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09 FEBRUARY 2010


fosterroster STATEWIDE UPDATE in this issue

Utah Foster Care Foundation Offices

Foundation Seeks Families For Teens P.1

Murray 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107 Phone: 801.994.5205 Fax: 801.994.5206 Toll Free: 877.505.KIDS Ogden 1181 Christmas Box Lane Ogden, UT 84404 Phone: 801.392.1114 Orem 252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT 84057 Phone: 801.373.3006 Price 475 W. Price River Dr. #152 Price, UT 84501 Phone: 435.636.0210 Roosevelt Phone: 435.724.0959 Vernal 1052 W. Market Dr. Vernal, UT 84078 Phone: 435.781.4224 Moab 180 S. 300 E., Ste. C Moab, UT 84532 Phone: 435.259.3345 St. George 321 N. Mall Dr. #B102 St. George, UT 84790 Phone: 435.656.8065 Richfield 201 E. 500 N. Richfield, UT 84701 Phone: 435.896.1232

1st Annual Foster Care Symposium P.2 Fostering Healthy Children P.3 Facilitating Healthy Attachment Seminar P.4

Foundation Seeks Families For Teens Foster families willing to care for teens and older youth are needed throughout the state of Utah, now more than ever. Families may be nervous or unwilling to care for teenagers and older youth because of the perceived risks associated with fostering older children. “Many families who call us about foster parenting say they want children under age 5,” said Kelly Peterson, CEO of Utah Foster Care Foundation. “The truth is that teenagers are in foster care for the same reasons as younger children—because of neglect and abuse in their biological families. These children are usually not in foster care because of something they did.” The impact of a loving and understanding foster family can be everlasting for teens and older youth in care. Eddie Ballesteros, now 20, credits his foster parents, Rachel and Don Wilson, with helping him to make good choices throughout his time

in their care. Ballesteros said, “If you have that person that you can call or that you can contact that will help you, you won’t turn to things that aren’t good for you.” In 2008, 219 teens “aged out” of Utah’s foster care system without a place to call home. On January 13, 2010 the Foundation launched a campaign to find new foster parents to care for teens. The campaign will include billboards and materials aimed at highlighting the importance of teens having lifelong connections with caring adults.Currently licensed foster families with an interest in providing homes for teens and older youth may be able to make a difference immediately. If you are a currently licensed foster family and are interested in providing a home for teens or older youth, please call 1.877.505.KIDS.

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Attachment in Perspective: Keeping the Big Picture in View

Eli A.

1st Annual Utah Foster Care Foundation Symposium with Keynote Speaker Dr. Doug Goldsmith

Birthday: 05/1999 Grade in School: 4th Heritage: Caucasian David Beckham, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady better keep an eye on Elijah. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or football, this guy loves them all! Elijah, who likes to be called “Eli” is quite the well-rounded athlete and has talent to spare. He enjoys using his skills in many different ways such as biking, skateboarding, building and drawing. Eli is a very creative kid who likes to learn and try new things. Eli is a bright fourth grader, with great things ahead of him in his future. He is quick to learn and has a passion for science. For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444 2

Utah Foster Care Foundation invites you to attend our 1st annual symposium on Children and Foster/ Adoptive/Kinship Care. Topics at the symposium will include: Trauma & Brain Development, Discipline for Traumatized Teens, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Hope for the Family, Tools for Handling Difficult Children, and others. This symposium is intended for caseworkers, RFCs, supervisors, clinicians, mental health professionals, foster parents and other interested parties. Register early; space is limited. CEUs are pending approval.

About Doug Goldsmith of The Children’s Center: Doug Goldsmith has worked with the pre-school population in a clinical setting since the early 1980s. Dr. Goldsmith has lectured widely along the Wasatch Front and participated with many organizations in developing strategies for providing a variety of services to young children and their families. He has published two articles on the application of attachment theory to clinical practice and holds adjunct faculty appointments at The University of Utah in the departments of Educational Psychology, Psychology, and Psychiatry.

Register Online Starting February 10 April 21 - 22, 2010 This symposium is FREE of charge CEUs may have an addt’l cost Rooms start at $90+ per night Call Zermatt & tell them you are with Utah Foster Care Foundation

Above: Dr. Doug Goldsmith with a child at The Children’s Center in 2008. Keith Johnson, Deseret News

Special thanks to:

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Michaela L.

Fostering Healthy Children • All children in foster care must have an annual well-child exam, dental exam (if over age 3), and a mental health exam (if over age 5). Those children 5 and under receive the Ages and Stages and Social Emotional forms. These forms should be completed and returned within one week. • Turn in each health visit report or computer generated report from the Dr.’s office to the R.N. assigned to the case within 3 days of the exam. This allows for timely entry into the child’s health record, and prevents us from calling to remind you unnecessarily. If you need more health visit report forms or envelopes, contact Fostering Faster Follow-up. • If a physician requests

a special procedure or equipment and tells you it is NOT covered by Medicaid, we are still required to receive the denial PRIOR to any appeal or processing of the needed item. DO NOT pay for any item you are

of the caretaker (or the child if he/she is working or has another source of income). If there are problems affording the co-pays, you should speak with the caseworker assigned to the child. • All follow-up referrals ordered by the physician need to be completed as soon as possible after the referral is made. If you need help in finding a provider please contact the nurse assigned to the child.

told isn’t covered without FIRST going through the authorization process. The R.N. assigned to the child’s case can help you with this. • Remember that over-thecounter medications and co-pays, for those over 18, are the responsibility

• YOU must keep the child with the medical plan and medical providers that they have seen before custody except in special circumstances. Make sure you check your Medicaid Card to see which HMO the child is assigned to before making an appointment.

Birthday: 08/1994 Grade in School: 10th Heritage: Caucasian

Meet Micheala! This intelligent young woman with the sweet personality loves to read and is often caught with a book in her hands. Micheala is an outgoing and likeable teen who makes friends easily. She has great relationships with her peers. Besides her love of books, Micheala also enjoys dancing and acting. Her dreams include someday becoming a successful actress and being adopted by a loving family.

For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444

Special thanks to: 3

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FOSTER /ADOPTIVE DAD OF THE YEAR AWARDS “My Dad is...” The Foster/Adoptive Dad of the Year Awards for 2010 are almost here! Utah Foster Care Foundation will begin accepting online nominations on March 1, 2010 at http://www. fosterdadoftheyear.html Please note: this site will be inaccessible until March 1, 2010. This year’s theme is “My Dad is...” so think about what your Dad is to you and let us and the world know.

TWO NEW UFAFA OFFICERS ELECTED Two new officers for Utah Foster Adoptive Families Association officers have been elected to serve your needs beginning February 2010. President: Jennifer Gardner Phone: 435.723.3369 Email: Treasurer: Beth Hardman Congratulations to these new officers. 4

Facilitating Healthy Attachment with Foster/Adoptive Children Touchstone Therapy Center invites you to attend a conference on faciliating healthy attachment in foster and adoptive children. 7 CEUs are available to professionals attending the conference. This conference is also approved for foster parents and can be used for training hours towards relicensure. For more information, contact your region trainer, found on page 8. Prices for this conference are as follows:

Conference Dates and Locations: Ogden Marriott Hotel Friday, May 14, 2010 8:30am-5pm Note: early bird registration for this date has passed. Discounted room rates are available. Salt Lake City (Location TBA) Friday, September 10, 2010 8:30am-5pm Note: early bird registration ends April 30, 2010. Registration begins at 8am.

Early Bird: $125.00 Standard: $139.00 At the Door: $150.00

For more information and to register for the above conferences, please visit the Touchstone Therapy Center web site at:

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in this issue How to Reduce Stress P.5 Salt Lake Valley Office 2009 Giving Tree Donors P.6

5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107 Phone: 801.994.5205 Fax: 801.994.5206 Toll Free: 877.505.KIDS

Partners in Parenting P.7 Training Updates P.8

Area Representative

How to Reduce Stress in a Busy, Chaotic World You’re exhausted and you desperately need a breather, but thinking about the dishes you have to wash also stresses you out. So when you finally have 15 minutes, will doing chores or putting your feet up provide you with the greatest stress relief? “Taking a break causes physiological changes in your body that counteract the harmful effects of stress,” says Herbert Benson, M.D., president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute, in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Instead of doing the chores, sit and do what benefits you most, and is relaxing to you. Here are a few instant de-stressors:

your stress. Sit or lie in a relaxed position and breathe in slowly through your nose, as you count to five. Imagine you are pushing air deep into your abdomen. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth as you count to eight and contract your abdominal muscles. Do this for a few minutes while focusing on a pleasant image. SOOTHING MUSIC Research shows that listening to music can reduce tension, slow breathing, and lower your blood pressure. Songs with a slow, meditative tempo work best.

HUMOR Simple, old-fashioned humor relieves tension because it puts distance between you and your problems.

MASSAGE With all the lugging around we do these days—children, laptops, groceries—our muscles need to be loosened. No money or time for a spa appointment? Try a massage chair, or a hand held massager.

DEEP BREATHING Deep breathing helps you to focus on your breath and takes your mind away from

continued on page 7...

Kirsten Fuller Foster/Adoptive Family Recruiters Amy Boyack Christina LeCluyse Dan Webster Trainer Liz Rivera Retention Specialist Tina Porter


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Wishing Well Funds Utah Foster Care Foundation has funds available to meet the special needs of children in foster care when DCFS is unable to meet these needs for any reason. Funds are limited. Requests MUST include the following: • Child’s first name, last initial and age • Foster parent’s name and home address • Caseworker’s name and contact information • The item being requested and the associated costs • Brief description of how the child will benefit Request should come in writing by a foster parent, the child in care or the caseworker. PLEASE NOTE: • Dispersal of funds can take up to 4 weeks. • Checks are mailed to the foster parent’s home address. • Funds are for children in foster care ONLY. • Items covered by the foster care reimbursement or by Medicaid are not eligible. • Only requests previously denied by DCFS are eligible. VACATIONS: • A child in care can receive vacation funds only ONCE in their lifetime. • Vacations are restricted monetarily & may not cover all costs. SUBMIT REQUESTS TO: Tina Porter Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 So. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107 OR


Thank You to 2009’s Giving Tree Donors “It is, indeed, the season of regenerated feeling-the season for kindling, not merely the fire of hospitality in the hall, but the genial flame of charity in the heart.” -Washington Irving, The Sketch Book Of Geoffrey Crayon Gent Utah Foster Care Foundation would like to express our gratitude to all of the individuals, churches, businesses and community partners that helped grant the wishes of children in care. We feel overwhelmed with a sense of unity in working together to care for some of the youngest and most tender members of our community. We hope you all had a very happy holiday season and enjoy a joyous New Year. We would like to extend a special thank you to donors and contributors to the Giving Tree Program: Adobe Christine Allred Marni Allred

Kathy Andrews Marriott Bartholomew Mike Bennett Weston Cash Hayden Clark Marilyn Chan DHL-Jerry Pena GBS Benefits Tyler Gee Grace Lutheran Church Hill Air Force Base 388th & 419th Fighter Wings Hilltop United Methodist Church Zeniff Jasso L. Buck Daniel Leveton Shannon Martin Wilma Odell Trent Sanders Lori Sokoloski Starbucks-Andrew Weeks T.D. Williamson The Wentworth @ East Millcreek Utah Chapter NAPNAP Pharmacology Conference Utah Department of Agriculture Holly and Victor Valdez

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Salt Lake Valley Partners in Parenting

American Longevity Nutritional Supplements Accent Window Well Covers Akasha Spa and Salon Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage AVON Dave’s Health and Nutrition Envision Lending Group Martial Arts World KD & K Sales

30% discount Discount on 3 or more Free haircuts for kids in care up to 15 w/appt & guardian Waive $195 transaction fee 20% off personal delivery orders Call for details $500 off closing costs 30% discounts/scholarships 15% discount

Kunz Boyz Construction

10% off up to $200


10% off purchases

Raletta Wright 801.963.1222 Steve Price 801.599.8295 801.364.3330 Brian Pilcher 801.541.3780 Cami Mead 435.882.1250 Bobbie Tracy 801.362.3812 Scott Stringham 801.472.4717 Taylorsville: 801.982.0119 Murray: 801.261.9265 Ken Rigby 801.824.5702 Paul 801.815.0449 Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan Alice 801.232.1430

Kindred Spirits (Art Studio)

50% off

Plato’s Closet

15% discount at Draper store only


Postal Annex+

6¢ bw copies 49¢ color copies

Susan Fisk 801.523.3555

Partners in Parenting are local businesses that want to show their appreciation for all you do by offering discounts and specials to foster families. Just present your Resource Parent ID Card to take advantage of these offers, and be sure to let these businesses know that you appreciate their support! While the Utah Foster Care Foundation is sincerely grateful to our Partners in Parenting, we cannot endorse any of the services or products offered. A statewide list and description of all Partners in Parenting is available at our website: The Resource Parent ID Card identifies you as one of our valued foster care providers and allows you to enjoy the benefits and savings from local merchants.

...continued from page 5 EXERCISE We all know exercise can improve our health by reducing weight, but it can also eliminate stress and help the brain release feel-good endorphins. The best exercises for reducing stress are Yoga or Tai Chi. Studies have found that Yoga can reduce and help manage anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure and asthma. For foster parents, these tips are sometimes not enough and we need a good listener who is familiar with our unique situations. A good person to call is your local Cluster facilitator listed on page 10. If you need further assistance they can give you the name and number of your RFC/adoption specialist.

You MUST have your Resource Parent ID Card to access discounts from these businesses. Please do not ask for exceptions. If you do not have a Resource Parent ID Card, please call Darcey at 877.505.KIDS. If you are aware of any business that would like to become a Partner in Parenting, please call Tina at 801.994.5205. 7

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To Register For Classes:

Salt Lake Valley Training

Contact: Liz Rivera Salt Lake Valley Region Trainer

Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

First Placement Meeting/PMT

Phone: 801.994.5205 Email: Toll Free: 877.505.5437 Please be ready with your name, phone number & the title of the class you would like to be registered for. Notes on In-service Trainings: • Classes are for licensed foster parents ONLY • Training hours will be applied to re-licensing requirements • Primary caregivers are required to attend 12+ hours of In-service training per year • Secondary caregivers are required to attend 4+ hours of in-service training per year • ADULTS ONLY otherwise specified


• Classes start on time • You must attend the entire class to receive credit Director of Education Mick Woolsey, LCSW Phone: 435.229.8808 Email: mick.woolsey 8

Date: February 24, 2010 Time: 6pm - 10pm Location: Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 Presented by: Liz Rivera

Foundations for Youth Sessions 1-2: Feb. 6; 10am-4pm Sessions 3-4: Feb. 20; 10am-4pm Location: Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

This training is a Pre-service refresher as well as a chance to address specific issues with your current placement. Principles from the Practice Model will also be reviewed. We offer this class every other month in the Salt Lake Valley.

It is essential to help youth build a solid foundation upon which they can more easily make the transition to living as adults and build connections for greater stability.

Required in the first year of licensure.

Required for all foster parents of youth 14 and older.

Presented by: Liz Rivera

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Date: February 24 Time: 6pm-8pm Location: Sandy Fire Station 8186 So. 1300 E.

ODD is a common diagnosis for children and youth in care, but what does it really mean and how can we best support these children and youth?

Presented by: Dr. Matt Woolley

Sponsored by the Sandy and Murray Clusters

Parenting Tip of the Month Spend at least 30 minutes each day with your child doing things he/she enjoys to help strengthen your relationship and build everlasting bonds of trust and understanding.

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Salt Lake Valley Training Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Upcoming In-service Trainings

February 3rd

February 17th

March 3rd

7pm-9pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness

Understanding Legal Risk

Secondary Trauma Presented by Liz Rivera We will discuss the concept of secondary trauma, how it may affect us and what we can do to lessen its effects to prevent burn-out. Sponsored by the SVW & Kearns Clusters

Presented by Allies w/Families This is the 2nd class in a 6-part series meant to provide support & resources to families who have a member diagnosed with a mental illness.

Presented by Panel The most difficult issues a foster parent can face are reunification or potential adoption. We will discuss the legal process and the emotional implications of legal risk placements.

Sponsored by the Magna/WVC Cluster

Sponsored by the Kearns & Magna/WVC Clusters

March 10th

March 17th

March 18th

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 So. Commerce Dr. #400

Domestic Violence and Children

Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness

Presented by Del Bircher, DCFS DV Specialist

Presented by Allies w/Families

Presented by Cinda Morgan, LCSW

Family violence is one of the most common experiences of children in foster care. This presentation will help us to understand the effect of DV on children’s development.

This is the 3rd class in a 6-part series meant to provide support & resources to families who have a member diagnosed w/a mental illness.

Any move can be traumatic for a child or youth. Learn to plan and advocate for gentle transitions to reduce this trauma.

Sponsored by the SVW Cluster

Sponsored by the SVW Cluster

Planning Effective Transitions

Sponsored by the Sandy Cluster continued on page 11...

Training Tips: • Approved TrainingsIn-service trainings provided and approved by Utah Foster Care Foundation. • Foundations for YouthFFY is required for families caring for youth 14 and up. • Community & Partner Trainings- Call your regional trainer (found on page 8) for approval prior to attending a class or conference that is held within the community and is not a pre-approved training. • BRMT- You must attend the entire session of Behavioral Replacement Model Training.


• Approved On-line TrainingFamilies may visit the web site: for up to 2 hours of online training per year. • 1st Placement/PMT- 4 Hours of Practice Model Training must be completed within the first year of licensure. • Peer Parent Training and Resource Family Consultant (RFC) Training- 6 hours each per year may be used toward licensure. RFC Training must be provided by DCFS RFCs.

REMINDER: Family team meetings do not count toward In-service training hours.


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e r a at s? h W er t s Clu

Salt Lake Valley Cluster Concepts Monthly Cluster announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Murray/Midvale/East Salt Lake


Facilitator: Terumi 801.699.9769

Facilitator: Michelle 801.755.4766

February 24th; 6-8pm @ the Sandy Fire Station- 8186 S. 1300 E. Oppositional Defiant Disorder In-service.

February 3rd; 7-9pm @ Utah Foster Care Foundation Murray Office. Secondary Trauma In-service.

Clusters can help you:

Magna/West Valley

Salt Lake Metro

• Obtain on-going training hours

Facilitator: Linda 801.690.6490

Facilitator: Suzi 801.487.4985

February 17th; 6-8pm @ Utah Foster Care Foundation Murray Office. Supporting Families Living w/Mental Illness In-service.

No Cluster meeting this month. Please register for and/or attend another In-service training to receive credits.


South Valley West/West Jordan

Facilitator: Naomi 801.619.8069

Facilitator: Valerie 801.608.1871

February 24th; 6-8pm @ the Sandy Fire Station- 8186 S. 1300 E. Oppositional Defiant Disorder In-service.

February 3rd; 7-9 pm Utah Foster Care Foundation Murray Office. Secondary Trauma In-service. With Kearns Cluster.

Clusters are groups of foster, adoptive and kinship families that meet together on a monthly basis.

• Meet other foster, adoptive and kinship families • By providing support • Arrange respite care • By providing fun family activities Call the Cluster facilitator nearest you our contact Tina Porter at 801.994.5205 for more information.

Tooele/Adoptive Parents For more information on upcoming Cluster trainings, see “Upcoming In-service Trainings” on pages 9 & 11.

Facilitator: Maia 435.843.1090

Facilitator: Cami 435.882.1250

No Cluster meeting this month. Please register for and/or attend another In-service training to receive credits.

Spanish/Cluster en Español Facilitator: Jessica 801.577.7161 sábado, 20 de febrero; 10am-12n 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400. Terma: Matrimonio. Vamos a ofrecer cuidado de niños.


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Salt Lake Valley Training Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Upcoming In-service Trainings, cont. April 6th

April 14th

April 21st

7pm-9pm 1784 Aaron Drive Tooele

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

6pm-8pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400

Understanding Mental Illness

Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness

Presented by NAMI

Presented by Allies w/Families

NAMI is a national support group for individuals and families afflicted by mental illness. We will examine mental illness and ways to support those affected by it.

This is the 4th class in a 6-part series meant to provide support & resources to families who have a member diagnosed with a mental illness.

Sponsored by the Murray Cluster

Sponsored by the SVW Cluster

Disorganized Attachment Presented by Liz Rivera What happens when attachment “goes wrong”? What are the processes of healing? Who is the ideal attachment figure? Learn about these and other attachment issues. Sponsored by the SVW & Kearns Clusters

Attachment & Trauma Series Utah Foster Care Foundation is now offering an on-going series on Attachment and Trauma. We have linked theses two issues, as they are some of the most common issues found in child welfare and are intricately related. You may take the classes as a complete series or individually. Classes will be repeated in the future.

Attachment Sequence

Tr a u m a S e q u e n c e

Class One: Introduction to Attachment January 26th; 6-9pm: A basic overview of attachment theory and its application to children in foster care. Class Two: Disorganized Attachment February 23rd; 6-9pm: Disorganized attachment is problematic and common for children in care. Learn to support children with a compromised attachment history. Class Three: Adult Attachment March 30th; 6-9pm: Learn how your own attachment history can interact with your children’s attachment history.

Class One: Trauma’s Effect on the Developing Brain April 27th; 6-9pm: How trauma affects the developing brain of a child and the consequences. Class Two: Healing Trauma’s Effects May 25th; 6-9pm: How we can best support children who have a history of trauma. Class Three: Preventing Secondary Trauma June 29th; 6-9pm: Living with a traumatized child can begin to affect the parents and other members of the family. We will discuss how this occurs and steps to take to prevent it.

All classes will be held at Utah Foster Care Foundation 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 in Murray

Helpful Tax Tidbits for Foster/Adoptive Families Do I have to declare foster care payments as income? According to the new IRS Publication 525, “payments you receive from a state, political subdivision, or a qualified foster care placement agency for providing care to qualified foster individuals in your home generally are not included in your income.” See: publications/p525/ar02. html#d0e8383 for more information. Can I claim an exemption for my adopted child or for the children in care in my home? According to IRS Publication 17, an eligible foster child or adopted child may be claimed as a dependent if the child meets the rules of a “qualifying child.” Please note: Utah Foster Care Foundation is providing this information as a courtesy. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please check the IRS web site prior to filing your taxes.


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a private, non-profit organization 5296 So. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107

In partnership with the Division of Child and Family Services

Utah Foster Care Foundation Board of Directors

Follow Us Online For Regular Updates:


Utah Foster Care Foundation


Katy Andrews Community Volunteer

Jean Nielsen, Secretary Human Services, Salt Lake County

Jim Brown Larry H. Miller Automotive

Gary Ogden Fred A. Moreton & Co.

Dave Evans, Emeritus Christmas Box International

Bruce Olson, Board Attorney Ray, Quinney & Nebeker

LeRoy Franke Division of Child & Family Services

Fred Riley, Past Chair LDS Church

Steve Goodrich, Vice Chair UPS

Lori Steele McCann Erickson

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Jeff Tesch, LMFT Foster/Adoptive Parent

Hank Liese, MSW, Ph.D., Chair University of Utah

Judge Kate Toomey 3rd District Court

Mayor Dan McArthur City of St. George

Gloria Talley Wilkinson Zions Bank

Salvador Mendez, MSW Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Jayne Wolfe, Ph.D. Psychologist


Orem 252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT 84057 Phone: 801.373.3006 “Many families who call us about foster parenting say they want children under age...