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The Hügli Group - history and facts The nucleus of Hügli was founded in 1935 by the industrial pioneer Beat Stoffel. The idea for the foundation of the company was created by Otto Hügli who was the first head of the company and a very ingenious product developer. The first subsidiary was founded in Bregenz, Austria, in 1959, the second one in Radolfzell, Germany in 1964. In 1999, the group was expanded by Hügli Czech Republic (former enterprise „Bonita“). Today Hügli produces a broad range of different kinds of food in five European countries with six production sites. The focus is on the production of dry blended stocks, soups, sauces, seasonings, dressings and desserts. This assortment is successfully exported all over the world.


The Hßgli Group – figures 2011 Consolidated turnover in million CHF


Personnel (full time jobs) Germany Switzerland / Austria / United Kingdom / Italy Czech Republic / Slowakia / Poland / Hungary Total

592 407 299 1.298

Production in t Germany Switzerland (incl. United Kingdom, Italy) Czech Republic Total

25.800 16.100 6.500 48.400


H端gli production range H端gli mainly produces dried products, such as soups (cooking and instant soups) sauce mixes sauces (also gravy granules) bouillons (soft and hard cubes and powder) seasonings pasta meals, rice meals, cup meals sweet meals and dessert mixes There is also a wide range of products based on organic recipes / healthy eating (wellness)

Furthermore H端gli produces liquid fonds ingredients for the industry food ingredients All H端gli products are manufactured to quality standards including DIN EN ISO 9001, HACCP, EU 2092/91, BRC and IFS


H端gli Group

Location Radolfzell, D

Location Zasmuky, CZ

Location Langenhaslach, D

Location Redditch, GB

Location Steinach, CH

Location Brivio, IT


Hügli Group Further subsidiaries

 Hügli St. Gallen, Switzerland  Hügli Food Company GmbH Austria  Hügli Hungary  Hügli Poland / Hügli Slovakia

Food Service Division The H端gli Group manufactures specific products for the Food Service Division, which in terms of quality, serving size, choice and type of recipe has been created to meet the exacting requirements of catering services. A range of more than 300 products is available for innovative and creative chefs. The range includes products which are suitable for use in basic meals through to gourmet creations. Typical customers are hotels, canteens, hospitals, restaurants and catering services.


Consumer Brands Health food and natural food trade are distributed under the following brands: Erntesegen Natur Compagnie Heirler - trading goods (health food, organic products incl. dairy products) Cenovis - dehydrate health food products Neuco

There is a direct distribution channel to end consumers (farmer’s markets, mobile commerce, direct mail selling) under the following brands: Tellofix Oscho Euroquell


Food Industry / Brand Solutions Food Industry and Brand Solutions primarily offer intelligent technical solutions in the area of flavour and binding agent systems.

Food Industry - Semi-finished products Brand Solutions - End consumer packagings Products: Bouillons, soups, sauces, seasonings, mustards, organic products and other savoury compounds such as hydrolysed vegetable proteins and flavours. Health & Nutrition products (e.g. slimming and diet products, sports nutrition) and snack seasonings.


Private Label Division The Hügli Group is one of the largest dried ready meal and soup manufacturers in Europe.

Major retailers need products of the highest quality at very competitive prices and innovative product ranges. Since 1995, Hügli can even claim to be one of the first suppliers of dried pasta and rice meals to discount chains. The complementary specialization of the production sites of Radolfzell (Germany), Zasmuky (Czech Republic), Redditch (United Kingdom) and Steinach (Switzerland) is a convincing concept for the most economic production without quality changes. Globalization and high-tech-infrastructure are important facts to fulfill customers’ requirements.


Service brands of the Private Label Division Hügli‘s Private Label Division sells a number of brands which are owned exclusively by Hügli, e.g.: Radolf Finale Pure Green Hop Sing Golden Spoon Guesthouse

 for the regular dried products  for the sweet range  for the organic range  for the Asian range  for seasonings  for outstanding products

Some of the products under these brands are manufactured in Zasmuky, CZ. The sales under private label depend on annual volumes.


Private Label Division products – Standard range

Pasta and Rice Ready Meals

Sauce mixes

Boiling Soups

Instant Soups

Tins in different sizes for bouillons, sauces and seasonings

in sachets






in sachets

in folding boxes

in folding boxes

in jars

for Snack Meals


Private Label Division products – liquid products

Liquid Tomatobased sauces in jars

Bottles for seasonings

Liquid salad dressings


Private Label Division products - Ethnic

Cup Meals

Ready Meals

Seasonings Instant Soups


Opportunities of production in the Czech Republic Cups

Mix Products

Instant Soups

Cooking Soups


Dry Ready Meals Soft cubes


Private Label Division Support … with information about the market (market data) … with samples / dummies / sales folder … with best recipe copies of the brand as well as with new product ideas


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