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Design is about seeing things in a new and different way and to suggest solutions that will make a positive difference to the user. This year’s exhibition celebrates a varied range of products and solutions to be used by consumers in many different situations. Developing a considered user-focused product while considering production is something that takes a wide knowledge of different development methods. The students who graduate this year have many different backgrounds, but one thing in common is their background in engineering. This gives them the ability to have both a wide and deep knowledge in this field, opening up opportunities for work throughout product development and design. The ability to express oneself visually in form, colour, surface and material is exercised throughout the education. Company environments and needs of development are also studied. Field trips and projects are carried out continuously during the education and in very close collaboration with industry. The education is mainly implemented in project form, as this gives a very real picture of the conditions surrounding product development, thus industrial design theory and practice are taught in a practical way. We believe that you are more than ready to meet new challenges, and those of us who have had the joy to work with you for these last two years would like to wish you great luck in your future carriers!

Lars Eriksson professor and head of Industrial Design at JTH

masters of 2012

Bikes on Public Transport In a time of increasing air pollution, increasing global warming, increasing fossil fuel demand, increasing congestion and increasing human body fat, urban societies need healthier and more sustainable transportation systems. This thesis project started with a literature review on factors behind human choice of transportation systems, or practically, why people choose to use a car when other transportation systems are at hand. The aim of the project was to satisfy those factors by allowing a fusion between biking and travelling by train. The result of the project is a train and a smart-phone app designed around bikes and their users, allowing a door-to-door transportation system reducing total travel time by up to 50% compared to today’s public transportation system.

in collaboration with:

Jonas Lindgren +46 (0) 732 082 756

Baby Carrier Benefits to child wearing include promotion of physical and emotional closeness between parent and child, enjoyment and emotional development in growing infants, and convenience for active families. The product development process involved market research, the practical application of knowledge about physiological and emotional stages of development in infants, and user research, which involved interviews, observations, and testing of several prototypes. From these findings, my goal was to create a streamlined, minimalistic baby carrier that could be used everyday. Inspiration was taken from traditional soft slings, to offer closeness and promotion of good infant posture, which also helps relieve physical carrying load on the caregiver. This carrier has been designed to be easy for one person to place and carry a child by him or herself safely and conveniently.

in collaboration with:

Joyce Chow

+46 (0) 764 100 444

The meaning of a sandbox The sandbox has been reinvented based on the meaning for stakeholders. Previously the ugly duckling of the playground with their plain, flat and low stance, this concept gives the sandbox the opportunity to become the star attraction. The result is a system of replaceable accessories depending on needs and demands which attach to the modular sandbox. The customisable nature of the sandbox allows the possibility to dress the sandbox with textured walls and glowing lights. By adding accessories on the frame, building the height the sandbox will be more appealing and distinguishable. By using modern materials combined with LED lights the sandbox gains a new and exciting look when the sun goes down.

in collaboration with:

Bjรถrn Bergqvist

+46 (0) 707 367 879

HumanFinder “If you save one life, it is like saving the whole world” This emergency rescue product uses ultra wideband frequencies allowing it to penetrate 3 meters into compromised environments, enabling the accurate and rapid detection of motion, breathing, heartbeats and other life-signs. Utilising advanced technology from Cinside AB the new and innovative “HumanFinder” radar has been developed. The product will fulfil the needs of end users such as rescue teams, police and security forces. The product has been developed with safety, usability, ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. This product has been designed to be marketed internationally with the intention to expand the Cinside product line, increase profitability and make better use of the company’s existing technologies.

in collaboration with:

Kais Alber Said

+46 (0) 765 896 570

Eicher 2020+ The aim of this project was to explore the possible design future of Eicher Motors, an AB Volvo joint venture company, in order to make it a prime contender in its home market; India. Research was carried out both at home and during a two and a half week trip to India where observations and interviews were collected. This information was translated into a more formal design brief upon which concept development could be carried out. The results are two trucks that address the specific needs of the Indian market and, most importantly, the Indian people. The trucks should be seen as positive, inclusive and capable and which connects the Indian driver to the optimistic and growing world around him or her.

in collaboration with:

Michael Pye

+46 (0) 733 232 072

Eicher 2020+ 3 words were key to the development of the 2 trucks: Purposeful, resilience and care. These words allow a truck to be designed which fulfils the needs of the 2 major stakeholders; the owners and the drivers. Drivers need a truck which allows them to comfortably and effectively do their job while accommodating them and affording respect and a connection to the rest of the world around them. Owners need a capable and profitable tool which allows business to be undertaken efficiently and professionally. These 2 designs effectively marry 2 opposing constraints into 1 cohesive package.

in collaboration with:

Phil Allison

+46 (0) 736 907 516

AMPHIBIAN Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for civil use. Amphibian is a project which started in 2011 as a concept design. The purpose of the thesis was to develop the concept into a viable, producible helicopter. In this new design, air enters through the front air inlets to the radiator to cool the engine. Warm, expanded, air leaves the helicopter via the large rear exhaust vents. Side air inlets cool the exhaust system, which helps to decrease the temperature in the interior of the helicopter. The constraints of the interior components have been the main challenge in developing a cowling which evokes feelings of security, reliability and lifesaving.

in collaboration with:

Beatriz Talabante Claveria +46 (0) 735 501 654

The Human Seat Concept car seat designed from the human-centric approach. Based on human body needs and simplicity; the car seat is focused on functionality. The culture of sitting and seats, ergonomics or biomechanics are the basics for the concept. The flexible, yet rigid back-bone structure is the key element. A wide variety of movements and adjustments can be performed. The adjustment character is similar to that of the human spine, to provide the same degrees of freedom as the human role model. No matter how ideal the posture is, the static position is a well-known enemy to ergonomics & well-being. The seat simply behaves the way the human body intuitively expects. Feel how the car seat perfectly fits you as if it was your 3rd skin in the car. Have an extraordinary sensation while feeling the Scandinavian luxury throughout the shapes, materials and the quality of its design. Sit and drive on the seat “Designed around you�, your seat.

in collaboration with:

Isabel Ă greda Espatolero

+46 (0) 764 100 462

Multifunctional Hygiene Cabin 2014 An innovative type of service for cosmopolitan cities. A Sustainable building that creates the 60% of it owns energy & reuses the water. A new vision of Public Toilets equipped with the latest technology & providing full Service for the Citizen’s & Tourists . An environmental friendly design concept, constructed with durable and recyclable materials, vertical gardens absorbing C02 from the air, equipped with recycling waste disposals and an interactive information display, creating a green urban meeting point. The Interior Design is provided with all necessary hygienic needs of the human Including two exclusive artifacts. A unique Unisex Urinal with a proper form language & a distinctive Eco-Shower that recycles water and is equipped with air drying for the entire body. in collaboration with:

Jordi Hans CasadesĂşs Baldursson +46 (0) 764 567 014

SOLVINDEN A new, simple, fun and functional form evolution for SOLVINDEN, a product for IKEA that harvests wind and sun to generate mood lighting using LEDs at night and be an outdoor decoration during the day. IKEA already has launched SOLVINDEN this summer, the target of this project was to find a new form that looks attractive as well as functions more efficiently. Research has focused on the aerodynamics, wind turbine technologies and their forms before starting the design phase. Mood boards, idea tree, group brainstorming, functional analysis, concept sketches and CAD visualizing made up the design research process, before manufacturing different prototypes for evaluation. After testing and optimization of these prototypes, the final functional form was selected.

in collaboration with:

Fowad Iqbal

+46 (0) 727 238 816

Gripen A sitting aid for adults Sitting is an act of balance and having issues with this can exclude you in many situations; when you come as a guest or in outdoor places. Because of this I have created Gripen. Gripen is a mobile sitting device. It consists of an outer shell to which a fabric seat is attached. This makes the supports flex inwards when sitting down on the ergonomic cushion, creating a firm support for the pelvis. When the pelvis is in a correct position the trunk will balance itself automatically. To make it mobile, the side and back support can be removed with an easy slide function. Which makes it easy to place in a bag and carry on to the next adventure!

in collaboration with:

Charlotta Lind

+46 (0) 736 83 52 55

BAREFOOT Redesigning the Patient Activity Monitor (PAM) This Master thesis project was made in collaboration with Ă–ssur Nordic Company, specialists in non-invasive orthopaedics. The mission was to develop one of their existing products; an advanced Pedometer called the PAM, and make an update if possible. The current product is planned to be discontinued from this year. Looking into different possibilities and trying several ways to approach the problem, finally a solution involving making use of existing technology from sports shoes was found. As the company already has cooperation with Nike regarding soles to carbon fibre prosthetic feet, the technology in Nike+ was the first choice. Using pressure sensors and accelerometers from the sports shoes and incorporating them in the cosmetic foot shell of the carbon fibre foot, I created a solution called the BAREFOOT.

in collaboration with:

Henrik Johansson +46 (0) 706 449 567

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Master Theses Catalogue 2012