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What’s New in WordPress 4.7?

Summary 

The WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 to Beta 4 has been released. The date for the final launch is out that is December 6, 2016. The web app development companies offering WordPress app Development services are eagerly waiting for the update.

Update is obviously expected along with the advanced features or modified ones. However, the resources reveal that this is the last major release for the running year 2016. Let's dive into the new features of final release of WordPress 4.7.

Default Theme ď Ź

ď Ź

ď Ź

For the upcoming release, awesome default theme has been introduced that ios named as the twenty seventeen. Absolutely, the theme is concentrating more on the business websites rather than the blog pages. Additionally, the large featured images, eye catching typography & mobile first approach puts the new release one step ahead.

Video Header Support 

The upcoming twenty seventeen theme facilitates users to add the video headers. It will be easy for users to upload and use their own videos in mp4 format. It will be now easy for the users to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos by entering the URL directly. It is going to be an era to upload the videos. Hence, this update is introduced considering the trending fashion.

Theme Setup 

The upgraded version of WordPress is landing with the improved themes and site setup flow. Theme customizer will now allow users to find out the amazing themes and set up them easily. Moreover, the themes can be seen in the well established way using the upgraded version of WordPress.

Custom CSS 

Use theme customizer directly to add the custom CSS to the themes. This is the best advantage of WordPress 4.7. Even the WordPress web Development company considers it as the main benefit.

Admin Control 

The users can change the admin language after installing the languages. This was not possible in the past version of the WordPress. Hence, this is considered as the remarkable feature of WordPress.

PDF files view 

WordPress 4.7 will show the thumbnail preview of the first page in your PDF document when you upload it to the media library. There will be some visible changes to the editor. The paragraph and heading selector menu will not be seen in the top bar, and the strikethrough and horizontal line buttons are moved to the kitchen sink bar. The underline and justify buttons will be disappeared. But, users can obviously use the shortcuts and drop-down menus.

Core WordPress Improvements ď Ź

The developers will love to work with the updated version 4.7 as it brings the interesting changes to the WordPress core and makes it more development friendly.

Custom Bulk Actions ď Ź

ď Ź

Developers will find it more comfortable and easy to add their own bulk actions to list tables on the different admin screens like posts, comments, users, etc. This developer centric move is classic in the new version.

Post type templates ď Ź

ď Ź

Theme developers will be glad hearing about this update. Just like the custom page templates, post type templates are featured which allow developers to integrate the templates of their choice considering different post types.

Locale Switching ď Ź

If the content of your website is displayed in a different locale than the one set in admin area, then WordPress will show the toolbar in the language of the content page.

Conclusion 

The above discussed are the visible advancements affected in the upcoming version WordPress 4.7. Many of the upcoming features are the developer centered and indirectly it helps them to deliver the amazing websites. The expected date of WordPress 4.7 is December 7, 2016. Are you a developer or just a tech genie? Are you excited about the WordPress?

We invite your comments on which upgrade you love the most and how you gonna utilize it. Eager to update your knowledge about the latest tweaks on WordPress? Stay connected with the technical bloggers of WordPress web development company iMOBDEV.

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What’s New in WordPress 4.7, Release Date & More  
What’s New in WordPress 4.7, Release Date & More  

WordPress 4.7 is a tweak of the year 2016 and getting a great buzz around. Know more about the exclusive features and how they can be optimi...