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The Elements An Epic Tale By: Duncan Costello

The Elements Prologue The Prophecy The elements were the origin of the Earth. To the world we all know, they gave birth. It is said that one day, when the power is disturbed, the true chosen one will re-balance the power and save the world. This time has now come, and gone, but it is happening again... There are 17 elements and the true chosen one must travel around the world to find them, return them to their original resting place, and defeat horrible beasts along the way‌

Chapter 1 Just a Kid ‘Why?! Why does everything happen to me!!!!????” I thought angrily. I had just awakened from another vision. They were always weird, with these glowing orbs and freaky monsters, but they never addressed my presence. At least not until now. It started off like any other vision but then the glowing orbs formed a face, and a voice told me that I was some sort of ‘chosen one’ or something. He said that I was destined to save the world and re-unite the elements, which I assumed were the glowing orbs, and defeat lots of monsters to do it. “And how the heck am I supposed to kill the monsters?! I suppose with some freak magic weapon or something!” I hollered. “You will find out, chosen one. Soon enough,” the voice replied. “Yeah… right,” I said sarcastically. Everything blurred, and I blacked out… I groaned, thinking back on that vision. It couldn’t be real. “Just a dream,” I tell myself, “Just a dream.”

Chapter 2 Bully Problems I walked into school the next day in a good mood. I felt like something really awesome was gonna happen today. Boy, was I right. The teacher surprised us all by shooting a confetti gun at us as we walked in. “Whoa, what’s going on!?” my friend Jordan exclaimed. “I don’t know, just felt in the mood today!” Mr. Finklestien grinned. “Mr. Finklestien is really nice, don’t ya think?” Dan muttered. “Heck yeah,” I murmured. Mr. Finklestien is my homeroom teacher as well as my science/social studies teacher. He has such interesting ideas for lessons, and he never gives homework over the weekends or days off. After a ton of class time, my “pack”, as I call it, left the grounds. As we walked back, unbeknownst to us, a group of bullying kids stalked us down the street. “Hey look, a group of losers walking home together because they know that they don’t stand a chance alone! Ha Ha Ha noobs,” the biggest one mocked. “I know you’re just mocking us because you think you’re so cool. For your information you are not, Bobby,” I spat. “Hey look! The wittle baby learned to towk!!!” Bobby cooed. “You think you’re so strong! Well, lets see how strong you really are!!!!!!!!” I raged.

I dropped my backpack on the ground and got in a fighting stance, while Bobby did the same. I winked backwards at my friends, and they all grinned evilly. “If I get taken down, you all converge on him, okay?” I whispered to my friends. My friends didn’t give a verbal response, but all grinned and cracked their knuckles menacingly. “Let’s Go!!” Bobby yelled. I rushed him and threw a quick right uppercut at his jaw, which made him wince. Another quick succession of jabs and hooks got him on the ground. Unexpectedly, he threw me back with a quick right jab. I got lucky, and landed on my feet. “Ha! Is that the best you can do?” I taunted. “I’ve had it with you, twerp!!!!!” he raged. He charged me, and I easily sidestepped, causing him to fall over. He turned over and I kicked him in the crotch. I then pinned him to the ground and continuously connected my left fist with his face. After a while he fell to the ground limp. “Like a boss!!!!” Jordan hollered, tackling me in a huge man-hug. Meanwhile, the rest of the Bully Bunch started glaring at us and, unexpectedly, charged. Jordan noticed first and hollered. I was too busy celebrating, and didn’t notice the charge until I turned around with a fist two feet from my face, and incoming fast. Then everything was black.

Chapter 3 Elements, Monsters, and Prophecies, Oh My! Everything was white. I looked around and noticed a ghost-like figure floating about 20 feet away from me. “Whoa! Who the heck are you?” the figure questioned in a very annoying high-pitched voice. “The name is Jason,” I answered without thinking. I was still marveling about this strange place. “Oh. I am Fred. Nice to meet you. I have a very strange past,” he said. “What is this place?” I wondered out loud. “This is the land of the chosen ones.” “The chosen ones?” “The special people who are destined to fulfill the great prophecy of the elements!” he replied excitedly. “Prophecy!” I exclaimed. “Yeah! There is a mystical prophecy that says that these element thingies are what brought balance to the world, but something disturbed them. They got scattered around the world, and 17 people have to travel the world in order to collect the elements and bring them to their rightful place. I was the first chosen one, and it looks like you are the second!” “You’re kidding, right?” I said hopefully. “Nope.” For the second time that day, everything went black.

Chapter 4 Some Teammates “Hey, dude. You ok?” Jordan asked as I opened my eyes. “I had a weird vision thing. It said that I was some sort of chosen one and I was destined to save the world but I needed teammates,” I explained. “Do you think that it was real?” Jordan replied. “I don’t know, but I know that for now I’m gonna believe it. Bad things could happen if it is real and I don’t believe it.” “True. Well, in that case, I’ll be one of those partners, ok? How many partners do there need to be?” “It said there were 17 people, so that’s 15 more people. Add up the rest of the pack, and that’s only 7 other people that we need to include.” “Yeah, if we decide to go, then the rest of the pack will go. No wolf left behind!” Jordan stood up and shoved his fist in the air as he yelled our motto. “Okay!” exclaimed Dan. “You betcha!” screamed Gary. “If you insist,” joked Jake. “Of course I’ll come!” Seamus yelled. “Sure!” exclaimed Adam. “Ok, let’s do this!” Paul announced. “Ok!” Anthony yelled. “Alright! Something exciting finally!” yelled Sly.

“Ok, so that’s the whole pack. We need to recruit seven more teammates to the cause,” I explained. “We could invite Tiff and Lydia. They’ve helped us with bully problems in the past,” Paul offered. I winced at hearing the name of my ex-best friend.

Chapter 5 Drama Queen “What about Simon and Lewis?” suggested Adam. “As old leaders of the pack, they’ll definitely come!” “Come to what?” a heavily British accented voice asked innocently behind us. “Whoa! Hi Lewis! Hi Simon! You scared us!” Paul muttered the last part to himself, being the overly dignified person that he is. “I heard that, Paul!” we all shouted at him at once. “Ok, so what is it you guys wanted us to come to? A party? A baseball game? What?” “A mission,” I said flatly. “What!” Lewis and Simon hollered. “A mission,” I repeated. “Uh, what kind of mission?” Simon asked nervously. “A mission to save the world,” I said dramatically. “You’re kidding, right?” Lewis asked. He looked ready to faint. “That’s what I said when I first heard about it,” I responded. “So, you want us to come, huh? Well, we’re in!” they exclaimed in unison. “What are we waiting for?“ joked Simon. “Five more teammates,” I explained. “We were thinking of Tiff and Lydia,” stated Paul. “How bout Bobby?” joked Jake.

“Ha ha, very funny Jake,” I said sarcastically. After thinking for about 15 minutes, a crazy idea hit me. “Derek, John, and Dominick!” I exclaimed. “You think they’ll trust us?” You see, Derek, John, and Dom are old friends of ours that just kind of drifted off from the pack and made their own. We don’t hate each other, and we have pretty friendly relations, but we don’t hang together much anymore. “Maybe, but we have to try. This mission depends on it,” I replied. “The group of epic people walks down the street, looking for their not-soepic friends,” Jordan joked around in his narrating voice. “Oh, then here is a mirror for you!” a light-hearted voice exclaimed. “Hi Dom! We were just looking for you!” I yelled. “But you couldn’t be looking for me, because I’m epic!” he joked. “That’s besides the point. We need your help,” I said, getting straight to business. “For what? A class in epicness?” John joked. “It’s not a time for jokes, John!” I hollered sternly. “Oh. Sorry. What is it you guys needed?” “Help. For a mission. To save the world.” “Yeah, right.” “Right,” Everyone else but John, Dom, and Derek said in unison. “O…K…” About 10 long minutes of convincing later…

“Alright, let’s go get Tiff and Lydia!” “Get me for what?” a high-pitched girly voice squealed behind us. “Hi Lydia! We need your help on a mission. To save the world,” I replied. Lydia is a very magic-believing type of person, so we had no trouble convincing her, so less than two minutes later, we were looking for Tiffany. She would be trouble. She may have the same trait that Lydia had, but me being part of the quest would be troubling to her. You see, she and I used to be best friends, but I “grew out of girls” and we slowly drifted off from each other. I know she never meant to leave, and it still troubles me for some reason. After 1,938 seconds, (Yes, I counted), give or take a millisecond or so, we found her at the park. “Hey Tiff, what’s up?” I feigned a cocky grin. “Hey Jase,” Tiffany said glumly. “We need your help,” explained Paul matter-of-factly. “With what?” she said. “A mission,” I replied. “Listen, I’d love to, but I can’t. Not with Jason here.” “Fine. Guess we’ll have to find a different person to take your place. Maybe… Kayla,” I replied mockingly. “No way. I’m coming with you guys.” “I knew you would,” I replied smugly. “Ok, whatever.” “Ok. Now what?” All of a sudden I blacked out.

“Hey! It’s you again!” Fred exclaimed. “Ok, I got 16 friends. What now?” “Tonight, sneak out, meet up, and I’ll tell you what to do then.” As soon as I wake up I tell the team the plan. They all agree and we walk our separate ways…

Chapter 6 Sneaking Out My alarm woke me up at 11:30. I packed my camping stuff, solar powered iPod charger, and iPod Touch 4G. I am the first to the clearing, and Jordan came not 20 seconds later. People straggled in and finally we were just waiting for Tiff. We heard groaning and grunting coming from about a block away. “I’ll investigate!” I offered. “I’ll come too,” muttered Jordan. As we turned the corner I slapped my hand to my forehead in exasperation. “You didn’t need to bring a full make-up set with you! I said no unnecessary items.” “Yeah, and you don’t have your iTouch with you?” mocked Tiffany, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Hey, that might actually be useful. What if we need to contact each other?” “How would we contact each other if you are the only one with an iTouch?” “With these,” I explained, holding out 16 earplugs. “Oh. Whoops. I’ll put it back,” she muttered, sensing defeat. “Jordan and I will get it, ok? You go meet up with the gang and tell them where we are.” About ten minutes later we got back. “Ok, let’s go!” I exclaimed pumping my fist into the air.

Chapter 7 Getting our Powers “Oh, man…” I said as I began to black out. When I got back to the land of the chosen ones, there was a significant change from the last time I had been there. There were 32 other people here that weren’t here before. Sixteen of those people were my teammates, but the other 16 I did not recognize. “Hey guys! I would like to introduce you to my friends. They were my teammates back when this happened to us.” “Who is that?” Jordan whispered in my ear. “He is Fred. He is the chosen one from when this happened a long time ago,” I whispered back. “We are here so you can select your power element,” explained a boy right beside Fred. “Power element?” I asked. “A type. Kind of like Pokémon if you think about it.” “Oh! I get it now.” I love Pokémon, so that explanation made sense to me. The rest of my team had all been addicted to Pokémon at one point. “I call Electric!” I hollered. “Well, Thunder you mean? That is basically Electric but with a different name.” After a while, powers were assigned, and are as follows: Me: Thunder element

Jordan: Stone element Tiff: Aqua element Sly: Shadow element Dan: Flame element Paul: Plant element Lydia: Mind element Gary: Earth element Jake: Metal element Seamus: Standard element Adam: Insect element Anthony: Air element Lewis: Strength element Simon: Sub-Zero element Derek: Poison element John: Un-Dead element Dominick: Dragon element “Alright gang! I won’t keep you any longer! Here is a map of where all the elements are! See ya when I feel like I need to talk with you!” yelled Fred.

Chapter 8 Our Attacks As soon as we resurfaced from the vision I felt myself blacking out again. “Hey, guys! We almost forgot the most important thing! Monsters, duh!” Fred said. “MONSTERS!” screamed everyone on my team but me. “Yep. You need to fight monsters. They always lurk in the most remote shadows in the most remote places. But first, we need to teach you how to use and control your powers.” “Ok. First, I’ll tell you the attacks for each element. Each element has four attacks. Some attacks affect your abilities. For example, the attack Flame Boots speed you up and leave a trail of flame wherever you go. Also, you have one special. It is an automatic kill to any monster except boss monsters. However, the special will make you take recoil damage, which can range from a small cut or bruise to a broken bone.” “Ok, tell us our attacks so we can get started!” “Here is a list of all the attacks.”

Flame element Flame Boots Flamethrower Fire charge Flaming knight Heat Smash

Standard element Charge Light Punch Light Kick Kick Flip Head-butt

Aqua element Aqua Sphere Aqua Pulse Aqua Armageddon Aqua Knight Tsunami Wave

Thunder element Thunderbolt Thunder Shockwave Knight Of Thunder Thunder Nuke

Sub-Zero element Flash-Freeze Frost Bite Ice Bolt Ice Knight Ice Age And so forth, to other attacks and stuff. I can’t wait to try them out!

Chapter 9 First Monsters “Ok, to activate the powers you first have to concentrate. Then, tense up and tighten all your muscles. Now, do you feel the power inside of you? Ok, good. Now, try to release that energy while calling out the name of the attack. It takes a while to get the hang of it so-” “Thunder Nuke!” I yelled. Sound effects: BOOM, buzzing of electricity “Whoa! Nice one Jason! I didn’t expect anyone to get it on the first try!” After maybe 15 minutes or so, most people got the hang of it. Finally, everyone got the hang of it. “Good job, guys! Now, let’s go to the City of the Saviors!” “What’s that?” I questioned. “It’s the city where all the chosen ones and his/her partners go in the afterlife. It’s like heaven times two.” “No! Is it really that cool? What’s there?” Everything you could ever want, as I soon found out. This place was awesome! And we were the only ones here! There are robot servants, hot tubs, an awesome palace, and a secret underground training center. It is so awesome; I can’t even begin to describe it. There are a gazillion mansions and a special street leading up to the palace called ‘Chosen Court’ with 20 GIANT mansions. I called the next closest one to the palace, because Fred had the closest. “Aright! Lets go to the training chambers!” The training chambers are awesome.

“Ok, I’ll let all of you fight a Murgon first. They’re the easiest to fight. Jason might want a tougher opponent, though. That Thunder Nuke was boss!” “Nah, I’d rather try the Murgon first.” That was easy. Let me tell you, The Knight Of Thunder attack is awesome. It gives you an electric sword and shield, along with armor. One strike and it was out! I have to say, that was pretty much the story with the rest of us, except John, for some reason, his attacks weren’t doing anything.

Chapter 10 Finding the First “Good luck, guys! Jason, here is a Monster Index. It will identify any monster you point it at and tell you its element. Monsters can have two elements. Also, different elements have different weaknesses. For example, the Flame element is weak to the Water element. The index will tell you all the weaknesses. Alright! See you next time!” “Ok guys, let’s look at the map for the closest element! Wow, Trenton? That’s only a 30 minute walk from here.” Nobody spoke for the next 25 minutes or so. “Alright, we’re here!” I double-tapped the map on the first element. It was under the capitol building. Crap. “It’s under the capitol building. Got any ideas?” “Sure, I’ll use Tunnel! Or Sly can use Shady Ninja!” “I could use Power Punch!” I checked my index for which element was strong against standard. Fighting was. “No Lewis. We’ll need to save your power for the standard boss. You are strong against him. Gary, use your Tunnel to dig a hole to it. Here is the map.” “Roger that,” Gary agreed as he started prepping the attack. As Gary tunneled into the earth, my Monster Index started beeping. I turned around and, as you probably guessed, saw a group of Murgon behind us. “Skull Rain!” John sent skulls flying into the group of Murgon; creating a cloud of dust, preventing us from seeing them.

“Shucks, still not working,” John said as the smoke cleared, leaving a group of unharmed, but very angry Murgon. “Flaming Knight!” Dan exclaimed, throwing flaming slashes and slices everywhere. “Ok guys, I’m back. There is a ton of Murgon and other creatures guarding it. There is one who looks stronger than all the rest. I think he is the boss.” “I think I solved John’s problem with the Murgon. Apparently, Un-Dead doesn’t affect Standard. There is a good side to this too. Standard doesn’t affect Un-Dead either, so we can use you as a shield. Tee Hee,” I explained. “Ok, let’s get going!”

Chapter 11 Standard Boss Ok, so getting to the place was easy, but even I was a little freaked when I saw how many enemies there were. We all looked at each other in fright. I assumed a confident expression. “Ok, first, Sly, use Shady Ninja and sneak Lewis in. Lewis, knock the boss off his podium. As soon as Lewis knocks him off, Sly lets go of him. All of them will be looking at Lewis. Then the rest of us come in and wreak havoc.” I smiled as I saw the Standard boss fall off his podium unexpectedly. Lewis appeared a second later and, as I expected, all attention turned to him. “NOW!!!!!!!” I opened with a Knight Of Thunder, slicing my way through the crowd. I noticed that more enemies were pouring in almost as fast as we were killing them. I noticed Lewis and the standard boss almost done fighting. The normal boss was lying on the floor almost out, and Lewis was throwing punches rapid fire at him. “Blast Punch!” Lewis’s next impact created a giant impact that killed every present monster. “Is that it?” I asked. “Yep, I think so!” Seamus grabbed the element orb and slipped it into his pocket. “Alright! One down, 16 to go!”

Chapter 12 Celebrations Ok, so we finally got our first element. We were all really excited after, so we decided to take a break for a day. We found a small lake in the woods. We all went swimming and looked at the fish and stuff. At one point I got out my iTouch and we all took turns on Angry Birds, Temple Run, or Minecraft pocket edition. We played Hide and Seek in the woods, and once it got kind of dark, we played Man Hunt. Later, Paul used Grow on some twigs, which became full sized logs. Dan then used a light Flamethrower, and we had ourselves a bonfire. “Ah, that was fun.” “Yeah, it was!” “Ok, tomorrow we get back on the road. Let’s see where the closest element is. Looks like the flame element is closest. It’s in the middle of the woods about 15 miles west of here.” “Ok, that sounds like a good two days walk!” “Yeah. Let’s go to bed so we can get up early the next morning.” “K. Good night, peeps!” “Night,” I replied, as I walked to my sleeping bag and laid down, put on my headphones, put “Glad you came” on repeat, and fell asleep.”

Chapter 13 Finding The Flame Pt. 1 The next morning we got up early and we ate breakfast. We set out immediately and we chatted as we walked. “No way. ‘We Are young’ is way better.” “No! ‘Stronger’ is the best song ever!” “No, neither of them are. ‘Glad You Came’ is the best song ever.” “Tonight, tonight, we’re dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign.” “Dude, that song is so old.” “Tonight, we are young, so I set the world on fire, it will burn brighter, than the sun.” “Oh, that song is awesome.” “Yeah, I told you so.” “Look up there!” Everybody turned to look at where Paul was pointing. A bright red bird was circling down on us. “Let’s check the Monster Index.” “Phoephox, it’s a Flame/Air element. What is that weak to?” “Stone would do extra damage because it’s strong against Flame and Air,” replied my index. “Oh wow, it talks! Jordan, let’s all converge on it. Except for Gary, because earth doesn’t affect air.” I quickly readied a Thunder attack to kick us off.

“Thunder!” A great bolt of lightning came down from above us and slammed the Phoephox into the ground. “Now, Jordan!” “Rock Smash!” Jordan’s fists became giant stones and he slammed them into the Phoephox.

Chapter 14 The Second Day The next day we faced constant waves of Phoephox and Magmamorgs. Magmamorgs are Flame beasts that move around very slow, but their attacks are really powerful. They’re really easy to kill by using powerful aqua or stone attacks, like Aqua Pulse or Stone Hail, repetitively. Finally, at about noon, we saw a small rock outcropping. There was a faint outline of a door on the rock. We spent about 15 minutes trying to open it before Dan blew his top (quite literally) and used a Heat Smash on it, which, ironically, opened. There was a small passageway leading deep underground. At long last, we found the Flame element. It was on a platform surrounded by lava, and there was no visible way to get on. The boss was a giant Phoephox called Burning Secretariat. Tiffany used Aqua Pulse on him and knocked him into the lava. It flew back out unharmed. Dan’s eyes widened for some reason. He snuck out into the room unnoticed, and stood on the edge of the lava pit. “Psst. Dan, what the heck are you doing?” “Burning Secretariat survived, so I should too. Anyway, I’ll see you guys in a second,” Dan nodded and dove in. I was about to scream in shock when I saw a hand sticking out of the fiery magma, giving me the thumbs up. I heaved a great sigh of relief. I turned my head back to the battle in front of me, gathering up my will and prepping another attack.

Chapter 15 Flame Boss Fight “Knight of Thunder!” I hollered as I charged into battle. I made a dash for Burning Secretariat, and I swung my sword through the air. I ducked as an Aqua Pulse flew above my head and jumped as a Boulder Bowler rolled past under me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan climbing out of the lava. I grinned and continued attacking Burning Secretariat. After a lot of consecutive attacks, I nod to Tiff and Jordan. “Tsunami Wave!” Tiff hollered, sending a huge wave coming towards Burning and me. I heard Jordan call Boulder Apocalypse behind the wave. I waited till the right moment: right when the boulders, which were moving faster, broke through the wave. “Thunder Nuke!” I hollered, striking both the boulders and the wave, which immediately became alive with electricity. They struck Burning Secretariat, and instantly killed him. “Woo Hoo!” I hollered just as Dan broke the surface of the lava and climbed on shore. “Yeah! Two down, 15 to go!”

Chapter 16 Moving Ahead About 10 months later, we finally had all the elements. Nobody was injured too seriously. Most of the monsters were pretty easy to fight as well. As soon as we got the final element, we slipped off into a vision again. “Hey guys, congrats on getting all 17! Now you have to find the shrine.” “And where is that?” “The Bermuda Triangle.” “Shucks.” “Yeah.” “Ok, lets go guys!” “Ok, see ya!” As we awakened from the vision, I remembered all the exciting things that had happened over the past 10 months. I smiled, and we left for the shrine

Chapter 17 Looking for the Shrine Ok, so that was fun. It took almost a year to find all the elements, and now we are trying to put them back where they belong. We are walking to the shrine, which is in the Bermuda Triangle. Anthony figured out that he could use Wind Gust at a very powerful level, and we could all fly towards the destination. As we soared over the trees, I was on the lookout for any monsters. “Look, a pack of Murgon!” “Oh, I see some Boxineers. And there is a Phoephox.” Whenever there is an enemy that is able to attack us, we all go onto the ground, because if Anthony gets distracted, we are all dead meat. As it becomes night, we all go down to the ground. I nod at Anthony, and he goes to sleep, because he is the one we need the most to get to places. We are maybe one fifth of the way there. And when we get there, those monsters better be ready for a fight. Early the next day, we discovered a new traveling trick. Dominick can use Dragon Age, and turn himself and a selected group of people into giant dragons that are invisible to the human eye. We made good time today, averaging 200 mph. We would have gotten farther, but Tiff was complaining about who knows what, and we lost some time. I expect it will be only one more day ‘till we get there. “Dragon Age!” We all soared up into the sky. I smiled as the wind whipped across my face. After about six hours of traveling, I spotted something in the ocean. “It’s the shrine!”

We all landed and looked around. It was a giant-temple looking thing, and I smiled, because our journey was almost over.

Chapter 18 The First Three Bosses + First Challenge The giant doors of the shrine suddenly opened, and we walked in. There was a small sign on the ground. It said: “Welcome, heroes. The way this whole thing works is: you fight 3 bosses, and then you have to complete a challenge. This goes on and on until you reach the final boss. Get ready, the first 3 bosses are coming” “Ok, that makes sense. It will probably be Standard, Flame, and Aqua.” Just as I said that, the three named bosses came out. “Blast punch!” Lewis called out, killing the Standard boss easily. Jordan, Tiff, and I did our same strategy to defeat Burning, while Paul killed the Aqua Boss with Log Barrage. “Wow, that was easy.” “Ok, on to the next challenge!” “This looks easy,” I thought to myself when I saw the first challenge. I can’t tell you how right I was. All it is, basically, is jumping from tree to tree. If you fall, you have to start over again. I almost missed one jump, but I stayed on balance. I forgot to mention, some challenges have certain requirements. For this one, it was to not use your powers. It was easy. All right, well I’m looking forward to the next boss battle!

Chapter 19 Bosses 4, 5, and 6 + Second Challenge Plant, Thunder, and Sub-Zero. Those are the next three bosses we face. We make Tiff sit out because she is weak against all of them. Dan is strong against two of them. Jordan is strong against Thunder. I have to say, it was definitely harder than the first battle. I got a few cuts and bruises during the fight, but nothing serious. “Phew. That was pretty entertaining. Good show, jolly good show!” “Shut up Jordan. Alright, I can’t wait for the second challenge. I hope it is harder than the first.” Ok, so this one was harder. It has the risk of death (unless you are Dan). You had to jump from rock to rock, which are farther apart than the trees in the first challenge. Also, instead of a lake of water to fall into if you miss, there is a giant pool of magma to fall into. There were a couple close calls, but we all made it alive. “Phew!”

Chapter 20 Bosses 7, 8, and 9 + Third Challenge The next three bosses are Strength, Poison, and Earth elements. I lead off with Knight of Thunder, and I try to avoid the Earth boss because I don’t do anything to him. I knock out the Strength boss without difficulty. Jake and I easily make waste to the poison boss. I look over my shoulder and see Tiff annihilating the Earth boss. I smile, and I nod. “Come on guys, it’s time to do challenge number three!” I raise my eyebrows at the sight of the next challenge. It is just a long, skinny tunnel. The walls are made of a steel-like material. Next to us is a big pile of gears, some spokes stuck into the ground, and a giant slingshot-looking thing. Next to it is a sign that says: Put the right gears onto the right spokes to make the sling shot work, and shoot you to the other end of the challenge. “Well that looks easy,” says Jake. He is the master in that kind of business, and he is right. On his first try, he gets it right, and in ten minutes, we are all at the other end.

Chapter 21 Bosses 10, 11, and 12 + Fourth Challenge The next three bosses are Air, Mind, and Insect. My lightning is deadly to insect. Sly’s Shady Ninja is deadly to Mind, and I pack a pretty good punch to Air. Over all, it was an easy battle, at least on my part. I’ve heard that Mind is really hard to beat. Oh, well. We won, and that’s what matters. They got ground into a pulp and I’m proud of it. Ok, challenge four actually looked fun. It was extreme hang gliding, basically. The gliders had rocket launchers, turbo boosters, etc. We all got in, and dove off the platform we were on. I was gliding peacefully, when a horde of abnormally giant mosquitos started chasing me. I only noticed because of the rearview mirrors. I pressed the button labeled ‘Flame Boost’. A giant jet of flame sprayed out of the thrusters in the back, killing all of the bugs. All of a sudden, my glider just stopped obeying me. It was like it was being controlled by something else… That’s it! In this challenge, I had encountered something to do with Air and Insect. It was probably Mind that was controlling my glider! I pressed the Mind Shield button. Sure enough, I regained control. With my Mind Shield, I made it safely to the other side.

Chapter 22 Bosses 13, 14, and, 15 + Fifth Challenge The next three bosses are: Stone, Un-Dead, and Dragon. I had absolutely no good matches on this one, so I sat it out. Simon annihilated the Dragon boss. Sly made quick work of the Un-Dead boss. Paul crushed the Stone boss. All in all, it was an easy fight. If all the bosses are that easy, then we aren’t in any danger. Anyway, I’m kinda looking forward to the next challenge. It’s getting boring. The sign says this one is very fun and hard. Just my style. Ok, let’s do this! I love this. It is awesome. Dragon riding is so my style. It was really cool. As I flew across the giant hall, I noticed that there were boulders being launched at me, and skulls chasing me. I smiled, and my dragon turned upside down, and shot the skulls. I immediately flipped back over, and flew to the exit. That was really fun. Not that hard, but fun.

Chapter 23 Bosses 16 and 17 Ok, so yeah. Shadow and Metal bosses now. Then the big guy. Ok, so my Lightning is good against Metal. That is an easy takedown. Shadow is taking on Sly right now. It is a good matchup element-wise, but skill-wise, Sly is the better. The Shadow boss is dead. “Woo Hoo!” I holler, “Nice job, guys. Now, we have to give it our all.” “Ok!”

Chapter 24 The Eternal Maze This challenge looks easy. Mazes are for babies. I did the old trick that usually works for most mazes: right, left, right, left, right, left, … it did not work. The right path led straight to a dead end. The left did too. “Huh, what do we do?” I asked. All of a sudden I realized that I was the only one in the confined area. I ran towards the wall and tried to bang on the wall, calling for people, but my fist went straight through the wall. I just started running, through wall after wall, until I discovered that not all of them were nonsolid. “Ow, turd!” I yelled, as I held my nose. I ran around the wall, and came to another non-solid dead end. I went back to the other side of the solid wall and kept running. “Hey, Jason!” I heard Jordan’s voice yell. “Oh, hi Jordan.” I say to him. “ Did you know that you can walk through walls?” “No, I didn’t.” “Then how did you get out of that start trap?” “What start trap?” “You know, how the start led into two dead ends.” “It did?” “Yeah. Maybe the maze just looks different to everybody.” “Oh, ok.” “Follow me Jordan, I know how to get to the exit!” “Ok!”

Jordan and I finally found the exit. We were the first ones to make it there, with Tiff close behind. Finally, it was only Lydia who we needed. “Guys, where do I go?” I heard Lydia say. “You can run through walls!” I hollered back. “Oh! Ok!” I heard her call back. About ten minutes later, Lydia came through the wall. “Ok, let’s go to the shrine!”

Chapter 25 Boss Fight As I walked into the next room I was shocked. “Whoa! He’s huge!” I said to Jordan, looking at the giant monster in front of us. I can’t really describe what he looked like. His image kept flickering, and I couldn’t quite make out his shape or color. It seemed like his form was almost flickering from boss to boss in giant size. I smiled, as he turned around, deciding that we were no threat. Immediately, I used a Knight of Thunder attack and quickly charged towards him. As I was about to hit him, he turned into the Earth boss, and my attack did nothing to him. I nodded to Paul, and he charged towards the big boss as well. The big boss turned into a Metal to take on Paul. Right then, I brought down my sword. “RAWWWWRRRRRRRRR!” yelled the boss, turning in my direction, and turning back into an Earth. Then Paul struck, and then the big boss turned into a Flame element. Right then, Tiff used Aqua Armageddon, and a rain of Aqua Pulses rained down on the giant version of Burning Secretariat. He turned into a Plant to take on Tiff, and Derek used Sludge Quake. He turned back into a Metal to take on Derek, and I threw a few a quick slashes at him. I took out my Monster Index to see how much health he had left. “Guys, we’re barley doing anything to him! He still has 993,672 health points left out of 1,000,000! Special attack time?” “Yeah, we got to risk it!” Jordan replied. As he turned into an Earth to take me on, Tiff jumped up behind him and used a Tsunami Wave. I checked the index, and he was down to 908,672 health points left. After about 20 minutes, ten special attacks, and only five serious injuries, he only had 8,672 health points left. Time for my debut.

“Thunder Nuke!” I hollered. It launched me back about 20 feet, as I looked down, I noticed I was about to land on Tiffany’s broken leg (Courtesy of the recoil damage from special attacks). I put my arm out to the side, and I felt a searing pain and heard a sickening snap as my arm hit the ground next to Tiff’s leg, throwing my whole body off course, and I landed next to Tiff. “Ow, shiz!” I hollered. “Yeah Jason!” Jordan hollered. “No prob, just having fun! OWWWWWWWWWWW!” I said, wincing as I felt a sharp pang in my now broken left arm. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled as I blacked out.

Chapter 26 Just a Dream. Or was it... As I started to come back into consciousness, all I saw was white. Pretty soon I realized I was staring at the white ceiling in my bedroom. I walked downstairs, and my mom saw me and smiled. “Jason! You’re finally awake!” she exclaimed. I looked at the clock. It read 12:37 PM. “I bet you’re glad I’m back!” “Back? What do you mean? You just fell asleep last night and you have been asleep for a really long time! Oh, by the way, Jordan asked if you wanted to go to his house.” “Oh! I’ll call him right now.” I picked up the phone. I dialed his number: (467) 039-4512. “Hello, this is the Stone’s residence. This is Jordan speaking.” “Hey bro!” “Sup dude?” “Nothing much. My arm hurts like crap, and I’m pretty tired.” “Yeah, I can imagine. That was a pretty nasty fall. You did end up sparing Tiff’s leg though.” “Ok, you passed the sane test. My mom acts like I’ve been here the whole time.” “Really? Mine too. Wanna come over?” “Sure!” “Alright, see ya dude.”

“Bye dude.” “Alright mom, I’m going to Jordan’s!” “Ok, just remember to call when you get there!” “Okay!”


The Elements  

An epic tale filled with adventure and magic; The Elements is a great choice for any reader that is interested in a ton of action and battli...

The Elements  

An epic tale filled with adventure and magic; The Elements is a great choice for any reader that is interested in a ton of action and battli...