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“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” - Nelson Mandela

Sex scandal rocks Msobomvu High


Msobomvu Senior Secondary School has been rocked by yet another sex scandal on school premises. Reliable sources within the school said the two students involved in the scandal are back at their Grade 11 classes after being suspended. According to a student who spoke under the condition of anonymity, this happened on one of the Friday afternoons in August this year. The two students locked themselves in a classroom, with a friend right at the entrance to make sure no one interrupted, and engaged in a sexually activity. After they were caught, the anonymous student further told Ikamva LaseGcuwa that these two were then attended by the “big five”, a group of teachers that are well known by the school for imposing strong punishments on students. They were later called into the office to tell the vicious news. The students, who are in Grade 11 3A and Grade 11 2B, were then suspended and they were told to bring in their parents. When other students tried to interrogate the two, they (the two students)

said they did not have their own place to do the adult stuff. A seemingly shocked and concerned student at the school said: “When we asked them about this, they said they saw that it was quiet in the school that is why they thought to do their own thing, while the security guard was at the entrance gate. It’s an embarrassment and shock.” When Ikamva LaseGcuwa visited the school, to get better understanding on the procedures that are to follow, the principal (Zingisa Luzipho), together with some of the staff members, were not eager to give out any information. Instead Luzipho clashed with the Ikamva LaseGcuwa journalist over the article she wrote about the daily search of her pupils. Luzipho also told the Ikamva journalist that there were schools with notorious behaviour in the Butterworth district. She questioned why those schools are not snapped by Ikamva. According to the provincial spokesperson of education in Eastern Cape, Mali Mtima, this is the first time something like this (Msobomvu SSS sex scandal) comes to their attention. “It comes as a shock that students do

Scandal: Msobomvu SSS is embroiled in yet another sex scandal

engage in sexual activities within the school premises. We did not want to distribute condoms in schools, as suggested by the health department, as this would suggest that we approve of sexual activities. To hear of something like this comes as an absolute surprise,” said Mali. Msobomvu SSS students said it is not the first time students have engaged on sexual

intercourse in their school. “Two students were caught having sex after school hours last year. They were later dismissed. A leader of students was caught having sex in taxi that was travelling with other students to a certain school function this year. The leader and student involved were suspended and later reinstated,” said another student. Additional reporting by Sithandiwe Velaphi

Ubhubhile lowo eberhanelwa ngokubululala umfundisi waseTshetshi


Ubhubhe eseselugcinweni lwamapolisa uLungiswa Xuba nongumhlolokazi womfundisi waseTshetshi uOngama Xuba, owabhubha manyungunyezi exhaxhwa ngesinkempe kumagumbi aletyalike iseGcuwa kweyeThupha nyakenye. Unkosikazi uLungiswa Xuba nguye owathi wanqakulwa wabanjwa ngamapolisa emva kwesehlo sokubulawa kwalomthanjiswa, nekuvakala ukuba wayeyintandane yaletyalike. UNkosikazi Xuba wabanjwa kwidolophu iElliot kwivekana nje emva kokuba kubhubhe uMfundisi uXuba. Lenkosikazi, neyabanjwa nomasincumisane wayo (uVuyo Mehlo), ibijongene namatyala okubulala umlingane wayo womthetho. Isithethi samapolisa aseGcuwa uKapteni Jackson Manatha ungqinile ngenene ukuba lenkosikazi yakwaXuma ibhubhele kwisibhedlele saseGcuwa, emva kwengulo eqhelekileyo. Nanjengoko uMfundisi uXuba wayebhubhe kweyeThupha nje, nenkosikazi yakhe ikwabhubhe kwangeyeThupha. Onokrawuzane bathi ibitheth’ iindaba lenkosikazi esibhedlele, phambi kokuba ibhubhe, ithetha ngokubhubha komfundisi omkhulu. Ibhubha nje lenkosikazi, ibiseluvalelweni lwamapolisa, nanjengoko yona kwakunye noMehlo, bebelindeleke ukuba bavele kwinkundla kaMantyi waseGcuwa ngomhla weshumi elinanye

kwinyanga yeNkanga, kulo uphezulu. Ilungu eliphambili, nekudala likwityalike yamaTshetshi (St Peters Anglican Church) lixelele eliphepha-ndaba ukuba ibandla alikhange liye emngcwabeni kaNkosikazi uXuba. “Lamfazi wasibulalela umfundisi wethu simthanda. Besinoya kanjani emngcwabeni wakhe? Khange sixoxe nokuxoxa malunga nomngcwabo thina,” litshilo elilungu letyalike, liphemfula ngomngcwabo ekuvakala ukuba uqhutyelwe eElliot ekuthambekeni kweyeThupha kulonyaka.

Lungiswa Xuba

UXuba wabhubha ngomhla wesithathu kweyeThupha nyakenye exhaxhwa xa kanye wayeqala ukuthi qatha kumasango aletyalike. Ingxelo zithi wayevelwa kwindibano emva komngcwabo eZazulwana ngethuba exhaxhelwa etyalikeni. Phakathi kwabona bantu bokuqala ukumbona ngethuba elujaja lugazi, ngabantwana bakhe abancinci kakhulu ngeminyaka.



Eugene residents slam government for sloppy service ZUSIPHE MTIRARA

Residents from Eugene Temporal settlement at Zithulele Location in Butterworth are not satisfied with the conditions of the houses they live in and have slammed government for “ignoring” them. These residents were removed from Bhungeni Squatter Camp on March 25 2011 by the municipality saying that the site was meant to have a mall, which is yet to be built if it will ever be. They allege that the Mnquma Local Municipality promised to keep them in the temporal houses for not more than six months and thereafter build formal houses for them. Eugene residents say their houses

are in a very bad condition for anyone to live in as they have large cracks and they are in a very cold and dangerous environment where they live in a risk of being attacked by creatures from the river like snakes. Community Police Forum representative of Eugene, Olwethu Nomaviyi, said they have been begging the municipality but in vain. “Our ward councillor Thobeka Bikitsha knows about our problem, the executive mayor of Mnquma Municipality Bhabha Ganjana knows and we also went to Thanga Village when the president (Jacob Zuma) was there and we gave him the letter with our complaints but even now nothing has been done,” she said.

These residents believe that Bikitsha has turned her back on them because she recently made an appointment for them to meet with the executive mayor Bhabha Ganjana and they stayed at the municipal offices for hours and both the mayor and the councillor didn’t pitch. However, ward councillor Thobeka Bikitsha argued that the Eugene community is not being ignored but raised an issue of shortage of land as a challenge that Mnquma Municipality is facing but acknowledged the fact that the houses are in bad condition. “The life span of those temporal houses is only eight months and the municipality has no maintenance plan for them because they are not in the


municipality’s asset register and that becomes a problem for me too because the municipality told me that those houses belong to the Department of Human Settlement,” she said Human Settlement’s spokesperson Lwandile Sicwetsha said they understand the people’s frustration and are working tirelessly to build homes for those whose names appear on the eviction court order; “The department is still planning stages of a project for those people whose names were on the eviction court order. At this moment we are processing land acquisition where we can build houses for them, but this only applies to those on the court order,” Sicwetsha said.

Traffic officials, taxi owners fight hitch-hiking ZUSIPHE MTIRARA

In a move to consolidate their profit and supremacy on business, Butterworth taxi owners have joined hands with Mnquma Local Municipality traffic officers to fight hitchhiking. The local traffic officers have partnered with the taxi owners under the pretext of preventing “dangers” hitchhiking brings to the roads in and around Butterworth. Hitch-hiking mostly happens outside the town’s CBD or right in the CBD by people going to places like East London, Queenstown, King Williams Town, Dutywa, Mthatha and other places. These owners are patrolling in town together with the traffic officials to make sure that no unauthorised vehicles ferry people. A taxi owner under Butterworth Taxi Association, Bafo Peter, said they are out to “combat crime” in the roads because when people get problems in these private vehicles they blame taxis. “Hitch- hiking is very dangerous to both the hikers and drivers as they stand at a risk of being hijacked and hik-


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ers being raped, mugged and murdered. We have seen this happening right here in our town in the past years and people would claim that it was a taxi,” Peter said. Mnquma traffic officer Khayalethu Buso said what they are doing as traffic officers is making sure that road laws are respected by every road user and that is the duty of traffic officers only and with the help of the taxi owners by monitoring where these unauthorised vehicles ferry people in town. “Road signs were always there but people are ignoring them so we decided to start this operation and taxi owners are only there to monitor hot spots in the CBD and alert traffic officers not to stop anyone from hiking or giving hikes,” he said. Buso also added that anyone who has been caught by a traffic officer ferrying hitch-hikers in the CBD without a permit will be fined up to R2 500 and their vehicles will be impounded until they pay the fine. Also, anyone who has been stopped by any person (like taxi owners) who is not a traffic officer has a right to report that person to the police.


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Going Places: Hitch-hikers on Mthatha Road in Butterworth Picture: Zusiphe Mtira

People hitch-hike to and from work every day and ignoring their safety due to reasons like affordability and time. Ikhona Pahlane (21) is working in Butterworth and lives in East London said hiking is a lot cheaper and she knows that it is dangerous but she trusts that the cars she usually get lifts from are safe. “I know hiking is very dangerous especially to us women but I don’t have money and I have to go work and in time, so when I hike I just hope that the car is safe,” she said. Pahlane also said that she never really gave thought to the impact this has on the taxi business because she is saving herself some money by doing this. Buso also warned road users to be even more careful on October as it is the Transport month because they will be very strict in the roads in Mnquma Municipality.



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Dark cloud over Plaatjie ANDA NQONJI

From left: Athenkosi Dyani, Aphelele Sonkosi, Andisiwe Buso, Khangela Flatela and Siziphiwe Memka will be studying medicine in Cuba Picture: Sithandiwe Velaphi

Five Mnquma youths jet to Cuba to study medicine SITHANDIWE VELAPHI

The Mnquma Local Municipality bade farewell to five students who had been selected, as part of the department of health’s scholarship, to go and study medicine in Cuba. The students were selected from various disadvantaged backgrounds across various communities in the Eastern Cape. The medicine bursary, which is reportedly worth R496 000 per student, is the joint programme facilitated by health and education departments respectively and is aimed at eliminating the shortage of doctors in the country. The send off ceremony, attended by Mnquma mayor Bhabha Ganjana, administrator Vuyo Zitumane and other officials, meant to give motivations and encouragement for the five students, who passed their matric last year. Ganjana told students that they should not forget their “humble and disadvantaged” backgrounds when they get into Cuba. “You (students) must think about the people who desperately need quality healthcare in your own areas. Please also behave well and focus on your studies in Cuba,” the mayor said. The Mnquma municipality has given each of the

five students, a brand new laptop and a pair of tracksuit. The students were expected to go later in September. Zitumane said: “Don’t expect glitz and glamour in Cuba. Consider the blessings you have received by being awarded with the bursary out of many students. Go to Cuba and plough back to your own communities.” Aphelele Sonkosi, who will go to Cuba for the first time, is so excited by the opportunity. “It is not for me personally, the opportunity is also for my own community,” he said. Siziphiwe Memka said she will plough back to her own community when she comes back after seven years. “I have heard students studying and refusing to work on their communities after studying, but I can put my head on the block that I will never do that,” said Memka. Meanwhile health provincial spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said they are still having a challenge of having to track students who are refused to work in rural areas as per their contracts. The students concerned also studied in Cuba. “We are strengthening the contractual obligations with these students. But at the same we can never punish deserving students the chance to study,” said Kupelo.

People relaxed in clean and fresh environment at Butterworth monument Picture: Zusiphe Mtirara ZUSIPHE MTIRARA

Butterworth monument is back to being clean and well taken care of space in town, thanks to the Mnquma Local Municipality for rescuing it from the state of despair. For many months the monument was a filthy space and a drinking (alcohol) spot. No one cared to clean it, irrigate the vegetation in there not to mention repairing the vandalised fencing. But all of this is now the thing of the past thanks also to Ikamva LaseGcuwa’s scathing story. The monument is regularly cleaned, free of alcohol bottles, the vegetation in there is being irrigated almost every morning and all the spaces in its fencing has been fixed

and the gates are locked. It is so green and attractive than before. Mnquma Municipality executive mayor Bhabha Ganjana said the monument wasn’t ignored by the municipality, just that there were no rules for people on pros and cons at the monument so people “did as they pleased”. “As the municipality, we have introduced very strict measures on what to bring and what not to bring to the monument because that is not a place to drink or litter, people should relax there so the space must be kept clean,” he said. Ganjana also said that those who are found with unauthorised entities inside the monument’s yard will be chased away by the municipality’s peace officers.

Disputes hang all over the ward 10 councilor, Nomphelo Plaatjie, as residences of Tongwana location are determined to get her off the hot sit of being their ward councilor, and will soon draft a petition as a vote of no confidence towards Plaatjie. This was reported by Mlindile Qwabe, a ward 10 committee member, after seeing a comment given by Plaatjie, in the municipal page of Ikamva Lase Gcuwa. Qwabe alleged that after the elections, Plaatjie never set foot at Tongwana Village, let alone make any remarkable changes as a ward councilor, he voiced out clearly that they have had enough of her, and do not regard her as their ward councilor; “This woman broke the village instead of fixing it! Therefore the villagers do not want her and have lost confidence in her, she did absolutely nothing for the ward,” said Qwabe. Qwabe also added that most people simply voted for her because she is an ANC representative, little did they know that they were shooting themselves in the toe; “We are not sure why she was chosen, but I remember during the elections, we were told to vote for ANC and since she was a well known ANC representative, and was running for elections people voted for her,” added Qwabe. Plaatjie, who was not very eager to give her side of the story, opposed most of these allegations, stating that “it’s political.” She elaborated by saying Qwabe contested her during the elections but only she could win as a ward councilor and as a result only a group of people from Qwabe’s side of the village do not approve of her as a ward councilor. When Plaatjie was briefed that villagers were willing to sign a petition, she said that did not worry her much as procedures require the petition to start at the lowest of the structure, which means she will also have a say on the decision making. Plaatjie disputed the fact that she had done nothing since her term as a ward councilor, though she had confirmed this in an over the phone interview with one of Ikamva Lase Gcuwa Journalists for the municipal page, and later dismissed it, someone else must have had her phone. However, when she was probed, she admitted to have not done anything for the previous financial year, and stated that she only visits the ward during municipal visits and when something urgent comes to her attention which could be over three months.

Btw monument clean and attractive

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Crime Report 17 ARRESTED FOR DRUNKEN DRIVING 17 motorists were arrested for drunken driving near Zitulele Township over the weekend. The suspects were detained four hours before being granted a bail of R2000 each. The suspects are due to appear before the Butterworth magistrate court soon. Butterworth police further arrested five suspects for possession of dagga then later arrested 12 suspects for drunk and disorderly and are all expected to appear before the butterworth magistrate court soon.


535 fake CDs worth R11000 were recovered by Queenstown Police Public Order Unit around Butterworth streets on Monday, 2. The suspects disappeared in the busy streets of Butterworth and could not be arrested. Six pocket knives were also recovered from loitering youth. The knives and fake CDs will be destroyed.


Four boys found a slightly decomposed body of a man at Guxuxu Location Bonde village in willow vale on Sunday, 11. The deceased was wearing a blue jean trouser and cream jacket. David Ferris Bantam of Queenstown Public Order Policing Unit with some of fake CDs. The Police appeal to any person who may have lost a male rela- Constable Photo by Capt Jackson Manatha tive to contact them at willow vale SAPS on 047 499 6200


Saldanah police in Western Cape are looking for relatives of 50 year old woman, Khunjulwa Khewana. She is mentally retarded as she is not aware of where home is and was found with Butterworth hospital cards. It is not understood how she found herself in Saldanha, but suspected she may be from Butterworth or surrounding areas, due to the cards she was found with.Relatives of this woman can contact Captain J Frans on 082 778 6961 or 022 714 8300.


Msobomvu Police detectives are looking for the relatives of a woman who died while she was a passenger in a mini bus that was travelling from Butterworth town towards Zizamelele Township. It is alleged that the mini bus overturned near Transkei quarries and the woman died instantly. The driver of the mini bus was not found at the scene as he run away. The deceased was wearing brown boots, grey jersey. She is dark in complexion and is estimated to be 22 years old. Msobomvu Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide. The relatives who are missing a woman who matches this description can contact Msobomvu Police Station at 047-4920 180.


The Provincial Commissioner’s Office has commended the community of the Skiet Informal Settlement near Butterworth for

coming to the aid of a woman who alleged that she was raped. The community members apprehended the suspect and handed him over to the Police. This is what we expect from our communities, not to take the law into their own hands and to allow the SAPS to thoroughly investigate the case and the suspect to be brought before court. This relates to an incident where a 33 year old woman was sleeping with her husband at Skiet Informal Settlement Butterworth and felt someone having sexual intercourse with her. She thought it was her husband but soon noticed that it was not him. It is alleged that the woman switched on lights and identified the suspect as a local man but her husband was still in a deep slumber. She grabbed the man, cried to alert community members who came in numbers. Community members managed to overpower the 44 year old suspect and took him to the Butterworth Police Station where he was arrested for alleged rape. The suspect appeared before the Butterworth magistrate court on a charge of rape. The communities’ reaction and support in this incidence is commendable as they did not fall into temptation to assault the suspect when they found him at the crime scene.


Dutywa Police have arrested a 27 year old witchdoctor for rape. It is alleged that two brothers took their 16 year old sister to a witchdoctor on the evening at Gcayi Location Munyu Village Dutywa.

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It is further alleged that the young witchdoctor suggested to the two brothers of the patient that he will have to take the girl to the river where he was going to wash the illness out of the girl. The witchdoctor went towards the river with the two brothers but requested them to remain at a distance as he wanted to do his work alone at the river. After sometime the witchdoctor returned from the river with the girl. The ill girl broke the silence to her brothers that she was raped by the witchdoctor near the river and was never washed. The 27 year old witchdoctor was then arrested by the Dutywa Police for rape. He is expected to appear before the Dutywa magistrate court soon once the investigations are complete. Police are appealing to the community to be wary of suspicious witchdoctors to avoid the sexual related crimes.


A 23 year old Masixole Gxotha was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for raping 27 year old woman. It is alleged that the victim was sleeping alone at her home at Dlephu Village near Kei Bridge Butterworth. The victim heard a sound of a window being broken and she used her cellphone torch to light. She saw a man already inside the house who threatened her. The man raped her. A case of rape was opened, the suspect was traced and arrested. The accused appeared before the Butterworth regional court for rape charges and he was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment.


Re-instatement of company

I Mrs Z.S. Siyongwana Director of DISTANCE STAR TRADING cc Reg. no 2005/013477/23 hereby apply for the re-instatement of the company and hereby give 21 days’ notice. For enquiries please contact: Zola Mbelekane

Cell no: 082 454 4600

Re-instatement of company I Chulekazi, Yolisa Nohako Director of UYATHANDWA CLEANING AND CATERING cc Reg. no 2009/050248 /23 hereby apply for the re-instatement of the company and hereby give 21 days’ notice. For enquiries please contact: Chulekazi Nohako Cell no: 082 210 1441


JULY 2013


Q and A with Ms Mnquma Born Siphenkosi Mbambaza, 17 years ago, Msobomvu Senior Secondary school grade 10 learner who resides at Mchubakazi location in Butterworth was crowned the maiden Ms Mnquma 2013. She is casually known as Nana, the first of five siblings. Nana was crowned Miss Khanya Community Radio teen last year, Miss Msobomvu High School freshet and then Miss Mnquma things are on the up for Siphenkosi, as she now looks forward to the big “Miss Eastern Cape” where she will be competing against top regional models.

This modelling fanatic sees a role model in her mom, as she is her number one fan, and is always there when she needs her the most, but is very much inspired by Brittany Brower, who made it to the finalists of America’s top model, and says she wishes to be just like her one day. The acrophobic star, who also admitted to be terrified of dogs wishes to relocate to London one day, justifying that London seem to have everything one would dream of.

“Your highness” as referred to by siblings, is not just a beauty, she has brains to back it up with! Her favourite subjects are Geography and Life Sciences but wish to pursue a career in medicine one day.

Cofimvaba destroyed by tornado

Ikamva lase Gcuwa had an opportunity of meeting this young model when she visited the office a few days ago. Excited Siphenkosi spoke to Anda and Zusiphe in a 15 minutes interview to know her better where it all started and who she is. Q: What is your secrete to winning?

A: I am always myself and never attempt to change anything Q: How did it feel like being crowned Miss Mnquma?

A: It was hard to believe, I was very much surprised and happy because I didn’t expect it to happen as I was already in the process of changing when I was announced, I really didn’t believe it! .Q: Describe the experience in three words? * A: Good, fun and exciting.

Q: Are you in any social networks? A: Yes, Mxit and just joined facebook

Q: Any duties assigned to the new Mnquma representatives* There are non what so ever duties yet as we haven’t seen each other since the day of the completion.

Berita singing in front of Ndabankulu SSS in recently

Cofimvaba Hospital destroyed by tornado and its patients were evacuated to other hospitals. Picture: Skawara News Staff reporter

Patients, most of them children and women, had to be evacuated at Cofimvaba Hospital following a tornado that wreaked havoc in areas around the Queenstown and Mthatha areas on September 19. The tornado, which frightened most of the Eastern Cape residents, left at least three people dead while over ten were taken to various hospitals. The people died and injured because of the whirling wind which left many people homeless. One of those who died is from Cofimvaba’s Lower Qutsa Village, said health provincial spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo. “In Cofimvaba there are two wards which were destroyed by this tornado but no one was injured. The doctors’ offices at Cofimvaba were also destroyed. The MEC (Sicelo Gqobana) has

already visited the hospital and has ordered that it be speedily repaired. “Patients at Cofimvaba had been taken to nearby hospitals like Sada near Whittlesea and All Saints in Ngcobo,” Kupelo said. Azipheli Nkotha, portifolio councillor at Intsika Yethu Local Municipality’s community services, said several wards at the municipality, which incorporates Cofimvaba and Tsomo, were destroyed by the tornado. “Siyabalala Senior Secondary School at ward one (Chris Hani’s birthplace) was destroyed including several homes at Intsika Yethu,” said Nkotha adding that the municipality has met at Cofimvaba to discuss ways on how to assist those affected by the storm. Damage caused has been assessed by the teams and further details will be communicated, the Eastern Cape Local Government and Traditional Affairs said.

Berita storms Butterworth ZUSIPHE MTIRARA

Eastern Cape’s Afro Soul artist Berita Khumalo visited Msobomvu Senior Secondary School in Butterworth to motivate them to decide on careers they want to pursue and to apply to universities as early as possible. Berita was nominated for Best African Album in SATMAs for her album ‘Conquering Spirit’ and is now canvassing for votes in the Eastern Cape as she believes that it is “where her home and support is.” To vote for Berita you type Satma Afro Soul Berita to 34066. This 22 year old songbird also chatted with Ikamva LaseGcuwa and that is when we got to know that she is not only a beauty but has also brains to back that up, she is currently doing her 3rd year in Financial Information Systems at Walter Sisulu University and is doing quite well. “I am very dedicated to my studies even when I travel I always take my books with and as a result out 25 modules that I have done I got 23 distinctions. Berita also added that she can’t attend all lectures but she makes it a point that she writes all her tests.

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Sexual Offences Cour t The National Heritage Council (NHC) in partnership with the Eastern Cape government honoured the AmaQwathi when they recently visited the Cala area to unveil a monument in honour of Chief Stokwe Ndlela of AmaQwathi, who died while fighting for the land of AmaQwathi near Lady Frere in 1880. NHC CEO Adv Sonwabile Mancotywa addressed locals.

Adv Sonwabile Mancotywa I am deeply honoured to be part of this historic occasion to honour Chief Stokwe ka Ndlela, a distinguished warrior Chief, a fearless patriot whose bravery is legendary. It is indeed a befitting tribute to a revolutionary chief that we are all assembled here today to launch this book based on the research commissioned and funded by the National Heritage Council (NHC). In funding the research on Chief Stokwe, the NHC sought to formalise the honour and acknowledge his epic contribution to the struggle for the freedom we are enjoying today. It is a great privilege for me to pay homage to the memorialisation of a hero of our nation through this book titled: ‘Unoqengqelekile utyesh’ ombi kanye’ Stokwe kaNdlela & Imfazwe kaStokwe, 1880-81 By: Wandile F. Kuse and Denver A. Webb Chief Stokwe’s name shall go down in history as one of those traditional leaders who stood up to the colonial forces until their last breath… Those Chiefs who said they would rather die standing than be on their knees for the rest of their lives. Chief Stokwe’s name is part of a long list of Kings and Chiefs in the Eastern Cape and elsewhere in the country, who led their people in the wars of dispossession. History tells us that Chief Stokwe never willingly submitted to colonial authority and from the start never enjoyed good relations with the colonial repre-

sentatives at the time. Chief Stokwe’s readiness to defend his rights led government, in the words of colonial officials to classify him as ‘a turbulent character, always ready to quarrel. He therefore led his people into war with a clear objective of rejecting colonial control symbolised by Magistrates. The aim was to regain the independence and power of the chiefs. They waged a sophisticated war where every effort was made to spare the missionaries and traders, but to destroy the symbols and authority of the Cape government: Macquarrie wrote in his publication, The Reminiscences of Sir Walter Stanford, “The main object of the insurrection was restoration of tribal independence, and magistrates had to suffer as they were the representatives of government. This independence achieved, they would still have need for missionaries and traders whom they had received into their countries before annexation to the Cape Colony took place”. Reclaiming, Restoring and Celebrating our Heritage The research was undertaken through interviews with members of the Stokwe Royal Family and reviews of some of the work already done by other academics In line with the theme of this year’s heritage celebrations, the primary intention of this research was to tell the story of Chief Stokwe: • To look at the role he played in fighting land dispossession and the undermining of traditional authorities by the colonial forces; • To investigate circumstances surrounding his death and explore the possibilities of locating his grave for preservation;


To ensure that this knowledge is shared, particularly with the youth; and • To preserve this important history for transmission to future generations. Why tell the story of Chief Stokwe - The purpose of the research Part of ensuring that colonialism succeeded was the effort to erase our history or at best it be distorted. This would ensure that as a people we lose our identity and easily conform to the imposed picture of who we are. It is at the core of the mandate of the NHC to preserve, protect and promote our heritage. In doing so, we pursue knowledge production through research and other means to ensure that we correct these distortions and keep the knowledge for future generations. This book, together with the memorial will serve as a beacon in memory of the heroism of Chief Stokwe ka Ndlela who laid his life in defence of the motherland. This book is about providing recognition to this less well-known story of resistance to colonialism. This launch edition will provide stakeholders an opportunity to read, critique and correct where they may have been errors. The NHC would like to thank the writers, Professor Kuse and Mr Denver Webb for their sterling work in producing this book under tight deadlines for this launch today. This book could not have been produced without the Stokwe Royal Family, to whom we are very grateful. I must also thank the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Chris Hani District Municipality, Sakhisizwe Local Municipality for this gesture of unveiling the memorial in honour of Chief Stokwe and giving the NHC an opportunity to partner with you. Thank You. Mancotywa is NHC CEO

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Isigwebo sobom kuDlayedwa

On medic students On the quality going to Cuba of FETs

Ethembeni lokuba bakukhululeka abantu baseTholeni emva kokugwetywe leMonster inguDlayedwa (Bulelani Mabhayi). Yhuu, abantu babantu bephela bebulawa kanti oyena nobangela ukwahlala apha phakathi kwabo. Sathana ndini! Dlayedwa. Hambo bhadla phaya eziseleni.

Government is doing something good that we need to embrace. The Mnquma kids that are going to study medicine to Cuba should be our pride. Remember that these are kids coming from humble background. I am very proud of this initiation by the South African government.

Time and again, we are being told to send our kids to FET colleges but my question is quality and efficiency. The same government that tells us to send our kids to FET colleges don’t want to absorb them after graduation. Who is fooling who? But I like the FETs when it comes to brief trainings like plumbing.

Lungiswa, eGcuwa

Bulelani Maya, Msobomvu

Concerned parent, Butterworth


079 926 1531

Can’t put my finger on it Celebrating heritage in South Africa has become more of a debate than doing what this means to us. To many this means different things to different people starting from braai’s, wearing cultural attire, cooking traditional food, remembering our historical leaders of icons. The preamble in our constitution says “Unity in diversity” and now the question is diversity fragmentation, because we are celebrating this in our own little corners, yards, townships, towns, as separate races or ethnic groups which by no means wrong. Do we as South Africans have one centre of convergence in celebrating our heritage? Is there unity in purpose and action than just the rainbow nation? Don’t get me wrong I am not saying believing in a rainbow nation is bad but do we have a central nucleolus that connects and bind us together outside fighting political oppression, economic challenges etc? My take on this is that, our government is not sure how to lead on this one because the 24th September is Shaka’s Day in previous KwaZulu Natal calendar and was celebrated by the Zulu as Zulu calendar. Now the present government comes with the same day in just like a tiger. Infusing it under one a former without and assuming its national day. Do we really need this day? Having a day such as reconciliation day could also do us some good and put all these in one pot. At local level it’s even worst in that people just don’t know what to celebrate on the day and what we find is them doing their home chores, shopping, sports others just drinking. Most of the local governments are holding cultural related events where people showcase what they do in terms of traditional clothing, food, dance, songs, games to mention a few. Can we then say this day really is national day, is it uniting, can we then say with confidence that our celebrations are taking us in the right direction and we can be proud to work today and in the future. Does this celebrate include our brothers from the continent as you know we are all son and daughters and therefore brothers and sisters. Kufurahia, Salani kahle, Min’emnadi, Yaa, Sara zvakanaka, Ke tla go kgantele.

Sivuyile Mbatha EDITOR Ikamva Lase Gcuwa 16a Kilimanjaro Building King Street Butterworth 4960 Email:





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ovember has been considered a month dedicated to Men’s Health and prostate cancer. Many men around the world are growing moustaches to support Movember and to bring awareness and to raise money to fight the prostate cancer. The idea for Movember has come to life in 2003 over a few beers in Melbourne, Australia. The guys behind it joked about 80’s fashion and decided to bring moustaches back. In order to justify their new Mos (Australian for moustaches) look they have decided to raise money for prostate cancer research never imagining that their moustaches would lead to a global movement that would get men talking about a taboo subject – their health! As any disease, if diagnosed early, prostate cancer has an excellent cure and survival rate. Men, on contrary to women, who will at least see the doctors during pregnancy and childbirth, generally do not pay much attention to their health and hardly ever go to see doctors. Opportunities of early diagnosis and treatment of the prostate cancer are missed unnecessarily. WHAT IS THE PROSTATE CANCER? It is a cancer of the prostate, which is a small gland in men located below the bladder and above the rectum. The prostate gland produces fluid that helps carry sperm during ejaculation. Many men develop prostate cancer, but luckily most of them do not die from this disease as prostate cancer grows so slowly that many men die of other causes before they develop symptoms of prostate cancer. WHO IS AT RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER? All men are at risk for prostate cancer, but the risk greatly increases with older age. Prostate cancer is rarely found in men younger than 50 years old. African men develop prostate cancer more often than Caucasian and Hispanic men. African men also are more likely to die of prostate cancer than white or Hispanic men. Men who have a first-degree relative (a father or brother) with prostate cancer are more likely to develop the disease. Men with female relatives with breast cancer related to the breast cancer gene (BRCA) may also be more likely to develop prostate cancer.

A diet high in animal fat or low in vegetables is another risk factor of developing prostate cancer. CAN YOU DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER? There is very little you can do to avoid prostate cancer, though avoiding animal fat and eating lots of vegetables may be helpful. Two dietary supplements, vitamin E and selenium, were previously thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. However, studies have not proven any benefit of these supplements and they are not recommended. Men at risk for prostate cancer (men older then 50, Black men, men who first-degree relative with prostate cancer) may benefit from medication finastride, which has been shown to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by about 25 percent. However, finasteride has side effects of such treatment (reduced sexual function, apparent increase in high-grade lesions). WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE PROSTATE CANCER? Prostate cancer is usually found before symptoms develop. However, early symptoms of prostate can-

cer may include: • A need to rush to the bathroom frequently or a slow urine stream. These symptoms are usually related to an enlarged prostate (called BPH), not prostate; • Erectile dysfunction (difficulty having an erection). Erectile dysfunction is more commonly caused by problems other than prostate • Blood in the urine or semen • The diagnosis of prostate cancer will be made by prostate biopsy. A few other tests maybe necessarily to determine the stage of the cancer. WHAT ARE THE TREATMENT OPTIONS OF PROSTATE CANCER? Treatment involves surgery to remove the prostate gland (called radical prostatectomy); Radiation therapy, sometimes combined with androgen deprivation therapy; or Active surveillance, also called “watch and wait” The best treatment depends upon your age and health, your preferences, and the stage of your cancer.

Zaphenduk’ izinto kwinkosikazi yaseZizamele ZUSIPHE MTIRARA

Inkosikazi yaseZizamele eGcuwa uMandisa Khopheshe (37) ithi ubomi bayo batshintsha bayincindi yekhala emva kokushiya kwayo umtshato, iyalelwa ukuba mayikufuna umntwana ngaphandle komtshato. UKhopheshe wenda ngonyaka ka1998, kwathi xa engafumani bantwana emva kweminyaka elishumi elinesithathu endile wahletyelwa lelinye ilungu losapho lakulomyeni wakhe ukuba ayokukhangela umntwana ngaphandle komtshato. Oku kwenzeke ngomnyaka ka2011. UKhopheshe uthi lento zange imphathe kakuhle yena kuba yayiphikisana nendlela akhuliswe ngayo ngumama wakhe ukuba abaneqabane elinye kodwa ke kuba naye wayemfuna umntwana walithatha icebiso lokuyo-

kutheza. “Yandivisa kabuhlungu into yokufuneka ndiyokutheza kuba nam ndandinamaphupha wokuba nomntwana nomyeni wam kodwa ndandisithi xa ndibukele abanye oomakoti beteketisa abantwana babo nam ndinqwene,” Utshilo uKhopheshe. Lo kaKhopheshe uqhuba athi ukutheza kwamphathela nje intlungu ebomini bakhe kuba zange afumane naloo mntwana kuba kaloku iqabane awathi wadibana nalo liyamnukuneza ngokwasemoyeni kungoku nje sele encame naloo mntwana; “Ndathi sele ndikhulelwe kulonyaka uphelileyo saphuma eso sisu ngoba ndihleli nje ndiyabethwa okanye ndiyangxoliswa, andisamfuni naloo mntwana ngoku ndimncamile into endiyinqwenelayo kukubuyela emzini wam.”

Ikamva LaseGcuwa lingene kwizitalato zaseGcuwa libuza abantu ngolwazi lwabo ngokutheza nendlela bona abaziva ngayo ngalento; “Ukutheza endikwaziyo kukuya ehlathini uyochola iinkuni zokubasa, umntu oyokutheza umntwana uyakrexeza ngohlobo endiyijonga ngalo,” utshilo uSaxola Bhunga(30) Ngelixesha uBhunga engazi ukuba ukutheza kukuthini, uZilungile Nogaya yena uyaphikisana nalento ngelithi yinto nje yokuchitha umtshato nokumosha umnombo wekhaya. “Ukuyeka umfazi wakho aye kutheza kukuthi ngamanye amagama awusamfuni, awunakukwazi ukubolekisana namanye amadoda ngomntu, kwaye uba lonto iyenzeka ithetha ukuba ngoku apha kulomzi sizakubanelinye igazi ngoku,” utshilo Nogaya.

Abasetyhini bona bayibona ikukubeka ubomi babo esichengeni sokwesuleleka yintsholongwane kagawulayo into yokukhangela umntwana ngaphandle komtshato. “Into ekufuneka siyiqaphele apha kulento kukuba akusetyenziswa zikhuseli kuba ufuna ukukhulelwa, umazi njani kengoku ukuba lomntu uzakukhulelisa akanasifo, umntu kubhetele ayamkele imeko yakhe ukuze akhusele ubomi bakhe,” utshilo uNozolile Thwethwa (43). UKhopheshe uyakungqina okuthethwa ngu Nogaya ukuba ukutheza kukuchitha umtshato, kwaye uxelele eli phepha ukuba naye owakhe umtshato wachithakala kuba sithetha nje yena nowakwakhe abasenalo unxibelelwano noxa nje bengazange bawuqhawule umtshato.



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Ward 26

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Ward 29 Email: ....................................................................... ikamva lase gcuwa Facebook: ................................................................

Cllr. Zaba Nozingile Villages or Suburbs: Godidi, KwaGaxa, KwaVika, eMntla-Gwelane, Lokishi, KwaZithombe, Ngqolongwane, Magiqweni, eNdulini, KwaSikhukula,Seyisi, Mgobhozi, .

Ward 15 Cllr. Luwaca Nokhona Villages: Mbasa, Gongotha, Mthonjeni, eNgcwangu, Sikhobeni, eMarhambeni, KwaNgako Schools: Biyana J.S.S, Hebe-Hebe J.S.S, Lower Ndakana J.S.S, Nyidlana J.S.S, Zakhele S.S.S, Mzantsi J.S.S. General ward data: Out of 6120 residents of ward 15, 2851 are males and the remaining 3270 are females. Education level: 8,5 % of the residents with no school, 45,7 % not completed primary school, 8,5 % completed primary school, 31,5 did not complete secondary school, 4,1% with matric and just 1,7 with higher education Employment level: 48, 5 % residents are employed while the remaining 51,5 % is unemployed. Mnquma Local Municipality Draft Reviewed IDP 2010/2011: DRAFT MTRET CAPITAL BUDGET 2010-2013: Nyidlana Access road, Rwantsane Bridge, Bongoza via Mpenduza Councillor’s Response: We have built Rwantsana Bridge and access road to Rwantsana. Electricty is still in the process as it is our priority at the moment. In terms of employment, there are people who clean and cook at schools in the whole ward. Community Views: There is no road, electricity is on its way but has not arrived yet, there is no water, no paraffin but they are trying as they have built a bridge and roads are not as bad as before. -Eric Mini

Schools: Vusani J.S.S, Mandende J.S.S, Nxaxho J.S.S, Hlokomile J.S.S, Dondashe S.S.S, Macibe S.S.S, Khanyisa S. P. S, Magiqweni J.S.S, Mgobhozi S.P.S. General Ward data: This is one of the largest wards according to population as it consists of 10489 residents, females at 5712 , and males at 4778 as per the last 2011 census. Education levels: Only 14,9 % of the residents have no school, 41,1 % not completed primary school, 7,3 % completed their primary, about 28,6% did not complete their secondary education, 6 % with matric and only 2,1 % have tertiary education. Employment Level: 45,4 % of the ward 26 residents are employed and 54,6 % are unemployed. Mnquma Local Municipality Draft Reviewed IDP 2010/2011: DRAFT MTRET CAPITAL BUDGET 20102013: Godidi-Zibunu Access road, Magiqweni Access road Councillor’s Response: Nothing has happened, I am just in trouble because of the Macibe road that should have been constructed by councillors before me, it was never developed and should have been built a long time ago. Community Views: We have a problem of not having toilets here. We do have water and electricity of which we appreciate government for that but another issue that is bothering me is unemployment. Most people here are unemployed even though we are near town. I wish government can assist around that. -Aviwe Ngcukana Stastistics source: StatsSA

Cllr. Nkamisa Tunyiswa Villages or Suburbs: Kiwane, Nontsane, Dakeni, Sizini, KwaNontshinga, Cwebeni, Kwamaxhama, Qolora, Kwafeni. Schools: Tshawe J.S.S, Qolora Feni J.S.S, Siseko J.S.S, Sezela J.S.S, Lukhanyo J.S.S, Tshongweni J.S.S, Makukhanye J.S.S, Ponana Lubisi J.S.S. General Ward data: This ward is unique because it is close to the sea with about 8893 number of residents with 4181 males and 4712 females. Education levels: 15,1 % of the residents have no school, 43,7 % went to school but did not completed primary, 6,8 % completed primary school, 27,6 are those who did not complete secondary school, 5,6 % have matric and the remaining 1,1 with higher education. Employement Education: Employed residents are at 41 % and 59 % are unemployed. Mnquma Local Municipality Draft Reviewed IDP 2010/2011: DRAFT MTRET CAPITAL BUDGET 2010-2013: Cwebeni Access Road Councillor’s Response: There is a lot that has happened. Toilets have been built, the work is still in progress, there is water everywhere except for phase 2, which is currently in progress, the whole ward has electricity. The only problem I’m experiencing so far is with the roads but I am sure this is due to lack of resources. Community Views: Roads are still bad here, government officials have been here but all we still have are promises, they do not deliver even though we vote for them. We hear that other villages have houses, we also wish some people can get those houses here as their homes are deteriorating. –Moses Tolbhadi




Biography of Bantu Biko Names: Biko, Stephen Bantu Born: 18 December 1946, Tylden, Eastern Province (now Eastern Cape), South Africa Died: 12 September 1977, Pretoria, South Africa In summary: Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) leader, South Africa’s most influential and radical student leader in the 1970s, law student, banned person, political prisoner. Biko was killed in detention. Stephen (Steve) Bantu Biko was born in Tylden in the Eastern Province (now Eastern Cape) on 18 December 1946.Biko's early life was modest. His main pre-occupation was the pursuit of academic excellence, which was in line with his father's expectations. His father encouraged all his children to pursue an education as the only possible route to upward social movement and independence. Biko started his education around 1952 (the exact date varies from source to source) against the background of the Bantu Education Act - introduced to stifle Black education. Essentially, the Act was designed to provide Blacks with sufficient education which would not allow "a future without back-breaking labour." Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, who authored the Bill, said "There is no place for him [the Bantu] in the European community above the level of certain forms of labour." Exposed to this type of education since primary school which he attended, such as Brownlee Primary, Charles Morgan Higher Primary, Lovedale Institute (which was eventually closed due to student protest) and finally, St Francis (a Catholic boarding School outside Durban), his political orientation emerged. While Biko was a student at Lovedale, his brother was arrested and jailed for nine months during a government crackdown for being a suspected member of POQO (later APLA), the military wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC). Biko was interrogated by the police and subsequently expelled from Lovedale after only attending for three months. This incident inculcated in Biko a "strong resentment toward white authority", which would shape his political career. After Biko's expulsion from school, his career was characterised by political activism which culminated in him engaging in educating and making Black people conscious of their plight under an oppressive system. His untiring commitment to Black Consciousness is the legacy he has bequeathed to South Africa's struggle for freedom. After matriculating from St Francis, he enrolled at the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal). It was here that Biko's political activism began to blossom. He devoted much of his time to the cause of Black emancipation. At university his desire to study medicine was hampered by his constant involvement in political activities and organisations such as NUSAS. He became so immersed in politics that his performance declined to levels that compelled university authorities to deregister him. This happened at a time when he had also grown critical of the generally antiBlack structure of NUSAS. Due to the fact that NUSAS's power base was centred at the major White universities, it was virtually impossible for Black students to achieve positions of leadership. In fact, a NUSAS leader, Clive Nettleton, accused the organisation of "preaching the ideal of non-racism" while some members were "unable to live out their ideals." Thus, in 1968 Biko established a new all-Black organisation, the South African Students Organisation (SASO). He was elected as its first President in July 1969. One year later he was appointed Publicity Secretary of the organisation. SASO adopted a new pro-Black and radical doctrine that became known as Black Consciousness which, by Biko's own definition, was the "cultural and political revival of an oppressed people." By 1971, the Black Consciousness Movement had grown into a formidable force throughout the country. In an attempt to reform SASO (which originally comprised students) and incorporate an adult element, Biko established the Black People's Convention (BPC) as

well as Black Community Programmes (BCP). The development of the BCM clearly threatened the establishment. In 1973, he was banned and confined to the magisterial district of King William's Town, his birth place. Among other things, the banning prohibited him from teaching or making public addresses (or speaking to more than one person at a time), preventing him from entering educational institutions and ordering him to report to the local police station once every week. In spite of being banned, Biko continued to advance the work of Black Consciousness. For instance, he established an Eastern Cape branch of BCP and through BCP he organised literacy and dressmaking classes as well as health education programmes. Quite significantly, he set up a health clinic outside King William's Town for poor rural Blacks who battled to access city hospitals.

Terrorism Act caused Blacks to lose sympathy with moderate revolutionary policies, leading to increased militancy and hope for emancipation. During the Soweto riots of June 1976 there were violent clashes between high school students (protesting the use of Afrikaans as medium of academic instruction) and police, marking the beginning of widespread urban unrest and threatening law and order. The wave of strikes during and after the Soweto uprising demonstrated, to a large extent, the influence Biko exerted on South African socio-political life. Although he did not directly take part in these uprisings, the influence of Black Consciousness ideas encouraged students to fight an unjust system - particularly after they were compelled to accept Afrikaans as a language for use in schools. In the wake of the urban revolt of 1976 and with the pros-

The banning and detention of several SASO pects of national revolution becoming increasand BPC leaders under the Terrorism Act, for ingly real, the security police detained Biko, organizing a rally on 18 August 1977. in support of MoAt this time, Biko had zambique’s FREHe was thirty years old and was begun studying law LIMO threatened through the Univerto cripple the Black sity of South Africa Consciousness (UNISA). reportedly extremely fit when Movement. HowHe was thirty years ever, the accused old and was reportedarrested. He was taken to Port used the seventeenly extremely fit when month trial that arrested. He was takfollowed as a platen to Port Elizabeth Elizabeth but later transferred to but later transferred form to publicise the case of Black to Pretoria where he Consciousness. died in detention on Although they Pretoria where he died in detention 12 September 1977 as were found guilty a result of brain injuand sentenced to on 12 September 1977 as a result ries. various terms of Thirteen Western imprisonment for nations sent diplomats revolutionary conto his funeral on 25 of brain injuries. spiracy they were September. Police aclater acquitted. tion prevented thouTheir convictions sands of mourners further strengthened the Black Consciousness from reaching the funeral venue from Johanmovement. The repression instituted under the nesburg, Durban, Cape Town and other areas

on the grounds that this would lead to lawlessness. Armed with FN rifles and machine guns, police erected and manned a number of roadblocks to prevent thousands of mourners from all over the country to converge on the town for the funeral of Steve Biko. Mourners from the Transvaal were barred from attending the funeral when permits were refused for buses. One of the speakers, Dr. Nthato Motlana, who flew from Johannesburg after he was blocked off when attempting to travel by road, said at the funeral that he had watched with disgust as Black police hauled mourners off the buses in Soweto and assaulted them with truncheons. The physician said he had treated 30 of the mourners, some for fractured skulls, and allegedly witnessed a number of young women being raped. Biko was buried after a marathon funeral that was as much a protest rally against the White minority government's racial policies as it was a commemoration of the country's foremost Black leader. Several thousand Black mourners punched the air with clenched fists and shouted "Power!" as Biko's coffin was lowered into the grave. The crowd of more than ten thousand listened to successive speakers warning the government that Biko's death would push Blacks further towards violence in their quest for racial equality. Due to local and international outcry, his death prompted an inquest which at first did not adequately reveal the circumstances surrounding his death. Police alleged that he died from a hunger strike; however independent sources said he was brutally murdered by police. Although his death was attributed to "a prison accident," evidence presented during the 15-day inquest into Biko's death revealed otherwise. During his detention in a Port Elizabeth police cell he had been chained to a grill at night and left to lie in urine-soaked blankets. He had been stripped naked and kept in leg-irons for 48 hours in his cell. A blow in a scuffle with security police led to him suffering brain damage by the time he was driven naked and manacled in the back of a police van to Pretoria, where he died. Two years later a South African Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC) disciplinary committee found there was no prima facie case against the two doctors who had treated Biko shortly before his death. Dissatisfied doctors, seeking another inquiry into the role of the medical authorities who had treated Biko shortly before his death, presented a petition to the SAMDC in February 1982, but this was rejected on the grounds that no new evidence had come to light. Biko's death caught the attention of the international community, increasing the pressure on the South African government to abolish its detention policies and calling for an international probe on the cause of his death. Even close allies of South Africa, Britain and the United States of America, expressed deep concern about the death of Biko and added their support to those asking for an international probe. It took eight years and intense pressure before the South African Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC) took disciplinary action. On 30 January, 1985, the Pretoria Supreme Court ordered the SAMDC to hold an inquiry into the conduct of the two doctors who treated Biko during the five days before he died. Judge President of the Transvaal, Justice W G Boshoff, said in a landmark judgment that there was prima facie evidence of improper or disgraceful conduct on the part of the "Biko" doctors in a professional respect. He is survived by his two sons.




e n O n One o with Tell us about yourself I am a 28 year old originally from UMzimkhulu. I’m out-going; I like socialising, but at times need my own space especially when people start getting into my face (laughs). What do you do at KCR?

I am responsible for the marketing of the station. Do you think you are doing a good job? I am trying, that’s all I can do.

Why marketing and not presenting? I never chose marketing, it chose me. When I got here I worked in the newsroom, then the lady responsible

for marketing left so I took over.

Favourite show at KCR fm and why? Youth movement because it deals with youth issues and has a very light sentiment. In five years?

Have my own a business, a Spa like business. I love everything that has to do with beauty. Have two more kids, a good man and home. Three things you never leave the home without? Lipstick, eye shadow and phone.

When was your first date and where? I was 12, I use to sneak out to the back

of yard, and fortunately there was a beach after we relocated to Port St John’s. We used to play house, run around and would rush back home later without anyone noticing.

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My mother, she is very strong and independent. Very strict also has a good heart. Growing up?

I wanted to be a lawyer. My father influenced me, he used to tell me that I was a good liar and therefore would make a good lawyer until I realised it was no child’s play.

Be flexible because you will meet different people so you must be spontaneous. Is radio your first love?

Anything else about Lisa?


Of course! I have a five year old son Kopano; I love him so much, he’s is my life. When I am stressed and look at his face everything seem to disappear.

Relationship status? In an open relationship. Values and beliefs?


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Role model and why?

How would you advise someone who wants to take the marketing route?

A member of the National Community Radio Forum


I’m Catholic and traditional.



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Kunene Catering Services For All Your Cater Hire Needs


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Seen around town

Miss Mnquma contestants flaunt their evening garments

Miss Mnquma contestants showing off in their swimwear

Miss and Mr Mnquma Finalists honouring their crowns

ABOVE: Mnquma's Agricultural Manager Linda Silevu trying on isidanga LEFT: Ward 2 women rejoice over winning a floating Trophy for having well organised stalls.




Career Corner Lusanda Mangxamba.

Career as a bookkeeper Good data entry and computer skills are essential, and having touch typing skills are an added bonus. You’ll need to be able to liaise with the accountant when it comes to the end of the financial year and prepare all the necessary information, which can include: i) Payroll ii) Accounts receivable iii) Accounts payable

What is a bookkeeper? Bookkeeping is a growing profession - it is demanding, exciting, challenging and above all, rewarding. It is about understanding how a business works and then providing accurate figures that enable the business to know exactly how well it is doing. For men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds it provides outstanding career opportunities. Every business, no matter how large or small, is required by law to ‘keep books’. This involves the recording of the financial transactions of a business, whether manually into ledgers or by entering everything onto a computer. So, if you are well organised and methodical, like working through documents and enjoy seeing a set of figures add up properly, bookkeeping could be the career for you.

Day to day tasks of a bookkeeper

These are varied and include: iv) Data entry v) Accounts payable and receivable vi) Preparing cheques vii) Handling any cash and doing the banking

Career options as a bookkeeper

You could work for virtually any type of company in every business sector, or in the public sector for organisations such as provincial, local or nationalgovernment, municipalities and educational establishments like schools /universities.You might also be a self-employed bookkeeper for a number of small businesses. Thus the career opportunities are plentiful. Functions of a bookkeeper

A bookkeeper, also known as an accounting clerk or accounting technician, is a person who records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization. A bookkeeper is usually responsible for writing up the “daybooks.” The daybooks consist of purchase, sales, receipts and payments. The bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring all transactions are recorded in the correct daybook, suppliers ledger, customer and general ledger and brings the books to the trial balance stage. An accountant may prepare the income statement and balance sheet using the trial balance and ledgers prepared by the bookkeeper

Personal skills required As a bookkeeper you will find that the tasks involved are many and varied. Having an aptitude for numbers is vital, but you will also need computer skills, be good at problem solving and be able to record data accurately. You must be systematic in your approach, be organised and also be able to pay attention to detail to avoid making errors. Importantly you should be trustworthy as you will be dealing with a company’s financial information. Technical skills required

The basic role of a bookkeeper is to enter financial data and produce reports generated from this information You’ll need to be able to provide accurate information to your employer to assist with business decisions by preparing reports. You’ll need to keep financial records up to date and handle calculations such as:

A bookkeeper can handle stock control and may also be in charge of the payroll. Data entry is a big part of a bookkeeper’s job as well as record keeping. Depending on the size of the company, a bookkeeper could also be in control of the general administration. Courses you can do to become a bookkeeper

There are various institutions that offer courses for bookkeeping. These institutions need to be accredited with the institute of chartered bookkeepers (ICB). You have four options of studying: i) Full time at an institution of your choice which is accredited ii) Part time while you work iii) Correspondence from home There are numerous courses available for bookkeeping, please go to the ICB to see which institutions and training courses are accredited:

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Asijabuleni Joke or Stereotype ? 1.Are engaged for 5 years or more 2.Will borrow money for a big wedding then live in a flat with no furniture 3.Never bother to divorce, they just separate for the rest of their lives. 4.Are late for church, work and everything else except when the "club" is free before 11pm. 5.Show up at parties, weddings etc with a new outfit on, nails and hair done bt don't bring a present. 6. Have at least one relative with a criminal record. 7.Have at least one neighbor that "was almost a soccer star" 8.Come over to ur house at 8 in the morning for a visit. 9. Drives Merc, BMW, Jaguar etc but still lives with parents. 10. Invite co-workers and all of their friends to their 5yr old child's party and have a professional DJ, alcohol but only 15 kids and 300 adults in attendance.

Brain Crunches

How to play: Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9.

GIG GUIDE with Sive & Gideon What’s hip, up & happenin’, where

Mr. & Ms Khanya Community Radio FM 2013 Date: 05 October 2013 Venue: Butterworth Town Hall Time: 10h00 till morning MC’s Sive nd SiaB (KCR FM) Damage: R 30 children, R 40 Adults Lin-up : DJ Gideon, DJ SiyaRoski, DJ Lwando, DJ Zuks, DJ MP and many more. CD Launch Buntu Magada Mc Nomonde Vakalisa (Umhlobo Wenene FM) Venue: Cofimvaba Hall Date: 05 October 2013 Tickets: R 40 (Students), R 50 (Adults), R 80 VIP & R 100 VVIP Featuring: Dumi, Veliswa Skeyi, Peace, Babalwa, Vovo, Lundi and Fanelwa. Farewell of Msobomvu High @ EL Ebuhlanti with DJ Gideon, Zuks, Leoski, Leera, Luando. Date 19 September 2013.

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by Sithandiwe Velaphi

Why on Msobomvu SSS sex scandal “The press shall be entitled to comment upon or criticise any actions or events of public interest provided such comments or criticisms are fairly and honestly made.” This is an extract from the South African Press Code under the Comment section. On our front page this edition, we are leading with the rather disturbing story implicating the reputable Msobomvu Senior Secondary School in Butterworth. The question that one, like Msobomvu SSS principal Zingisa Luzipho, can ask is why we saw it fit to carry this story. I quoted the press code section because I want to explain clearly why we bothered to, again, feature the Msobomvu SSS, having done so in our last edition. But before explaining, it is important that our society understands our obligations as the press. We don’t make up news, instead we go where there is a story, be it an event, issue, community problem or institutional problem. Msobomvu SSS is one of the respected schools in Butterworth and thus carries hope for all would be matriculants. The school is also one of those with high en-

rollment rate in the area and is known for producing quality. With the neat black and white uniform, Msobomvu SSS is the symbol of pride and getaway to the great future ahead for many pupils. I remember in mid 2011, when I visited the Msobomvu SSS to cover a winter school programme that drew magnitude of pupils from across the Eastern Cape province. I was so curious and wanted to know why students from Dordrecht, East London, Mthatha and all other places flocked to Msobomvu SSS. When I interviewed the students who attended the winter school, asking why they chose Msobomvu SSS, they said it was because it was the best in the province and it really it still is. It is for this reason why the press, particularly this newspaper, cannot lay back and pretend that all is well at Msobomvu SSS when in fact there are challenges that need to be highlighted. As I said our responsibility is to highlight the problems. It is important to report on challenges currently facing the school.

As a norm, when students go to school, they are expected to listen to their teachers, study their books and excel afterwards. But when students become the burden of the teachers to an extent that external forces (like the daily search by Community Police Forum at Msobomvu SSS) had to be called, then there is a problem. When students engage on sexual activities (like what has been happening at Msobomvu SSS) on school premises, then there is a problem. We (Ikamva LaseGcuwa) worry about the future of these kids and that has to stop. If the Msobomvu SSS teachers are not able to stop this, let me promise Butterworth community and surrounding areas that we will stop it. What I like is that our only sources for what is happening in Msobomvu SSS are students themselves. The newspaper industry in South Africa is one that is known for cracking the whip even where people thought they were untouchable. Remember the cop and warder incident (where they filmed having sex on government premises) on the Sowetan

newspaper. They were later fired. Disgraced former Communications Minister Dina Pule (who chose to take state coffers to her boyfriend) was fired this year because of the reports by the Sunday Times. I personally believe in evidence based journalism and once all my results are out for anyone to see, then I became the happiest person in the world. My advice to Msobomvu SSS teachers is that they be rather open about the problems facing their school and not question the work we do, which we only do once there is a need to so. Quoting from the article written in January this year by Estelle Nagel on BizCommunity (journalist’s resource site), she said: “A good spokesperson (someone speaking on behalf of the organisation or institution) is anyone who can communicate passion and calm throughout the entire crisis. He or she can't be locked in board meetings or switch off their phones.” And as Warren Buffett once said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 20 minutes to lose it."

Local farmers showcase their work at show were challenges that need to be tackled and improved, and gave an advice: “Some cows are infected due to ticks so

Anda Nqonji

The Amathole district’s agricultural department stepped it up once again, as it threw its annual agricultural show that had farmers showcase their outstanding skills in nurturing livestock and growing crops. This was achieved in a one day farming “extravaganza” when farmers gathered in Mission village eager to flaunt their admirable efforts and dedication in either growing crops, baking, beadwork and nurturing livestock. According to Mnquma’s Agricultural Assistant Manager, Nzameko Sthungu, the show was not only about showing off but also about sharing advices and seeing where the district can improve in terms of farming: “This day is also about showing what we have and illustrate to other famers how to do the show and bring back the tradition of farming,” said Sthungu. He further stated that the show was also about notifying the farmers about where they can get what they need for their livestock and crops, e.g. medication. This day saw to it that the judges took time to walk around and observe how well the farmers had prepared

I encourage all famers to get the spray for ticks, especially for the cow’s falling breasts. said Mphaliso”

Harvest: The Amathole District's Agricultural Manager, Mathemba Gcasamba, together with the judges examining the stalls. Picture by: Zusiphe Mtirara

for the competition, from having the best and well fed livestock, to having the greenest vegetables. According to one of the judges, Siyabulela Mphaliso, the work of the farmers was admirable and encouraged continuity on this growing industry: “The cows are very beautiful, farmers really feed their cattle and they have very healthy sheep.” However he also stated that there


079 926 1531

For quotes and best credits. REAL PEOPLE consumer credits with LENDCOR. Phone Nokwanda @ 047 488 0217 Fax 047 488 0263 Tsomo Build It Main St, Tsomo

Proud Moment: Executive Academy school receives a grand prize of R100 000.

Picture: supplied

Dutywa’s Executive Academy reach for the stars JIM’s Trailer Hire & Sale

Anda Nqonji

Executive Academy of Idutywa received a staggering prize of R100 000,when they won the Eastern Cape Provincial title during the Sanlam Kay Motsepe schools cup, held at the Dumpsey Adam stadium in Queenstown. The tournament runs under the auspices of the South Africa Football Association (SASFA), the Sanlam Kay Motsepe schools cup offers the biggest prize money at school level in Africa, which can amount to R3.4 million, its primary objective being to revive the culture of school football amongst students between ages 16 and 19. The money is granted to go towards supporting an educational or sport legacy project however, according to the Executive Academy School’s football club coach, Nkosinathi Madyibhi the school’s governing body is still going to discuss how the money will be spent: “The school would like to see the funds used to upgrade the science lab, the Life Science laboratory is not well equipped and there is also need for a computer Laboratory and some soccer kit would be welcome,” said Madyibhi.

Rest of the results Malcomess (1) Khanya Naledi (1) Malcomess (0) Exec Academy (6) Malcomess (3) Khanya Naledi (0) Ncedo (1) Ncedo (2) Ndamase (1) Ncedo (2) FINAL Ndamase (0)

Madyibhi also said that the Executive Academy is a private school that focuses on education and offers top academic students in the district the opportunity to get the best education possible to be able to become future role models and leaders in boardrooms. This was their second attempt in the Sanlam Kay Motsepe School cup, following being knocked out in the district stages last year. Yandisa Zaba, a grade 11 student, a striker, who is also identified as a “key player” for the team by the proud coach looks forward to a soccer-filled future, but is also determined to excel academically and fulfil his parent’s wishes for him: “While I would love to get scouted by a club like Mamelodi Sundowns, my parents are both academics and want me to get a degree after school and are encouraging me in that direction,” said Zaba. The prize followed distinctively their success, as they nailed the Ndamase Senior Secondary School with a 1-0 in their final game, however both schools are now due to compete in the National finals taking place at the King Zwelithini Stadium, KwaZulu natal.

Executive Academy Phakamani Khanya Naledi Phakamani Phakamani Exec Academy Ndamase Kuyasa Kuyasa Malcomess

Executive Academy

(0) (0) (1) (0) (0) (2) (3) (1) (1) (0) (1)

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Ikamva october 2013  

Ikamva is a community based newspaper in Butterworth, in Eastern Cape South Africa. Reports both in Xhosa and English with + - 60 000 reader...

Ikamva october 2013  

Ikamva is a community based newspaper in Butterworth, in Eastern Cape South Africa. Reports both in Xhosa and English with + - 60 000 reader...