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Sausalito, United States

inGamba is the collaboration of a few people who wanted to share their passion for riding a bicycle, eating great food and drinking fantastic wine. We strive to live each "perfect week" fully while introducing our guests to a world they may not know existed. inGamba was born from a single tweet: "Thinking of doing a ride, eat, drink EOY bash here in chianti October 12-18th." said @joaoisme. "Share my favorite things about this place. Who's interested?" Four Brave souls - Gary Smith, Kevin Irvine, Jason Probert and Robin Kelly - answered. There were no sercurity deposits, lo liability waivers, just as Kevin put it "a huge amount of trust." The adventure writer Bill Gifford added words to the narative. Jason Gould provided images while Joe Staples, Andrew Reed, Michael Scher and Tony Little created the canvas. The original team consisted of Raul Matias, Jorge Queiros, João Correia and the kind people of Lecchi in Chianti.