Il Punto Italiana / Food Colouring

Castelleone, IT

IL PUNTO ITALIANA is a company born from thirty years of experience and passion in the confectionery sector of its founder. Our production is based on decorations for confectioners and also includes a wide range of items designed to meet the needs and requests of products more and more innovative, guaranteeing the quality of the products and the “made in Italy” brand. IL PUNTO ITALIANA produces a complete range of food colors including: sprays (water soluble, metallic, pearled, colored cocoa based velvets), liquid colors (water based for the airbrush, oil based for chocolate and for fatty masses in general), powder dyes (water-soluble, fat-soluble, metallic / pearly), concentrated dyes, food-grade markers and inks, paints, polishers for bakery and chocolate products, chocolate spray coolers, spray and liquids, various additives, etc. We also have a small production line of cups and thermoformed containers, and gold plates and also some items in plastics.