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February 8, 2011 VOLUME 16



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Appalling Attire CHERI BROCH Staff Reporter

is not appropriate school wear. Yes, we all have legs but that doesn’t mean we have to see all of said legs. I’m not saying you can’t look cute and dress well, but simply that covering is sometimes better than baring all.    Boys, boys, boys — or men, if you’d prefer — pull up your pants. Or buy a belt; even better: I will buy you one. But seriously, there is no need to wear pants that low. Wear skinny jeans for all I care, I simply do not want to see your underwear when I’m walking down the hallway. It’s not flattering, even if you’re feeling like a bad-ass wearing your Playboy Bunny boxers — just keep those to yourself, please. P.S. No, those girls who are looking at you in the hallway are not checking out your butt, sorry boys.     So, basically what I have to say is: think before you dress. There are a couple hundred other people in this high school that see you every day. Preferably, covered up and looking decent. Not all of you are at fault in this skimpy epidemic, but those of you that are, could you just pull your skirt down a little bit? It would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks.

High school, a time to find yourself and your personal style. Being teenagers, we can pull off almost anything style-wise. However, just because we can doesn’t mean we should. For example, wearing a mini skirt when it’s 35 degrees outside —blue legs much? Another thing, it is appreciated when spandex is worn underneath skirts of the short variety, but the skirt is too short if you can see the spandex underneath! Now, girls are not the only ones with fashion dont’s. Boys, if we can see your boxers (or briefs) when you walk down the hallway then get a belt or pull up your pants, nobody wants to see that. It’s called UNDERwear for a reason.    Clothes, honestly, should be weather appropriate. I’m not saying that just because it’s winter you can’t wear skirts. But for your own benefit, put some stockings on, your no longer frozen legs will thank you. Take advantage of the fact that it’s not summer and wear those cute cardigans that are stuffed away in a drawer somewhere. Winter is an excuse to bundle up instead of baring all for the public to see. It’s a time to get rid of that extra holiday fluff that has accumulated from the Christmas season. So cover up while you’re working on that summer body, for the benefit of everyone.      Ah, the wondrous short skirt debacle. I have no problem with short skirts. I wear them, my friends wear them, BUT with something underneath, whether it be leggings, stockings, spandex, etc. Basically, what I’m trying to say is cover up a bit. It is winter, and most of you are under eighteen. So no PHOTO BY JORDAN GREEN need to dress like we’re Female students often wear revealing clothing, even in the middle clubbing. Clubbing wear of winter.

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KAYLA SEAMSTER Staff Reporter Love is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel. The definition differs for every person, and there are many different kinds of love that a person may feel. Regardless of the type of love you are talking about or the way you show your love, love is a beautiful thing. We’ve been given the impression that to define love is near impossible. Maybe there’s a fear that if we define it, it would somehow be less powerful…less impactful… less exhilarating. Maybe we like the mystery of it. But is it really that complicated? Perhaps the complications surrounding love come from all the “stuff” we add on to this powerful emotion. Let’s drop all the baggage surrounding relationships and define the experience in the moment of love. Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not the breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being “in love” which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. I have had this with another person before. We had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree, not two. My favorite quote of love is by Paramahansa Yogananda an Indian yogi: “To describe love is very difficult, for the same reason that words cannot fully describe the flavor of an orange. You have to taste the fruit to know its flavor. So with love.” Love itself is a universal experience. Yet, every individual occurrence — while perhaps bound by a common thread — seems absolutely unique. Love is what love is! To everyone it expresses itself differently. “Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly,” my mother told me. She went on

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to say that “love runs much deeper than just that ‘one’ person you are supposed to find. It comes in all shapes, and sizes.” As the conversation continued we talked about the difference and confusion between infatuation, and real lasting love. Infatuation, you are consumed with that person… Lasting love is much deeper. Not one person I asked could give me an exact definition. They all said “I don’t know.” And that’s my point exactly! It’s like trying to describe what air smells like. Could it be that Love is a story that can never be fully expressed? I was so baffled over this question that has been longing an answer for centuries; I asked my seven—year—old neighbor what he thought love was. “Love is when you kiss all the time,” Matthew said. “Then when you get tired of  kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss.”  He continued to say “You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget, and it’s good for them to get reminded.” Love is loving someone without expecting anything in return; no judgments, no restrictions; no limitations; no expectations! Love is knowing that no matter what happens in life, there’s no one else you would rather go through it with. It’s doing everything and wanting nothing. You’re afraid to have it and even more afraid to lose it. There are endless definitions I could write, but none of them could cover it all. True love is the nature of bliss. Love has no meaning other han the meaning “we” give it. How can one truly define what love is? Not even an experienced person can truly grasp or explain love  to its truest and deepest meaning. Its concepts are just a never ending story of an open book of experiences. But love does lie in one’s heart, where memories are but shadows lingering in your soul. Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

Greetings from Newspaper

Olive Juice




Breakfast for High school relationships take work champions KAYLA SEAMSTER Staff Reporter It has been said many times before, and I myself am a true believer in it, but for some reason, not everyone is in agreement. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to many researchers and studies. I may not be a researcher, but I still know that this is true. Why? Since starting to eat breakfast on a regular basis, I have seen an increase of my energy throughout the day. However, people have their own reasons for skipping breakfast, and I do not agree with them. The most common one? “I am too busy in the morning, and I do not have any time to make something.” If showering is a must, or styling your hair and applying makeup, you could certainly spend five minutes making breakfast. There is no need to make something fancy like waffles or pancakes. When people are on the run, breakfast is the last thing they think about and assume it’s okay to skip it. Breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming. “I have no time in the morning,” sophomore Lia Burdine said.“I’d much rather sleep in an extra fifteen then grab a bite to eat.” A yogurt or a banana is enough to rev up the metabolism and load up on energy for the morning. Just pour cereal and milk into a bowl, and grab an apple or banana. These fruits could be eaten on the go. Toasting some bread while in the shower is a possibility also. You could cut up some fruit the night before and leave it refrigerated. There are many reasons that the “busy” excuse does not work. Skipping breakfast, the body quickly becomes tired when the brain and body finally runs low on fuel. By third period, grabbing a bag of chips or wolfing down a candy bar to sounds like a great idea to wake up again. It may work for a few minutes, but by lunch time you are hungry, crabby, and your mood might make you a little more likely to make unhealthy lunch choices. Still, people claim they don’t like breakfast foods, so they avoid them altogether. Looking at this a different way, consider the definition of the word “breakfast.” Breaking it down into its component parts, makes “break” and “fast.” The first foods eaten each day are the foods that “break” your “fast.” The body has been fasting since the night before when you had your last meal. Since any food you eat meets the criteria for breaking your fast, there is no reason to limit yourself to traditional breakfast foods such as cereal, toast, eggs or pancakes. You can eat what you like for breakfast; as long as you choose healthy food, you are doing your body a favor. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle demands sound eating habits. It’s worth it to take the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast each day. Get up ten minutes earlier if that’s what it takes. All the excuses in the world won’t make up for the benefits you will gain from starting the day out right.


High school relationships: worth it or not? You have that one person who you know loves you and they are yours. Your life is complete. Who are we kidding though? It comes with bumps and turns, but soon all that drama goes away. Relationships are filled with many hard and stressful times. The times that make us doubt ourselves and get us concerned with things that we might not be concerned with. The things we trust and know. We work through them and we all live happily ever after. NOT. We have to deal with the troubles of a relationship. We have to deal with our fights and our troubles, get over the fact that we have faults and live with ourselves. Happiness comes with work and compassion. There are two sides to every story — in every fight, we have to know and understand what our partner means and wants. We can’t just assume. We have to work things out. When we fix our problems and get over ourselves, it builds bonds. It improves and builds our relationships into strong and happy ones. Even marriages that last twenty-eight years have to have fights, but they build bonds. It can be anything from

calling someone a name to walking out. We apologize and keep fighting for our relationship. We build ourselves to be stronger, and in turn it makes our relationship stronger. Some relationships don’t go as planned. They have constant fights and aren’t able to

work out their differences, their lives become horrible. They are completely the same — opposites attract, alikes repel. In other words, they didn’t complete each other. But the fact about the whole relationship is that they’re both too stubborn to admit that they don’t want to be in a relationship. It goes on and on until they look like they’re on drugs and it doesn’t end until one loses.

Strong relationships have fights. These fights can be either small or the most horrible thing we’ve ever heard of. But we get over it and it builds us; it takes us to great heights and skyrockets the relationship to the point where everyone knows there is no separation between us. The crooks and turns of a relationship can be hard ones. They might even cause a relationship to end, but you can’t let it get to you. Power through those fights and make your relationship a good one that your friends see and want. Strive to be one of the relationships that makes it to marriage. Try to inspire and create the inspiration for others, cause them to want what you have. True and pure happiness. Flowers and chocolate at Valentine’s Day, earrings at Christmas, Teddy bears for your birthday, all come with love. Love that is earned for your dedication and willingness to be and work for the relationship that you deserve. Sometimes, you lose all these things, but if you strive for it and try, it’s all worth it in the long run. It makes you a happier and all over better person. Are high school relationships worth it? That’s your opinion, but if it makes us happier, why not? Everybody has something that makes them happy; maybe this is it.

Words to the wise: let my soda pop go! SHAYLA MCGINNESS Editor-In-Chief

Another vexing issue with the vending machines is that they mix up the soda orders! For example when I push the button for a Every once in a while, I’ll grab a buck coke it will give me a diet Dr. Pepper. This is like ordering a pair twenty five out of my purse of shoes and when and walk down to the ART and they come they enjoy a thirst quenching bottle don’t fit. It makes of Coca-Cola. Only the original me so irritated I or cherry; if I’m going to enjoy just want to shove an unhealthy treat it might as it back up and kick well have all the flavor and yes, it until it gives me unfortunately, all the sugar and my money back. calories. Lately, however, the It has come to Coke machine has been not my attention when working. It will take my dollar I was informing and sometimes my change but another staff will not give me my Coke in member of my return. It also fails to give me dilemma that pop in my full dollar twenty five back. schools was banned Usually it returns way less than except for diet pop what i organically put in. A ripin schools. I can off, to say the least. I work for GRAPHIC COURTESY WWW.AMPM.HACRES.COM CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE totally understand my work for money and it is so banning pop in frustrating to buy a soda with my hard earned cash and not only not have elementary and middle schools because the soda be given but also not be reimbursed. they are younger and don’t always now how For those who would give the advice to drink to indulge in reasonable amounts of sugar. High school, on the other hand, Pepsi, I’ll remind them that they only have should be a different matter. We should Pepsi and I do not drink diet.

know better than to cram ourselves with junk food and sugary beverages in excess. Junk food is becoming a social norm in society and in households. This is leading to rapidly increasing obesity rates. Not only is this frightening in adults, it’s more so in children. Pop might be a leading factor in high consumptions of sugar, but just like anything, if consumed in moderation it’s just fine. Moderation is key here; students who engage in moderation should not be punished for those who don’t. I understand they are trying to fight the obesity “epidemic,” but this isn’t the way. Kids are still going to drink pop so taking it away will do nothing except to nudge them in directions in which they can buy it. What should happen is middle schools and elementary schools in particular should have health lessons every week. Nutritional health classes should be in the curriculum and held every week like music class. Learning about living a healthy life is a lot more important than learning to play an instrument that they will probably forget the next year. Pop should not be banned in high schools, and even though the vending machines are being frustrating I’m glad we still have them.




Integrated P.E. defies modesty KYLE STOCKER Staff Reporter

guy’s eyes practically molesting her where any educational program or activity receiving she stands? Of course, there are probably federal aid.” some women who are excited by that notion, The issue with integrated P.E. has nothing to do with discrimination. It’s about Integrated P.E. That is, males and fe- but I’m sure most women are not. We keep trying to say that men and modesty. Title IX has been taken out of conmales together in the same P.E. classes. Does anybody else see a problem with this? P.E. women are exactly the same, but we’re text. Everybody does have an equal chance. was never integrated up to 1975, so why the wrong. Equal, yes! But not the same. Their But males and females do not need to be change? What has integrated P.E. really done equality is defined by an equal level of respect and recognifor us? “Integrated P.E. sort of prompts men tion, but their overall deto be less aggressive,” Junior Katia Pawlak meanor, and the way in which said. “I think it also prompts girls to be less we respect and recognize one another, is drastically differbitchy.” Pawlak is exactly right. It is true that ent. Integrated P.E. does not integrated P.E. prompts (or forces) men to be offer the environment needed less aggressive (and perhaps prompts women to respect these demeanors. Physical Education teachto be a little more aggressive), but that’s the issue! Males and females are integrated er Arthur Benard was very all day. My question is, why? Why is it that supportive of integrated P.E. we feel the need to prompt men to be less He said that it’s necessary aggressive? Men are naturally aggressive, and to group males and females they need the opportunity to express that together, because “There’s aggression in a controlled environment. But not a difference in a workout too often in our society we strive to reduce program at this level. P.E. was the masculinity in our men, and seem to not integrated when I was in encourage (even praise!) effeminacy. Look high school, and we did more physical activities, but it’s at Twilight, for example. And what about women? Can’t women less about that now, and more PHOTO BY JORDAN GREEN find a place in high school where they’re not about fitness. Everybody can surrounded by men? Can’t women find an do fitness. Everybody should Should girls and boys take P.E. classes together? environment where they don’t have to feel have an equal chance, and self-conscious? Where they don’t have to that’s the beauty of Title IX.” According to Title IX, “No person in the integrated to receive the same benefits of worry about bending a certain way, moving a certain way, or even looking a certain way— U.S. shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded a physical educational program. Most people felt that there are no spreading their legs apart for a particular from participation in, or denied the benefits stretch and half-way across the room feel a of, or be subjected to discrimination under disadvantages to integrated P.E. Pawlak agreed, but she said: “There’s of course going to be disadvantages though, too.” She Editorial Policy: The InFlight staff strives to maintain accurate and objecexplained that integrated P.E. has caused tive reporting for our stories. However, opinion stories are included. Any commentary which is signed by the author accounts for his or her opinion only, people to be a little more self-conscious, and not necessarily that of anyone else on staff. An unsigned editorial reflects and has prompted students to be more flir-

the majority opinion of the InFlight staff.

tatious. This can cause distractions among students, and cause them to focus less on their activities. Girls aren’t the only ones who have to worry about their actions. Guys have to worry too, about feeling or even seeing a girl the wrong way. Let’s use flag football for an example. A girl has the ball and is running to her team’s end zone. Her flags are dangling from her waist and onto her thighs and other suggestive areas (sometimes positioned that way on purpose), and a male plows through her to get one of her flags, and—oh, I don’t know—just so happens to grab her in a very awkward part of her body. This happens all the time. Does nobody see an issue with is? Sometimes the guys are a little more decent about it, and try their best not to make the girls feel uncomfortable. But then they’re running with the girl for 30 yards trying to figure out how in the world they’re going to rid her of her flag without touching her somewhere inappropriate. It’s a mess. Guys need to be in an environment where they don’t have to worry about hurting somebody. And the same thing for girls. They need a space where they don’t have to worry about other guys. Half the girls in P.E. classes don’t seem to take advantage of these “equal opportunity rights” that everybody complains about, anyway. Many of them just sit off to the side and hope they don’t get hurt. Principal Dave Halford said that “We are trying to create more of an A.P. program for those who are trying to advance out of a COED class.” I am in favor of a notion like this. I can’t see how it will help with the issues in integrated P.E., but perhaps it will allow for some men and women to have a better experience in physical education.

Hallways overflowing with crowded students JAYMES FLEURY Staff Reporter The bell rings at the end of class, students rush to pack their bags and sprint to the next class. As they exit the classroom, hope seems to fade at their first sight. Immediately the halls are overflowing with a sea of people. The problem: you have four minutes to swim. Getting past all of the screams, laughs and awkward dances can seem pretty daunting, especially when third period is clear across the building. But here are a few tips to get through it all.   Students here have serious directional problems. Students fight upstream to get to whatever “important” destination they need to. Constantly people stop in the middle of the halls just to say “hi!” to their friends. This human traffic mayhem is doing nothing but slowing people down and causing them to miss the bell by mere seconds, being punished for something they could have avoided.     It would be nearly impossible not to realize how quickly passing periods go. Four minutes

to get from one class to the other, to get to one side of the building to the next. But don’t worry! The staff has made a goal to make our school a better place. One of the main points; hallway traffic and “the quality of commute.” As of January 10th, the main hall has gone under some changes. The blue lines were to remind students to stay on the right side of the hall. The staff members even put dashed lines where you were meant to cross into the adjacent hallway. Evidently, this didn’t help much at all. Students and teachers were still walking in random directions through the halls, causing the same amount of confusion. In math we have been taught about distances. The general rule being, “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” In this case point “A” is classroom one and “B” being classroom two. A pretty simple idea. Just make the least amount of turns as possible to get to classroom “B.” But what if this class is on a different floor? The easiest/ quickest route is to use the staircase closest

to the room of choice. However some stairs can get more “overcrowded” than others. For example, the main staircase is equipped with three different sets of stairs. The heart of these stairs is a whirlpool of people stirring and spinning around to get to the next class. On your left there’s a group gossiping and at a complete stop. On your right you can see a jerk cutting everyone off at high speeds. These problems are the ones that cause so much trouble! Come on people, the halls are pretty much a highway on feet. Imagine a car, on the left side: there’s the steering wheel, and you drive on the right side of the road. Now, try this on your feet: leave a bit of room on your left to leave room by the lockers. This prevents knocking people/ papers over, somewhat like a twelve backpack pileup. Walk the “right” way; stay to your right and avoid the dreaded “dance.” We have all been there. Walking through the halls and suddenly you are on a direct collision course with a fellow student. Both stop dead in their tracks, thinking “Which way do I turn?” Both shuffle left, then right,

then left again and so on. At this point, both students are embarrassed out of their minds, wishing the other would just pick where to turn. There is only one way out of this blushful bewilderment. Stay to your right! Slowly advance forward to the right of the other person. This not only allows your cheeks to stay the same color, it also allows traffic to flow. This tip also works on the staircases around the building. Every once in a while a student just can’t bear to wait for the two minute bell. Like a fugitive from prison, this student bobs and weaves through people as if they were traffic cones with backpacks. But every now and then students meet sweet justice after tripping over their lawless laces. These students just end up causing more trouble, it’s not hard people, just walk. Here are some more tips on getting to the next class as soon as possible. Time yourself using different routes. There are many possible ways to almost every class, some faster than others.



ASB UPDATE TONY SANSERI Public Relations Officer WOW! It’s the New Year already and only five more months of school left. It seems like school has only just started. It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you’re having fun. But along the way, many things have happened to our school that has led to a positive and more united environment. I would like to take a second to thank the Leadership class for putting together the Martin Luther King Jr assembly. Not only is it hard work to merely put an assembly together, but it’s even harder to get the point and emotion across to the student body. There’s a reason why we have a day dedicated to this humble man. Martin Luther King Jr was an advocate for civil rights. He made great strides on a world of prejudice and lack of direction, and therefor should be commemorated. And I would like to thank YOU for being so attentive. If you didn’t notice the big posters and blue lines that were down the middle of the hallways, then maybe it’s time to start noticing. The blue lines were there for a reason: To keep students on the right side of the hallway to make traffic flow in a more orderly fashion. A lot of people had to make great

strides to get that blue down the middle of the hallway in the first place. They had to meet with the administrative team and write up a proposal. It’s hard work. So please be respectful to the people who had this great idea and made it happen. Stay on your side of the hallway. It will make it easier for you to get from class to class and relieve the overcrowding. Thank you. Our Executive Board is making new ideas and new plans. We were set to have a dance at the end of January, but we decided to change the date to sometime next month or the month after to make it a Tolo. We are still finalizing the details of the dance and thinking of themes that would be fun to incorporate with the dance. We’ll keep you posted on the details and school events, “like” Raven Nation, and you’ll be able to keep updated with school events and things like that. The Annual Auburn Food Bank Competition between the other Auburn Schools is coming up and we are planning furiously. We are going to win this year. Last year we lost to Mountainview by only a mere fraction. So please bring in food AND money so you can help us win! The competition starts in late February. You will also be getting more information on that when we know the details. It’s the beginning to another great year, and I, along with the Executive Board team are very excited to think of great ideas and end this year on a good note. Have a great rest of the year and remember: FLIP THE SWITCH.


River Rush Run! Sherwin will play

baseball in Nevada

JAYMES FLEURY Staff Reporter This year’s third annual River Run is just around the corner. On Saturday, February 26, Riverside students will be running, jogging and walking at the neighboring Roegner Park. Pre-registration starts February 16 at 3:00 PM. Late registration begins on the 25th at 8:00 am, where participants can pay the 20 dollar fee and begin running at 9:00 am. The 20 dollars are donated to our school’s Raven Crew to help support their efforts to make this school a better place. In exchange, students will receive a complimentary t-shirt. Participants will run five kilometers (3.1 miles). Students, friends and family members may show up if they pay the 20 dollar fee. At the end of the race, names will be randomly drawn for prizes. Raven Crew is not only having their fun run, but they are also running a canned food drive. Bring as much food as you can to help our community; plus, when participants donate food, their chances of winning prizes will double, because those names will be entered twice. Our community is in more need than ever now. Any donations to the local food bank will help tremendously. The River Run promotes exercise, fitness, and healthy lifestyles. Nobody needs to be a super athlete or track-star to participate, just some extra time. Raven Crew wants everyone at Roegner Park to hang out with friends, get some exercise, win prizes, help the community and have some fun.

SHAYLA MCGINNESS Editor-In-Chief Senior Michael Sherwin, one of the highest rated hitters in the Pacific Northwest, recently PHOTO BY SHAYLA MCGINNESS received a $5000 scholarship to Western Nevada State to play baseball in 2012. He signed his letter of intent on January 24 with the Western Nevada Wildcats. Currently, the Wildcats are ranked sixth in the nation and are one of the top schools that the Major Leagues look at for scouting. The scholarship pays full tution for one year. The only thing he is required to pay for is room and board. Sherwin went down mid-October to look at colleges. While visiting Western Nevada the coaches offered him the scholarship. He had many offers but choose this college because he felt “comfortable with the coaches and the staff.” He will be staying at apartment complexes close to the campus with most of the other baseball team members. “The apartments are nice and the campus is close to Reno so there is always something to do,” Sherwin said. He has high hopes of getting drafted by the Major League Baseball association.

Club Bulletin Board Japanese Club Japanese Club takes place every other Monday in Mr. Guisinger’s room (410) from 3 to 4 after school. The next meeting will be on Feburary 7. To be in Japanese Club you do not have to be in a Japanese class, you just need to have an interest in the culture and want to have some fun. The president of the club is senior Leia Pabillon, the vice president is senior Robyn Henderson, secretary is senior Chelsey Poirier, treasurer is sophomore Nichloe Vanpay and the Sargant of Arms is junior Jonathon Peltola.

German Club

German Club meets every Wednesday in room 811 untill 3:30. Anyone can join this club; you do not have to be in a German class. In this club they watch movies, bake gingerbread and they have fundraisers to go to Levenworth. They are currently re-voteing to get new officers. Their only expectation is to have fun.

LISA GRAY Staff Reporter

Computer Science Club

Clubs featured this month: Would you like your club featured? Contact us!

Computer Science Club is a caloboration of students interested in the higher learning of computers. Braden Mast, Jonah Dubay, and Kyle Martins all share the title of President and Collin Harris is the founder of the club. Computer Science Club competed on Feburary 5 at PLU. Their adviser is Mrs. Saarenas and they meet every Thursday after school in room 203.

IBAAKO IBBAKO stands for “I Belive And Appreciate Knowing Others.” The club usually meets every other Tuesday in room 724. IBBAKO is a multicultural club and they share and learn about other cultures. Everyone has a culture, so don’t think you are excluded from this club. They will be having a Valentine’s party on Feburary 14. There will be pizza and brownies, and anyone is welcome.




Sleep deprivation claims our liveliness LISA GRAY Staff Reporter When counting sheep and drinking warm milk doesn’t help, thoughts of that 3rd period quiz and the midterms just around the corner start creeping in. But according to, there are many reasons for not being able to sleep, but there are also tips and tricks to fall asleep quickly. One of the reasons for not being able to sleep is thinking about all of the problems in life. The problems could range from family to school to friends, and this could be an issue because concentrating on falling asleep is important to fall asleep. If thoughts come to mind when falling asleep like “I will have one of those nights when I can fall asleep. Or, I wish I could sleep fast like my boyfriend/girlfriend. They are so lucky,” then that isn’t helping anything. That attitude will not do anything but keep you up. Be positive and happy. Going to bed full of stress after a hard school day will make it impossible to go to sleep. Dozens of tips and tricks can make it a lot easier to fall asleep. Such as trying to go to sleep. Just laying in the bed will do nothing; self determination works wonders. Another way to fall asleep is to think for a


A book and a cup of tea often helps insomniacs slip into sleep.

quick second about all that you have to do tomorrow, and then think that to do all of those things your body will need rest and energy. Reading a peaceful or a boring book could be a good way to fall asleep. When the

tiredness starts to consume you, put the book down and turn off the lights. Another way to fall asleep quickly is to avoid distractions, such as the TV or the radio/iPod. Also try putting all of the

JORDAN GREEN Staff Reporter

ers love to hear that it is a La Nina winter because that means more snow and usually a longer season. “La Nina makes the winter wetter and colder, which means more mountain snow,” science teacher Phillip Myka said. La Nina winters hold a chance for much more snow than the average winter; it is also a different kind of snow. Because La Nina is so cold, the snow is denser, creating the packed powder that every skier and snowboarder loves.

La Nina has some negative effects as well. Because it is wetter and colder, that means there is a greater possibility of ice on the roads. This can cause problems for students who drive to school. “I won’t drive to school if the roads are icy because I’m worried I might slide off the road,” junior Jane Mitchell said. La Nina can also cause more school cancellations, which will mean a shorter summer for Riverside students.

What is La Nina? La Nina is the cooling of the Pacific waters near the equator, not to be confused with El Nino which is the exact opposite. La Nina for the Pacific Northwest usually means a colder and wetter winter. This means a greater probability for snow and ice. What exactly causes La Nina? It is caused by the change in temperature of the Pacific Equatorial waters. La Nina happens when the waters begin to cool, whereas El Nino happens when the waters begin to warm and they produce opposite effects worldwide. For the Pacific Northwest, El Nino means a warmer and drier winter and La Nina means a colder and wetter winter. La Nina is not a sure thing; it does not mean that the winter will for sure be a long snowy one, it just increases the chances. For many skiers and snowboarders, this PHOTO COURTESY DUMMIES.COM, CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE is great news. Skiers and snowboard- A lot of factors contribute to La Nina, which is greatly affecting our winter weather this year.

where we live:

La Nina, back with a vengeance

distractions across the room such as cell phones, iPods, laptops or books. Also, if caffeine is a must in the morning, then try to minimize intake to before noon because when it comes time for bed the effects will be felt. It also wouldn’t hurt to cut down on the chocolate and candy because it is unhealthy and gives sugar highs. One of the most no brainer ways to fall asleep is to turn off the lights. When people try to fall asleep with the lights on their eyes will be distracted and therefore their minds will be distracted. If it’s a cold night, trying to drink tea might help, but not too much because of the caffeine and sugar. When coming home from school, avoid taking naps. The risk of oversleeping may lead to waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. Also, try not to have a clock in the room. They will just be tempting to look at and will keep your mind busy. These are many possible ways to fall asleep quickly. Sleeping medication should be the very last resort and should only be prescribed by a doctor. Sleeping medication, if abused, can be very addicting, and therefore dangerous. Try these other remedies before seeing a doctor. These tactics might not work for everyone, but if falling asleep is an issue, then trying these tips couldn’t hurt.


2/8/11 hat w d an s r e Flow y mean.. the Lavender:

“I am falling in love with you,” or “I am enchanted by you.”

KYLE STOCKER Staff Reporter


Rose: There are many different colors and types of roses, but all of them speak of love and romance.

An iris in its basic sense means inspiration, but an ivy means fidelity, and a lilac means “first-love.”




Giving your significant other a single red rose means intimacy (unity between a couple) in its most classic sense. It also symbolizes passion, or an indecipherable love.

Hopelessly in Love

-Violet Faithfulness



A declaration of one’s love

A pink rose often signifies love in its most basic sense. It can also mean friendship.

-White Giving a single white rose to your significant other can mean you think he/ she is pure, or that your relationship is pure. A white rose amongst many red ones can often represent a love in its most profound sense, or how much you believe your significant other is different from anyone else.

-Yellow A yellow rose usually means happiness (happiness in your relationship), but sometimes it means jealousy, so it’s important that the context isn’t obscure.

Daffodil: Chivalry

Carnation: -Pink Gratitude

-Yellow Cheerful

-Striped Refusal

Sunflower: Daisy:




do it to somebody else, but I had no idea what it meant. I thought it was a joke, or something, so I did it to my teacher.” His parents couldn’t understand what the principal was trying to tell them, but they did their best to explain the situation. The principal was understanding and excused Dao’s behavior. KYLE STOCKER A few years later Dao moved to Tacoma, and in 2002 he came to Auburn. Staff Reporter Life became a little easier after that. He “I’m very tall for an Asian,” sophomore started making more friends, which was David Dao said. “I mean, c’mon, when hard for him in the past because he was do you see an Asian that’s my height?” still learning English. New friends helped Dao is so tall that once, when he influence his speaking skills and his life in the American culture. He was vacationing at his birthplace in My Tho, loves playing basketball Vietnam, some people and football, and just last year he became interested called the police on him in break-dancing. for swinging at a park with “I saw a guy doing it little kids, because they once, and I thought to thought he was a pedophile. “I was 5’8” at the time,” myself, I could never do Dao said. “I looked like that. But then I started watching instructional a grown man compared videos, and it was great to everyone else.” once I got the hang of He’s only revisited Vietnam that one time, it. It’s fun showing off to when he was in seventh my friends. I may not be grade, but he remembers the best at it, but I’m PHOTO BY KYLE STOCKER that it was beautiful, definitely not the worst. and very hot. “I don’t remember Vietnam Dao plans on going to Central Washington in my youth,” Dao said, “but I remember University to study Criminal Justice and how hard it was to live in America.” Forensics. “I want to be a police officer when Dao came to Vancouver, Washington, I grow up, and try to be in the K9 unit, and when he was three years old. It was his eventually be on the SWAT Team. There’s a first home in America, and his parents lot of turmoil that goes on out there, and didn’t know any English. They put him in I want to make the world a safer place.” an ESL class [English as a Second Language] Family Guy and Southpark are some of his when he was five, but it didn’t help much. favorite TV shows, and Grand Theft Auto is In his first year here he was sent to the his all-time favorite video game, but the Principal’s office for sticking up his middle greatest influences in his life have been his finger at his teacher. “I saw some other kid parents. His favorite piece of advice from

The Raven Ruling The InFlight staff votes on school reform

Shorter Passing Periods



This year ’s passing periods have dropped to a drastic level . As you know, students only have four minutes to get to each class. Some need to sprint to get to and fro from their class. Bring back the minutes!

Mondays are obviously the most tiresome day of the week . An extra hour of preperation/ sleep can really help. This also gives teachers an hour to plan and meet with each other. But only one hour is pretty stingy.


PLC Late Start




Two Lunches

With over 1,700 students in the building, making food can be pretty hectic. So the new master plan is to cut one of them. One word: ridiculous. Each lunch now has over 850 students! The only benefit is the extra class time .

As promised , an additional dance should be added to Riverside’s dance list this year. However, when discussing which dance — Tolo gets the thumbs down . The attire worn for the dance is normal clothing. This takes away from that special feeling of getting dolled up to attend a dance .


Tolo Dance





Aquabats dish out helpings of high fives JAYMES FLEURY Staff Reporter Attention, homies! For years you have waited and the rumors have been spreading. Rumors of the world’s greatest superhero ska band producing their next album. Well I’m here to inform you that the rumors are completely true! The Aquabats! have just came out with their Hi-Five Soup album. If you are completely lost and are thinking to yourself, “Who the heck are the Aquabats?” they’re a widely popular ska band who has been making amazing upbeat music since the early 1990s and they haven’t made an album since 2005 (Charge!!). Now you may be asking yourself: “Then what the heck is ska?” Ska music is, in a most basic sense, a mesh of alternative rock and reggae with a dash of indie rock. One thing you must know about this band is that their music is quite random. With songs like: “The Cat with Two Heads,” “Powdered Milk Man,” “Ska Robot Army,” and “Mechanical Ape” you may just be overwhelmed with how random they can be. But this album has just reached their highscore of randomness. This album consists of

the following songs: “The Shark Fighter,” “B.F.F,” “The Legend is True”, “Radio Down,” “Poppin’ a Wheelie,” “Hey Homies,” “In My Dreams,” “Just Can’t Lose,” “All My Money,” “Pink Pants,” “Food Fight on the Moon,” and “Lucky Dragon Lady.” These newest songs fall short of previous song’s length but all keep up with the tradition. I wanted to list them from grestes to worst, but they all reach to the same bar. After a rougher day than usual I walked into my room planning to study for my finals, but something caught my eye. It was a package lying on my bed with the Fearless Records logo. My eyes grew twice their size and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I tore the package open with shaky hands and ripped of the protective plastic that concealed my long awaited album. I popped it into my laptop and just listened. The music that was swimming through my mind turned my less than happy mood to one of pure joy. The new album is probably the most upbeat one ever; it touches more on the end of indie rock and has a happier feel than the last. Needless to say, I was awe stricken. However, I felt something missing. Other songs by this band had some sort of

meaning (even though it might have been subtle) but this album was just being random for the sake of randomness. But I can live with that. Another bit of good information you’ll want to know is the reason behind their outfits. Their theme is the one of super radical superheroes. They dress in shorts, power belts, masks, rashguards (surfer shirt)

and sleek “anti-negativity helmets.” Each band member has his own unique power and disposition. Theses masked musicians are as follows: leading vocal is MC bat commander, Crash McLarson as bass, Jimmy the Robot on keys, Ricky fitness on drums and Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk plays a mean guitar. Here’s what they have to say about themselves; “The first all-crime fighting all-surfing rock supergroup in history! Traveling the highways and by-ways of the land in their trusty super customized Winnebego tour vehicle, The Aquabats look to become a legitimate rock n’ roll sensation while doing good for all mankind. Meanwhile, as the powers of evil seek to upset the balance of happiness in the world, The Aquabats find themselves on a never-ending quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all! Especially the kids!” If you want to learn more about this heroic band go to their web site. Here you can stay updated with tour dates, videos, blog to your hearts content on their forums and learn about each individual band member. Just check out www.!

Tron’s “legacy” lives in new film Music: our generation’s divergent genres CHARLES CASADY Staff Reporter

Twenty-eight years ago the movie Tron was released, a huge technologically advanced movie. Today we have Tron Legacy. Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron. In 1982 Tron was advanced in graphics and any type of futuristic knowledge that we had. Tron Legacy has improved graphics and has loads of special effects, giving us a better view of what a virtual computer world would look like. Between Tron and Tron Legacy, the plot of the movie is kind of lame, but when it comes to sending the visual of an alternate computer universe, Tron Legacy proves far superior. In Tron, Kevin Flynn has to travel to the Grid (computer world) to destroy the MCP ( Master Control Program) with the help of Tron (Security Program that helps Kevin) to restore control of the grid to the users. In Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn has to go to the Grid to find and initially save his father, but when he gets there he realizes that his father is in a war with Clu and is protecting the last ISO (super smart unnatural program) Quorra. Tron Legacy features Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges from the original Tron. With help from technology the makers of Tron were able to use the young face of Jeff Bridges as Clu as well as the now older Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the father of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund). Between 3D and 2D, Tron Legacy is better watched in 2D, partly because half the movie is already in 2D and you

can’t really tell a difference otherwise. Also, all the cool 3D parts were already put in the commercials so it ruined the 3D experience. Throughout the movie there are many fight scenes. I’m not exaggerating when I say probably three fourths of the movie contains action/fight scenes. The special effects really made the action scenes in this movie awesome and monumental. Despite lacking 3D and enduring the lame plot, Tron Legacy was actually a pretty good movie because of the special effects and fight scenes.

CHARLES CASADY Staff Reporter Music is an instrument of our own mentality. Through music we can create and listen to things that can draw pictures in our head, tell a story, or get us to forget about the world around us. Music inspires us to work harder, run faster, and anything else we think we can do. Music is the way we feel, the way we act, the way the world perceives us as an individual. Sophomore Elizabeth Wadleigh listens to screamo and metal. “It fits my personality,” Wadleigh said. “I like being different.” For those of you who don’t know, screamo is a type of music that comes from hardcore punk music. The word screamo was first used to describe a type of emo music that developed in San Diego. Even though screamo and emo are used to describe the same type of music, the way the bands have changed over the years is the actual only difference between the two. Also, when screamo music is played, the vocals tend to blend more with the music rather than sticking out. “Its irritating to listen to what everyone else listens to,” Wadleigh said. “I like being classified as a rocker.” When it comes to screamo, Wadleigh likes how the message of the music changes, and how its not always the same boring thing.

Rory Creigh listens to classic rock, and pop. “It makes me a more unique person,” Creigh says. Classical rock is rock music that came out in the 1960s and 70s and became in the 1980s, and pop music is the popular music oriented towards teenagers.The term classic rock was first used in Houston TX in 1983. Creigh listens to what sounds good instead of listening to only the popular music. Creigh likes the way music makes him feel.”You can feel happy one day, and calm another day.” Creigh said. Sophomore Tarhata Garrison listens to alternative rock. “The tempo is at beat (good tempo) and the lyrics are moving,” Garrison said. Alternative rock is music that emerged in the 1980s and became popular in the 1990s. Alternative rock also hit it big in Britain. In fact, alternative rock hit Britain long before it even came out in the United States. In the United States, Alternative rock became popular after the grunge period. Grunge originated in our own Seattle, Washington; bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Pearl Jam were played and made popular. Garrison likes alternative rock because the lyrics are moving and not just random words like in today’s music. So get out your own instruments and play your music. Tell your own story.



Life is like a box of chocolates Godiva:

BRIANNE KOPP Staff Reporter While flowers are being exchanged and cliché cards are being assorted, it leaves the mind left to dwell on one thing — the chocolates. Chocolate is the one thing many couldn’t live without. It’s the addiction that’s often overlooked and the guilty pleasure many refrain from admitting. It’s a small wondrous mouthful that adds an extra oomph to the day; however, it can be overwhelming to choose which kind. On Valentine’s Day, more than 2,058,485 boxes of chocolate are sold. With more than 373 different brands to choose from, this leaves the decision about which kind and what brand a tad more difficult. From See’s Candies to Dove Chocolates, each brings its own flavor and unique delightfulness.

See’s Candies: Price: 1 lb. – $16.50

While See’s can be more on the pricey side, its rich flavor always satisfies. The store offers prepackaged boxes of assortment chocolates, while also leaving the option to build your own (picking out only the favorites). Highly recommended, very pleasing, rich, creamy, and delicious—all apply for See’s Candies.

Price: 8 pc. Valentine’s Day Ballotin $15.00

Going beyond just chocolate, Godiva stores offer other delectable chocolate items including dipped fruits and baked goods. Again on the higher end for chocolate, this feeds the craving for chocolate lovers. Depending on preference, Godiva holds something worth buying for every taste bud. From white to dark, the taste is exquisite and always consistent.

Dove Price: a bag- $4.99

Each piece is individually wrapped and leaves it almost impossible to eat just one. However when compared to actual chocolate shops, Dove lacks variety, giving it just one flaw. While other brands require specific stores/shops, Dove can be found almost anywhere and is found to be just as rich, creamy, and satisfying. When only plain chocolate is desired, Dove will meet and exceed expectations.

Cadillac of Doughnuts

JORDAN GREEN Staff Reporter

The smell of freshly baked doughnuts and pastries fill the air outside of the new Legendary Doughnuts store. The store opened last May and has been crafting outrageous new doughnuts ever since. The staff is always very nice and greets with a smile. You can also watch the staff bake fresh new doughnuts throughout the day through a window behind the counter. The doughnuts themselves are very unique, like “the Oprah” doughnut, which is a traditional maple bar topped with crispy bacon. This one I found to be my favorite. The bacon adds new texture and flavor to the classic maple bar. Other unique doughnuts consist of the “Chunky Monkey” which is a Chocolate cake doughnut, chocolate glaze, pretzels, peanut butter, and caramel and the “Elvis,” which is a glazed doughnut topped with peanut butter and banana chips. These are just a few of the many Legendary Doughnuts. Most of the doughnuts are outstanding and creative. Some take it too far, though, such as the “Captain Crunch,” which is a vanilla glazed doughnut topped with Captain

Crunch Cereal. This is the one doughnut I did not like, because flavor of the cereal does not work with the flavor of the doughnut. Legendary Doughnuts is turning out new ideas for innovative doughnuts all the time and I look forward to the next idea. The doughnuts are a bit pricy, however, and running at almost two dollars a doughnut, they’re well above average. But you get your money’s worth. These doughnuts are huge! I see those two dollars as money well spent. Legendary Doughnuts also does unique spin-offs of classic doughnuts such as the “Homer Simpson,” which is a spinoff of a plain glazed doughnut, but about twice the size and the “Bill Gates,” which is a spinoff of a classic chocolate cake doughnut but with many different types of chocolate. The shop itself is also very modern, with a big bar to eat at, and a huge display case to view the doughnuts in. The modern decor runs from the front door all the way into the bathrooms, which are some of the cleanest i have ever been in. It is also one of the cleanest doughnut shops I’ve ever been to. They treat the customer as if they are in a restaurant, serving the doughnuts on a

plate, rather than in a bag. Legendary Doughnuts is the Cadillac of doughnut shops. Any doughnut lover that is looking for something out of the ordinary, I highly recommend Legendary Doughnuts; they have created a whole new world of doughnuts.


s n e h t A


I love Italian food: the pasta, the tomatoes, the cheese, the bread, the butter. I could probably live off of it, so whenever I find a charming Italian eatery, it’s a must have to try the food. The appearance and decor of Athens, unfortunately, belies the delicious food. It’s in a little neighborhood a couple of blocks from Auburn High School. When I walked in there was a line of people picking up food and waiting to be served. I figured since the place was super busy they must have some pretty decent food, and thankfully I was not disappointed. My parents and I were seated in a booth (my usual preference over tables) and given our menus. The menu was packed full with delicious Italian cuisine. They have yummy grinders (which is an amazing sub sandwich), usual Italian food like fettuccine, spaghetti, lasagna, cannelloni, and raviolis. They also have some Greek food and pizza, soup and salad are also options. Scanning the menus I became overwhelmed with choices and the aromas wafting out of the kitchen didn’t help either. I was torn between the manicotti ($11) and the Canadian bacon pizza ($9.15). I eventually ordered the latter. When the food was brought to the table, the smell of the savory tomato sauce filled my nostrils, as did the cheesy, garlic scent. I found the thin crust crisped to perfection and the ingredients fresh and scrumptious. But I caution you; if you’re picky about the pizza being too oily, then this isn’t for you. I prefer to blot the cheese with a napkin, but aftewards, it’s perfection. I swear I heaven when I took my first bite. Unfortunately, the bathrooms and the hygiene have been flirting with being questionable and the decor looks a bit shabby. But fret not, because the food more than makes up for the ramshackle state of the place. The price is pretty accurate too for the amount of food given. For ten bucks you can get a heap of pasta, bread and salad. Their grinders are $6 for a half and for a whole it’s $7. Don’t be led astray if you’re looking for an upscale restaurant with the works because this is not the place. But if you’re craving a local dive with yummy comfort food, then Athens is the place.


Refer a friend and you both get rewarded! Go to to find out how! Limited time offer so hurry!




Keep our warm-up music up-to-date, not old school BRIANNE KOPP Staff Reporter There’s a certain “mojo” athletes get into before a game. Whether by a team ritual or a good luck charm, it’s something they never play without. For some it’s a pre-game prayer, others a silly tradition. However, aside from these regular routines, another thing can play into the persona of the game — the warm-up. This is where the team gains confidence and gets pumped to take on and take down their opponent. Take one of those away, and you are messing with the outcome of the game. Aside from that, you are also taking away from the team itself. For years our basketball teams have made their way onto the court a certain way. It became a regular tradition: lace up in the locker room and make the entrance into the gym with balls dribbling and a loud mixed CD on full blast. But just recently, the modern day mixed CD has been upgraded — or rather, downgraded — to satisfy the wants of staff affiliated with the game. The past adrenaline-filled music has been replaced with old school “classics.” This includes “The Chicken,” “YMCA,” and many dreadful others. Although I’m sure all was meant well when this decision was made, the consideration didn’t meet student or team-based wants. The argument being made to support the change in music is its appropriateness, which is entirely reasonable; profound language and inappropriate references shouldn’t be blasting through speakers with a gym full of parents, staff and children. To make a point to keep the music clean was something much needed, and when taken into action is much applauded. However, when saying this action was taken to the extreme, there is no exaggeration. Meet the students halfway. Plenty of present day music is upbeat, motivating, and CLEAN. So why shouldn’t that be taken into account? In retrospect, the rules of the game have changed. The once tiny shorts have been altered, so shouldn’t the music be adjusted too? Perhaps to a more up-to-date status? Taking the action for a more family friendly pre-game atmosphere was necessary. However, going to the extremes of 30 years ago? Meet the players halfway; upgrade the oldies to this decade music. Keep it clean, family friendly, and motivating. Allow it tolerable for everyone — whether attending or playing in the game. Besides, why completely demolish an already existing, uplifting, motivating tradition?  

the better mountain. Crystal has much longer runs and more of them. Crystal also has more runs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers and snowboarders. So based on the mountain, Crystal is my favorite. Location is also a factor in Snoqualmie or JORDAN GREEN Crystal. I live in Lake Tapps so it is faster to Staff Reporter go to Snoqualmie rather than Crystal by about twenty minutes. From Auburn it is quicker to go to Snoqualmie as well. So if you’re looking A big question for a faster commute, Snoqualmie is closer for Washington skiers and than Crystal. But Crystal is well worth the extra snowboarders is: which resort twenty minutes. is better? Snoqualmie or Crystal Personally, if I had to choose one mountain, Mountain? There are many difE NS k, Y I would choose Crystal; even though it is more ES .co.u LICE ferent factors that determine which T s R S OU ame ON expensive and farther away, I would choose is better such as price, what type of O C theg OMM T n O PH retha IVE C it because it I am more of a mountain rider skier or snowboarder you are and o m EAT CR rather than a park rider. Crystal offers more where you live. runs and longer runs than Snoqualmie, so for boarders like The difference in price between Snoqualmie and Crystal varies. At Snoqualmie, the lifts run 9am me, Crystal is the best. to 5pm for 58 dollars whereas at Crystal the lifts run 9am to 4pm for 65 dollars. Now seven dollars is not a huge difference, but when put into terms of a season pass, Snoqualmie is 380 dollars cheaper and you get one more hour a day of skiing or snowboarding. 380 dollars is a big difference. Keep in mind though, Snoqualmie offers night skiing, which is included in the pass, but Crystal offers much more terrain than Snoqualmie. Snoqualmie is the way to go because it is cheaper and it has night skiing, so going after would be a possibility. Where to go also depends on the type of a skier or snowboarder. Snoqualmie has four parks featuring rails, jumps, and a half pipe. For skiers and snowboarders that like the park, Snoqualmie is the better choice. On the other hand, if you’re more into riding the mountain, like me, rather than doing tricks, Crystal is




Kendall Foster takes point CHERI BROCH Staff Reporter Riverside has plenty of talented athletes, and that goes for our very own sophomore Kendall Foster. Foster is already a point guard on the varsity team for girls basketball. “I started because my elementary teacher wanted me to join the team, then I loved it,” Foster said. Foster began playing in the third grade, and once she realized she had a passion for the sport she joined her first AAU team: Future Stars. An AAU team is basically a club team with a higher level of competition. Averaging nine points a game, Foster hopes to keep getting better and having fun in this sport. She has continued to play basketball since elementary school and hopes to continue doing so into college. “I want basketball to take me to college so I can have a good education and play with, and against, some great players,” Foster said. Academics are important to Foster because she wants the best possible

education she can get for herself. She would like to leave senior year with a 4.0 GPA, and earn a scholarship to a D1 college for basketball. Although, she is unsure of what college she would like to attend, she would like to direct and coach her own AAU team for under-privileged youth. Her goal for this season though is to earn a state championship. However, just because she is talented doesn’t mean she doesn’t get nervous. To kick out the nerves Foster enjoys “being with the team. Before games we have team dinners and just being with the team helps me focus on the game and not the nerves.” Foster feels that this is a great team, she loves them, and one of her favorite things about basketball is the lifelong friends she’s made from it. Post-season she continues to play basketball with her AAU team: Tree of Hope. She’s been playing with this team for two years being point guard. Foster loves the team and the coaches. She also enjoys the fact that she gets to do a lot of traveling. Her hobbies basically consist of her favorite

sport and listening to her music after the school season. Basketball isn’t the only thing important to Foster; her family, her friends, and her faith also mean a lot to her. “My family is always there for me, supporting me. My friends keep me grounded, and my faith in God gets me through everything,” Foster said. When all is said and done, to unwind she hangs out with good friends, watches good movies and just has a good time with the people she cares about. Nothing is better than quality time. Foster is only a sophomore with a bright future ahead of her both academically and within basketball. With her family and friends by her side supporting her, she hopes to continue to keep striving towards her goals and never give up what she loves. On and off the court Foster holds herself to a high standard, no matter what.


Sophomore Kendall Foster

InFlight Issue #4 Feb 2011  

InFlight Feb 2011

InFlight Issue #4 Feb 2011  

InFlight Feb 2011