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For all you lovers, this is something fun you can try out for your partners, to see that expression of wow, or delight on their faces, that too without spending much from your pocket, how does that sound, interesting huh?? Well, this is something that has been tried by certain couples and what they have to say about it is awesome, these tips can make your love enhance without your lovey-dovey money going away from you. Isn’t that great, no matter if want to make up for something or have to make him feel special, don’t bother about the expenditure, as there are numerous things which you can try out to make your loved one wander in that land of all-embracing love: Cook a special cuisine for your beloved: Nothing can be better than cooking food for the person you are in love with. Aww come on, this is not something you can’t try, and in fact it is super fun. Cook something that your partner really craves for, and invite him over for a special lunch or dinner; imagine how romantic it would be. If for some reasons you guys have had strife, then give him or her surprise by preparing something that is lip smacking and dash down to his or her place. This is a perfect way to express your love, that too spending much money on gifts, greetings, or any other stuff, what do you say? Treasure stalk: This is another thing which may interest your beloved to fall in love with you again and this time massively, how? Let’s see, what this particular Treasure Hunt means is, that you spread over or rather hide, small things prepared by you like letters, poems, songs or pictures or anything else, at different places and let your partner hunt for that non measurable treasure of love. This is also a perfect game sort of a thing which you can try out on Valentine’s or any other day you feel that there is a need to boost up that passion in your love.

your relationship. Hugs and Kisses does not show that you really are in love, unless an ingredient of an admiration is added in it, go tell your beloved today, how good he looks, talk about all the positives, go for a walk and knee down in front of him or her, make them feel amazing about themselves, that’s true romance..!! It is in Giving that you shall receive: Many self help books talk about this fantastic phrase, which means, that the more you give out will be responsible for congruent things to come to you. Does that ring the bell?? The more you give out, which means the more you give love and express it, the more it will keep your relationship get stronger day by day. Do not hide your feelings: This is a complete NO NO, for a happy relationship, if you are in love with someone express it, let them know how you feel. The more you lock it up inside, the more things will keep tightening up, let it loose, set yourself free from everything then just go for it, let your beloved know how you feel about him or her and then see the magic..!

Demonstrate your Romantic Side: It might sound a little creepy or funny to certain people who do not like to show how much love they hold inside their heart. Well, if you are one of them, then it is time to buckle up and get some passion in



hat is fashion according to you? Is it something that lets you be aware of that classy style or trends going on, which can some or the other way be a reason of you looking amazingly striking? Or, you take it as something which is quite essential for the comfort and branding these days? Certainly, every person have their own views about this , people can go on and on when it comes to fashion, in fact there are people who are absolutely crazy about the fashion world, they like to know each and every bit of the latest trend. You see these people dressed up funky, and look simply superb and different from the usual crowd, when asked about the reason of their get up, all they have to say is, “this is in.” Let’s chook put the various attributes and contributes of fashion:

Fashion and Style: Fashion has immensely impacted the style these days, what say? Fashion these days has become a very string reason of social change; it is something that is dealt by us on a daily basis. The kind of attire you wear, either is a replica of some style or creates one. Fashion can be considered as a wind which makes it a little difficult for the man to cope at times. The best part is that it does not restrict itself to the clothes, but also embraces the accessories, handbags and a lot of other stuff. Have you ever noticed, girls looking at your handbag and commenting “Wow, that’s really trendy.”, or if there is something that is not admired, is stated as old fashioned by people? So, the conclusion is, that fashion does impact the style, from the start of your day till the end; you are judged on this area as well, either knowingly or unknowingly. 8 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Fashion and Comfort: Do you think that fashion can provide you comfort? Well, it sure does, ruminate how? Look at your clothes that you find really easy to get into, they make you feel at ease and relaxed, and not really bother you to think what other people will feel about them. That’s the comfort bit of fashion, and such attire is known as a comfortable one. People choose various outfits, some to impress others at certain occasions; those are known as trendy fashion stuff, and some for their own self, which is known as comfy fashion stuff, fashion is everywhere, and is something that is not going to leave your side at all.

Fashion and Branding: Fashion is not something that exists in clothing or dresses, it is something that is in the sky, and the streets have got a lot to do with fashion. Fashion exists in your thoughts your ideas, in your life, in the way to present yourself, in every sphere of your life.


Elite Fragrances For Women, in


Perfumes and fragrances are known to be some of the most difficult accessories to pin down as they are such a personal choice of most of the females, not only this, another reason is that different fragrances have many elusive qualities. Fragrances for women might be expensive, but, they are definitely worth for money as it provides a pleasant experience to the class of people experiencing it and above that to the person who is wearing it. There are numerous fragrances available in the market for women, some are really affordable, but some belong from an elite class and are amongst the best, here is a list of congruent fragrances, which will really fascinate you:


Eternity, CK Ah, an all time favorite of almost thousands of women, the classic nature of this perfume has a=left a very strong mark in the perfume industry. Cause of its amazing ingredients, this perfume is till date in demand by most of the women.

Tommy Girl This has always and till date in considered being the most desired fragrance for a casual purpose. The three words that are associated with this particular fragrance is “SIMPLE, CHEAP AND CRISP.” This is one fragrance that you will not regret buying at all, as many girls this on a casual basis. Apart from those keywords if we talk about the attributes of the fragrance, they are fresh, flowery and fruity, which is always appreciated by most of the women. This fragrance is known to be surprisingly good.

Marc Jacob’s New Honey Marc Jacobs a really renowned brand in fragrances has launched a new brand of fragrance known as Honey. This fragrance is a sweet floral scent with a pinch of peach, vanilla and obviously honey, apart from them there are different other ingredients which are responsible for making it an astounding fragrance. This new fragrance has been created with the perfume house Fireminch.

Ralph Lauren

This fragrance smells like fresh fruits like guava and mandarin, females like to wear this particular fragrance when they feel like spending a weekend near the ocean. This fragrance is somewhat related to the romantic atmosphere and considered to be a perfect one if you are planning to head for a romantic date.


dy “L n a C a d a Pr

Bois De lles Perfume This particular fragrance is admired by a lot of women for being oriental in nature. This perfume includes floral scents like rose, jasmine, and some of the oriental smells like musk and vanilla, because of this it has been favorites of a lot of women in today’s world.


to be nsider it lly not o c le p o e h is rea Many p wn whic d “L’EAU” o d d e r wate a wor t having t this fragrance s ju , e u r t tha really t mean , what it , t u B does no . n ord is ed dow is water adding on this w r as y exie means b t fresher and s d of lo r is r b an that it ny othe ly love to a o t d e compar . You will simp es fragranc n. have it o

MAGNITUDE OF CAREER PLANNING ho does not want to excel in life and have a great future, even a son of a famer sets W a vision of doing something exalted in life.

That’s for everybody, we all need to set goals, otherwise the fun element of living life, will go fade. So, this is one of the reasons to plan your career, planning a career is nothing else apart from setting a goal for yourself, which will give you that kick all the time and will keep you moving on, work hard and get all that you want. So, the first and the foremost reason of Career Planning is, to learn being yourself, know your innate capabilities and then nourishing them, is what a career is all about.

Career planning plays a vital role when you have a very strong passion towards life, and moreover, thinking that this is the kind of job you want or need, isn’t going to help unless you take appropriate steps to get that job. This is where career planning steps in, without planning what you have to do for where you have to be, you will keep going helter skelter, looking for different way outs and then end up going nowhere. Many successful people w hom you admire and may even consider as your idols, have gone through a phase of struggle, that period of immense struggle could have not been over for them if they had not planned things wisely.

which you are planning to take up interests you, cause if it does not then there is no point choosing it because the career which is taken up only for money and nothing else, is something which will not last for long. Hence, the best thing what you can do is, make your hobby your career, for instance, if you love drama then get into acting and get appropriate training or education to become a good actor, or if you have any other hobby that you can take up as a career option, then go for it. Remember, career planning is the foundation and a great career is the top floor of the building you create.

For you, if you really want to become something in life, this is what you need to do plan your career; figure out what is it that you want to do with your life, your career? Then, ask the next question to yourself, how? There are end number of ways one can find to obtain his goal. Planning is very important, rather it is the base of your building, if you want to reach up to the heights of a good career, then planning the appropriate steps you shall take to achieve that goal, will always help you get close to your objective. When you are setting goals for yourself or are planning to choose your career option from a big pool of it, ensure that you explore every aspect of the one you choose before making it your final choice. See if it fits your needs, does that particular job or career


Augment Your Business Communication


usiness Communication is very essential for the growth of any business, or forget about growth, it is very essential for any business to sustain its existence. It is the business communication that helps you build clients, or promote your products or any other attribute of your business. An effective business communication is the one that always helps you get the positive response from the other end. These days many corporate and companies are understanding the value of a great and effective business communication, and are training their staff on the same, following are some of the tips that may help you in improving your standards of commerce communication:

Vigorous Listening: If at any point in time you are indulged in a business communication with a client or any other business associate, ensure that you listen very carefully to the entire conversation before jumping on what you have to say or present. It is very important to be a good listener, and that actually is a sign of a good business man, that represents that you are interested to understand the needs of your client, which will also help him have faith on you. Take down mental noted of what the other person has to say, this will help you paraphrase the entire thing before you can actually start working on it.

business other than criticizing people, you should be open to receive criticism as well and take it positively. Rapport Building: This is something that is vital for a business communication or to maintain a healthy business relationship with your valuable clients. Ensure that you build a great rapport with all who you work with, be it your customers or your employees, building rapport with customers will always help you get more business and having a good rapport with your employees will act as a motivation factor and will enable to them to perform better.


Being a Conversationalist:

People take criticism in a negative way, which is not really the case, criticism is not a negative thing, in fact it gives you an opportunity to be aware about you area of improvement, you get to know where is it exactly that you need to work on. If you find yourself in a position to criticize your colleague, or anybody else who’s working with you, the best way is to provide the person with a constructive feedback and that too with tact. Vice-versa, when you are into

Holding yourself back from interacting with people, will do no good to you, as a business person you should always be ready to initiate a conversation and should be able to get people interested in it. The one, who is good at conversation, is always proved out to be a great leader, because being a conversationalist always helps him put across the desired message that too in an effective manner.


‘Milkha Singh’- for some the name evokes a faint memory from the pages of history. All that is most remembered is that Milkha Singh, hailed as the Flying Sikh, was a famous athlete, who infamously lost the penultimate race of his Life. “The one who lost the 400 meters finals at the Rome Olympics” is an involuntary response when the name Milkha Singh is mentioned. The Film attempts to understand a catastrophic loss that was deemed a sure victory and explores through the darkness of disgrace; Milkha’s redemption, the redemption and catharsis that come when he confronts his past. Milkha, ironically finds himself in a place wherein he had lost his all; Pakistan: a place where he witnessed the bloody massacre of his entire family. The demons hidden in some dark corner of his consciousness come alive. This iridescent tale winds through the plagues of a bloody civil war, a lost childhood, homelessness and petty crime to victories hard won and easily lost. It draws an intricate image of human trials, setbacks and fate leveraged against the sheer power of will. He evocatively illustrates that true victory lies in racing with one’s troubles and not in running away from them. Milkha flies, falls and rises, bruising his soul but not his will to survive. Milkha Singh the world champion in 400 meters lost the most important race of his life- the 1960 Rome Olympics but won in LIFE. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will see Milkha fly, fall and rise, bruise his soul but not his will to survive. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag releases worldwide on 12th July 2013


Style Statements of various bollywood celebrities are something which everyone looks at really carefully. Not only this, there are many admirers of different bollywood actors who secretly imitate the style statements of their favorite bollywood celebrities. Some of these wonderful style statements are mentioned below, hope you will like them and this will somewhere help you groom accordingly in congruence with your favorite celebrity. Ranbir is an actor which is quite known for keeping its audience hooked with amazing expressions and impressive body language; this is what he has been being admired for since so many years. Ranbir apart from this amazing work at acting is also known for his cute yet flashy style statement which he has recently created with the help of his movie “Barfi”. The kind of costumes he wore in there was really appreciated by people, hopefully the credit goes to his stylist, and it should must go to him for doing such a commendable work. The sober pants, polo t shirts, and his cute looking monkey caps, became a reason of delight for many of his admirers.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt after her debut in Karan Johar’s “Student of the year” has become a fashion icon for many young girls and women. Some of her really attractive outfits from that movie are something that many women and girls are trying to look around for. In one of the appearances she made in Amitabh Bacchan’s 70th birthday bash, her outfit which was a one shoulder tulle and beaded dress colored in black looked simple gorgeous on her, people who saw her pics over the net or anywhere else, especially girls, are getting into the trend of getting congruent outfits made for them. She is also, now has started being known as a wonderful Style Icon for many people.

Sonam Kapoor is also known as the Style Diva as her amazing dressing sense and some of the most elite outfits which she wear in a lot of events as well as in her movies, are something really eye catching. People find her really simple, elegant yet gorgeous because of the various types of designer clothes that she puts on during any of her appearance. She at one of the events of L’OR Sunset Cannes collection at Mumbai, was found wearing a really flashy and awesome outfit which was an Armani Prive and made her get a vintage touch by her excellent look in a retro inspired bun and minakari peacock earings. This entire look of hers was very much western yet it looked ethnic. There are many other actors who are really admired for their wonderful Style Statements, especially all those who are being seen in various films these days, it seems that there are new innovations being done in their Style Statements, which help them look really attractive yet decent. 17 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Sonam Kapoor

Watches preferred by your most admired Celebrity


earing a luxury watch is a dream of every other person, be it common people or a famous celebrity. Myriad people possess their own reasons of putting on a nice and elite watch, you would like to wear it for your own self, and any celebrity would like to put it on as a luxury symbol or in a case when he is doing an endorsement for the same. Talking about celebrities, some of them like to wear modest watches while others like to wear flashy ones. About endorsement, if any of them promises to endorse for a particular watch they are provided with some of cool advantages for the same. Many actors and cricketers are an icon for different people, and they are looked upon for every sible thing which either do or they wear, even for their watches. Today, lets have a look at some of the most coolest watches preferred by well known personalities:

Deepika strongly believes that such a brand always helps her enhance her awesome personality and natural beauty.


Who needs luxury on? For sure the one who is already successful in his domain and hence one of the most leading and admired actresses in Bollywood Deepika Padukone is the one who holds in a very strong admiration towards this brand. You can for sure not doubt on the quality and beauty of this brand as the watch talks about its sustainability by itself. Deepika strongly believes that such a brand always helps her enhance her awesome personality and natural beauty.


The man who is known for his immense intelligence and creativity, not only this, he is an icon to millions of people who appreciates his decency, Amir Khan possess a very special yet decent inclination and admiration towards one of the most popular brand of watches, Titan. You for sure would know a lot of factors which are responsible for making this brand really popular, hence there is no doubt if you need luxury along with decency, Titan is the brand for you.


This name looks really attractive and fascinating, isn’t it, well, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, and for sure this gorgeous lady who does not need any introduction, is the one who prefers this brand when it comes to watches. Though Aishwarya is known for her amazing beauty and exclusive style statement, the collection of watch she prefers add on to the beauty of her look. The flashy ceramic look, a subtle mixture of steel and ceramic is what makes this watch look awesome.


Saif Ali Khan a really well known bollywood actor is crazy about this brand when it comes to watches. This watch is quite popular for providing a luxurious look and it almost dates back to the 19 th century which fascinates him the most. This brand holds round about eight different collections of some of the most gorgeous and diverse timepieces.

Audemars Piguet A sportsperson would always love and appreciate the stuff that looks great and sporty. Sachin Tendulkar, who does not need words in order to be introduced, is someone who loves this brand. Number of watches of this brand attract him towards them cause of their astounding and sporty look. So, how does it feel to know about the choice of your favourite personalities in the domain of watches? If you feel that these can be your choices , then do not wait for the same, hurry up and get your hands on your favourite watches today.


Catastrophic Death of Bollywood actresses Tragic deaths in bollywood is not something that has not been a bit of gossip or discussion these days, there were many talented actresses who left the industry, not that time snatched them away, but it was their decision to quit. The question is what made them take such a devastating step, what was it that made them give up and feel defeated? The whole world has lots to talk about the tragic deaths of various bollywood actresses, but who really has even tried to understand what was it that made them take away their own lives? The mystery of these deaths is still unrevealed, but these are the people who will always remain in the heart of every person associated with Bollywood, and will be always remembered: Jiah Khan was laid to rest June 2, 2013, in the presence of her inconsolable family, her relatives and colleagues. It was really sad to know that like many other bollywood actresses, she also chose to end her, and the reason told by her mother and other family members is, that she was really heart broken by her unsettled career in the industry, in fact she did try to kill herself last year, that’s what her mother told the media. Though, Sooraj Pancholi, son of famous Bollywood Actor, Aditya Pancholi was also in the controversy of this incident, as Sooraj and Jiah were in a relationship for quite some time. However, according to the statement of Jiah’s mother, Sooraj does not seem to be responsible for this anywhere. According to the recent updates till now, Jiah’s failing career in the film industry, was the reason for her to end up her life. Divya Bharti, a well known actress who lost her life at the age of 19, passed away an incident that occurred at her flat, but, till date nobody exactly know what was the reason of her falling down from the building she used to stay in. Certain people say and believe that she was overly drunk, and slipped down from the terrace, is that really true? Nobody knows the reality; it’s all in dark till date. Divya, when passed away, was doing really well in her career, she was casted in many movies and was always appreciated by people for her immensely great work. Another well known and extremely gorgeous also met a tragic end, she did not die a normal, and her death is also a mystery to the film industry. Parveen Bobby, appeared in the movie “Aashirvaad”, was the last movie she gave her appearance in, and then went away from the bollywood industry. The only times she came into limelight was, when her affair was discussed, she was so upset about the whole picture that she even stopped attending any of the film industry events or parties. And then, on 20th of January 2005, she was found hanging in her own apartment located in Juhu. These are not the only actresses who left the industry in a ruinous manner, there are many more in this list. This was and is a big loss to the industry and will always be missed by people associated with this diligence. 20 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013


Things to be carried in a Plane Many people get excited when to then choose to leave for a trip and hence they decide to pack up different stuff as per their likings, however, you need to understand that, nowadays many airlines does not allow you to carry a heavy luggage, so in that case all you need are things that are essential for you to carry in the plane, because the rest of your luggage will be checked in, and you will be left with only a limited luggage which you can carry in the flight. So, why not make it useful for you. Here is the list of things that are important for you to carry in a flight: Laptop If you are somebody who can travel anywhere without a laptop, it’s fantastic. Otherwise there are many people who cannot even think of travelling in a plane without their laptops. You can switch your laptops on as soon as you hear the announcement of doing so. Ear Plugs If there is an infant with you, or you are quite sensitive to the decompression that at times occur in flights, then it is advisable to carry an ear plug which you can make your baby wear or can use them yourself in order to get protection from that irritating pain. Snacks Carrying snacks in a flight is also a good option, thought there are many airlines who serve you snacks on the board itself, but, at times all of that is paid. So, carrying snacks is an affordable option which you may choose. Spare Clothes Carrying a spare set of clothes is 21 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

always good because you never know when your flight gets delayed for any reason. If you are carrying a set of spare clothes, it will be easy for you to freshen up. Pen/pencil There are a lot of magazines which are provided to you in the aircraft, carrying a pen and pencil can help you solve various puzzles and crosswords mentioned in the plane. Also, there are various forms which you might need to fill up in the aircraft. Music Player Time really flies away when you are passing time listen to your favorite music. There are many people who carry their I pods and music players in order to make their journey less monotonous.

solving great puzzles and crosswords. Medicines Certain people cannot bear the air pressure in the plane and hence at times feel nausea tic. Medicines will help you relax and will not let you suffer. Knitting Needles All you women out there, this is something you can definitely can carry in order to kill time in a flight, if you are fond of knitting, carry the essential stuff and do the needful when you are in the plane.

Books Books are your best friend, and they help you stay occupied in a flight especially when it’s a long hour flight. Sudoku This is something of great fun; you can kill your time in the flights by

Festivals that will take your heart away Festivals, be it resonated to any place, are something always looked upon by people of all the countries, each country is known for the wonderful festivals celebrated there. But, some of them are so incredible that you can’t miss to experience them

Sundance Film Festival

This is known to be the largest film festival which is celebrated in the United States of America during the end of January. In this particular festival, people prefer to watch both the short and long length films, in case you are willing to be a part of this festival the nest time, ensure that you have the ticket with you without which it will not be possible for you to watch the celebrations.

Pingxi Lantern Festival

This is known as a fairy tale or a dreamy festival, which is celebrated with a will and wish, people write their wishes on different lanters and then releases them into the sky, the sky on that day is a must watch for everyone, it looks so beautiful, glowing with lights. This festival is celebrated in Taiwan, in the month of February.


Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

This festival is celebrated in China, between 5th of January and 5TH of February. The best things about this festival is, people building the most superlative things out of ice and snow. Not only this, they are so crazy about their created stuff that they decorate it with numerous lights and lasers in order to make it look more attractive.

Chinese New Year

It is celebrated from 21st of January till 20th of February, this one month of celebration brings in the enormous Chinese holidays, this beauty of this festival lies in, various dragons, flowers, clothing, lanterns and a lot more that is created and used for the celebration of this amazing festival. A lot of people love to watch these celebrations and cherish them to the core.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

This particular festival is celebrated in Brazil, either in February or March, and encompasses some of the great parades, colors that seem to be dancing, and alcohol, which is the reason of this festival look and become stupendous.

Unforgettable Stay at Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Island is known to be one of the most gorgeous islands off the South Australian Coast. Every year this astounding place attracts numerous tourists who once visit there, enjoy their pleasurable stay, as there are numerous reasons which enable different people to stay there and enjoy their vacations or purpose of visit. Beautiful Wildlife and Birdlife There are many wildlife’s which exist on The Kangaroo Island, some of the famous ones which are the favorites of myriad people are, Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, Koalas, Australian Sealions, New Zealand Fur Seals and Echidnas. Talking about the beauty of this place, it has over 250 species of birds, which you will not find out anywhere that easily. All those who love nature and would like to have a glance at some of the most beautiful birds, this is the right place for you. Not only this, Kangaroo Island is known for being the only Sanctuary in the whole world that possesses Ligurian Bees. These Bees do not exist there from now, they are present there since 1800’s, and this is one of the most interesting facts about this Island. Undergrowth This is also one of the major reasons for which people love to stay here at the Kangaroo Island, its enormous plants and vegetation. It is said and quite visible that the vegetation out here is formed by mallee, there are quite a lot of Eucalypt Trees which enhance the beauty of this astonishing Island. If you will visit this place during late winter or early spring you will be simply amazed by the colorful carpet which is spreaded over here by the wildflowers.


National Parks Most of the area in fact one third of the Kangaroo Island is known to be a National Park and apart from that also hold in protected areas like conservation Parks or you may also call then reserves. One of the first largest National Parks in Australia, Flinders Chase National Park was basically declared as a National Park in the year 1919. This wonderful National Park has some of the most stupendous attractions which make lot of tourist visit there, some of these attractions are, Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and many other which will for sure fascinate you once you stay in there. Climate: The Climate of Kangaroo Island is very unpredictable, as it is very much exposed to numerous elements, for the reason of being the next landmass to Antarctica. Therefore, people who have visited this place often have to say that the climate of Kangaroo Island changes without even giving you a warning. Many people enjoy the weather conditions there and have a really pleasant stay once they reach to this fantastic place. Besides from the reasons mentioned above there are many other particulars about Kangaroo Island which when you will figure out, you will be constrained to visit and stay at this staggering place.


Make your skin blush With superlative blush on Makeup tips

Myriad girls love make up and most of them love to get those nice rosy and blush cheeks on. But, the question is, that are you aware about the appropriate way to apply blush on your cheeks. Here are few tips and tricks that can help you get nicely blushed on cheeks, and will enhance the look of your face:

Cleansing Your Brush

It is very essential and you should make it a point that you clean your make up brushes on a daily basis, cleaning them up with baby wipes is a good option. If you will not keep your brushes clean, there will be a possibility for you to get your skin bacteria infected.

Match your blush on shade with your attire If you are going for that part wherein you need to look hot and lavishing, it is very essential to have perfect make up in order to sustain that gorgeous look of yours. If the party is a big shot one then it will be a good idea to get some shimmer blush on the sides of your cheek bone, this will enhance the shape of your cheek bone and will make you look attractive. Dusky pink blush could warm up your face if your planning to wear something flashy. 26 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Tips for powder blush

Ensure that if you are applying powder blush on your face then you merge it appropriate, or rather apply it only once and don’t go over and over again on the same area otherwise you will end up leaving a patch on your face which will obviously make your make up look uneven.

Other essential tips while applying blush on

While doing make up the applying blush on should be the last thing you should do for, apply the foundation, eye-liner, lip gloss or stick, and then when you are done with everything then in the end you should go for the blush on. In order to avoid your eyes looking gaze puffy, keep in mind that your blush should never go above your cheek bone area.

Sometimes, many girls experience the problem wherein their blush on looks really loud and which end up making them look really kitschy with their makeup, if you experience something like this often, then this tip would definitely help you get a subtler make up. The best way to pitch down your blush on shade is, to cover it up by translucent dust, which would take care of the darker part of your blush on. Or, there is something else you can do too in order to lighten up your blush on shade, that is, you can hide it up a bit with the help of a concealer, this will make your dark blush on shade look light. Blush on is an amazing part of the makeup, only when, it is used appropriately. These tips will always let you look striking with your amazing make up.

Stay Young, Look Gorgeous All the time..!! his is something that everyone really T craves for, especially those who are in love with their own selves, they are

the ones who always to like to see themselves attractive and youthful. Many people believe that maintaining your grace is really difficult, well, it’s all in the mind, and your thoughts play a very vital role when looks are concerned. But, the question is, do you want to look young forever? It is not at all difficult, in fact it is very easy, however, the only thing that can make it difficult for you is, yourself, yes you are the only block that can keep youthfulness and beauty stay from you. If you decide that you will follow the steps given below, then you will simply be amazed, as well as delighted with the kind of results you’ll obtain: Water: feed it in your mind: The first and foremost step in order to look young and beautiful forever is, drinking lots and lots of water. You must have heard about the fact that people who intake water in great quantity, revels their gorgeous skin, but have you ever thought why? One of the reasons is, that water acts as an purification agent for your body and flushes out all the ugly fats or you can say, that fats that are not desired by your body and skin. Once these fatty acids leave your body, it becomes clean and that is what reflects on your face which people call as the result of drinking water. Another great thing, what water does for you is that it helps you remove fine lines and wrinkles. Where in liquid is concerned, say a big NO, to alcohol, cold drinks, tea or coffee if you want to sustain that gorgeous beauty of yours. 27 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Ensure that you intake almost two to three liters of water every day.

Healthy Diet: How can you really forget this, when you are making so much of efforts in order to look juvenile, junk food, not something meant for you. Rather include food stuff that contains or is rich in vitamins and minerals, imagine, how good to suggest others about their diet, that is a part of your care towards them, isn’t it? Then why not shower some love and care on yourself and your body, give it what it really needs, fruits, vegetables, and a nutritious diet,

slows down the ageing process of your body and hence keeps you young forever. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K are the ones that you need for a beautiful skin and healthy body. Watch out for your Cooking Oil: If you believe that oils are bad for the body, then you are highly mistaken, wrong type of oils are obviously not good for your body. But, that does not mean that you should not use oil while cooking at all, olive, flax and canola are great for cooking and should be the ones to be used. Encompass Protein: Protein also helps you stay fit and look beautiful. It consists of Amino acid which helps your body to be appropriately developed. In order to look striking ensure that apart from following the steps mentioned above, intake at least 120 grams of protein every day.

Shraddha Kapoor

Dazzling and Astonishing,



hraddha Kapoor, a renowned upcoming actress who has already commenced the process of rocking Bollywood by giving some of the startling appearances in the movies like “Love Ka The End” which was released in the year 2011 and for which she was awarded as the “Prestigious Stardust Searchlight Best Actress” for her amazing performance. This does not end here, Shraddha has also been titled as the third best Hottest New Face female in I times in the year 2010.

her with renowned actress Waheeda Rehman and Madhubala. He also believes and calls Shraddha really intelligent, and this is what makes him take advice from her whenever required.

These were some of her achievements that she has been handed over for her immense and fantastic work that she has been doing for quite some time now.

Another interesting fact that might amuse you, is, that like other girls Shraddha is also scared of her father as he is really strict as well as possessive about her. She although is really opened up with them but when it comes to discipline, her father is really strict on that.

Talking about her background, from where it all started. She was born in the “City of Dreams”, Mumbai to a really well known actor Shakti Kapoor and his wife Shivangi Kapoor. Shraddha is not the only child of her parents, and possess an elder brother, who used to be a Disc Jockey as well as a decent assistant director. Apart from direction her brother Siddhant made an appearance as an actor in the movie “Shootout at Wadala” Shraddha did her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School which is based in Juhu. After her schooling she joined Boston University to nourish her inner actor, there she got enhanced knowledge about Theatre. This young and talented actress after giving performance in the recent blockbuster “Aashiqui 2” is all set for working on her new ventures such as “Gori Tere Pyaar Mein” by Puneet Malhotra, which is a romantic comedy wherein you will see Shraddha again giving a wonderful performance; most probably this movie will be released on its tentative date “15th November”. Like every other daughter, she is loved and admired by her father Shakti Kapoor. He generally has lots to speak about her, and most of the times compare 29 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Shraddha also has a huge fan following and some of her fans strongly believe that she possess certain traits of Katreena Kaif. She does not consider any body as her competition apart from her own self, and she says that she loves to compete with her own self.

When it comes to her style statement, it seems that she is quite comfortable with sporting ethnic and modern silhouettes. The co starts who have worked with Shraddha in her previous projects have lots to say about her and they seem to be quite impressed with her committed, focused and caring attitude. Shraddha is known to pay attention to everybody on her sets, and is not considered as someone who would just think about her own self. The future of this promising actress looks really fantastic and bright, and you can expect a lot more of her great appearances in the future.

Interesting Facts about Your Zodiac Signs Horoscopes, Tarot Card Readings, Astrology and a lot more exists these days which claim to help people get familiar with their future. The question is how true these predictions are? Are they done in order to scare and mint money from various people or are they done with an intention to genuinely help somebody with their concerns. Well, this is a very interesting topic to have a debate, but, today we are not here for this. You must be aware about Zodiac Signs, these are also known as Sun Signs by various people. Each of us have our own unique Zodiac Signs, and the interesting thing is, so does our partner’s. There are many people who believe really string in these signs, so, for all those who would like to know more about Zodiac Signs and are willing to read on some of the fascinating facts about the same, this article is perfect for you. Read on ruminate if all this makes sense to you, here we go: Aries Aries are the people who are born between 21st of March and 20th of the April. They are the kind of people who would love to explore things as they are very outgoing. Their friendly attitude enables them get a huge number of friends surrounding them. They are a kind of people who would always take a stand for themselves, so, if you are trying to bully around an Arian, better change your thought. When on one hand they can be really associated with the crowd, on the other hand they also have a vulnerable side. Taurus The person who is born between 21st of April and 21st of May is known to be a Taurian. If in any sphere of your life you are dealing with this person, be very cautious because one of its traits is, that it will never show you its real side, apart from that they are very stubborn people who like things being done their way.

Gemini Gemini’s are the ones born between 22nd of May and 21st of June. They are the people who do not stick to one thing for long as they keep changing their minds frequently. They cannot sustain boredom at all and hence if they experience it, then they will quickly shift towards something that they will find interesting.

Cancer People who are between 22nd of June and 23rd of July are known to be Cancerian’s. These people are very non predictive as they go through immense mood swings. One minute you will see them laughing and giggling around and the next minute you might find them blaming people. Leo Leo’s are born between 24th of July and 23rd of August. They are the people who when fall in love, fall with whole of their heart. At the same time, they are really good advisors, so if you have a friend who is a Leo, and you are looking for some advice, then he is your man. 30 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Virgo Those who are born between 24th of August and 23rd of September are known to fall under this particular sign. These people tend to be family oriented and like to stay quiet most of the times. Perfectionist and Realistic are some of the strengths they possess. These are the people who love to socialize.

Libra People born between 24th of September and 23rd of October are known to be Librans. They are very independent individuals and do not take orders at all. They are also the people who you can say are excellent listeners, and are very intelligent. Librans are the people who feel contended by seeing others happy.

Scorpio They are the people who are born between 22nd of October and 21st of November. Scorpio’s are the people who will keep their feelings buried deep within and will not let them come out often. They monitor their own selves very carefully and hence come to know where they are heading right and where they are going wrong.

Sagittarius A person born between 23rd of November and 21st of December is known to be born with this Zodiac Sign. They are generally the first ones to cheer up their friends when they are down. Also, these are the people blessed with excellent sense of humor; you will always find yourself laughing in their presence.

Capricorn Anyone who is born between 22nd of December and 20th of January is known to be a Capricorn. These are the people who possess the ability to fit in the surroundings and adjust anywhere. They are people’s person and love to socialize and be in groups.

Aquarius: A person, who is born between 21st of January and 19th of February, is known to be of this Zodiac Sign. They are very choosy people, hence if they feel that you are not worth being a friend even at the first glance they will never talk to you. They are very soft spoken people but keep changing their behaviors up and down on various occasions.

Capricorn Anyone who is born between 22nd of December and 20th of January is known to be a Capricorn. These are the people who possess the ability to fit in the surroundings and adjust anywhere. They are people’s person and love to socialize and be in groups.


Controversies are something that has not left the side of any industry, you name any industry and there will be some story related to the controversy of it. Starting from great doctors, to lawyers and even sportsman, none of them could save themselves from this vast pool of controversy. Various sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball etc have been a part of controversies in various occasions. Here are some of the sportsmen or athletes who have been in the controversy picture for quite some Lance Armstrong (Cycling): Lance Armstrong was considered to be one of the best cyclists in the world. From the year 1999 till 2005, Armstrong was considered as a shining star and was known to be one of the best athletes in the world. However, something blocked his way of walking down the path of a booming career; he was blamed by certain people that in order to give a classy performance, he used to take performance drugs. Several tests were conducted for him in which he came out clean, which was an amazing thing. Pete Rose (Baseball): Pete Rose, a startling baseball player, he was known to be a very special base in this particular domain. Pete Rose was associated with Cincinnati Reds and was really admired by his team members and everybody else. But what made him controversial was, his betting one the game. In the year 1989 he was not allowed to play in the Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame. This was not a false allegation and in the year 2007, he himself admitted about the betting thing while he was a manager, he was very regretful and wanted MLB to accept him back by seeing his great records of performance.


Vinod Kambli: Vinod Kambli seems to be the greatest witness of the collapse that took place in India’s tem in 1996 World Cup, when they were playing against the team Sri lanka. Even after 15 years, the blood did not stop boiling in Kambli for that particular episode and hence on a televised debate he took his frustration as well as suspicion out by commenting that he was shocked by the decision of Mohd. Azharudin, when he chose to field first in the case when team had decided to bat first in case they win the toss. Azzhar did not agree to this allegation and called it rubbish, not only him; there were people who backed him up, people like Sanjay Manjrekar, Nayan Mongia and Raju, they said that all the allegations being put up on him are false. Apart from the ex team mates, various politicians, and ICC president called the allegations of Kambli simply irresponsible. Doping Scandal: The ugly head of the doping scandal blocked the victory of India when the athletes started performing better than before. The Gold Medalist of Asian Games, Ashwini Akkunji, her team mates Mandeep Kaur, Sini Jose and one of the shot putters Sonia were handed over a ban of 2 years and there were other athletes on which the investigation was asked to be on. Three months later of this entire picture, they were found guilty and hence, this scandal became the worst dope scandal of India.

Tigar woods Sex Scandel Story breaks in the National Enquirer alleging an affair between golf icon Tiger Woods and nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel. Nov. 27, 2009 Woods crashes his SUV into a tree outside his Florida mansion. Reports soon surface that Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, had attacked the car with a golf club following an argument about Woods’ alleged affair with Uchitel. Dec. 1, 2009 Jaimee Grubbs, a cocktail waitress, alleges a several-year affair with Woods. She claims to have steamy photos and text messages as proof. Dec. 11, 2009 In a statement posted on his website, Woods admits to and apologizes for his infidelity and announces he will take “an indefinite hiatus” from professional golf. Dec. 13, 2009 Technology consulting firm Accenture announces it will end its sponsorship agreement with Woods. It is effectively a vote of no confidence in what had previously been one of the world’s strongest personal brands. Jan. 16, 2010 Woods is reported to have become a patient at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, above, in Mississippi for sex addiction. Mike Tyson Ear off Scandal No boxer is as infamous and famous as Tyson, but there is some controversy surrounding this amazing athlete. Tyson’s most infamous controversy comes from biting the ear off of his opponent, Evander Holyfield, and then talked about ripping out his heart. Tyson also failed to make a comeback in the ring more than once, and he has also displayed bizarre behavior over the years.


Salman Butt ,Amir & Asif Match-fixing 2010 Pakistan’s long standing problems with matchfixing allegations continued this year. A London court convicted Pakistani players Salman Butt (30 months), Mohammed Amir (6 months) and Mohammed Asif (12 months) on spot-fixing charges on November 3 for bowling deliberate no balls in a 2010 match against England. The players are said to have received between 2,500 to 65,000 pounds in bribes. All three have been handed jail terms, but may get off with serving just half their sentences depending on good behavior. Luke Pomersbach molesting Scandal This Australian middle-order batsman made his IPL debut for kings XI Punjab .But in 2011, he was bought by Royal Challenge Bangalore for $50,000.In IPL5, he has made headlines not for his cricketing skills but for his arrest by the Delhi Police for molesting for a US woman of Indian Origin.

New Visa Application Charges from 1 July 2013 New visa pricing arrangements are introduced, changing visa applications charges from a single charge at the time of application to a charge per applicant in an individual or combined application. What is the visa application charge? The visa application charge is the amount of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid for a visa application, unless there is an exemption. The visa application charge might be broken into installments, with one part payable at the time of application, and another before grant. Depending on your circumstances, there will be different types of charges included in the total visa application charge amount that is payable at the time of lodging a visa application. The new charges that apply from 1 July 2013 will introduce charges for additional applicants in a combined application, subsequent temporary applications applied for in Australia and a single charge for certain visa applications that are not lodged through our online service. What are the new visa application charges applicable from 1 July 2013? From 1 July 2013 a number of components might make up the total first installment visa application charge. First installment To make a valid visa application after 1 July 2013, the following components might apply: 34 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

• the base application charge • an additional applicant charge • a non-internet application charge • a subsequent temporary application charge. The first installment of the visa application charge is the total of all of the components that must be paid for your visa application. Second installment In addition, for some visas you might also have to pay a further visa application charge. This can be paid after you have made your application but before the visa can be granted. This second installment will not be required if your application is refused. What is the base application charge? Every visa application will have a base application charge, unless there is an exemption or in the case of the base application charge is nil. If an application includes more than one applicant, known as a combined application, then the base application charge will only be paid by the main applicant. What is the additional applicant charge? The additional applicant charge will be paid for each additional visa applicant when there is more than one visa applicant in a combined visa application, unless there is an exemption. The amount of the additional applicant charge will depend on the visa type and the age of the applicant.

Not all visas will allow additional applicants to be included with or added to the visa application. The additional applicant charge will only be for people who are applying for the visa with you. Some visa applications will ask you to list everyone in your family unit, even if they are not migrating with you. You will not have to pay the additional charge for nonmigrating family members. The charge will not be paid for newborns that are born after you lodge you application but before we have made a decision on the application. If you have a newborn we will advise you to contact us. What is the non-Internet application charge? The non-internet application charge will be paid once even if there is more than one applicant in a visa application. This charge will need to be paid if you could lodge your visa application online through our eVisa service, but: • you choose to apply using a paper form and lodge it by post, courier, fax, email, or in per son. This includes lodging at Service Delivery Partners (SDPs) outside Australia, or • you choose apply for a Resident Return visa application by telephone or in person. You should check on 1 July 2013 to find out if this charge must be paid if you do not lodge your visa application through our website. Subsequent temporary application charge A subsequent temporary application charge is a charge that you might need to pay when you lodge a visa application for certain temporary visas when you are in Australia. This charge will apply to the first visa that is granted when you are in Australia. This charge will be paid by each person in an application and is based on your individual temporary visa history. This charge will be paid in addition to any other visa charges that apply to your visa application at the time of lodgment. You should check on 1 July 2013 to find out if this charge will need to be paid when you lodge your visa application. This charge will not need to be paid for: • bridging visa applications, criminal justice visas or enforcement visas or • Permanent visa applications. 35 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

How will changes to visa application charge affect my application? The cost of the first installment of the visa application charge is dependent on when the application is received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. If you lodge and pay the total first installment charge for your visa application and it is received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship before 1 July 2013, then these new charges will not apply to your application. If the visa application charge or foreign currency rate changes in the time it takes for your application to be received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, you might have to pay any difference in charges. Examples of when you might need to pay a difference in charge include: • you pay for your visa application in Australia before 1 July and lodge your application with an Australian Mission outside Australia on or after 1 July • you send your visa application with the visa application charge before 1 July, but we do not receive your application until on or after 1 July • you send your visa application charge in a foreign currency with your visa application to an Australian Mission outside Australia before 1 July, but we do not receive your ap plication until on or after 1 July. What happens if I have not paid the correct amount? Your visa application is not valid until the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship receive the total first installment of the visa application charge. If less than the correct total amount is paid, we cannot commence the processing of your visa application until the correct amount is received. We might contact you regarding outstanding amounts that need to be paid or we might return your application to you and you will need to lodge your application again with the correct amount. Important: If you pay by credit card, you must have enough funds to pay the total amount of your visa application charge for the transaction to be successful.

iPhone apps

Aussie Slang Dictionary Price: $1.19 Despite living in the land down under, all of us need some brushing up on our Aussie slang now and then. The Aussie Slang Dictionary is the perfect app for that. Not damaging to your pockets at just $1.19, version 2.2 contains more than 100 new terms, all in a compact, easyto-search app that will turn you from ‘galah’ to ‘grouse’ in no time. Drink Tracker Price: $1.99 Two dollars is a small price to pay compared to being caught over the limit by the boys in blue. Drink Tracker records how many drinks you have had, along with the times of your drinks. Set a target BAC, and a countdown timer will show you how long it will take for that target to be reached. Obviously, we can’t guarantee its accuracy — so think about getting a taxi if you’ve had a few.

Metro Public Transportation Melbourne/Perth/Sydney Price $ 2.99 Commuters rejoice! Finally we have a straightforward application that offers travellers an easy way to plan their trip; whether it’s by train, bus, tram or ferry. No matter where you are in the city, Metro Public Transportation has you covered, so say goodbye to late-night net searches for the perfect route to take. 36 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Show the Loo Price: Free A useful app for those who also need the Drink Tracker; or for any of us venturing into new parts of the city. Lost and busting to go? Show the Loo will give you all the nearby public toilets within a 10 kilometre radius. The best part is that it’s free! CamCard Price: $8.99 CamCard is another app that uses the iPhone’s camera as a scanner, allowing you to store digital copies of business cards. Users can also add notes to a card, and call, e-mail and SMS directly from the app. FlightTrack Pro Price: $12.99 Frequent flyers will love this app as it provides live information regarding flight delays, gate changes and cancellations. It is highly recommended for travelers.

Solid Explorer Solid Explorer gives me everything I need within an attractive and functional two-paned interface, backed by great usability. You can drag and drop files between directories on your device to other PCs on your network or even to the cloud.

YouTube Remote It’s become common practice to have a PC hooked up to the ol’ (flat panel) tube. However, web sites are often quite difficult to navigate when you’re sitting so far away from the text. Google knows this and has released YouTube Remote. Install it, pair it with whatever PC you’re viewing content on (just sign in to the same Google Account), and you can then search, create playlists, manage the queue, pause, skip, and so on, all from your phone. No squinting required -- your crow’s feet will thank you.

find myself in a strange part of Sydney or Melbourne, then Öffi provides a great means of finding the nearest stop, what connections you need to make and the different options available. However, if you plan to travel to one of the supported countries (United Kingdom, USA [San Francisco and Philadelphia], Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Netherlands [Amsterdam], Denmark, Sweden, Norway [Oslo and Bergen] or Poland), then this app can save you the trouble of finding the nearest bus to De Wallen.

Android apps

Pandora Pandora still provides a better Internet radio experience than Spotify, so if you don’t want to pay for premium content, this is your best bet.

Untappd Untappd is like Foursquare for beer, only the idea behind it isn’t that you check into a venue, it’s that you check in a beer. So, every time you suck down a cool Juan, you check it in. And just like Foursquare, you earn badges for doing certain beer-related things. However, you can also see where and what your friends are drinking and then go stalk them, or see who’s drinking what nearby, so that you can awkwardly approach strangers and attempt a conversation over your common interest in cherry lambics. Google Keyboard Google has added its own keyboard to Google Play. Google Keyboard comes with plenty of features like gesture typing, voice typing, word recognition, next-word suggestion and current-word completion. Type faster and more accurately on your Android device with Google Keyboard. You can download Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store

Public Transport Buddy is a worldwide public transport manager that is of particular use to anyone city-hopping. I still use TripView for my regular commute, but if I 37 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

Online shopping is something that is very common these days, not every person has the time to visit to numerous markets, as the work schedule and in fact the busy life style keeps people really busy and hence they are left with almost no time for shopping. There are many websites these days which provide great deals on some of the astounding stuff which is available for the sale online.

Do’s & Don’ts

In Online


Here are some safe online shopping tips which can make your online shopping experience relish able:


Use sites that are familiar to you. You’re safer if you stick to sites you know. If you’re not familiar with a site, make sure that the site has a privacy policy and information about the site’s security measures.

Know if the site is secure. There are two quick and easy things to look for when shopping a site. First, does the URL start with HTTPS (instead of HTTP)? And second, is there a “lock” icon on the status bar that shows that you are on a secured website?



Pay with credit. When it comes time to pay for that new gadget/shirt/toy, use credit instead of debit. Many credit cards offer fraud protection that debit doesn’t. A disposable card or gift card is even better, because the funds are limited to a specific



Be the master of your own information. Storing your information on a trusted site sure does make things easier when you come back to buy again. If you read the news, however, you’ll see that even secure sites can occasionally fall prey to hackers. Also, there’s no need for a shopping site to know your birthday, your ID number, etc. That information, along with your credit card number, is ID-heaven to a thief. Keep your personal information, well, personal.


Don’t Believe Everything You Read. Cybercriminals may try to lure you to their site by offering fantastic deals or unbelievably great prices. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is a fake site or some type of scam,”. It advices is to stick with wellknown companies, or research a lesser-known site through google or other search engines. Use a super strong password. If your shopping


password is 1234, you’re vulnerable to being hacked. Use a phrase with numbers and special characters. For example, “Ireadthedenblog2” is a strong password.

Shop at home. Don’t use public computers to enter personal information.



Check your statements. It’s a good idea to do this monthly. Make sure the charges on your credit cards went to pay for things that you got to enjoy — not someone else.

Don’t Reload Confirmation Pages That Fail to Load. A site may accidentally charge you multiple times if you keep trying to reload a confirmation page. Instead, contact the retailer directly to make sure your order went through. You can also check your credit card statement to confirm a charge was posted.


Do Download an Anti-Phishing Toolbar These are tools that track down fraudulent sites and alert you if you visit one that appears to be asking for information under false pretenses. Many are free; try Netcraft or MyWOT. com for protection.


Read Independent Reviews. Word of mouth is always the best way of finding out what a retailer is really about. While many sites host reviews on their sites, in some cases these reviews could be biased or even fake.


Holiday shopping time is upon us. Shop smart and shop safe online! 39 | INDIAN MIRROR 2013

If you are someone who owns a small business, or are self employed, then you probably need someone who can take care of your finances, prepare annual reports for you and stay updated on your tax returns. Now due to the advancement in technology and the new and upcoming trends of employment, there are people who can help with your finance stuff online, such people are known as Internet Accountants. All you have to do is, pay a fixed monthly fee and there will be an accountant assigned to you, who can readily take care of your finances, you must be wondering about the benefits of hiring an internet accountant, here are few of the advantages of these specialized people: Providing Quality Support: When you agree to work with Internet Accountants, there is not one, but a team of extremely proficient accountants is provided to you who have immense knowledge and expertise in this domain. There are efficient tax advisers who are also a part of this team, and together they will be able to provide you with appropriate finance guidance along with resolving any of your issues related to taxes. These proficient people are always ready to offer their support to you, and you can be in touch with them not only via the internet, but, even through phone, they are easily contactable. Offering Expert Advice: An internet accountant is a specialized person and possesses immense knowledge in the area of finance and taxation; hence you can always expect a straight as well as helpful advice from him. You don’t have to go helter-skelter looking for people who can offer you some of the great advices on this particular area. This will be one dedicated, or at occasion, a team who will be assigned to provide you with the best possible solutions and expert advices.


Ease and Comfort: Your records will be maintained online by these experts, hence it will be really easy for you to look for them anytime, and you will not be required to juggle with hard core files, as your data will be kept at one particular place, easily locatable. There will not be much of effort required from your end to find out any sort of data pertaining to your finances. Complete Visibility and Control: You will have access to your data via the computer or even a tablet, and you can manage it anytime you need. There is no special permission which you will require in order to fiddle with your data. Access it whenever you feel like, at wherever you wish to, it is that easy. Efficient Reports: Internet accountants offer you a lot of effective reports that will help you keep a track of numerous issues related to your finances, you will be able to deal with your expense and mileage tracking, tax calculations, dividend reports, in fact this will help you manage your business easily and effectively.


he one who can manage finances appropriately is known to be wise for business, for the reason that he will be capable of creating more of assets and less liabilities. It is very essential to have sound knowledge of managing accounts and ways to reduce or save tax, when you are into any business, if not then for your own personal benefit, after all nobody likes this wonderful thing to go out of his hands. Now, the question that might pop up in your mind is how to save tax and manage accounts proficiently? Personal and Professional Accounts: Well, it is very obvious that if you’ll keep your personal and professional accounts congruent or one, then there is a certain chance of turbulence dancing in your life leaving you in enormous confusion and despair. Why make life complicated when it can be at ease, keep your personal account separate from your professional or business one. This will help you manage both of them efficiently, and there will be no definite chance of confusion along with this, you will be able to keep a perfect record for both. All is not for personal cherishment: Money, of course, is really tempting if you are willing to spend it on yourself, however, imagine that one sunny day that brings in light of joy turns out to be a dark rainy day all of a sudden, which means enjoyment of sometime can anytime become a reason of gloom in fraction of seconds if you avoid paying tax, so make sure that all that you earn is not spent on personal benefits, but, a certain part of it surely is kept in order to pay the desired tax. Avoiding tax is not a solution to increase the money in your bank account, what you rather can do is, save down on your tax, yes, there are certain steps that can help you save tax:


Tax Deductable Expenses: In case you are running your own, then make sure that you file your tax deductable expenses so that you can save big time on your taxation. The Running Expenditure of your Car: This might sound weird, but yes it is true that you can claim for the running expenditures of your car in order to save on your tax. Expenses on Investment Property: It is suggested to you to kindly pay the necessary interest on your investment property, this will help you save tax immensely. Insurance of Income Protection: If you take up this particular insurance of Income protection, then it will become easier for you to file it as a work related expense. Not only this, there are numerous ways that can help you save tax immensely, managing accounts appropriately can surely help you save on your tax. If your accounts are hay wire, then it will become impossible for you to calculate on your income and hence, will not give you any idea of your desired tax. Being aware and organized in all aspects always acts as a precaution in business.

Egg Special Recipes by our Master chef Diksha Kapoor A food devotee, and a budding author, trying her level best to keep in tempo with the demand and supply of the various cuisines and the unique style of traditional cookery. Deeksha Kapoor became intrested in cooking at the age of 10 , surprising her mother with a full meal on her birthday.After her schooling, she decided to pursue her passion for the culinary and erolled herself in the Oxford Brookes University, London. During her graduation, she trained in various cuisines , while working at The Berkeley Hotel, London, she learnt the art of preparing various dishes of different cuisines.

Scotch Eggs

4 servings 1 pound bulk minced chicken 1 Tablespoon fresh parsley chopped 1 Tablespoon grated onion 1/4 Teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/8 Teaspoon ground nutmeg 4 hard-cooked eggs shelled 1/2Cup fine dry breadcrumbs

Combine chicken, parsley, onion, cinnamon and nutmeg; mix well. Divide sausage mixture into 4 portions; shape into patties. Place one egg atop each patty, shaping the sausage mixture around egg till completely covered. Roll each sausagecovered egg in breadcrumbs. Bake in a preheated 350 degree F. oven for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Egg Kababs

Grate the hard boil eggs finely. Add chopped onions, green chilies, Serves - 4 poodina, coriander, besan, garam masala, lemon juice & salt. Mix Eggs , hard boiled - 4 well to make a smooth dough. Gram flour (besan) - 2 Tbsp Shape into small flat kebabs (10 Onion, choppes finely - 1 Green chillies, chopped finely - 2 12). keep aside. At the time of serving , heat to 3 oil in a shallow frying pan. Mint Leaves (poodina), 1tbsp Add 3-4 kebabs at a time . Fry chopped finely - 1 Tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped finely - on moderate heat till golden. Remove on absorbent paper. 1 Tbsp Garnish with onion rings and Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp chopped mint. Sprinkle chat Lemon juice - a few drops masala. Salt - to taste Serve with mint chutney. Oil - for shallow frying

Baked eggs, spinach & prosciutto

Makes 4 8 slices prosciutto 70g baby spinach leaves, blanched sea salt and cracked black pepper 4 eggs 1/3 cup (30g) grated parmesan Preheat oven to 180ยบC (390ยบF). Lightly grease 4 x 150ml ovenproof dishes.

Line the sides of each dish with 2 slices of prosciutto, add the spinach, salt and pepper and crack an egg into each. Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 9 minutes or until the egg is starting to set. Remove the foil and top each egg with parmesan. Bake for a further 2 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the prosciutto is crisp.

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