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Take me out WEEK, November 22 - 26, 2021 Feedback summary from the participants, Estonia, Czech republic, Serbia, Slovak Republic JANA SÝKOROVÁ 13.12.21 08:59

Did you manage to go outside every day?


We were outside every day We always go outside, no matter what the weather We were not outside every day due to very bad weather / very strong wind, heavy rain We managed to go outside every day for more than 45 minutes longer than usually We do not go outside only in very unfavorable weather conditions, but that is max. a few days a year.

What did you do outside?

We were outside every day this week. We go outside with children every day, in any weather (even rain). Children have boots and raincoats. One day we had to miss our stay outside due to the smog situation.

Photo by Dina Buchmann Tallinn Mobile Nursery, Estonia

How much time did you spend outside? 4,5 – 5 hours max, 1,5 – 2 in average Photo by Karmen Kiho Tartu Karlova Kindergarten (Sassi House)

· we picked autumn fruits, created pictures/nature arts, run, walked, watched & observed the surroundings; · we explored nature, played running games, went to the walks, · children collected leaves, they learned, explored, played sports · Children played with nature materials (stones, sticks, leaves ...), drew with colored chalks, formed "elves" on a tree, collected leaves, composed, counted, walked in nature, · Played circle games, singing games, competitions, did yard cleaning, raked leaves, walks in the surrounding area, collecting rose hip, creating with nature materials, etc. · We read fairy tales, reproduced the read text, wrote, searched for geometric shapes, counted the perimeters of squares, rectangles, triangles, measured, played, painted and formed a Christmas arrangements, collected garbage, competed, walked in the woods, observed and researched, collected natural materials. We set up ECO SERVICES at the school yard, where students cleaned their classmates' shoes, painted their nails, tattooed, massaged or conducted professional training. · observed nature · Children from all over the kindergarten were happy to perform various physical and environmental activities · Circle games, yard cleaning, leaves raking · On a foggy day, we watched the rope so we wouldn't get lost, we talked about a tale (the tale In the Rain) · On a rainy day we played in the pools and so we also played the games, drawing with chalk on a big board which we have in the courtyard of the kindergarten; children played with and watched colored belts as they move when the wind blows


we played with fallen leaves, we made a garden, played

learning, played with snow, painted

with pebbles, we made clay elves in the park. The children wore


costumes of autumn elves. · we read a fairy tale

were otherwise done in the room and did sports · Experiments, learning numbers, playing a movement


games, watching a bed of ice and flowers, decorated Christmas

We researched, observed water, drops and frost, made a

they looked for letters and symbols, played games that

garden and played with leaves. · painted on the sidewalk with water, we observed nature

tree · integration of activities with mathematics and language

with a magnifying glass

and speech elements

· Den building in nature, walking on the hills, searching for small animals, visiting feeders, observing animals and nature,

· ·

science of trees and plants, experiments with the wind with the

building, free play and running games

help of a windmill


· ·

movement · collecting garbage from nature, observing nature, framing

We were supporting work skills Did garden work, dancing

· We got to know the beauty of nature, we observed, we researched, ·

free play, care for animals games with snow angels, snowmen, sledding; sand Snow games, water, ice and snow experiments, and active

pictures of nature · played in mud kitchen

We prepared the garden for the winter, we added seeds to

the bird feeders, we winterized the flowers, we prepared a house

Photo by Lia Raat, Lunnja Laested, Estonia

for the hedgehog, who regularly spends the winter in our garden. We created various dwellings for beetles and elves from the collected natural materials, but we also played sports (children regularly have 45 minutes of controlled physical activities with a coach 3 times a week, which we moved out in a modified form). ·

children ran, built snowmen, rolled downhill


getting to know the trees, cleaning the garden, raking

leaves, making elves, singing, exercising · long walks, exploring nature, observing changes in nature, using the playground ·

games in the school garden, walks in the park


looking for hedgehogs in the leaves, planing, measuring

and cutting blocks into a snowy city, practicing, we played the autumn track ·

they observed, composed, searched

· Pre-mathematical literacy - counting, learning about geometric shapes, exercises, observing the first snowflakes, a walk to the Christmas-decorated city - the square, .... Stay in the park, games · played, researched, made fun, learned · They watched nature · They got to know nature, played games, built houses for elves · The children tried out the autumn walk scavenger hunt, kite-flying, got acquainted with the art technique of land-art and other. We talked with the children about the basics of recycling and also about how long some materials decompose in nature. We tried to get to know the traces of animals and we cast the most interesting ones with plaster. · The children built natural houses, observed and experimented with water, overcame natural obstacles and climbed trees, used the wind to paint pictures, played movement games, sang songs about animals, · Spent time in a forest · Walk in a forest · Playing in the sand and snow · Skiing, day in the yard with outdoor disco, court bingo, works of art · Forest trip · Sliding · outside we played with natural materials (cones, stones, branches, etc.), we integrated digital learning with outdoor

Which activity children liked the most? · Running and observing the surroundings during the walk · research and movement games · Getting to know the school surroundings · activities in motion, tug of war · playing football · play with natural materials · ECO SERVICES, where students cleaned their classmates' shoes, painted their nails, tattooed, massaged or conducted

professional training. The most popular was shoe cleaning :) But even a walk in the woods had its charm. ·

raking leaves


creation from natural products


The children enjoyed the rainy day the most, when they

dressed up in their raincoats and wellies and took umbrellas and were able to run and jump in the puddles


· When they examined the raindrops and when they tapped in the pools. ·

When we formed clay elves.


Games in the rain and in the fog.


They liked it the most when they researched raindrops and

frost ·

Experiments in nature and observation of nature with a

magnifying glass · Construction of a house, free stay in the woods, spontaneous activities ·

garden work, exercise and dancing


Exploring and running in the forest


Most children enjoyed making houses for beetles and

hedgehogs. · free play in the woods or on the playground ·

building of snow


For all children it is better outside than in the classroom,

there are far more natural stimuli to develop their personality. ·

Staying in the woods and building houses for elves


Most of the children enjoyed more time outside than usual.

They were excited about the new places we went to. Following the story of ecology, the children themselves suggested that we take plastic bags for a walk and try to clean up the waste thrown in the area. · activities in the forest (eg construction of houses, feeding animals in the field) · Snarling shoes in the snow. And when the snow melted, of course, play with water and take it to the mud kitchen · they are always happy outside · children enjoy everything outside · Of course, these activities were the most exciting when it snowed, because the children were waiting for it for a long time :) ·

The experiments were particularly interesting

· ·

language and speech, mathematics (integration activities) Learning outdoors

Photo by Denisa Badikova Horvathova

Was this week different for you from the regular ones? If so, how was he different? ·

It was not, in better weather we stay outside even more

· ·

Yes, the children enjoyed it more than usual due to longer stay in nature


The children were happier.


Yes, it differed in that the children spent more time

outside than usual. · It was definitely different, due to as much time as we tried to be outside · ... on Wednesday we were almost all the hours outside, except for the colder mornings ... the children were very happy and enjoyed what we were going to do outside again (Zš) · We spend a lot of time outside every day, especially now in this pandemic time, so this week was not very different from the others, perhaps only in that we tried to provide children with various less traditional activities, research and competitive games. · Yes, we were outside much longer, we tried to do all the activities outside · It was not different, we chose from the beginning such a method of using the outdoors, which gives the child a lot for their development. · We went out even when it was raining. · ·

The children enjoyed a longer stay outside than usual Yes. We were outside more than ussually, we actually

moved the activities out. · No, we do outdoor and outdoor activities quite often, kids enjoy it, · ·

More activities we did We researched and got to know nature more

· This week we had an intern at the internship who was enthusiastic about this project, but had to adapt her outings to her stay outside. · No, we try to transfer as many activities outside as possible · We focused on leaving the indoor early so we could spend as much time outside as possible. · To us these were normal days with extended length of stay outside


Common interest across countries


The willingness of parents to participate in the production

· It was nice to be in contact with other schools at least through f b

of elf autumn costumes and the satisfaction of children with the implemented activities.

· Thanks to this week, I found out that children's education can also take place outdoors, because experiential learning is central. Unfortunately, during the classic week, the teachers are

· We have small children -3 years old and it was interesting to watch them, their reactions, because this was something unusual for them.

limited by the time set aside for their stay outside, which they must adhere to according to the educational plan.

· ·

· We are used to spending part of the day outside, in the summer we eat there, sleep after lunch, etc. We really want a

and had experiential learning · That as a whole kindergarten we spent our time outside, in

pergola under which we could hide and be outside even in the rain and wind · it was no different for us, we are still a lot out there

the woods, rather than in the schoolyard, and we all really enjoyed it. · terrain use

· ·

· ·

We learned more outside than usual In fact, everything was normal, but we noticed how much

That we made children happy by going out every day. The children enjoyed these activities, were happy outside

active involvement of even the youngest children That we could spend time outside with the children

fun we had outside! · There was a lot of joy and new discoveries

· I appreciated the most that our older colleagues also got involved in the project and the children and parents supported


us. · Awareness of the importance of healthy exercise and staying in the fresh air

Yes, the first snow came

Photo by MŠ Val, Czech republic

· See the joy and enthusiasm of children while staying in nature · children do not need playgrounds, they will find fun in nature themselves · Despite the not very nice weather, we enjoyed our stay outside with the children to the fullest. · we all enjoyed it, the kids worked together in a team · Every day, children amaze us with what they are able to discover and what they perceive. · Not much difference between preschool education across countries · · ·

Satisfied children and teachers It was nice to see children from other countries I found out that some children have no connection to the

place where they grow up, because they only know the way to the shop, kindergarten and home, for example. Thanks to the

What was the most positive experience for you personally? · ·

The joy of children from being outside the joy of the children from the prepared activities and

their great interest in them · Red cheeks · · ·

joy of children protection against viruses in the fresh air The most positive experience was creating an "elf" on a

tree. · The joy of learning outside ... and the desire to work, to play · Finding that most children like to be outside and enjoy physical movement · The most positive experience - to see joy in children's eyes :-) · The joy of the children and almost everyone slept during nap time, they were "healthy" tired ·

Children's joy, curiosity,

longer time we could spend outside, the children got to know a large part of nature, which is located a short distance from their place of residence. Although they refused to go for a walk for the first two days and begged us to stay in kindergarten, at the end of the week they enthusiastically asked me what other places we would discover. · white and snow, it was magical · I believe that every day is positive that we spend with children. · The children wanted to sled outside · ·

Go out with children at 9:00 p.m. We went out right after breakfast

· ·

Snowball fight with the teachers The children enjoyed various activities and staying outside

· I personally enjoyed the children's morning reception in the yard and clearing the snow with them. · The first snow fell this week and at the same time roses bloomed in the flowerbed · Fresh air, children playing, we learned a lot of games · ·

the first snow and the joy of the children from it Happy children

· The children were happy · The children were looking for different natural materials to depict the house and it was so nice and great to see how

creative the children were using different things (cones, leaves,


stones, snow, sand, soil, sticks, branches). · Positivity, health and well-being of children!

the clothes were still wet in the evening. But after explaining why we have been so long and what could be the right clothes

· It was good to see teachers sought and carried out a wide range of interesting activities with their group. · It's good to run and play outside.

and also that spare clothes in the form of gloves can be in the closet, it was okay

· ·

Photo by MŠ Jetrichov, Czech republic

Hundreds of snowflakes and snowmen Happy faces of children

Some parents didn't like that we had been out so long and

Photo by MS Osvobozeni, Czech republic

Did you face or needed to deal with any negative or challenging situation during the week? If so, what was it and how did you manage it? ·


· ·

no, no negative situation has arisen, only in connection with COVID - outside we also make

sure that children have minimal contact between groups · We have 3 years old children, with them it is difficult only until we all get ready and everything goes without any obstacles than · When they wet their clothes, they had spare clothes in the nursery. · No such situation has occurred · They didn't have to, the children enjoyed their stay outside to the fullest. · Equipment/clothing for children for longer stays in colder environments, resolved with parents · Teach children how to play properly and safely. · There is a problem in the field, when two-year-olds do not maintain hygiene (they do not tell each other when they need it), we have to have things to change with us and it is not good to clean them outside in the cold · If the children were without appropriate clothing, such as warm gloves. We borrowed from others. · I do not admit negativity :) ·

Storm wind

If you have any other comments or ideas for future improvements to TAKE ME OUT WEEK, please write them here: ·

We would welcome the possibility of participation in

workshops and sharing examples of good practice with other teachers. Also, attend seminars on this topic, methodologies and ideas for simple outdoor activities. · We would be interested in other inspiring websites, tips on exterior design or material equipment for activities, etc. · Thank you on behalf of our kindergarten for a very interesting project full of new ideas · We are glad that we were able to participate and see other kindergartens, whether in the Czech Republic or another country. We really liked this project. · Unfortunately, we do not have permission from all parents (GDPR) to share photos on the social network and we do not want to exclude children from the team during the photo shoot. · It's great · Action is important, especially for groups that spend less time outside · · ·

More nations in challenge - its funtastic! Nice project I have no comments to add. Just a desire for more schools

and kindergartens to join next time, because it is an enriching experience. :) · It would be good to connect the individual participants, it would be good to get some framework assignment and fulfill it · feel free to include this event more often and, above all, to provide information in advance. Depending on the age groups, there could also be some activities and then their evaluation, such as a gallery about outdoor gymnastics, etc.

· The most important thing is the will and to ensure that parents make sure that their children wear clothes suitable for the weather. If the clothes are right, you and children will be easily able to walk outside, and will learn outside during walks. · We continued the "Take Me Out" call on November 29, when we held an Advent morning in the yard, when we offered each child coming to the nursery the gingerbread in a decorated pavilion and each child received a piece of Christmas light or an LED candle that they went to the group with. ·

The common challenges are great, you can see in the

pictures what others have accomplished. · Good idea ·

Thanks for invitation!


In the future, maybe rise some interesting questions, a

specific theme of creating children's games or activities related to it, that could contribute to our creativity. ·

There could be some tasks that need to be done.

Photo by Katerina Vackova, Czech republic

If so, what would be the main reason - why should they attend? ·

The children benefit from the stay outside overall

· It is important that children spend enough time outdoors and in any season. It is important that they spend their stay outside meaningfully and with joy. · ·

Common time spent differently than in class more activity of children


So that children have contact with nature, so that they are

healthier. · Prevention of diseases as well as mental wellbeing in working with children ·

Reflection of your work, new ideas, interesting new

activities · Because of the many activities that can be done outside differently ... and especially so that the children outside and enjoying

Would you recommend participation to other schools as well?


To promote the need of movement in the fresh air


I think that experiential learning outdoors, in nature, is

more engaging for children than indoors, and in addition to Yes (100%) Photo by Nicola Kabelkova, Czech republic Nicola Kabelkova

games and learning, they are in the fresh air, which is very necessary for human health. · Children need more exercise and the current situation with COVID-19 · This way of working is only for the benefit of healthy developed children ·

Children need to stay, move and learn outdoors/ in nature

every day. Staying outside is irreplaceable and important for a child's development. It strengthens the immune system and mental health. ·

To take advantage of the nice weather for interesting

outdoor activities and children's creativity. · Staying in the fresh air develops immunity and also offers all kinds of possibilities. · New experiences are always good for education and "Take me out" offers just that. ·

It is definitely necessary to strengthen the children, to go

outside with them in any weather, unless it is extreme, and to

teach them the connection between man and nature and at the


same time how to protect nature.

in any weather, a lot of activities can be done outside and there

· ·

is always plenty of space to move - ideal for various movement games. Children have the opportunity to use their energy and be

Other, different activities Inspiration for other activities, the opportunity to be

Everyone should take part, because it's nice to be outside

inspired by others


· ·

it is our daily activity, part of the day it's fun

· Being outside is very important! It's nice to take part in a big challenge with others!


So that they can enjoy their stay outside like us and at the


Living outside as a healthy lifestyle should also be

same time share their joy with others

promoted on a scientific basis. Based on mutual experience, it is

· In the current situation, it is necessary to move and walk in nature. Recharge your energy and realize that without nature,

even more effective. · We go outside in any weather and it is nice to play, explore

none of us will be here for a long time.

and learn outside.

· ·

· Children have more opportunities to move outside, which is good for children's health.

movement, meaning of physical movement Yes - the opportunity to actively participate in the project,

share experiences with other kindergartens and see how it goes


elsewhere in the world

have any challenges, it would be like an obligation to go outside

· get the kids outside as much as possible, clear the head, breathe in the fresh air, observe the changes in nature not only

and it's good to be outside :)

outside the window

Photo by Andrea Lombard, Czech republic

· ·

If you think why still go to the yard for so long, etc., if you

Support children's stay in the fresh air. don't be afraid of it, it's good for children outside,

especially to motivate them well and enjoy it together with them ·

Outdoor experiences

· Children learn outside quite naturally, without the complicated equipment. ·

Everything we need is outside. Everything we need to use

can be found outside. · It's great to see how it is elsewhere. ·

Common interests are more fun


Multicultural learning

· Children get a unique opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. They have the opportunity to realize belonging to the place that is their home and gain a sense of responsibility for it. Thanks to the TAKE ME OUT project, educators can get acquainted with other concepts of education, take inspiration and realize that education should not only take place in the classroom behind closed doors. · Staying outside is important for our physical and mental health ·

Joining TAKE ME OUT WEEK enables you longer stay of

children outside, extension of existing activities

Would you be interested in joining TAKE ME OUT WEEK again? Yes (100%)


It's like a little reminder, to take time to be outside.

· ·

Move more and be outside. It gives you the courage to try what happens when you're

outside more ·

Targeted and healthy activities that bring joy to children

and teachers · You will share your great ideas with others and the kids want to play outside and enjoy it :) · ·

It was exciting Staying outside should not be a campaign, but a normal

lifestyle ·

To broaden your horizons.

· ·

Outdoor games It is healthy


It supports more external learning

Yes, but the information should come sooner! Photo by Nicola Kabelkova, Czech republic

· Thank you for your work and motivation, to get education even in the outdoor environment. Kindergartens go out every day, as a rule, it is not even once a week for schools, which is a shame. There is also a difference between going for a walk in between blocks of flats in pairs, hand in hand, or exploring the natural terrain. ·

Staying outside can be "boring" if you don't get it right. On

the contrary, it can be instructive fun if we motivate children properly and let them discover the world in our company on their own. · ·

Thank you for the opportunity to participate In addition to being out, give us some assignments during

the week. Going somewhere in nature, fulfilling some tasks outside, etc. · ·

Another call "Take me out for a month" :) I did not write about the publication of the pictures in the

project materials / publications and / or on the project website,

Any other comments or ideas .... THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

but if there was a clear interest, we would first ask the parents. The parents of the children in the currently published pictures



We look forward to your further activities and offers.

· We also thank you for your support and encouragement and we would like to show to our parents, for example, a

have the information that the pictures were shared only for the presentation of our week and they gave us their consent. Thank you for the organization!


Thanks for the fun!



professional certificate, as some consider spending time outside even a relief from our work, while the opposite is true :-) · You can add a specific topic for another outdoor activity. ·

Thank you for the opportunity to participate


I wish the organizing team a lot of energy for great

Photo by Jasna Struhar, Serbia

challenges · Together for the benefit of our children ·

Thank you for being able to get involved and participate in

TAKE ME OUT WEEK :) · I'm happy with everything. ·

All positive.


It was a nice experience for me and if there was an

opportunity I would get involved again. Well, thank you! :) · Such a pleasant element of our daily work ·

Thank you very much for a great project

· We are glad that we were able to participate and we wish you all good health in the next days! ·

Thank you for your interest in the health of our children


we thank you for the project


Thank you, too, it was nice to be part of a big team.


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