Together Tails - Packing Checklist

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PACKING CHECKLIST Our four-legged friends make fantastic travel companions and the joy of seeing their tails wagging when they arrive on site is so special! To make sure your stay runs smoothly, our team of pet-lovers have collated their top packing tips for you to use prior to setting off for your stay.

Collar and Name Tag

Poo Bags

Whilst your pets may enjoy scampering around collar-free at home, it’s important that whilst in a new location they wear some form of identification, just in case they get lost. We recommend a tag with a contact number and name as a minimum – this combined with the legally-required microchip should be enough to return them home safely if the worst should happen!

This one goes without saying, but to protect the unspoiled beauty of our coastal and countryside locations we strongly advise all guests to clear up any waste surrounding their property and whilst out and about.

Super useful for recall on walks in new places and generally rewarding good behaviour when staying in an exciting new space!

GPS Tracker

Another tool for keeping track of your pets movements – these handy, compact trackers can be attached to their collar then connected to your phone via an app, for full visibility of their adventures.

Long & Short Lead

Each of our locations boasts access to wild, off-the-beaten-track trails, as well as more pedestrianised areas, so it is worth bringing both types of lead (or a retractable version) to ensure you have full control over their walkies at all time.

Basket, Bed or Crate

Whilst there are plenty of snuggly spots in our cottages, villas and lodges, we find that bringing your own dog basket or bed is advisable, to reduce any anxiety from being away from home. The familiar smells help to soothe them and leave them relaxed and ready to explore.

Dog Food & Bowl

Four-legged friends can be sensitive to changes in feeding routines, so to best suit fussy pups, we recommend bringing your own brands of dog food (stored in an airtight container) and their regular bowl. This avoids any risk of upset tummies or sickness whilst on your travels.

Jacket Each holiday home is equipped with central heating and in the majority of cases a glorious wood-burner, but our wild locations can sometimes experience equally wild weather, so we recommend a jacket or jumper to keep them warm in case of wind and rain.

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Lint Roller

Whilst our housekeepers undertake deep-clean procedures after a pet stay, it can sometimes be handy to have a lint roller on hand to remove any excess hairs from furniture or your clothing – we find that dark trousers and light hairs are a tricky combo to just brush off by hand!


A complimentary towel is provided for your four-legged friend, to get them dry after walks outside, but we also recommend bringing a couple of spares to avoid using the white towels provided for paw-parents.

Brush & Shampoo

Sand, sea-air, mud and freshly-cut grass, when combined, can leave your pup looking and smelling a little worse for wear! Bringing your own shampoo and brush makes sure that in the evenings they can relax and warm up comfortably, without treading any dirt into the carpets.

Pet Insurance

Not one to pack necessarily, but we always recommend both travel and pet insurance for all guests.