basis as well. The Bruis-festival, organized on a yearly basis and with plenty of room for international artists and DJs, is also a must for all music lovers. Experimental music, everything from jazz, dance and metal to pop and rock: this is the place to be!

Also, this pop production house is the perfect platform for musical initiatives: for every musician and music lover, this is the ideal place to be creative and to develop your talents. The DJ lab, three rehearsal rooms and a complete recording studio give us the opportunity to realize the musical dreams and plans of up-and-coming talent. Contact Visiting address: Bankastraat 3, 6214 XN Maastricht T 043 343 33 37

5.8 Student Interest Groups In Maastricht there are many associations that stand up for the rights and interests of students. There are many topics and fields, but they all link to studying. Mostly these groups tend to preserve the quality of education, the availability of education, legal help when having difficulties with the university, questions concerning working and studying and many other matters. Below you will find the most important organizations/groups you can contact when you are in need of an interest group or that you can join when you would like to stand up for the rights of your fellow students.

Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO – National Student Council) ISO is the largest student organisation in the Netherlands and acts on behalf of half a million Dutch higher education students. Thirty local student councils, factions and unions as well as six specific student organisations (such as AIESEC and ESN) from all over the country are united in ISO. ISO is a member of the European Student Union (ESU) as well as a common discussion partner of the VSNU, HBO-raad and the Ministry of Education. The main goals of ISO are to sustain and improve the quality and accessibility of higher education. At this moment ISO is lobbying against slow student fine. Would you like to think with us about internationalisation, quality of education or the financing system on national level? Let us know!


DOPE, a students party in the university council of the Maastricht University, is an ISO member. Would you like to get engaged in the student participation at your university, just contact DOPE. See for the contact information the page about DOPE in this guide. Contactgegevens Visiting Address: Bemuurde Weerd o.z. 1, 3514 AN Utrecht Postal address: Bemuurde Weerd o.z. 1, 3514 AN Utrecht T 030 230 26 66 F 030 230 44 11, Follow our chairman at: Student law office Maastricht The Maastricht Student Law office gives free legal advice to students, in particular advice concerning problems with your landlord, the university and labour law. Our objective is to help students. Contact Bonnefantenstraat 2, Office B2.04 T 043 388 53 46


Code 043 Do you want to organize an event, work out an idea or do you want to attract attention to something and you don’t know how? Code 043 can help! You have got the idea, Code 043 has the knowledge and is willing to share it with you. Code 043 can even provide a micro-subsidy to support your plan. Think of Music festival Bruis, internet station Vitamine Hit or Dance Event Get this. These events where once an idea in someone’s head and have been turned into a success with the help of Code 043. As long as your plan or idea is made by and for the youth of Maastricht, anything is possible! Quickly go to and leave your idea behind. The quicker your idea will be reality! Contact information: Visiting address: Herbenusstraat 89, 6211 RB Maastricht Postal address: Postbus 518, 6200 AM Maastricht Phone nr: 043 350 56 57


6.1 Undesirable interpersonal behaviour: What is it? If you feel personally injured by behaviour that is conducted verbally or physically, or by phone, SMS, e-mail or other means, we speak of ‘undesirable behaviour’. Bullying, sexual harassment, aggression, violence, intimidation, threats and stalking – these are all examples of undesirable behaviour. Other examples are abuse of power, unequal treatment and discrimination. Students should be protected against all of these kinds of behaviour. Examples of undesirable behaviour Each of us must decide for ourselves if a particular behaviour is undesired. Usually, undesired behaviour has a negative impact on your work or study, and can lead to stress or psychological problems. You might recognise one of the following situations: • Y  ou feel that your tutor is exerting pressure on you, but he or she is not aware of doing so. • You feel that you are not given equal opportunities because of your particular background. • You are bothered by sexually loaded remarks or gestures, and you don’t know how to react because you feel dependent on that person. • You feel left out by your fellow students, or you are continually being bullied. • You are unable to defend yourself. • You have been asked to do something that you consider to be crossing your personal boundaries. • Someone close to you is bothered by undesirable behaviour, and you don’t know how to react.


• Y  ou have received sexually or otherwise harassing e-mails from a student? What should you definitely not do? Do not keep it to yourself or think that it will stop of its own accord. This type of behaviour usually gets worse if it is not stopped immediately. It may be that the perpetrator is unaware of the behaviour, or its negative effects. What can you do about it? Let the culprit know that you do not appreciate such behaviour. This might not be easy. Secondly, tell someone you trust, and look for support in your immediate vicinity. Experience has shown that fighting back is effective. Contact the confidential adviser Ask the confidential adviser for help. This adviser will listen to you and will advise you on the possibilities to ensure that the undesirable behaviour stops. All reports to the confidential adviser are dealt with confidentially; the adviser does not take action if you do not give permission to do so. Marloes Rikhof is the confidential adviser. You can phone her on 043 38 82513, or e-mail her at m.rikhof@maastrichtuniversity. nl. You can find more information about her work methods or the regulations on undesirable behaviour on the intranet (My UM).


6.2 Health Maastricht has no special student doctors. That is why, even if you are not ill, often it is wise to get a G.P. (doctor) here in Maastricht. We advise you to choose a G.P. in your neighbourhood and write down the telephone number in your diary/agenda, so that you can use it quickly in case of emergency. Make acBastiaens H. Beurskens R. Buysrogge J. Castermans P. Clermonts F. Costongs G. Croughs R. De Wit W.B.A.M. Goudriaan W. Hamers H. Heg R. Heijnen R. Hendriks R. Henquet W. Huijnen B. Jansen L. Keijsers L. Keijsers Peters M. Krebber Th. Le Doux P. Leenen A. Maaskant M. Meijer P. Minnaard R. Nijholt A. Olde-Damink M. Peeters G. Reinink H. Reitz G Robertson C. Schilte B. Schreurs C. Screever J. Screever-Delahaye Simon R.


043 32 16 268 043-3685444 043 32 14 621 043 34 79 222 043 32 12 960 043-3618685 043 36 24 100 043 36 34 964 043 36 11 800 043 36 14 646 043-3212309 043 34 31 122 043 36 34 964 043 34 31 574 043 34 79 222 043 34 30 850 043 36 37 478 043 36 37 478 043-3212309 043 34 36 685 043 34 70 806 043 34 79 222 043 34 30 654 043 34 30 850 043 36 11 000 043 34 30 850 043 36 11 000 043 32 11 771 043-3212309 043 34 79 222 043 34 32 590 043 32 19 608 043 36 12 818 043 36 12 818 043 36 14 646

quaintance with your G.P. as he or she will be your confidant. Same goes for your dentist. Pass on the name of your new dentist/G.P. to your insurance company and do not forget to choose a suitable pharmacist. Below you find a list of doctors in Maastricht: Avenue Ceramique 155 Vijverdalseweg 1 Glacisweg 1 Dr van Kleefstraat 27 Kapoenstraat 24 Rijksweg 72 a6 Kemenadeplein 2-4 Severenstraat 4A-02 Roserije 51 De Beente 24 Gubbelstraat 6b Clavecymbelstraat 39 Severenstraat 4A-02 Reaalruwe 56 Dr van Kleefstraat 27 Penatenhof 88 Bergerstraat 130 Bergerstraat 130 Gubbelstraat 6b Becanusstraat 15 Spartodonk 19 Dr van Kleefstraat 27 Clavecymbelstraat 39 Penatenhof 88 Past. Heynenstraat 2 Penatenhof 88 Past. Heynenstraat 2 Louis Loyensstraat 12b Gubbelstraat 6b Dr. van Kleefstraat 27 Clavecymbelstraat 39 Patersbaan 11a Niels Bohrstraat 32 Niels Bohrstraat 32 De Beente 24


Smeets P. Smeets J. Stalenhoef P. Swijgman H. Theunissen J. Uitterhoeve-Prins M.C.P. Vaissier P. van den Berg P. Van der Heiden I. van der Knaap A. van der Rijst B. van der Waart T. van Dongen T. van Dongen Bots M. van Merode T. van Rooij J. van Sint Fiet J. Verstraete K. Warnier B. Wetzels T.M.E.P.A. Wielders P.J.H. Wijnands C. Wintjens A. Wolfs G. Zonneveld B. Zwietering V.

043 36 36 131 043 36 11 000 043 34 79 222 043-3211021 043 34 33 809 043 36 14 444 043 32 12 026 043 32 12 879 043 36 14 646 043 34 75 550 043 34 33 233 043 36 37 433 043 34 30 775 043 34 30 775 043 36 11 800 043 36 24 100 043 36 73 737 043 34 75 550 043-3219608 043 36 32 566 043 36 14 444 043 36 37 433 043 36 23 058 043 32 18 600 043 36 14 646 043 36 24 135

The G.P.’s from the Maastricht/Heuvelland region practice during the evening, at night and in the weekends from the General Practice (Huisartsenpost) Maastricht/Heuvelland, are to be found in the first aid department of the azM (Maastricht Hospital). The GGD contributes to the guarding, protection, and promotion of health of the Dutch population. Besides, you can be tested on STD’s at the GGD. When you are not sure if it is necessary to get tested, you can always telephone the GGD. For STD tests you can get help at the office hours of STD outpatient clinic. For this you can telephone 043 8506666 from Monday to Friday from 8.45 – 12.15. Testing at the GGD is free and accessible for everyone.

Heerderweg 5 Pastoor Heijnenstraat 2 Dr van Kleefstraat 27 Gubbelstraat 6b Potteriestraat 131 Onder de kerk 7a Papenstraat 3 Clermontlunet 3a De Beente 24 Becanusstraat 15 Becanusstraat 59 Voltastraat 30 Herculeshof 72 Herculeshof 72 Roserije 51 Kemenadeplein 2-4 Rijksweg 72 a7 Becanusstraat 15 Patersbaan 11a Schoolstraat 27a Onder de kerk 7a Voltastraat 30 Van Slijpestraat 117 Patersbaan 11a De Beente 24 Severenstraat 4-a03


Contact AzM Visiting address: P. Debyelaan 25, 6229 HX Maastricht Postal address: PO box 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht T 043 387 65 43 GGD Zuid Limburg Visiting address: Gelissendomein 8, 6229 GJ Maastricht T 043 850 66 66



6.4 Sexuality

SIRIZ offers counselling and support for women and men coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy, suffering after pregnancy loss, struggling to cope after abortion or expecting a child with a handicap. SIRIZ includes all parties in counselling; father, mother and unborn child are of equal importance. We have a national helpline open 7 days a week (0900-202 1088) and care centers throughout the country.

COC Limburg COC Limburg is the association for gays, lesbians and bisexuals in Limburg. We dedicate ourselves for the interests of gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Our guest teachers can be found throughout schools and associations to provide information. We co-operate intensively with other (gay) organisations and governments to bring homo- and bisexuality under ones notice and to give advice. Our cafĂŠ is open three days a week and two times a year we organise the Pink Party. There are also discussion groups for young and older people who are dealing with or have recently dealt with their coming out. These meetings will allow you to gather information concerning homo- and bisexuality, have an individual conversation or just have a chat and a drink and read a newspaper.

SIRIZ has a shelter which offers temporary accommodation to young (expecting) mothers between 15 and 25 years of age. During their stay in our SIRIZ house the women receive counselling and support. The women are also taught childcare and learn life skills, so that they are equipped to look after themselves and their child. If you need our help please call our national helpline: 0900-202 1088 (â‚Ź 0,05/min.) Or send an e-mail to For other enquiries please contact our Head Office in Amersfoort Tel. 033-460 50 70, e-mail: Arnhemseweg 23, 3811 NN Amersfoort Postbus 559, 3800 AN Amersfoort 033 460 50 70

Contact Visiting address: Bogaardenstraat 43, 6211 SN Maastricht Postal address: Bogaardenstraat 43 6211 SN Maastricht T 043 321 83 37 Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope is a student association in Maastricht, committed to three aims: providing a social space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students, representation of LGBT students where needed, and promotion of awareness and acceptance of alternative sexual orientations and gender identities. Contact Postal address: PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht


6.5 Alcohol and drugs Mondriaan Caregroup Division Addictioncare Maastricht/Mergelland (Mondriaan Zorggroep Divisie Verslavingszorg Maastricht/ Mergelland) is active in the Maastricht region with prevention and information regarding alcohol and drugs. The activities of Mondriaan Zorggroep are dependency prevention, answering questions concerning alcohol and other drugs, as well as ambulantory and clinical assistance for problematic users and dependency (alcohol-, drugs-, as well as gamblingaddicts). Contact Mondriaan Zorggroep, division Addictionprevention Vijverdalseweg 1 6226 NB Maastricht T 043 368 52 88 Open: Mo till Fr from 08:30 till 12.30 and from 13.30 till 17:30.


7.1 Student housing The grief that is called searching for rooms, is a recognizable feeling for many students. When you do not want to lose lots of money to mediation agencies, you are more or less forced to ‘hospiteren’. Hospiteren is nothing more and nothing less than applying for a room. First of all you should register and if you are invited you can visit the room/apartment to meet your housemates. Usually there are lots of students, and the visit can be experienced as a common “meat inspection’’. Realize that everyone who lives in the house once had to do the same thing. Are you very nervous in advance? Remind yourself that a viewing evening is often lots of fun. Do you hate the room? Then you always have the right to leave before the end of the viewing.


‘Hospiteer’ skills when you are applying for a room: • Be on time! Too early and too late gives a wrong impression. • Go alone, parents are a no-go. Show them that you are an independent person. • First impressions count, so dress correctly. • Never tell someone you have visited over twenty rooms. • Try to not only answer the questions, but to also engage in conversations with housemates sitting next to you. • React enthusiastically, but try not to shout. • Take an interest and ask about the culture of the house. What do inhabitants expect from each other? • Do not generalize and avoid saying you hate ‘preppy people’. • Think in advance about the coolness of your hobbies and check whether your housemates are happy about your trumpet playing before you answer the inevitable hobbies question. Being able to cook and having drinks are always right answers. • It is a cliché, but oh so true: be yourself during the visit.

7.2 Knotting a tie A tie can be tied in 85 different ways. Here you see the four best known ways to knot a tie, explained with illustrations. Tying a (double) Windsor. The (double) Windsor is rumoured to be introduced by the Duke of Windsor in the thirties of the last century. It is a wide and triangular shaped tie with a full-bodied knot, suitable for a wide-collared shirt. This is how you start tying: fold the bow over your neck and make sure that the wide end of the tie is situated about 30cm. below the narrow end. The tie will then reach the belt when the bow is finished.

Tying a Half Windsor. The half Windsor is symmetrical and triangular and fits every collar. This is how you start tying: fold the tie around your neck and make sure that the wide end of the tie is situated about 30cm. below the narrow end. The tie will then reach the belt when the bow is finished.

Tying the Four-in-Hand. The Four-in-hand knot is the most widely used method to knot a tie. The name is supposedly derived from the tied reins of a carriage with a four-in-hand, to which the knot shows some resemblance. It is the most simple and straightforward knot. The Four-in-hand is narrow and slightly a-symmetrical. It is a suitable knot for a button-down collar.


Tying a Pratt. The Pratt-knot, invented in 1989 by Jerry Pratt and demonstrated for the first time on television by Don Shelby, is reasonably tight and wide at the same time, although not as wide as the (double) Windsor.

7.3 Tying a bow tie The bow tie is worn by gentleman on the collar of a shirt. Nowadays, the bow tie is worn almost exclusively as a part of a formal dress; a black one together with a dinner jacket (“black tie”), a white one together with a dress suit (“white tie”).


7.4 Bicylcle First Aid Repairing a puncture in a bicycle tire 1. Put the bicycle upside down. Stick a tire lever between the tire and the rim and push the tire up. Hook the tire lever behind a spoke in the wheel. Apply the second tire lever 10 cm. further and hook this on as well. Do the same with the third tire lever, the middle tire lever will come loose automatically. Stick your finger between the tire and the rim and twist the tire form the rim in a rotating manner.

2. Remove the valve and twist the nut open with which the valve opening is attached to the valve. Press the valve opening inward, through the valve, and pull the inner lube out.

4. Dry the inner lube around the lube and draw the hole with a pen. Drain the air form the tire.

5. Rough up the inner lube slightly with sandpaper, in a wide area around the hole. Cut a piece of reparation sticker in the right size and remove the protection layer. Apply a thin layer of glue on the inner lube, in a wide area around the hole. Let the glue dry for a little while, until it is not shiny anymore. Glue the sticker to the lube and press firmly for a few seconds. Pump the lube and check if the reparation is successful.

3. Re-apply the valve and pump a little bit of air in the inner lube. Plunge it in a bucket with water. Start with the valve and check the whole lube step by step.


6. Stick the valve back through the opening in the rim. Loosely put it on the rim with a nut. Neatly put the inner lube in the valve.

7. Push the tire back over the valve with your hands, starting from the valve. To put the last piece over the valve, you have to use two hands (work towards each other). Firmly twist the valve nut and reapply the valve.


7.5 Z uurvlees (Sour meat) in Maastricht Fashion (zuurvleis) Ingredients (for two persons) • lean beef (about 400 grams) • 3 large white onions • 4 bay leaves • 4 cloves • vinegar • apple spread • thickener, for instance flour • fries • apple compote Preparation The beef has to marinate for about one hour. This is done as follows: put the beef in deep bowl with a lid, add 2 chopped onions, the bay leaves and the cloves. Cover with vinegar. Preparing the dish Take the meat out of the marinade with a skimmer. Remove the bay leaves and cloves now, otherwise you will have to dig later! Fry the meat until it is brown on the outside, add the onions and another freshly chopped onion. Braise this in the pan. Then add spoonfuls of vinegar marinade (if you like sour add more spoonfuls!) and leave the meat to stew for about one hour. Now add 1 more spoon of vinegar with apple spread. You can use more apple spread if you like sweet and sour food. That is also what makes it Maastricht Zuurvleis! When it is necessary to thicken the sauce, use some maizena or flour. This dish is delicious with thick fries and apple compote.


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