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‌ a concept

Made in Denmark by Malte Haaning Plastic A/S

‌ made in Denmark

What is HAMA? Our concept is based on colourful beads and pegboards. You can make either simple or complicated designs by placing beads on the pegboard. Just keep adding beads to the pegboard until you have created the design you want. You can keep moving the beads around until they have been ironed. Once ironed, the beads cannot be used again. Through careful ironing, the pegboard itself can be used over and over again. Place a piece of ironing paper on top of your design. Use a household iron to fuse the beads together. After waiting a few minutes to allow the beads to cool off, lift off the ironing paper and remove the design from the pegboard. Follow our ironing instructions carefully and always let an adult do the ironing.

Why should children play with HAMA? While playing with HAMA Beads, children are developing their motor skills, learning to count, matching colours, recognizing geometric figures and enhancing their creativity. HAMA has been designed to be suitable for all ages from the earliest fumbling attempts to control fingers right through to adulthood, when "bead painting" becomes a self-expressive hobby rather than a learning tool. Moreover, it has been designed in such a way that children never suspect they are doing anything other than playing. Children have a great time with HAMA!

‌ made in Denmark

What does HAMA offer? You can get a comprehensive range of beads and pegboards in a wide variety of colours, and we are constantly introducing new pegboards with attractive and interesting shapes to keep the concept updated. Within our bead range we distinguish between three different sizes.


Because of the small size of the beads you will be able to make very detailed and sophisticated designs and patterns. Only lack of imagination will stop you. Many elderly people work with this size of our beads instead of cross-stitch or needlework. Recommended for 10 years and upwards.


This size is the most popular in our range of beads within all age groups. Recommended for 5 years and upwards, as children above this age have well-developed motor skills. Children and adults have great fun with the tiny plastic beads, whether they string them together, press them or iron them, using their own imagination or following our designs from design sheets or Inspiration booklets.


MAXI has been developed for young children, who require a larger bead. The size of bead is aimed at children aged 3 - 5 years, who have not yet developed their motor skills. It is a perfect range for playgroups, nurseries and preschool classes. To keep it simple for this age group we offer three different colour mixes from 22 colours.

‌ made in Denmark

Why iron HAMA Beads? Children love to make and give small gifts, and our beads and pegboards make this possible in an inexpensive way. All over the world, parents and grandparents have received "masterpieces" – all made possible by ironing the beads! This is by far the most popular way to play with our beads! It is imperative for us to stress that ironing should always be done by an adult, bearing in mind the hot temperature of the iron. Because of the three different sizes of beads, the ironing instructions should be followed carefully, and if you use HAMA ironing paper we guarantee you a perfect result each time. Just follow these three simple rules:

Place the beads on the pegboard and work with the design until you are happy with the result.

Place a piece of ironing paper on top of the design and follow our ironing instructions carefully for each bead size.

After allowing the beads to cool down for a few minutes, remove the design from the pegboard. You can now play with it, hang it in your window, etc.

‌ made in Denmark

Pegboards and Inspiration booklets We offer a wide variety of pegboards, and our "basic" pegboard, item no. 234, has been designed to be interlinkable, enabling you to make very large designs. The basic MIDI pegboards are also available in translucent versions, enabling you to place the pegboard on top of a design sheet. All MAXI pegboards are translucent, making it easier for younger children to follow a pattern placed underneath the pegboard. Please remember: Through careful ironing, always to be done by an adult, you can use our pegboards again and again!

Our Inspiration booklets contain a wide variety of design suggestions and ideas, and booklets for all three sizes of beads are available.

‌ made in Denmark

Creative HAMA is the ultimate toy, involving use of both halves of the brain at the same time. Toys where children have to use both halves of their brain to produce a solution are extremely rare.

Educational HAMA Beads train hand-eye co-ordination. Children learn to recognize and match colours, to pick up and place small objects with precision and to distinguish different shapes. HAMA produces alphabet and number pegboards, teaching five to seven year olds letters and numbers. You will find pegboards of various geometric shapes. In this way children will also be introduced to geometry.

‌ made in Denmark

Clean HAMA Beads do not damage clothes or furniture. Should a few beads end up in the washing machine, they will simply pass through without any mishaps. If you use our ironing paper, no stain will be left behind on the iron.

Safe HAMA products have passed all relevant safety tests. If a child should swallow any beads, there will be no cause for alarm. The beads will pass safely through the child’s system because they are smooth and have no sharp edges. We use high grade polyethylene for our beads.

Fun Bright colours, interesting shapes and stimulation to the imagination all add up to fun!

You can find HAMA on the internet at the address below, and you should be able to find HAMA in more than 50 countries worldwide. Children can join "CLUB HAMA" by simply registering on our site. Here you will also find the entire range of HAMA products. Our goal is to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality. The products must have good play value and an educational content, which appeals to the child’s creativity. The products must also provide satisfying and enjoyable play.


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