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Tad Stoner Police are arresting more and more young women for violent crime while almost half of the island’s youth are unemployed, according to Community Affairs Minister Mike Adam. Similarly, he said, “There has been a shift in attitudes towards drug use, especially cocaine.” As many as 95% of all children in state care, Mr Adam said, “have been exposed to drug and alcohol abuse”, while local police have increasingly arrested young people for “drugs, assault, theft, burglary and other crimes.” “There is no shortage of evidence that we are losing our younger generation,” he added. Concluding his gloomy assessment, Mr Adam reported to a Tuesday night audience at Mary Miller Hall, that 41.5% of all youth between 15 years old and 24 years old were unemployed. “Violence is pervasive,” he said, “and young females, are increasingly committing violent crimes.”

Hair salon gun tragedy

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Get ready 4(G) Usain! He’s the fastest man in the world… and now Usain Bolt could soon be sprinting to Cayman to help Digicel. The telecommunications giant is in talks with the Jamaican athlete to get him to visit as part

of their 4G promotions. Digicel CEO, Victor Corcoran said of Bolt: “He is fun and he has speed, the appeal of Digicel‘s 4G. He may come and we are talking to him.” Full story on page 7

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14 OCT 2011 |

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Miss Lassie’s House put on international list Superior Auto, a comprehensive garage- (Machine Shop/ Aluminum, Steel and Gas Welding, Auto Repairs and Bodywork and Paint Shop). Minister of Culture, Mark Scotland

Christopher Tobutt

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) were pleased to announce that the house and grounds of the late Gladwyn Bush, better known as Miss Lassie, has been placed on the 2012 World Monument Watch list. The list, belonging to the NewYork based World Monuments Fund, is published every two years and is intended to highlight historical sites around the world that are either endangered or in need of funding for restoration and preservation. Miss Lassie started painting in her South Church Street home at the age of 62, as she began experiencing a series of dreams and visions, mostly of a religious nature. She painted on everything she could find, and the inside doors walls and ceiling of her small home in South Sound are literally covered in her paintings, which she humbly called her “Markings.” “Mind’s Eye,” the name the CNCF has given to Miss Lassie’s house and grounds, is important in preserving the mythology surrounding Miss

Miss Lassie’s House at South Sound

Lassie, according to the Foundation’s Artistic Director, Henry Muttoo: “No country can survive without a sustaining mythology. All of the great countries have done it; Britain has done it, the Greeks have done it and all of western civilisation,’ he said. The CNCF’s Managing Director, Marcia Muttoo, said: “Miss Lassie was at the same time extraordinary, and very representative of the community and the culture of these islands. Her home here in the centre of South Sound represents a hub of industry - her father was a boatbuilder - where creativity thrives, and now and into the future a cultural heritage site that will serve as a place to learn about and experience a very Caymanian way of life.” Minister of Culture, Mark Scotland, said: “This is a very auspicious occasion. The announcement was made by the World Monuments Fund that they would recognise Miss Lassie’s House in their World Monument Watch 2012.” Mr. Scotland went on to pledge half a million dollars in support for the Mind’s Eye project, spread over the next four years.

Machine Shop

Inspired by vivid visions, Miss Lassie started painting at the age of 62. She covered every available surface with her paintings, including the doors, windows, and shutters of her home, both outside and inside, with her remarkable paintings. When she didn’t have canvases to paint on, she made do with pieces of plywood, her fridge, or even once, a discarded car windscreen. Paintings of a gently smiling Jesus, surrounded by many angels, the subject of more than one of her visions, cover the inside walls of her home. In 1997 she received an MBE as part of the Queen’s 1998 birthday celebrations, and gained the National Cultural Foundation’s Heritage Award. Miss Lassie died on the 24th of November 2003 at the age of 89. The Caymanian government in 2008 purchased the house, and today it is managed by the CNCF. The house opened to visitors in April 2011, but considerable resources will be needed for its long-term preservation for future generations.

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email The interior of Miss Lassie’s house, showing her remarkable paintings

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Utah officials trying to evict reptile rescuer

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah transportation officials are trying to evict a reptile rescuer who’s using his rental home as a shelter for hundreds of animals. The Utah Department of Transportation filed papers on Friday against James Dix of West Valley City. The Deseret News of Salt Lake City reports Dix has more than 900 rescued animals at his home. The transportation department got involved because the home is in the path of a planned freeway called the Mountain View Corridor. It says that Dix was paid more than $18,000 to vacate, but has failed to meet deadlines. Court records show Salt Lake City’s 3rd District Court has issued a summons for Dix. Dix told the Associated Press on Wednesday he has found a new place, but has been delayed by zoning problems.

Authorities: ‘Moss Man’ fails to show up for trial

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HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say an Oregon burglary suspect dubbed “Moss Man” failed to show up at his trial, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Gregory Liascos of Portland earned the “Moss Man” moniker after police say he was arrested in full-body camouflage last October outside the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. Police say the 36-year-old Portland man had cut a hole in a museum wall and was trying to break in. Officers found a bike and a backpack, but they didn’t find the suspect until a police dog bit what appeared to be the ground. It was Liascos in a “ghillie” suit, a head-to-toe camouflage outfit used by military snipers to blend in with vegetation. Liascos later said the whole thing was a mix-up, and that the outfit was a Halloween costume from his kids.


14 OCT 2011 |


Rapha Medical Centre

Almost half of unemployed under 25 Tad Stoner

Continued from front page The Minister’s comments come in the wake of last month’s murder spree that saw five young men shot dead in the space of a little over a week. Females, in particular, but all disadvantaged youth, he said, were “suffering abuse, neglect, exposure to inappropriate role models, low education, low self-esteem and exposure to the juvenile court system at an early age. Many, require therapeutic intervention”. Revealing the statistical depth of the problem for the first time, Mr Adam drew a gloomy picture for the 200-member audience, saying he had “undertaken a review of the research, We have to understand the youth experience in the Cayman Islands. “Young people are keenly aware of the issues shaping their lives – drugs, violence, crime, education and unemployment. Youth are dismissed at work, and as a result, resent expatriates, and that is watering down our own Cayman experience,” he said. “We recognise that we need capacity to help youth at risk from offending,” the minister said, describing plans to address young women by expanding and converting the Bonaventure Boys’ home to a girls’ facility following the 2013 completion of the $8 million Fairbanks Road Youth Rehabilitation Centre. “We have key projects and both longterm and short-term programmes to reform our youth rehabilitation services, and already have a pilot programme up and running at Bonaventure,” he said, referring to the launch of the “Missouri

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Fairbanks women’s prison

Method” of reform scheduled for the Youth Rehabilitation Centre. “We need additional facilities to address the issues our youth are facing,” Mr Adam told the group. Bonaventure staff specialising in youth problems had been trained in coaching and Missouri techniques, addressing the 10 boys in residence, some of whom, were being schooled on site, while others attended “mainstream schools, but under supervision.” A new building would soon be completed, enabling an expanded 24-hour, eyes-on therapeutic programme, while staff at the 10-resident Francis Bodden Girls’ Home were undergoing similar therapeutic training”. he said. Construction of the 34-bed Youth Rehabilitation Centre, adjacent to women’s HMP Fairbanks, would start in January, take between 14 months and 18 months and open in April 2013, Camana Bay 55-Market Street, Grand Cayman KY, Cayman Islands Tel: (345) 640-3456 Dolphin Tale 3D (PG) 1:00PM | 7:05PM

Contagion (PG-13) 1:15PM | 3:45PM | 7:10PM | 10:00PM

The Debt (PG-13) 12:45PM | 3:20PM | 7:30PM | 9:50PM

Minster of Community Affairs Mike Adam

an advanced date that Mr Adam was urgently pursuing. Northward’s Eagle House would be emptied of youth, transferred to Fairbanks Road, where male detainees will stay in “cottages” of between 10 residents and 12 residents, “working in units, doing everything together under 24/7 supervision,” Mr Adam said. A separate remand facility will segregate between 10 members and 12 members of both sexes, awaiting court dates. “The emphasis will be on individual counselling and group therapy as appropriate,” he added. “We have an opportunity to chart a way forward for our growth and for your community and for the future of our Islands,” Mr Adam said. “It will be a learning curve because this is the first of its kind, but this administration agrees that this is right for youth to avert destructive behaviour and reach their full potential.”

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14 OCT 2011 |

Your Views


To the Editor: Congratulations to reporter Tad Stoner and iNews on the Rudi Dixon scoop. Tad continues to break important stories and, in many cases, has the other media playing “catch-up.” I have one issue, however, relating to two photographs that accompanied the Dixon story (one depicting former Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan with then-Governor Stuart Jack, the other of investigator Martin Bridger of Operation Tempura fame). The photos, perhaps inadvertently, were published without credit lines. In fact, I took both pictures and, therefore, a notice should have been included with each picture along the lines of “(c) by David R. Legge.” iLocal

6 OCT 2011 |



Police chief get’s payout to “retire quietly” Med

Continued from front page Tad Stoner


He told iNews, “I don’t want to comment until I speak to my attorneys.” Counsel Michael Alberga, who has represented Mr Dixon since his May 2008 arrest for gambling and obstruction of justice, also declined to comment: “We cannot discuss any client matters,” he said. Still outstanding is the lawsuit by former RCIPS inspector Burmon Scott, retired 28-year veteran of the force, arrested simultaneously with Mr Dixon and jailed for two days after being linked to the second of Mr Dixon’s charges, accused of freeing a driver suspected of DUI. Mr Alberga’s October 2009 courtroom vindication of Mr Dixon also cleared Mr Scott who subsequently filed suit for wrongful treatment, but continues to wait, frustrated, by the delay and Mr Dixon’s settlement, he told iNews yesterday. “We are still in the process of pursuing the lawsuit,” he said. “The lawyers are still with the AttorneyGeneral to see if we can settle it without going to court.” He declined to name the figure he sought. Mr Scott’s lawyer, Campbells’ Senior Partner Shaun McCann, also declined to comment, saying “we are not in any position to discuss this,” hinting,

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Former Governor Stuart Jack with ex-Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan

however, at delays by government: “It is unknown as to the progress of Mr Burmon’s action.” The government has twice offered Mr Scott a settlement, first of $7,000, followed by $17,000, both of which

Martin Bridger, head of Operation Tempura, who suspended Rudi Dixon

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were rejected as derisory. Mr Dixon was suspended in March 2008 as part of Operation Tempura, the now-discredited two-year probe of official corruption by Metropolitan Police and Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger. The Deputy Commissioner was joined by Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, ultimately cleared of wrongdoing, but sacked for disregarding orders by former Governor Stuart Jack. Mr Kernohan subsequently filed a $2 million lawsuit for misfeasance and breach of contract, leading to a preliminary 26 May hearing this year, with a second hearing scheduled for December. Also suspended was Kernohan’s colleague, Chief Inspector John Jones, subsequently exculpated and reinstated. For reasons that remain murky, however, the RCIPS never reinstated Mr Dixon, who collected almost $360,000 in salary and benefits throughout his three-year suspension.



Rap Med Cen

150 Smith R George Contact: Cell: 54


Normally (so your readers don’t think I’m being overly nit picky), I’m perfectly happy for iNews or other print or digital media to publish my photos without credit lines. In this instance, however, I want to preserve the continuity of the copyright, since I may well be using these two photos in a project I’m developing. Thank you for publishing this letter.


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Best regards, David R. Legge Editor Grand Cayman Magazine

14 OCT 2011 |


Bolt from the blue for Digicel



Digicel CEO Victor Corcoran

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Tad Stoner

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Jamaican superstar sprinter Usain Bolt may visit the Cayman Islands this month as part of a Digicel promotion for its new 4G network, due for commercial launch in the next two weeks. The company would not confirm Mr Bolt’s visit, but said executives were in talks with the world-class runner and regional hero, but said they hoped to conclude an agreement shortly. “Usain Bolt has a long-standing history with Digicel,” Digicel Cayman CEO Victor Corcoran told iNews on Tuesday, “Our [4G] commercial launch will be over the next 10 days, and we will come out with the various plans, but we will build our campaign around Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. “He is fun and he has speed, the appeal of Digicel‘s 4G. He may come and we are talking to him,” he said. Mr Corcoran said the 4G technical launch had actually come on Monday, 3 October, capping at least two years of preparation. The 4G mobile network, he said was “evolved from the 3G network, meaning 4G is similar to 3G, but with enhanced data capacity. It gives access to streaming video, and is the first mobile internet device to focus on entertainment and fun. “The benefit is that you can get the best out of your devices,” Mr Cocoran said. “It means quick fun and efficiency, and is great for work, especially if you are on the road a lot.” to blog visit

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Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

The nickname for fourth-generation wireless, 4G is the latest development in broadband mobile communications, superceding the 3G, launched in the early 2000s. Controversy has surrounded the definition of 4G ever since the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) said in November last year that it required a mobile device to exchange data at 100 Millibita per second. While no commercial networks have achieved those speeds, ITU definitions have little legal weight and have rarely governed branding decisions, while, globally, competing networks declared themselves as “4G” long before the ITU spoke. For consumers, 4G has become a marketing term to indicate significantly faster data speeds, while the ITUI has since backtracked and declared 4G should include the WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), LTE (Long Term Evolution) and HSPA (high speed packet access) networks deployed by major US carriers. Mr Corcoran said Digicel Cayman had initially built “two solid 2G networks, and installed the 4G network on top. It is superfast and any 3G phone, including Apple’s i-Phone, can access the 4G network, although they will not have

4G functionality.” “It offers music, video, Facebook, all the social networks, you can upload pictures and have faster access for games and those networks,” he said. The company employs both the WIMAX and HSPA-plus networks: the former for internal modems, for example, tablet devices in the home or office, and the latter for “heavy users” seeking broad mobility, Mr Corcoran said. “It comes over our 4G mobile network so works on all 3G and 4G devices, a wide range of toys. It means you can roam, even, travel abroad,” he said. “A $150 cigarette-sized “MiFi” packet, carried in a breast pocket, turns anyone into a walking 4G WiFi hotspot It’s a portable, cost-effective device and it works anywhere and with any device, and several people can attach to it at the same time. “The competition, has the HSPA-plus network, but not the WIMAX, meaning Digicel, offers more choices and more value”. RIM, the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry, has launched three new 4G devices, while Mr Corcoran himself uses a Samsung Galaxy 2, launched just this month, “offering the full benefits of a 4G phone,” he said. Digicel was developing commercial plans that would be offered during the rollout.


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14 OCT 2011 |


Governor assents to Gender Equality Bill His Excellency the Governor Duncan Taylor has formally assented to the Gender Equality Bill. The groundbreaking legislation seeks to ensure equal opportunity and reward for equal effort in the workplace, as well as freedom from sexual harassment. It will become formally enshrined in local law when it is published in the Cayman Islands Gazette on Monday October 24, 2011. Solicitor General for England and Ireland Edward Garnier, Community Affairs, Gender and Housing Minister Mike Adam, Chief Officer Dorine Whittaker and Senior Policy Advisor Tammy Ebanks attended the brief signing. (Mr Garnier is in the Cayman Islands to attend the annual conference of attorneys general of the British Overseas Territories, and meet with local human rights officials.) Governor Taylor welcomed the enactment of the Law and thanked those who had helped make it a reality. He said, “This is an important piece of legislation. Equality of opportunity, treatment and reward is a fundamental human right for all and I am delighted

Governor Duncan Taylor congratulates Community Affairs Gender and Housing Minister Mike Adam after signing the Gender Equality Bill. L-R Minister Adam, Senior Policy Advisor for Gender Affairs Tammy Ebanks, Governor Taylor, Solicitor General for England and Ireland Edward Garnier, as well as Chief Officer Dorine Whittaker.

that is now enshrined in our law.” The Governor’s Office has agreed to match the Cayman Islands Government contribution to the public education campaign which the ministry will launch in early November. Meanwhile Minister Adam paid tribute to the hard work by his staff and those from the Attorney General’s Chambers, whom he said were

integral to the successful passage of the legislation through the Legislative Assembly on 14 September 2011, and would play a key part in the implementation phase. The Gender Equality Law will take effect on 31 January 2012. Details of the upcoming public education campaign will be made available to the public over the next few weeks.

Cabinet Office launches White Paper consult The Cabinet Office has set up a webpage to invite public comment on the Cayman Islands’ relationship as an Overseas Territory (OT) with the UK, as part of an ongoing public consultation exercise launched by the UK. Following up on the last White Paper in 1999, the UK Government is reviewing its relationship with Overseas Territories and framing a new strategy to guide this relationship in the future. The outcome will be a new White Paper in 2012 outlining

this strategy. The input now invited from the Cayman public will form part of the position paper that the Premier, the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, will present at the Overseas Territories Consultative Council meeting in London in late November. To get the widest possible public input on six main questions for which the UK is seeking responses, the Cabinet office has set up the webpage .

Each question and a corresponding box to post your response can be accessed by clicking on the subject lines on the right side of the page. “I urge every member of the public to take this opportunity the UK has provided and speak up. Do visit the webpage and learn for yourselves what the UK is proposing with the new White Paper 2012. It will define the relationship with each of the Overseas Territories since one size cannot fit all,” the Premier said.

Fire at Cheeky Monkey Firefighters were called to a blaze at a fashion store in George Town. The fire started around 6pm on Wednesday night at Cheeky Monkey on the waterfront. Four members of staff inside the store evacuated the premises and called the emergency services.


It is understood the blaze started in the rear of the ground floor. No one was injured and damage was minimal. Security Officer Barry Dougall said: “The problem was in the rear. All the staff did the right thing by calling 911 and getting out. No one was injured.” to blog visit

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Harry Potter studio to open for public tour WATFORD, England (AP) — The magical world of Harry Potter is being meticulously reassembled at a former aerodrome near London. The collection of sheds and sound stages is where the eight films were shot over the course of a decade, and soon they will be home to the official “Making of Harry Potter” studio tour. With more than five months to go until the tour’s March 31 opening — advance tickets go on sale Thursday — stonemasons in hard hats are busy laying the (real) flagstone floor of the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of

Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even halffinished, its Gothic arches, gargoyles and huge fireplace are an impressive sight. When it’s completed, studio Warner Bros. hopes it will be, well, magic. Movies are all about illusion, but creators of this tour are keen to stress its authenticity. The 150,000 -square-foot (14,000-square-meter) site will include only authentic sets, props and costumes, on the original studio site 20 miles (30 kilometers) northwest of London. For the movies’ cast, who spent a decade working here — the younger

ones growing up on set — it can still evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia. “I get shudders down my spine every time I walk back in there,” said Tom Felton, the 24-year-old actor who played, Draco Malfoy.

Italy’s Berlusconi fights for political survival MILAN (AP) — Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi appealed for his political survival Thursday, telling parliament that his government is the only credible alternative to help guide the country through the growing sovereign debt crisis. Berlusconi’s 3 1/2-year-old government faces a confidence vote Friday that will test if the premier retains a majority in Parliament. If the vote fails, Berlusconi must step down. The crisis was provoked when lawmakers this week blocked routine legislation, which prompted opposition lawmakers to demand his immediate resignation and the

country’s ceremonial president to urge the Italian leader to prove his government’s mettle. Berlusconi made clear in his 15-minute address that he has no intention of stepping down — and that if he loses the only alternative is new elections, not a technical government as some have proposed. “The governments asks for a confirmation of confidence because it is deeply aware of the risks facing the country and because the deadlines imposed by the markets are not compatible with those of certain political rituals,” Berlusconi said. Berlusconi has steadfastly

resisted calls for new elections as his leadership has been weakened by personal scandals, trials and Italy’s increasingly precarious financial position. Opposition leader Pierluigi Bersani said surviving a confidence vote, however, is not the same as governing a country.

Eight killed in Southern California salon shooting SEAL BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Police in Southern California say a woman who survived a massacre at a hair salon remains in critical condition. Sgt. Steve Bowles says the woman remains hospitalised Thursday but is showing some improvement. Her name hasn’t been released. Eight people died Wednesday after a gunman burst through the door at Salon Meritage in the quiet Los Angeles suburb of Seal Beach. Police arrested 42-year-old Scott Dekraai about a half-mile from the scene. Acquaintances say he’d been involved in a bitter custody dispute to blog visit

with his wife, who worked at the salon. It’s unclear whether she was a victim but a niece of salon owner Randy Fannin tells the Los Angeles Times that Fannin was among those killed. A woman named Cindy who was getting her hair done by salon owner Randy Fannin told KNX radio that the gunman’s first target was his ex-wife. “He shot his wife,” Cindy told KNX, adding that Michelle Dekraai had taken out a restraining order against him, fearing he might turn violent. “Then he pointed the gun at Randy. Then Randy turned around and then the man shot Randy and then I ran.”

Six people in total were killed almost immediately, authorities said. Two other shooting victims died on the way to the hospital and one was clinging to life. Several others escaped without injury.



14 OCT 2011 |


The Editor speaks

Ignition. Cayman’s total IT provider.

Meetings, talk and no action As we told you two weeks ago together with an editorial, MLA Ellio Soloman proposed a plan to designate certain jobs as Caymanian only. An amendment bill allowing Cabinet members to do this is expected to come before the legislature in November. We have not been able to obtain any more details about the job positions this amendment will contain, nor how it will work and the actual definition of who is a Caymanian? I hope this is not a political propaganda ‘stunt’ as Mr. Solomon once again lauded it at the George Town residents meeting on Tuesday (11) night. That was principally a United Democratic Party (UDP) Political meet. Mr. Solomon gave no details despite moving a private members’ motion in the L.A. over a year ago. Someone said to me some time ago, when he died, he would know if he was down in Hell – he would be asked to go to a meeting. What he was saying is that meetings are talk and nothing but talk. Very little is actually done. ‘All talk and trousers’ is a popular expression in England and it means exactly that. Why do we love to talk? If we actually acted on 2% of the ‘talk’ at meetings we might not be in the mess we are in now. If we acted quickly and decisively, it would be even better. How often do things get done when only a few people are present? A leader is supposed to lead and when dire

Colin Wilson


situations are present as now; the time for no more talk and positive action has been reached. Politics should take second place to commonsense. We have two leaders of two parties who are ‘talking the talk’. Saying what they believe their supporters want to hear. There is no unity. There was once and it took a hurricane to do it. This country got back on its feet after Ivan the Terrible devastated it. Talk or meetings didn’t achieve this; it was achieved by unified action. Calling a meeting under the title of “George Town Residents Meeting” when all the speakers are UDP members and more blame for our problems is leveled at the previous Government achieves absolutely nothing. When the leader of the opposition, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, gets into a supposed assault with Mr. Solomon in the parliamentary tea room and Mr. Solomon says he is pressing charges, it does not impress anyone. Neither does the premier publicly defending Mr. Solomon. Cool heads and statesmanship is what we need. If an apology is required then, as the Beatles said, “Let It Be”. It would be even better if both said it publicly. Pride is a perception. We are judged only on our actions. It is obvious to everyone ‘something’ must have prompted Mr. McLaughlin’s actions. Whenever I have met him he hasn’t come flying across the room to hit me. Perhaps they could have a meeting first to discuss it. We might even be impressed…….. nah, probably not.


We got 99 problems and now BlackBerry is one Ivy Lichtenstein-Sahadeo

BlackBerry users in the Cayman Islands and around the world have faced huge problems over the past few days getting and receiving emails and messages, as well as launching Internet services. However the BlackBerry services began to buzz back to life Thursday across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, after the three-day outage that interrupted email messages and Internet services for millions of customers. Digicel produced a statement on Wednesday October 12th, informing the public that their recent issues with the service provided was not due to their network but a worldwide issue in connection with


Research in Motion (RIM) the makers of BlackBerry. “Digicel wishes to advise customers that due to an issue with RIM, BlackBerry customers across Central America and the Caribbean may be experiencing delays in browsing, sending and receiving emails and with BlackBerry messenger. “This issue is impacting all carriers across the region. “RIM is aware of the issue and working to resolve it in the quickest possible time. “Digicel would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and assure its valued customers of its commitment to deliver the best service. “ Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd., the Canadian company that makes BlackBerrys, posted a statement

Thursday that says services are better. The company says it will monitor the situation around the clock to make sure there’s no repeat. RIM said a crucial link in its European infrastructure failed Monday, and that its backup also failed. Although the underlying issues have been repaired, the system had built up a backlog of emails and messages that needed to be wound down. The failure in Europe soon spread to regions all round the world, including the U.S. and Asia. Users fumed and confidence in the brand was strained, at a time the company is fighting a big battle with Apple Inc. The timing of the outage was particularly unfortunate for BlackBerry as it happened as Apple launched it’s new iPhone 4s

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Child killed by goal post KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Jamaican authorities say a 6-year-old child has been killed by the fall of a soccer goal post. It’s the third such incident this year. Authorities say 6-year-old Jevaughn Bailey was playing on his school’s field in rural St. Ann parish when the post fell on him. They say he was taken to the hospital, where he died Tuesday. A 7-year-old died at another school in January when a goal post fell as students tried to move it. In March, a gust of wind blew down a goal post and killed a 9-year-old. The Education Ministry issued a statement Wednesday saying it is investigating the case and that a medical team has been dispatched to the school to counsel students. St. Peter and Paul Preparatory School in St Andrew has implemented a number of new safety measures

following the tragedy in March of this year when nine-year-old Jerimiah Yson Jr was killed after a goalpost on the school’s playing field fell on him. Chief among the new measures is a newly designed aluminium goalpost, which will be unveiled within a week in time for the beginning of the Prep Schools’ Football Competition on October 22. The need for a safer environment in schools, particularly on the playing field, came to the fore once again this week when a third child was killed by a goalpost this year. On Tuesday, sixyear-old Javani Bailey was playing on the soccer field at Chester Primary School in St Ann when the post fell on him. He later died in hospital. In January, seven-year-old Nicholas Hamilton was killed when a goalpost fell and hit him on the head at Coke View Primary School in Westmoreland.

Following the incident at Sts Peter and Paul, principal Karen Siyanbola said the institution has been doing everything within its power to create a safer environment at the school. They have discarded the fatal metal post and are now using a safer PVC post for practice sessions, but the teachers and parents have been looking at a permanent solution that will not only be safe, but in keeping with standard regulations of the Jamaica Football Federation that govern all football competitions from preparatory upwards. Alfredo Martin, a parent at the school who is also a chief engineer at the University of Technology (UTech), designed the new goalpost for the school made of aluminium and is now in the process of patenting it. The aluminium post is expected to serve as a prototype for all the schools in Jamaica.

Bad Vybz for dancehall star Diana Willington

There may be more trouble on the horizon for jailed Vybz Kartel. The dancehall DJ, who is already facing charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm, could be at the centre of police investigations into two additional murders, according to police sources. The news came as the artiste, whose real name is Adija Palmer, appeared in the Gun Court division of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges against him. Palmer entered a plea of not guilty and his lawyers are expected to seek bail for him when he returns to court today. Palmer has been charged in connection with the murder of Barrington ‘Bossie’ Burton, a 27-yearold businessman/promoter of St Catherine. Burton was murdered while standing with friends along Walker’s Avenue in Gregory Park. Attorney Tom Tavares-Finson told reporters that during the hearing, to blog visit

which was closed to the public, the court was informed that two men are to be charged jointly with Palmer for Burton’s murder. Palmer was remanded into police custody until today when the case against him will be motioned for a bail application to be heard. Additionally the court was told that statements have been served on the defence by the prosecution. The artiste was arrested two weeks ago, along with three other persons, at a hotel in New Kingston by cops from the Flying Squad. Yesterday morning a throng of fans bearing posters with the artiste’s likeness converged on the Half-WayTree Police Station shouting proKartel slogans and chanting, “Free the world boss,” using a title the DeeJay has bestowed upon himself. The peaceful crowd, comprising mainly young women, were of the view that Palmer had been set-up. The group stayed late into the afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of the artiste while he was being transported from the court’s lockup.

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Top debate student is new

Tukka is! the island side of Cayman. • Destination dining • Corporate events • Parties • Wedding receptions • A family friendly restaurant

947-2700 We are here!

Lunch everyday: 11:30am - 5:30pm Dinner everyday: 5:30pm -10pm Breakfast Saturday and Sunday: 8:30am - 11:30am Sunday Brunch: 11:30am - 3pm

Jaida Alexander (second, right), winner of the 2011 Tourism Speak Off and new ‘Tourism Ambassador’, is congratulated by Hon. Cline Glidden, Councillor for Tourism, Miss Cayman, Lindsay Japal and her fellow debaters, Sabrina Weber, Jenna Hydes and Ashley Christian.

Jaida Alexander, a student of John Gray High School, topped the 2011 Tourism Speak Off school’s debating competition held at the Grand Cayman Marriott on Tuesday, 27 September and was crowned ‘Tourism Ambassador’, to serve for a period of one year. Three other students – Sabrina Weber, Jenna Hydes and Ashley Christian, all representing Grace Christian Academy -- participated in the finals of the Tourism Speak Off, a programme to encourage and reward tourism awareness among high school students and to ensure that they are educated about the issues that affect the industry locally and internationally. The four finalists emerged from 27 students who submitted entries to qualify to take part in the final round of the competition. In the first round of the three-round finals of the 2011 Tourism Speak Off, the four contestants were required to share their ideas on an ICT project that they would recommend to benefit tourism in the Cayman Islands. In round two, the


debate focused on community tourism -- how local communities benefit from the industry and in turn, how tourists benefit from local communities. In round three, the students presented their ideas on a mystery topic, taken from the original essays they had submitted to enter the competition. The essay topic was, “What can we do for the preservation and conservation of our culture and heritage,” and the debaters were required to develop a programme to address two areas that were highlighted in their essays. In addition to being named ‘Tourism Ambassador’, Jaida received the winner’s trophy, a cheque for $1,000 from the Ministry and Department of Tourism and Cayman Islands Tourism Association and two airline tickets on Cayman Airways. As ‘Tourism Ambassador’, she will participate in special industry activities including the Department of Tourism events, the Tourism Stingray Awards and Tourism Exchange. First runner-up was Ashley

Christian, who also received a trophy and a cheque for $500 from the Ministry and Department of Tourism; second runner-up was Jenna Hydes, who received a trophy and a $100 voucher for Michael’s Genuine Restaurant at Camana Bay. The fourth finalist received a prize pack from the Department of Tourism. Offering his congratulations and support to the winner and other finalists, Premier McKeeva Bush stated, “It is so encouraging to see the interest and high standard of research, argument and presentation that these students have brought to this year’s Tourism Speak Off. I heartily congratulate all of them for their efforts and in particular, thank their parents and teachers for encouraging and supporting them to take such an interest in tourism. I wish Jaida Alexander all the very best over the course of the next year, as she represents herself and her school as our young Tourism Ambassador.” Councillor for Tourism, Hon Cline Glidden, who was among a large to blog visit


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tourism ambassador Laura Ribbins

Tourism Ambassador, Jaida Alexander (centre) shares a moment with Hon. Cline Glidden, Councillor for Tourism and Miss Cayman, Lindsay Japal

and enthusiastic crowd of students, parents, teachers and tourism partners at the debate, also congratulated the winners. “Tourism Speak Off has been an important part of the educational outreach of the Ministry and

Department of Tourism and I am happy to see that this year’s event has recorded the highest number of entries since the inception of the programme. This suggests that our students are keenly interested in the subject and in the opportunities that this programme

President of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, Harry Lalli (right) with Tourism Ambassador, Jaida Alexander (centre) and Miss Cayman, Lindsay Japal to blog visit

presents. I offer my congratulations to the winner and all the finalists and hope that this will mark the beginning of their continued interest in tourism,” he stated. Judges for the competition were Miss Cayman Islands, Lindsay Japal, Annick Jackman, Events Marketing Representative at the Department of Tourism and Clive Baker from the Ministry of Education. The Tourism Speak Off Competition has been a part of the Department of Tourism’s local tourism awareness programme since 2003. After a threeyear hiatus, the programme was revamped and relaunched this year to include a ‘Tourism Ambassador’ designation, in place of the Junior Minister for Tourism’ title that the winner received in previous years. In addition to promoting tourism awareness, the programme’s objective is to assist young students to develop useful communication, reasoning and public speaking skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


The Cancer Society has played an integral role in the kick-off and opening of our children’s Summer Camp. Their Project Coordinator, Vicki Anderson, attended our first week of Summer Camp and spoke to our campers about the importance of sun safety and using sunscreen, hats, and long clothing to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. The presentation was engaging, informative, and tailored to our young audience. It was the perfect way to set the standard for summer sun safety for our children and the entire Summer Camp. We are looking forward to the Cancer Society’s return for our next summer season! Laura Ribbins and the Fitness Connection Team 2011

Cayman Islands Cancer Society

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005 T: 949-7618 | F: 949-8694



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What glorious days we’ve been having, Just the right kind of weather for walking. At the bottom of my stairway my two dogs patiently wait Even though most days I’m a little late.

We buy and sell gold, jewellery, electronics, vehicles and much more

Sheer joy it is for us to walk in the morning With the wind blowing in my face, fresh air inhaling, It’s then I have my quiet moments to get my thought together I enjoy a good walk no matter the weather. Everywhere has changed so since being hit by IVAN God reminded us all that he is stronger than man. Remember, He can remove mountains in the wink of an eye So he helped remove our mangroves as a reminder to you and I. Our landscape was changed, homes destroyed, yet we were spared. Who would have thought that our God really cared? I mean, no man made machine could have worked any faster We were all spared – it could’ve been a real disaster. So my dogs and I are in the canals walking alone A mile or two and an hour’s time we’ll be home They ramble through the fallen mangroves in and out the water While I just stand there in silent laughter. Seeing the garbage dump on one side and cruise ships on the other The wind in my face it’s really a pleasure I know just around the corner is a fresh water lake So a change in direction we quickly take. My dogs love the lake they enjoy it so With a good drink of water and swim across they go Not much else to see in this part of our walk A rat or two maybe for the dogs to stalk. I’m sure you are aware that we lost a lot of birds Not a chirp or a peep from the mangroves could be heard Then suddenly a sound and to my surprise A mother egret takes flight in front of my eyes. She’s got a rat with a long tail dangling from her beak. I was so surprised at what I was seeing I could hardly speak, It was so awesome I froze and wouldn’t move As she’d left her two siblings crying in the mangrove. But those two babies knew they had to follow in flight They needed their mom to get over their fright


943-7296 And they were so hungry they wanted to eat They both knew that their mom had flown off with the meat. Quickly they flapped their wings and followed in flight To me it was a rare experience and a wonderful sight Way off into the blue and windy sky Mother egret flew with her siblings nearby. Since Hurricane IVAN life for most people has been tough So many are without homes and living in the rough But we have life and a chance to start again And there’s no such thing as gain without a little pain. So try walking my friends and you will find comfort. Find those quiet moments I’m talking about, It may not cure but it will ease the pain And it’ll make you all see what might have been. It’s a pleasure to see our birds returning Yellow birds, black birds, and parrots all chirping. So feed them, encourage them with plenty food and water It’s more than tuppence a bag today but that doesn’t matter Yes I would say good fortune smiled on that September day Cayman could’ve been another 9/11 in a way Our Island of clear blue skies, waters and sand Could have been destroyed by God not man. Our God is a good God and he knows our every move, Our God is a kind God and to all he offers love, He’s an awesome God his wonders to perform Faithful and Loving God protects us from all harm. God has not promised skies always blue Flower strewn pathways all our lives through But God has promised strength from up above Undying sympathy and unfailing love. to blog visit

144 N. Church St Mon–Fri: 9am-7pm Sat: 10am–4pm

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iFood & Drink

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Dishin’ with Dody

Cayman Islands Netball Association

A biting celebration...Happy Halloween! Our family will use any excuse for a celebration. Halloween is always an enjoyable evening filled with fun and laughter. Everyone contributes with food and fantasy. I am continuously amazed at the creativity of even the youngest child. My granddaughter wanted to be “Cousin It” from the television show “The Addams Family.” The problem with all that imagination is mom has to do the actual sewing and shopping! After trick or treating through the immediate neighborhood,


everyone will tumble onto a truck pulled trailer for a hay-ride and continued petitioning of treats. Of course celebration and food are synonymous. The first question often asked after an invitation is “What would you like for me to bring?” The Snake Bite Sandwich was my choice after seeing the Food Network chef, Paula Deen, create it on her show. I prepared one and you can too. Go ahead and take all the credit… we won’t tell!

Snake Bite Sandwich

1 can crescent rolls Flour, for dusting 4 tablespoons spicy mustard 10 ounces thinly sliced ham 10 ounces thinly sliced salami 10 ounces turkey (feel free to use your favourite good quality luncheon meats)


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. 2. Line a cookie sheet with foil. Grease the foil and set aside or use a silicone pad. 3. Dust a flat surface lightly with flour. Spread out the crescent dough — do not separate. Pinch together the seams so that you have 1 piece of dough. Roll out to make a large rectangle. Make sure the dough is not stuck to the surface at all. 4. Brush the dough with the mustard, leaving a 1-inch border. Layer the meats down the center of the rectangle, leaving a 1-inch border on either end. 5. Top the meats with the cheese. Fold 1 side of the dough over the filling, lengthwise. Then, fold the other side over the top and press to seal the filling inside. Take 1 egg yolk, and beat lightly with a fork. Brush the egg yolk over the top of the dough. The yolk will act as the glue to hold. Fold the entire

12 ounces Monterey Jack, grated Liquid food coloring 3 egg yolks 2 whole cloves Toothpicks 2 small pimiento-stuffed olives 1 (1-inch) strips jarred roasted red peppers

dough in half lengthwise. Pinch the seam with your fingers to seal. Press the outside of the dough to make sure everything is sealed tight and to make an even thickness for the body of your snake. 6. Taper 1 end of the dough to form a tail shape. Form the other end into a head shape. 7. Beat the 2 remaining egg yolks together. Transfer to 3 separate small bowls. Add some food coloring to each bowl — whatever colors you like! Using a clean paintbrush, “paint” the snake with the egg yolk/food coloring mixture. 8. Transfer the snake to the foil lined sheet tray. Form into an “S” shape so it looks like a slithering snake. Insert 2 cloves into the head to look like nostrils and 2 stuffed olives for eyes. Create a tongue with the roasted red peppers. Bake the snake for 25 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

Name: Lyneth Monteith CINA Position: Second Vice-President Occupation: Principal John Gray High School

Started playing in High School Captain of C. I. National Netball team at • 1988 CANA Tournament in the Cayman Islands • 1991 World Netball Championships Australia • 1991 World Netball Championships England Assistant Coach C. I. National Netball team 1999 – New Zealand Coach C. I. National Netball Team 2003 to Jamaica Coach/Player AllStars Netball Club Coach National Under 16, 2009 and 2010 to Jamaica and Barbados Intermediate Umpire since 2009

Want to know more about the Cayman Islands Netball Association?

Please call: 916-1944 or email:


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We continue our serialisation of Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Anne Part 66

“What can be done with such a young savage as this?”

Miss Vanhorn was short and stout; she was muffled in an India shawl, and upon her hands were a pair of cream-colored kid gloves much too large for her, so that when she fumbled, as she did every few moments, in an embroidered bag for aromatic seeds coated with sugar, she had much difficulty in finding them, owing to the empty wrinkled ends of the glove fingers. She lifted a gold- rimmed eyeglass to her eyes as Anne entered, and coolly inspected her. “Dear me! Dear me!” She said. Then, in execrable French, “What can be done with such a young savage as this?” “How do you do, aunt?” said Anne, using the conventional words with a slight tremor in her voice. This was the woman who had brought up her mother—her dear, unremembered mother. “Grandaunt,” said Miss Vanhorn, tartly. “Sit down; I cannot bear to have people standing in front of me. How old are you?” “I am seventeen, grandaunt.” Miss Vanhorn let her eyeglass drop, and groaned. “Can anything be done with her?” she asked, closing her eyes tightly, and turning toward Tante, while Anne flushed crimson, not so much from the criticism as the unkindness. “Oh yes,” said Tante, taking the opportunity given by the closed eyes to pat the young girl’s hand encouragingly. “Miss Douglas is very intelligent; and she has a fine mezzo- soprano voice. Signor Belzini is much pleased with it. It would be well, also, I think, if you would allow her to take a few dancing lessons.” “She will have no occasion for dancing,” answered Miss Vanhorn, still with her eyes closed. “It was not so much for the dancing itself as for grace of carriage,” replied Tante. “Miss Douglas has a type of figure rare among American girls.” “I should say so, indeed!” Groaned the other, shaking her head to blog visit

gloomily, still voluntarily blinded. “But none the less beautiful in its way,” continued Tante, unmoved. “It is the Greek type.” “I am not acquainted with any Greeks,” replied Miss Vanhorn. “You are still as devoted as ever to the beautiful and refined study of plant life, dear Madame,” pursued Tante, changing the current of conversation. “How delightful to have a young relative to assist you, with the fresh and ardent interest belonging to her age, when the flowers bloom again upon the rural slopes of Haarderwyck!” As Tante said this, she looked off dreamily into space, as if she saw aunt and niece wandering together through groves of allegorical flowers. “She is not likely to see Haarderwyck,” answered Miss Vanhorn. Then, after a moment’s pause—a pause that Tante did not break—she peered at Anne with half- open eyes, and asked, abruptly, “Do you, then, know anything of botany?” Tante made a slight motion with her delicate withered old hand. But Anne did not comprehend her, and answered, honestly, “No, grandaunt, I do not.” “Bah!” said Miss Vanhorn; “I might have known without the asking. Make what you can of her, Madame. I will pay your bill for one year: no longer. But no nonsense, no extras, mind that.” Again she sought a caraway seed, pursuing it vindictively along the bottom of her bag, and losing it at the last, after all. “As regards wardrobe, I would advise some few changes,” said Tante, smoothly. “It is one of my

axioms that pupils study to greater advantage when their thoughts are not disturbed by deficiencies in dress. Conformity to our simple standard is therefore desirable.” “It may be desirable; it is not always, on that account, attainable,” answered Miss Vanhorn, conveying a finally caught seed to her mouth, dropping it at the last moment, and carefully and firmly biting the seam of the glove finger in its place. “Purchases are made for the pupils with discretion by one of our most experienced teachers,” continued Tante. “Glad to hear it,” said her visitor, releasing the glove finger, and pretending to chew the seed, which was not there. “But I do not need anything, Tante,” interposed Anne, the deep color deepening in her cheeks. “So much the better,” said her grandaunt, dryly, “since you will have nothing.” She went away soon afterward somewhat placated, owing to skillful reminiscences of a favorite cousin, who, it seemed, had been one of Tante’s “dearest pupils” in times past; “a true Vanhorn, worthy of her Knickerbocker blood.” The word “Neeker-bo-ker,” delicately comprehended, applied, and, what was more important still, limited, was one of Tante’s most telling achievements—a shibboleth. She knew all the Old Dutch names, and remembered their intermarriages; she was acquainted with the peculiar flavor of Huguenot descent; she comprehended the especial aristocracy of Tory families, whose original property had been confiscated by a raw republic under George Washington. Ah! Skillful old Tante, what a general you would have made! Anne Douglas, the new pupil, was now left to face the school with her island-made gowns, and what courage she could muster. Fortunately the gowns were black and severely plain.



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Shopping at the mall    








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Chronic cough in adults – Part 1 “A cough can become a chronic condition.”


The International Medical Group is a multi-disciplinary medical practice that offers professional and personalised care. Dr Bella Beraha, born in Venezuela, joined us from Miami. She is an M.D. in Internal Medicine and runs a successful medically supervised weight loss program from the clinic.

Postnasal drip: Postnasal drip occurs when secretions from the nose drip into the back of the throat. These secretions can irritate the throat and trigger a cough. Postnasal drip can develop in people with allergies, colds, rhinitis, and sinusitis. Signs of postnasal drip include a stuffy or runny nose, a sensation of liquid in the back of the throat, and a feeling you need to clear your throat frequently. However, some people have so-called “silent” postnasal drip, which causes no symptoms other than a cough. Asthma: Asthma is the second most frequent cause of chronic cough in adults, and is the leading cause in children. In addition to coughing, you may also wheeze or feel short of breath. However, some people have a condition to blog visit


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Coughing from time to time helps clear particles and secretions from the lungs and helps to prevent infection. However, sometimes a cough can become a chronic condition. A chronic cough is defined as a cough that lasts for eight weeks or longer. CAUSES OF CHRONIC COUGH The most common causes of chronic cough are smoking, postnasal drip, asthma, and acid reflux from the stomach. These 4 causes are responsible for up to 90 percent of all cases of chronic cough. Less common causes include infections, medications, and lung diseases.


known as cough variant asthma, in which cough is the only symptom of asthma. Asthma-related cough may be seasonal, may follow an upper respiratory infection, or may get worse with exposure to cold, dry air, or certain fumes or fragrances. Acid reflux: Acid reflux (GERD) develops when acid from the stomach flows back (refluxes) into the tube connecting the stomach and the throat (the esophagus). Many people with cough due to acid reflux have heartburn or a sour taste in the mouth. The presence of this acidic material can lead to chronic irritation and coughing. Other causes Respiratory tract infection — An upper respiratory infection such as a cold can sometimes cause a cough that lasts more than eight weeks. This may be due to postnasal drip (as described above), or to irritability in the airways that developed as a result of the infection.

Use of ACE inhibitors: Medications known as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, which are commonly used to treat high blood pressure, cause a chronic cough in up to 20 percent of patients. The cough is usually dry and hacking. Switching to another medication often improves the cough over the course of one to two weeks.


Chronic bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis is a condition in which the airways are irritated, causing you to cough, sometimes raising phlegm. Most people with chronic bronchitis are current or past smokers.


Lung cancer: Although lung cancer can cause coughing, very few people with a chronic cough have lung cancer. Cancer is possible, however, especially if you are a smoker and your cough changes suddenly, you begin to cough up blood, or if you continue to cough more than one month after quitting smoking.

Tel: 949-0262 19

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Cayman Islands dive into Pan Am Games



Adam Roberts receives his FINA certification from Errol Clarke, President of the Central American and Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation (CCCAN).

It may be common knowledge that Cayman’s Pan American Games Team will feature top swimmers Brett and Shaune Fraser, Tori Flowers and Lara Butler in the pool; but those who are not members of the Islands’ swimming fraternity can be forgiven for not knowing that the Cayman Islands will also be represented on the pool deck by Cayman based, FINA certified, official Adam Roberts. Tom McCallum, CIASA President, is delighted with the acknowledgement of Cayman Swimming that this appointment represents, “These games are the second largest multi-sport event after the Summer Olympics and the swimming is a recognised Olympic qualifying event. This is indicative of the professional level of officiating which is expected and is a compliment to Cayman Swimming generally, and more specifically to Adam.” Adam, along with his wife Amanda first became involved with swimming when their children did. Encouraged to take part in the running of swim meets (and of the Stingray Swim Club - SSC) by Sara Mackay, the Roberts’ attended training clinics for officials when they were available in Cayman and shortly after they started standing as officials. As the Roberts’ children excelled in to blog visit

the pool, Adam and Amanda continued to support the club and made it a personal decision to put officials’ training near the top of their list of priorities. Fully supported throughout by CIASA and by the SSC, both with encouragement and finances – with the two organisations splitting the cost of putting on clinics and assisting with overseas trips – the two have dedicated considerable personal time to bringing a professional and accredited level of swim meet officiating to the Cayman Islands. Easily recognisable figures at many SSC meets they have contributed to the successful development of many of Cayman’s top swimmers over the past years. “Through the years we have received training from many sources, and would like to acknowledge Steven Goldman and Beth Tillman from Florida; and John Eyre and Errol Clarke, who are FINA referees from the Caribbean. Both of their clinics were FINA approved,” said Adam. “We are now in a position to offer on-island training and will shortly be conducting another training session.” “I have stood/officiated at four CARIFTA Championships and this year three Cayman officials refereed out of eight available slots; the Island Games in Rhodes (2007) and at the Walter

Rodgers Meet in Jamaica. In 2010, my name together with Olive Balderamos of Cayman was put forward for inclusion in the FINA list of referees and we were both accepted on the 2011 List. This was a first for Cayman.” “We need more parents and swimmers to step up and become involved in officiating … and I encourage anyone interested to come down to the next meet, The Stingray Swim Club Sprint Meet, this Saturday, October 15th at the Lions Pool to have a look at what it takes for themselves. I am very grateful to all who have supported and encouraged me to reach this level, especially SSC and CIASA and the Cayman Islands Government for giving me time off to attend; I should also acknowledge the training of Steven Goldman and Errol Clarke who have both been so knowledgeable and supportive,” summed up Adam. Meanwhile we wish our swimmers and all of the other athletes representing the Cayman Islands in the Pan Am Games in other disciplines the best of luck. The 2011 Pan American Games, officially the XVI Pan American Games or the 16th Pan American Games, will be held from October 14–30, 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


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Haye announces retirement from boxing

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LONDON (AP) — Former heavyweight champion David Haye announced his retirement on his birthday Thursday, fulfilling his promise to quit by the time he reached 31. The British fighter’s last bout was a loss on points in July to Wladimir Klitschko, who added Haye’s WBA title to his own WBO and IBF belts. Starting off as a cruiserweight before moving up to heavyweight, Haye won 25 of his 27 fights as a professional. He beat Russia’s Nikolay Valuev in November 2009 to capture the WBA title, successfully defending it against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison. “It has been my intention to retire from boxing on this day ever since I first laced up my gloves as a skinny 10-year-old,” Haye said in a statement. Haye’s last fight was against Wladimir Klitschko on 2 July, when he lost his WBA title in Hamburg. There had been speculation Haye could return to the ring to fight Wladimir’s older brother Vitali in 2012, despite reports earlier this week that the Londoner did not want to renew his boxing licence, which runs out in December. “I love boxing, I love training, but you’ve got to call it a day sooner or later. Too many fighters over the years have gone on way too long. Now’s a great time. I feel healthy, there’s no damage, why not? to blog visit

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The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is committed to increasing the public’s awareness of cancer issues and has developed a public education awareness program around this goal. Our presentations are interactive and each presentation will include an overview of the specific type of cancer if it related to a specific type of cancer and include a discussion of risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening guidelines and ways to reduce your risk. Whenever possible, a doctor will attend these sessions. To book a session or to obtain more information, please contact Victoria Anderson by calling 949-7618 or 916-7108. Alternatively, you may email Cayman Islands Cancer Society Presentation Synopsis 1.Breast Cancer – What You Need To Know Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and it can also strike men. Find out what you need to know what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. 2.Cancer Prevention – The Seven Steps to Cancer Risk Reduction Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world today but did you know that you could reduce your risk of developing cancer by changing your lifestyle? Attend this presentation and find out the steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk.

3.Colorectal Cancer – What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts about colorectal cancer – what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. Don’t die of embarrassment – attending this talk could save your life!


and how to reduce the likelihood of developing them, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more.


8.Physical Activity, Diet and Disease Prevention The amount of physical activity you do and your diet influences your risk of developing many chronic lifestyle diseases including cancer. Find out what you need to know about physical activity, diet and 4.Female Cancers (1) – Cervical Cancer & HPV This talk will give you all the facts on cervical cancers, health by attending this very interactive one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in presentation. women in the Caribbean. Hear about the risk factors as well as the importance of regular screening for this 9.Skin Cancer – What You Need To Know type of cancer. Also learn about the association Find out what you need to know - what it is, risk between cervical cancer and the human factors and how to reduce the likelihood of papillomavirus (HPV) and the new vaccine against developing it, signs and symptoms, screening HPV which will lead to the prevention of many cases of recommendations and more. cervical cancer. 10.Smoking Cessation 5.Female Cancers (2) Ovarian and Endometrial – Are you ready to quit using tobacco products? If you are then this presentation will provide you with tools What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts on these two you can use in your quit attempt including hints on cancers that are unique to women. Find out what they how to provide weight gain, strategies for helping are, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of you quit and more. developing them, signs and symptoms, screening This can either be presented as a single session or we can offer the full 6 week Smoking Cessation recommendations and more. program to your organization or group.

General Repairs Applications are being accepted for the position of “Motor Rewinder”. The successful applicant must have proven experience

Talks on other types of cancer are also offered. 6.Lung Cancer – What You Need To Know Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world affecting both men and women. Find out what you need to know - what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more.

working in this field for at

7.Male Cancers – Prostate & Testicular – What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts on the cancers that are unique to men. Find out what they are, risk factors

least 5 years in maintenance and repair of electrical

TWO PRIME LAND OPPORTUNITIES An excellent opportunity to purchase two adjoining parcels of land • Situated within the North Sound Estates canal development with a total of 0.48 acres. • Plot 1 has 0.26 acres with water to two sides with 210ft of water frontage with sea wall. • Plot 2 has 0.22 acres with102ft of water frontage. • The area has family residencies and apartment complexes with local amenities including supermarkets, shops, bank, plus more. • Savannah Primary School, Post Office and gas station. • Plot 1 is cleared and ready for development. • Sold together would be discounted. • Plot 1 has a dock that brings in an income and can be transferred to new owner.

and mechanical equipment.

Asking price:

Must be able

Appraised value of CI$184,000

Plot 1 $179,000

to work on

Appraised value of CI$100,000

weekends, public

Plot 2 $95,000

holidays also work overtime

Plot 2

Plot 1

when required. Salary will commensurate with experience. Send resume to: PO Box 2437, Grand Cayman, KY1- 1105 Cayman Islands

To view this opportunity please contact Tel: 945 7856 • Cell: 916 4594 to blog visit




RBC Royal Bank of Canada sponsors charity walk

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RBC Royal Bank of Canada is sponsoring fundraising walk/runs across the Caribbean to benefit the RBC/RBTT Children’s Cancer Fund. In Grand Cayman, the walk will start at 6:30 a.m. and the run will follow at 6:45 a.m. from the RBC Royal Bank of Canada House at #24 Shedden Road in George Town. RBC invites community members to join RBC employees in the event to raise funds for this important cause. “Pediatric cancer is a terrible disease and families often need financial support when their children are treated,” said Jason Waters,

Vice President and Country Head of the Cayman Islands “Through these fundraising events across the Caribbean, our goal is to raise at least $25,000 from this collaborative effort. Though only three years old, the Children’s Cancer Fund has already assisted children in four countries, including Grand Cayman. It has also provided support for foreign testing of biopsy samples, which results in quicker diagnosis and earlier treatment of cancer when identified. “The fund has made a major difference in the lives of the families helped,”

said Waters. “We look forward to the participation of many clients, employees and community members in order to raise funds and awareness for this important cause.” The cost to walk or run in the event is CI$25 for adults and free for children under 12. The registration fee includes a T-Shirt and water bottle. Prizes will also be awarded for the top 3 fundraisers and the top 3 runners. To register, simply complete a registration from available at any RBC Royal Bank of Canada banking centre. Donations are also gratefully accepted.

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