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Your path One can't share it's path with others, for everyone needs to find it's own. If one blindly follows others, it's path will remain unknown. Your destiny is yours, and yours alone.

Delight of being light Catching the light. That what we are. Our whole lives battling the fight. Creating a dark side while losing delight. Surrounded by brightness, we choose to stand in the shadows we created, the light faded. Instead we should be hand in hand with all that we are. Don’t look so far. it’s all in the heart. We don’t need to chase this rat race. Let’s not compete. Let’s not fall apart. But be one, and meet at the start.

Are you ready If you really want to feel, you gotta peel. Layer by layer, until you’re at the core of your sore. Fill her up, with light and prayer. Only then will you find, what’s really there. Only then, can you start to heal. Only then , will you ever feel real. Until then, you’re nothing more, than a heart of steel. So peel, those last bits of your heart, and make a brand new start.

Look up! Don’t look back. Just go forward. Just go straight. No reason to wait. Take the next step on the stairs of change. Look for a wider range, a new feeling to come abroad. Tear of that old cloth, grab your faith. Don’t let it pass by. It’s your gateway to heavens sky.

Temple of treasure Temple of treasure, entrance of bloom. Beyond any measure, all we can assume. Exploring the casting, of wealth without end. In everlasting beauty, this world of content. We opened her doors, slept on her floors. We held her hand, crossing her shores. This place of pure pleasure, let's honour each day, this temple of treasure, so she won't fade away.


Your needs can change by the day. Carry them with patience, don't get carried away. Discover the meaning of what they're trying to say.

Transition As the cold air finds it's way to the heart, stumbling in two worlds apart. May the desert keep you warm, as the old and new are torn. May the future keep you calm and still. May you trust her to be blooming, for one day, she will. As her warmth will reach your heart, welling up with wonders sweet. Balancing the tip of the soul... The heart, will skip a beat.

Just be your beautiful self

All those faces… One for sweetness and seduction. One for boldness, one for beauty. All self corruption. Self destruction of the Source.

Of course it’s our duty to keep looking frisk and fruity. As we fall into airy illusion, of puppet face pretty. All that confusion, it’s a pity.

We just don’t seem to see the poor probity of the masks we carry around. Until one wonders and asks where true sheen can be found.

If only we could look underneath, see through ego’s deceit. We would find the bare beauty of a four-squared smile. A pile of pure love frome above projected in sparkling eyes, that reach for transparent skies. Then... we will know, where true beauty lies.

A lessons grattitude The deepest insights gathered through dear ones that you trust the most. Feelings exposed when doors open. A glimpse of understanding, diametrically opposed, finally comprehending. Gracefully letting go in grattitude. ..when doors of learning are softly closed.

Lessons From fates blade no man ever has escaped. No matter just how hard you try. Away from it you cannot fly. It will follow, never fade merely turn to different shades. We all agreed to live life full, and turn our levels higher grades.

Out of sight

Awakened night. The moon shines bright. Like a million stars ignited, she's playing with the clouds, that softly touch her edges, until she's burried, and heaven fetches all the light, the night,

has turned to ashes. Burnt .. by her own light flashes, she made the moon go out of sight.


Let lose and let go. Let funky dreams flow. No sorrow, for what’s been and will be. Just live your life, happy and free. Enjoy the now. That’s …. how life’s supposed to be.

Me and you

Me and you, you and me. We're one and the same, labeled a different name. Them and us, us and them. I do not condemn, because “ I”.... am too them. So love one another. Let difference not bother. For he, who marks “ME” does not yet see.... that we are the game, ONE and the same.

Mad love

Love is a nomad that will spread, all that she is all over town. Her love to descend on each unknown continent, Dressed in purity, wearing a humble gown, she'll be your truest friend. Her footsteps will be followed, into place unseen. Turning deserts of dryness, into oases of green. Like a wave in the ocean, she'll make the masses move. Changing and rearranging. The forces of love leave imprints, ...that shall need no proof.

Afraid of our own light Tiny are our lives the moment we arrive. Forgetting it all the moment we fall. The sun, the moon and the sea, have always known, the words they whisper never come alone. The moment we are willing to hear, they'll tell us our greatness. They'll let us meet our light, greet... our greatest fear. Love let your love come near, and let your true self appear.

Deep wishful thinking The day will come that we all stand together. That the night will glow and the stars shall scatter. Shatter their glorious dust all over the place. When all the planets hold hands in love's grace. That day that all races assimilate into one, will be the day that separation has gone, and the dawn of a new dimension ..will have begun.

Step into your heart I draw you a heart. One for your pain. I paint you a second. For when you feel like going insane. I’ll give you of mine. A sweet and soft piece. To carrie your burden. And find some release. I know you’ll be fine. For I see your divine. Please accept my gift. Do not decline. I draw you a heart. One for release. I paint you a second To remember how to find peace.

Current flow After shadow shine will follow. Appreciating peace after times of sorrow. Just let it all become, let life flow. For some will take you high, some will take you low. Both shine and shadow won't last forever. So try to let go. Surrender, and live in current flow of this human endeavor.

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