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V l a s t i m i l Ko l d a

Obr. 1.

Pohled do jedné ze zasedacích místností

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Projížďka lodí

MALACEK, P.: Energy efficient reduction of emission in foundries – vision or state of the art

OBREHT, B. et al.: Managing oxygen activity during GJS and GJV cast iron production

KOMPREJ, M.: The problem of castings convexity made of grey cast iron at solidification

KLANĆNIK, U. et al.: High and low alloyed indefinite chill cast iron: impact on mechanical and microstructural properties

DOMMASCHK, C. et al.: A new continuous reference row for the graphite

MANAPURAM, M.: Word casting value analysis and casting value indices: a study

BAUER, B. et al.: Influence of cooling rate and chemical composition on chunky graphite content in spheroidal cast iron

ZUPANIĆ, F. et al.: Effect of scandium on the properties of aluminium casting alloys

KUMP, A.: Application of thermal analysis using a sand cup with different levels of inoculants to simulate real solidification conditions for in-stream inoculation practice

STAUDER, B. et al.: Mechanical properties of sand cores

ĆUK, B.: Decrease of production costs by regeneration of green sand (case study)

SCHARF, S. et al.: Developments to an innovati ve and sus t ainabl e heat treatment process for aluminium based casting components

AL JASIM, S. et al.: Control and optimization of grey and ductile iron production using thermal analysis

GORŚE, G. et al.: Shrinkage porosity reduction with local squeezing in high pressure die casting process

MALINOWSKI, P. et al.: Training system based on engineers competence star TEICHMANN, F. et al.: The application of laser beam welding at reduced pressure for the joining of secondary high pressure die casting Al-Si alloys ZOVKO BRODARAC, Z. et al.: Study of innovative AlSi7MgCu alloy with improved properties PETRIĆ, M. et al.: Optimization of cooling-heating system in HPDC tools MAJERIĆ, P. et al.: Formation of gold nanoparticles with ultrasonic spray pyrolysis VONĆINA, M. et al.: Influence of foundry defects on the electrical properties of Al-castings MAHMUTOVIĆ, A. et al.: High pressure die casting optimization using numerical simulation MEDVED, J. et al.: Determination of thermal properties of exothermic insulating materials PEREZ, R. et al.: Physical and numerical simulation based optimization in continuous casting of Cu SMA alloys RUDOLF, R. et al.: Characterization of microstructure and determination of biocompatibility of CoCr alloys for potential use in dental techniques KUGLER, G. et al.: Improving the mechanical properties of AM60 foundry alloy MOLNAR, D. et al.: The simulation of tilt casting process ACARER, M et al.: Toughness of P91 base and weld metal

Obr. 3.

Pohled z lodi na pobřeží byl nádherný

(Seznam přednášek z časopisu Preglad Odlewnictwa, 9–10/2016, s. 478–479.)

S l é vá re ns t v í . L X I V . li s to p a d – p ro s in e c 2016 . 11–12



DÖPP, R.: Contribution to the mechanical properties of grey cast iron

GIGEZ, F.: Innovations in vacuum die casting

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Slevarenstvi 11-12 2016  

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