Save money, time, and the planet with digital program assets.

Contribute to a better environment and collective well-being – and elevate your marketing in the process – by digitizing your parks and recreation guides, program brochures, employee handbooks, and more with Issuu. Ditch the paper and easily promote your activities by transforming flat PDFs into interactive Flipbook publications, enhanced with powerful features to encourage participation in community events at the click of a button.

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Better engage with your community.

By converting your content into a meaningful library of digital marketing assets, you can share programs, events, and activities using a simple link. Create a flipbook and Embed it on your website to provide a unique reading experience. Add interactive elements like Videos and Links to engage your community and get a Fullscreen Sharing link to promote your flipbook via email and social media. Go digital with Issuu and unlock a world of possibilities for your parks and recreation department.

Stop printing and start measuring success.

Not only does printing cost a fortune, but it also harms the environment you work so hard to protect. Issuu has all the tools you need to embrace sustainability, enabling you to transform all kinds of files into Flipbooks, Articles, GIFs, and Social Posts, all while measuring their performance with built-in Statistics. Create, publish, store, track, and share internal and public-facing content that drives engagement with links, videos, and download options, all from one central location.

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Promote events with effortless sharing across all channels.

Parks and recreation content can be a visual masterpiece on social media. Repurpose your content and generate Social Posts and Articles – from your existing flipbooks or from scratch – that will entice viewers to engage with your events. Promoting your programs across all channels ensures you stay top-of-mind for people eager to engage with their local community and get outdoors.

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Embed content everywhere your audience lives.

Put your programs and events in front of your audience. Issuu publications are customizable, shareable, and easy to embed. From detailed event guides to impactful reports, Issuu simplifies it all. Copy and paste the auto-generated code into your website builder or CMS of choice, letting our platform take care of the technical nitty-gritty so you can focus on sharing great content with your community.

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Collaborate for better recreation and preservation.

Issuu for Teams enables parks and recreation departments to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate productivity and simplify content management for your entire department, collectively reinforcing your message of community and environmental well-being.

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Program Booklet

Showcase your entire program line-up with an engaging and interactive booklet on Issuu. Registration becomes a snap using Links within your booklet that lead people directly to sign-up pages. Add Videos for an extra burst of interactivity to demonstrate precisely what community members can expect in each parks and recreation program you offer and increase the chances of them signing up.

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Event Pamphlet

Every impactful event starts with a detailed, informative, and easy-to-follow guide. Enhance your members’ experience by bringing your event to life with a digital pamphlet on Issuu. You can elevate it with engaging visuals, interactive features, and organized event schedules. Say goodbye to mundane printed versions and hello to a modern, user-friendly guide that’s accessible anytime, from any device.

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Program Brochure

Create a digital brochure for parks and recreation to showcase community programs, events, and classes in depth. Fill it with essential information and share it in Fullscreen for a distraction-free viewing experience. The digital format allows for real-time updates in response to changing circumstances, which helps save time and keep the content accurate and up-to-date so attendees know what to expect.

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Digital Newsletter

Build your park’s online presence with an interactive digital newsletter to promote upcoming events, share success stories, and keep your community informed and engaged. Let members browse your program guides and sign up with the click of a button. Add registration Links, eye-catching Videos, and attention-grabbing GIFs to make your newsletter truly dynamic.

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Social Media Content

Promote new activities and reach more people with Issuu’s social media post creator. Repurpose content for all channels to make sure your announcements get seen. Mix and match text and images to build an array of posts to keep your followers coming back for more. And use auto-generated Articles for sharing snippets of your existing flipbook in a mobile-friendly format.

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Park Report

Give your communications a facelift with digital reports. Convey goals, annual growth, and financial and environmental impact statements with park reports that illustrate important data and capture attention. Enhance your reports using Statistics. Track audience behavior and flipbook performance, export the data as visual charts and graphs and compile these insights into your report.

Elevate your park programs with Issuu.

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