INFLUENCE Magazine — Summer 2018

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PHOTO: Jessica Friend (Wilkes); Mary Beth Tyson (Wilson & Johnson)


Twelve years ago, Marley Wilkes convinced a 19-year-old intern that sleepless nights and endless phone calls are necessary sacrifices for the cause. Now when I tell her I owe my career in political fundraising to her, she rolls her eyes and laughs. Every campaign is a battle to win, and it’s a fight over finding every last dollar out there. You don’t hit your goal, you blow it up — all while cultivating and maintaining relationships across the state. Over numerous election cycles, Marley knows every detail of how campaigns in this state should operate. She loves data and is methodical and deliberate in how she uses it, and she knows how to drive the message. From her determination and vision for what Florida can be, Marley is someone who you dream to work with. She is someone you want to be in the trenches with, who will always have your back. – Greg Goddard, Finance Director for U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson


Year after year, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront of solving issues that impact Florida’s future competitiveness and the business industry as a whole in the Capital City. On the political side, the chamber has been an active partner with me on many key Senate races, helping to ensure business-minded Republicans are elected to serve our fast-growing state. At the helm is Mark Wilson, who, like his passion for race cars, is the driving force behind uniting Florida’s business community and working to ensure economic opportunity and job growth. Mark is an exceptional leader and advocate for our state and his members, making him a standout advocate for Florida. Marian Johnson is recognized for her innate ability to see beyond numbers, making her one of Florida’s brightest political minds. But it’s her passion for Florida and her belief that elected leaders should understand and represent the people they serve that makes her a trusted adviser to her members and candidates they support. Individually, Mark and Marian have earned their place among those who make a difference. It’s because of Mark, Marian and the professionals they’ve assembled at the Florida Chamber that families in Florida have more opportunities to find a job, gain stronger skills and succeed. They are among Florida’s best industry leaders and this recognition is well deserved. – Bill Galvano, Senate President-Designate SUMMER 2018 INFLUENCE | 139