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go bold by christopher wilocki, something new by molly bright hughes, bouquet by chloe scheffe, chicago girls by christopher wilocki, coachella 2011 by katie espinoza


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STAFF Editor in Chief Founders Creative Director INK Homme Creative Director Photography Editor Fashion Editor Styling Editor Music Editor Film Department Head European Director

John Troxel Aaliyeh Astar, John Troxel, Mike Bailey-Gates Promise Newell Adam Gallagher Joy Newell Matt Feniger Victoria McBride Katie Espinoza Nicholas Naveda Rinaldi

Australian Ambassador

Oliver Forbes

Graphic Designer

Chloe Scheffe

Fashion Writers

Alexandria Mangrum, Molly Bright Hughes, Carolynn Williams, Jacobe Varela, Lindsay L, Liz Osban, Monica Merel, Taylor Bryant, Tracy Matthewson

Music Writers

Andrew Jillson, Becca Wilde, Kellie Ferguson, Skyler Madsen


Alicia Vega, Chloe Scheffe, Chrissie White, Christopher Wilocki, Mike Bailey-Gates


Chelsey Scheffe


Hannah Stack

It Girl

Molly Bright Hughes

CONTRIBUTORS Photographers

Anette Schive, Anna Dobos, Chloe Scheffe, Christopher Wilocki, Matt Feddersen, Matthew Burditt, Naomi Nishi, Sophie Ellen Lachowycz

Art Directors, Assistants

Benjamin Martin, Christine Xuan, DesirĂŠe Skalle, Ryan Timm, Taylor Wilder, Veronica Boswell, Victoria Berntzen


Aliya Zaidi, Brandy Flint, Dana Hanegraaf, Deanna Palkowski for Lizbell Agency, Linda Nicolaysen, Matt Feniger, Rebecca Grace Sicari

Hair & Makeup

Angel Dorr, Eirik Thorsen, Kasia Fortuna, Mary Guthrie, Negar Hooshmand for Lizbell Agency and TRESemmĂŠ Hair Care, Rachael Bromage, Rose Okoye


Alec Proeh @ FORD (Coverboy), Austin Proeh @ FORD (Coverboy), Dana @ FORD (Covergirl), Gina Negus, James and Gracie for Lizbell Agency, Jennifer Corcoran @ Seattle Models Guild, Maria Victoria @ Heartbreak, Max @ Chadwicks, Michelle von Mandel CORRECTIONS // In our Winter 2011 issue, hair and makeup was done by Rose Okoye in an editorial titled "See". In our April 2011 issue the makeup artist for the Sister Rogers shoot was Theresa Boicourt.

FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Christopher Wilocki is an up and coming film Matt Feddersen is a Melbourne born and based

photographer based out of Chicago. His heart

photographer and serious traveller. Whenever he

belongs to travel photography, but he has

can he loves jetting off abroad or in his own

quickly found a passion for fashion and

head and then taking that journey and turn-

portraits. He finds his inspiration from

ing it into an image. Having graduated from

music and all of life's experiences. When

university last year he is looking forward to

without a camera he is looking for his next

starting his career as a photographer and

travel destination, mountain to climb or

discovering where that will take him.

triathlon to compete in.

More //

More //

matt feddersen, photographer

christopher wilocki, photographer Rose Okoye is a makeup artist based in the Chicago-land area. With her playful use of color and unique perspective on beauty, Rose always provides an element of the unexpected to shoots. Her freelance company "RosyCheeks by Rose Leigh" provides all types of make-up services, from bridal to haute couture. More //

rose okoye, makeup artist


Joy Newell is a photographer based in the Los Angeles area. Self-taught since the age 12, she began photographing her close friends and family and quickly began contributing to online publications such as Prim and N.E.E.T. Writing music and making short films are her favorite pastimes aside from taking pictures. This Fall she will be continuing her photography studies at Art Center College of Design. More //

joy newell, photography editor


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ARTICLES 004 // Masthead 006 // Featured Contributors 009 // Letter from the Editor 010 // Editor's Picks 012 // Sucker Punch 013 // Gravitational Pull 014 // Turban Challenge


016 // Something New

020 // Bouquet

056 // Chicago Girls

026 // Fleur de Ballet

062 // Album Reviews

030 // Haut en Couleur

063 // Bands You Must Hear

036 // Go Bold

064 // Sonny Smith

048 // Shock and Awe

068 // Slowwave 074 // Coachella 2011 080 // Super is Destined for Cult-Status 119 // Shop INK

ON THE COVER Photography by Christopher Wilocki Modeled by Dana Taylor @ FORD

dress cynthia steffe, $425 at bloomingdale's bracelets natasha, $24 each at nordstrom

m ay 2011 page 9 inkm

FROM THE EDITOR DEAR READERS, Black, grey, and white. These shades seem to dominate my

the way to make it work. As Prada's Miuccia put it backstage at

wardrobe, so it's rare to see me in a hue found anywhere in

the show: “It's time to be bold!” What better way than to layer

the color wheel. My favorite color is gray, I firmly believe in the

on the color, skip the grays for the greens, replace solids with

mantra 'When in doubt wear black,' and I think white should

prints and make a bold bag your new best friend? There are

be worn as much as possible once the outside temperature has

great alternatives if you do not want to break the bank on that

reached seventy-five degrees. It's not that I hate color; I simply

blueberry-tinted Furla tote. Zara wins the award in my opinion,

don't like to wear it. Prada made me think twice about stripes

not only for providing us with a fresh and crisp collection, but

this season, and Jil Sander made me want to try color for my-

also giving us the color in an accessible and affordable dose!

self. I've made a goal for myself this Summer to incorporate more color into my everyday wardrobe, not just when I have to

Keep Creating,

(as in the above photo). But with my wardrobe problem to the side, this issue is a volume of hues, tints, and tones. At INK, we challenged ourselves to take on color, a feat which in many cases can go just plain wrong. I think that we got a lesson in color-mixing at S/S11 fashion week—even a crash course on

John Troxel // Editor in Chief

By John Troxel

EDITOR'S PICKS christopher wilocki photographs dana @ ford. photo by taylor wilder

inkm page 10 m ay 2011 veronica bowell

my sister, lauren, wears a necklace by moorea seal

stylist dana hanegraaf fixes up dana @ ford. photo by taylor wilder

behind the scenes at ink's may covershoot. photo by chris wilocki


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m ay 2011

dana @ ford in front of chris wilocki's lens. photo by taylor wilder

food runs! photo by taylor wilder

ellen @ factor in a dress by banana republic. photo by chris wilocki

veronica boswell in an lna tank

christopher wilocki photographs dana @ ford. photo by taylor wilder

By Victoria McBride

SUCKER PUNCH We all know that this Spring is all about color—so much so that we even named an issue after it. That is quite a feat, considering here at INK we are all about crisp whites and timeless grays. However, this season is a time to break out of neutrals. Just look at Prada, for example, to see bananas splashed across oversized tops. Peeking out behind Burberry's ever-present black leather are radiantly bright shift dresses. Even our beloved Michael Kors, known for his use of neutrals and white, added splashes of brilliant yellow to his collection. Now, although we love the use of head-to-toe fluorescence a la Christopher Kane, sometimes this just isn't practical for us. After all, old habits are hard to break. Here is what we suggest: rather than dousing oneself in blazing hues, punch it inkm

up a little bit with fiery accessories. A Christian Dior statement necklace is set atop the perfect canvas when paired with a white tee. Stack bangles by Marc by Marc Jacobs halfway to an elbow. So long as the accessories are paired with something understated, have no fear of disappointing Coco Chanel.

page 12

Victoria McBride is INK's styling editor.

m ay 2011 photo courtesy of hermÈs via bags available for purchase at hermÈ

By Matt Feniger // Photography Chloe Scheffe

GRAVITATIONAL PULL What goes up must come down. While Isaac Newton didn’t exactly have hemlines in mind when writing the laws of gravity, the same law can be said for fashion's newest trend: maxi skirts. While once we may have stayed strictly to hot skirts, which have practically been the staple length of the last 40 years, long , flowy and sometimes tight skirts are here to stay—until the lawmakers of fashion get bored, that is. Let’s keep in mind of that moment where our mothers suggested that the hemline of our skirts was far too short and the skirt she suggested was too matronly and gave the unflattering impression that you went to school at a nuns convent. Let your mother rejoice! But need not fret. While there are some Little House on the Prairie influenced designs you can find designers like Oscar De Le Renta debuting velour maxi skirts while Rick Owens even debuted a fish-tail maxi skirt (think

While the laws of hemlines are plunging downward, we can look forward to maxi skirts flourishing into Spring and Summer styles and staying for Fall.

Matt Feniger is a fashion writer, editor and creator from New York City.

page 13

ton, chiffon, pleated or sheer styles.


Fall. For a more affordable style, opt for Urban Outfitters cot-

m ay 2011

mermaid) to accustom to his gaudy, dark collection this past

inkm page 14

By Alexa Mangrum // Photography Joy Newell

m ay 2011

TURBAN CHALLENGE AN URBAN TWIST ON THE ARABIAN CLASSIC Amongst the bold and brilliant hats showcased on the runways of Marc Jacobs and Jason Wu paying homage to the bohemian flair of the 70’s

towering piles of fabric popping bright in Technicolor. Translating with ease to the everyday, the sartorial styles

comes the second cousin of the group, turbans! Rampant and revived,

of ’40s and ’70s can kick back with everything from dresses

the modern twist on ancient Arabian Nights-inspired head

to jeans. Absolutely versatile, as on the runway, turbans may

wraps have been seen from Giorgio Armani to Prada campaigns

be found in an array of fabrics and prints suitable from day to

and on celebrity favorites such as Salma Hayek as well.

evening in a matter of minutes. Vibrant patterns pair fuse well

Cinematically born as the crown of Audrey Hepburn 1954

with more neutral shades for a fun and fashion-forward look.

classic Sabrina, the turban has continued to encapsulate

Yet, for those more comfortable with a casual approach to the

glamour and wanderlust no matter the era. More recently seen

piece, the turband (half headband, half turban) may be a more

in Sex and the City 2 as the crown of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah

adoptable approach as the perfect cure to wind-tossed beach

Jessica Parker’s character, turbans span from statement to

hair, thrown on with a simple sundress.

accessory, spanning everywhere in between. Far from the more whimsical creations presented in Fall

While favored by the elite, turbanology is simple, easy ready-to-wear in the everyday. Don’t let your turban take

2010 by Charlotte Ronson, Lady Michelle Obama’s favored

control of your entire outfit; harem pants and slippers should

designer Jason Wu presented a statement of subtle for Spring

be left at home. Do DIY with a large, square scarf showcasing

2011. Wrapped softly in cobalt shades, the turban served as a

vivacious patterns and colors. Chic and effortless, turbans

toned down accessory to classic cashmere daywear. Perhaps

encapsulate the essence of Spring, bold and fresh.

the most diverse piece of Spring, from vintage-inspired headbands at Milly by Michelle Smith to Issa, the label of choice for royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton, turbans triumphed in

Alexa Mangrum is a freelance writer.

m ay 2011 page 15 inkm creative director promise newell shows us how to wrap.

inkm page 16 m ay 2011 go to ink's facebook page to see a video of molly giving us a tour of her room.

a pr il 2011 page 17


There was this long, sparkling-gold vintage dress. It must have

(I mean, doesn’t everybody? I’m pretty sure it is in our nature

been about seven years ago, at an estate sale. It was just

to be evolving and fickle). I’m a rather emotional dresser, so

hanging there staring at me for what felt like an eternity,

consistency is more of less out of the question. I want to have

and I remember finally thinking, “This thing is crazy. I have

the option of being someone else tomorrow morning when I

to have it.” Well, it’s been seven years and I’ve worn it one

get dressed, if I feel like it. Outfitting yourself should be fun.

time. But every time I see that dress looking back at me from

An adventure. It’s wearing the skin of whoever you want to be

inside my closet, I fall in love with it all over again. And it has

that day—so long as you feel comfortable in it.

sort of been a shopping philosophy of mine ever since, that

It is a fairly standard trend to reintroduce color to your

when I see something that is absolutely bonkers or incredibly

wardrobe as the spring season arrives. But adding color to

stunning, I make up my mind that not taking said item home

your wardrobe does not have to mean literal blotches of

with me would be more sad than never wearing it. Now, I’m

print and intense hue. It can be the inclusion of something

not necessarily condoning filling your closets with ridiculous

different or unexpected. ‘Color’ does not even have to be the

items you will never use. But I do think there is something to

main course in your outfit or closet, but rather little additions

be said for purchasing items that you respond to emotionally.

flavor and spice. The important thing is to look for pieces

Not everything in your wardrobe needs to be so straight-laced

that awaken and refresh your current collection of clothing.

and on-trend and serious.

Perhaps you have had your eye on a sequined jacket or boldly

There is a certain level of style-branding I have noticed occurring in the fashion realm recently—people establishing

beaded necklace. I say go for it. It will do you a bit of good to don something new.

and creating a specific look that characterizes them. And that might work for those people; some people just know what they like. For me, I like something different every day

Molly Bright Hughes is a freelance writer and stylist living in California.


By Molly Bright Hughes // Photography Joy Newell


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page 20 m ay 2011

Photography by Chloe Scheffe. Hair and makeup by Angel Dorr. Modeled by Jennifer Corcoran @ Seattle Models Guild

GO PASTEL eyes mac eyeshadow in beautiful iris lips nars lipgloss in wonder cheeks nars in torrid face mac mineralize finish skinfinish natural in light medium and studio sculpt foundation in nc20

m ay 2011 page 21 on the cover inkm

GO PRADA eyes mac pigment in silver and platinum brows mac eyeshadow in espresso lips mac lip erase in dim face mac mineralize finish skinfinish natural in light medium and studio sculpt foundation in nc20

inkm page 22 m ay 2011

GO BOLD lips mac lipstick in show orchid and mac lipstick in ever hip cheeks nars in torrid face mac mineralize finish skinfinish natural in light medium and studio sculpt foundation in nc20

m ay 2011 page 23 on the cover inkm

GO NATURAL face mac mineralize finish skinfinish natural in light medium and studio sculpt foundation in nc20 eyes mac eyeshadow in nylon lips lipfusion color shine in fresh

inkm page 24 m ay 2011

GO DIOR brows mac eyeshadow in espresso eyes tarina tarantino tokyo hardcore eye dream hypershadow liner stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner in black lips mac pro creme color base in madly magenta cheeks mac blush in fleur power mascara maybelline great lash in blackest black


on the cover

page 25

m ay 2011

this page: dress topshop dress (as skirt) asos shoes model's own that page: dress gestuz leggings asos shoes aldo

Photography by Sophie Ellen Lachowycz, with assistance from Christine Xuan. Styling by Aliya Zaidi. Hair by Kasia Fortuna. Makeup by Rachael Bromage. Modeled by Gina Negus.

m ay 2011 page 27 inkm

fleur de ballet

this page: dress ted baker flower h&m shoes aldo that page: dress ted baker flower 2adorn shoes model's own


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m ay 2011

HAUT EN COULEUR Photography by Anette Schive, with assistance from DesirĂŠe Skalle. Makeup and styling by Linda Nicolaysen, with assistance from Victoria Berntzen. Hair by Eirik Thorsen. Modeled by Maria Victoria @ Heartbreak

a pr il 2011 page 31 on the cover inkm this page: trench opening ceremony that page: bathing suit hennes & mauritz

inkm page 32 m ay 2011 this page: trench opening ceremony that page: dress hennes & mauritz


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m ay 2011

dress velouria vintage inkm

page 35

m ay 2011

inkm on the cover page 36 m ay 2011 dress rachel roy, $695 shoes elizabeth & james, $325 at shopbop. com bracelet and ring kenneth jay lane, $113 and $70 at bloomingdale's

m ay 2011 on the cover

page 37

Photography by Chris Wilocki, with assistance from Inna Kostukovsky. Styling by Dana Hanegraaf. Hair and makeup by Mary Guthrie. Modeled by Dana Taylor @ FORD. Illustrations by Chelsey Scheffe. Edited by John troxel, with assistance from Taylor Wilder



this page: dress 3.1 phillip lim, $495 at sunglasses celine, $340 bag marc jacobs, $1,350 at bloomingdale's bracelets anthropologie, $58 each at shoes vena cava, $328 at saks fifth avenue that page: sweater and shorts rag & bone, both $275 necklace kenneth jay lane, $82 at


on the cover

page 39

m ay 2011


on the cover

page 40

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 41 on the cover inkm dress l.a.m.b., $595 necklace lizzie fortunato jewels, $252 at shoes michael antonio, $64.90 at

m ay 2011 page 43 on the cover inkm blouse aqua, $68 pants diane von furstenberg, $285 at bloomingdale's bracelet anthropologie, $28 at shoes chinese laundry, $89.90 at

inkm on the cover page 44 m ay 2011 blouse, pants and shoes diane von furstenberg, $185, $345, and $350 necklace antik batik, $143 at


on the cover

page 45

m ay 2011

inkm page 46 m ay 2011 dress cynthia steffe, $425 at bloomingdale's bracelets natasha, $24 each at nordstrom


on the cover

page 47

m ay 2011

SHOCK AND AWE Photography by Naomi Nishi, with assistance from Benjamin Martin. Styling by Matt Feniger. Modeled by Michelle von Mandel

m ay 2011 page 49 inkm dress nomia clutch imoshion, karmaloop tights model's own shoes doc martens bracelets marc by marc jacobs


page 50

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 51 inkm this page: dress emilie ghilaga sweater polo ralph lauren belt model's own bag marc by marc jacobs bracelet marc by marc jacobs shoes jeffrey campbell, karmaloop that page: jacket mjolk clutch imoshion, karmaloop shoes topshop shorts model's own


page 52

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 53 inkm this page: dress marc by marc jacobs belt marc by marc jacobs necklace orly genger by jaclyn mayer socks american apparel shoes marc by marc jacobs that page: skirt marc by marc jacobs shirt american apparel clutch marc by marc jacobs belt marc by marc jacobs bracelets and ring marc by marc jacobs shoes michael antonio, karmaloop


on the cover

page 54

m ay 2011

Photography by Christopher Wilocki, with assistance from Ryan Timm and Taylor Wilder. Directed and styled by John Troxel and Tori McBride. Hair and makeup by Rose Okoye

m ay 2011 page 55 on the cover





on the cover

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m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 57 inkm

on the cover


LYRIC LINCOLN AUTUMN 2009 Issue Highlights: Designer Kate Towers Puella Jewelry The Pulley twins Designer Romain Kremer

Issue Highlights: Chanachai Ohpanayikool Illustrator Mia Christopher Poetry by Monica Merel Custum gowns by John Troxel

inkm on the cover page 58


m ay 2011

Megan lewis spring 2010 Issue Highlights: Musicians Mo & Joel Art Basel Miami Designer Ann Yee Blogger Liz of Late Afternoon

Issue Highlights: The One Year Issue The Honey Trees Alexander McQueen tribute The Local Natives

m ay 2011 page 59 on the cover inkm


BASKA & KEVIN SUMMER 2010 Issue Highlights: Rachel Gilbert Illustrations by Chelsey Scheffe Armor Jewelry Carolina of Fashion Squad

Issue Highlights: Outside Lands Festival Giglianne of If I Can Dream Yotam Solomon Photographer Mike Bailey-Gates Designer Wesley Nault Limecrime

inkm on the cover page 60


m ay 2011

Issue Highlights: Delta Spirit The Joeffrey Ballet Deaf Poets Photographer Oliver Forbes

m ay 2011 inkm

on the cover

page 61


MATT & KIM APRIL 2011 Issue Highlights: INK goes monthly INK Homme launches Film column launches Amelia Lindquist Behind-the-scenes at NYFW

Issue Highlights: Matt & Kim The Dodos Oberhofer Sister Rogers Yann Tiersen Beat Connection Summer Twins




You feel like you have stepped back


in time after listening to Mysterious

Volatile Times, IAMX’s fourth studio

Power. Californians are wearing

album, is an impressive piece of

flowers in their hair, New Yorkers

synthpop. It’s loud and catchy and full

are trying to party at The Factory,

of beautiful melodies. Really, the best

and Bob Dylan is big on the radio. But

word for this album is just beautiful.

then you remember it is not 1969 but

The loud instrumentals coupled with

2011. Thankfully, this music gives us

Chris Corner’s passionate vocals cre-

the chance to experience the days of

ate a perfect harmony. Volatile Times

‘Peace and Love.’ And at least we have

is Corner’s fourth album as IAMX,

Ezra Furman, our modern-day Bob

and it shows a definite direction for

Dylan, to give us sweet-harmonica

his sound. This album explodes with

filled tunes. —Becca Wilde

an almost theatrical sound, but still follows in the same vein of dark, electronic synthpop that IAMX has become known for. —Andrew Jillson

Moment Bends is the 4th studio album released by Architecture In Helsinki,

m ay 2011

an Australian band best classified as indie-pop. The loss of band members over the years is apparent in this album, with tracks like “I Know Deep Down” and “That Beep” focusing more on being synth oriented as opposed to the plethora of instruments heard on previous albums like Fingers Crossed. However, Moment Bends also has its High” and “Escapee” stick true to the


fuzzy, bubbly sounds of Architecture

Nine Types of Light finds a gentler, more

in Helsinki, while also expressing a

lovesick version of TV on the Radio on

more mature feel. This album has

display. Their albums usually include


its hits and misses, but it is definitely

a handful of stunning stand-outs,

Cloud Nothings are often described

upbeat, and ensures listeners a good

with a good number of ambitious,

as garage pop-and I’d agree it’s a

time. —Kellie Ferguson

yet ultimately forgettable tracks.

fair placement. Dylan Baldi’s nasally

Nine Types of Light, the latest from

vocals are a cherry-on-top to their

Brooklyn’s babes, may lack the same

catchy bits. They’re the band that was

heights of their previous albums’

playing far too loud next door, and the

stand outs, but as a whole creates a

band that you didn’t mind hearing re-

more solid set of songs, equally tender

peatedly. Featured in SPIN, Pitchfork,

and hopeful. Like any of their best

and countless other media, they are

output, the album is packed with

proving that young ambitious punks

small, unexpected details that gradu-

can make even the softies fall in love.

ally reveal themselves, with plenty of

Cloud Nothings have been scampering

offbeat funk buried beneath.

about playing loads of shows on their

—Skyler Madsen

North American tour, and this is only

golden tracks. Songs like “Contact

the beginning. —Skyler Madsen


page 62



Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is a hip-hop collective

Sebastien Grainger from Death From Above 1979 and Al-P of

from Los Angeles. OFWGKTA is loud, offensive, and violent,

MSTRKRFT produce Nightbox—an electric mix that is both

but insanely talented—like the soul of punk reincarnated in

pulsating as it is dance-groovy. As the story goes, the five first

hip-hop. The members of Odd Future’s age ranges from 17 to

met in secondary school in Ireland. The post-punk lads were

23. It is absolutely mind-blowing how much talent is coming

inspired to piece together an eclectic vibe and were ready to

from such a young group, both as lyricists and as producers.

“get serious about rock 'n roll.” Whatever genre you care to

Look out for OFWGKTA; they are guaranteed to make a huge

argue, I assure you the gem will instantly twist your panties

impact on hip-hop. —Andrew Jillson

into fancy little knots. —Katie Espinoza



Art Fag records in September of 2009. Since then, their beachy, psychedelic music has created a stir among fans of bands like Wavves and the Beach Boys. In fact, two of the band members originally played in a band called Fantastic Magic with Wavves’ front man, Nathan Williams. Heavy Hawaii’s first two albums, HH and Sleeping Bags, were well received and promise a bright future for this band’s unique twist on the beach-rock movement. —Kellie Ferguson

MIDLAKE Despite having formed in 1999 and selling out shows in Europe, Midlake remains a little unknown in the US. If you are looking for new summer tunes, be sure to listen to Midlake’s somber acoustics. Their forceful folk songs give a nod to the American music of our ancestors. —Becca Wilde

James Vincent McMorrow hails to us from Dulbin, Ireland with his debut album Early in the Morning. McMorrow only picked up the guitar at the age of 19 and since then has taught himself numerous other instruments to create rich, orchestral acoustic music. His songs have already started to appear in well-known shows such as Chuck and Grey’s Anatomy. —Becca Wilde

WISE BLOOD Old hip-hop tidbits, layers of melodic sensations, spiraling vocals, and transient beats that you could have sworn you’ve heard before, but never like this. One listen to Wise Blood and you’ll begin to wonder how many brilliant minds are at work on these tracks that seem to accompany an arrangement of sounds, samples, instruments, and vocals. To my surprise,


and I’m certain yours as well, the songs are produced and

Indie band Funeral Party has made a splash on the music

people’s music and creating something of his very own, the

scene since their formation as a part of the “dance craze”

result is a grandiose sound that is both satisfying as it is

revival in East Los Angeles. Their first studio album, released

interesting. At only 21 years old, his work already begins to

in 2011, is called The Golden Age Of Nowhere, and has received

show true musical depth and maturity that seems to reflect

rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Check out their

that of one much wiser.

popular single, “Finale,” and prepare yourself for a pop-punk dance party. —Kellie Ferguson

GANG GANG DANCE An experimental art outfit, return this May with Eye Contact. Eclectic, warped, groove-laden tribal songs that sound as if they were made for a grimy dance club buried deep in a fairy tale forest. It almost shouldn’t work, but it always does. —Katie Espinoza

usually sung by one man: Chris Laufman. Taking other

Laufman is currently working in Pittsburgh to release his debut album for Dovecote. We can expect experimental mash ups that have you brain quite intrigued. Wise Blood’s compilation isn’t a Girl Talk mimic, instead it’s taking hip-hop to a level far beyond fathomable where no two tracks sound alike and where Laufman continues to lure us in with his mysterious tracks and catchy hooks. —Katie Espinozav


San Diego band Heavy Hawaii released their debut record on

page 63


m ay 2011


inkm page 64


m ay 2011

OF SONNY AND THE SUNSETS By Skyler Madsen. Photography by Anna Dobos There is something in the water of the San Francisco Bay at the moment. A new group of musicians are cranking out tunes of sunny fuzz so effortlessly it is almost daunting, and the rest of the world is just now catching up. They’ve scoured the vinyl bins of Amoeba, and absorbed their knowledge to make something fresh. Among them is Sonny Smith, artist/ playwright/musician, and leader of Sonny and the Sunsets, aided by Kelley Stolz, Ryan Browne, and Tahlia Harbour. The Sunsets have just released their latest with Hit After Hit, on Fat Possum. The album branches out the Sunsets’ sound into new, louder territories to boogie in. It’s a blast of a record. I recently got to chat with Sonny about his new record and his multiple wild endeavors. Skyler Madsen: In March you toured Australia for, I believe, the first time. How was it?


page 65

m ay 2011

Sonny Smith: Fun. Exciting. Madsen: You have worked as a solo artist for a number of years; how did the current full-band incarnation as Sonny and the Sunsets come about? Smith: Ah, I don’t know. It is just-it’s not even not even that concrete now, always changing even a little bit, some years more than others. Madsen: I have been spinning your new album, Hit After Hit, for the last month, and it fits its name aptly. You are an extremely prolific individual, and seem to be consistently working on a new, exciting project. So, how does one Sonny Smith approach taking on something new? Smith: Ah, I don’t approach this stuff thinking too much about it. I just write these songs and make this stuff. Then after I write them, I start to organize them, put them over here or there—wherever I think they should go. Madsen: The Sandwitches make an appearance on the album. How long have you known them? It seems the San Francisco garage rock scene is a tight-knit bunch. Smith: I guess it is tight knit. Though I don’t know what the whole ‘garage rock’ label is. Are The Sandwitches garage? All the inkm

stuff I make, is it garage? I don’t know about this garage rock garbage. Are Fresh & Onlys garage rock? Ty Segall? Nodzzz? This garage rock thing is a pretty limiting little moniker. Oh well... Madsen: ‘Garage rock’ tends to be used as a simple, sort of catch-all for anything remotely considered lo-fi. I can imagine it could become a suffocating label. I really need to remove

page 66

that term from my vocabulary, but it gets thrown around so much it is, like, permanently embedded in my brain. Smith: Oh yeah, my answer was more directed outward, not to you particularly. No apologies necessary. Why don’t they

m ay 2011

just call this stuff rock 'n roll? That’s what it is anyway… Madsen: What is the story of your art installation meets recording endeavor, the 100 Records project? What inspired it? Smith: I guess I just wanted to make a bunch of songs. I wanted the levee to break on songwriting, let everything I could think be received, and it took a bunch of alter ego’s to let that happen... Madsen: What environments, or circumstances, are most opportune for you to write in? Smith: Alone, at a desk or in bed. Madsen: You are certainly a renaissance man, creating novels and short stories, poems, plays, songs, illustrations even. Aside from music, what would you say is your favorite medium to create in? Smith: Oh, it all has its moments. They’re all different; they’re all connected. I like the comic books, they’re humble modest things, small and done on copy machines and inside them is where I confess the most intimate stuff. I don’t know why. Whatever Sonny Smith does next, one thing is for certain— his creative force looks to have no signs of slowing down. If he keeps putting out records (or plays or comic books or anything else) as equally kickin’ as Hit After Hit, there will always be a reason to watch and listen.

Skyler Madsen is music writer based in Sacramento, CA.

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m ay 2011 page 69 inkm

SLOWWAVE By Chelsey Scheffe. Photography by Chloe Scheffe


ikened to the greatness that is Radiohead

hobbies or things that you really like to do?” And I said, “Well,

and the Doves, receiving such a diagnosis

I have a keyboard in the corner of my room.” So on Tuesdays

from the start is quite a compliment for

and Wednesdays, every night he would come to my house and

Slowwave and you’ll find that they live

we would play on that little keyboard. And then we had Myles

up to it. Drag Lake Sin, their first EP

start coming over and memorizing our songs because we

was released in late January and has

couldn’t record it. [all laugh] And then my life started getting,

already earned nods, watch-out-

you know, some good, positive motion. And Brandon was like,

fors, and please-dos from reviewers

“You know, maybe I could forget about being a pastor for a

within and outside the greater Seattle

while; this music is really cool.” And Myles was remembering

area. Brandon Hughes, Ian Hamilton,

the songs. But then we were like, we need someone to lead us.

Myles Hawthorne, and Zach Dimmick

And then Zach was running for student body president so we

make up the ensemble. Front man

went straight to the top and we hooked him. So we started

and vocalist Hughes has a smooth

playing shows and Zach would get up on stage and introduce

yet brooding voice, with an almost

us and then Myles would come up. He’d start singing our

disquieting quality. With the inclusion of textural synths,

songs, on the keyboard. And that’s how it happened.

autoharp, melodica, a Fender Rhodes piano, shimmering

HUGHES: That’s pretty accurate.

guitar, staggeringly intricate and precise beats and auxiliary

HAWTHORNE: No, exactly.

percussion, the entire album is a masterful debut release and

SCHEFFE: How would you attempt to categorize your sound,

blends so well that if you’re not paying attention, you might

regardless of outside opinion?

absorb it as one continuous narrative, weaving a poignant and

HUGHES: I always say electric guitar... and then I can’t figure

multifaceted story.

out what else to say after that.


The gothic revival style structure that is Urban Grace

HAWTHORNE: We’ve talked about how it’s sort of a middle

page 70 m ay 2011

Church sits on an ominous slope just above downtown

ground between very digitally inspired, digitally done music

Tacoma, Washington with an uncharacteristic modern neon

and more traditional instrumentation.

sign jutting from it. Inside, and up several towering flights

HUGHES: We try really consciously to connect digital style

of stairs to the top, lies a hall lined with doors and creaking

music with the more traditional rock instrumentation because

old floor to ceiling wood. Here resides the Tacoma School of

we like both of those things.

the Arts’ new recording studio, which is open to local artists

HAMILTON: Well, doesn’t it simply just have a name?

and sound engineers and is home to several audio recording

DIMMICK: Electronic rock.

classes for the arts based high school, and now Slowwave. We

HAMILTON: Electronica?

crammed into a small room to have a dialogue below a large


and loud painting of Edgar Allen Poe, no doubt done by one of

HAMILTON: Rocktronica?

the students. Having encountered all of these men numerous

HAWTHORNE: I like that.

times before, let not the tone of their music misguide you with any preconceived notions of sullen and angsty young adults. CHELSEY SCHEFFE: If you would, please, fabricate a brief but unrealistically fantastical version of your band’s formation. MYLES HAWTHORNE: So Zach had the ring. The One Ring. And he took it to Brandon and Brandon brought in his sword, and Ian his axe. BRANDON HUGHES: Do you want to hear the real story? We’re not clever. ZACH DIMMICK: I think this is Ian’s job.


HUGHES: Ian, yeah you’re best at this. [thoughtful pause] So we did meet at school. What kind of school did we go to? HAWTHORNE: A school for dragon trainers, school for

HUGHES: That’s pretty good.


HAWTHORNE: Rockmonitronica.

IAN HAMILTON: That’s absurd. [all laugh]

HAMILTON: That sounds so stupid.

HAWTHORNE: School for Jedi, a Jedi academy...

SCHEFFE: Is there a story behind the EP name, Drag Lake Sin?

HAMILTON: No, we all went to art school and volunteered in

HUGHES: I always thought of it as a very cinematic scene

youth group after school at a church. Brandon wanted to be a

where people were pulling up things out of an actual lake, that

pastor and I was always getting into trouble with drugs and

are haunting memories of past mistakes or decisions. It’s all

with crime and stuff like that. Zach wanted to be a teacher

about consequence. It’s all about unintended consequence and

and Myles wanted to be a cook. So Brandon was always trying

the odd things that it can make arise.

to steer me clear with the law and trying to get me out of

SCHEFFE: Is there an instrument you dream of learning and

trouble. And so one day he came over to my house and he said,

pulling into your arrangement?

“Ian, we need to find a way to get you out of this rotten rut.”

DIMMICK: Oh, never.

And I say, “Okay, Brandon.” And he said, “Do you have any

HUGHES: Never. No.

m ay 2011 page 71 inkm


inkm page 72 m ay 2011

HAWTHORNE: I want Timpanis. I actually do really want

HAMILTON: I’m wearing Brooks Brothers.

Timpanis. You know, my birthday’s coming up.

HUGHES: There you go. They make good shirts.


DIMMICK: Ian bought me three Brooks Brothers shirts for my

HUGHES: Harpsichord. Uh no...


HAMILTON: Twelve-string bass. [all laugh]

HAMILTON: No, no, no, it was one of them.

HUGHES: We’re eternally discontent with the instruments we

DIMMICK: Oh. What were the other two?

have, I think. In recording and writing new songs, Zach and I

HAMILTON: Those were... [warily] J. Crew

have become almost completely estranged from the guitar.

HAWTHORNE: [pointing to his own] Is this Brooks Brothers?

DIMMICK: It’s just, it sucks that it’s so necessary.


HUGHES: Yeah, it’s a tool that we have to use and we enjoy

HAWTHORNE: Ian dresses us.

using it when we can use it well but it’s definitely not a go-

DIMMICK: He’s our stylist.

to instrument any more. We kind have been making new

HUGHES: I have Ian’s coat. Yeah, we share a lot of clothes.


Well, we share a lot of Ian’s clothes.

DIMMICK: I’ve been getting into keyboards and just making

SCHEFFE: When did you all begin picking up your respective

sounds on the computer and playing with the Midi keyboard.


I think we’ll probably rediscover guitar soon and how to use it

HUGHES: I can very definitively say I started playing drums

differently. I do want to learn how to play bass clarinet.

in fourth grade for band. Hated band. I started playing drums

HAMILTON: Twelve-string bass.

because I didn’t want to learn how to read music but it turns

DIMMICK: Twelve-string bass clarinet.

out you still have to read music to play drums. And so I just

HAWTHORNE: The answer is yes, there are numerous not

constantly annoyed my band teacher with my playing by ear.

serious instruments that we want.

Then I got tired of drums really quick because I didn’t have

HAMILTON: Organic synth.

a drum set and so I got a bass guitar when I was thirteen

SCHEFFE: Seeing as you are all from the Pacific Northwest in

because I couldn’t play regular guitar. I tried to learn "Smells

which plaid is a rampant trend, would you ever consider it as a

Like Teen Spirit" and it was so infuriating. I probably spent

stage uniform? [all but Hughes wearing plaid]

about a week trying to play that guitar and I couldn’t get my

DIMMICK: Uh, it sort of has been. [laughs]

fingers to do chords. So I started bass. And then about a couple

HAWTHORNE: I’ve been trying not to wear plaid when we play

years after that I bought my first guitar.

so that we don’t all look the same.

DIMMICK: I started playing guitar probably like about 7th

HUGHES: I really have been picking the clothes that aren’t

grade. I mostly played Nirvana and White Stripes songs, had

dirty. I think that’s been plaid about half the time. These guys

that frustration with chords and everything and then didn’t

own more plaid than I do though. I only own about two plaid

really start taking it seriously until like...

shirts. This guy knows about shirts though. [points to Ian] What

HAWTHORNE: Last week.

kind of shirt is that?

DIMMICK: 9th grade-ish, probably. Which is about the time

HAMILTON: This is a flannel... shirt.

I got into keyboards and stuff too and just playing piano. My

HUGHES: It’s a flannel? What brand? What are you wearing?

mom had bought an upright piano we had in our apartment.

Who are you wearing?

I bothered everyone in the building with it. At all hours Then most recently, less than a year ago just got into actually

"i got a bass guitar when i was thirteen because i couldn't play regular guitar. i tried to learn 'smells like teen spirit' and it was so infuriating. i probably spent about a week trying to play that guitar and i couldn't get my fingers to do the chords. so i started bass"

creating sounds with a synthesizer. That’s taking over. HUGHES: My brother got me into that. See, my brother was really influential on me starting to play music. I basically started following him in his progression of music. He started playing guitar, and then I started playing guitar. He started playing keyboard and then I started playing keyboard. He would record demos and stuff all day and I’d just sit there and watch him. That’s kind of how I got into recording too. HAWTHORNE: I started playing drums, in band as well, at about the age of ten. And I actually took the time to learn how to read music. I got my first drum set when I was eleven and started doing lessons on the drum set outside of band. But I continued to do band and symphonic orchestra up until I graduated from high school. I had two very different streams of percussion going on at the same time for a while. HAMILTON: I didn’t start playing the bass guitar until I was pretty old. I must’ve been... fifteen. And when I went to SOTA [Tacoma School of the Arts] I just decided that I was going to be a music kid so I started playing a lot of—

HAMILTON: I don’t want to talk about shirts right now.

HUGHES: Wait, you didn’t start playing music until you were

HUGHES: Who are you wearing? What type of plaid is it?

at school? // Continued on P. 118

m ay 2011 page 73 inkm


inkm on the cover


page 74 m ay 2011

By Katie Espinoza April 15th had arrived and all I could summon in my head during a

they couldn’t cope with the heat. Smart creation seeing as

time of panic was how I could successfully sneak into the un-sneak

Coachella’s low was 96 degrees. I wasn’t the only one falling

able grounds. I thought about darting through the sensor bars

into the wristband predicament and let me tell you, Coachella

and trying my luck at outrunning the volunteers. Maybe I

attendees who had spent hundreds on tickets and were not

could loose them amidst the thousands of people making their

allowed in because of technical difficulties were not so jolly.

way in? With a VIP wristband tightly fastened around my

Coachella Music Festival that went from April 15th

wrist, I approach the moment I was hoping would never occur-

through the 17th made its fair share of changes this year with

the light glared red as they tried to scan my wristband; in

expanding the grounds, adding on more bands to the set list,

another words, my anxious self was not getting in. I attempted

and redesigning this year’s wristbands that were shipped

to make friends with the guards by making them aware that

instead of given at the venue. And all attendants can proudly

constructing a wristband that resembled the ones that were

declare they experienced the year that Coachella sold out in

issued, was nearly impossible. The unknowledgeable staff sent

record time—124 hours.

me every which way to solve my dilemma, and after an hour

The polo grounds that housed palm trees, vendors with

and a half of me going from Lot 5 to Lot 11 talking to various

delicious snacks, stages, a Ferris wheel, interactive artwork,

people about my situation and how it could be settled, I was

and enough direct sunlight to cure the world of a vitamin D

not only concerned but also quite peeved. I needed to get in,

deficiency, became a sonic wonderland. Although my must-

and I needed to do so ASAP.

see band itinerary had been written with i’s dotted and

After some finagling and “help” from Coachella’s staff, my

t’s crossed, the six stages (Coachella Main Stage, Outdoor

last attempt came and a miracle ensued—the light scanned

Theater, Gobi, Mojave, Sahara, and Oasis) that were sprawled

green and I, my friend, was in. These high tech bracelets

in front of me, suddenly erased all planned intentions. The

fashioned quite the fiasco as the microchips that were built

music booming from every direction, men in dresses, women

in decided not to work. According to customer service,

in practically nothing, mobs scattering every which way,

m ay 2011 page 75 on the cover

was iced with fine seating, a luxurious bar, and interesting

of bands that all sounded incredible, had spun my brain cells

folk what I really wanted was the authentic get-down-sweaty-

into twists and turns.

dirty-being-pushed-and-shoved, demanding-for-room-

This year more than any other, I felt I had teleported to

somewhat-grungy-beer-garden, getting-lost-and-tossed-in-a-

Woodstock in 1969—this was all the rage and it felt historical.

huge-crowd Coachella experience. Being separated from the

The question of ‘what do I do first?’ seemed to be reoccurring

stages and eccentric people was not my complete ideal. After

all weekend. I settled on the fact that the first thing I had to

all, Coachella was not about staying clean and tidy.

do was finally see the VIP experience I had heard so much

Three days of bruises, dark circles, sleep deprivation,

about. I made my way from the Coachella Main Stage on over

sunburns, and dirty feet later and here are my Coachella band

to the arena practically galloping with hopes of running into

highlights. I couldn’t possibly encompass all the madness or

some celebrity crushes. I walk in and cruise my way into a

bands that took place that weekend; and in no way can the

classy array of canopies, fountains, flowers, wooden benches

review do the weekend justice. 70,000 people attended and

that were draped with midnight black cloth, a cabana bar, and

178 acts took the stage. Not only were there some of the best

heaps of fine-looking (rich) individuals. This was a dramatic

names in the industry performing, but they were also record

change from the not-so-green grounds that hadn’t an inch of

signings at the ZIA tent by Robyn, Cee Lo Green, Cold War

shade in sight. I swear the temperature cooled off and things

Kids, Cold Cave, Erykah Badu, Two Door Cinema Club, Sleigh

got a little classier on the opposite side of the chain link fence.

Bells, Cults, Wiz Khalifa, Gayngs, and Foals to only name a

Polo shirts, floor length sun dresses, big sun hats, oversized

small few. Any way you looked at it, Coachella ruled.

glasses, wooden wedges, tousled hair, and sun kissed skin made VIP a place with flair. After perusing my way through and seeing my fair share of celebrity sightings, I come to the conclusion that while VIP

For those curious about some of the stellar acts and how they got down, here are some quick highlights of band performances that had my brows raised and blood pressure peaking.


people screaming, a mirage of trippy artwork, and a booklet

inkm on the cover page 76 m ay 2011



A band that quite impressively sounded exactly like they do

Good to see these guys are still orchestrating some sick jams.

when you play their record. They played all the hits from their

The crowd was definitely feeling the band’s energy and having

recent album The Drums (2010) such as “Surfing,” “Best Friend,”

never seen them live, they reignited the craving I once had

and “Forever.” Jonathan Pierce’s flashy arm pumps along with

for them. A band that you may have forgotten about but after

his fancy footwork made the experience an entertaining one

their set at Coachella, you were dying to cue later on the iPod.

to view. Saw this guy backstage and his energy and originality


are hard to beat.


Simply beautiful. This lady has still got it! Not only was she

Screaming his “Fuck you” song at the top of your lungs has

that many relaxed to and soaked up the sun with.

never been so fun. Playing new tracks and old such as “Crazy” had a crowd reaching thousands gathered. Cee Lo is a great


performer that has some serious pipes.

Screeching vocals, sweat, fist pumping, and thrashing never


felt or sounded so good. I unfortunately missed them last year

Wish I would have seen some more energy from these guys

this year. Lead singer Alexis Krauss instantly made my list of

but their tracks from their semi-recent album, Innerspeaker,

badass chicks. Listening to Sleigh Bells does not do their live

was right on key. I love their take on psychedelic rock and

performance justice. Hands down one of the best sets of the

while their stage presence might not be off the hook, you can’t

weekend. If you haven’t seen them live, do it. But if your ears

deny the incredible talent.

are a little sensitive, perhaps some ear protection might be

bringing in some soul love to Coachella but she was the artist

at Coachella but was so thrilled they were going to be back

m ay 2011 page 77 on the cover

hear Mariachi music leaking from the Mojave stage. Their


songs were spicy, catchy, and authentic. I was hooked and they

Dan Auerbach (vocals/guitar) and Patrick Carney (drummer/

horns, Spanish guitar, and trumpets made for a cultured

producer) had everyone on the tips of their toes with hands

Saturday. Hips were swayin’ and people creating a salsa line

raised and hair flinging. The Black Keys were just as impressive

really started the day off right.

as their tracks make them out to be. Who knew a two-man band could house enough energy to fill a mile’s radius. These


boys are pure rock and serious mayhem. An excellent headliner

Despite having some technical difficulties right from the start

and an act I’m glad I can see I’ve got to see live.

(the bassist Jonathon Jameson’s bass wasn’t working) they


continued to put on a show filled with passion and soul. After

I was caught by utter surprise when I heard “Fans” from their

bass, Jonathan was back on and the show continued flawlessly.

2007 album Because of the Times playing. Being a fan of their hold

These guys never fail at delivering a jaw dropping show. People

productions, I was glad to hear some favorites come through

who had never heard them before left speechless and amazed.

the mics. They didn’t disappoint their newer fan base as they preformed “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” but they also


didn’t let down their loyal fan base from years back either.

Not only are her dance moves off the hook, but her rhymes are


ill. Nicki Minaj—watch out. Everyone got ghetto and honestly

To be honest, I had no idea who they were until I—half dazed

whopping 30 minutes. Rye Rye can sure put on a show and her

from the lack of sleep—sloshed on over at 12:00pm only to

smile stretching from ear to ear the entire time she played,

instantly jumped on the “must download list.” The French

a while of frantically trying to figure out the issue with the

she quickly became one of my favorite female rappers in a


nice, because yes, she shrills.

inkm on the cover page 78 m ay 2011

really gave off good vibes to the crowd. I can’t wait to see

grounds quieter. You felt like you had entered a space land and

where she ends up next.

were about to be abducted. You got sucked in. Everyone stood


in amazement as the anticipation multiplied and once the light

Not enough words can describe how incredible this duo is. A

crowd with some hypnotic tracks and ambient vibes.

dark show that had me not only zoned but also ready to throw on some skintight black jeans and grunge-out. Magic and bliss


all around and the show just radiated style.

By far one of the best acts at Coachella. Not only did they


play all their hits from Funeral and Suburbs, but also delivered

There were so many people at this show that the closest I

and scream along. If you haven’t already, watch the video

could get was what seemed to be a mile away. Even though

for “Ready to Start” and that’s only a taste of craziness that

these lads have gained incredible amounts of fame in such a

assumed. As if their show wasn’t cool enough, hundreds of

short time, they humbly thanked the crowd and claimed this

huge plastic balls that were glowing different colors spilled

was the biggest gig they have ever preformed. This was folk on

out on top of the crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed

a whole new level and you could feel the tracks in your chest.

something so magical. It was a bubble dreamland and you felt

A show you just may have wanted to cry tears of joy at.

that life just couldn’t get any cooler.



Animal Collective took the main stage and really made an

Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Foster, became

entrance that was unforgettable. The stage went into a full board

the Coachella heartthrob. Girls got vicious once this act took

five-minute light show and I don’t think I heard the Coachella

stage and I had two large women attempt to bump me out

show concluded, Animal Collective headed out and stunned the

so much intensity and spirit that you couldn’t help but flail

COACHELLA BY THE NUMBERS —Percentage of tickets sold in California —Percentage of tickets sold in the USA —Percentage of tickets sold in Canada —Percentage of tickets sold in Mexico —Percentage of tickets sold in Australia —Percentage of tickets sold in Europe —Percentage of tickets sold in the UK

of the way with their swinging hips just so they could get a

for Kanye to arrive. Of course he didn’t arrive on time, but he

closer look. With that aside, their singles “Pumped Up Kicks,”

sure made up for it by having 20-plus ballet dancers on stage

“Helena Beat,” and “Houdini” had everyone fired up. They’ve

with him and by being elevated in the middle of the crowd.

mastered their live production and all I kept wishing was the

He really gave his all on stage and made the performance a

show would last longer.

theatrical thrill. He played tracks from College Dropout, 808 and


Heartbreak, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. No hit single

A much better experience than last as I was able to

was left undone. A show you could only dream about. At Coachella anything goes. Whether that means wearing

actually inhale while watching the show. Julian filled the

pasties for clothing, or being an Australian man in a wedding

times between switching songs with hilariously sarcastic

dress, bringing a white board that says “smile if you touch

commentary. Playing tracks from their old albums as well

yourself,” or screaming "COOAACHHEELLA" at the top of your

as from Angles, everyone was dying to see the reunion. An

lungs while running barefoot and wasted. You don’t need to

amazing show that I had a little too much fun at (pretty sure

bring your manners, you won’t need your quiet indoor voice,

the girl in back of me was annoyed at my hair flipping and

heck—you don’t even need clothes. When you’re at Coachella

moshing). The Strokes are just as good live as they are blasted

you have formed a community, a common bond, and

on a sunny day.

memories that last a lifetime. You witness the unfathomable


and dance and sweat harder than you thought your body could

Kanye makes an incredible entrance. Either this man loves

go nuts. Coachella 2012, may you come quickly.

handle. All rules go out the window and everyone is ready to

soaking up the glory of being a rap god, or he’s amused at seeing the expressions on people’s faces when he does some insane shit. Everyone had sweaty palms as they waited with suspense

Katie Espinoza is INK's Music Editor.

page 79

PERU —Countries with one ticket sold KUWAIT POLAND VENEZUELA

on the cover

—Percentage of tickets sold in Asia

m ay 2011

—Percentage of tickets sold in South America


55.03 33.49 6.09 2.84 1.98 1.60 1.15 .50 .10


page 80

m ay 2011

By Nicholas Naveda // Illustration Chris de la Rosa, Mark Roe


these moments pinned to his bedroom wall, just to ensure

“Don’t deal drugs!”

that he starts everyday on a good note and with forward

“Don’t molest kids!”

motion. He’s an endearing guy, and it’s exactly what makes

These are the types of orders Frank D’Arbo (Rainn Wilson)

Super work, regardless of its over-the-top premise and

gives to criminals before he splits their foreheads and beats

execution. Rainn Wilson gives his best performance to date

them lifeless with his hefty and unmerciful weapon of

and has proven that he has the chops to take on serious work.

choice—a monkey wrench. But Frank isn’t just walking the

With his dark indie drama Hesher coming out in June, it looks

streets in his normal clothes, serving up justice and essentially

like he’s making a conscious effort to break out beyond our

committing murders that he feels are justified; he’s established

established ideas about him. Ellen Page also successfully manages to make us like her

a superhero identity as Crimson Bolt, which includes a across the chest of his respective costume. It sounds similar to

anti-Juno role. She plays Boltie, sidekick to Frank’s Crimson

other subversive superhero films of this type like the incredible

Bolt. She’s nerdy, sweet, and pretty insane to some degree.

Kick-Ass, but surely James Gunn was aware of what he was up

When they finally get to the crime fighting, she ends up having

against. While Super is tonally all over the place, and for the

a real knack for sadistically taking down criminals. Boltie

most part unfocused, the brutally violent and vulgar superhero

blows people up with pipe bombs and stabs them to death with

film is unlike anything else within the genre and will certainly

homemade Wolverine claws, all while laughing obnoxiously. Yet

gain a respectable cult-status over time.

somehow, some way, all of this works. When the carnage finds

Frank’s wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) has just left him for Jacques

its way to the screen and our heroes unmercifully create an

(Kevin Bacon), a thinned out, cocky drug-dealer with an un-

impressive body count with ghetto-rigged superhero weapons,

missable gold tooth. Frank associates what happened to him with

we root for them, laughing the entire time. James Gunn’s directorial debut Slither was a hilarious

everything evil in the world and feels that he has a duty to fight crime and punish those responsible for taking Sarah away from

throwback to B-movie horror, and it was very nicely shot. Super

him—which essentially unleashes the identity of Crimson Bolt.

is such an incredible stylistic departure because it mimics

He later teams up with Libby (Ellen Page), a comic book-obsessed

more of a low-budget documentary style, which perfectly

psychopath who shares the same driving passion as Frank—to

seems to reflect the imbalanced and jarring nature of Frank’s

take down bad guys and serve up justice, even if it means slitting

inner struggle and insanity. It’s hard to determine what’s

their throats with Wolverine-like claws and setting them on fire.

going to happen at any time because each moment is more

The premise is a bit of a stretch and Gunn has really put a lot of

shocking than the next, and the unstable camerawork adds

faith in his actors to make this material funny and entertaining,

to this tension that ultimately creates a very gritty narrative

while still staying true to the gratuitously gory and violent nature

that dives into surprisingly dark territory. Super has been met

of the story. And in large part he succeeds.

with mostly mixed reviews from critics, and with good reason.

Rainn Wilson is the driving force behind this film. It’s

It’s completely gratuitous in everything that can be associated

a lot heavier and more dramatic than anything else he’s

with bad taste, but that’s just part of its charm. It feels more

done, especially since he has become type-casted as Dwight

like an obscure midnight movie that frequently runs for a

Schrute from NBC’s The Office. All of his goofy sensibilities

weekend at a vintage movie theater. And while all of the gore,

and deadpan one-liners are present throughout, but many

violence and unhinged foul language are all in good fun; there

poignant character details rest below his typical persona and

is a very moving human story beneath all of it. The ending

occasionally find their way to the surface in very surprising

of the film can be interpreted in a few ways, but it elicits

ways. In Super, his character is nerdy and somewhat hopeless,

both extreme pathos and an unnerving eeriness, which is a

but that’s what makes him worth rooting for. In a brief

perfect way to end this ultimately uneven and inspired dark

montage we see that no girls liked him in school, his father

comedy that needs to be seen in a crowded theater with fellow

beat him, and he was an overweight wallflower during his

moviegoers who are willing to play along.

entire adolescence. He’s only proud of two moments in his life:

1) when he married Sarah and 2) when he firmly directed a police officer to the whereabouts of a criminal who ran past him and into a convenient store. He keeps illustrations of

Nicholas Naveda is a screenwriter, filmmaker and writer from Los Angeles.

a pr il 2011

overtly vicious character in what can be considered a very

page 81

homemade red jumpsuit, pull-over mask and iron-on bolt logo


“Don’t steal!”

page 82

m ay 2011

H inkm


HOMME INK Homme presents

m ay


2 011

volume i, issue ii

one, two by john troxel, max by matt feddersen, come on, skinny love by matthew burditt + more interviews, fashion, and photography



inkm page 84 m ay 2011

EDITORIALS 086 // Max 094 // Come On, Skinny Love 102 // One, Two

ON THE COVER Photography by John Troxel Modeled by Alex and Austin Proeh @ FORD

DEAR READERS, Flipping through Jil Sanders' SS11 menswear collection is like being a kid in a candy store again. Not only is the cut and tailoring of each look perfect, but the color is reminiscent of a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Expensive Jolly Ranchers. INK took the cue from color this season, and I encourage you to look through some of the S/S11 menswear lookbooks—the use of bold, vibrant, color was phenomenal. Whether it is a full-on monochromatic ensemble (one color head to toe), or color-blocking with multiple tones... take a look and take the leap. And, as always, INK Homme is a work in progress, an exciting development. We learn something new everyday, and are undergoing big changes. We appreciate all our reader's feedback and support, and we're excited to share with you new content that is coming soon! Keep Creating,

John Troxel // Editor in Chief

m ay 2011 page 85 inkm


inkm page 86 m ay 2011 jacket jack london all other clothing stylist's own

m ay 2011 on the cover

page 87

Photography by Matt Feddersen. Styling by Rebecca Grace Sicari. Modeled by Max @ Chadwicks



this page: hat peter werth all other clothing stylist's own that page: jacket jack london all other clothing stylist's own


on the cover

page 89

m ay 2011


page 90

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 91 on the cover inkm this page: shirt country road tie jack london all other clothing stylist's own that page: jacket jack london all other clothing stylist's own

shirt saxony all other clothing stylist's own


on the cover

page 93

m ay 2011

this page: on james, t-shirt diesel, holt renfrew blazer rag & bone pants carlie wong suspenders mandula on gracie, sweater oak & fort dress mandula rings and leg chain amaly that page: on james, shorts prada, holt renfrew backpack herschel on gracie, dress the row shoes acne rings amaly

Photography by Matthew Burditt. Styling by Deanna Palkowski for Lizbell Agency. Hair and Makeup by Negar Hooshmand for Lizbell Agency and TRESemmĂŠ Hair Care. Modeled by James and Gracie @ Lizbell Agency

m ay 2011 page 95 on the cover inkm

come on, skinny love


page 96

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 97 on the cover inkm jeans balmain, holt renfrew shirt alternative apparel bullet necklace amaly

m ay 2011 page 99 on the cover inkm this page: on james, tank alternative apparel pants life after denim, vincent park vest diesel, holt renfrew shoes vans on gracie, crop top anna kosturova leather shorts danier shoes native jericho rings amaly that page: on james, shirt alternative apparel hoodie john varvatos sweater alternative apparel pants wings & horns on gracie, polo ralph lauren cardigan mandula shorts oak & fort necklace eddie borgo rings amaly


page 100

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 101 on the cover inkm on james, jeans naked and famous, holt renfrew shirt alternative apparel sweater alexander wang, holt renfrew blazer carlie wong shoes tom, little burgundy on gracie, bathing suit anna kosturova dress shirt oak & fort wedges jeffery campbell, little burgundy cross necklace length & width pike necklace sleep standing up rings amaly

yellow burnout tee next level, $20 turquois melrose 2 jean urban behavior, $50 royal blue raw cut vneck tee true fit, $18 medium washed gere jean projek raw, $100

Photography by John Troxel, with assistance from Veronica Boswell. Styled by Brandy Flint. Hair & Makeup by Rose Okoye. Modeled by Alex and Austin Proeh @ FORD. All clothing provided by Futurgarb

m ay 2011 page 103 on the cover




mineral washed vneck tees true fit, $23 each medium washed gere jean projek raw, $100 light washed dane jean buffalo, $170 sunglasses stylist's own


on the cover

page 105

m ay 2011


page 106

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 107 on the cover inkm this and that page: black tank stylist's own light gray evan jean buffalo, $145 black burnout tee next level, $20 dark gray h really jean five four clothing, $160

this and that page: black tank stylist's own light gray evan jean buffalo, $145 black burnout tee next level, $20 dark gray h really jean five four clothing, $160


on the cover

page 109

m ay 2011


page 110

m ay 2011

yellow burnout tee next level, $20 inkm

on the cover

page 111

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 113 on the cover inkm this and that page: cream lanos tee next level, $20 green khaki jeans french connection, $130 olive burnout tee next level, $20 khaki road rage denim jean civil society clothing, $105


page 114

m ay 2011

m ay 2011 page 115 on the cover inkm this page: red raw cut v-neck tee true fit, $18 black trek jean indigo star, $80 that page: white tank stylist's own checkered bebe jean cecico town, $45

mineral washed vneck tees true fit, $23 each medium washed gere jean projek raw, $100 light washed dane jean buffalo, $170 sunglasses stylist's own


on the cover

page 117

m ay 2011

these guys. It’s my favorite drug. HAMILTON: I would mix coffee with other drugs.

inkm page 118 m ay 2011


HAWTHORNE: [laughs] Have you not seen the Learn To Fly

HAMILTON: No, I played beforehand but I didn’t go for music.

HAMILTON: Yeah but you like it watery.

HUGHES: What’d you go for?

HUGHES: No, I don’t. I just don’t like silt in my coffee.

HAMILTON: I went for drawing and stuff.

DIMMICK: I get emotional with coffee. I can’t have it before we

HUGHES: Oh, I didn’t know that.

play shows.

HAMILTON: But then I didn’t want to do that. So anyway, I got

HAWTHORNE: Yeah, no coffee or alcohol before shows,

into playing bass cause I didn’t want to play guitar 'cause it

making us the worst band to party with beforehand.

was too difficult.

HUGHES: Yeah, if you just play one note wrong, you’re playing

SCHEFFE: So then I want to ask about your name. What does

a whole different song. Our songs are one note. [pause] We

it mean?

need to fight on stage more.

HAWTHORNE: It was the only name that wasn’t already taken

DIMMICK: No, we don’t.

on Myspace.

SCHEFFE: What’s something imperative or random that

HUGHES: I like the connotation of it. The etherial aspect of it

readers should know about Slowwave?

being dream-based.

HAWTHORNE: Ian Hamilton is a struggling comedian who

HAWTHORNE: Slowwave sleep is a very interesting—

once crashed a borrowed motoscooter into a parked car after

HUGHES: I’ve done a lot of reading up on it.

not graduating.

HAWTHORNE: Yeah. How it’s—I mean it’s not REM sleep and

SCHEFFE: How do you feel about that, Ian? [all laugh]

you can dream [laughs]—we’re not R.E.M—and you can dream

HUGHES: Well he’s got a few jokes about it, I think.

during it but they become very strange and hard to control.

HAMILTON: I, yeah. I feel okay about it. You know. I’m over it.

HUGHES: And we liked the way it looked. That was like a big

HAWTHORNE: [poking at Zach’s shirt] You’ve got like, airholes.

factor actually. I don’t like when band names look clunky. This

DIMMICK: I think you just touched my armpit. That’s nice.

one looked better than the rest of them. You should see the

HUGHES: Imperative facts. I don’t know, does anybody care

ones we didn’t use.

about us enough to know imperative facts? [all laugh]

SCHEFFE: Can or do you all perform vocally?

HUGHES: I think we pretty much covered everything.

HAWTHORNE: Can we? Probably. Do we? No.

HAMILTON: Brandon is single. [all laugh]

DIMMICK: Ian, can you?

SCHEFFE: You want to add your phone number?


HAMILTON: [salesman voice] Do you like his angelic voice? Call

HAWTHORNE: We’ve heard his beautiful voice.


HUGHES: Ian’s a bass.

HUGHES: Yeah, there you go.

DIMMICK: Yeah, dude you should do some bass-y stuff.

DIMMICK: That is a real number.

HAMILTON: There’s no room for that in contemporary music.

HUGHES: That’s my real number.

Yet. Yeah, we’re trying to change things. So we can have

video by Foo Fighters? HUGHES: I drink about a pot and a half a day.

Off the record and moving to the studio filled with couches,

harmonies. We can have four part harmonies. We’ll have

chords, cables, coffee mugs, sound boards, and a ridiculously

Myles doing vocals and playing drums at the same time cause

large computer monitor, the hilarity continued until the five

that’s always fun.

of us felt the need for a coffee fix. On we walked to Satellite

HAWTHORNE: They won’t let me do that because of the fact

Coffee conveniently a few blocks away, the stream of jokes and

that all the micing possibilities for drums are...stupid.

quips never ceasing. In reference to Slowwave’s music, I can

DIMMICK: We’re not going to have him wearing a headset.

only strongly reinforce the watch-out-fors and please-dos. This

HAMILTON: That’s right, there are headsets too.

is a uniquely talented, tight-knit group of musicians. If given

HAWTHORNE: We’d need to have a mic over here [gesturing to

the chance to see them, do and expect a riveting and polished

left side of face]. It’s not going to work.

show. I’ve been told they have some top-secret shows and

HUGHES: I think it’s even simpler. We have so many things to

events in the works neither you nor I will want to miss.

pay attention to on stage that adding vocals to it would just really throw a wrench in the works. We might eventually. Zach sings on a couple songs. HAWTHORNE: And we’ve been trying to incorporate it. SCHEFFE: I’ve been told you’re avid coffee drinkers. Theoretically, could you survive if it became illegal? HUGHES: Fuck no. I need coffee. You know, I read somewhere that coffee prices will skyrocket in the next two years or so to $70 a can. HAMILTON: That can’t be true. Who said that? HUGHES: If coffee became illegal, I would become a coffee dealer. I think I probably consume the most coffee of all of

Chelsey Scheffe is a designer and musician ninja-ing in Seattle.

SHOP MAY 2011 3.1 Phillip Lim, ALDO, ASOS, Acne, Alexander Wang, Alternative Apparel, American Apparel, Anita Svingen Guldbrandsen, Anna Kosturova, Anthropologie, Antik Batik, Aqua, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bloomingdale’s, Buffalo, Carlie Wong, Cecico Town, Cheap Monday, Chinese Laundry, Civil Society Clothing, Country Road, Cynthia Steffe, Céline, Danier, Diane von Furstenberg, Diesel, Doc Martens, Elizabeth & James, Five Four Clothing, French Connection, Futurgarb, 1359 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60642, (773) 276-1450,; Graham & Spencer, H&M, Helene Nilsen Hjellen, Hennes & Mauritz, Indigo Star, Jack London, Jaclyn Mayer, Jeffery Campell, John Varvatos, Kenneth Jay Lane, L.A.M.B, Linn Renée Blegeberg, Little Burgundy, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, Locale, Mandula, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Antonio, Miu Miu, Naked and Famous Jeans Natasha, Native Jericho, Nelly, Next Level, Nomia, Nordstrom, Oak & Fort, Opening Ceremony, Peter Werth, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Projek Raw, Rachel Gilbert, Rachel Roy, Rag & Bone,

Dress Cynthia Steffe, $325 Sunglasses Balenciaga, $395 at Bloomindale's Bracelets Anthropologie, $68 each at Shoes Seychelles, $94.90 at

page 119



gensen, Topshop, True Fit, Urban Behavior, Velouria Vintage

m ay 2011

Ralph Lauren, Saxony, Shopbop, Ted Baker, The Row, Tina Haa-


page 120

m ay 2011


page 121

m ay 2011

HOMME INK Homme presents

m ay


2 011

volume i, issue ii

one, two by john troxel, max by matt feddersen, come on, skinny love by matthew burditt + more interviews, fashion, and photography


INK Magazine May // The Color Issue