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Hip hop hooray

the Hop Fest returns! DJ request hell, RIP Trilogy, Eid parties, Chic, Empire of the Sun, the Pan-Arabia Enquirer, Angry Monkey + lots more!



A Note From The Editor

Editor-in-chief: Talal Budebs Managing Partner: Charl Chaka Editor: Andy Buchan Sales Director: Vip Patel 050 169 8712

Firstly, welcome back after the Ramadan break – we hope you’re re-charged and ready to go for the next season of clubbing and events. It’s also a welcome back from me, after a few months off with glandular fever. Which makes me doubly excited about the forthcoming season, as we piece together the best new music, clubs, events and random need-to-know information. And while it might still be hot enough to fry falafel out there, the club scene shows no sign of slowing down as there are a host of new openings penciled in, while big names like Chic, The Killers and Alicia Keys have already been confirmed in the next few months. So, it’s once more unto the breach, dear friends, as we guide you through the ever-hectic Dubai party season. Have a good ‘un! Andy

Contributors: Benjie Mar Jacobo Nthayi Tshehle Pan-Arabia Enquirer Design: Allan (Jmaxlolo) Tinsay Grown-up stuff: Infusion is published by Milehigh Media, llc. PO Box 53443 Dubai, UAE Contact us: Tel/Fax: 04 368 8098

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BACK Retrospective on what’s been happening in our world.

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Looking Back

Say What Old Jokes Home Just got a job playing triangle in a reggae band. It’s pretty easy, I just stand at the back and ting.

Short and tweet @CalvinHarris Sweating like a 70s TV presenter #wireless The indie-turned EDM producer gets satirical as he enjoys the hot UK summer

Cash for Questions

Fast and Loose

Which local resident DJ once turned down Dhs15,000 to play a pop song?

“I built a Nasdaq company turning over $2.5m while on crack cocaine . . . Easy. I never slept for five years. You can get a lot done if you don’t have to waste f***ing time sleeping.”

Sticks and stones Nothing like a good musical catfight to bring out the best insults... Boy George recently said this about Elton John: “All that money and he’s still got hair like a f***ing dinner lady.”

Billionaire Brit publisher and maverick Felix Dennis considers the upside of becoming addicted to crack cocaine. Brave new world At the height of its power, the photography company Kodak employed more than 140,000 people and was worth $28 billion. When Instagram was sold to Facebook for a billion dollars in 2012, it employed only 13.

Krafty Kuts

@ Cirque Le Soir

House of Afrika @ Media One

Ultimate Fridays

@ XL Beach Club

Looking FORWARD Where we filter out the best things that are coming your way...

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Looking Forward

Local News Audio tonic expansion

It’s one of the longest running nights in town, with 7 years of house music excellence behind it. But now audio tonic, the weekly Friday party at 360 has fully utilized the new 2nd room at the club, and has programmed an exciting monthly line-up from October. The breakbeat driven Breakin’ Even kicks things off at the start of the month, with the Stanton Warriors confirmed for the opener on October 5, followed by an audio tonic in house night, Native, showcasing their new DJ agency, with award-winning indie/alternative night Loaded making a return to close off the month. Meanwhile their residents kick things off downstairs from August 9.

Funk soul brothers

The award-winning Deep Crates Cartel are at it once again. Not content with just running an excellent funk and soul weekly at Casa Latina, they’re also the people behind Drop Dread at the same venue and Sunny Vibe Up which is now housed at the Dusk Terrace in Media City. And they’ve both got stonkingly good line ups to see off the summer, with Drop Dread kicking off with reggae legend and Massive Attack collaborator Horace Andy on September 6, while the monthly Sunny Vibe Up has DJ Wrongtom in September, DJ Smoove in October, culminating with ex Red Dwarf actor turned highly respected funkateer and BBC 6 Music star Craig Charles in November.

Everybody Dance

With the tickets flying out for their October 12 opener with The Killers, Sandance have announced that Chic and Jamiroquai will be the main live acts for their November 15 date. After defining the disco sound in the 70s, Chic’s Nile Rodgers went onto become one of the most important men in music as a music producer and guitarist working for the likes of Duran Duran, David Bowie and, most recently, Daft Punk. And with the live act storming festivals all summer, the band behind ‘Everybody Dance,’ ‘Good Times’ and ‘Le Freak’ should be on top form. And that’s not to forget the Jay K fronted Jamiroquai, who have a just as impressive funk arsenal to choose from. And, in news just in, festival organisers have dropped a hint on their FB page that Rudimental might be added to the line up.

N’Dulge gets new Identity

The Atlantis super club has a partly new look line up this season, as No.1 Fridays – the long running and highly recommended urban night – returns to host every Friday at the club, with DJ Adam J, Brooklyn and Shero on rotation, with UK act Angel playing live on August 16. Thursdays meanwhile are now called Identity, and will showcase every type of house under the sun, with new resident Eric Francis joined by DJs like Giles Smith (SecretSundaze) and Chicago’s Chez Damier (right).

Looking Forward Rumours

Level 9 at the Media One Hotel is set to be turned into a club during the summer months. Staying in Media City, we’ve heard that one hotel is opening an Elbow Rooms style pool hall later this year. A new EDM-focussed festival – Smile – is set to start later this year, and has already promised that 5 of the biggest dance music names will be present. Nasimi will be kicking off their season at the end of September and have Rick Ross and Avicii penciled in, while Ohm Records return with their Chill Out Festival at the end of October. Jason Derulo has been added to the bill as Alicia Keys’ warm up act at Media City on November 15. One promoter has designs on bringing out Carl Cox and John Digweed at the back end of this year, we’ll keep you posted on that one!

The love it/ hate it DJ Mag Top 100 has come back around, and we’re very happy to see some of the DJs have taken a light-hearted approach to voting this year, although we’re not sure what Alanis Morrissete is doing in there though… Coming back to Dubai after a long summer holiday, and becoming a tourist for 5 minutes as you take in all the crazy views (and also point out buildings that weren’t there 3 weeks ago when you left!)

Trilogy’s closing has been on the cards for a while, but we’re gutted one of the city’s greatest clubs didn’t get a closing party to honour nearly a decade of dancing. RIP Trilogy! Paris Hilton hosting 4 nights at Amnesia in Ibiza, one of the island’s best clubs. All sorts of wrong, we don’t even know where to begin… Flo Rida and Pitbull - surely two of the worst human beings out there - have got their hands on the latest Crosstown Rebels track, and turned it into the musical embodiement of hell. Is nothing sacred any more?

23 Kuwait Street, Port Rashid Dubai T: +971 4 3868111

Hip hop hooray Like death and taxes (unless you live in Dubai, that is), there’s one other ever-constant – the annual Hop Fest when thousands converge at the Irish Village at the end of August to celebrate and raise a glass (or three). We’ve got the lowdown on some of the more diverse drinks on offer, while we also take a look at what some of the great people in this world (including Homer) have to say about drinking.

New and noteworthy! Kirin Ichiban Frozen – Japan – 5.0% ABV Kirin Ichiban Frozen beer is set to cool down the Middle East. Fresh on the heels of a wildly successful launch in Japan, Kirin Brewery has unleashed its latest beer innovation, Kirin Ichiban Frozen, just in time for the scorching Dubai summer. Kirin Ichiban Frozen is Kirin’s premium quality 100% malt, first press draught beer topped with -5 degrees Celsius beer foam that keeps the beer chilled for 30 minutes. The frosty brew, made with an exclusive Kirin Ichiban Frozen beer machine is making its Middle-east debut at Hopfest 2013. Somersby Cider – Copenhagen, Denmark – 4.5% ABV Cider continues its rapid growth in Dubai with Blackberry and Ginger infusions now added to the standard apple Somersby Cider line. Somersby is a refreshing easy to drink cider with no artificial sweeteners, flavour or colourings and best served over ice.

Oktoberfest has come early with this authentic range of Munich draught beers for the first time in the Middle-east. Franziskaner Draught – Bavaria, Germany – 5.0% ABV Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse is noted for its agreeable level of carbination and its natural cloudiness. It is brewed from wheat malt, barley malt, hops, top-fermented yeast and water according to a time-honoured Bavarian recipe. Spaten Draught – Munich, Germany – 5.2% ABV One of Germany's most successful breweries, Spaten is deeply rooted in Munich's venerable beer-brewing tradition, yet it remains modern and dynamic. Spaten has been a leading exporter of German beer for more than a century. We played a crucial role in establishing the present superior worldwide reputation for German beer. Spaten is a premium bottom-fermented Munich Lager with a supremely balanced hop flavour. Löwenbräu Draught – Munich, Germany – 5.2% ABV A crisp, complex and refreshing taste, the Löwenbräu is a classic beer with a heritage dating back to 1383 and, like Spaten, is one of only six beers permitted for sale at the Munich Oktoberfest. The Löwenbräu Original is a sweeter style of lager with a lingering after taste to be savoured. Hobgoblin Draught – Oxfordshire, England – 4.5% ABV From the Wychwood brewery in the UK, Hobgoblin is making its draught debut and is traditionally craft brewed with chocolate and crystal malts and a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hops to produce a full-bodied, ruby beer. It delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character. Deliciously dark! What’s the matter lagerboys, afraid you might taste something? Carlton Draught – Australia – 4.6% ABV Australians will know this brew well as a traditional, full strength lager that is crisp on the mid-palate with a good malt character and smooth full-bodied flavour. Clean hop bitterness gives the brew a slightly dry finish. Synonymous with the origins of the brewery itself, Carlton Draught is renowned for tasting as fresh as it did the day it was brewed, making it one of the most consistent beers out there.

Canned laughter Don’t just take our word for beers brilliance though, here are some words of wisdom – and in Homer’s case, just words – to help convince you… Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, That's as good as they're going to feel all day. - Frank Sinatra

Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems. - Homer Simpson

He was a wise man who invented beer - Plato

Hop Fest, Irish Village, Thursday August 28-31, 12pm-12am, Dhs35 per serving.




of the line It’s been coming for a while, but finally one of Dubai's first superclubs, Trilogy, has had its last dance. After nearly a decade of dance music service, Andy Buchan honours his first love…

Dear Trilogy, It’s over. I guess the lack of promotional texts, un-replied emails and the quietly announced press release told me as much, but it still took a while to realize that you and I (and about 2000 people every weekend, you wh*re) are over. I’ve been through this clubbing heartache before with iBO and Alpha, so I know what to expect. You all gave us a much-needed weekly alternative, but you went one better as you were smack bang in the heart of Dubai’s commercial hub, Madinat Jumeirah. You gave us hope that big clubs with cool line ups could not only survive but grow, you gave us a reason to get excited on a Thursday night (thanks iLL Communications on the roof!) and every Friday when Deep were the biggest fish in the ocean. You might have been relatively restrained compared to other Middle East clubs (no sparklers, no Superman

music, just those rather garish cages above the floor), but you brought out DJs like Sven Vath, Todd Terje and Chase & Status, when no one else dared. You gave us names like Erick Morillo (back when he was good), Pete Tong and 2ManyDJs on a regular basis, forcing queues back out into the sweaty night, packing the club out week in, year out. You were all about the music, and for that I (we) salute you. You gave local DJs a platform to shine, with warm ups and main slots across all 3 rooms. The hidden and hugely under-promoted 3rd room became an exploration in sound, hosting some of the

first dubstep nights in the city. Your DJ console in the main room was like commanding the Enterprise (although shorter DJs had to do so standing on a box), and your Funktion 1 monitors in the booth were the best party place in the club. And when you did do commercial, you did it as well as anyone as DJ Bliss and Shef Codes held it down on the rooftop. You weren’t perfect. Why did you have a 20m high dome in the middle of the club, it certainly wasn’t for the sound. And why, after you re-opened for the nth time, had no one done anything to the cigarette stained furniture? And sometimes, just sometimes, your programming was a little too ahead of the curve, meaning that your dancefloor would be more like a morgue come 2am. But over the years (how many years were we together now, 7, maybe more – time flies when you’re ordering Dhs50 shots), you’ve been there, our dependably forwardthinking bastion of music amongst the pop and (c)rap

that dominates other clubs. I’m forever in debt to the recent manager (Buff) and resident (Ejaz) for making me a resident at the best club in town. And let’s salute the hundreds of DJs who’ve played to thousands of clubbers, to those who worked the door, rung the tills, cleaned the toilets and escorted drunk clubbers out of your doors, you’ve all flown the electronic flag loud and proud. One last closing party would have been epic, but sometimes it’s easier to slink off quietly into the night, so I understand. I’ll miss the long, lonely, postclubbing nights punctuated by tinnitus, the snaking taxi queue at 3am and the hastily arranged after-parties with newly made friends. But you’ll be missed most for your music, for keeping your head (and musical morals) high and maintaining your love of back-to-basics clubbing when all around venues were succumbing to commercialitis. Thanks for the memories, Trilogy. 





S NT AT, 1





You’re drunk, you’re dancing and a lightbulb goes off in your head – your song would be amazing next up in the set! So off you toddle to the hard-working DJ and, with vodka Red Bull breath that could floor a rhino, you loudly and rudely demand that said song be played next. Congratulations, you’re a dancefloor douche. We put our arms round some of Dubai’s best DJs and commiserated with them as they took us through their request hell…

David Craig

I’ve had every cliché imaginable from “play something we can dance to, play something with a beat, everyone will go mental if you play this... Play it right now. I don’t like this song change it. Gangam style dance.” I usually entertain myself by getting them to sing it then say “sorry, I haven’t got it”. I don’t actually mind requests as long as people are polite and respectful when asking. Occasionally I get some great ones. The one which is actually annoying is someone asking to plug their phone in. I’m not sure which DJ on the planet has actually done this, but there must have been one to start the trend. I usually find for every rude person there’s one who comes to simply say thanks for the music to balance it out.

Mark Pickup

Clubber: Do you have Shakira? MP: No. CL: You have Wifi? MP: Yes. CL: I will pay you to download it. MP: This is a house music venue. CL: So what, I will pay you money! MP: Do I look like a juke box!   I once got asked for Bon Jovi ‘Living On A Prayer.’ I laughed. Two months later I went to Ibiza and heard Dave Beer drop it on the Space Terrace and it went off!

great mood. So to whoever that was, thanks!

Jason Kabuki


I don’t usually handle requests very well because I always get the idiots and due to their attitude I get annoyed very easily. A while ago, I heard some Aussie girl asking a DJ for something “hard and funky”, yeah both words together. And we were both like, Hmmm, how do we find that now… The worst for me must be, “Do you play Arabic?” Where the hell do you hear Arabic f���������������������������� now? Requests like that just peeve me. Dubai is probably the worst when it comes to requests because they happen so often! However, the best happened to me last week playing at House of Afrika when a girl approached the DJ booth. I was all ready for a confrontation when her request of “Do you have Soundcloud where we can get your music from?” came out. And I was immediately in a

The usual thing I hear is “Can you play blah blah” and I say no I don’t have it, they say “Oh but the other DJ plays it for me”, I say so what you think we have one box of tunes and we all share it?! I’m also very glad ‘We No Speak Americano’ has finally been put to sleep!

Conan Liquid

Story One I was asked, or rather told, at an un-named venue that I must play Arabic music because there were some local people in the crowd. The woman was very abrupt and rude and demanded I play said genre. I happened to know a group of Germans were sat on the table closest to the booth and told her “There’s Germans in the crowd, do you want me to start playing Wagner?”. Weirdly she didn’t get it.

Story Two A man demanded I play ‘party music and something cheesy’ in a venue that just doesn’t play stuff like that. I put my hand on my chin in a deep concentration stance for a few seconds. “Listen dude, I have a great idea. Could you do me a massive favour and go to the bar and get me a pen and paper and we will see what we can sort out for you”. I watched him as he took a good 15 minutes to try and get pen and paper from the busy bar, sweating and looking all flustered. Upon his return I wrote down the address for Barasti and popped it in his hand, accompanied with a “There you go mate” and a smile. Story Three A season in Corfu, 20 or so years ago, me and a group of DJs had T-shirts made that said on the front “We don’t take requests” and on the back “SO f*** off”. They saw much usage. Story Four When I was with Liquid People 6 or so years ago, myself and Dan played in Hong Kong on a Defected tour. Upon arrival we were introduced to the local Triad leader who ran the club. Nice chap. During our set one of his guys came over and requested a Daft Punk record on the Triad leaders behalf. Whilst it’s a great record, it didn’t really fit in with the set we were playing. I said to him “It’s pretty unlikely dude, it doesn’t really fit in with what we are playing tonight”. Five minutes later the leader came over, opened his jacket slightly so I could see the butt of his gun and repeated the request. I promptly played it twice.



We’ve tweaked the listings, and give one-off events preference. For a full list of what’s on, please head to Please submit your listings to for possible inclusion.


August 22 – Infusion Magazine Experience, 360 August 28 – The Illusionists, Dubai World Trade Centre September 6 - Drop Dread feat. Horace Andy, Casa Latina October 4 – Al Murray, Dubai World Trade Centre October 11 – Sandance feat. The Killers, Atlantis October 19 – Rihanna, Du Arena, Yas Island October 26 – Loaded, 360 November 3 – Depeche Mode, F1 After party, Yas Island November 15 – Sandance feat. Jamiroquai/Chic, Atlantis November 22 – Sunny Vibe Up feat. Craig Charles, Dusk Terrace

Thursday 8 Eid Party, Rock Bottom (Tecom)

New resident DJ AC Trixta is joined by new band The Vibes for their first big party postRamadan. 10pm-3am.


Free shots for ladies until 1am, and commercial RnB and house. 10pm-3am. Weekly.

Conan Manchester, Loca

Foot-tapping funk, soul and rock and roll from Conan at one of our favourite bars in town. Weekly Thursday and Friday.

Deep Crates, Casa Latina

Popular vinyl-friendly hip hop, funk and soul night led by DJ Lobito. 10pm-3am, free, free wine for ladies 10-12. Weekly.

District Lounge, DIFC

Busy post-work DIFC spot with a classic house to hip hop music policy. Weekends.

i2, Habtoor Grand

Cheesy but fun 80s and 90s anthems from start to sweaty finish. 10pm-3am. Weekly Thursday and Friday.

Identity, N’Dulge

Brand new house night in the main room, with DJ Brooklyn on urban and throwback duties in the lounge. 10pm-3am, Dhs100, ladies free before 11pm. Weekly.

Ladies First, Blends

4 hours of free Cosmos, and properly fun classic mix from Patrick Pereira. 8pm-3am free. Weekly.

Pulse, Movenpick (Bur Dubai)

Energetic house and crossover

tunes at this popular club. 10pm-3am, ladies free. Weekly.

What Da Funk, Chameleon

Deep house to commercial as resident Stu Laurie takes control of the decks. 10pm3am. Weekly.

Friday 9 audio tonic, 360

The long-running weekly electronic night returns downstairs, with JC, Rod Lee Winters and Raxon playing. 4pm-3am, free.

Brunch Beat Session, Bahri Bar Ambient and chilled out grooves from Jeli Maniago. 4-8pm. Weekly.

Freaks and Beats, Cirque Du Soir

Sorry for Friday Rocking, Movida

A ‘Sorry For Friday Rocking’ theme party (nope, us either) at this high end Sheikh Zayed Road establishment. 11pm3am. Weekly.

Ultimate Friday, XL Beach Club

XL goes big from the start as house/electro star Tristan Garner headlines. 3pm-3am, Dhs150 on the door.

Saturday 10

INFUSION PICK! 411, People By Crystal

DJ Bliss and Shef Codes are back closing the weekend in style with their EDM meets urban mash up. 10pm-3am. Weekly.


Keep Calm and Rock and Roll, The Music Room

10 local bands, including Sandwash and Nikotin, take to the stage for this live music marathon. 8pm-3am, Dhs60.

No.1 Fridays, N’Dulge

No.1 Fridays, the long-running urban night, are back at N’Dulge doing what they do best, throwing impressive all urban parties every Friday. 10pm-3am, ladies free before 11pm, Dhs100 after. Weekly.

Destination, Zinc

UK Garage, Funky house and urban with Richie D and Mister Ash. 10pm-3am. Weekly.


Virgin’s Kris Fade heads up this weekly night, where entertainment is at the fore. 10pm-3am. Weekly.


Kapow, Music Room

The highly rated live music venue debuts their new resident band, Kapow. 6pm-3am.

Saturday Showcase, 360

Tristan Bain, Amir Sharaha and Rod Lee Winters head up the return of the audio tonic fronted night. 6pm-late, free.

restaurant staff in town, with drink deals and music from the resident DJ. 10pm-3am, ladies free, men Dhs50.

Tuesday 13 B:Lush, Media One

4 free drinks for ladies, with Da Sendri dropping funk, soul, disco and house. 7-10pm, free.


Hugely popular ladies night, with a Dhs50 entrance fee getting you free flowing bubbly all night. 6pm-late, Dhs50.

En Vogue, Armani Prive

Darko De Jan takes control of this high class ladies night, with complimentary mojitos until 1am for ladies. 10pm-3am.

Lights Out, Sublime

Monday 12 Manic Mondays, Zinc

Greg Stainer and Andy Swift play old and new skull anthems, with a 10pm-midnight happy hour. 10pm-3am, ladies and couples free. Weekly.

Hip hop Mondays, Cirque Du Soir

Bustling early-week party with excellent hip hop vibes from start to finish. 10pm-3am.

Industry night, XL Beach Club

A night for all the bar, club and

Shero and Brooklyn drop commercial R&B and hip hop, with free drinks for ladies before midnight. 10pm-3am.

Luxure, VIP Room (JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay)

Hip hop, funk, house and dancehall at this brand new exclusive venue. 11pm-3am.

Wednesday 14 Diamond Wednesdays, XL Beach Club Radio 1’s Brooklyn and DJ Shero on the urban soundtrack, with free Diamond cocktails for ladies until 1am. 9pm-late. Weekly.

Mingle, Left Bank (Souq Al Bahar & Madinat Jumeirah)

Dhs5 cocktails for ladies (no, really) from 8pm-late.

The Ultimate Ladies Night, Zinc

One of the most popular ladies nights in town, with free bubbly for ladies before 1am, and house, electro and hip hop. 10pm-late. Weekly. Ladies free, men Dhs75 after midnight.

Friday 16 Alexa Rich, Karma Kafe

Model and DJ Alexa Rich drops deep house at this party-loving lounge. 8pm-late.

Champagne Showers Pool Party, XL Beach Club


House of Afrika, Zone (Media One)

The residents take control as HoA moves indoors for the summer. 6pm-3am, free.

Local bands including Core 304, Flames Reignited, Desert Ramblers and more pay tribute to the Indian and Pakistani Independence Day. 8pm-3am, Dhs60.

Holy Noise Battle of the Bands, Ratsky (Holiday Inn, Bur Dubai)

6 of the best local bands battle it out, with a gig in India the grand prize. 6pm-3am, Dhs50.

Saturday 17 Entra Mi Casa, Downstairs 360

Tristan, Just Lance and Charl Chaka deliver the Saturday evening beats and treats. 9pm-3am.


As the name suggests, champagne and showers are the theme at this RnB and electro night. 3pm-3am, Dhs150, ladies free.

Freedom rocks Music Festival, Music Room

Look AND

LISTEN Music be the food of love, so read on...

> Music News > Album Reviews > DJ Booth > Soundstage > DJ Top 10

Look and Listen

Music News... Van Buuren better than Back?

Classical music critic and Bach buff Martin Weber published an ecstatic eulogy to Armin Van Buuren this week in which he revealed that Armin’s recent track has the ‘the structure of a baroque concerto.’ “Bach’s music and van Buuren’s trance compositions are essentially the same thing’, the author of ‘acclaimed novels Shayno,’ ‘Benedetto’ and ‘In the Mirror a Monster’’ explained. “A Bach cadence - meant to extend musical tension to the breaking point - is exactly the same tool van Buuren uses to get the crowds screaming.” Not everyone is so positive, however as ex-music journalist Sophie Heawood, writing in the Guardian about the state of contemporary pop music played on UK station Kiss FM, singled out Armin for special attention. “They play Swedish House Mafia: music designed to do a three-point turn to,” she complained. “And now it’s Armin Van Buuren, with something that sounds like metal being thrown at goats,” she moaned.


“The time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health & well-being. Thank you to my fans for your enduring love & Support!” Well done, and good luck to Erick Morillo, who’s entered into rehab following a disastrous recent American show when he stumbled off the decks 45 minutes in.

Look and Listen

Album Reviews... Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune Electronic, Indie /

For more Album Reviews go to


When you combine an experimental indie troubadour (Luke Steele of the Sleepy Jackson) with Elton John’s go-to electronic man (Nick Littlemore, one half of Pnau), the results were always going to be interesting. And so it proved as Aussie duo Empire of the Sun created one of the best indie/electro albums of the millennium with their 2008 release Walking On A Dream, a pop-savvy but organic burst of sun-dappled joy. Follow up Ice On The Dune finds the band in overdrive as the melodies have been deliriously ramped up, with euphoric pop production liberally slathered on top of every track, giving the album a day-glo EDM sheen. Instead of Walking On A Dream’s indie ethic though, every musical fibre and strand has been bolstered, meaning that the album’s biggest hits – ‘Alive’ and ‘DNA’ – are designed with heavy radio rotation in mind. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: but Ice On The Dune sounds like Empire of the Sun making a bold bid for the big time, and one that you could imagine David Guetta easily remixing. A little more restraint could have made this good album even better, but it’s still Empire of the Sun doing what they do best: earworm catchy pop. Andy Buchan

PsiClone EP – Conan Liquid (Infusion Records) For more Album Reviews go to

House, Acid House


Now firmly established with half a dozen releases, Infusion Records – and main music man Conan Liquid – continue to hit their groove as this deep, warehouse-vibed EP demonstrates. The chuggy, druggy beats of ‘Itzover’ kick things off, a 118BPM slow-rolling beast that’s offset by a whisky-soaked blues vocal, giving it real soul and depth. On the flipside, Conan mines another vintage house sound, this time taking things back back, way back to when house music began with the cutely titled ‘The Realms of Albertine.’ With a higher tempo, and skipping percussion and top notes, it initially begins life as the lighter of the two tracks, before the classic Roland acid sound evolves, permeating and reverberating, skillfully marking the melting point between classic house and acid.

Look and Listen ALBUM BITES Jagwar Ma – Howlin

Indie, Electronic


While their Aussie counterparts Empire of the Sun have gone down the big pop production route, Sydney duo Jagwar Ma have gone timetravelling, re-visiting the 90s UK baggy scene. But this is more than a trip into the hazy Happy Mondays’ memories: their debut album blends Beach Boy harmonies with big beats – with a touch of psychedelia – creating a swaggering, Madchester aping album that’s sure to be big during the festival season. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

For more Album Reviews go to

Downtempo, Chill, Breaks, Experimental


The electronic world wasn’t just hyped about one reclusive electronic duo this year: Scotland’s Boards of Canada are, if anything, even harder to track down than Daft Punk, and with a 9 year wait since their 2005 album The Campfire Headphase, there was rabid anticipation ahead of Tomorrow’s Harvest. And while some might complain that they’ve done little to their sound over the last decade, fans will delight – if that’s the right word – at their haunting, ghostly mix of melodies and crunching beats that sound like an apocalyptic soundtrack. The end of the world has never sounded so good.








W W W.I N F U S I O N . A E



DJ Booth: Jason Kabuki Now the resident DJ at the Fairmont on the Palm, Jason Kabuki is one of the best sunset and mixed genre DJs in Dubai, but just don’t ask him about the 3 Ps in Dubai‌

One thing you might not know about me is…   I am also known as London garage DJ (Operator) from the 1990s. My worst ever job was... Working in a coleslaw factory, you can imagine the smell from the cabbages at 5 am, I can still smell it now! My favorite ever record is... Too many to mention but I remember my first being ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, the Rocky anthem… DJing is much like... Pottery. You must keep the beat with your feet to glide the mixes together, this makes a perfect harmonious mix. Dubai’s clubbing scene is... The 3 Ps! (Plastic, Posers, Portentous) but on a good note we have a bubbling underground scene that attracts some amazing talents from around the world. I’m really proud of... Being part of the house music scene since 1989, also releasing one of my tracks in 1997 on Locked on (XL) with over 27,000 units on vinyl. What track could you drop in every set? Solefusion, Basetone on Strictly Rhythm. If I could change one thing about anything it would be... Advertising! “They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear,” to quote by Banksy. I can’t live without... My music, experiences and my Michelle… My biggest DJ achievement to date is... Traveling the world over and making people experience different things with my music everyday. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Cakes! In all shapes and sizes. If you could DJ in any decade which would it be... The late 80s, early 90s. If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be... Andre Lodemann. I’m not a politician but... I recon David Icke should be!

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Jeli Maniago - Do Your Thing! (Original Mix) Jeli Maniago - The Clift (Original Mix) Thugf***er - Disco Gnome (Tale Of Us Remix) Jeli Maniago - I Got 5 On It (Original Rework) Josh Butler - Got a feeling (Bontan remix, Pleasurekraft Douglas Greed, Gjaezon - Sociopathic (Original Mix) Loco Dice - Detox (Original Mix) Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto - House Is House Zoo Brazil, Ursula Rucker, - You Don't Know Me Newbie Nerdz, Moonwalk, Fractales - This Is You

Andy Buchan Loaded

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Rudimental – Feel The Love Empire of the Sun – Alive Jagwar Ma – Man I Need Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey Primal Scream – Invisible City Cassius – 99 (A Skillz Remix) Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost Town Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year

KayteK Blue Marlin

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Blue Moon - You Make Me Feel (Original Mix) The Lonely Smoker - When the Last Time (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko) Vanilla Ice - Heartbreaker (Original Mix) Johnny Mikes, Michael B - Darkness Everyday feat. Michael B Dino Lenny - Waiting For The Daylight (Original Version) Luis Leon, Memo Insua Feat. Andrew Brown - Lost Secrets N.F.M.T. - Going Deeper & Blackfeel Wite (Patrick Podage Remix) Monkey Safari - Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover) Namito, RedDub & Sam Farsio - Soly Moly (Original Mix) Audio Junkies - Music Makes Me Wanna (Sammy W & Alex E Remix)

Amir Sharara

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Ruffneck ft Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody! (Sharam Jey) Baher Feat. Fulltone - Chasin (Original Mix) Leftwing & Kody - Deep In (Original Mix) Purple Disco Machine - My House (Original Mix) Ordonez & Montalvan - If You Want Me (Original Mix) Josh Butler - Got a Feeling (Bontan Remix, Pleasurekraft) George Morel - Let's Groove (Claptone Remix) Tom Glass - A Lot of Things (Betoko Mix) Sono - Keep Control (H.O.S.H. Remix) RIVA STARR feat. Rssll - Kill Me (Claptone Remix)

Jeli Maniago Bahri Bar (Beat Session)


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Weird News... ‘Appy days

If we were stocking for the eventual zombie apocalypse (and it is coming, trust us), toilet roll would be our first priority. After all, you can’t shoot zombies when you’re keeping your turtle head at bay. So we feel the pain of the Venezuelans who have been caught short as a nation due to a toilet roll shortage. But one enterprising team have created a new ‘Supply Me’ app which, using crowd-sourcing technology, will tell you which supermarkets still have stocks. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claims anti-government forces are deliberately buying up basics like toilet paper to destabilise the country. WEIRD BITES “I just went on living and having a good time and doing what was necessary. I don’t think of age right now.” So says Dorothy Custer, the 102 year old American who celebrated her recent birthday by base-jumping from a 600ft high bridge. Go on girl!

Face the future Your face is your fortune, so the saying goes – so what will our faces be saying in 20,000 or even 100,000 years? Genomics expert Dr Alan Kwan from Washington University believes that by 22,013, we’ll have a larger brain (and bigger forehead), while in a hundred thousand years, we’ll have more pigmented skin and much larger and more effective eyes, alongside symmetrical facial features to make each human being more attractive. Let’s just hope human nature sorts out men’s back hair sooner rather than later…

Starbucks unveils new ‘Burj’ size coffee cup for Middle East Coffee drinkers across the Middle East had reason to rejoice this morning as Starbucks unveiled a towering new size of cup exclusive to the region. As of next week, Starbucks branches around the Gulf will be offering the new ‘Burj’ size, more than 10 times bigger than the 590 mililitre ‘Venti’ offering. “After a great deal of research into the drinking habits of our many loyal customers, we’re proud to add the new Burj size cup to our line-up across a region which demands things to be bigger and better,” said Starbuck’s regional marketing manager Lorenzo Khan. “And what could possibly be bigger or better than six litres of freshly-brewed coffee made from the finest ethically-sourced Arabica beans?” The initial response to the Burj was largely positive, with many fans taking to Twitter to express their support for the new size. “It seems Starbucks are listening are to their customers,” said @Fairy_ Twinkle89, a food blogger based in Qatar, adding that the current small-sized 350ml ‘Tall’ size could “soon be obsolete”. However, there was concern from the car industry, with several industry experts wondering whether any cup holders would be able to accommodate a Burj. “Expect to hear several new announcements from the major automotive names as they work on systems and technology that would allow drivers to enjoy the new sized drink in their cars,” said Mahmoud Hamilton, editor of Big Fast Cars Arabia magazine. But perhaps the biggest criticism came from office workers used to having their Starbucks order delivered. “I just hope it doesn’t mean the little man in the coffee shop downstairs takes longer to bring up our drinks,” said Dubai-based lawyer Jasmine Clump. “Or – more worryingly – mean that he has to make the trip several times should we put in a big order.” The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is the Middle East’s premier source of satirical news. This means that it’s entirely made up and not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as factual.


MOVIE Despicable Me 2 The follow up to the well-received animated original finds the warmhearted villain Gru (Carrell) trying to save the world from a proper super villain. More in it for kids than adults, but still well worth a watch. Classification: All Ages Director: Pierre Coffin Starring: Al Pacino, Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig

Red 2

The earth-bound (and geriatric) equivalent of the Avengers, these long-in-the-tooth assassins return for a second outing in a neat twist to the usual spy/thriller template. Classification: 15 Director: Dean Parisot Starring: Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins

PREVIEWS Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

TV and radio personality Alan Partridge makes his big screen debut as he becomes the key player in a tense hostage situation in his native Norfolk, armed only with his cunning and wit. Aha! Classification: PG Director: Declan Lowney Starring: Steve Coogan

Elysium After a weak string of sci-fi (apart from Star Trek), the summer’s great hope lies with District 9’s South African director Blomkamp who envisages a polarized world of haves (who live on a space station) and have nots (those marooned on earth) set in 2154, and one man (Damon) who aims to break the status quo. Classification: R Director: Neill Blomkamp Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster

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QUESTION What is the big summer track this year?

Nayef Alfallah: Jai Paul, ‘Str8 Outta Mumbai.’

Tom Ferguson: Klangkarussel, ‘Sonnentanz.’

Stu Laurie: Paul Woolford, ‘Untitled.’

Adrian Rooney: Ejeca, ‘Rosario (Mic Newman remix)

Sean Rutherford: Smokey Joe & The Kid, ‘Zazou.’

Somalie: Dennis Ferrer feat. Janelle Kroll, ‘Mind Ur Step.’

Thomas Knechtl: Hector Couto, ‘Creampie.’

Shawn Mac: Shur-I-Kan, ‘Conondrum.’

Words. It’s what differentiates them from you (and by them, I mean the dim-witted animal kingdom). And yet… and yet some people get it so wrong. The Monkey will be the first to admit that linguistic differences account for a lot of the problems, but it seems as if some promoters willfully abuse the power of language. So here are some of our favourite misuses… Promoter Term

Real definition


The biggest in recent Facebook history (ie in the last 2 days). Probably the first time, but I’ve only been here for 4 months and couldn’t be bothered to check. To his Mum (and even then his Mum’s not really a fan, she prefers Tiesto). She plays (S)Top 40 pop topless, but has a face like a bag of smashed crabs. Haha, not even VVVIP, barely worth our time or effort. If over-priced drinks, zero dancefloor and more hook(ers) than a shisha cafe count as surprises, you’re in for a treat. We’ll play anything – literally, anything – to try and get clubbers through the door. EDM remix of Nancy Ajram, sure thing (sorry, the Monkey just did a little bit of sick in our mouth at the prospect of that).

First ever World famous DJ Stunning DJane VVIP access Surprises on the night Arabic/EDM

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Infusion #204: 4 Aug - 18 Aug '13  

Welcome back! We look towards August's Hop Fest, take a trip down memory lane and remember Trilogy and talk to some of Dubai's best DJs to g...