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The introduction This published book is being a result and findings of a doctorate research & dissertation. Focusing on creating the world peace industry in order to widen the employment fields and markets, as well as enriching the world peace, democracy and development prosperity and stability by a new way of a quantitative thinking and very positive living. The readers and the concerned organizations and individuals shall find the final publication is presenting great number of an original ideas, general rules and exciting innovated effort towards our world destiny, where such would be ever deserved to be read and kept as a reference peace book. Particularly, the respectful scholars and various very concerned high levels of the readers, will find this material is full of an exciting new terms and means usefully encouraging their talents to put further developments and good implementations. As such quantitative contribution would be approach and opening a new way of positive thinking and working together towards achieving the worldwide genuine comprehensive peaceful living. In fact, the coming new incent fruitful youthful generations with their powerful explosive minds will find such presented peace material is a very feasible, practical and responsible approach to adopt and protect. And what all ought to realize is that the establishment of the world peace it is the mission of the all peoples, it is a continues consistent sincere human scientific efforts and it is meant the project of living for al. Bearing on mind the mankind’s message of life is creating and spreading the peace industry. People’s free independent will is the most powerful holy gifted grace. We all should be carefully with how to use or grant such holy sensitive matter. This book guides our minds towards the positive peaceful thinking in order to protect such free will.

I recall on some way, what Sir Albert Einstein said: “Peace could never kept by force. It only established by understanding�.. Hence Force is the way of wars while understanding is the way of world peace. Accordingly this book focuses on presenting the many means and terms which create the backbone of such world peace understanding. Author a Abdicative M Hamza

The Peace Strategy Management Focuses on the world peace Industry Contents

Chapter 1: The Peace Process Logics •

Peace Strategies & Systematic Peace Approach

The Need For a Peace Theory And The Formula Of World Harmony Order

The Organic Corruption Theory

Chapter 2: The Democracy Enlightening •

Principles Of The Complete Correct Democracy

The Relationship Of the Dimensions of Corruption, Reformation, Democracy, Dictatorship, Wars, Peace

Chapter 3: The UN System Enrichment •

Understanding Diplomacy Principles And Practices

Understanding UN System Principles, Objectives And Organizing Basics

Discussing NATO Expansion, Obstacles, and Arab Countries Participation

Highlights the spirit of the International Agreements

Chapter 4: Solving the World Problems •

The Implementation of the Peace Short, Medium And Long Terms Strategies on the Shadow of the Introduced “RCCI” Factor.

The Organic Body Of The UN System

Introducing The International Budget Balance Aspect

The UN International Peace Parties Union



Peace Process Logics



The Peace Three Strategies & The Systematic Approach

This Research Proposal describes the quantitative means which would be used for completing The PhD degree thru a Peace Study, Research and Dissertation (Management Science -->Peace R & D). The aim of such original research is to find the Peace Strategic Political Methods. The method scientifically defined as a General Principle which directs the attitudes, behaviors and the actions towards a specific direction and certain stands or situations. On Other words, this Research concludes many quantitative methods which could be facilitated on the World Peace Strategic Management.

The features of such political methods ought to be scientific, has a political affect, unlimited i.e. does not relate only to one conflict or situation..etc. The final material of the research will be a published book in order to encourage all politicians to further develop the implementation of each method and result made by this book. The previous experience, the internet and all international treaties, organizations and the massive news media is my main reference for such book. In fact, the internet would help 50% of such work, when to review or consult about the meaning of any term, situation, organization, books..etc. Plus this research is based 90% on an original contribution.. try to make it 100% consists of my own words, ideas and conclusions and recommendation, in order to be short and avoid the unnecessary lengthening. As well as to ease the matter of understanding peace industry to all levels of peoples. Although many formulas and graphs will be used, but there are very simple used only to deliver the message visually supporting the said text. This “Peace R & D” is made of an ever expanding peace logical essays, we call them on the book SEARCES. The research work or the book is being classified into four chapters, in order to ease the progress of thinking and making use of each essay instantly during the course of this PhD level work, and placing the essay on the relevant chapter, as well as whole essays are addressed on one direction, which is to serve finalizing the Chapter 4, which is an objective conclusive effort aimed to place a possible methods assist strategically managing and solving the world major conflicts and critical issues. Basically, chapters 1, 2, 3 focus on finding the many tools which would be used for the strategic peace process analysis, as well as enriching the world peace world mechanisms. The four chapters or classifications are such: •

Ch1: The Peace Process Logics

Ch2: The Democracy Enlighten.

Ch3: The UN System Enrichment

Ch4: Solving World Problem

Again we aim to make each chapter is made up of an ever growing relevant independent essays, where each essay could be used as a standalone peace component, as well as the all presented essays are forming together a full peace package. This work will contribute on improving the efficiency of the Peace Strategy Management field. This work comes on a time where all must start think positively towards the well being of our humane holly gifted world. Additionally, such integral peace R & D package will demonstrate a large number of an original peace terms and logics, which are being presented for the first time, in order to create a new “Peace-Industry” which is a peace positive field, which could be ever standing against the very wide dominate “War-Industry” which is the peace negative field.. in fact, such study and research aiming to eliminate the war-causation through facing it with the peace-causation, eliminating the war-force by introducing the disarmed peaceforce – explained on chapter 4-. The Peace-Industry is very much needed by the world as to create a further peace specializations and widen the peace jobs market and professions, we shall make a relevant proposals regarding such aspect, for example, the warindustry have deeply created the “Armin-Race” which is spreading many rich jobs and revenues opportunities while it on the same time considerably negatively contributing on spreading and deepening the many world conflicts and instable world and unwise politics, such fact is ever creating many bad jobs and opportunities, as well as easing and spreading the world of political and financial corruption, in fact, we shall introduce for the first time what we call it the “The logics of solving the organic-corruption. This will improve the understanding of the real politics. However, when we all ever being deeply concerned with greatly developing such mentioned “Peace-Industry” field, consequently there would be ever growing peace working jobs and various other opportunities, in fact the Peace Industry is disarmed field stands against the huge armed war industry field, on such situation in order to achieve the world stability there would a great peace efforts needed based on applying sciences, organizations, conferences, new

government jobs, expressing and practicing the peoples free well positively and really..etc. On this material we studying and trying to find and expose whatever is needed for building the Peace-Industry. Therefore, this studies and research is aiming to create such new field, which being called the Peace Industry field (IPF). Basically, the (IPF) is introducing a new neutral scientific logical means, which would be positively contributing and easily facilitated for further developing all of the peace aspects by the world peace-makers, as well as empowering the positive way of thinks in order to unify our one world. The (IPF) will be focusing on inventing the vast growing peace logical means in order to provide a specialized tools for carrying out the Peace Strategic Analysis and supporting the Long Term Decision Making Processes and the Strategic Leadership..

Following presenting two original world peace aspects i.e. the Peace Strategy Management (PSM), and the World Peace Systematic Approach (IPO-AP). Firstly, the Peace Strategic Management (PSM) As a matter of fact, the (PSM) is essentially dependant on a very deep ETHIAL-VALUES, which is being forming the spirit of the peace, and the LAWUL-OBJECTIVES, which is defining and stating the type of the required tasks for performing the purified peace-body, and the PEACE-VISSION which is reflecting the mankind wisdom or the straight peace path. In fact, peoples responsibility ought to realizing missing such three mentioned dimensions: As when missing the “ethical values” and “lawful objectives” then it would be impossible to create or gain the world “Peace Wise Vision (PWV)’ or adopt the “Straight Peace Path (SPP)”. Furthermore, missing such peace strategic three constitutes would make it even impossible for anyone to work positively on peace fields or contributing rightfully either politically or on any kind of world relations.. On chapter 4, we begin by setting our minds to believe on this principle: ” Making Peace is Meant Making the Mankind Meaningfully”.

On this study and research we believe there are three types of peace strategies being under adopted on somehow. And the outcome of this PhD R & D is contributing positively on improving such actual three strategies. Basically, on this study approach classify them in terms of the time length factor and the concerned conducting body, such as: •

The Short Term Peace Strategy (STPS): Meant all peace political settlements operations, which being facilitated towards solving a certain limited international conflicts i.e. between two countries or regards a certain regional and specific matter.., in fact, nowadays we notice such strategy is being conducted by involving only the concerned disputed parties, without allowing a multi parties processes being really heavily intervene, as well as without allowing or following the UN System order efficiently, where our conflicted political world is full of a short term settlements conceptually lay within the adoption of STPS category.. it is an endless peace process where conflicts never end, instead allowing the conflicts ever negatively growing. On this study we shall not mention any state, or any certain conflict, because going on details would only harm the peace process, because we need to convince all concerned parties by the available means much suited for them to follow and agree about them.

The Medium Term Peace Strategy (MTPS): Meant all positive political peace analysis, planning and applied efforts which being conducted thru the UN system order adequately, in fact, we notice many UN System care and responsible hardly achieved related world results, because there many obstacles i.e. many sensitive complicated issues and events, where this study & research is strictly focusing on supporting the UN System, on in other words create many peace tools required for enriching the adoption of the “MTP Strategy”. As a matter of fact, all issues which the UN System is concerned with them are very sensitive and very complicated, hence we shall not go in any details, because we only concerned with finding the TOOLS, APPROCHES and KNOWELEDGE which are required for repairing any engine, and which are required for balancing the concerned body the

world wheals scale IN ORDER to ensure the correct steering and saver driving. •

The Long Term Peace Strategy (LTPS): In fact this strategy is being carried through the current study, research and educational bodies. On this R & D we consider such bodies like the factories, they are competing each year as to produce the more modern competitive ever innovated outcomes, which meant pleasing and meeting the peoples tastes and severing the world welfare i.e. Car, T.V , Cloths..etc., hence the PhD R & D is particularly providing such peace-making bodies with many useful ideas, in order to be further able producing the many competitive peace engines, bodies in accordance with the peoples demands. For example, when any industry produce a constructive car or a distortive weapon, the factory can not say this only for a certain nation or state only.. The world peace factories such the NGO, the political parties and the Government organizations and foeign politics will find the many presented simple peace logical means are very concerned truly way of thinking and working. The LPTS is concerned with the innovations and the world wide scopes, and the long term civilized lasting essential outcomes. While the backbone of such LPTS is made of the organic connected means which are fully natural, neutral and ever forming a complete functioning independent organs, which are fixed flexibly inside the overall world body in order to make it stand peacefully healthy against any sctarred negative infections. In fact, whoever reads the final published material of such world peace life project, will realize that everything positive is possible on our world negative political world, as long as there is a world peace will, because the natural order is peace any other conflicts are all manmade. The aim of the (LPTS) is to continually finding the existent peace God created good seeds and keep spreading them on a way being modernly mindfully accepted by the reluctant infected humans. LPTS is concerned with all the best for planting the appropriate PEACEAGRI modern more productive mechanism worldwide, The study we help such PTS mentioned bodies to continually evaluate their works, as LPTS must ever contributing positively for eternal natural lasted world peace ethically, lawfully and humanely, as

being clarified within the three peace strategy leadership constitutes. And we shall provide an illustrative logical diagram which explains the relation between these three phases of the overall peace strategy approaches. On overall, this presented work would be greatly positively serving all such three peace strategies i.e. MTPS, LPTS & LPTS. Accordingly, the study and the research will not go to the detailed events or naming certain countries or issues, except on chapter 4 where naming the major problems, on a very conservative and concerned ways. Today, we are being concentrating greatly on STP-Strategy due to many spread conflicts, and the dominate factors such as the “national interests”, “states sovereignty” and the “ideological factor”. In fact, the LTPS is the main peace leadership strategy, we ought to rely on it nowadays, because of the dominate ideological factors or the national interests factor, and the many illegitimate political regimes i.e. sovereignty political representation. However, this study sees that the LTP-Strategy is very essential because it’s the peace spirit of both mentioned STP & MTP Strategies. Additionally, the LTPS allows every person to be a peace-maker, provide a modern new ways of logical and scientific thinking as to facilitate the humans’ spirit role on humans life. In fact, humans are holly graced by powerful minds gifts, our responsibility is either to developed on the positive or negatives directions. This proposed publication is directly strictly concerned with the LPTS and enriching some of its aspects, concepts and practical tools. In order to achieve such goals, we shall be finding and defining the targeted Peace Industry natural features, peace scopes, specific essential tools and finally further helping in creating the peace employment job descriptions and market, in order to spread the world peace manpower on every government as a prospective necessity. All presented logical tools would help such required manpower. Thirdly, the Systematic Peace Approach

This study is based on dealing with the all peace processes, which are either on the thoughtful manner or by the executed operations through a proposed Systematic Peace Approach (SPA) which is illustrated below. The (SPA) deals with strategically analyzing or managing the world peace process through a means of defining the relevant INPUT factors, setting up and implementing the strategic PROCESSING means, in order to achieve an strategic prevision OUTPUTS. Such as illustrated on the following Fig-SPA:

Where: -

The INPUT phase is about finding and measuring the specific relevant input factors requires a very careful, sincere and very professional diagnosis efforts, for example, we shall study and consider the Democracy level factor, and the development level factor among those relevant inputs factors. And this step requires the ethical values which we mentioned on the STP Strategy.


The Processing phase is about the human core body, which requires the humane objectives and scientific means and manners, in fact, we consider this phase is the very solid mechanisms being applied, for an imagination this phase contains the processing the overall SPA system, carries the logical operations, recording and controlling in order to produce the desired OUTPUTS.. For example, The UN System is considered the PEACE MOTHERBOARD on this phase.. On Chapter 3 we shall look on how to enrich this essential world system part which being the mother of peace, responsible for the world peace

growing, positive peace communications and relations, investigating on the inputs validities, controlling and directing all other parts in order to functional efficiently. -

The OUTPUT phase requires the very professional sincere strategic analysis. And we must realize that we can’t diagnose the relevant input factors adequately and the develop the processing means efficiently without having strategically concluded the very desired world stable humane outcome, consequently the chapter 4 is located on solving the world problem, i.e. concluding the strategic output and using the relevant input factors and the efficient processing means in order to draw the desired outcome, we consider the LPT-Strategy is very concerned and specialized body for carrying out this phase continually.

In short, the previously mentioned three strategic types i.e. STPS, MTPS, LTPS, which are forming the Peace Strategy Management (PSM), and the Systematic Peace Approach (SPA) , which consists of the three stages the “Input peace relevant factors”, the “processing the logical & Physical mechanisms” and the “Output which deals with strategic analysis & conclusions”, in fact, all are ever requiring the solid adoption of the three mentioned Peace Strategy Constitutes (PSC), i.e. Ethical Values, Human Objectives & Tasks, Truly peaceful living strategies, for easy remembering and adoption we put such organic related matter on a such logical thinking manner: 3PSC*3PSM*3SPA>0. Accordingly this work is using such integral methodology in order to contribute efficiently and originally on ever improving the world situations. In fact, scholars and readers will find such presented material are very consistent and making up the versatile peace purified ground and clarifying the many good peace seeds as to be very apparent to all. The world peace requires a continues collective peoples positive wills and ever developing the concerned means and mechanisms in order to achieve the world peace totally, where achieving such situation would be ever regarded as the biggest goal in life, and considered the greatest humans challenge meant to defeat the evil war-industry. Finally, on such innovated work which would be published to the public, we believe that all concerned scholars and readers will notice the many original

interesting introduced vocabularies, for example, on this paper, which have presented i.e. the Peace Strategic Management (PSM), the Peace-Industry Field (PIF), the peace strategy types LPTS, MTSP, LPTS, The Systematic Peace Approach (SPA), and the Peace Strategy Constituents (PSC). Furthermore, we believe all will appreciate such peace enrichment sincere world peace literature, because it is aiming to create an exciting Peace Industry Field (PIF) stands strongly against the negative effects of the dangerous Evil War-Industry (EWI) in order to eliminate the War-Causation and the overall destructive arms, as well as it aiming to provide the coming incent generations what is really meets their perfect desires and the stheir powerful youth minded powers. *****



The UN System Enrichment



International Peace Budget (UN CONTROLLED IPB) On this essay we introduce for the first time these terms: - The International Peace Budget (IPB) - The proposed International Peace Budget Fund (IPBF) to be runed by the UN. - The Countries Peace Budget (CPB) which yearly deducted from the countries Government budget, it is proportionally to the defense budget. *

In fact, there is not state yet considers the International Peace Budget (IPB) within its yearly decided general budget. But in same time there no state yet does not having an arming huge welcomed budget, placed forcibly yearly under the clause of defense budget "Securities various unseen activities, and many seen Arming & Armies Budget". Furthermore, on most cases, especially on the Oil countries, this arming budget is reaching 60-80% of its estimated General Budget. In fact, such percent is always made on the account of the development. In other words, the more percent of the defense budget is the more unemployment and un-development would be.

So what the UN System must do in order to force the peace industry to grow?, as well as fighting the arm or the weaponry industry to decline, and stop its prosperity on the accounts of humanity and world real development. There must be a project of a new "UN Resolution", to be issued by the UN general assembly, and such IPB resolution must be a forced commitment to all members, including the superpower countries, where the UN members must all obey and comply to the WORDL PEACE NATURAL FORCE "VALUES" The formula or the process is possible and very simple, but the "political will" is the hard issue and might make it impossibly, due to the army industry rejections. However, the IPB process or the formula is including such steps: Firstly: There must be an equivalent peace budget to the defense budget, for each country to pay, for example, when any country estimate 40% of its

Therefore, let us visualize what may such countries do, in fact, might possibly divide the Defense budget equally i.e. place 20% to the arming budget and the other 20% goes to the IPB, when its budget planned as 40%, and whatsoever, the action to be taken it will lead to minimizing the WAR-INDUSRTY and greatly Contributing to the PEACE-INDUSTRY. Secondly: The located peace budget is deposited to the "International Peace Budget Fund" UN current bank account. Thirdly:

The IPB Fund is directly managed and operated by the UN. Fourthly: The IPB Fund must be responsible for spending these monies strictly on supporting the WORLD PEACE INDUSTRY i.e. civil society organizations, peace educational course, fighting poverty, as well as aiding the UN instead waiting for countries charities. ***



The World Organic Relationship Democracy, Development, Peace and Stability.


us consider this logical formula for understanding the organic relationship between the Peace, Democracy, Development and the World Order Stability. There is a natural law which enforces an organic proportional relationship, like a gravity power holds those dimensions together, let us consider the following three true natural conditions: 1- As long as the Peace Processes (PP) increases positively the Democracy progress increases positively accordingly i.e. PP ~ DP, and visa versa

2- As long as the Democracy Progress increases positively the Development Level increases positively accordingly i.e. DP ~ DL, and visa versa 3- As long as the Democracy Progress and the Development Level Increase positively the World Stability Level increases towards its optimal situations i.e.

We could place all such organic relations on one peace practical formula, as following:

Which means for the world order natural stability the Democracy Progress (PP), and the Development Level (DL) and he Peace Processes must all above zero, each one declines to zero level or becomes negative will lead to zero stability at that place and time. Consequently, in order to reach to the world optimal stability the UN System management and mentality must ensure the achievement of the greatest size of DP, DL, and PP at all places around the world and at all times. The UN System is the humanity body, which must detect the political viruses, react promptly to treat the disorder, and only relaxes when its whole world body is restored to its normal state.. Where it must have the ability to feel the pain as its happening, but if it ignores the pains and do not response positively, then the Development, the Democracy and Peace progresses at that location become negative and accordingly affects the whole world body similarly, and eventually the UN Nerve System become ineffective to world peace.

Let Us visualize the UN System which is meant to be the friend of all: Some might believe the world peace is an impossible and impractical duties, as well as it’s a dream or unrealistic thinking. But like many others I disagree with such hopeless thinking, because it is simple tasks as long as there is political serious wills while the Un Body is functioning completely healthy without imposing sick VETOS. Consider the following UN Body organic body diagram:

UN operates at the front stage where all member states at the backward of the Un Body.

The neck of this body is the general secretary position. The principles and the objectives of the UN System are the backbone of whole body. NATO is not yet completely connected hand, but in future expected to further expand its scope of membership and to be transformed as the World Peace UN Force. The NATO is an independent militant, but operating under the UN resolutions for international legitimacy, I see tomorrow will be firmly connected to the UN Body as shown. The Security Council is the main hand, and expected to expand the scope of its membership, As well as solving the VETO absolute privileges concept and its negative practices.

The peace is an unseen spirit making this body feeling, thinking and acting.

*** Copyright protected



The UN International Peace Parties Union (UNIPPU) The UNIPP Union will unify the world and will feed the humanity to grow everywhere naturally. This essay introduces the proposed concept of the UNIPP for the UN, highlights the practice including the UN approval for every Civil International Peace Party (CIPP) would be established within the agreed member states, in accordance with a set of core principles as recommended on this essay, and conducting the following-up process and the essential financing to every CIPP. In order to further ease the understanding of such new matter “UNIPP”, which is going to be fully complied with the UN Treaty, I will classify this essay into three parts as below, where this literature it being openly addressed to the whole concerned world peoples and particularly seeking the feedback of the peace elites, and is aimed to support the concerned UN peace missionary role, in order to encourage the UN to trigger the start-off of such vital peace process. Hence this essay classified as following:  Firstly, highlighting the IDEA.  Secondly highlighting the REGULATIONS background, on terms of UN Treaty and the States Democratic Constitutions.  thirdly highlighting the IMPLEMENTATION or the practicality issue.

So let us begin this interesting freely mindful-touring which is virtually looking at the shape & mentality needed for the coming new world. Firstly, the UNIPPU on the terms of the Idea I Understand, like with any other innovations, everyone says at the very beginning Its impossible, as well as few would start making the excuses or placing the obstacles for just the continues physical rest or gaining the peace of mind, because establishing “World-Peace” is ever the greatest human challenge and a very non featured complicated industry. For example, with our proposed UNIPP, might few would say the UN role has nothing to do with such aspect, as well as trying placing further obstacle by saying this proposal violates the sovereignty issue of the independent sovereign according to the UN Treaty Article (2) Clause (7)... But the peace political elites always have the mind ability to visualize the complete practices of the whole treaty at once. However, the targeted common peoples would say for themselves let mankind freely plant their good seeds, and the UN would be helping peoples to spread their fruits around the thirsty globe... additionally the elites would say let us deeply and heartily investigate the world developing regulations by our flexible eyes, such eyes which could see the many directions of any matter from different angles, and having the hearts to feel the whole kinds of situations before they occur. In fact, the “World Peace Industry” needs such globally elite eyes and hearts. Because only thru such eyes and hearts ones could flexibly interoperate and facilitate the UN PEACE RICH TREATY, as well as to know how to spread and make use of the very useful Modern Democratic Real Constitutions. In other words, our mentality must be changed to ever be ready to meet the level of the thinking of the coming explosive minded generations. Today our duty mainly to throw the peace seeds on the ground for the nature to grow them for the next generation fruitful peaceful livings. Fine, let us agree about a very simple fact, which there is no century throughout the history is exactly looking alike or fully similar to it’s passed one... This fact is easily well noticed since the 15thcentury.

Actually, we are living on a changeable organic world... Exactly like human beings, one century die another is invisibly born of it, carrying the last gained genetics, and on a way like a matron race. In fact, the 21st century could be called the “Change Era World�, because everything is going to change rapidly and widely, breaking the War-Industry rules and controls. The War is not going to be the solution of any matters anymore... We only could control such entire ever coming world changes by implementing the good means and planting the peace seeds on good time before, in order to safe our human world. About the changeable centurial world fact, let us consider comparing the 20thcentury with the 19th century, in fact both centuries are different environments, no one on the 19th century could imagine the nuclear weapons various aspects , the internet virtual world astonishing realities, the World War I, II disasters, . The World League 1919-1938 and the UN 1945 efforts, the World Cold War 1946-1990 problem, the stock, currency and commodities exchanges markets and financial crises, transportations luxuries, communications innovated world connectivity...etc. In fact if you compare the 20th century with the past ones you will believe it’s an entirely new humanly born world, has no similarity whatsoever with the past ones except the hanged political link. So the 20th century order is separated from the 19th century order entirely, as well as the 20st is going to be separated entirely similarly. But the war political linkages are like dirties, always being hanged to the matters, and shall remain accumulating, if we do not clean them by the PeaceIndustry properly. So if we solidly plant the UNIPP seeds we will expect relevant changes on the features and the reality of the world order which is invisibly being generated. Also by planting the seeds of at any time, especially at the begging of any century, is meant a recovery process, or an improvement continuous means. Let us from now on concentrate more on the peace planting processes.

As on the passed centuries, particularly since the 15 th century, we were only concentrating only on the automations and only adopting the power balance policy for securing national interests... Let us now set another new principle, one such the “Peace Scale Policy” i.e. world order with zero wars condition... Remembering that each war seed whenever planted, it will remain hanged and accumulating throughout coming world’s genetics... As said previously, we must oppose the “War-Industry”, thru considering making any destructive aggressive weapon is a form of planting the War-Seeds, and any weapon kind will be contributing proportionally on growing the negative genetics which spreading the cancer of the conflicts on the ever evolving new world’s shapes and political functioning. Therefore on this UNIPP proposal we are intending to plant the “Peace Seeds”, against the politically war-industry growing, and as one means of the cleaning, recovery and improvement processes as clarified before. In fact, all realizing by now much our world is going to change... on my estimation we shall the features of the new born world before the end of the fifth decade of this century.. So in order to control the shape and the behavior of this newly developing 21stworld... let us for the first time feed the ground of this new World on the Life-Worm by the Peace Seeds.. Therefore the UNIPP is an entire World Peace Seeds feeder & spreader. Secondly, on the terms of regulations and legitimacy We shall look into this issue through demonstrating the legal concepts, on terms of sovereign states i.e. the Constitution, and the UN System i.e. the Treaty, in order to say nothing on political is impossible if there is a strong peoples will. - The Constitution: we all understand that , the real democratic states are the ones which governed by a legitimate COSTITUTION, in order to be rightfully considered having a legitimate political will within the UN General Assembly decision making voices.. Such constitution ought to be plotted thru the real free peoples will and modern practices. For such rightfully Democratic States and good Constitutions the UNIPP matter is not a contradictory aspect,

because always peoples decide and elect governments which respects their choices... and peoples choices will never refuse the Peaceful matters, because the fact is world peace is made thru peoples wide lasting will, and not thru governments timely objectives and limited focus.. Based on UNIPP each state could establish its CIPP in accordance with its prevailing constitutional regulations... But the problem is always with the non democratic states or the states which implement the one forcibly party system, however, on my estimation, such illegitimate regimes will be disappearing completely shortly, because the youthful born coming world orders, will ever reject unwise inhuman ting ruling systems and practices means. As well as when the UNIPP started-off it will be spreading widely and rapidly naturally among peoples... because good seeds always require the lesser efforts and costs to grow fruitfully and keep spreading, unlike the war-seeds very costly as well as never grow without huge efforts or forces.

- The UN treaty: If you fully investigate the UN Treaty Articles, you would realize there is nothing prohibiting the UN from adopting such UNIPP means, as a direct or regional new committee, department , council or organization. In fact just looking at the Article (1) which all the four clauses highlights the responsibility of the UN to establish the World-Peace and to be a reference to the world as per clause (4) of Article (1)... I will interpreted the UN treaty on a separate essays... also I have before on the Essay (5) introduced the (IPBF: International Peace Budget Found)... Because the financing matter is an essential issue for the peace seeds to grow, money on this case like water. LET us further and specifically deal with the international legitimacy of the UNIPP& the CIPP. Hence considering the Article(37) Clause (2), which highlights the fact that when states could not to resolve their between conflicts then the Security Council has the rights to recommend what is convenience as to solve their conflicts peacefully or thru force as might happen, on the other side the whole world states have failed to solve the many ever growing and spreading conflicts, as well as some might say it’s not responsibility or rights to suggest to the others what to do or how to make peace.. For such reason the UN was emerged to think and act on behalf of all. Also if we look at the Articles (39-51), we would sense that all the provisions being described within these articles are of a military kind, therefore the peace provisions are included naturally and would be ever having the priority according to the main UN principles and objectives...Additionally by looking at the Article (52)

clause (3) which states for the Security Council to encourage the more peaceful solutions for the conflicts thru the regional organizations.. Finally the UN Treaty is very rich of the peace means which helping to enrich the world peace... Therefore, and my estimation the UN TREATY and the DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONS are completing each other for fulfilling the world peace and security. Thirdly: How the UNIPP & CIPP works Basically, the UNIPP Union suggested to be established according to Article (7) or the Article (68) of the UN Treaty, like for example, UNU,1969, UNITAR, 1965, UNICEF, 1946, WFP, 1962, UNEP, 1968..etc all are UN secondary organizations. While the CIPP is a political party to be established according to the prevailing local constitution, provided that there is a sufficient number of native people applied to the parliament for the essential administrative permission and following ups... The political committee within the concerned parliament looks at “Civil International Peace Parties (CIPP)” papers, evaluating the founders eligibility and abilities, and the sufficient basic number required among the whole country districts... as well as announcing the names of the founders for 30 days, as to receive if there is any public documented rejections, in short following the same stated procedure applied to the another parties. But with two differences:  The CIPP is an International party highly followed up by the NIPP  The CIPP holds the same limited principles and objectives programs approved by the UNIPP.  The CIPP is financed by the UNIPP. When the Parliamentary political committee issues its acceptance for the new CIPP, passes this approval to the elected executive government in order to approve and communicate with the UN for requiring the UNIPP approval for their new established CIPP.

The UIPP is the only authorized department responsible for the rest of duties i.e. the UNIPP main committees and its regional UNIPP committees follow up how good, accurate and the efficiency of the local peoples CIPP “Civil International Peace party”. The most important DUTY of the UNIPP is setting up the world peace principles and objectives, for example, would include such as following principles:

So imagine when these CIPP leaders reach to the elected governments, and on my opinion many CIPP will win across many countries, because peoples hate the devil-politics which being fed thru the growing war-industry. Let us adopt the smoking method; where on each cigarettes packet said “Smoking is damaging your health”. Accordoningly we say “Wars is damaging the world peace order”, and let people vote for any parties them which to have. Finally, imagine when the UN General Assembly would be a cabinet of a likeminded Peace-industry minded people, whom they were striving for the same principles and having a globally one vision, those only eligible ones to lead the coming sensitive world, because the world would passing a very critical times, and the nuclear weapons is enough fully destructive matter even only one is on the existent, because the know-how is unblocked issue. And on my estimating there is no trusted hand whatsoever, because trusted hand do not make such serious danger matter and threaten the coming incent generations.

That was in very short, but in order for the UN to start-off; the General Secretary ought to appoint the UNIPP Advisor to prepare the whole UNIPP package and its various logics and implementations and to ensure the compatibility and the reliability.



Solving the world Problems Quantitatively



The Role of The Peace Strategic Method “PSM” on Controlling The International Order

The main objective of the presented Peace Strategy Management (PSM) is to provide a logical method which assists on establishing and preserving the desired world unity and the humanity consistency. Where the factors of Unity and Humanity are the backbone of strengthen the international order. The Unity and Humanity are among the Peace Input relevant factors, as illustrated before on the Fig-PSA “Peace Systematic approach”. Generally, in order to achieve such world noble goal and good mankind intension, the world diplomacy must be concerned with the planning, controlling, containing and treating the various spread world regional conflicts.

The search 1.2 presented that the world Peace Strategic Management is consisted of three strategies, the Short, Medium and the Long term peace strategy methods, i.e. STPS, MTPS, LTPS. In order to give a practical example of implementing such PSM, we shall present another new meaning for the world peace controlling, which is known as the “The Regional Conflicts Intersection “RCCI”. The RCCI means each international conflict is consisting of a number of countries being connected together with a certain type of fight or armed dispute.. This search illustrates the following four Approaches: •

The LTPS & RCCI Approach: which is realistically being widely noticed, and is representing that the world is on a critical peace situation.

The MTPS & RCCI Approach: which is meant to make the UN System more affective and allowed to be more involved in order to contain and begin to control every existing conflict... the wide adaption of such approach reflects the world peace stable situation.

The LTPS & RCCI Approach: which meant the UN are being on a strong relationship with the world peace various specialized independent scientific organizations, The adoption of such approach brings the world peace optimal situation.

The RCCII Indicator Approach: in fact this a calculated means in order to provide the strategic peace planners and analyst with a tool which required to dismantle the conflicts, and give the clue to begin with dismantling the most complicated ones.

Therefore, this search demonstrates there must be a sort of an organic relationship between the peace strategy method which being used and the nature of the conflict, the R CCI is providing such organic link.

The RCCI refers to “Regional Conflicts Circle Intersect”. In order to clarify that each country is represented by a Circle, and we put numbers 1,2,..n to or LY, US, UK, UAE, QA, CH to represent the countries, as well we can put symbols in order to draw the regional conflicts. Basically, the aim of this search is to conclude another quantitative peace method to be used widely and for any type of conflicts regardless of the countries being involved. Because with deal with the “Conflict Circle” as a worm, which being created on the world body because of the conflicted countries, and the LTPS, MTPS and LTPS must controlled and treated scientifically. Remain one more relevant concept which very vital, and must be mentioned, this is the mission of the diplomacy corp. On this book we consider the diplomacy is one of the world peace pillars. The diplomacy is the core of politics and representing the spirit of the peace power. Once it will be transformed a bad form of practices, then diplomacy would be failing on the world peace mission and becoming merely serving the political wills without adhering to any positive humane and legal values. The proposed Short, Medium and Long Peace Strategies, together with the RCCI concept will support the world diplomacy corps to agree on a form of new understanding and improving ways of thinking and communicating. Because diplomats are the peace representatives worldwide, must not be involved with any secret security evil aspects.

They must have their own credibility, ever preserving such precious value, and have their own tools for solving world conflicts, and never be war smarts standing unseen under the war bridges or invisibly managing the conflicts broken gates. The world knew the diplomacy agreement since the very beginning of the 17th century, considered the vital means to prevent general wars and organize the various complicated interacted interests. The world organizations are the result or the product of the diplomacy, we shall discuss the Diplomacy activity on a separate search, providing a simple sketch assisting everyone to understand such countries independence and peoples dignity representative corp. Therefore the UN System, the Foreign Affairs authorities and the whole world peace and development democratic organizations are concerned with such mentioned three strategies & R CCI approaches.. As well as peoples all must be more concerned, because politics never to be without a positive peoples mentality and real free responsible will. Peace is only established and kept well through a complete peoples will. Peoples are the core of the peace force, we shall further discuss such rule through a separate search on chapter four. The following diagram tells the whole story of the three strategies and the three approaches, we shall refer to it when we discuss each linked Strategy type and the approach stage:

Fig-PSM & RCCI Approaches

But in order to clarify the concept and each approach and acquire the full understanding of all such approaches, we need to discuss each approach separately, while we must be aware of such integrated diagram. On the diagram Fig-B is representing the world critical bad situations. Where FIG-G is representing the world optimal or internationally controlled situations. The following approaches and the driven RCCII indicators services the matter of shifting the world from the bad situations to the optimal desired one. Firstly, the STPS & R CCI Approach and Map: On this approach each Country is represented by a circle. Inside the circle naming C1, C2,‌.Cn, where each is representing a certain country, also as said before we can use UK, LY, EG, GE,

US i.e. two letters from country names as to distinguish between them. The objectives of the “Regional Conflicts Circle� are: Firstly, to visualize how many conflicts are being unsolved at any certain time. Secondly, to see how conflicts are uncontrolled i.e. being outside the MTPS & RCCI. Thirdly, to see the country which being connected with more than one regional conflict. Fourthly to see the complicity of the conflicts i.e. when a large number of a countries being connected on a certain region, such region reflects the world sensitive zone. On this search we are dealing with introducing a quantitative rule, which could be used at all times and not focusing on any specific conflict. Because when we are on the stage of dealing with any specific conflict, we must apply the SPA i.e. systematic Peace Approach, in order to find all relevant input factors, the processes which being carried out, as well as the strategic vision which being drawn as the desired ultimate peace output of such conflict. The STPS & RCCI MAP: when we complete drawing all world conflicts, we shall end up with a conflicts map, this map tells us about the conflicts complicities, the conflicts spread, the conflicts sensitive region, and the key of conflicts.. and tells us about the STPS which and the MTPS which are being used or followed, in other words to compare the Un controlled conflicts and the uncontrolled conflicts.

Because peace process needs a measurable means in order to restore the world to its natural order. The Key Of Conflicts (KOC) : in fact the most important use of the R CCI

map is producing the KOC, which tells us the countries which representing the key factor on solving the world problems. Specifically, the country which has the most number of intersects is representing the first key of conflicts, and then the second country and so on, until we end up with KOC1, KOC2.. KOCn. That on terms of peace the KOC countries must find a certain mechanisms in order to bring them together on a multi-peace negotiations or separately thru the UN peace strategic committees in order to dismantle the Regional Conflicts, and place them under the control of the UN MTPS. On short, the STPS & RCCI map, meant to introduce to us the world peace weakest situation. Because the more the STPS implemented reflects the weaker of the UN System effectiveness on peace solutions and resolutions. The purpose of the STPS & RCCI map is to study how to move the world to the Stable peace situation, which we called it the MTPS & RCCI. Finally, the world peace is the made of the peoples, hence every individual has to understand such STPS & RCCI map, because tells the peoples about the extent of the complicity of the world conflicted situation. Secondly, The M TPS & R CCI Approach and Map: AS discussed before the STPS & RCCI deals with the international uncontrolled conflicts, such those conflicts the UN System has now direct involvement as well as its resolutions not obeyed or

fully by the disputed countries. And when have indicated the rule of the KOC which aiming to bring the complicated conflicts inside the UN Circle. While the MTPS & RCCI approach includes the various international conflicts – international conflicts means the armed dispute between two countries or more-, which are being under the control of the UN System. With such conflicts the country governments agreed to be fully complied and committed to the UN resolutions in order to end up the international conflicts on the way to serve the world international peace & security stability efficiently. Failures on achieving such continuation would threaten the future and the real efficiency of the UN System. Because as long as the world being confronted with an increasing of the uncontrolled STPS&RCCI the more emerged serious dangers and unresolved complicities would rise widely. The Strategic Usage of the MTPS & RCCI Approach: The previous shown Figure, we notice that the UN Inside circle is representing all conflicts which are being controlled by the UN assembly & the security council. In fact indicators the world strategic managers can read out such diagram, for example: - Finding the Ratio between the controlled & uncontrolled conflicts, and such ratio which drawn periodically could provide a means for measuring the UN progress on containing the world conflicts and reflects its peace and security efficiency.

- Studying the situations of the countries which are having a conflicts under the MTPS control while others being outside the UN i.e. under the STPS & RCCI approaches. - The MTPS & RCCI is a progressive step towards the world optimal situation i.e. LTPS & RCCI, on other words, there must be a sort of narrative or a description regarding the conflicts which are being solved through the aid of the NGO or GO peace specialized institutions. Thirdly, The LPTS & RCCI Approach: The previous diagram illustrates that the LPTS i.e. GO/NGO scientific approaches, is representing the world external circle, while the MPTS i.e. merely political approaches, is representing the international order nucleus. The aim of the LTPS & RCCI is to make politics & science interact together in order to produce a very convinced solutions. Because the fight for protecting the national interests is the main cause of international disputations.. where each political regime see its legitimacy bond by its continual strength against the many developing challenges and threatens. Generally, such national interests mainly include the political influence, the economical needs, the culture distinction, and the social dignity. In fact, in fact such interests would be unwise if we think they only solved politically, because their nature is more scientific, sociable and humanity. Where the Governments main role is to represent its peoples internationally as well as act as n administrative body, which

unwise the control the peoples and the world destiny with an absolute political will and authority. In fact the more the world relies merely on politicians the more the world would be economically, financially and sociably corrupted. In fact, the LTPS tells us we must be more realistic, and we instruct the scientists to be responsible and fight for their political roles on the critical life, because their future, on terms of income level, the employment level and civilization destiny is depending on them not on the politicians. We all know our world modern civilization is developed by the virtue of the scholars not politicians... Where all wars and instructions are caused by unwise absolute rulers and their followed politicians and officers, whom – as I have observed on a certain country for more than four decades were being chosen based on an ideological criteria or a other certain required loyalties and they prepared to do any wronged matter to their people or worldwide-, and on the Diplomacy search chapter 3, we have discussed such fact. The MTPS & RCCI approach aims to make the whole international regional conflicts to be fully and adequately managed by the civil societies peace and various scientific organizations, where such those specialized institutions could be either a NGO or government ones, the most important point all are coordinating and working together towards the same goals and facilitating a certain generally concluded rules, such those being given on this book and others whichever being very developed, in order to be able to solve the world crisis thru the three known steps i.e. Firstly contain the conflict, Secondly provide the settled solution, thirdly transformed situation to a new one which eliminates the conflicts-causation. Off course, once we begin plotting the whole PS & RCCI – Peace Strategies and the Regional Conflicts Circles intersections-, many

information would floated on the surface of such diagram, for example, the conflicts geography, the complicity, the interactions, the input factors, the kind of the possible vision.. etc. For example, we may conclude the following basic indications: -

When there is no conflicts contained under the LPTS &RCCI approach, that reflects the fact of the UN System does not rely on any scientific GO/NGO methods on solving and controlling any of the existing peace-democracy-development conflicts or issues.. as well as it means the fact of the world situation is instable and being exposed to many harming negative political disaffections. Today, the world witnessing such situation, because the Government Organization(GO) or the Non Government Organizations (NGO) are not being directly concretely involved on any type of peacedemocracy-development planning, controlling or being consulted and respected by the conflicted concerned countries. Although recently we observe a limited increase on the role of such organizations, especially during the Arab Spring 2011 and by the year 2006, but still not clearly agreed worldwide and the distrust being waived completely.


When there is no LPTS & RCCI approach means the world has no controlling cover i.e. the UN being the world order nucleus but without a shell. Therefore the LTPS is the strategy which protects the world order as well as give an overall meaning of the political procedure and mentality visions around the globe. The more we rely on the LTPS the more we eliminate the need for the adoption of the STPS. As mentioned before the Short Term Peace-DemocracyDevelopment Strategies, will ever result on a further complication and the more need of the STPS.


If we do not promptly start-off the regional conflicts continuation wise processes, the effectiveness of the UN System would be threatened by uncontimplated disordering newly emerged factors, because MTPS & LTPS both strategies must work together, on other words politics and science must be ever be on harmony and fully rightfully agreements Where the more UN System comes Closer to the LTPS the more born of many specialized efficient independent

NGO/GO would be mature and very positively active. We ought to begin accept the fact of politics alone will never be a positive peacedemocracy-development mechanism without its science, which is ever being the spirit of the good living various developments. Additionally, there is another important issue ought to be mentioned here, the uncontrolled regional conflicts will last longer and spread rapidly and widely, eventually they will sundunlly surrender the superpower countries themselves, because the basic rule says the “effect-kind” is always s emerged from the cause-type. And the law of nature says the conspiracy plotters eventually will be surrendered by their frauds. On other words, according to my observations many STPS are built around conspiracies where such fact explains why we are never understood each others as well as wars still having the final word on political decision. -

On my opinion the UN General Assembly, ought to consider a new international resolution which imposes on each country must to “Establish an International Strategic Center (ISC)”. Where the ISC would be the core of the LTPS and a linking tool with the MTPS, and it specials on producing and implementing the “PeaceDemocracy-Development” General RULES for all curing all regional conflicts. We have indicated before the peace solution would consist of three stages, the containtion, the settlement and the transformation. As well as they ISC will be the heart of many NGO being on the world blood circular system. The (GO) i.e. the proposed ISC & the many NGO peace scientific institutions must coordinate and cooperate together on the purpose of the scientific-political peace-democracy-development, such efforts will built the fruits shell the external cover around the UN System which meant to be be the world peace & security stability nucleus.






Indicator R CCII : As a matter of fact we can’t rely on any political decisions to be lasted and ever assuring their fully acceptance and results, without being basically emerged or grown based upon a certain healthy ground or a logical rule, on other words, such decision ground or

rule could be investigated, improved and facilitated by a standard criteria under the eye of all without the need for a hidden means, or relying on a limited specific political subjective instable official mentality. In fact I am heralding for the politics-Sciences marriage to be ever kept fixed and spiritually healthy. I have found when we begin implementing any kinds of objective and logical thinking spiritually, we inevitably come cross a possible calculations which lead to useful indicators. The role of the indicator on any general rule will help very much on bringing peoples understandings more closer willingly, and according to Albert Enistien peace rule which reflects the truth of peoples understandings is the core of the peace keeping not the force. Also the found calculated indicators assures the right of the ground and basic rules being thought of at the first place. The following RCCII proves the usefulness and righteous of the previous mentioned peace management strategies and approaches. The following calculation are given as a basic general examples, as when we deal with any specific situations and conflicts many factors and new elements will rise and make such calculation to be developed further.

Let us begin with driving the RCCII: In order to manage the world optimal situation, scientific politicians must first draw an updated S-M-L Strategies & RCCI approaches diagram thoroughly, such illustrated before. Hence many intersects would be apparent clearly.

Bearing on mind that lesser number of intersects indicates the better UN efficiency. The calculated RCCII helps us to follow up the World Peace Strategic Management Progresses. Because leaving such intersects floating means leaving a greater chances for the world wars to grow and the massive destructive arms madly dominate. Hence, consider:

Cf………………representing the number of the countries being on conflict.

Cn………………representing the number of

UN members.

RCCII Rule one: Where assuming:

“represents the world optimal situation i.e. no conflicts:

“represents the world general war ..” Consequently we can see how far from the general war situation and how closer to the world optimal situation, i.e. equal or more than ” =>0.5” indicates the danger level, where lesser than “ <0.5” means moving towards to right solutions and real stability. RCCII Rule TWO: On this rule we need the find the Ratio between the total number of intersects and the UN member countries. And we need to calculate the Intersects Total “IT” Let begin by summing the intersects total, which is simply added as following: Assume “C1” i.e. a certain country, is being found involved on 5 conflicts, then IT=5. While C2 is being on the same time involved on 2 conflicts, then

IT =5+2. Where C3 is having 7 conflicts, hence IT become = 5+2+7.. And so on.. In order to find the Value of Z, which must be closer to the Zero.

As following:

…………….. “Z must be Zero” We name this rule as the world optimal situation equation, which indicates the lesser the Z value and closer to ZERO is assuring the lesser world political complications, and the world is moving closer to peace optimal, Generally the size of the Z value is ever reflecting by how much is the UN System efficiency and functioning at any time being weak or strong.

Where there must be a World Strategic Peace Group concerned with the Peace Strategic Management various rules. For example, there must be a specific study regarding finding the “Z values”, during the World WAR I 1914-1919, and World War II 1938-1945, and during the World Cold WAR 1945-1989. And during 1605-1815, and many important strategic periods.. In order to conclude the precise meaning and indication of the Z values. But Generally, the following table gives the basic indications: As when:


World Peace Strategy Management  

This is a Draft of ON GOING Research..SEEKING assistenship..

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