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Greetings from the Publisher... Publisher’s Profile ARUN MAHARAJ HAYWARD CALIFORNIA USA

Publisher/Editor—India Fiji Today Past Co-chairman California Business Advisory Council— Past National President Fiji Jaycees— California Jaycees Senator—Jaycees International SenatorRecipient of the American National Leadership Award— Invited to the US Presidential Dinner in Washington DC.— aharaj Former member of USA Fiji Festival Advisory Committee— Arun M Fiji delegate Jaycees Youth Voyage held in Japan 1983— Represented Fiji in Jaycees World Congress in Japan 1986Former Secretary of the ‘Fiji Teachers Union Credit Union’—Taught at Vunimono High School in Nausori Fiji—DAV College in Suva Fiji—Rishikul High School in Nasinu Fiji.

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A PERSPECTIVE By Arun Maharaj—Hayward California

“Identifying Your True Self” „What others think we are‟, „What we think we are” and „What we are‟ are the main factors that build our perception of our selves. Some highly believe in what others think of them. They lead their lives on the basis of others evaluation of themselves. Some believe in what they think they are. They always have a view of themselves based on their own evaluations. In this world of materialism the real value of things many times is ignored. The value of people is also many times measured in terms of wealth, name and fame whereas the true value may not be seen. Peace is attained by truth alone and it is peace that we are, many times even not knowingly, looking for in life. 1

Truth needs no justification as it stands by itself above everything else and therefore it is imperative that we identify our true selves and do not go along with what others think about us or even what we think of ourselves. „What we are‟ is our true self. Once we identify ourselves and believe in it, we have found the truth which no one can change and we may be able to lead a life along our own true desires which may lead us to a more peaceful and successful life. Without trying ourselves in activities, many times we think we are not capable of doing it but if we try we may be able to do better then others. ‘WHAT WE ARE’ is our true self.


a c i r e m A n i y t i n u m m o C i j


Volume 1, Issue 1

Cover Story

The Magical Yoagona and its Journey to America... Yagona being native to Fiji and other Australia on significant levels in the South Pacific Polynesian island na- Fiji community. The Fiji-Indian comtions is highly sacred to the natives of munity in particular consumes yagothese island nations It is also regard- na in great quantity particularly here ed as the national drink of Fiji. Yago- in America. There are special social na drinking became popular among gatherings held in the weekends esthe Indian compecially for yamunity of Fiji gona drinking Yagona Mixing at Late Night-While Working on a who adopted by groups of Voluntary Project on a Publication in Fiji in 1980’s... Yagona drinking people here in as part of their America. The social custom. drink has its Grown in the own adremote islands vantages comand even on the pared to alcomajor islands of holic drinks. Fiji Vitilevu, VaPeople remain n u a l e v u , sober after Taveuni and Ledrinking yagovuka Yagona na and are able also known as Kava is supplied to the to drive even long distances unlike consumers in Fiji and abroad. After alcoholic drinks. The drink also keeps being well adopted in Fiji-Indian social Fiji community bonded together. The customs such as marriage, death and drink should not be taken for other religious gatherings the magical granted as it travels great distance drink made its way abroad. Yagona from Fiji to make our life sociable drinking continues today in America, here in America and abroad. Canada, New Zealand and


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People... Ram Maharaj—A Leading Insurnace Specialist in Bay Area and Beyond... Born in bred in Labasa and after completing his high school education there, a energetic young man made his way to a tertiary institution in an endeavor to make a career in agriculture. Ram Maharaj joined the Fiji School of Agriculture in Koronivia Nausori. Upon graduating from the agriculture college he served the Fiji government for some years as a civil servant. Later Mr. Maharaj migrated to the USA and while having a full time job took up insurance as a part time business. Finally he took up full time insurance as an insurance specialist serving the needs of the public. He has been in the business for almost twenty years. Mr. Maharaj lives in Daly City and operates his insurance business from an office in Tanforan Professional Center in South City.

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l E a i R r U o T t A i E d F e I J I F

Volume 1, Issue 1

se ra a Q ia n e is a L f o g in c n te n e The S .. i. ij F f o r te is in M e m ri P r e Form India Fiji Today Publisher & Editor Arun Maharaj Hayward, California 510 : 875 0568 Sacramento Correspondent Kristeen Prakash Contributing Writer Jai P. Narayan Correspondents Mahesh Bharadwaj Delhi, India Indar Nair Sydney, Australia Subhash Chandra Auckland, New Zealand Indar Mudaliar Toronto, Canada

a The sentencing of Laisenia Qarase, former director of Fijian Holdings Lim , ited and a former Prime Minister of Fiji of is not only a historic event but a time A intense reflection for the people of Fiji. man of such standing, as a former Prime Minister, being sentenced can be traumatic for his family, friends and his close followers. In a country, where political leaders are highly respected and regarded virtually as mentors, the sen tencing must have come as a shock d and disbelief to many. However it is sai ‘no one is above the law’ and people are punished for what the justice sys tem determines are offences under the law. Since being deposed from the Prime Minister’s office in 2006 Mr. Qarase may have gone through agony and now the sentencing could further add to it.

Disclaimer—Fiji Today/Fiji Feature Fiji Today/Fiji Feature/Fiji Highlight is the editor’s review on the major happenings back in Fiji based on the information from , Fiji Times; Fiji Live, Fiji Sun; visitors to and from Fiji and other Fiji publications. These are editor’s own views based on the information from those sources. The ‘perspectives’ are the editor’s/writers’ views and opinion and any error/s and or misinterpretation are regretted and the editor / publisher is not responsible for any such error/s and or further discussions .The Publisher/Editor of India Fiji Today will not accept any LIABILITY, CRITICISM, ANNOYANCE or ADVERSE REACTION what so ever, to the contrary of its intention caused by any misinterpretation, miss-understanding or non-acceptance of the same.

Advertisements The claims made by the advertisers are entirely their own and the editor / publisher does not necessarily support or endorse these claims.


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t h g i l h g i H i j i F g in ll ri h T s r‟ re a e B g la Fiji F Olympicbeslie…ved to Appearance aOltympic s in London is

Fiji’s flag bearer at the 2012 his bare chest and grass by e nc die au the d ne tai ter en have Olympics Games last the of ing en op the g rin du ce skirt appearan week. Fiji is represented in the prestigious global event consisting of CTORIAL I P I J I F around 10,000 athletes from 200 about countries. The Fiji contingent athletes of ea wall along with othNasese S iji Suva—F ers around the world had the of privilege rld dignitaries. Fiji has had wo top of ce en es pr the in g paradin t independent and no s wa it ile wh in ita Br t ea Gr strong ties with the head of state through s wa n ee Qu e er wh n nio mi do later as a participating in events like athbe to s em se i Fij l. ra ne ge or rn gove er events. letics, swimming along with oth 9


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s e t i S n India e

r India Featu

Volume 1, Issue 1

Presidential Palace of India

The official home of the Presiden t of India, who is the first citizen of the country is situated in the heart of Delhi. Constructed in 1912 the massive structure houses 340 rooms on four floor levels spread in an area of about 200,000 square feet. The House President’s ai Delhi—ind magnificent mansion is a major site in Delhi which is visited by million s of visitors local and foreigners


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k c a b h s a l F i j i F Pictorial

„Fiji Night‟ Celebration in Japan—1986…... This is a scene from FIJI NIGHT celebration held in Japan during the 1986 Jaycees World Congress. The event was organized by Arun Maharaj— then National President of Fiji Jaycees as promotion for Fiji and Fiji Jaycees. The Jaycees World Congress is attended by delegates and guests from around the world every year and it is held in different countries. l President of Fiji Jaycees (seated in In the picture Arun Maharaj—1986 Nationa ees delegates, (top left and seated the center) is accompanied by Mauritius Jayc l Vice President, (top right ) and left facing the picture ) a Jaycees Internationa extreme right ) Kenya Jaycees National Secretary (seated


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. . . i j i F f o s e i r o Mem Taking a Journey Back to the

Days of Well and Tank in Fiji‌ Water System taking a journey back to the

Going back on memory and w you a days of well and tank water system in Fiji will sho a and different Fiji from what it is today. Even greater Suv the tap the Central Division looked quite different without ny setwater system. Up to the early sixties probably, ma tank tlements in the Central Division were using well and n as a water for their water needs. Water then was see and true essential commodity depended solely on rain kept ussome spring water in wells. The other parts of Fiji water ing the water system for much later years until tap ts of Fisystem was made available. There were many par rt from ji where tap water system reached fairly late. Apa there reservoirs in Suva, Nausori and other major towns, s and were water catchments made to supply water to tap shared Suvare Point in some cases there were common taps that we r from by many houses. The water supply was not regula water catchments.


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“Life in the Interior of Labasa Today”…

its numbers dwindling The once populated second major island of Fiji saw ly dependent on sugar some years ago. The sugar mill town which is sole was much felt in the recane saw its cane production shrinking. The effect activity for the people mote areas where sugar cane farming was the only land—lease on large scale. The the rich cane saga which took away f a r m e r s farms away from the life of greater changed the course of large many Labasa residents. Today were once masses of land, which cane farms, settlements with rich that once life e h t lie idle and it hard to say n i se liness of the A Hou or of existed there. If the lonetell would Interi ... area could speak it about a ries Labas lots of interesting stoits during happenings in the area ade ago mass peak days! Over a decers from their movement of cane farmtral Division made large homes in the interior of Labasa to Suva and Cen of Labasa is one of areas lonely. The life there today in the remoteness ion with vacant rooms loneliness. Some schools have reduced populat for a quick visit if you which once housed students. It may be a place the leftover residents wish to enjoy nature and its loneliness but for it may not be quite so!


a i d n I f o s n o i t a t S l l Hi

Volume 1, Issue 1 AUGUST 2012

Shimla—The Summer Capital of India... Shimla which

used to be Simla is the ca pital of northern state Himachal P radesh. The city lies on the foot of Himalyas at a height of around eight thousand feet at its highest point. Built on hills the city is highly magnificent. Tourists visit the city ent A Promin I— R F U K during sumhimala Site in S mer as it is generally cool there compa red to other parts of India which experiences sc orching heat during the period. Snow fall makes it a site to see during winter. Source— Shimla 18


Rajesh Khanna—The Lost Jewel...

s t e G a n n a h K h Rajes . . . k c a B y t i r a l u p o His P JULY


e worshipped once. His popularity is wid rld wo s ian Ind ny ma om wh r Gone is the sta found. the lost jewel who is nowhere to be for und aro k loo s ian Ind the as in back aga rnal jourhe left this world in mid July for ete dly orte rep re… mo no is a ann Kh h Rajes 2 he made a long journey to star194 in b bja Pu – ar rits Am in ra Aro s ney. Born as Jatin was adopted by foster parents and wa He a. em Cin ian Ind of tar ers sup t dom as the firs Mumh school education in Bombay, now hig his ted ple com He a. ann Kh in named Jat a superstar highly rewarding for him as his life as be to ved pro city al gic ma the and bai completed his Bachelor of Arts he ion cat edu her furt for or eav end ma is known to all. In his t in theater and stage acts and dra par k too he ing act for n sio pas g Degree. Havin ns. He many prizes in inter school competitio n wo and ai mb Mu in s day ool sch during his e Jeetendra a days, Ravi Kapoor who later becam ool sch his ing dur nd frie se clo a Rahad not to be heard again as it became was nna Kha in Jat e nam The or. popular Indian act the birth of a Industry in 1966 with Aakhri Khat saw Film ian Ind in ry ent his and a ann jesh Kh later gave hits from nomenon in the Indian Cinema. He star who was later to become a phe by an actor’ in a certain period, the hits t ges ‘lar of ord rec a d ate cre the 1966 to 1975 and ple Kapadia created a sensation in Dim to ge rria ma His ay. tod ys sta l record stil ds of the brought about similar effect in the min has th dea His . blic pu l era gen ian Ind Rajesh Khanit is filled with sorrow. The death of Indian public worldwide but this time worldwide as while he was there he nity mu com ian Ind the d cke sho na no doubt has larity of his death came about his popu s new as n soo as but d nte gra for was taken The star unplace where he really belonged to. the m, rdo sta to t sho in aga e onc may serve s worldwide and the legendary star doubtedly will be missed by the Indian resses in the generations to come. act and ors act ian Ind the to n atio as an inspir r.” “May his soul rest in peace foreve #Early_life. // Source- http:


l e v a r T a i d In Bihar—The Remote Eastern State of India

Driving Along ar the Interior of Bih

This is a scene in the interior of Bihar. The state is the third largest in terms of population. Holy river Ganges flows from the middle of the state. There is significant agricultural production of guava, mango, pineapple, cauliflower and cabbage along with some other vegetables. 20

l e v a r T a i d In Chandigarh-Punjab and Hariyana Capital

Complex g in p p o A Sh igarh in Chand

The city of Chandigarh houses the capital of Punjab and Hariyana states. The city with modern structure offers a modern lifestyle. The picture below speaks about the lifestyle there.


l e v a r T India Shimla—The Hill Station City

s See Buliding Hill Tops

n On

At a height of around eight thousand feet the city enjoys magnificent view. Snow fall makes it a sight to see. People flock from around India and abroad to enjoy the summer there which is quite cooler from other parts of India. 22

l e v a r T a i Ind A Crowded Bus on Its Routine Trip

us on A Crowded B rip its Routine T

The site is common on most parts of Indian roads. Crowded busses with people sitting on top of the bus is a common site. People seem to be well adapted to travelling on crowded busses some of which travel long distances.


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New Nursing School A Blessing for Labnoatshaave

The lone sugar town which does much in action apart from the activities of cane crushing may get some added attention by the construction of a new nursing school. The project undertaken by the TISI Sangam organization seems to be a long term one and one of uniqueness for Fiji. As such a project has been a government oriented project. There seems to be plans for degree level courses which would boost the field of nursing in Fiji. Assisting the country in such educational program is a highly noble commitment by TISI organization of Fiji. There are many schools primary and secondary which are currently controlled by the organization throughout Fiji. 25

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AUGUST - 2012

n io s is m O y a d li o H ’s Queen From Fiji’s e the

may no iji F in s ar nd le ca 13 20 ar Ye tional holiday. na a as ay hd irt B ’s en ue Q omitted en be s ha ay lid ho ic bl pu e Reportedly th hich will w iji F in s ay lid ho ic bl pu of from the list ed to be us re he T . ar ye xt ne rm fo stand at nine s ago. ar ye w fe a iji F in s ay lid ho thirteen public liday in ho or aj m a en be s ha ay Queen’s Birthd public re g in m co be ’s iji F . en ue Q e Fiji honoring th g ties in rn ve go l al e ok br 87 19 of after the coups in the d ne ai m re it gh ou th al n ai with Great Brit monwealth does m co in ng ei B . lth ea w on m com ed by Britain. rn ve go is y tr un co e th n ea not m l governing ties al ks ea br it ic bl pu re is it Once lidays incur a ho ic bl pu d ve lie be is It n. ai rit with B munity and the m co ss ne si bu e th to ss lo lot of country at large.





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AUGUST - 2012

g in s is M r o f h c r a e S Boy’s l a n io t o m E ly h ig H – r e h Fat

old boy r a ye e fiv a y b d ce n e ri e The grief exp hing fis a m o fr g n si is m t n e w after his father n of people tio n e tt a g in h tc ca e b to s trip seem fifties set is h in n a m a d ve lie e b around. It is ach in e B i n ito n ito a N e th m o fr out for fishing boy along e h T . rn tu re to d ile fa s a h d Navua an aking frem e b to m e se r e th fa d n with his gra s that e u cl d fin to ch a e b e th quent visits to There have r. e th fa is h g in d fin to d may lea later red n a st lo g in e b le p o e p f o been cases o went h w le p o e p e m so s se ca e turned. In som n back. The e se n e e b r ve e n ve a h a out to se see his fato l fu e p o h ite u q s m e se young boy ome. ther’s return safely to his h


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l a in F i m e S s i’ ij F d rl o Miss W . .. rs e th O ty r o F g n o m Entry A in China reportedly

held Miss world competition being er 100 countries ov e th of ut O ji. Fi m fro nt tra has an en loma’s entry into the lo ka Va ni oi K ji— Fi ld or W s Mis nts from other ta es nt co r he ot 40 g on am semi final iss World M e Th t. en em ev hi ac t ea gr countries is a the most prestigis na hi C in ld he g in be n io competit with New g on Al . ld or w e th in t an ge ious beauty pa nt’s selection for ta es nt co ji Fi e Th nt ta es nt co Zealand e pageant is th re he w ty ci e th , os rd O of a special tour larity. Fiji has been pu po r he of t en id ev is ld he being as many local try un co s ou ci ns co t an ge pa festival and young girls aware of e th ep ke try un co e th in s al festiv ivals and pagst fe in g tin pa ci rti pa of e nc the importa ost participated festim e th is al iv st Fe s cu is ib H s. eant cific island naPa h ut So e th in ly ab ob pr d val in Fiji an oted live worldwide om pr be ill w ji Fi d ve lie be is It . tions geant later this pa ld or W s is M e th of s al fin e during th month.


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k n a B c a p t Wes . ‌ a v u S n i r e t n e C 33

F I J I FA C T S Ceded to great Britain 1874 First lot of Indians Arrives in 1879 First Capital—Levuka Number of Islands—About 300 Gained Independence 1970 First Military Coup 1987 Prime Ministers of Fiji—Ratu Sir Mara–1970

–1987—Timoci Bavdra—1987—Sitiveni Rabu ka— 1987– 1999—Mahendra Chaudhary—19992000—Laisenia Qarase—2000-2006—Frank Bainimarama—2006 to date

Capital—Suva Fiji’s Population—About 800,000


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