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For the 2011-2012 school year, PTAs can support their schools in a meaningful way by raising funds to acquire state-of-the art classroom equipment for students! With the PTA’s support, schools can purchase Promethean interactive whiteboards (ActivBoards), award-winning student assessment devices (ActivExpression, ActiVote), and ActivSlates for use in the classroom. Promethean will match the amount raised by the PTA, up to $3,800, towards the purchase of any combination of qualifying ActivClassroom products. A minimum of $199 must be raised through your PTA’s fundraising efforts to take advantage of this program. Full details on the Build Your Dream ActivClassroom matching funds program can be found at

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Publisher Created Resources are ready-made resources from leading education publishers for teachers to use with Promethean ActivInspire software.

Site Licenses Twenty titles are available in all subject areas for your entire school. • Save time and money • Engage students with interactive lessons • Ensure success with content aligned to standards Elementary Site Licenses: EDpaX Math EDpaX Phonics Literacy First Comprehension Nonfiction Literacy First Comprehension Fiction The Mailbox Learning Center Games Core Learning Grammar Core Learning Health DK Eyewitness ActivPacks GreenLight Learning Tools Reading Minis GreenLight Learning Tools Science Minis Teacher Created Resources Math Daily Warm Ups Teacher Created Resources Literature Kits

Middle School Site Licenses: Core Learning Grammar Core Learning Health Core Learning Math: Geometric Shapes DK Eyewitness Science ActivLessons Dragndrop Math High School Site Licenses: Preparing for Standardized Tests Math Preparing for Standardized Tests Reading

To preview lessons, visit Promethean Planet’s online store To purchase site licenses with a purchase order, contact your local business partner.

Publisher Created Resources FS 03/11 V1 US

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ImmediaEDU Start-Up Packet  

2011-2012 Catalog Interactive Classroom, Integrated A/V, Professional Development, Video Conferencing, Security and Digital Signage.

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