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Motion is on the move again Before looking where it is going A quick scan of where it has been



New Museum 2011

Ryuji Sibata, ‘Parallel Distortion as Motion’ (1938)

Chauvet Cave Art, (Prehistoric)

Alison and Peter Smithson, ‘AS in DS: An Eye on the Road’ (1983)

Gjon Milli, ‘Nude Descending Staircase’ (1942) opposite: Eadweard Muybridge, ‘Descending Stairs and Turning Around’

Thaumatrope (1824)

Phenakistoscope Horse (1835)

William Dickson and William Heise, ‘Monkeyshines’ (1889)

Stanley Kubrick, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968)

John Logie Baird, ‘Televisor’ (1926) opposite: Stephan Tillman, ‘Luminant Point Arrays’ (2009)

D. H. Peregrine, Hele-Shaw flow past a rectangular block on a plate (1982) opposite: Theodore Arampatzoglou, Arasteo Astrophotography (2008)

NASA, ‘First Vew of Earth from Moon’ (1966) opposite: Mike Salway, ‘Star Trails’ (2008)

Chauvet Cave Art (Prehistoric)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Hummingbird’ (1947)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Pigeon Release’ (1965)

Robert Longo, ‘Men in the Cities’ (1979)

Eadweard Muybridge, ‘Wrestling Plate’ (1885)

Egyptian burial chamber mural, (2000 BC)

Thomas Eakins, ‘History of a Jump’ (1885)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Softball Batter’ (1938) ´ Is Present’ (2010) opposite: Marina Abramovic, ‘The Artist

Robert Cornelius, ‘Self Portrait’ (1839) opposite: Andy Warhol, ‘Screen Test: Lou Reed’ (1966)

Louis Daguerre, ‘Boulevard du Temple’ (1838)

Alexey Titarenko, ‘Time Standing Still’ (1998)

Mahyar, ‘Carmageddon’ (2011)

F-18 breaking the sound barrier

Peter Stackpole, ‘Free Form’ (1948)

Thomas Kienzle, ‘Usain Bolt’ (2011)

Michael Buholzer, ‘Oscar Pistorius’ (2008)

Andreas Feininger, ‘Helicopter Taking Off’ (1949)

Bartolomeu de Gusmão, ‘Image of the Passarola’ (1709)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Indian Club Rhythm’ (1939) opposite: Harold Edgerton, ‘Tennis Serve’ (1949)

MoirĂŠ pattern

László Moholy-Nagy, ‘Photogram’ (1922) opposite: György Kepes, Untitled light effect: paper negative (1939)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Bullet through Plexiglas’ (1962)

John Baldessari, ‘Throwing four balls in the air to get a square (best of 36 tries)’ (1974) opposite: Harold Edgerton, ‘Cutting the Card Quickly’ (1964)

Michael Paul Young, ‘Complex Vertices’ (2011) opposite: Ben Laposky, ‘Oscillon’ (1952)

J. H. Woolley, Periodic waves from a supersonic jet (1972)

Masakazu Tatsuno, Secondary streaming induced by an oscillating cylinder (1982) opposite: Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Water Sketch’ (1485)

Harold Edgerton, ‘Explosion of Atomic Bomb’ (1952) opposite: Harold Edgerton, ‘Fan and Smoke Vortices’ (1934)

Harold Edgerton ‘Marine Organisms’ (1940s)

Michelangelo Antonioni, ‘Zabriskie Point’ (1970)

Stanley Kubrick, ‘The Shining’ (1980)

Steven Lisberger, ‘Tron’ (1982)

Star Trek, Warp Speed

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, ‘Grand Prix de l’A.C.F.’ (1912)

Mario Bellusi, ‘Modern Traffic’ (1930)

Andy and Lana Wachowski, ‘The Matrix’ (1999)

Guy Debord, ‘The Naked City’ (1957) opposite: Eadweard Muybridge, ‘Cat Running’ (1887)

László Moholy-Nagy, ‘Long Exposure’ (1930s)

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, ‘Motion Study’ (1913) opposite: Gjon Mili, ‘Picasso: Drawing With Light’ (1949)

Jack Delano, ‘Santa Fe Railroad Yard’ (1943)

Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Flying Machine’ (1485)

Getty Images, ‘John Paul Stapp Stops In Sled’ (1954) opposite: Neal Adams, ‘Superman No. 252’ (1972)

Wei Lo, ‘Fist Of Fury’ (1971)

Alexander McQueen, ‘Autumn/Winter Collection’ (2010)

Michael Jackson, ‘Moonwalk’ (1983)

Xavier Le Roy, ‘Self Unfinished’ (1998)

Yuri Gagarin (1953)

Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Whaam!’ (1963)

Alexey Titarenko, ‘City of Shadows’ (1992)

Aaron Koblin, ‘Flight Patterns’ (2005)

Olivo Barbieri, ‘Siena’ (2002)

Guy Debord, ‘Theory of the Derive’ (1956) opposite: Donald Appleyard, Kevin Lynch, and John R. Myer, ‘The View From the Road’ (1965)

György Kepes, ‘The New Landscape in Art and Science’ (1956)

Philippe Petit, ‘Man On Wire’ (1974)

Robbie Maddison, X-Fighters Dubai (2011)

R. & E. Williamson, ‘Treatise on Quadrille Dancing’ (1819) opposite: Andy Warhol, ‘Dance Diagram Series’ (1962)

William H. Whyte, ‘New York and Tokyo: A Study in Crowding’ (1977)

Loie Fuller, ‘Futurist Dance’ (1902)

Anton Giulio Bragaglia, ‘Change of Position’ (1911)

Hokusai, ‘Manga’ (1815)

Ewing Galloway, ‘Bowling Ball and Pins’ (1959) opposite: Rudolf Laban, ‘Schrifttanz’ (1928)

‘Daredevils Playing Tennis on a Biplane’ (1925)

Filippo Masoero, ‘Dynamised Views of the Roman Forum’ (1934)

Daniel Ferry, ‘Swirling Almonds’ (2010)

Daniel Libeskind, ‘Micromegas’ (1979)

Louis Kahn, ‘Traffic Study’ (1952)

Quentin Tarantino, ‘Kill Bill Vol. 2’ (2004)

Oblong Industries, ‘G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment’ opposite: Steven Spielberg, ‘Minority Report’ (2002)

Iran Earthen Bowl (3200 BC)

Bernard Tschumi, ‘Manhattan Transcripts’ (1982)

Eric Fischer, ‘Locals and Tourists’ (2010) opposite: Waag Society, ‘RealTime Amsterdam’ (2009)

NASA, ‘Stars’ and ‘Future Motion of Stars’ (2006)

Chris Burden, ‘Shooting at Plane’ (1973)

David O. Russell, ‘Three Kings’ (1999)

Hans Namuth, ‘Pollock: Painting’ (1980)

Iannis Xenakis, ‘Musique Architecture’ (1976)

Harry Callahan, ‘Sunlight on Water’ (1943) opposite: Harry Callahan, ‘Aix-en-Provence’ (1957)

Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, ‘Safety Last!’ (1923)

Preliminary image source document for Experiments in Motion Research and Design by Columbia University GSAPP Printed by Brody Digital Press AG Buch Typeface November 2011


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